GH Transcript Tuesday 1/26/21

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 1/26/21


Episode #14629 ~ Bobbie attempts to distract Ava. Michael considers next steps. Finn looks to Jackie for answers. Anna and Jordan take a moment to bond. Portia helps Curtis.

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I'll leave the light on you done with the bag, buddy? 10 more minutes. I'm not done. That was 15 minutes ago. Time's up. I thought I told your dumb ass I'm not done.

Today, the role of jordan ashford is being played by tiffany daniels. I actually can't remember the last time that we sat down and had a cup of tea together.

[ Chuckles ] It's long overdue. While I admit I've been really busy at work lately, it is not too late for you to change your mind about a big, splashy bridal shower with all the fancy trappings. I can make time for that. Nice try. I'm sure you'd do a bang-up job, I prefer the low-key approach. I really do. You know, it's just nice to have a cup of tea with my good friend. Someone who has worked as hard as I have to get their happily ever after. Jackie: My name is jackie templeton. I'm here for sasha gilmore's medical records. I believe she called in the appropriate approvals already. Yes, everything seems to be in order. Great. Thank you. What do you need sasha's medical records for? Finn. Um, not that it's any of your business, but I'm doing an interview with sasha. Is that really necessary? I mean, is everything a story? I mean, haven't sasha and chase's lies cost them enough already? Hey, sasha, I'm having second thoughts about helping you land that interview with my mom. Why? I really enjoyed meeting your mom. She's great. Yeah, but she's also known for asking the tough questions. I mean, have you really thought this through, going public with your story? I know what I'm doing, but I do need to let michael and Willow know what's coming their way. Willow: An annulment is such a strange concept. Once we file this document, it'll mean our marriage never existed. When we both know that's not true. Yeah, I mean, it's a legal maneuver so we don't have to worry about dividing properties. But the funny thing is, I spent so much time thinking about making this decision that it never occurred to me to think about what's next. Separate lives mean separate living spaces. It's time for me to start thinking about moving out. Yeah, yeah, I guess that's the next logical step. I have an appointment to look at an apartment this afternoon. Carly and I will never be best friends, but I respect any woman who will fight for the people she cares about. I would do the same. You know, I have to say, I really, really appreciate how clearly you see things. Both from recognizing valentin's agenda for what it is, but also understanding that the mention of carly in trouble is a, uh -- a difficult trigger for me to ignore. I don't blame you in the least for being angry. You don't? I love my daughter, but at times, she can be her own worst enemy. However, Ava, I have no doubt you and i can be the adults in the room. An adult perspective, how refreshing. Yes, well, I know from experience that the surest way to get carly to dig in her heels is to confront her directly, so, Ava, please just trust me when I tell you you absolutely cannot go after my daughter.

[ Sighs ] Oh, my god. Oh. Oh. Oh, gosh, avery. You sweet girl. I'm so sorry, but you are never gonna know the difference.

[ Clattering ]

[ Gasps ] Looking for something?

 I told you to stop asking. What's your problem, man? All I'm trying to do is use the bag. Curtis, curtis, curtis! Stop. Long week, man. Use the bag. Okay, what in the world was that about? It is certainly not like you to fight over something so trivial. Yeah, well, I don't feel like me nowadays. You said you were having a tough week. Okay, how can I help you? Wait, wait, wait. You're a doctor, not a mind reader, right?

