GH Transcript Tuesday 2/2/21

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 2/2/21


Episode #14634 ~ Franco looks to Kevin for help. Anna attempts to put the pieces together. Sam harbors an obligation to Dante. Jordan gives Alexis guidance. Maxie is sympathetic to Lizís situation.

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Thank you so much for letting me know, olivia. Thank god that dante's gonna be alright. Yes, yes. And now that you've gotten rocco off to school, I hope that you'll be able to get some sleep. God knows you deserve it. No, no, I'm fine. Thank you. Okay. Talk soon. Bye. I didn't mean to eavesdrop... no, of course not. I heard about your former son-in-law. It's such a dangerous world, isn't it? Of course, with our family, that seems to be the rule rather than the exception, doesn't it?

[ Inhales deeply ] Unts ] Hey. Sam. What are you doing here? What am i doing here? You don't remember? Not yet. But, uh... I kind of feel like I was hit by a truck or something. Close. You were stabbed with a loaded syringe. By who?

[ Sighs ] My mother. This is just a formality. Now that you posted bail, you're a free woman until your day in court. Hasn't been that long since I've been disbarred, martin. I know the drill. Good. I'm glad to hear it. In that case, I'm sure you remember what "extenuating circumstances" are. I appreciate all of your efforts. Honestly, I do. But the -- the one thing I want right now, no defense attorney can give me, and that's a drink. Every word the invader printed was the truth. No, you listen to me. This is a first amendment issue. And as my attorneys, it is your job to fight any attempt to suppress this story.

[ Sighs ] That felt good. Maxie, what's wrong? Are you okay? Is it the baby? Oh, no, we're both fine. Then what? It's nothing. It's just, it -- I can't help but think, if it weren't for your big scoop, then... you know what? Never mind. Maxie, if there's something you want to say to me about the article, please. Well, if you hadn't run it, alexis might not have tried to go after franco and accidentally stabbed dante. Dad, open up! Hey. Whoa. Okay. Were you followed? Other than the usual villagers with torches and pitchforks? Probably not. I hope you're right. It would complicate matters if I were discovered. You're telling me. So, when are you gonna get these voices out of my head the way you promised? I'm working on it. Yeah, dr. Kirk was working on it and he wound up with a knife in his chest. With a man like kirk, it was bound to happen sooner or later. And dante didn't deserve a loaded syringe in his sternum. How is that relevant when the syringe was meant for you? Peter has convinced everyone you're a homicidal lunatic. Yeah, I noticed. We must access your drew memories while there's still time. Not only did the late dr. Kirk treat liesl and dante, but now it seems as if we have reason to believe she is no longer in wsb custody, which means if that's true, she could be anywhere. You think she's come back to Port Charles. It's as good a place as any. How's dante? Almost fully recovered. Thank god. Uh, it's probably a bit too soon -- and you want to see him. I do. I feel as if he is somehow at the center of all of this, and, um, maybe if we could talk to him together -- hey. Hi. Sorry for interrupting. Anna, I wanted to let you know, my husband is lucky to be alive. No thanks to your son.

We may be related, but we are not family. Wow. And you accuse me of being cold. My daughter is in a coma she may never recover from, so forgive me, but where you're concerned, I'm all out of warmth.

[ Sighs ] Alright. You think I'm unfeeling, laura? I'd like you to look at something. If I were this unfeeling monster, would I have kept a reminder of the family who turned its back on me? Martin: I shall not remind you that it was your drinking that landed you in this mess. Thank you for not bringing that up. That said, the state of your intoxication during the alleged attack, as well as the intended victim's history of violence more than qualifies as extenuating circumstances. Bottom-line it. Sympathetic jury, you should walk. Is that really your defense, mr. Grey, throwing your client under the bus as a hopeless drunk? Why so shocked, jordan? Isn't that what you and everyone else are telling me that I am? Of course I don't blame you, but have you seen the social media reaction to the story? Everybody is scared to death. So, you think I shouldn't have printed it? No. I mean, I don't know. Maybe. Look, if franco is or becomes a danger, then yes. But then there's alexis, who's this typically amazing, levelheaded person when she's sober, and she tried to kill franco. So, yeah, part of me feels like if you had just sat on this story, dante wouldn't be in the hospital. Dante is gonna be fine. And given franco's history, who knows how many people we could have saved by warning the public? Franco: Where's my dad? He had a deposition,

gott sei dank. Now you and I finally have an opportunity to discuss what needs to be done. Yeah, what needs to be done is I need to find myself some body armor now that peter August has turned me back into public enemy number one. You're fine. Alexis missed. Yeah, and dante saved my life. Explain that to me. Dante hates me. Why would that guy do that?

