GH Transcript Thursday 2/4/21

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 2/4/21


Episode #14636 ~ Maxie visits Nathan's grave. Anna updates Valentin on her investigation. Finn, Chase and Gregory try to connect. Jax tries to assure Carly that Nina is her ally. Jackie and Scott reunite and catch up.

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[ Door opens ] Hey. Whoa! Should you be doing that? Well, if I don't put pants on, I'll get charged with indecent exposure. No, I-I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about checking yourself out. Did the doctors sign off on that? I got a job I got to do. A job? Yeah. What, the invader's security is really that urgent right now?

[ Groans ] Come on. Tell me peter can't live without you for a couple days, franco or not.

[ Groans ] What's wrong? Hey, hey, hey. Wait! Hey! A little help! A little help!

[ Groans ] Oh, boy. Okay. Alright. Alright. This should calm martin's worry about florence without us losing our leverage on cyrus. Okay, when that's done, I can focus on the other five million things that I have bearing down on me. Okay. Are you sure nina's not going to be a problem? No, nina is not going to be a problem. I just want the martin thing taken care of so that it's one less fire I have to put out today. Oh, trust me. Today's not the day.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Nina. It's me again. Look, I realize that you're upset and I know that we should have told you the moment we suspected that nelle was your daughter. Can we please talk about this in -- in person? And, uh, if that's not possible, then at least please send me a text and let me know that you're okay. I'm worried about you.

[ Sighs ] I knew I wouldn't have this place to myself. Where else would I be today? Here you go.

[ Grunts ] That isn't necessary. We're just going to do a little light sparring, heavy emphasis on "light." Come on, I got to protect that face. I don't want to give mom a new reason not to, uh, get back together with you.

[ Velcro tearing ] I really don't know if I can do this. No. Yes, you can. I mean, as operations go, this one's pretty plain sailing. All you have to do is get a dna sample, and you'll have the means to determine whether chase is your brother or your son. I think you can pull it off. If even want to. Or not. I mean, you don't have to run the test. Nothing needs to change. You can go on living like before. And never know for sure if chase is my son? You have to ask yourself -- can you live without knowing?

You know, I wasn't sure I would see you today. Or at all. At least for a little while. Why? I am not the one who lied. Just the fool who shunned the only child I will ever have. Nina, please do not say that. You had no idea nelle was your daughter. Okay. I did not come here to talk about my issues. What kind of sister would I be if I let my problems get in the way of honoring my brother? Britt: What kind, indeed. Room for one more? You know, if you had told me a couple years ago that chase and I would be on speaking terms, let alone him being best man at my wedding...

[ Chuckles ] You'd have laughed me out of the building. Right? I mean... it's not supposed to work. I mean, it'S... it's not right on paper. We have almost nothing in common. He likes ice fishing. Oh. Don't knock ice fishing until you've tried it. You know, yeah, maybe you guys don't have anything in common, but I have to say, watching you two interact is really moving. There's a lot of love and respect and trust. It's nice. It is nice. Yeah. So, why am I risking all that? What do I have to gain by knowing? What do you have to lose? Thinking about my dad. What does he have to lose? He loves being chase's father. And chase, you know, you can see how excited he is about trying to reunite the family. What does he have to lose in all this? You're asking all the right questions. You know what the problem is? None of those answers lead to a good decision. Well, the way I see it, the choice isn't so much about getting the truth. It's more about what you do with that information when you have it. Like, no one's saying that you have to completely upend your life. You know, just because you know the truth doesn't mean anyone else has to.

[ Inhales deeply, exhales ] If I am chase's brother, then... chase and gregory, they don't need to know about... my night with jackie. But if it turns out that I am chase's father, is it worse to know and say nothing? After every punch, you bring it back to the starting position right in front of your face. You don't really think this is my first time in a boxing ring, do you? Listen, I got tips from the greatest. Oh, you got tips from muhammad ali? Please. Didn't you ever read your mother's interview? So what, you tagged along or something? Hey, sometimes being mr. Jackie templeton had its privileges. Yeah, but it still could. I mean, last I heard, you haven't signed the divorce papers yet. Pay attention.