[ Scoffs ] I'm a friend who's offering to listen. Come on, curtis. Talk to me. What's going on? What kind of P.I. Am i if I can't even tell that my wife is lying to me? The very nature of my job is to get to the truth, no matter how many people try to keep it a secret. Now, I know jordan has lied to me many times, and for some reason, I just... I just keep missing all the clues. No, no, that's because you look at jordan from the point of view of a husband, not a P.I. I just have this crazy idea that couples should confide in each other, but jordan has lied to me so many times already -- from her health to her past with cyrus to tj's kidnapping. Like, at some point, shouldn't I realize that jordan's first instinct will always be to lie? I don't know. I don't know either. But what I do know... I'm not okay with it anymore, and I need something to change. So I've just been trying to think of, like, words for me and Finn, you know, that mean something. I did the whole traditional vows before, of love and honor, and... I don't know, I guess I learned the hard way that that's sort of a broad umbrella. But, um... not when my marriage is barely holding on by a thread. I want to make wiley's transition as smooth as possible. Yeah, yeah, no, me too. I don't want wiley to feel like he's missing out on anything by us not living together. You know, so maybe, um, before you move out, we can take turns putting him to bed solo, you know, create our own separate rituals. Yeah, that's -- that's a great idea. And not that we can't still tuck him in together. Yeah. Yeah, of course. Like tonight. Right. Let's tuck him in together. Okay. Okay, that's settled. Well, I'M... off to look at the apartment. Okay. Mind explaining yourself? Ava and I had a disagreement. I came up here to cool off, and I was just checking out avery's dollhouse.

[ Scoffs ] Yeah, right. I'll just let you explain yourself to Ava. I know carly is trying to be strong for the family, but her husband was just presumed dead. She's a wreck inside. And where most people would want to curl up into a ball, carly's instinct is to come out fighting. So add that to the shock of you taking avery. That shouldn't be a shock. Avery's my daughter. She belongs with me. My point is, carly has been known to overreact on a good day. And now she's hurting and defensive. Carly: You're being absolutely ridiculous. I found this one snooping through avery's dollhouse looking for this. Really?

[ Scoffs ] Well, well, well, I guess you had no interest in being the adult in the room after all, did you? Excuse me? Oh, put a sock in it, bobbie. I know this con. You're the distraction. Carly's the sticky fingers. What I don't understand, though, is why all this fuss about a little girl's necklace.

Well, this is a surprise. I probably should have texted, but this couldn't wait. I'm hoping you and Willow have a few minutes to talk. Oh, actually, Willow just left to run a few errands. Well, I'll just have to tell you and you can tell Willow. I'm doing an interview tomorrow with jackie templeton, national television. Wow. That's like as big as it gets. And that's great pr for deception. But what does that have to do with me and Willow? The interview isn't about deception, though I wish it were that simple. See, rumors about my drug use and hospitalization are circulating, so maxie and I thought the best idea is to confront them with a tell-all on-camera interview about my od and everything that led up to it, including the lies I told you. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Finn, but, uh, just so you know, I didn't go after sasha gilmore. I'm doing the interview because harry asked me to. He and sasha want to get her version of her story out to the public before the gossip sites tear her apart. So I called in a few favors, and we're gonna do "gma3" tomorrow. Ah. Um, wait, wait. Did -- did... did chase explain to you the -- the origin of sasha's drug problems? Oh, yeah. Yeah. How harry and sasha staged an affair to push michael and Willow together so it would secure custody of michael's son. You know, chase first came up with this plan, I tried to talk him out of it, you know? But he and sasha were so determined for wiley's sake. You know? I begged him to just... tell the truth, but he wouldn't listen to me. Wow. [ Chuckles ] Uh, your views on telling the truth certainly have evolved over the years, because I remember when you were chase's age, telling the truth wasn't so black and white for you then. Huh. Well, what can I say? I guess I've, uh...matured. I don't take things at face value the way I used to. Is that supposed to alarm me? No. No. Not as long as you didn't lie to me about who chase's father really is. Really? You want to get into this now? Maybe I'm ready now. Maybe you're too late. No, no, wait, please. Don't do that, please. I just want to talk to you. Alright? Now, you -- you told me that chase was my brother. Alright, he's not my son. The dates didn't add up. You know you're right about that, right? I mean... did you ever do a dna test? No, I didn'T. You didn'T. So you've never ruled out the possibility that chase could be my son. Well, I guess I was -- wasn't the only one that didn't want to know the truth.