[ Scoffs ] Once a cop, always a cop. Who knows? What matters now is reclaiming the drew memories. Hmm. Thought that was your job. Duplicating dr. Kirk's methodology is taking longer than I thought. But since kevin collins was already treating you, why not turn it to our advantage? How would I do that? Through hypnosis or some other method, you can reclaim the drew memories and finally understand why you keep hearing peter's voice in your head. Okay. Yeah, I'll give kevin a shot. You must, as soon as possible, before someone else takes aim. And this time, they might not miss. If you'll excuse me, I need to return some calls. Um, I understand that you're upset, elizabeth. I do, of course. But I-I-I don't really think that it's fair for you to blame peter for alexis' actions. I mean, we all know that she's been really struggling with drinking the last few months. Yes, alexis has been drinking, and her judgment was impaired, but it was peter's decision to plaster franco's private medical records across the invader. Right. I respect your position. I do. What do you expect me to do? I-I-I mean, you know, he's a grown man. He's not going to listen to an admonition from me, is he? Anna, the reason why I wanted to talk to you is because while I-I-I really appreciate your wedding invitation -- you know how much I love Finn and violet -- you're not going to come. Peter basically declared open season on franco. It's no longer safe for us to attend. Okay. Alright. Yeah. I mean, obviously, he made an error in judgment, but... didn't he try to save -- he saved franco's life, didn't he, when liesl was trying to have him killed? Yeah, I remember that. Which makes me wonder, who's the real peter August, the guy who rescued franco or the one who put his life in danger just to get a headline? Well, my mother had been drinking again when she heard the news about franco, and she was terrified that he was gonna come after me again. I can't say I blame her for that. Well, I wanted to confront franco myself, so I wanted to come down to G.H. My mom insisted on coming with me, and that's when everything got really weird, and she just -- she just kind of snapped. She disappeared. She found a, um -- a loaded syringe. And she lunged after franco, but you had jumped right in front of him. And here I am. Yeah, it's, uh -- it's not as easy as that. See, the syringe was loaded with lidocaine. And it's really, really bad when it's injected close to your heart... mm-hmm. ...Which -- anyway, I'm sure dr. Robinson can fill you in on the details. The good news is you, my friend, are gonna be okay. Mm. And what about franco? What happened to him? Oh, well, my mom missed, so he's fine. But what I don't get is why you would risk your own life and jump in front of franco to save him.

 I'm really sorry about all the fallout from this article. Franco's experiencing none of the same symptoms as he had before. Wait. But he is having symptoms, is he? E-entirely different ones. But peter never bothered to investigate. He just twisted the facts, facts that he should have never had access to in the first place. And now franco's a target. Okay, so now I have two problems -- one that could kill me and one that can make me crazy before it kills me. Normally, I would not recommend a talk therapy healer such as dr. Collins. But lest we forget, he and his homicidal twin were also part of dr. Cabot's memory experiments. He could be very useful. I mean, until you're able to help me, maybe kevin is my best hope. Here goes nothing. You must be extra careful. We have to assume anna is working closely with kevin collins. If the scarecrow realizes the drew memories could incriminate peter, well, ask yourself, mein liebchen, who would anna rather see go down -- you or her son? Peter: I know. It was a very controversial decision. Trust me, my legal department strongly agrees with you. But it is our obligation, maxie, to tell the truth. Yeah, but you could have thought of a little less "the ripper strikes again" type headline. Well, the invader is also in the business of making money. As you know, I hated the man franco was, and I've had no interest in getting to know the man he's become. Then why are you defending him? Because I know what it's like to defy people's expectations of you. And from what I've seen, franco is nothing but a devoted husband and stepdad. Well, I'm sure he is, until the moment the ticking time bomb inside his head goes off, and he reverts back to being this city's worst nightmare. Laura: What's this? It's a photo from my childhood. Yes, I had one. Now let me ask you... do you have the courage to look at this and risk seeing your sworn enemy in a different light? It's gordon. And florence. They're so young. And...they look so happy. Mm-hmm. And -- and that's me, the one making the rabbit ears over his baby brother's head. Making trouble behind someone's back. What a surprise. This is my family. And martin'S. And yours. We are all each other's flesh and blood. In case the news has not yet graced your desk, commissioner, my client has already entered a plea of not guilty. Well, happy to hear it, but I didn't ask her here today as the commissioner. I wanted to speak with her as a friend.