[ Grunts ] No, I'm serious.

[ Laughs ] There's still hope for you guys, right? Are we here to box or to do marriage counseling? Look, I just want to understand what's going on. I mean, maybe I can help fix things. Chase, i 'm not surethere's anything left to fix. Come on. Alright. That's it. Dante was just telling me his plans on checking himself out. Oh, well, you can't just leave on your own accord. A doctor has to sign off on it. Is that a -- is that a hard and fast rule? Elizabeth, you can't, uh... look the other way? Well, you can leave against medical advice -- that's your decision -- but I can't let you just walk out of here. Hmm. Did you call olivia to come get you? Well, yeah, my mom's got a lot on her plate. I don't want to add to it. Come on, you can't just, uh... bend the rules just this once for me?

[ Scoffs ] And give britt a reason to fire me? Well, the way I see it is I wouldn't be in this room if it wasn't for franco over here, so, maybe you guys kind of owe me. Franco's busy. He can't take responsibility for you. Oh, fine. I'll do it. Carly: Really, scott? I don't have the patience to deal with you today. Well, what if it's for condolences? I'm, you know, sorry for your loss, but you know what they say. Sonny lived by the sword, so he died in a river in new jersey. I will talk to you later. Why -- why do you talk so much? You're probably going to forget what you just said, but I won'T. That's funny that you should say that to a guy who holds your miserable, stinking, wasted thug life in his hands.

you know, I had a conversation with my son about some cockamamie plan to get him killed if his tumor makes him nuts. Now, does that ring a bell to you? Why should I care about what you and franco talk about? Because if anything happens to my son, I will make sure that you spend the rest of your life in a hamster cage. Then I'd better watch my step. Scott baldwin. As I live and breathe. You know, man, I don't want elizabeth to get fired. I'm not gonna take off without my escort, so, uh... I don't need you to babysit me. You saved my life. Mm-hmm. What kind of thanks would it be if I let you die today -- fall down, crack your head open?

[ Laughs ] Don't mention it. Okay. I won'T. Can I ask you something, dante? Why -- why did you do that? Why? Seriously, is it like old body reflex from being a cop? Are you just compulsively heroic? I know it sounds like I'm joking, but I really want to know. Is my gratitude boring you? No, man. You know what? I don't know why I did it. I, just, uh -- it was something I had to do. Ready? Yeah. Elizabeth just filed your release form, so... awesome. I'm starving. You want to get a bite to eat on the way? Sure. Hi. Thanks for agreeing to meet with me. I know how awkward this is, considering your fiancÚ finds me despicable. Anna: Don't needle me, valentin. I don't have the patience for it today. Sorry. You have answers for me about dante? Yeah. Well, the answers I have, they just give rise to more questions. Hey. Hey, I-I took the liberty of ordering you a, uh, oat milk vanilla latte. Thank you. That was thoughtful. How are you holding up after last night? Um...I'm a bit of a mess, actually. Well, you hide it well. Jax, I'm sorry.

[ Sighs ] I can see how this is affecting you. Hey, nina and i were just starting to build something together.

[ Sighs ] You know, we were just turning a corner, and... she -- she finally let go of her dream of finding her child.

[ Sighs ] You know, I can try to justify this a thousand different ways, but the bottom line is I betrayed nina's trust, and I broke her heart. One of those thousand justifications was me -- I didn't want you to tell her. At the time, it just seemed like the right thing to do. Yeah, well, not anymore. Okay, well, where is nina right now? Have you talked to her? No, no, I haven'T. But I know exactly where she is.

But brothers never leave I hope you can stand one more. Britt. Uh, nathan loved you. Yes, of course you can stay. Thank you. Nina, I can come back later, if you want. No. No, of course. You should stay. You know, it's just that you've been gone from Port Charles for so long, I -- I forget that you and j were close.

