GH Transcript Wednesday 1/27/21

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 1/27/21


Episode #14630 ~ Willow offers Sasha her support. Peter publishes a disconcerting article. Liz has a heart to heart with an old friend. Jax and Nina resist Valentin's bait. Nikolas is contemplative.

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just say whatever because there is no way around it it's nice. Looks like I'm not the only one. What i do mind is my subject's absence. I hope sasha doesn't flake on me. She's not gonna flake. You sound confident. I am. After you. Well, thanks. You're such a gentleman. Well, I try. Hey! Sasha. Hi! Um, sorry to just drop by like this, but I wanted you to know so that you're not caught off guard. I'm going on tv today. Wow. Yeah. Jackie templeton is interviewing me live for "gma3." Mm-hmm. What's the topic? My drug use and what led to it.

[ Banging on door ] Mom! That's A...warm welcome. Thank you. Late night? Celebrating. Really? What's the occasion? Vindication. I'm not the drunk driver that tracy would have the world believe. I don't suppose you would care to toast with me. Hey. Uh, do you have a minute? We need to, uh -- we need to make a decision. Oh. Okay. Uh, can we do it here? They're shooting a tv show in my restaurant and I kind of need to be here. Yeah, it's, uh -- it's not incriminating. It's just, uh -- it's just difficult. Okay. Yeah. We're, uh -- we're getting a lot of pressure from the five families. And somebody already tried to make a move, and we need to strengthen our position and make it clear that I am in charge. How do we do that? We, uh -- we have Sonny... legally declared dead. And then we have a funeral.

[ Groans, chuckles ] Are you ready for your appointment? Yeah? Okay, now don't forget, dr. Purvis wants to hear about all the vegetables that you like to eat. So do you have your list? And make sure broccoli's on it. That's always a crowd pleaser. And lima beans. Ew! I hate lima beans!

[ Laughs ] I'm kidding. So, uh, we'll see you after her checkup? I'll be here. Okay. Ready? Come on.

[ Elevator bell dings ] You three almost look like a real family. It helps having people to emulate. You think maybe next time we could meet somewhere indoors? You know, where there's heat? I don't really like the idea of factoring in the wind chill when it comes time for the turn-your-head-and-cough. No exams today, franco. Really? What are we doing out here? Did you finally figure out a way to fix me? Britt: Stretch! Ooh, god, that feels good.

[ Sighs ] Oh, no. No, no. Are you done? Yes.

[ Laughs ] Well, that was fun! Was it, though? What, I'm not a good prenatal yoga partner? You're a little... high-energy. I mean, yoga is supposed to be slow, smooth. Boring. Okay, in any case, thank you for stepping in for peter. He worked late, huh? Yeah. Apparently, some really big story came in late. Oh, sounds juicy. Let's hope, for peter's sake. Go ahead. Pull the trigger. You wanted to see me? The invader is about to go live with a big story. I wanted to make sure you were aware. Why, am I featured? You're the head of security. The story in question, it could pose a risk to the paper, to its staff... and me.

Franco and i are hardly perfect. You withstood what Ava and i threw at you -- which was a lot -- and you came out stronger. It's easier to come together when you know the enemy. When it's right in front of you and you can see it. It's the invisible ones that are hard. Elizabeth, what's wrong? Science cannot be rushed. I need more time. Time is the one thing I don't have. I'm doing all I can, franco. Terry thinks it might be time for me to consider radiation. Radiation is no guarantee. Okay, but it's something. It's not nothing. I can't sit around and watch time tick while I have this tumor. It's just driving me crazy. I'd caution patience. Do I strike you as a patient guy?

[ Sighs ] If we can't isolate what brought those foreign peter memories to the surface, those memories could be lost forever. So what? Really, if I'm alive, who cares what these memories mean? I do. Does peter put in a lot of long days? Uh, we both do. But when he's home, I get my feet rubbed every night. Lucky girl. I am.

