GH Transcript Friday 2/5/21

General Hospital Transcript Friday 2/5/21


Episode #14637 ~ Chase tells Willow he misses her. Sonny questions who he is. Jax defends Carly. Anna continues to piece together information on Peter. Britt lays into Peter.

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J, what is it about our family? What is it about all the mothers who abandon their children? All that time I spent looking for my daughter, and she was right in front of me, begging to be seen. I was nelle's last chance... and I failed her. No more. I won't let down another child in our family.

[ Knock on door ] You haven't been returning my calls or texts. Please don't shut me out. It's all set. You really think it's gonna work? May not be exactly what martin wanted, but it's what he's getting. What's this? You're martin grey, right? Maybe. I've seen you here enough to know your name. This package was delivered for you. Michael. Willow. Hi, chase. Is this an official visit? It's about your father's funeral. Phyllis: You finally get a good night's sleep? Yeah, well... how are you feeling? I feel, you know, just...a little down, but, uh, meds seem to be making me feel calm, not as amped up like I was, right. Do you feel more like your old self? Well, I-I really wouldn't know that 'cause I still don't know who I am. Dr. Finn, the lab called. You wanted some tests run? Yes. Need a, uh -- I need a dna comparison as soon as possible, please. You got it. Thank you. Finn. Finn, wait. Britt: Did you enjoy our little visit earlier? Me, nina, and maxie. Hmm. All here to pay our respects. We easily could have gone down a dark path -- you know, like the, um -- the three witches of "macbeth." Not that you ever struck me as a shakespeare buff, but I think you know what I mean. Instead of going dark, the three of us formed kind of a sisterhood, united by our love for you, nathan.

[ Sighs ] We made a pact to always have each other's backs, and I'm gonna need that now that the dark prince appears to be on the rise. Peter: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know anyone else was here. Speak of the devil. The memories franco received were from drew's life before he came here to Port Charles. So if dr. Kirk was right and franco is hearing peter's voice because of a memory transfer, that means that drew and peter knew each other years ago when drew was still in the military. If that's true, why didn't peter ever say anything? Peter didn't want us to know. Obviously, he's been lying to us.

You still can't remember anything? Uh, not since I woke up in the woods. Well, your fall into the river was traumatic enough. Combine that with the lack of sleep and your mind racing, it's no wonder your body and brain were exhausted. Maybe after a few days on the medication, when you're rested, your memory will return. I hope so. I don't -- I don't like feeling like a blank slate. Mike, you and lenny can go see if there's any missing person notices that lenny and I might have missed at the state trooper station. No, I don't -- I don't -- I don't want to have anything to do with cops. What the hell was that? The pcpd will have extra cops on the streets and by the docks on the day of Sonny's funeral. Commissioner ashford wanted your family to know that if anybody tries causing trouble, the pcpd will be on hand to handle it. Okay, thank you. I'll pass on the message. Excuse me. I got to talk to my mom. Michael isn't the only reason I stopped by. Yeah, I didn't think so. I mean, it's just the worst timing, isn't it? I mean, michael losing his dad, all while you and i are trying to figure things out. Wow, that sounded horrible. Um... Willow, I miss you. Uh, that was chase. He had a message from the pcpd. What do they want? He said that commissioner ashford was going to have more police in the streets for dad's funeral. So, uh... it'S... ...I-it felt like a warning. It's okay. I don't -- I don't think it's a bad idea to have a visible police presence. I-I don't think there's gonna be any trouble. Yeah. It feels so surreal even talking about this at all. I went to the site. I saw... ...the bridge collapsed, and -- and I-I... uh...I know dad's gone. I just -- I-I... a funeral just seems way too final. Yeah, it just feels too soon, you know, since they haven't recovered the body. Yeah, well, it's not my place to say, so... well, it feels too soon to me. You know, I should, um -- I should talk to nina about putting in a pop-up gift shop for those making the pilgrimage here, looking to find a piece of nathan's goodness to take with them. What do you think? Is it too commercial? Maybe a bit too tacky. And that's not why I'm here. So, tell me, peter. Why are you at our brother's grave? Why do you always jump to the worst conclusions? Oh, believe me, peter lying to us is not the worst possible conclusion. Oh. I tell you, the picture of peter that is coming into focus is not very flattering. We need to plot this out and see where it leads. I almost don't want to. Okay, for the purpose of this hypothetical, franco is hearing peter's voice because drew and peter crossed paths while drew was still in the military. Right. Drew disappeared from his post when he was stationed in afghanistan. Okay, how long between drew's abduction and the memory transfer? Maybe he and peter interacted then. Which means that peter played more than just a minor role in all the crimes that were committed. You didn't hear from helena cassadine 'cause she's dead. I know, but it was her voice on the phone, valentin, I know it. She threatened to expose that I'm the one that abducted drew in afghanistan. Okay. Anna: Valentin? What aren't you telling me? I apologize. I was wrong. And for what it's worth, I thought that I was -- I was protecting you. Because I-I just couldn't imagine having to tell you that the daughter that you had been searching for for so long was nelle benson. I mean, what would be worse -- knowing that -- you know, knowing all the pain that she inflicted or that she was already dead? Either way, I knew you would be devastated. You should have respected me, jax. You should have trusted that I wasn't this frail butterfly that needed to be protected from the harsh truths of life. You should have told me everything. Instead, you let carly convince you that keeping the truth would be better for me, when it was actually better for carly.

