GH Transcript Friday 1/29/21

General Hospital Transcript Friday 1/29/21


Episode #14632 ~ Nina's curiosity is piqued. Olivia's confusion mounts. Liz takes Jason to task. Alexis begins to comprehend the error of her ways. Monica grows tired of a house guest.

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Switch up the routine put an officer out in the corridor. Will do, chief. Why are we in jordan's office? I asked her if we could use it to avoid the interrogation room. It's obvious you're drunk. It's already noted in the arrest report. There's no reason that the, uh, whole squad room had to witness.

[ Sighs ] It was an accident, mac. You stabbed a man with a syringe filled with lidocaine, alexis. Dante may not survive. Oh, come on, luke. You're going to make me say it?

[ Sighs ] You were right. I shouldn't have meddled. I-I can't come home yet. I have to make things right with ned.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, I'll let you know how that goes. I love you. Hi, ned. How are you?

[ Door closes ] I want to speak with my wife. Is she here?

[ Elevator bell dings ] What the hell is going on here? I get a call from ashford's office that dante's been stabbed with a loaded syringe. What -- what -- where's dante? Oh, my god. Please tell me that's not my son. Olivia, all I know is dante is in the trauma room. Elizabeth, what's going on? Where's my son? Please tell me he's alive. Mike hasn't slept or eaten in days. As you can see, he can't stop moving. He has an enormous amount of confidence in himself to do just about anything. I feel great right now. So, I mean, you know what? I fe-- I wish everybody could feel as great as I do. And who are you to say that I'm not normal? Who are you to say that you are? Did dante know alexis was aiming for you? I have no idea what dante did or did not know.

[ Sighs ] But why save you?

[ Heart beating ]

[ Beating continues ]

Well, if dante was a cop, it's possible he reacted without thinking, but if he knew what he was doing, why would he risk himself to save you? You're right. Makes zero sense.

[ Monitor beeping rapidly ] Okay. I got a call from the hospital. They said -- they said that dante was hurt. They -- what's going on, honey? What happened? He suffered a setback. A setback from what?! Dr. Robinson is going -- she's doing everything she can to save him. Save him? You telling me that he could die? I got to be with him. Olivia, let the doctors do their job. Hmm?

[ Alarm blaring ] Why did the alarm go off? What's going on? Why won't anyone tell me what's going on in there?! Okay, checking.

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Alarm continues ]

[ Shudders ] Actually, olivia is not in the habit of informing me of her comings and goings. I assume things are still pretty tense around here? You know, if you'd stayed, we could have sat down and talked about it. And if olivia asked for the separation, how come she wasn't the one that left? Why you? I'm the one who cheated on her. I'll go see if she's upstairs with leo. She went out. I heard her leave just before you got here. Did you tell her you were coming and she decided to make a quick getaway? No, no, no. I doubt that. When I left, I told her that I would wait for her to make the next move in our marriage. Oh. Did she reach out? Not yet. Ned, don't chase her. It gives her all the power.

[ Door opens ]

[ Breathes sharply ] Oh, hi. Oh, boy, is it good to be home.

[ Door closes ] How was the, uh, cardiology conference? It was actually great. I cannot believe the strides they've made in heart surgery. How come you went? I thought you were retired. No, not retired. Unemployed because the hospital let me go, but still a doctor. And a damn good one. Well, thank you, ned. So, what have I missed since I've been gone? Huh. Chaos. Heartbreak. All thanks to mother. I never meant to hurt dante. Never. I -- it was franco. I read in the invader that his tumor came back, and the last time he had a tumor, he tried to kill my daughter. I haven't forgotten franco's history with sam. Was he threatening her today? Yes! He was shouting to himself. He was out of control. He was talking to himself. He was shouting at her, and then he -- he grabbed her. So, how -- how did he grab her? He grabbed her by the arms, and he was shaking her. Were they struggling? Yes! They -- yes! I don't know specific -- I -- I'm confused. Alexis, did you know what was in the syringe when you attempted to stab franco? No, no, no. So you grabbed a syringe with an unknown drug in hopes of killing franco baldwin, but instead, you plunged the needle into dante falconeri instead. I didn't mean to hurt dante. I didn't, mac. But you did. In fact, you may have killed him, alexis.