[ Sighs ] You know, when I buried nathan, I thought I buried my heart with him. But peter showed me that wasn't true. He showed me there was this big, beautiful life ahead of me. And he was right. I'm really happy for you, maxie. Peter sounds really great. He's your brother. Don't you think he's great, too? Dante: Is this real? I wouldn't have published it otherwise. You see what I mean, though. This kind of article carries with it all sorts of implications. Especially given the subject matter. And the subject. We haven't asked much of you so far, dante, but you're about to earn your salary. I will, uh, speak to the staff. Aha? I am once again a member of the motorized society. Crossing guards of Port Charles, beware. I guess you think this is funny, huh? All I got left is my sense of humor. Mom. Sam. Tracy being exposed for framing you does not give you license to keep on going and living the way you're living. "License." See? You're funny. That's funny. You need a sense of humor to live with jason all that time. Jason and i are not together anymore. That's a very good first step. A very good second step would be for you to pay attention to your family and your career and take that critical eye of yours inward and take it off of me, right? Yeah. Uh, yeah. I'll just, uh, make a phone call. Yeah. Come on. So, sasha. This is super fast. A reporter came sniffing around yesterday. Uh-huh, just like maxie predicted. Word's getting out to our vendors. Okay, so this is damage control? Chase introduced us to his mother, and she agreed to do the interview. Used her contacts to get it on "gma3." "Gma3." You're really getting your story out there. That's the plan. Uh, nina's busy. Then I'll wait. You surprised to see me? Why would I be surprised to see you, jax? In case you thought that your maneuver to drive a wedge between us actually worked. I'd be a fool to try to drive a wedge between you two, considering what a spectacular job you're doing yourself. Diane explained everything... mm-hmm. ...How having Sonny declared dead makes sense from a legal standpoint, but I don't understand why we have to have a funeral so soon. It will stabilize things. How? It will send a clear message to the five families and any other potential rivals that there is no weakness to exploit, that we're not just waiting around for Sonny, that he's gone and that I'm in charge. A stable transition. Exactly right, yes. What about the kids? I mean, avery and donna, they're too young to understand, but michael and kristina and dante? Hell, even josslyn. It just seems so disrespectful to have a funeral so soon. We don't even have a body. It's only been a couple months. Carly, I hate the idea of a funeral. Okay? I hate it. Of asking you and everybody else who loved Sonny to go through a ritual to say -- to say that he's gone. Honestly, it would be a relief for me right now if you say no, that you won't do it. Will it keep all of us safe if we have a funeral? Yes or no? Yes. Then that's what we're gonna do. I'm gonna call father reyes and I'm gonna make all the arrangements, okay?

[ Sighs ] I'm sorry. I'd be even sorrier if you didn't tell me. Uh, I don't say anything to michael. I'll tell him in private. Okay? Yeah. Michael: Hey. Hey. What are you doing here? Uh, well, someone had to oversee this tv show. So, uh, olivia can't come in. Yeah, I wouldn't expect her back for a few days. Why? What's going on? Is everything okay? Just some changes at home. Including my living situation. What? You, Willow, and wylie moved out of the quartermaines'? No, uh, wylie and i are staying put. But not Willow? Our marriage is, uh...officially over. Thanks, morgan. Hi. Hi. Oh, mom, this -- this is Willow. Willow, nice to meet you. Likewise. Chase told me so much about you. I've heard a lot about you myself.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Sighs ] Uh, it's shaping up to be one busy news cycle day. I thought things were going great with you guys. Now you're ending your marriage?

[ Cellphones chiming ] Oh, my god. Yikes. Late nights yield big scoops. How many times are we gonna have the same fight? Who's fighting?

[ Cellphones chiming ] Sam...? I see it. Elizabeth, it's me. Tell me what's wrong.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, no. Is it true? Seriously, why are you so desperate to find out about some random memory of drew's? Is peter August really that important?

[ Cellphones chiming ] What the...?

If there's any saving grace in lulu not being here, it's that she's missing a franco redo. Then again, she'd probably wish she'd snagged the story, but it's good for peter. I changed my mind. I-I don't care how harmless the information is. I can't let you dig through hospital records. I understand completely, and I'm sorry I even put you in such a position. I'm sorry I couldn't help. That's alright. I'll find whatever I need some other way. Oh, shoot. I'm gonna be late for sasha's interview. I need to go change. This Was it fun? Should we do it again sometime? What? I mean, I'm willing if you are. Anything for family, right? Great. Why is my diagnosis splashed on the front page of this rag? Have you shared your status with anyone outside the family? Just jason. Morgan? Yeah, jason morgan. This is not his style. I suppose someone at the hospital could have leaked it. Why would peter do this to me? Why would he publish this? I bought that guy a beer, and he said he was my friend, and we're going to his wedding. I even told him that it was his voice that I had in my head. Peter knows you're having more drew memories? Where are you going? To get some answers. There's been a development. We need to act. This is way overwritten. Which part? I spoke to elizabeth and she said, yes, franco's tumor is back, but they're treating it and there have been no changes in his behavior. Yeah, well, before you give him a free pass, I would do something more than take his wife's word for it. Alright. I'm gonna go to the hospital. I'm going with you. I'll have my people collect the boys, move them to spoon island right away. No, no, no, no, no. My family is happy where they are -- together. Elizabeth, no, your sons are in danger. No, franco wouldn't hurt them. He wouldn't hurt me. How can you know that if his tumor is back? I have faith in my husband. It's not a matter of faith. It's a matter of science. Okay, I have heard everything the doctors have to say. I-I-I've listened to -- to jason, to sam. I can already hear the uproar from everybody else. What I haven't heard is a single supportive word from my friend when my husband is dying. He's dying, nikolas.

