GH Transcript Monday 2/1/21

General Hospital Transcript Monday 2/1/21


Episode #14633 ~ Nina reflects on a missed opportunity. Valentin snaps at Carly. Finn pushes Britt for information. Obrecht makes a desperate plea. Nikolas goes to Laura for advice.

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(This still needs extensive editing)

[ Door opens ] Hi. Am I interrupting? Oh, hey, no. I'm not -- I'm almost done here. Did you hear about dante? I heard alexis went after him with a loaded syringe. Right. Yeah, she did. But he's gonna be alright. Um, I wasn't able to visit him yet. You will. I'm sure it can wait. No, it can't wait. That's why I'm here. I need your help. Mother. How's dante? Sleeping, and I'm told that he's going to make a full recovery. Oh, good. Yeah. I'll let him rest, then. Mm. How's rocco? Uh, he's with olivia at the quartermaines' house. Actually, I just called him to let him know that his dad was gonna be okay.

[ Exhales sharply ] Poor kid. First his mom and then this. What aren't you saying? I'm worried about dante's mental state.

[ Sighs ] Kevin told me that, um, anna's concerned. She doesn't think that they may have properly treated his ptsd.

[ Sighs ] Maybe rocco should stay with olivia long-term. I don't know that that's really necessary. He's never been anything but loving with his son. Alright, well, if -- if rocco needs anything, please let me know. I'm so happy to hear you say that. You're getting your life back on track. You think? You seem so much happier. Yeah, most of the credit goes to Ava. Really? Well, I-I'm glad things are going well. Yeah, so well... I asked my wife to marry me. I'm so glad we get a chance to sit down and catch up. I've missed you at the gallery. So, tell me, what have you been up to? Have you -- have you been to see your dad? I've been thinking about what you and mr. Jacks said about what my dad did and why he did it. But I'm just not up for a visit yet. That's fair. I know you'll figure it out. How about you? You seem happy. Things are good?

[ Sighing ] Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Almost too good. Hey, where's your goofy apron? Back in the day, aunt ruby would have your head. Oh, really? Yes. Well, I'm plenty goofy without the apron, so... self-awareness. Good for you. Hey, pops. What are you doing here? Oh, I'm just harassing the staff. Oh, yeah. I love doing that. Now you're in good company. Well, it's, you know, better than being back at my... empty apartment. Oh, nice. Whose place is this? Are you sure you weren't followed? Yes, I'm sure. So what's this about? I have a lot going on at the hospital. I'm sure you do. I remember when I was chief of staff and -- please get to the point, mother. I saw that piece in the invader. Was that your doing? Did you give peter access to franco's medical information? Kind of. You cannot trust that man. Peter is dangerous! Mother, stop. I already know. I can't lie to you anymore. What carly just told you is not how it happened. And you need to know the entire truth about nelle. Valentin: Sounds like carly left some things out. Valentin. What truth are you talking about? Carly came to me about nelle, about the possibility of her being your daughter. But it wasn't last night. When was it? It was months ago.

So, I tried accessing dante's wsb records, but, um, I was completely shut down. Uh, I did manage to find out who his doctor was -- dr. Warren kirk. Have you ever heard of him? Warren kirk? Uh-huh. Never heard of him. Well, I guess it doesn't matter now. He was killed.

[ Sighs ] Kevin knew him by reputation and, um, said that he was doing some cutting-edge neurological research. And he was treating dante's ptsd. Right. Hmm. It's useful, but it's not exactly cutting-edge. No, I didn't think so, either. Hmm. Kevin managed to get kirk's files for me, but dante's records, they were completely redacted, and that got me concerned, even more so when I found out that liesl obrecht was also a patient of his. Yeah, that can't be a coincidence.