[ Chuckles ] So close, we almost slept together one time before we realized we were siblings.

[ Laughs ] Just another branch on our twisted family tree. Yeah, you can say that again. And it's only getting knottier. Oh, did I miss something? Yeah, well, I just learned that we have another addition to our sweet little family. Congratulations! Are you and jax going to adopt? No, no. Definitely not. No. Uh... well, remember the daughter I had and I'd been looking for? I just learned she was nelle benson. Baby-switching nelle benson? Wow. Just when you thought our family couldn't get any messier.

[ Both breathing heavily ] Dad, I had months to regret letting Willow go. You could still avoid it by stepping up before the divorce goes through. Come on. Pull out all the stops. Weddings bring out the best in people. I really don't think Finn's wedding is the appropriate place for me to resuscitate my marriage. Right.

[ Groans ] Ask mom to dance, and see what comes of it. If you want to save your marriage, you got to put in the effort. I mean, that's what you want, right, to -- to get mom back? Chase, I-I-it doesn't matter what I want, not if jackie doesn't want it, too.

[ Sighs ] Can you please explain to me how you and mom got here in the first place?

You, chase. Over time, couples settle into a routine, they start to take each other for granted. Sometimes they lose their curiosity about the other person, and it's nobody's fault. Your mom and I just... drifted apart. Is paddling back together out of the question? I mean, have you even tried?

[ Footsteps approaching ] Hey! Right on time to referee. This mean boxing is over? Chase is schooling me in the art of romance. Really? You? Ha. That's funny. Would you please tell dad to get off his ass and pull out all the stops so he can win his wife back while they still have a marriage? I don't really think it's any of our business. Oh, well, sue me for trying to help. Did you ask for his help? Did he ask for your help, or did you just kind of push it on him?

[ Chuckles ] That's funny, because I don't remember asking for your help in regards to Willow, but you offered up a lot of advice on that. That's funny, because as I recall, you shut me down pretty good. So, what are you saying -- like father, like son? Well, well! Jackie templeton. Jackie: In the flesh. Wow. How long's it been? Now, wait. Don't answer that. Um, let's get a drink and catch up, huh? Could you...give me two minutes? Yeah. My sister was just asking about you the other day. She wondered if anybody ever snapped you up. Many have tried.

[ Chuckles ] But your sister was asking about me, though, huh? Mm-hmm. Huh. Excuse us. Uh, well, I kind of wasn't through with him yet. Yeah. Yeah, I saw. Thank me for saving your ass.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] I'm sure that nina is at the cemetery visiting her brother's grave. It's the anniversary of his death. Oh. I didn't realize. Yeah. Three years today. Oh, wow. Well, shouldn't you be with nina or at least try to reach out? I'm not gonna impose on her while she mourns her brother's death. It's not an imposition. Nina could use the support right now, especially coming off the heels of finding out about nelle. Yeah, and finding out that I knew about it and then didn't tell her.

[ Scoffs ] You were just trying to spare her grief. Right. Another one of my thousand justifications. But the bottom line is, I had no right to play god with what I thought nina could handle. Yes, but we don't know for certain about nina being nelle's mother, okay? There was no dna test. Well, the dna test would confirm things, but I think it's a foregone conclusion. I was with nina last night, she was going through nelle's things, and she found a photograph of nelle as a little girl, and she was wearing the half-heart necklace. There's no mistaking it. Okay. There's nothing left for us to do, except we have to make sure nina doesn't push this any further. I wonder what j would think of our family right now.

[ Chuckles ] About the same as when he left us -- pain and dysfunction no matter where you look. Yeah, I can't argue with that. Madeline, she died in prison, and... aunt liesl will, too. You're connected to a reputed drug trafficker. Philanthropist/reputed drug trafficker.

[ Chuckles ] And I -- my boyfriend tried to stop me from finding out the truth about my daughter, which I found out anyway. Well, when you word it like that, it all sounds pretty bleak. Oh, come on. It's not all that bad. Hey, we have maxie's wedding to look forward to.