[ Sighs ] I'm perfectly fine. There's nothing wrong with my head. Maybe you two should get your heads checked. Mike, if you tell me you're fine, then I accept that. My job is to see how I can get phyllis to stop worrying about you. Okay, yeah, I lost -- I lost my memory. Mm-hmm. All I know is I'm -- I'm a guy with a lot of energy who likes to fix things. I'm a hard worker. And phyllis should be grateful for that instead of thinking I'm crazy. Mike, I don't think you're crazy. When you first came to the clinic, Mike, bloodwork was taken, back when you were known as "john doe." Let me take a look. Maybe we'll find something that might explain why you're such a hard worker. All you're going to discover is that I am healthy as a horse. I could win the triple crown right now if somebody just had faith in me. It fits. It -- it fits. The half-heart necklace that avery found belonged to my daughter. It's a piece of her that's been missing all this time! Okay, are you sure it's the right necklace? Yes! Carly, I am sure. Look at the clasp. It's unique. It's custom-made. And they match. Do you see this? Michael, michael, where's avery? What happened to her? Uh, sasha's taking her home to wyndemere. She asked me to come back to check on her "lucky necklace." Well, I have it right here, and it seems to be a match for mine. So, she said she found this in the woods by a cabin? What cabin? Where is it located? Why don't we get ahold of Ava? She might be able to help. There's no need to ask Ava because, uh, avery told me everything.

 I don't know why dante would intervene. You know, a couple hours ago, I confronted peter August in his office because his paper printed an article about my tumor returning. Things got a little heated. And guess who came to peter's aid? Dante. Yeah. So, you're right. Him saving my life makes less sense to me than it probably does to you. Do you know how dante is doing? The hospital doesn't know yet. But if dante doesn't make it, the charges against you could quickly go from attempted murder to murder.

[ Tapping on desk ] It was an accident! It was an accident! Franco was -- was -- I thought he was going to hurt her! And dante, he just -- he just came out of nowhere. I-I didn't see him. I didn't mean to hurt him. I-I didn'T. It was an accident. It just happened fast and... alexis, there is no justification for your actions.

[ Breathing heavily ] Olivia, they were able to resuscitate dante. His heart rate is returning to normal. The antidote is starting to work. So he's going to be okay. He's still critical, but they're stabilizing him. Okay. When can I see him? Um, not yet. Give him a minute to recover. Thank you. Can somebody tell me what happened? Yes -- my son almost died in there! I-I-I will. Dante was a-attacked accidentally and injected with lidocaine. He collapsed, seized. I'm assuming his heart stopped and that's why the alarm went off. How did this happen? What, did some -- did some psycho escape from the mental ward? Who did this? That psycho was my mother. You framed alexis for drunk driving, tracy? You know better than that. Alcoholism is a disease. You took advantage of an illness. You can get down off your high horse any time. I vividly remember how hard you worked to protect A.J. Oh, no. This has nothing to do with A.J. This is all about you, tracy. Why? Why would you do something so incredibly damaging to that woman? Why else? For ned. For my son. Michael, is avery upset about the adults fighting over the necklace? Uh, sasha and i managed to calm her down. Avery's just worried you're not going to give the necklace back to her. What did avery say about the necklace? This is none of your business. Why are you even here still? Because I'm the man who convinced nina sasha was her daughter. And if she's going to discover who her real daughter is, I want to be a part of it. Okay, okay, michael, what exactly did avery say about the necklace? She only told me that she found it in the woods near a cabin? Yeah, yeah, t-that's right. She found it in a clearing near our family cabin. Ahoy! Gotcha! Nooooo noooooo quick, the quicker picker upper! Bounty picks up messes quicker

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 isarrested benefit ned? Mother was trying to save my marriage, something I never asked her to do. Okay. Then how would getting alexis arrested for drunk driving save your marriage? Well, I assume mother thought that alexis would go to jail or rehab. Six weeks away getting sober would take her off the grid, reducing the chances of alexis telling olivia about our unfortunate one-night stand. I had every reason to believe that alexis would choose treatment. It would be a win-win for alexis and ned.

[ Chuckles ] Don't waste your breath trying to be the good guy here, tracy, 'cause nobody here is believing it. And I don't think the police are going to believe it, either. Is the -- is the hospital keeping you updated on dante's condition? They'll notify us if he lives or dies. What have I done? What have I done? What have I done? You got to help me, mac. Oh! I was just trying to protect sam, that's all. I just realized it's your birthday today.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Happy birthday to me. Think about it, alexis. You're spending your birthday in police custody, and your cellphone has been impounded, so no one can call you. Nobody wants to call me, mac. Everybody hates me. My daughters hate me. Sam had me arrested. My daughters hate me be--