[ Chuckling ] No, it's not likely. No. So I'm waiting for it to be morning at the hague. And then if the wsb is giving me the runaround, I have a contact at steinmauer, and they're unofficially checking on obrecht for me.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Oh, that's them now. Is this your way of humoring me? No, this is my way of saying you were right about peter. Then you've seen his true nature?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, he used me. He asked me to log into the G.H. Server, knowing full well that I had access to everything, and then he asked me to walk away. And you did what he wanted? To test him. I wanted to see what he was up to. I came back right away. But apparently peter had already gotten what he wanted. Franco's medical records. Which he splashed all over the invader website. And now franco is a target, precisely what peter wanted. Did you confront that wiesel? You bet I did. I told him I don't appreciate being used like that. And what pathetic excuse did he offer? Oh, he didn't bother with an excuse. He threatened me. No one threatens my britta. I'm glad to hear that you want to marry your wife. But I have to say, nikolas, I'm a little surprised. It surprised me, too.

[ Laughs ] You know? I mean, but a lot has changed with Ava and me. I know that you really stood by her through the whole situation with julian and after his death. And now that Sonny's gone, you have avery together, and I can see where those things would definitely make you feel closer to each other, to where you might really want to be married for real. Ava and I, it's like we've always had a connection, you know, ever since we were seated next to each other on that flight to europe. Yeah, when you were on the run after you had framed an innocent man for your murder. Okay, you know that I'm not proud of that. I'm just saying that Ava and I, we felt something, then and now. And even with -- with all this craziness that's swirling around us, we're able to find stability with each other. I'm glad you and your husband are getting along better now. I just want you to be happy. Oh, thank you, Trina. And I am. I am happy. Though, as you know, nikolas and I got off on the wrong foot. We weren't exactly our best selves with each other. How did you get past it? I mean, think about me and my dad. I know he loves me and wanted to protect me, but I-I can't get past all that pain and hurt. All I wanted was to have him back. And now that I do, I'm just so confused. Hmm. You know, no one can hurt you like someone you love. Opening yourself up like that makes you so vulnerable. Takes incredible courage. But you were brave enough to do it. Letting nikolas in was worth it, wasn't it? I'm glad you're both here. I have something to tell you both before you hear about it from somebody else. Something happened? Oh, no, no, no. Not like that. No, I'm fine. Come on, look at me. I'm fine, right? Come on, out with it. Okay, so, there was an article about me in the invader. Ah! That rag sheet. Yep. How'd they get your medical -- we should sue. We should sue. You want to sue? Maybe. I'm not ruling it out. But what I wanted to tell you was that there's been a reaction to the article. A-a reaction? What kind of reaction? Somebody tried to kill me tonight. You've known for months that nelle was my daughter? I-I suspected. Carly first saw avery wearing her "lucky charm" necklace right before thanksgiving. We didn't know anything for sure. You knew the necklace was found in the woods outside a cabin where nelle had been hiding with wiley. You thought that was a coincidence? Even if nelle was the one who lost the necklace, it doesn't mean that she was nina's daughter. Nelle could have found that necklace. Hell, she could have stolen the damn thing. Valentin: Sure. Aliens could be using it as a tracking device. Valentin, please. Carly is right. She couldn't know that necklace belonged to nelle or where she got it. But that's not the reason why you didn't tell me, is it? I believed that nelle

was your daughter, which is precisely why I didn't tell you.


[ Scoffs ] But on whose authority? Now, are you certain? Okay. Alright, thank you. No, I do appreciate it, yes. No good? Dr. Kirk had obrecht transferred to the wsb clinic in geneva months ago. Okay. Alright, well, other than her being completely insane, what's the point of transferring her from a supermax prison to a mental health facility? Well, uh, she obviously got to dr. Kirk. She bribed him, threatened him. Eventually murdered him? Please, I don't want you to do anything drastic, okay? I don't want peter dead. I just want him to pay for framing you. Thank you for caring,