[ Sighs ] You're right. I -- I'm sorry.

[ Elevator bell dings ] If franco's tumor is back... it's not a question of "if." I'm taking care of it. Franco will not hurt anybody that we care about. Wow! You look so good today. But I need your steamer, please. Lucy. Oh, hi. Sorry, jackie. Yes, it's me -- lucy. Jackie. Yes. Hey. Oh, wow. You look incredible., you know, as they say. Thank you. Thank you. Mm. Look, it's almost go-time, and sasha's not here. Is this interview still on? You don't have to do this. Yes, I do. Why? I want to feel empowered again. Being a victim sucks, nina.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I can't argue with that. So, this is me taking back control. And, yes, it is scary. And maybe I'll totally bomb this interview, but at least it was on my terms. I'm proud of you. Thank you. That means a lot.

[ Door opens ] Um, valentin is here loitering. He said something about lucy calling, asking if you're gonna do the interview. Are you -- are you still doing that? She wouldn't miss it. You get 'em, tiger.

On top of it,and I appreciate that -- but you're not gonna leave it to anyone else to protect your family. Not where franco's concerned. Look, I'm gonna see about upping security at the house. Okay. Hey. Yeah. About Sonny's funeral. Anything that keeps us safe is worth doing. Yeah. I'm gonna take off. Hey, um, there's something else I need to talk to you about. And, um...probably shouldn't do it here. Hey, uh, sorry. I'm sorry to interrupt. Um, can I-I talk to you? Of course. So, I, uh -- I broke the news of the annulment to my mom. How'd that go? She was...a little surprised and disappointed. But we didn't have much time to get into it much 'cause, uh, something's come up. Okay. Look, we, um -- we need to revisit the subject of you moving out. Oh, I-I can probably be out within a week. No, no. Well, I don't -- I don't want you going anywhere. Hey. Love the suit. Sasha will definitely be here. You just... hey! Hi! ...Have to give us a little more time, that's all. This is a live interview, lucy. Time is non-negotiable. If sasha isn't ready in 10, the whole thing's off. And there won't be another opportunity, friend of my son or not. Where do you want me? You okay? Uh...I don't know. There's a lot going on right now, you know. Sonny. Cyrus. His mother. I just, um... I just -- I just need to do something to help. I mean, moving forward with... you know, with the funeral, that's gonna help. I need to do more. Carly. You can't, okay? We already talked about this. I know what we talked about. I know you said I can't be involved in the business. On any level. You can't be. Okay. I understand. Yeah. But? You've gotten involved in something else. Excuse me one second? Yeah. How did it go? She passed with flying colors. Hey!

[ Chuckles ] So, are -- are you ready to go? I take it that's a no. Did you see the news about franco? I did. I can't leave her like this. I-I know. I understand, totally. This must be incredibly difficult for all of them, for elizabeth and for franco, for the boys. Give her my best, will you? And if you happen to see franco, tell him I'm thinking about him. Britt. Thank you for taking my place with maxie this morning. It was fun. Well, good. But that's the last time I step up for you. What's wrong? I saw the story about franco. Hell of a thing, isn't it? Yeah, the fact that you used me? Hell of a thing. Wait, w-what are you -- did you or did you not swipe franco's medical files from the G.H. Server? It's a good question. I'd like to hear the answer.

