GH Transcript Wednesday 2/3/21

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 2/3/21


Episode #14635 ~ Maxie pays Dante a visit. Laura confronts Carly. Cyrus turns the heat up on Brando. Curtis gains strength from his peers. Portia encourages Trina.

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Jason Morgan? Hi. I'm Jackie Templeton.  I'm, uh -- I'm doing a follow-up story on the bombing at the floating rib. I hear when it happened, uh... people thought you were trapped inside. Lucky for you, you weren'T. Julian jerome has been linked to the explosion, and, um, there's speculation that you were the target. Care to comment?

Today the role

of jordan ashford

is being played

by tiffany daniels. I can't just snap my fingers and get your mother back. Oh, perhaps not, but maybe you could convince jason to give her up. I have no proof that he has her.

[ Sighs ] And if I did, I would move heaven and earth to get her back.

[ Inhales deeply ] You see, that's one of the major many differences between you and me, cyrus. I would never take party to a kidnapping. Well, let's just call it a hostage negotiation. You let jason know if he returns my mother, I'll make sure your friend taggert goes free. It's a simple exchange, really -- my dear mother for Trina robinson's father. After all you've taken from that poor girl, how could you possibly deny her that? Double cap, light milk, extra shot. Oh! Well, first off, thank you. You're welcome.

[ Chuckles ] And second of all? Uh, what are you buttering me up for? I just thought you'd like some coffee while we, you know... talked. Talked about what? Dad.

[ Telephone rings in distance ] If you're looking for something to fix the pain... you're more likely to find it in there than out here.

[ Door opens ]

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Breathes deeply ] Maxie? I'm right here.'re okay? Only you from a hospital bed would ask me if I'm okay. But since you did, I thought you knew better than to scare a pregnant woman.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I'm sorry about that. Obviously, I forgive you. My question is... can you forgive peter? Well, can I get you some coffee? No, I'm okay. Thank you, though. All right. Well, your message sounded urgent, so what's up?

[ Sighs ] We've been friends a long time, right? I mean, too long to lie to each other or dance around a subject. Agreed. Okay. So I'm gonna ask you a question, and I really want the truth. Where is jason hiding florence grey?

No, it's true. Nina's long-lost daughter was none other than nelle benson. My god. That must be torturous for poor nina. Well, it gets better. Jasper jacks knew all along, and he said nothing. That'll be a veritable chasm in their fortress of affection. How's it going with jackie templeton? Well, considering she's ignored all of my phone calls, I've managed to hunt her down at the metro court.

Have you spoken? Not yet. It's imperative that we get her to quit her inquiries. Yeah, well, then what? You advised me to stop the exposť on my mother's kidnapping, but you haven't come up with an alternate solution for getting her back. All right. I will be there shortly and I will explain.

[ Sighs ] Hello, nathan. I thought you'd like to know I'm still here keeping watch... over the family you left behind.

[ Coins jingling ] Maxie: What alexis did to you was not entirely peter's fault. Yes, he did publish that article about franco, and, at first, I was really proud of peter for getting that big scoop. And now? Now I'm thinking it wasn't the smartest move. But people are accusing him of deliberately inciting panic, and I don't think he did that. Do you realize that since I've been back, every conversation that we have ends up with you defending peter? Maybe it's time we get past that. Can we? I mean, do you accept him now?

[ Sighs ] Maxie, I don't e-- I don't even know who peter is. You know that I love him. Yeah. And he stepped up, gave me a job. Then what is it, dante? Why are you having such a hard time with him? Because he's nathan's half-brother. That's why. Good morning, everyone. My name is monica, and I'm an alcoholic. All: Hi, monica. I want to thank you all for having the strength and the courage to come here today. I know it's not always easy. So...why don't we start? That's your proposition? Swap family members like chess pieces? Don't confuse my pragmatism with lack of emotion. The pain my mother's absence causes me echoes the pain young Trina feels at missing her father. To exchange one for the other, we all win. Well, that's great, but your emotion won't free taggert from federal charges. The feds won't have a case without a victim to cooperate. Oh. Why so surprised, commissioner? Wouldn't be the first time I refused to work with the department of justice. I-I've heard you're the strong, silent type. But that works out. I'm a hell of a talker.

[ Chuckles ] I'm also an investigative reporter, and, uh, I'm sitting here wondering who would want to blow you up. Jerome isn't the big fish he used to be. Or -- I'm sorry. I should say "wasn'T." And my sources tell me jerome wasn't acting on his own. He was taking orders from cyrus renault. And when I hear that, things start to make a little more sense, don't you agree?