[Breathes deeply] Because I'm drinking again. Well, alexis, if your daughters are angry about your drinking, how do you think they're going to react when you're charged with killing dante? So now that peter August is announcing to the world that the menace of Port Charles is returning, you might have missed your chance, jason, because alexis just tried to kill me. I'm sure there's a long list of people waiting to take their revenge. Looks like you're off the hook. What's going on here? Are you taking advantage of open season on my husband? Not yet. How's dante? He's still critical. Dr. Robinson is optimistic. I'd really like to say thanks. When do you think I'd be able to do that? When he's more stable. You must be so disappointed that dante stopped alexis from killing franco. My mom was drunk, and she grabbed a loaded syringe and lunged at franco. From what jordan tells me, um, alexis struck dante instead. What -- what was dante even doing here? I-I don't know. But dante tried to stop my mom, and he got injected instead. Why? Why would dante risk his life for a man who once strapped lulu to a bomb? Well, let's not forget what franco did to sam. Yeah. Thank you. And, no, I will never forget that. I have no idea why dante took the hit, but...he did. And I'm so sorry for what my mom did to him. This is not your fault. You are not responsible for your mother's bad behavior any more than I am responsible for dante's heroics.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Door closes ] Dr. Robinson, how is my son? Dante has stabilized. When can I see him? I'm sorry. No visitors just yet. We're still monitoring him very closely, okay? Okay. Hey, olivia, that's really, really good news. He's going to be okay. Okay. I'm going to the chapel. God and I need to have a conversation.

[ Scoffs ] What the hell's taking so long? I-I -- we're wasting time. I should be reorganizing your storeroom, trying to convince you that I'm not a maniac. 'Cause you think I'm a maniac, right? We've been through this, Mike. Well... in no way did i call you a maniac. I said you may be suffering from mania. Sounds the same to me, phyllis. Mania is a condition that manifests itself in huge mood swings. Prolonged mania can lead to depression. I'm not depr-- I'm not depressed. I'm feeling great. Now. But what happens if it changes?

[ Sighs ] You could become seriously depressed, your suffering could be unimaginable, and I don't want to see that happen to you. Why do you care? Why do you care for a complete stranger? So Ava and avery stayed at the corinthos family cabin? Uh, yeah, during my grandfather's last few days, Ava offered to have avery with her. My dad agreed, but he didn't want avery at wyndemere, so he suggested the cabin. So, uh, yeah, Ava took avery there for the night. I mean, mom, you remember this. Yeah, yeah. Um, avery was very close to Mike. She adored him. And Sonny didn't want her around all the sadness. Sonny didn't want avery to see Mike so sick. Okay, so could the necklace belong to anyone else who stayed at that cabin? Uh, the last time that cabin was used before Ava and avery was when nelle kidnapped wiley.

[ Sighs ] Maybe we don't do this here. Oh, why not? It's no secret that jason and alexis and countless others want to see you dead. The news article only broke this morning, and already my social media accounts are filled with threats against you.

[ Chuckling ] Yeah, but some of those threats are super creative. There was -- this isn't funny, franco. I have complete strangers telling me to pick up my boys and -- and to leave. And the crazy thing is, is that you're saner than most of those people making those posts on social media and definitely more rational than alexis, all the more reason why you should have told me what franco wanted you to do. It's okay because -- you must be so happy. Now you don't have to kill franco like he asked. You could just sit back and watch somebody else do it. Okay, so... wait a minute. You said that you had made plans in case you turned back into the serial killer that you were? You were going to have jason kill you?

[ Sniffles ] Hail mary, full of grace, the lord is with thee. Blessed are thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, jesus. Holy mary, mother of god, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen. Hail mary, full of grace...

[Breathes sharply] The lord is with thee. Blessed are thou among women

[Sniffles] And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, jesus. Holy mary, mother of god, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ] That helping? God, I hope so.

[ Inhales deeply ] Generations of falconeris have, uh, prayed the rosary in times of trouble, and we've had our share of blessings.

[ Voice breaking ] My son needs one right now. I swear to you, robert, there are not enough curses in this world for the woman who did this. Yeah, well... alexis is coming from a pretty bad place. Yeah, I would say that between what happened with her and ned, walking around drunk through town, and now attacking my son, I say there's a strong argument she is in a downward spiral.

[ Sniffles ] You know, I don't know how familiar you are with my family's thanksgiving gatherings, but, uh, they can be eventful.

[ Clears throat ] I don't know what I stumbled into between you and alexis. But you see, olivia, that's -- she's my friend. You hurt her, and I swear to you, you'll still be in a wheelchair at christmas. What did ned and alexis do to you?

[ Sighs ] Let's just say, um, I don't want to see either one of them any time soon. Olivia. I came as soon as robert called. Where's ned? He got a call, and he took off. From olivia? He didn't say, but I got the feeling that he would have welcomed any excuse to leave. Leave me, you mean. Well, can you blame him? Tracy, you royally screwed up this time, and I think it's going to be quite a while before ned feels anything, like, warm or fuzzy toward you. I sure messed up, didn't I? Well, that's one way of putting it. And I really think the only way you could make it right is to leave. Now.