[ Grunting lightly ] Willow. Hey. Hey, it's good to see you. Thanks. You, too. Did sasha find you and michael? I haven't seen sasha. Ah, you must have just missed her. She was pretty determined to find you guys before tomorrow. What am I missing? What's tomorrow? She asked my mom to conduct a tell-all interview with everything she has been going through. That's really brave of her to want to expose herself like that. Yeah, yeah. She, uh... she just -- she doesn't want to bring any negative attention to wiley's adoption. Actually, michael and i signed the annulment papers. We're still wiley's parents, but legally, we're no longer husband and wife. What? Willow, I-I-I honestly don't know what to say. I mean, I know you guys have been talking about it for a while, but why now? We agreed that it was time. Michael and I both need to see what's on the other side of our marriage. I can understand why you're having a hard time detaching from carly. You know, when you're married with someone, you're close with someone, you find yourself repeating the same patterns. Okay, but you know what? I promise, going forward, I will be more judicious about when I'm actually needed, because carly has the tendency to sometimes overreact, and I need to recognize that. Well, I will never fault you for being one of the good guys. Oh, wow, look at us. We're all alone in this big house. No one's around. No one to rescue. However will we fill the time? Well, I got a couple of ideas. If you must know, I was planning a surprise for avery, which was derailed by you, Ava, when you came by the house and you had josslyn give you the necklace. And then it occurred to me as I was leaving that I could borrow the necklace and continue with the surprise. And what is the surprise? It's no deep, dark secret necklace, okay? Everyone knows how much avery loves donna. I was gonna have a copy of that necklace made for donna to connect Sonny's daughters. You know, two halves of a heart. That is a lovely gesture, sweetheart. Ava, you aren't buying this, are you? Oh, darling. Of course not.

ecklace is to avery because she connects it to Sonny. And carly knows that if it went missing again, avery would be frantic, and I don't think for one moment that carly would do that. Nikolas: Obviously, there's a missing piece to the puzzle. Perhaps we can get to the bottom of things faster if we call the police. Oh, well, that's rich. You of all people threatening to go to the police over a borrowed necklace. Did your mother never teach you that borrowing without asking is stealing? You know what? By all means, call the cops. Yeah. Let's -- let's tell them that nikolas caught me snooping through avery's dollhouse. I didn't know when that became a criminal offense, but let's call the cops and ask them. You were wandering through the house without permission. That's trespassing. Trespassing? You know what? We should ask Ava about trespassing. Do you remember the time that you came by the house to "visit avery" and you were switching morgan's bipolar medication for a placebo? And what about you, a man who faked his own death and blamed an innocent man for a nonexistent murder? Alright, why don't you and your sidekick go home? Get out of my house! And count yourself lucky that my daughter loves you.


whoa, oh


whoa, oh


but I am tired

of the same people

of the same things

I want to escape them

to another place now

with you, 'cause I

I want to be loved

starting to


stare into my eyes



whoa, oh


whoa, oh


whoa, oh


whoa, oh curtis was b eating himself upabout not saving taggert, and Trina was giving him hell about failing to save her dad every chance she got. And still, I said nothing. Must have been hard for you to stand back and watch curtis suffer like that. There's plenty of suffering to go around. Curtis was devastated when he found out that taggert was still alive. And he might have been okay if it had been the first time, but this was the latest in a series of lies, and not all of them had to do with police work. I didn't tell him when I got sick. I didn't tell him when tj went missing. This lie about taggert still being alive seems like it's the last straw. Curtis said he's had enough. Okay, you say you want a change in your life. In what way? I told you, I'm over P.I. Work. I'm sick of trafficking in all the lies. Okay, let's -- let's look at it from a different angle, um... what would you be doing for a living if you weren't a P.I.? What if you never left law enforcement? I always figured I'd log my 20 years, get my pension, and do something completely different. Okay, okay, so picture that future. Whatever you're doing in that alternate universe, who do you see standing by your side? Jordan. Well, it seems to me like you've already decided on what you want to change in your life and who you're not willing to give up. Yeah. You know, thanks, portia. You always were a good listener.