Face it, jax, you got caught up in carly's hatred for nelle... no. ...Her nonstop narrative about nelle and how evil she is and how she doesn't have a chance of redemption. I know who nelle was. And I know the atrocities that she has committed. But you know the connection I felt for her, to the point that I made sure nelle got a decent burial, with no idea that I was burying my own daughter! Nina, I sw-- I swear to you, at the time, I had no idea that nelle was your daughter. But then you did, and you had a choice to help me deal with the news that my daughter grew up to be this troubled woman who died before I had a chance to give her love... ...or to help carly to keep a secret. And you chose carly. Peter: I came here to tell nathan that I'm gonna do right by maxie and james, that I'm gonna be a good husband and father. As good as nathan? Maxie loves me. Doesn't answer my question. Will you be as good as nathan? Because if you ask me, I'd say it's not possible. I agreed to the funeral for the same reason jordan is posting extra cops -- as a safety precaution. How does that work, though? Sonny's disappearance left a vacuum in the business, and it's creating instability. No, I-I-I get it. A change in management can leave a company vulnerable to a takeover. Yeah. And after jason explained the situation to me, I thought it would be safer if we held the funeral now. It would show any potential rivals that Sonny's territory is secure. The service is to honor your father. But the timing is to send a message that Sonny's gone and I'm in charge. Oh. [ Chuckles ] Hello, mother. Heh. Yeah! Well, I can't tell you how good it is to hear the sound of your voice. How are you? Huh? Y-yeah, I-I know. I-I know that the, uh -- the move to the new place must have been a surprise, but tell me, uh, are you comfortable? Are they taking good care of you?

[ Finn sighs ]

[ Door opens ] I can keep following you around all day, Finn. And what's the alternative? Take a minute and talk to me now. Well, you know, usually when someone tells me to "go to hell," I assume that's the end of the conversation. Okay, look, I lost my temper. I can admit that. I'm sorry. Okay. What is it you think we still have to talk about? Can you dial back the animosity? I'm not your enemy. Or at least I don't want to be. I don't want to be enemies with you, jackie. All I was looking for was some answers. I just need to know if chase my son or... or my brother. Have you really thought this through? I mean, besides your need to know, have you really considered that if you go through with this, it might -- it could destroy harry's entire life?

cain was abducted, it was a full five years before peter came to Port Charles. And he may be downplaying his involvement, but which one of us hasn't glossed over some unfortunate event or two? Okay. Besides, this all hinges on the theory of dr. Kirk, and it's not like we can interview a dead man. You know, that brings me to my other concern. How or why did dr. Kirk get obrecht transferred from steinmauer to his less-secure facility in geneva, and why are her whereabouts suddenly classified? Above your pay grade. Must be humbling. Yeah. If obrecht's on the loose, she's gonna be coming for peter, so you need to go to talk to him. For god's sake, try to prove what I'm beginning to suspect is wrong. Peter, you're nothing like nathan. You're more like our daddy dearest. What's the saying, brother? Something about an apple and a tree. I am not our father! There's good in me. From my mother. Well, maybe anna didn't save you quite as much as you seem to think. Because you're a hell of a lot closer to our father than you are to her or nathan. God, I hate telling my mother she was right. Misguided or not, my decision to stay quiet was not about protecting carly, it was about protecting you. But who protected nelle? My mother sent this beautiful little baby to live with a man who was capable of ripping out and selling her kidney. Good god, jax! You know, nelle lacked what she needed in life because my mother deprived her of it, and then I came along and testified against her in court. Nelle. My daughter. I betrayed her, the...