[ Chuckles ] Y-you're kicking me out? If I have to, yeah. It's for your own good, tracy.

[ Exhales sharply ] Okay, uh...

[ Inhales, clears throat ] I need a lawyer. Um, I'll call di-- I can't call diane 'cause she -- she's out of town. Is there another lawyer you can call? Martin -- martin grey. He's good, right? I don't know. But isn't it ironic? If you had only taken the plea deal for the dwi... I didn't do it! I didn't take the plea because I didn't do it. I didn't get behind the wheel of a car when I was drunk. Alexis, I would never want you to plead guilty for a crime you didn't commit. But if you had, you'd be in rehab right now, not standing here, waiting to be charged with attempted murder. A long time ago, I made a mistake. I didn't perform my due diligence with an employer. I thought I was doing the right thing, but I didn't ask enough questions. So I ended up doing something absolutely wrong. And, to this day, it haunts me. What did you do? I was able to access your bloodwork. Uh, your original doctor only tested for illegal drugs. Your blood was never tested for prescribed medications. Yeah, that's because it wasn't necessary. Actually, I retested your blood. I found a trace of lithium. Whatever that is, so what? You were most likely being treated for a psychological condition. Lithium is most commonly prescribed for bipolar disorder. Nelle? Nelle was at the cabin? Uh, yeah, I tracked her there after she kidnapped wiley. I went to check on my son, and she just -- she ran off. Into the woods? Probably. I mean, there's woods all around the cabin. Michael, did you ever see nelle wear this necklace? Uh, not that I remember, no. Well, maybe it was, uh, in her things -- I don't know -- in a jewelry box. I-I honestly -- I don't recall seeing anything resembling that necklace. There are tons of hiking trails in the area. That necklace could belong to anyone. Nina, you told me about a nurse, the woman who took your baby to the adoptive parents. You said they went to florida. Nelle was from florida.

 You could be celebrating your birthday tonight. Instead, you'll be in a holding cell downstairs, awaiting arraignment. All I wanted to do was protect her. Alexis, I've known you a long time, both before and after julian jerome drove you to drink. Don't bring julian --

[ Breathes sharply ] Please, I can't take that. Alexis, your -- your life fell apart because of jerome. You dove headfirst into alcoholism. And it was heartbreaking to witness.

[ Sniffles ] Look, you fought your way back. You fought your way back. You've regained your sobriety and your self-respect. And now -- now you're throwing them both away again.

[ Crying ] I have to ask you... alexis, is this really the life you want for yourself?

[ Sobbing ] Okay, this all makes sense now -- franco showing up at the house looking for you, saying that he had a plan... to never hurt anyone again. Well, franco's making a lot of assumptions. I never agreed to kill him. Of course you wouldn't, jason, because you're not going to incriminate yourself. But franco and elizabeth, they think there's a plan in place. You want to evict me? How is that for my own good? Because you're going to be arrested, tracy. I'm surprised you haven't already. Pick someplace warm where there's no extradition treaty. I'm not running away. I'm going to hire diane miller to represent me. She's -- she's gotten Sonny exonerated god knows how many times. She can do the same thing for me. Tracy, you happen to be guilty. And even if diane miller can have you exonerated, that legal battle that's going to go on is going to just deepen ned's anger and his hurt. How do I repair the damage if I'm in brunei? Well, maybe by you not being here, you being away where... they're not reminded of what you did to alexis, ned and olivia can -- can repair their marriage, they can heal, maybe even forgive you. But do yourself and everybody a favor, tracy. I'm s-- I'm sorry. I really thought you'd want your husband here with you. Sweetheart, I love you. Don't shut me out.

[ Sniffles ] Not now. I do not want you here.

[ Sighs ] Olivia. Please, just go. I think you should leave, ned.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] I'll make sure he's not out there in the hall. Thank you.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Exhales sharply, sniffles ] Forgiveness, right?

[ Breathes deeply ] I know, but I can'T. Not now, not for ned. I got to focus on dante right now.

[ Cries ] You just brought him back to me, lord, and I love him so much.