[ Clears throat ] To nathan's brother, but who's counting? No, no, no. Listen, maxie and little james are gonna start a whole new life with peter. Peter loves them, and she and little james adore him, and then we have the little one coming. It's nothing but blue skies. Right? Or is paradise not what it's cracked up to be? Anna, I just want to know if dante can be trusted around charlotte. I don't have the answer for that.

[ Sighs ] Dante was being housed in a wsb psychiatric facility in geneva. He was under the care of a dr. Warren kirk, who was allegedly treating him for ptsd. Why "allegedly"? Because kirk ran a highly specialized unit, and it would be very irregular for him to be treating a patient with ptsd. Okay, so why don't I reach out to dr. Kirk? We can'T. He's dead. Murdered. Before or after dante was released from his care? After. Now, the geneva police say they chalk it up to a mugging gone wrong, but they haven't apprehended any perpetrator. And to me, it's just --

[ Sighs ] It's too convenient, you know? Especially given the fact that obrecht was also one of his patients. Obrecht? She's in steinmauer. No, he had her transferred. Oh. And now he's dead. Yeah. And now obrecht's whereabouts are classified, and they're above my clearance level.

Above your clearance level? I hadn't realized there was a level that high. Apparently there is. Franco also had a preliminary consultation with dr. Kirk. With dr. Kirk? Yeah. And now dante just saved franco's life. Did you know that? Yes, I did. I just made alexis's bail. But why would he do that? Dante had no use for franco. Why would he suddenly go out of his way to save his life? So, dr. Kirk was treating dante, liesl, and franco. Other than that, what is the connection? It's got to be peter.

what are you saying, chase? You worried you might turn out like your old man? Okay, that is not what I mean, and you know it. Oh, please. I realized early on that I fathered a couple of boys who were polar opposites of each other. My firstborn, very aloof and particular and much preferred books to people, which didn't prepare me at all for my second, who's a total motormouth morning, noon, and night like the world's friendliest puppy. Never met anyone he didn't like.

[ Chuckling ] Always wanted to play. A puppy? Dad, that's how you see me? I'm a cop.

[ Laughs ] "A," everyone loves puppies, so it's a compliment. And "b," you got your outgoing personality from your mom. I recognize much more of my standoffish qualities in Finn, that's all. Okay, there are exactly two people in the entire world that I know that use the a/b terms, and it's you two. I must really be my mother's son. Well, I'm lucky to have you both. Hopefully, you'll get my best qualities and you won't repeat my mistakes. You're smart enough to not let your problems go unaddressed. You too. I trust both of my boys won't end up like their old man. Did you talk to dante? I did, but I didn't get any answers. No explanation for why that guy would risk his life to try and save mine. That's because you're looking for a complicated answer when a simple one makes more sense. Like what? Dante's a good guy who did a good thing for another good guy. Dante, how you feeling? Yeah, good. Glad to be out of the hospital. Ready for my next life-threatening injury. Uh, that's not what the doctor said. They told him that he needed to take more time to recuperate before he goes back to protecting peter from whoever the invader offends next. Well, actually, he's going to have to settle that with his new head of security, 'cause, uh, peter fired me. Why were you provoking jason morgan? Ah. He doesn't intimidate me. Really? From what I learned in my research, he definitely should. Why? What -- what is it that you think that you know about jason morgan? Well, he was, um, alan and monica's golden boy until his alcoholic brother, A.J., Got them in a car accident. Jason ditched the quartermaines to work for Sonny, where he flourished in his role as the best enforcer in the business. That sound about correct? Uh...yeah. Yeah. But you -- you left out the part, before his accident, he had a closet full of sweaters and tennis rackets.