[Voice breaking] The only child I will ever have in my life! Look, nothing mattered more to dad than family. And if having the funeral now makes us safer, especially joss and little girls, then he'd be all for it. So, uh -- so am I. What about the other kids? I know they have questions. Well, dante's a little distracted ever since, you know, he got stabbed with that loaded syringe, so... I talked to krissy, though. Does she object? No, not at all. She knows that you and dad were married, he -- he loved you and he trusted you, so she supports your decision. I know it's the right choice. I hate it. Mike doesn't know who he is, but he sure as hell doesn't like cops. What if that's because he's a criminal, huh? What are we getting ourselves into? Trooper finchley wasn't exactly friendly when he brought Mike home. It makes perfect sense Mike would prefer to avoid him. Hmm. Except this isn't Mike's home. It's just a place he's staying in. We still know nothing about him. Oh, lenny, that's enough. Hasn't Mike already proven to us he's a good guy? He came to your defense when that man tried to rob us. He's helping us out around here without even being asked. Yeah, because he's bipolar and was off his meds. Well, he's on his meds now, and he still almost single-handedly restored our kitchen. I swear, lenny, you wouldn't know a blessing if it came up and smacked you on the nose. Listen, you know what? I-I hear what you're saying. And I'm sorry that I-I got frustrated. Um, but there's something about going to that state trooper that doesn't feel right in my gut. And you guys have been nothing but kind to me. I don't want to be a-a burden any longer, so I'm gonna pack up my stuff and move on. No, Mike. I'm not gonna let you do that.

 You won't let me leave? What you do is your business, but I'm not the kind of man to let you run off without being properly compensated for all the hard work you've done around here. You don't owe me anything, the way you've taken me in and provided for me. Food, place to stay. If anything, I owe you guys. I don't want to be a burden.

[ Scoffs ] Who said anything about being a burden? Look, there's not much money, but there's plenty that needs doing around here, as you've noticed. As long as you're willing to work hard, you'd be doing us the favor. You need time to get back on your feet. Plus, if you stay here, I can monitor your medication, make sure you're on the proper dosage. Okay. I'll stay. But I have my conditions. I've tasted your sauce. Now you have to let me make my own. So I-I've been going over the arrangements with father reyes, and he's been really wonderful. I ordered a headstone to be placed with Mike and morgan. I know the importance of ritual and saying goodbye. I know we're probably not gonna find Sonny's body. It's probably not gonna be recovered, and I get that this is probably the only closure we're going to have, but, um, it's so hard. I keep thinking of all the places Sonny's not going to be and all the experiences he's not gonna see. And there's this gaping hole inside. Yeah. I mean, I feel like there's nothing around me but space. Especially when I'm here. Just like I -- I keep expecting dad to walk through the front door. Yeah, me too. You know, it's not like it...