[ Sobbing ] You're right, you know. About what? There are a lot of angry people in this world who would love to see me six feet under, and they're going to be a lot angrier when they figure out that dante risked his life to try and save mine. Bipolar disorder? Does that mean I'm crazy? No, you're not crazy, Mike. At some point, your doctor diagnosed you and prescribed lithium to help minimize your mood swings. Mood swings, phyllis, just like you said. Now, I can't be entirely certain that you have bipolar disorder. Right. I'd have to see your medical records. Although the lithium in your bloodwork does indicate that's the diagnosis. Will you put Mike back on lithium? I've already asked the pharmacy to prepare a small dose. Come back to the clinic for checkups, see how you handle the medication. And you have one of our best nurses looking after you. Phyllis will make sure you're okay. How's that sound? Like a con job. I'm not doing it. Phyllis did take my baby to florida. And nelle is the right age to be my daughter. Jax, what do you think?

[ Cellphone chimes ] Uh, I'm sorry. I got to go. Is everything okay? It's sam. She texted. She needs to see me. Um, I'll talk to you later, okay? Okay.

[ Sighs ] Hey, look, if -- if nelle really was your daughter, I'm really sorry about everything that happened.

[ Footsteps departing ] Was it nelle? Nelle? Could she really possibly be my daughter this whole time? Yes.

 Jax, why do you think nelle is my daughter? Because of me. Last night, I discovered that nelle might be your daughter, and as soon as I found out, I went straight to jax. When you came over with bobbie and I stayed with bobbie and you talked to jax out on the patio... yeah, that's right. Jax and i were trying to figure out a way to tell you that would cause you the least amount of pain. Carly, stop. Dante received the antidote just in time. We will continue to monitor your son, but the prognosis looks very good. Thank you. Thank you.

[ Sniffling ] Thank you so much. Of course. Hey, olivia, I-I only just heard. Otherwise, I'd have been here sooner. Oh, it's okay. Honey, you're here now. That's what's important.

[ Sniffles ] I had a little talk with god earlier, and, uh... he kept his promises. Now I got to say thank you to him. [ Sniffles ] Well, tell him thank you for me, too. Look, if anything changes, I'll come get you, okay? Thanks, honey. The possibility of losing dante now, I... I just can't even think about it. After everything we've already lost... I know, olivia. I know.

[ Crying ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sniffles ]

[ Breathes deeply ]

[ Sighs ] Okay, now, I don't know what's going on between you and your wife, but she doesn't want you around, and I think that you should respect that. Stay out of this, scorpio, okay? It's none of your business. I guess that means no. Hmm. I mean, even though your presence upsets her, y-- wow. This is a new benchmark in selfishness. Olivia, as you stated, is my wife. And I will wait as long as it takes for her to realize that I love her and that i am all the support she needs. Do you understand that? Thank you, god. Thank you for saving my son. There's so much more I want to say.

[ Sniffles ] But not to you. To someone else. And it 's not going to be nice,and it's not going to be pretty, but I've been holding on to it for so long, I just got to get it off my shoulders. Lord, I hope you understand.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sniffling ] That drunken slut.

[ Breathes sharply ] As if sleeping with my husband wasn't bad enough, now you nearly kill my son? I swear to you, alexis davis, you murderous bitch, I will make you pay. Mac: Your arrest warrant just came in. We're sending a patrol unit to pick up tracy quartermaine for falsely accusing you of driving while drunk. Any word on dante? And the hospital called. Dante's going to make it.

[ Sighing ] Oh, thank god.

[ Exhales deeply ] You should be glad dante's going to make it, alexis. You won't have his death on your hands. But you're still going to be charged with aggrAvated felony assault and attempted murder. Ah. Can I help you, officer? I have a warrant for the arrest of tracy angelica quartermaine. Well, you are welcome to search the premises, but she is not here. She left the country. I love you. I do. Sometimes I wish that you would just love me back just a little bit less and just do what everybody says you should do and turn your back on me and split. Well, too bad, 'cause I'm not going anywhere. Franco was about to tell me the specifics of his "arrangements" right before my mom tried to kill him. And then dante saved his life. Yeah, which I have no idea why he would do that. Now dante almost lost his life. My mom is totally responsible for this. And I'm the one who turned her in. Mike? What? Have I ever conned you before? These pills will help you. What if they bring me down? What if they make me tired and I'm not able to do what I'm supposed to do? I got to keep working. I got to keep working. If it works...

[ Sighs ] ...The medication will even out the mood swings. But if I see a change I don't like, I'll bring you back here.

[ Sighs ] You've been nothing but kind to me, phyllis, but, uh, you know, you're still a stranger to me.

[ Chuckles ] Of all the things you've said and done, Mike...

[ Scoffs ] ...I can't think of anything more hurtful. I'm sorry.

[ Sighs ] Ahh. I can't lie to you anymore. What carly just told you, it's -- it's not how it happened. And you need to know the entire truth about nelle.

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