meine tochter. I can assure you, peter August will regret crossing liesl obrecht. Okay, so what's the plan? None of your business. You are to stay out of it. No, I want to help prove your innocence. You can't take the risk. The more cornered peter feels, the more dangerous he'll become. He's like your father. He'll strike down anyone who gets in his way. I cannot bear the thought of losing you like we lost nathan. What the hell? God, is -- is dante okay? Yeah, I think he's gonna be okay. So alexis, w-what's with her? Was she liquored up or something? Mm. Okay, well, she went after you because of the article, right? That means you're in danger. Yeah, well, let's say if it wasn't alexis with -- with a syringe, I mean, it could have been some -- some crackpot, some crazy guy with a knife or a gun. But then again, you know, now that you're ready, you're -- you're on guard. That's it. We can -- we can get a bodyguard for franco. I-I'll ask joss. Sonny knows plenty of them. It'll be fine. Okay, I'm gonna stop you right there, cam. You don't need to worry about that. Ava, she -- she isn't the ice queen that everyone thinks. She'S... it's just -- it's a facade. You know, she wears it to protect herself. Nikolas, I'm your mom, so I have to ask you this. Do you trust Ava? I do. I understand Ava in a way that I never did before. She wants a home, a family. She was given away by her mother. You know, she grew up in foster homes. She didn't -- she didn't have a laura to show her what a family can really be. I want to give her that sense of family now. She deserves it.

You deserve it, nikolas. What'd you do that for? You scared the kid half to death. Well, the kid's right. You got to have a bodyguard. I don't want a bodyguard. Heya, fellas. Hi, Ava. Hi. Can I, uh, have a word with franco, please? Yeah. He was just leaving. Yeah. Right, pops? Okay. Alright. Alright. Alright. You know, but you know what? I am gonna leave the kid a $20. So long. So long. -So long, Ava. -Scott.

[ Sighs ] What's up? Well, I-I read the new article in the invader. Is it true? Is your tumor -- is it changing your personality, your behavior? I don't feel homicidal.

[ Chuckles ] Do you think that I-I-it might have been you that graffitied my portrait? I can't say for sure, but it's the only option that makes sense, so I'm sorry. I don't care about that. I care about you. I worry. And I don't want you going back to that -- that dark place. I'm on the lookout for that, trust me. Okay. Well, if there's ever anything that I can do for you, I hope you know that I'll do it. I'll do anything. Yeah, there's something you can do for me, Ava. You can quit being miserable, get on with your life, and divorce nikolas. Oh, well, the thing is... I don't want the divorce anymore. I realize that you feel betrayed. I did that. And I-I am so sorry for hurting you. But by the time I knew that nelle could be your daughter, she was already gone, and it was too late for you to have a relationship with her. Jax didn't just withhold information. He got you to stop looking for your daughter. He was afraid you'd be successful, that you'd find nelle, you'd find out the truth, you'd exposes his lies. This has nothing to do with you. Look... you told me that -- that you were at peace with knowing that your daughter was living a happy life somewhere, and I thought it would be better for you to -- to keep believing that. But I was wrong. A-and I lied, and I shouldn't have. I did it because I love you. So how is jax different from me? I love you with my heart and soul. All I've ever wanted is for you to be happy. Jax didn't pay someone to pretend to be nina's daughter. He kept quiet because he didn't want nina to know that her daughter turned out to be a psycho. Carly, stop saying that. Nelle wasn't a psycho. She was damaged. If she had someone, anyone who cared about her when she was a child, things would have been different for her. But she didn't have anyone who cared about her or loved her. And I understood that. That's why I had a connection with her. You have to stop this, because none of that is true. Nelle slashed brook lynn's throat. She kidnapped wiley, and she took off. Wiley she was her son, and she loved him. She didn't want to be cut out of his life forever. She wanted her life to be different. But you didn't want to see that. She had a vision board with a house and a picket fence. Yeah, she also had a rap sheet a mile long with some horrific crimes. I'm sorry. You have to see nelle for who she is, a compulsive liar and a manipulator. And she was incapable of love. And you said the same thing yourself when you were on the witness stand at wiley's hearing. That's right. That was me. I was the one that took away my daughter's only hope of being a mother to her child.