You guys really didn't have to come. Yes, we did. After what you did for wiley, it's the least we can do. Uh, people! Thank you. Enough with the chitchat, please. It is time to get this woman glammed up, now. Morgan, let's do it. Okay. Did we pick the pink dress? Ah, yes. Okay, good. Morgan, are you gonna do her hair? Michael! Hey, avery! I missed you. I missed you, too. Ava: Is carly around? Uh, I think she's actually talking to jason, but yeah, she's here. Okay, well, she didn't get a chance to see avery at wyndemere yesterday, so I brought the kid here. I thought maybe she and carly could spend the morning together? If carly has time, of course. S-she'll make time. She'll make time. Um, thank you. No, she'll be thrilled. Great. Okay, you. Rule number one -- have fun. Rule number two -- behave yourself. And have fun. I'll see you later. Hey! Look what I got. Oh, hey, thank you so much. I am starving. It's not for you. I got it at the doctor'S. Oh, I'm sorry. So you had a checkup today, huh? So, how much have you grown? What, 10 feet? No. 20? No one's 20 feet.

[ Chuckles ] Any word on cyrus' mom? Why don't you ask jason? Oh, yeah, I'm sure that'll go over well. You want to know what I think? No. No, we do not. Yes, please, valentin. Please tell us what you think. I think that while taking florence grey from that long-term care facility in vermont was an effective way of controlling her son cyrus, I think it was reckless. I don't think that's a trademark of jason morgan. I do think that that sounds like carly. I think carly took her. I think jason is willing to take the heat for it because everybody knows that those two are gonna go to hell and back with each other. But maybe it paid short-term dividends. But in the long term, I think it's a hell of a lot more trouble than it's worth. So, jax, if I were you, I would reach out to that ex of yours and maybe convince her as quickly as possible to reverse course. Thank you for that. Wow. So, if avery has the real necklace and nina sees it -- and she easily could -- she's gonna figure it out just like I did. Nina's gonna figure out that nelle is her daughter. And I cannot let that happen. Yeah, but you didn't kill nelle. You didn't push her off the cliff. Not even close. I know that. But this will break nina's heart. This is something I can fix, jason, a problem I can solve. By keeping this secret buried,

i get to end nelle's reign of terror. Tell me how I can help. I'm not the one who needs it. Then tell me how I can help franco. Franco did something to exacerbate the situation. And now he's fighting the enemy from the inside and out. There's the tumor, and then there's jason. I'm calling security. Franco! So, who is it I'm talking to now? Old franco or franco 2.0? You're talking to a man who is a husband and a stepfather to three boys. Why would you do something like this? You putting my personal information on the front page of your newspaper put my family in jeopardy. The citizens of Port Charles are who are in jeopardy. From who? You. Or did you forget you told me you're hearing voices? That's because of what shiloh did. Shiloh messed with my head. It's got nothing to do with the brain tumor. And would your doctors attest to that? You would know the answer to that if you bothered to ask the questions. Did you give one moment's consideration how people were gonna react to this article? They're gonna come after me. And I'm telling you right now, if elizabeth gets hurt, if one of my lovely boys gets hurt, it's on your head. No, I don't think it's my head that's the problem here. Hey!

[ Grunts ] Franco.

[ Grunts ]

Call the police. Do not! Or you'll have a bigger problem with me than you do with franco. Let him up and escort him out of here. This is not over. Do you think those are the actions of a sane person? I think those are the actions of a furious person. And you know what? I'm furious, too. The story had to be told. By manipulating your own sister? You saw how franco just behaved, how quickly he was moved to violence. Britt, he's hearing voices. People need to know that he's capable of saying or doing anything. Was franco right? Did you not get any context from his doctor? Trust me, people are gonna thank me for this story. It's the only way to keep Port Charles and my family safe. Can I help you? Yeah, we saw

the invader article. Yeah, so has the rest of the world. I'm sure sam has told you that the reporting is incomplete. What else is there to know? Franco almost killed my daughter. He managed to kill multiple people. And he skated on all those murder charges because diane did the "well, the tumor did it" defense. And -- and now the tumor's back. And so? So?! S-- elizabeth, what are you even doing here? Why aren't you protecting yourself and your kids? You should leave -- okay, you don't get to question my decisions, and I don't have to defend myself. Are you gonna back me? I can'T. If you have to do this, I'm not gonna stop you. Thank you. Just make sure it's worth it. Okay? That's not gonna be the one thing that makes the rest come crashing down. It won'T. Because I will be there to bail you out if something goes wrong. But the problem is, I'm gonna have to drop something else. Hey! And I'm telling you, that's not gonna happen. And if it does, I'll go to jax. This is not one more thing for you to worry about. I know you, carly. How you deal with hurt. You just keep moving. Instead of standing still and letting yourself feel it. I'm not gonna tell you how to grieve. I'm gonna stand behind you no matter what. But kidnapping florence and covering with nina, chasing after necklaces -- it's not gonna help. It might put it off, but we're still gonna have to go through this. Well, it's a good thing we're having a funeral, then, huh? Sasha -- she's gonna be on tv. See, that nice lady over there is gonna interview her. About what? Um, about a lot of things. Hey, how about we go find mom, huh? I'm sure she has some leftover christmas treats in her back office. Let's go. Wait, michael! Sasha needs good luck. Franco told jason if there's any signs that he's reverting to form... to kill him. Jason doesn't need a reason to hurt franco. So please, nikolas, I'm begging you. Don't let that happen. Don't let jason take franco away from me.