[ Cellphone ringing ] Excuse me. Mm-hmm. He speaks. Brando. What's up? We have a situation. You're right. Our history deserves honesty. Good. Glad we're on the same page. Florence grey is the mother of a dangerous criminal, and cyrus doesn't give a damn about the pain he inflicts on other people, including both our families. So if his mother is missing, it's probably because someone wants to keep their loved ones safe from him. I don't dispute any of that. Okay. But, carly, you have got to tell jason that that is not the way to go. Laura, I can't do that.

I will not intercede with jason. Why not? Because whatever he has or hasn't done, jason has great instincts, and if he believes that he is protecting my family, I will not undercut him. I won't do it.

[ Breathes sharply ] Okay. I get that. I really do. Jason has to hold florence so that he has leverage over cyrus, and he needs it because without it, cyrus would do whatever he wants. But...? But... florence has two sons.

[ Scoffs ] God. Yeah. I remember martin grey from wiley's custody suit. Okay. So then you know. You know that, uh, he's a very good lawyer and he's very well-connected, he has a long reach. If you're not careful,

he could be your undoing. What's going on? Brando:

I'm with cyrus at the pd. He's amping the pressure to find his mother.

[ Sighs ] Well, that's gonna -- that's gonna be difficult.

Yeah. I figured.

He wants me to get involved. And I honestly don't know what he's gonna do if I don't deliver. Lacking my testimony, the department of justice has no proof of taggert's alleged crime. Well, those aren't the only charges against him. Oh, faking his own death? Surely you can handle that. You'd be the hero for once. Wouldn't that be a nice twist -- to be the one to return Trina's father after being the reason he was taken away? You were the reason! No. Because your thirst for revenge trumps everything. And I'm supposed to believe that'll just disappear? Taggert goes free, and you let him live? We're talking about my mother, commissioner, the woman who birthed me, who raised me. I swear on her life marcus taggert will come to no harm, not by my hand nor at my request. Do you think I should just accept what dad did? Well, what you find acceptable is up to you, baby. So you're okay if I'm still mad at him? Trina, it's not up to me whether you're mad at your father or not. Come on. Come on. Talk to me.

[ Chuckles ] Tell me what's really going on, okay? I miss him. And I'm worried about him in jail all alone. I want to see if he's okay. Of course. We can set up a visit. But at the same time, I'm gonna hate it! Seeing him in that cell like that. I told everyone he was one of the good guys... convinced cam and joss to help me clear his name. Dad was my hero. But he's not a hero. Turns out he's a huge liar who faked his death because he framed someone. And you're mad at yourself for still loving him. Because I really do.

[ Voice breaking ] So much. I know, baby. I know. Here. Come here. I know. I have not been to one of these in a long time -- one of these meetings. But it's been even longer since I had a fix. I'm in a rough place, y'all. I am. I'm -- I'm questioning if I put my faith in the right place. I'm challenging my sense of purpose. And it is hard. Some days I wake up angry... uncomfortable in my own skin. So I came here today to remind myself that I am not the man from all those years ago... because that man could not move forward without a fix, without the -- without the false confidence that the drugs gave him. So I came here to reconnect with my promise. Because even though...

[ Sighs ] Even though everything in my world is crumbling... I worked my ass off to get here. And I will not give up on the man that I've become. Cyrus renault's family is accusing you of kidnapping his mother. The motive is obvious -- retaliation for attempting to kill you. It would make sense, but I've done my research. And this kidnapping an elderly woman? I don't know. It seems "off-brand" for you, mr. Morgan. Not "the thing" to take you down, though. Nothing seems to stick with you, anyway. Tried twice for murder -- no conviction. Arrested countless times. Assault, suspected murder, suspected arson, to name a few.

[ Sighs ] Know the one thing you've never been suspected of? Targeting innocent people. I'm offering you a chance to deny it, a chance to clear your name. Forgive me, but ms. Templeton and i have pressing business to attend to. It can wait. No, it cannot. Really, mr. Morgan? Nothing to say? No comment.

[ Sighs ] What the hell was that?

[ Chair scrapes ]

Gone over this. Yourmother went missing in vermont. That's well beyond my jurisdiction. And jason morgan? Is he within your jurisdiction? You know as well as I do he has her, commissioner. I need proof, and until you can give me that... look. I am all too familiar with missing a loved one. The sleepless nights, constant worry. It's torture, isn't it? I'd help if I could. Would you? But I can'T. I advise you to proceed with caution. Yes, I swore on my mother's life I wouldn't hurt your friend, but if any harm comes to my mother... not a person you love will remain standing. Martin is just worried about his mom. You know? I don't blame him. Now he -- he's reaching out to people in desperation. He just wants to bring his mother home safe. People like who? Like the media, for one. And he also knows some people in law enforcement. And his half-sister's the mayor. Carly, can we find a compromise? You know, just a way to reassure martin that his mother is safe? Because then he would calm down, and jason could focus solely on cyrus, which is good because he wouldn't have to dance around an innocent man who thinks he's doing something good, but, in fact, he is supporting a drug trafficker. Inadvertently, of course. Okay. But supporting nonetheless. Can we trust martin? How do we know he's not gonna turn around and share those reassurances with his brother?