[ Sighs ] ...This wasn't always a possibility, given his line of work. I mean, I wasn't naive enough to think that life wouldn't catch up to him, but I just keep thinking to myself now... what are we gonna do without him? We're gonna do what your father would want. We're gonna keep going. You really think the food's that much of an improvement from mountain landing long term care, huh? Well, noted. Yeah. But I must say I-it does my heart good to know that the -- the nurses there are spending so much time with you. Mm-hmm.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, yeah, no, agreed. Yeah, the call is wonderful, but I-it does not take the place of an in-person visit. And I, uh... I promise you, mama, I'll be -- I'll be seeing you just as soon as I can, okay? You know how much I love you, mama. Mm-hmm. There has to be a way for the two of us to make peace that doesn't destroy harry's happiness. Clearly, he loves you. He loves having an older brother. He loves being an uncle to violet. Why risk throwing that all away? You know, in my heart, I believe that chase is my brother, I do. But if I do turn out to be his dad... ...I don't even know if I would tell him, for all the reasons you mentioned. I nearly died recently, and I... it was close, and I was lying there in that hospital bed, and I just -- it hit me. If this is all the time that I have left, I want to know. I want to know if... chase is part of that legacy that I'd leave behind. Um, isn't he still part of your legacy as -- as your brother? You know, being a father to violet, it changed me. It changed everything. And if chase turns out to be violet's brother... were anything to happen to me... it would be comforting to know that my children had each other. I'm so sick and tired of all the nonstop comparisons to you! I'm tired of maxie's love for me being questioned all the time. Trust me, my dearest brother, once I'm maxie's husband, I'm gonna make sure your ghost is relegated so deep into the past that you can assume your rightful place as a distant memory. James already looks at me like I'm his father. Soon maxie herself... will think of me as james' dad. Valentin: That was very touching. You didn't betray nelle. You told the truth on the stand, under oath, because an innocent child's life was in play and everyone did their best to protect wiley -- Willow, michael, carly, and you. I-I have never questioned carly's love for her family. And haven't I always been supportive of the close way that you co-parent josslyn? Yes. But, see, what hurts me is that you couldn't look past what carly needed to what I might have needed. You know, when nelle died, there was no more threat to wiley, but carly still pressured you to keep the secret. Don't you see what that would have cost me? I'm sorry, I'm -- I'm not following what you're saying. By the time carly and i put the clues together, nelle had been dead for months. My -- my daughter is dead. There's nothing I can do to -- to change that. But wiley is still alive. Don't you see? By keeping me in the dark about my connection with nelle, you would have kept me from a lifetime with my grandson.

This is gonna be really hard for you to believe, but that never even occurred to me, that you're wiley's grandmother, too. Nina, I'm sorry. I-if I would have known that, I would have told you the truth right away, no matter how hard it was, I swear. It makes me sick to say this, jax... but I don't trust you. No.And if I can't trust you, I can't share the decisions that I am making about my grandson with you. I'm -- I'm scared where you're going with this. Y-you're pushing me away, but -- but you don't have to. I promise. But I do. Don't make this harder for me. Just go. Nina, please. Valentin. Didn't expect to find you here. It's quite a show of devotion, considering. Considering what? Well, you may have been brothers, but you barely knew the man. Nathan was very important to maxie. Maxie's very important to me. I'm impressed. You've worked hard to be an honorable man, haven't you, peter? You know I have. Still, a few stray strands of truth are unraveling. What are you talking about? Liesl obrecht. Her whereabouts are currently unknown. What?! She's supposed to be locked away in steinmauer. Well, she was, and they transferred her to a minimum-security in geneva, and she's gone off the grid. You think she's coming for me. Does she have reason to?

[ Elevator bell dings ] Dr. Westbourne. Just the person I'm looking for. Me? Mm, yes, I could use your professional opinion regarding a person recently under a doctor's care. She's prone to self-aggrandizing fantasies and delusions, and she's suddenly gone missing. I'm a doctor, not a P.I. Well, what do you think, though? This volatile individual -- is she safe out there on her own, or should the authorities be notified? Harry raves about violet. And if he's her brother instead of her uncle, those feelings will not change one bit. But he'll be devastated to lose his brother. I see how much he loves you, Finn. You know, I had convinced myself I didn't need family, I didn't need anyone. Violet and chase have proven me wrong. Let that be enough. Please? Harry has wanted a functional, loving family his entire life. He has that now. He has his three family members -- mother, father, brother. I told you -- and as you said, it's a long shot... ...but if it turns out that I am chase's dad, I don't even know if I'll tell him. I don't think you'll be able to keep it a secret long. And then what? No one harry knows and loves and trusts turn out to be the people he thought they were. That will completely tear his life apart.

[ Knock on door, door opens ] Hey, Finn. Wow. Would you look at this? Both of you in the same room. Nobody's bleeding. Nothing's on fire.