[ Sighs ] Finn: No luck? Obrecht's status is classified. No information Available. I couldn't even get the name of her new doctor. Just let's think about this for a second. While I wouldn't put anything past her, what's the benefit to her killing dr. Kirk? I mean, he got her out of steinmauer. He was useful to her. Unless he outlived his usefulness. Yeah. So with kirk gone, how would she take advantage of her newfound freedom in a clinic setting? Make contact with someone on the outside? Who? When she left here, she wasn't on good terms with nina or maxie. God knows she doesn't have any friends. Mnh-mnh. She has a daughter. First, tha t schweintook my nathan from me, and then he took my freedom by framing me for that attack on franco and andre maddox. Then why are you telling me to stay out of it? Peter is too much like my father to be allowed to walk around free. I promise you, peter's days are numbered. Okay, whatever you say. So where'd you find this place?

[ Laughs ] Mother, are you living with a man? Wait, do you have a boyfriend? Don't change the subject. Besides, it's -- it's rude to ask personal questions. Oh. What -- what is he doing here? What's -- what's she doing here?

[ Chuckling ] W-wait! This is scott's apartment? Franco is scott's son. We've joined together against peter. So who else knows you're in town? Just you, scott, and franco. I'm helping treat franco. Oh, that's good.

[ Whispering ] What are you helping his father with? Alright, now, come on. Let's go. Come on. Hey, I have to get back to the hospital anyway. Yes, yes. And listen, do not come back. We don't want anybody following you, especially peter August. Mm-hmm. My lips are sealed. Bye, mother! Okay. Goodbye.

[ Sighs ] Well, who's the dummkopf now? What, are you trying to get us killed? You're not completely opposed to Ava? Believe it or not, Ava I actually get along. You know, I have seen her through some really dark times in her life. Do you believe that Ava can love you unselfishly? I do. Yeah. Yeah, I believe she can. I believe she does. Yeah, I know... I love her. Well, then I'm happy for both of you. Thank you. Your approval means everything. Oh, sweetie. So what's your plan now? Are you going to have another wedding? You just gonna renew the vows? Actually, uh, Ava hasn't exactly said yes to the proposal. You and nikolas are together? Like, together, together? Like... together, together. Oh, that's -- that's -- that's great.

[ Chuckles ] You think you have a chance with him? I don't know. Love has never exactly worked out for me before. Well, it only needs to work once. The thing is, though, I think I may have put a roadblock in our path to bliss. Nikolas, he asked me to marry him, like for real marry him. Okay. And you blew him off? I-I didn't -- I didn't blow him off, exactly. But we were at a gym.

[ Laughing ] Who proposes at a gym? It's not really the best setting.I asked elizabeth to marry me in the art therapy room, 10th floor of general hospital because that was the moment. The moment is the moment. You look at that person and you know that you love them from the bottom of your soul, like the clear chime of a bell. And I looked at elizabeth and I knew that I loved her with all my heart and wanted to spend every minute of the rest of my life with her. But that's elizabeth. I mean, we're talking about nikolas.

[ Laughs ] So how do I know that he's serious? Ava, maybe you're just overthinking this. I mean, maybe you love nikolas. Maybe he loves you. No matter what, what are you waiting for, man? Stop getting in your own way. Be happy. Life is short. If I didn't testify, nelle wouldn't have been at that cabin with wiley. Your testimony wasn't the only reason nelle lost custody. There was plenty of evidence to prove that she was unfit. Carly's right. There's nothing you could have done to save her, even if you'd known that nelle was your daughter. No, we don't know that. What do you mean? Michael said it himself. He never once saw her wear that necklace the whole time they were together. I didn't wear my necklace for years, so that doesn't mean anything. Nina, nelle was a manipulator. It's possible that she got ahold of that necklace. When she heard your story, she was planning on pretending she was your daughter. Well, there has to be a way to prove that she's my daughter one way or the other. I have her things. I have her things! How do you have her things? Because I gave her a burial, carly, and I had to claim her effects, and they gave me her things. It's in a storage closet downstairs at crimson. No, jax. I can't deal with you right now. Come on. I can't let her go through this alone. Oh, she's not alone. Oh, this is between jax and nina. You know what? You're right. I don't have to watch jax hang himself with nina. I already know the outcome. That relationship is over.