[ Cellphone chimes ] Yeah, that -- that's a definite risk. But I don't think it's one you can afford not to take. Ah. Commissioner. She wants to see me. Go. Go. Go. Carly... will you please think about what I said? I will. I will. Thanks. I'm a little confused. I-I was under the impression that it was urgent to expose your mother's kidnapping. I'm afraid you'll have to pardon me. I-I misspoke. At this point, there is no need for you to waste your valuable time chasing down empty leads. Oh. You must be relieved. Pardon? To have your mother home, safe and sound. That is why you want me to scrap the story, right? I-I'd love to talk with her about her experience. Oh, w-well, I'm a-afraid that won't be possible. Why is that? Well, b-because she's s-simply unAvailable. -Because she's still missing? -Huh? Your obvious discomfort leads me to believe you still don't know where your mother is. That's pure conjecture. Is it, though? You came to me terrified for your mother's well-being, practically begged me to pursue the story. I do not beg. And when I did just that... you pull a turnaround, tell me she's fine with zero details or explanation. Valentin! At long last. Join us...please. Good! Excuse me. You're both still here. So, what is the latest? Based on the runaround mr. Grey is attempting to give me, I'd say his mother is still very much a hostage. You forget that I had a front-row seat to you and nathan falling in love. Maxie: I didn't forget. When I think about that time, I think about the four of us. Me and nathan and you and lulu. It was perfect. Yeah, it was.

[ Chuckles softly ] And then nathan died. And I thought I would never have those kind of feelings ever again.

[ Monitor beeping ] And then came peter.

[ Chuckles ] Always there, holding me up, keeping me going when I didn't think I could. He gave me everything and didn't ask for anything. He gave me the space I needed to heal and grieve. Little by little, I... I fell in love with him. What was it like for you when you found out that he was nathan's half-brother? Why? I'm just wondering.

[ Scoffs ] It was, um, surreal... but also very comforting. A weird, roundabout way... peter was a connection to nathan? That's not what peter is. He's not some stand-in for nathan. I-I'm not suggesting that he is. Really? 'Cause it kind of sounds like you are. Okay. Look. I'm just -- I think as far as nathan's death and peter is concerned, w-we're coming at it from different perspectives. For me, peter is not nathan, so I'm not letting him in. But for you, peter is the closest thing to nathan, so you are letting him in... you're wrong. Am I? I don't love peter because he's nathan's brother. I love peter because of the man he has become.

[ Clears throat ] Oh. Hey. A-am I interrupting?

Checking on my head of security. Oh, I'm -- I'm fine. They, uh, say I'm gonna make a, uh, full and fast recovery. -Glad to hear it. -Thanks. And how are you? Oh, I'm fine. I-I'm just worried about dante. And you know how I am with my pregnancy hormones. I'm crying at commercials these days. You're lucky to have such a good friend in maxie. Believe me, I know. Okay, well, I should go. I have about a thousand and one things to do for the wedding. So... thanks for checking in on me, maxie. I'll walk you out? Okay. Maxie. What is going on? What is wrong? I -- this is clearly more than just hormones. I just wish people would see you the way that I do. You know? Accept how much I love you. Did dante say something? He means well, okay? He just wants me to be happy. And i am happy. You and georgie and james and this baby -- you guys are everything to me. You know that, right? As are all of you to me. You know that, right?

[ Elevator bell dings, doors open ] See you at home? Yeah. Two things can be true at once. Your father can be a courageous man who loves you with all of his heart... and he can be a flawed man who compromised himself and he had to lie. It's just a lot to process. Especially if you're trying to do it all alone, honey. I know. You think I should go see dad? You know what? I do. But it's absolutely your call. If you feel that you're ready, I will contact jordan, and we'll set up a time for you to go see your dad. Apologies for interrupting. If you have to apologize, then maybe -- I don't know -- don't do it. I just came from the police station. I was lobbying for your father's release. Yeah, right. It's true. Ask the commissioner herself. I offered to not press charges, but she turned me down. -What?! -You know what, Trina? Why don't you go ahead and go home and we'll finish this talk there, okay? -Mom. -No, no, no. Go. It's okay. I'll be right behind you. I have told you to stay away from my daughter, and if you toy with her hopes again, I promise you -- I am not. I told jordan I would withdraw my cooperation from the doj -- without which they cannot prosecute her father. She declined. So when it comes to toying with your daughter's emotions, take it up with her. Thank you for sharing. Is there anybody else who would like to share today? Um, hello.