[ Sighs ] Jordan, did you warn molly and tj? I-I started to call them about 12 times last night, but I -- yes. I broke the news to them. I don't suppose they want anything to do with me, right? They're worried about you. We all are. How are you? Uh, sober, for one thing. That's good. Yeah, I don't like it. I also, uh, didn't like it when I looked in the mirror, and I took a really good, long look. And I didn't even recognize myself. So, I realize that I've -- I've used up all the "get out of jail" cards, and there really isn't much wiggle room left, so... uh, why don't, um, I just face what I've done and change the plea to guilty and face the consequences? Uh, look, if I knew why I stepped in front of franco, I would -- I would tell you.

[ Chuckles ] Robert said your cop instincts would be kicking in.

[ Chuckles painfully ] I don't really have any good cop instincts. Oh, come on. But, anyway, thanks for coming to check on me, making sure I'm okay. Anytime.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Door opens ] Oh, the hero is awake. Oh, I, uh -- I'm surprised you don't want to give me hell for saving franco. Yeah. I did want to ask you about that. I just did. And?

[ Pen clicking ] Obrecht: Franco is the key to proving peter's guilt. He must be protected at all costs. Franco. And it is up to you to do it. Dante, is there something that you want to tell us?

Uh, you know me. I run into trouble when someone with any good sense would run away. Yeah, that's the definition of a hero. Or an idiot.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. I'm glad you're okay. Thanks. Um, this may not be my place, but, um... I am sorry. For what? For the reason alexis got so... crazy? Well, excited, is because of an article that peter ran about franco. Well, that's not your fault. Thank you for that. Anyway, I just wanted to check on you, and we'll catch up later, yeah? Yeah, look forward to it. It's good to see you. You, too. Well, I guess that leaves only one person to blame. I trust it's clear we're speaking in hypotheticals. There's no way my client will be entering a plea of guilty. Right now, it's 70-30 against. But that could change. How you plead is not my concern right now. My concern is that you stop self-destructing.

[ Telephone rings ] Yes. I'm on my way. I need to see someone in the squad room. You can use my office for as long as you need. Well, you've been on a collision course with yourself for some time now. Why are you acting like you know me, martin? You don't know me. You're just valentin's hired gun. I wouldn't be too dismissive of valentin if I were you. He posted your bail. Why don't you just take me back to the desk, get a refund, and throw me back in jail where I belong? Why don't you just get over yourself? Do you have any idea what some people would give to be reunited with their loved ones? And here you are drowning in self-pity, throwing them away with both hands. It would serve you right if I did throw you to the wolves. Why don't you? Because unlike you, I'm proud to be a lawyer. An attorney. And I'm gonna do my damnedest to defend you, whether you like it or not.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door slams ] Cyrus: It's yours to borrow, not keep. But if you'd like, I'll have it scanned. Stop it. I know what you're doing here, and, uh, it's incredibly transparent. Oh, by all means, enlighten me. Explain my sinister ulterior motive. You know how important family is to me, and you're playing on that to get me to do something more to bring your mother home. I know you feel you have no reason to help me get my mother back because you blame me, however wrongly, for taking your daughter from you. Then why all the nostalgia, hmm? 'Cause that's your father. Who I never met. The connection is there, laura. You -- nothing you can do to change that. And there's nothing i need to do, either. It's true, true. You don't have to do anything, but...have another look at the picture. This is our family before everything went wrong. We are so close to our wedding and to welcoming our little daughter into this world. I want you to know I'd never do anything to spoil that. I know. Do you ever think about it, maxie? How far we've come from where we started to get to this moment? All the time. What really hits me is how just three years ago, you and i were complete strangers. I was married to nathan. And in a moment, everything changed. Faison shot nathan and, not long after that, nathan died. Kevin, um, I just wanted to apologize for barging in on your conversation earlier. It's quite alright. It's not like anna had anything to do with that article. I just so wish it wasn't printed. Hey, doc. Hi. Hey. This is convenient. I was just about to barge in your office and beg for a session. Oh, it's kevin's lucky day for us interrupting him. Why is that? Yeah, I'll tell you later. Okay. So, why the need for a session? 'Cause I keep hearing peter's voice in my head, and he's talking to drew. And he has a lot to say.

Anna, are you okay? Sorry, I-I didn't mean to -- you say you're hearing voices? A-and are these are symptoms that you were talking about? Elizabeth: Yes, not dark, homicidal impulses. Voices. And they're peter's? Well, I -- how do you know? How can you be sure? Because I know what his voice sounds like. And this is because of the tumor. Yeah, well, that's what we thought at first. But the specialist in geneva, dr. Kirk, thought it might be something else. Yeah, he thought it might not have anything to do with the brain tumor at all, that they're probably just drew's implanted memories. When nathan died, I just wanted the world to stop. And then there you were, refusing to let me give up.