U think you can angleyour way back into nina's life, recapture her like a hostile takeover. Doesn't work that way in relationships, valentin. Relationships -- same as business or politics. It's all about timing. I love her, and she will always love me. She loves jax. And when she calms down, she's gonna learn the truth. That jax did what he did out of love. Jax lied, just like I did, except he used a charming accent. Why would she forgive him? Because he's a good man. And we both know that's something you'll never be. Uhh.

[ Knock on door ] Go away, jax. I won't say anything. Good, because there's nothing more for you to say. I just don't want you doing this alone. Getting answers? Hopefully there's something in this box that'll tell me if nelle is my daughter or not.

[ Sighs ] Are you hungry? There's schnitzel in the fridge. I can heat some up for you. No! No! No! No schnitzel! What are you doing here? You're supposed to be just hiding out and not holding family reunions. I was afraid britta might still trust peter. I wanted to warn her, but my smart daughter uncovered peter's true nature on her own. Does she know that you've been exonerated by the wsb? Of course, but she won't tell anyone. I told her the wsb kept my release quiet to prevent scrutiny and embarrassment for imprisoning an innocent woman. Aah, there's nothing innocent about you. We barely got out of geneva without them finding out that we killed dr. Kirk. Mm, you killed kirk, not me. No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no. No, I-I was protecting you, and he was coming at me, and that's what happened. And you know what? I-I'm still having nightmares. Seeing him with that switchblade sticking out of him. Yes. Yes, you were -- you were protecting me. Uh, that's why I had to protect you and move the body and make it look like a mugging gone wrong. Yeah, that's why we're, you know, palsy-walsys now. Still, one can never be too cautious. The wsb might be less gullible than the swiss police. Do you think the wsb is after me? You just focus on peter. I'll make some calls to ensure that what happened in geneva stays in geneva.

[ Exhales sharply ] Dr. Finn. You paged me? What's going on? Yeah, I, uh -- I need you to sign off on my request for overtime for my lab assistant. You paged me to sign a form? Mm. Yeah, well, I mean, they're your rules. They're -- they're not mine. I rushed back here for this. Sorry, I didn't realize you were out of the hospital. Your assistant said you were working. Then why did you interrupt? I was being, you know, compliant. I think the question you really want to ask yourself is, you know, how long are you going to punish me for my part in forcing you to lure your mother back to Port Charles? Well, you did force me to betray my own mother. I know, I know. It was awful. I mean, really, truly awful. I mean, of course, it was all in the name of justice. The charges were dropped, remember? Yeah. Yeah. She skated on that. Of course, then she did try to kill andre and franco. Now she's facing some real justice. Well, except she didn't do it. I can't believe ms. Davis would do something so extreme. That's seriously messed up. Yeah, well, apparently she has problems. Mm. I'm just worried a lot of other people are gonna be seeking his vengeance against franco. He hurt a lot of people while that tumor made him psycho. And terrified everyone else. It's really too bad, cam. He's nothing like that now. Yeah, well, that's not what the invader article says. It's like they want people to be afraid of him. What's going on here, nikolas? Is Ava playing games with you again? No games. Then why wouldn't your wife accept your proposal? I don't think she took it seriously. I-I kind of sprung it on her while we were at the gym. I don't even have a ring. Well, there is something to be said for spontaneity. Well, actually, if I'm going to be completely honest, kevin did exactly the same thing, and I wanted something a little more special. And then he kept tricking me and teasing me. And I finally gave up. And then he proposed.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I'm ready this time. I found the perfect ring. It's a cassadine heirloom. Now I just -- I got to find the perfect time.

[ Hurried footsteps ] Nikolas, I'm so glad you're still here. Yes. Yes. What? You asked me a question before and I wasn't ready to answer it, but I'm ready to answer it now. Yes. No. That's not how we're doing this.