[ Cup taps lightly ] Hello. I'm alexis, and I'm an alcoholic. All: Hi, alexis. Well done. It just sounds so...pat, you know, by rote. So cut and dry. It's not. Well... we all know that. My addiction is ever-present. It's all over me. It's everywhere. It's -- it's there when I wake up in the morning, and it's there when I go to bed at night, which is the only time that it rests, which is the only time that i can rest. And then the next day, it just picks up and it starts all over again. It's just -- you know. It's in my head, like it has its own personality. You know what I mean? Like, it's A... a grifter that just keeps showing up and wanting more and more and more at the expense of everybody else. Uh...

[ Sighs ] I managed to stay sober for quite a while, you know, at least long enough for me to like myself again and to see the world, you know? It's got color in it again. And then, you know, just bad things happened.

Really bad things. Um -- boo-hoo, right? I know. Like nothing bad has ever happened to any of you. But... um, me, I just gave up. I did. I-I gave up. I-I didn't care at all. And, um, that's what the addiction feeds on. Right? Weakness. And I'm weak. Look, I-I'm -- I'm just gonna be honest with you. I don't even know if I care now. I don'T. I don't even know if -- if I want to stop drinking. It appears that I've lost everything that I care about. And I know I should care about it.

[ Sighs ] Help. I need help to stop drinking. Jason has cyrus' hands tied for now...

[ Door closes ] ...But it's not going to last, so we need to make the most of this moment. You won't get an argument from me. How do we do it, though? 'Cause nothing sticks to this guy. I mean, we traced the bomb from the floating rib to julian jerome and potentially to cyrus, but there was no actual proof. And no hard connect between cyrus and the warehouse shootings. Or the increase in drugs in the city.

[ Sighs ] The man is an expert at being untouchable. I spent years undercover trying to take him down, and we all know how that turned out. There's got to be something we can get him on. There's got to be some thread that we haven't pulled. I'm open to ideas. Okay. What does he have here in Port Charles that he didn't have in his other territories? You know, what -- what makes this place different? Well, there's the hospital. That's definitely a first for cyrus. Okay. The hospital. Of course. That's it. He's got to be doing something there that we can use against him.

 -Is everything okay? -Yes and no. Laura came by. She wanted to talk about the florence situation. Okay. I admitted to nothing, but she thinks we need to change course. Change course how? That we need to give a little where martin is concerned.

[ Scoffs ] Look. She may have a point. Martin is not cyrus. He's just a guy who's worried about his mom. I just saw him at the metro court. -You did? -Yeah. With jackie templeton. Uh, before he showed up, she was asking me all kinds of questions... thank you. ...About my involvement in the kidnapping. Yeah. And that's what laura was talking about. Not only do we have to worry about cyrus, but also martin and anyone he brings in to help him. Okay. What's the alternative? Well, we should ease martin's fears. We need to reassure him that no harm has come or will come to his mother and stay focused on cyrus. Carly, what you're saying... I mean, it makes sense. But if I go too far to reassure martin, isn't that gonna tell cyrus that we're bluffing? I mean, that's a fine line, and I don't want to cross it because the only reason that cyrus is not doing anything right now -- his fear that his mother could get hurt is stopping him. Yeah, and cyrus knows what he's done to innocent people, so he thinks you're doing that to his mother. Cyrus' fear is our only leverage. If we bring martin in, he can blow all of that up. And if we don't, he could still blow it up. A little discretion might be nice. Jackie: Discretion about what, exactly? Valentin: Well, it's a delicate situation. It requires precise communication to avoid unfortunate consequences. Tell that to your friend here. Communication doesn't seem to be his strong suit. You're right. His mother is still missing. Aka an innocent woman has been kidnapped -- and that's the story I'm writing. No, it isn'T. Excuse me? That's -- that's fluff. That's, uh, flash-in-the-pan tabloid stuff. That's far beneath your pay grade, ms. Templeton. Really? You have something else in mind? As a matter of fact, yes, I do. That took guts. Well, that's ironic 'cause I was terrified. Well, unfortunately, that's how it works. I don't even know if I can make my legs work to get to the door and leave. You will. And when you do, alexis, you won't be alone. You're back. I just wanted you to know that I'm glad you're okay. Thanks, man. And I wanted to check to make sure that you're coming to the wedding. I mean, you are family to maxie. And to me, I guess, in a sense, considering how close you were to nathan. And, you know, the more I think about it, dante, like that, how important you are to my soon-to-be wife and how important you were to my brother... I think we're making a big mistake. Cyrus has gone to great lengths to identify and disenfranchise some of the hospital's most beloved employees, the people who've been there the longest. Monica quartermaine, bobbie spencer, elizabeth baldwin, epiphany johnson... and kevin. He's always waiting for the other shoe to drop. I mean, these are the people who are the most dedicated. They're the ones who keep the standards high, the ones who would fight for the integrity of the hospital at any cost. Unlike the new chief of staff, britt westbourne. So maybe the key to bringing down cyrus isn't what he's doing, but who he's doing it with. I mean, you said he never gets his hands dirty. Which begs the question... who's getting their hands dirty on his behalf?