[ Breathing heavily ] You're all set. Good luck, sweetheart. Now, we're agreed on topics? You may find my questions sharp at times, but you shouldn't be surprised by the content. Uh, hey, could you do me a little favor and keep valentin occupied? He is trying to get himself involved. Oh, I'm on it. Okay, thank you. Whew! Wow! Let me look at you. Great. You look absolutely fantastic. I have one thing that will complete the ensemble. Here we go. Do you have any questions or concerns before we get started? Excuse me. No, no, I think I'm ready. Good. Let's do this. Okay. Okay.

[ Gasps ] Avery! Oh, my goodness! What are you doing here? Ava dropped her off. She said that she thought you could use some face time. Oh, I sure could use some face time. You know what? Why don't we go to my office? I have even more candy in there. See? What'd I tell you? But I want to watch the show. I-I tried to tell her that it's, uh -- it's not for kids, but she's relentless. She wants to see her good luck charm on tv.

[ Breathing heavily ] Hiya. I thought you'd still be tending to elizabeth.

[ Sighs ] I'm "tending" from afar. Have you spoken to franco? No, not yet. I imagine he has his hands full at the moment. I bet he could use a friendly face. What? Wait. What, what? What is happening here? Are you actually considering franco's feelings? And elizabeth'S. Mostly, I'M... considering us. How for all of our issues... and there are many. ...We have it pretty good in comparison. So why not press our luck? Well, that's intriguing. What did you have in mind? Marry me, Ava. For real. What took you so long? There was a situation at the invader. Franco. How did peter react? Like he was being cornered by a killer. That article is a preemptive attempt to discredit franco should he ever implicate peter. Well, franco's built himself a new reputation since he had his tumor removed. It's easier said than done to discredit him. That's what I'm afraid of. As chief of staff, I have a responsibility to my patients. And that includes protecting their privacy, which I clearly didn'T. People will know what you did, peter, and they'll wonder why. And they will likely find holes in your reasoning. You are my sister, and I love you. But make no mistake -- if you push this, it may threaten my family. And you do not want to come between me and maxie and my child. Jason: Or what?

The invader article is merely peter's opening salvo against franco. If it doesn't do the job... well, he'll reload.

[ Pen clicking ] Franco is the key to proving peter's guilt. He must be protected at all costs. Franco. And it is up to you to do it. Elizabeth, you don't want us to believe that his tumor is dangerous, but you don't know, and neither do the doctors. Okay, y-you know, the story is not the whole story. Yeah, so we've heard. Why didn't you inform my daughter and me of your relapse? Because I didn't want to scare her. Too late. Why is everyone being so casual about this? Do I need to arm myself? Are you threatening my husband? Mom, please don't escalate right now. O-oh, wait -- can -- just -- I don't want to talk to you about this. If you would just let me say one thing to you, sam. I-I just told you, I don't want to talk to you about this! Hey. Can you just hear him out? I'm not gonna hurt you, sam. I'm not gonna hurt you or anybody else. I have made specific arrangements to make sure that never happens. Darn it! Come on. Ugh! Okay, we got it! Yep. Whoo! Here we are. Jackie: Welcome. Sasha: Thank you for having me. Let's watch this. Why don't you introduce yourself? My name is sasha gilmore. I'm the co-owner and face of deception cosmetics. And why did you seek out this interview? Because a few months ago, I nearly died of a heart attack -- brought on by drug abuse. What is sasha wearing? Avery? What good luck charm? There. Would you attribute your drug use to your scheme to manipulate the custody proceeding for wiley corinthos? Sasha's wearing it. When I chose to act, I knew that there would be a personal cost, and I knew that it would be painful. But I told myself that I could handle it, that the pain would fade and I would be okay. Oh, my god. But as the hurt went on... what is it? ...I, um... jax! ...I found myself desperate for a relief. She's wearing my daughter's necklace.

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