[ Chuckles ] And you left out the part where the current jason has a serious beef with your son, franco. What's that about? Nina's already trying to rewrite history, as far as nelle's concerned, insisting that she could have been redeemed. And that was before nina found out that nelle was her daughter. I know exactly where you're going with this. No. Nina could push to reopen the investigation into nelle's death, and you know how eager that police officer was to build a case against me. There was no case to build because you didn't kill nelle. Yes, I know I didn'T. But could I have done more to save her? I'm sure nina would think so. Look, I don't need extra scrutiny from the police into nelle's death. I don'T. Right now, I need to focus on my family and keeping cyrus at bay. Hmm. Not to mention you, uh... you have a hostage to tend to. I am madly in love with peter. Okay? We have a beautiful family and a baby on the way. I'm sure nathan would be happy that I found love again. No offense, maxie, but... you don't exactly radiate joy. Be honest. Is it peter? Peter is not the issue. Uh, but there is an issue. What is it? It's dante. And spinelli. And robert. And jason, even though he's rarely wrong about anything, but he's wrong about this! Okay, I have told them over and over again that peter is a good person and I love him. But here I am on the verge of my wedding, and all I'm doing is looking for warnings or worried looks about my fiancÚ. I mean, what do I have to do to get some acceptance around here? Marry someone else?

[ Sighs ] Okay, time for a refill. Hey, look. Maybe let dad figure out his marriage on his own. You think he's capable of that? Point is, it should be his choice. If he decides to confide in us, it's up to him. He's going to regret giving up on his marriage without even trying. I mean, come on, look at you and anna. You literally beat your way through bad guys and bombs to be together. And I am doing my damnedest... to fight for Willow. No, he needs to fight for this, and he needs to fix it. Maybe he just doesn't have it in him. Then where did you and i get our fight from? I don't know. Maybe we got it from each other. Ah. I know what you're doing.

[ Chuckles ] You're trying to get me to say something about my son so that you can use it in a story. No, I can assure you, scott, I am not pumping you for info. Mm. I'm sorry it took me this long to get in touch with you. It's nice. We should do it again. Get the whole '80s gang back together. Or whoever else is around, anyway. Well, I kind of prefer things one-on-one, if you know what I mean. Um... why don't we make a plan? I'll give robert a call. You can invite your ex. I'd love to hear what bobbie spencer's up to these days. Hmm? Hmm. I don't know what you're talking about. Hostage? Oh, well, jason had cyrus renault's mother abducted from a health care facility in vermont. Doesn't ring any bells at all? Come on. If -- even if you didn't help, you know about it. Why are you even asking me about this? Because valentin brought it up the other day at sasha's photo shoot, just, you know, trying to make trouble between me and nina.

[ Scoffs ] Oh, god. Don't let him bait you. That's funny , 'causethat's exactly what nina said. Yeah. She, um, she said I should just let you do things your way. So do you see now? She's not only the woman I love and lied to, but she's also your ally. Is? Or was? Oh, now you have a problem with me marrying peter? I didn't say that. Except you kind of did. Okay, okay. Britt, peter is your brother. I know exactly who peter is. And so do you, nina. And so do you, maxie. He is the son of a euro trash, murdering, terrorizing monster. You can change him from henrik to peter, but people will always look at him and see his father. Britt, faison is your father, too. Exactly. And I see the way the world looks at me. So if you're marrying peter thinking that someday people will forget where he came from and line up to like him, you're bound to be disappointed. Maxie. Do you really need the whole world to bless you and peter? No. No, of course not. Okay. But it would be nice to have a smidge less grief about it. We can do something about that. Dante works for peter. He is his head of security. Peter saved franco's life when the assassin tried to kill him in the O.R., And the connection between obrecht and peter is obvious -- she hates him, she blames him for nathan's death, and she framed him for her crimes. Okay, so why did franco meet with dr. Kirk? Well, kevin collins referred him, because franco's hearing peter's voice in his head, and dr. Kurt thought it had something to do with what shiloh and dr. Cabot did to him... when they imprinted franco with drew's memories.