[ Chuckles ] You were a real pain in the ass.

[ Laughs ] Hey. I know what nathan meant to you. I see it in you every time you're with james. 'Course, I wonder if I'll pale in comparison at times. He was a genuine hero, you know, someone you could look up to. I hope I'll never let him down. I know you won'T. Where on earth did you find that? Your brother. Mm, yeah. Pulling on the old heartstrings, huh? Pure manipulation, plain and simple, meant to spur you into action, doubtless in hopes of tracking down our poor mother. Mm. Yeah, I told him that he was being ridiculously transparent. Utterly. So... did it work? Commissioner. We need to talk. If it's about the search for your mother, there is nothing I can do for you, cyrus. And thankfully nothing i have to do for you. Oh, that's right. You broke free from me so you could reclaim your integrity and the love of your husband. How's that working out for you? Look, sam, I'm not exactly, uh, happy your mom plunged a syringe into my chest... but -- sam: Ooh. I got it. Sorry.

[ Sighs ] But if anyone can understand a desire to kill franco, it's you and me. True.

[ Chuckles ] But it wasn't you, and it wasn't me. Right. It was my mother. And she's starting to worry me, a lot. I'm inclined to take the kids and run as far as I can as fast as I can. Come on. You don't mean that. I don't know. Part of me does. I mean, I-I think about it. I'm onto you. What are you talking about? You are not onto me. The reason why you came here last night and now you're here today is 'cause you want to make up for what your mom did to me. Are you kidding me? No, no, no. You -- you are a detective. You -- don't do this shrink stuff with me. It's the same thing. I do that, too. I helped you. Yeah, you did a bang-up job with this pillow, let me tell you.

[ Chuckles ] I just wish I could help my mom the same way, or that she would actually accept the help. G.H. Security guard: You can't go in there. Alexis: I-I'm his attorney. I know who you are.

[ Door opens ] Sorry, mr. Falconeri. I'll escort her out. No, no, no, it's okay. I got this. You sure? Yeah. Yeah, I-I got a bodyguard here in case things get crazy. Mom, what are you doing here? You shouldn't be here. I know. I'm practically begging to be arrested again for violating the terms of my release. Is that what you want? No. I just wanted to see that you both were okay.

I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am and how much I regret what I did. Mom, come on. It's okay. No, I... alexis, I was a cop for a long time and, uh... I know good people, decent people, do stupid things, things they wish they could take back. Believe me -- I do believe you. But I'm not the one you got to make it up to. You don't have to do that. I wanted to. I think you should try and fix this before it's too late. Do you think you could take me through your time when you were in geneva, like how often you saw dr. Kirk? Yeah, I had one consultation with the guy before he found himself on the wrong side of a geneva mugging. Just once? Mm-hmm. And dante had left by the time that you got there? Dante? Dante was a patient there? Yes. Huh. That's a pretty big coincidence, isn't it? Oh, probably. And what about liesl obrecht? What about her? She was also a patient of dr. Kirk'S. He decided to treat her after she was released from steinmauer. Did you not know any of that? I -- n-nope, nope. Didn't know that. As far as I know, she's still in steinmauer. And as far as I'm concerned, she can stay there, 'cause I thought she was my friend, but she tried to kill me. Can I just -- maybe we could have that session now. I would like to have a conversation with you first. Uh... excuse us. I'm gonna ask you a question... yeah. ...And I need you to answer me honestly. Uh, really? You've seen liesl obrecht, haven't you? Alive and well, out of prison? Yes... franco, how could you have seen her and not told me? We need to stop having meaningful conversations for a while. It's becoming hard to tell the difference between actual hormones and third trimester hormones. It's okay. It's just me here. We're in public. It's not just you. And -- and I don't want dante to see me like this. Are you going to the hospital? Yeah. I owe it to lulu to check up on him. Then by all means, give dante my best. Okay. Bye. This is peter August. You have something that I need, and I need it now. I wish I'd never seen this picture. I did not need to see my father with his happy, little family. You know, you're a part of that family, too, should you so choose, even if you're not in the photo. Yeah, well, I'm going to tell you exactly what I told your brother.

Our brother.