 From what I understand, your mother hired an assassin to try to kill franco and maddox during a delicate medical operation. Well, evidence can be manipulated. Ah, manipulated evidence. Is that what obrecht's saying? I wouldn't know. I-I haven't talked to her. Well, I mean something must have changed your mind. I mean, did she reach out to you or...? Why are you so interested? Because I just hate me some red tape. Well, I haven't been in contact with my mother. I don't even know where she is. Here. Your overtime is approved. Can you all go back to work now, please? Thank you. Always a pleasure. Hmm. Uh-oh, you two look serious. What's going on? Cam told me what happened, and I'm so glad you're okay. I hope you get a bodyguard. Joss has one, and they're not too bad, really. You forget they're there, and they're way cheaper than rideshares. I'm so glad that that's working out for you and joss, but like I told cam, that's a hard no. Today was an isolated incident. It's never going to happen again. How could you possibly say that?

[ Scoffs ] Did you change your mind? No. No, I just, I want to do it right. What do you mean? Don't mind me. Ava... we just shouldn't work, but -- but we do, you know, it's -- it's probably not the best place to start a proposal, but -- but, you know, it's the truth, you know? And -- and -- and we both know the value of the truth, even -- even if we haven't always shown it. I mean, we don't -- we don't show a lot of things about ourselves. You know, we -- we guard who we are so fiercely because we've had to be protective. But I see you, Ava. And I think you see me, too. And I love everything about you. I love your -- your passion, your intelligence, your strength, your style. I want to spend my life with you. That's my truth. And I'll be the happiest man in the world... if you'll be my wife. Jax lied to nina about her daughter. That cuts to the core. You know, our love was 10 times what she feels for jax, and she still forced herself to walk away from me. "Forced"? Nina ripped you to shreds at your failed wedding and then left you in her dust. You know, we spend our life thinking that we need a ton of possessions, but... this is nelle's life. Just reduced to a little box of things.

[ Gasps ] What is it?

[ Voice breaking ] They're just photos.

[ Crying, sniffles ] I never saw it before... the resemblance.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Gasps ]

Hey, cam, if your shift's over, I can give you a ride home, unless you have a plan? No, I'll -- I'll come home. Okay. Trina, you need a ride? Oh, no, thanks. I'm meeting my mom here for dinner. Gotcha. We can talk more at home, but you guys don't need to worry about me. Cool. I'll meet you outside. Right.

[ Laughing ] Okay. I'll warm up the car. Good night, Trina. Good night. I know that look. What are you planning?

[ Door opens, closes ] I don't know. Something. No matter what, I'm going to keep my family safe. Oh, my god. Oh, wait a minute. I knew it. I'm on the wsb most-wanted list now, huh? This has nothing to do with kirk's demise. As far as the world is concerned, he was a victim of urban violence. And, yes, these things happen in switzerland. Well, why are you acting so strange? Kirk's files, including mine, had been requested and sent to kevin collins. Kevin? Why would he want kirk's files?

[ Chuckles ] Kevin is just the puppet. Anna is pulling the strings. Yeah, well, and he's a big dumb puppet. W-what does that mean? Time is running out. Anna... she's on my trail. Oh, so good, agent Finn. You got so much information out of britt. She would never have opened up to me like that. I'd do it again. Okay. Mm-hmm. So, she was touting her mother's innocence... mm-hmm. ...Which means that she's been in contact with her. Maybe she has phone privileges. Maybe obrecht isn't at the clinic anymore. Maybe "classified" is code word for "released." Ava jerome cassadine, will you marry me? Again? For real? Yes! Yes, yes, I will marry you.

[ Chuckles, sniffles ]

[ Breathes deeply ]

[ Sighs ] You know what I don't understand, carly, is why you're not thrilled that jax is back on the open market. He was always your fallback, right? And now that Sonny's dead, your bed must be getting cold. Maybe jax can warm it up for you. Get the hell out of my restaurant. Now! She had the half-heart necklace when she was a little girl.

[ Voice breaking ] See? She didn't steal it from anyone. It was hers. It's true.

[ Crying ] Nelle was my -- my daughter.

[ Sniffles ] No, please, jax, can you just go? I'm sorry. I just -- I don't want to leave you. Well, it's my decision, so you need to respect that. So just go! I'm not gonna give up. Okay?

[ Crying softly ]

[ Sniffles ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Crying ] My... my poor baby girl. You were right here. And I never knew.

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