Didn't you tell me that cyrus' second in command, walker -- didn't you say he disappeared? Without a trace. It's safe to assume he's dead and no body will be recovered. So, wait a minute. Is it possible that he is grooming britt as his new second in command? At the hospital? Maybe. But as for his other "business" interests, I think he's tapping his driver, brando corbin. If I had to guess, brando and britt are his boots on the ground. We get to them, we get to cyrus. Do you think we can get one of them to turn? We won't give them any other choice. I'm not saying "no" when it comes to this martin thing. I just got to figure out how to make it -- how to make it work. Okay? Fair enough.

[ Sighs ] Sorry. Sorry I grabbed florence without telling you. It's nothing I would've done. Yeah. You've made that clear. But I would be lying if I said that it wasn't working to my advantage. So, you're not mad at me? No. But do you see why you can't just act? Carly, we have to be on the same page. Okay? You go rogue, you set things in motion, you -- I'm playing catch-up. I'm doing damage control. We have to be on the same page. Just like... with Sonny's funeral. I know we both hate it, but we talked about it. We talked about the advantages, the disadvantages, and we made a decision together. Yeah, I get it. I do. You know? Uh, it makes sense in theory, but there's a lot going on right now, jason. I know. I know there's a lot going on, carly, but you -- that's why you just got to tell me first. You're worried about the nina situation, aren't you? What, you're not? No, because it's -- it's -- it's out there. It is. Nina knows everything. She knows that nelle was her daughter and that jax and i kept it from her. So... so you're handling it? Yes, of course. You are? Handling it like everything's okay or handling it like, "I'm gonna do something crazy, and it's gonna come back to bite me"? Because if it's the second one, I need to know wh-- can you please stop? Everything is going to be fine, okay? Because what I was afraid was going to happen has happened. Nina is devastated, and she's furious, and she's another victim of nelle's, just like I knew she was going to be. So guess what -- it's all done. And you don't have to worry about it.

[ Sighs ] Okay. I'm gonna remind you that you said that. You don't have to. If you've got a bigger story to put on the table, now's the time. It's not so much about the story as your role in it. Listening. Work with me. Help us to rescue florence grey, and you'll be stepping out of the role of observer and into that of the hero. How does that sound as a story, ms. Templeton? Very intriguing. Portia. You okay? No. I'm not. I got to tell you, brando, I'm growing increasingly impatient for my mother's return. I want answers, and you need to get them. I'm trying, but so far, I've come up empty. Sonny's family took my mother! It's on you to get back in their good graces and bring her home!

[ Elevator bell dings, doors open ] I don't believe you've seen me disappointed, yet. Trust me. You don't want to. One day sober. I wish I could tell you that tomorrow's gonna be easier. Monica, I haven't expected an easier day in a long time. Well, one foot in front of the other. I know that sounds trite, but it works. It really does. And, listen, don't -- don't go by days. Go by hours. The smaller the goal, the easier to achieve? You got it. I hope so. You lost me. A-a mistake? I can't have you working for me. It's too complicated. I'm sorry, dante, but... you're fired. Nina must have been here recently, huh?

[ Voice breaking ] I'm sorry that I haven't come to see you a lot recently. I've kind of been all over the place, I guess. I miss you, nathan. I am so confused right now. What if dante is right... and a huge part of the reason I'm drawn to peter is because he's your brother? What if I loved you and needed you in my life that much? And because of all this, I couldn't see peter clearly, I still can't? I wish you were here.

[ Sniffles ] I miss your voice... and your smile.

[ Sniffles ] And your amazingly calm way you dealt with things.

[ Sniffles ] You would know what to do right now.

[ Sighs ] I wish I did.

[ Sniffles ]

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