[ Chuckles ] Isn't that great? Are you sure you want to do this? I can handle it. No, I want to be here.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Mr. Grey. How good of you to come. Please, come in. Fresh tomatoes, just like you requested. You do drive a hard bargain. Are you sure lenny is okay with me staying here? Oh, trust me. You'd be out of here in a heartbeat if he wasn'T. And we don't view your work as charity. Clearly, we need the help. And if I'm being honest, it's a relief for me to know you'll be here if we have another customer problem again. You have my word. Um, no one's gonna rob you and lenny again as long as I'm around. Mm. You may not know much about who you are, but I have a gut feeling, Mike, that you are certainly a man of your word. Can I -- can I, uh, ask you something that's been bothering me? Sure. Obviously, I don't know who I am. But there are people out there who do know who I am. How come they're not looking for me? How do you know they're not?

 I'm sorry, anna. I don't speculate on hypotheticals. Oh, no, this is very real and potentially dangerous unless you help. How would I do that? You could just tell me where your mother is. And then I promise not to shoot her on sight. It's come to my attention that franco baldwin can put you at the scene of a crime. I don't know what you're referring to. Well, let me clarify. Franco baldwin is channeling drew cain's memories, so they're resurfacing. All I know about franco baldwin is that his tumor has returned, and that makes him a potential threat. You didn't seem to feel that way when you burst into the operating room to stop the man sent to kill him. Where exactly are you going with this, valentin? Peter, I'm just playing with puzzle pieces to see what fits. We have franco baldwin and drew cain. Jason morgan. Ja-- what about him? Well, it wasn't that long ago you came to me frantic that you'd crossed jason morgan. What did you mean by that exactly? Look at you with your smart mouth. Your brother and i are grown-ups. We can still manage to have a polite conversation. Anything I should know? No, just following a lead. Just following a lead. Um...thanks for the talk, Finn. Anytime. Right. Bye, mom. Bye. [ Chuckles ] See you later. I'm sorry. Did some minor miracle just happen? You two sounded almost friendly. Focus on the "almost" part. Uh, so what brings you down to my office? I just wanted to thank my big brother for all his moral support. I assume we're talking about Willow and it all went well. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I just left her, and she said that we have more than a chance at a future together. And it is all because of you. That's good. I'm hap-- come on. O-okay. Okay. Alright. Thanks, man. Hey, uh, there's something we need to talk about. Sounds important. It is. Um, I know -- I know we -- we talked about you moving out. And you have safety concerns because of franco baldwin's medical condition. Right, but now there's more to worry about than just franco. You mean chase's message. Letting us know that there will be extra police in the streets wasn't exactly subtle. Okay, so you -- you caught that, too.

[ Sighs ] Um... Willow, you, uh -- you know that my dad and I, we lived very different lives workwise, and our business lives never crossed paths. I know that. But I'm his son, and I have his name. And since my dad is, uh, gone, there's gonna be people out there who are going to be expecting me to take over for him, and those people might not want that to happen. Wait. Are you in danger, michael? I doubt it, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be careful. Look, Willow, I-I-I'd like for you to consider moving into the quartermaine gatehouse. Wiley will have easy access to both of us, and -- and you will be safer there. Will you just at least consider it? I had a very nice conversation with my mother earlier. I was -- I was gratified to find out that not only the food but the nursing staff is a marked improvement from her last location. I'm glad florence feels well taken care of. As am I. Mrs. Corinthos, I am aware that tomorrow is your husband's funeral. Out of respect for your loss, I'm backing away from seeking my mother's freedom. For now. In the meantime, I hope that you and mr. Morgan understand that one fragile old woman can't hold the peace in Port Charles for long. Excuse me. I wonder if you could help me. I'll do my best. I'm looking for an old friend of mine who works here. Bobbie spencer. Oh, I'm sorry. Ms. Spencer no longer works here. Oh, that's too bad. I was hoping to catch up with her. Uh, you don't happen to know where she's working now, do you? Uh, last I heard, she was working for a private patient in vermont. Oh! Vermont. She's in vermont. I love vermont. It's so beautiful.

[ Dialing ]

[ Sighs, sniffles ]

[ Line ringing ] Sonny: The tan-O. Mike speaking.

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