Something still doesn't add up. Why would dante have the instinct to save my life? You know, there was a time when that guy would have been gunning for me, not trying to help me out. And those days are over, and they're not coming back. We need to start making sure of that today. Yep. Yeah. Can't put it off any longer. Terry texted. They're waiting for us down in oncology. Okay. So let me ask you something. Hmm? Are you still going to want to make out with me if I lose all my hair in radiation?

[ Giggles ] You say that as if your hair is your best quality. Oh, no. Don't be silly. I know it's not. I know it's my butt.

[ Laughs ] It's the only reason you love me. It's 'cause of my butt.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, it's the station. I got to take this. Yeah? Okay. Hey, it's chase.

[ Grunts ] I'm really glad we get a moment alone. Um... I wasn't completely honest earlier when I said I wasn't worried about either of you turning out like me. I've never worried about you. Y-you always see the world the way it is, full of good and bad. But chase is just so trusting, which is a strange thing to say about a cop, but... I was relieved when I heard that he was moving to Port Charles. And I'm really happy you decided to step up and have kept an eye on him. Despite all the time and distance I put between me and chase? Hey. What's a little time and distance between brothers?

[ Chuckles ] Hey, I got to hit the showers and get to work. Really? Yeah. Oh, um, yeah, okay. I've -- I've got to go, too. I'll see you later, bro. Yeah, I'll see you around. Well... bobbie's in, kind of. Hmm. Good. Um... as bawlings-out go, that was, uh, impressive. Well, I kind of inspire that in people, but, uh, once I mentioned your name, she stopped yelling at me, and, uh... she'd love to see you when she gets back in town. Oh. Is bobbie traveling? Well, on a job, it sounds like. I thought she worked for gh. Well, she -- she did, until that cyrus character took over the hospital, and then they fired her -- fired her! Now she's out taking private nursing jobs god knows where. You know, there should be a law about that. This has to do with memory mapping. Right. It was kirk's theory that franco was experiencing leftover memories of drew.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hello. Yeah, it's jackie. Uh... I have a potential lead on florence grey. Oh, good. Well, good luck finding her. You'll have to do it without me, though. Something very pressing has come up that requires my full attention. Listen, it's not unthinkable that drew would know peter's voice. They worked together at

aurora. No. The memories that franco received were of drew's life

before he came to Port Charles. Okay. So, if dr. Kirk was right and franco is hearing peter's voice because of a memory transfer, that would mean that drew knew peter years ago when he was still in the military. If that's true, why hasn't peter ever said anything? Peter fired you?

[ Stammers ] At gh, you kept saying that you had to get back to work. Yeah, I-I -- I must have meant looking for a new job. W-why did peter fire you? Was there a security breach at the invader? He said it complicated things. Complicated how? I have a feeling he got the idea that I didn't want maxie to marry him, but that's just a hunch. Okay, come on. Let me buy you lunch. No one has the right to judge you, maxie, and you shouldn't have to face it alone. I propose a pact for the three of us... in honor of j and in honor of each other, that we stand together, we unite, no matter who, no matter what. An attack on one of us... is an attack on all three of us. Ladies, I officially have the chills. I have never had female friends before. We're not just friends. We're family. When this whole thing started, when I decided to lie to the cops about being on the cliff, we had no idea that nina was involved. And if she finds out the truth, she could blow up everything, jax. Okay, look. I suggest you -- you call diane...

[ Sighs ] ...And get ahead of this just in case. Well, what about nina? Is there any chance you can work things out? Well, I'm gonna try. I never thought that I would come to nathan's grave and end up leaving feeling better. Me neither. It was your rally-the-troops speech. Where did that come from? From you two. From my family. You know, when I woke up this morning, I felt more lonely than I did in that hospital when I woke up and losing all those years and losing my child. But then you two reminded me that we are all connected. We're family... through J. And then I'm reminded... that I'm connected to someone else -- my grandson. Oh, that's right. Wiley. Yeah, that's right. With all the drama last night, that fact went right over my head. But you two gave me clarity. Nelle is gone, but wiley isn'T. I missed my chance to get to know my daughter. I won't make the same mistake with my grandson.

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