[ Scoffs ] You see, to me, family is much more than flesh and blood. It's more than dna. And it's definitely something that I do not share with cyrus. Well, is it something you share with me? Because if there's even the slightest chance, dear sister, I need to know what you're doing to put mama back in the picture. Not that it's any of your business, but -- oh, wait. It's not any of your business. Never wait until tomorrow to atone for your mistakes, for tomorrow may never come. I can't tell if that's a veiled threat, if you're actually sincere. Oh, test me, please. Yes, in the past, I've used the stick to get what I want. Today, I'm offering the carrot. And what would that be? Something you want nearly as much as I want my mother back. I appreciate what you're trying to do, but I -- don't tell me. Tell sam.

[ Monitor beeping ] I think you and i both know there's really nothing I can say, because I've pretty much burned every bridge, and I don't think there's any earth left to scorch. So you stay here, and you take care of your friend and yourself, and I'm -- I'm just gonna go.

[ Door closes ] Thanks for trying. Don't give up on your mom.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Sighs ] Wait. Oh. Going down? Certainly seems that way. It's your call.

[ Monitor beeping ] Dr. Obrecht? I want to congratulate you on saving franco's life. Oh, well, I'd say it was all my pleasure, but -- however, the mission has not yet been completed. There is still more we must do to stop peter August. And you are the man to do it.

Look, dr. Obrecht, you were exonerated, but there is no smoking gun. There -- there's no evidence that -- that suggests that peter framed you. He covered his tracks too well. Then you will just have to keep on looking. I plan to. I want maxie and james away from peter just as much as you do. I will keep digging. Dig faster. I'm sure anna already suspects I'm out of prison. She mustn't know I'm back in Port Charles before we stop this wedding. If maxie walks down the aisle with peter and his child, she will be bound to him in ways that can never be undone. Okay. What more can we do? Whatever we must.

[ Pen clicking ] Complete the mission. That's right, and it's up to you, dante. Peter and maxie must never be allowed to say "I do." Hi. Uh, could you tell me where dante falconeri's room is? Mr. Samuels, thank you for meeting me here. I just wish all our clients were as discerning as you, mr. August. Here are the rings you've selected. Do they speak to you? Fluently. They say "till death do us part." Hey, dante. I'm not gonna wake you. I just want you to know how happy I am that you're okay. Lulu really needs you. Okay, and I need you, too, as my friend and my once and hopefully future bestie-in-law. And I really need you at my wedding. Cyrus' attempts to manipulate me backfired, okay? All it did was remind me of what he has taken from me. Lulu. Of course, I-I understand. You, on the other hand, are a completely innocent bystander, if I'm not mistaken. So what are you saying? You won't help cyrus, but you'll help me? Because I want you to know I'm completely comfortable with that. All I'm saying is that florence is your mother, too, and neither one of you deserves to be caught up in this mess. So what are you gonna do? I'm gonna keep doing what I've been doing. I can't make promises, okay? But I will do whatever I can to bring your mother back to you.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs, clears throat ] Yeah, I remember this feeling. Are you nervous about your meeting? No, feeling of not wanting to be here and desperately wanting a drink. I'm sorry. Yeah, I don't think I can do this, sam. I'm sorry. No, mom! Have you actually not hit rock bottom yet? How many people do you have to hurt before you realize that you need help? Cyrus, no matter what you're offering, I can't just snap my fingers and get your mother back. Well, l-let's just call it a "hostage negotiation." Let jason know that if he returns my mother, I'll see that your friend taggert goes free. Okay, here's the skinny. Um, liesl was completely exonerated, and she had nothing to do with trying to kill me. And it turns out she had nothing to do with drew's plane going down, either. She told you this, so you believe her? Well, no, of course not. But there was proof, so the wsb believed her and they released her. And now liesl has been working really hard to figure out who it was that framed her. And I got to say, she's been really helpful to me since dr. Kirk is dead. When are you going to learn? Obrecht is only out for obrecht. And if she says she's helping you, you have to ask, what's in it for her? Yeah, but, okay, so -- okay, well, listen, forget it. Forget it. I was trying to say something. Okay. We can deal with drew's memories later. Right now, we need to focus on treating your tumor and saving your life. Okay, first, you refer franco to dr. Kirk. And then we find out that dante was also a patient of his, and then obrecht. What's the common denominator? I take it there wasn't enough un-redacted material in their files to cross-check. No, no, not really. What we do know is that obrecht is free, and dante is still suffering from ptsd. And franco is hearing peter's voice in his head. Um... so I guess that we are getting closer to understanding how it all fits together. Just have to keep looking. No matter where it leads? Yeah, no matter where it leads.

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