[ Chuckles ] I watched some of jackie templeton's interviews, and she, uh -- she can be pretty brutal. Jackie's tough, but she's also fair. She wants the real story, not a sanitized version. But I wanted you and Willow to hear about it from me first. I'm gonna do my best to keep you guys out of my story. I don't want to tarnish the life that you, Willow, and wiley are building together. Yeah, well, can you really pretend that we didn't have an important part in each other's life, sasha? I mean, 'cause I know I can'T.

 I could never deny how important you are to me. But this interview with jackie is about what happened after... after you pretended to have an affair with chase. Jackie knows the history, and I can't imagine she'll dig too deep because it also involves her son. But even if she does, I want you and Willow to know that I will protect you and wiley. Look, obviously, this is hard on you. But I want you to know that whatever comes out of your interview tomorrow, that... I will take care of wiley. Okay? And as far as me and Willow, um... we signed our annulment papers. I had no idea. Yeah, it was a -- it was a mutual agreement. You know, we felt it was time. My point is, is that me and Willow, we will be okay. What I -- I want to know, though, is what are you doing to protect yourself? I mean, going public, taking accountability for everything -- aren't you at all afraid of... that it's gonna send you back to that dark place again? You're worried that I'm gonna start using again. Aren't you? Oh, Willow. Epiphany told me that you're starting nursing school. That is such a terrific idea. Thank you. If you ever need anything, have any questions, need help with your courses, just let me know, okay? We need dedicated nurses at G.H. I'm excited to start classes. Good. Alright, have a good night. You, too. Willow. I didn't mean to overhear, but are you going to nursing school? Teaching at the hospital made me think I'd like to take the next step. Maybe pediatric nursing. Classes start soon. Good for you. What, you don't think that's a good idea? Well, I think you're gonna be a fantastic nurse. It just -- it just hit me with...

[ Sighs ] I am so out of sync with everything going on in your life. I had no idea you were contemplating such big changes. I think it's time for a change. And there is so much more I have to sort through. With all the change and -- and the sorting, I hope there's a little room for me. Me, too. Do you really want to have this conversation now, here? Sure, why not? Right here? Better?

[ Sighs ] The location doesn't matter. This conversation is irrelevant. Harry was born a little over nine months after we slept together. Is there a remote chance that he came a few weeks late and that you could be the father? It's technically possible. But what is much more likely is that harry was conceived after the wedding when I was with gregory. Don't you want to know for sure? What I know is that when I told gregory I was pregnant, he was over the moon. And we spent time together, building a life together. And I fell deeper in love with him. That's what I know. Doesn't bother you? Not in the slightest. You disappeared completely out of our lives. My baby grew into a little boy who adored his father and had a father who adored him. Harry's a man now. He loves his father, and he loves his big brother. That's all there is. Look, it may not matter to you, but it sure as hell matters to me. Would you mind if we postponed our massages? I think there's something else I'd prefer. Sure. What is it? Your husband's over there picking up his dinner, and as lovely as a massage would make us feel, I just think that what you're missing with him is more important. Just go over there and fight for him.

[ Sighs ] Jordan, I know you're scared of him rejecting you, but you won't know until you try.

[ Sighs ] Wish me luck. You got this. Curtis? Curtis, please. I love you. Please don't shut me out. Hold on, hold on. I'm coming. I need to talk to you now. Jax: Hey. I'll get some coffee. Thank you. Come in, come in. Hey, bobbie. Hey, jax.

Look, I'm not -- I'm not asking because I'm judging you. I'm asking because I care and because I still worry about you, sasha. I know you're not judging me, which is why it's so easy to be honest with you. The first thing they teach you in my drug abuse class is that even when you've made the decision to stop using, it doesn't make the allure go away. So, yeah, I can admit to still feeling that pull. I just don't act on it. I'm dedicated to my counseling and sticking with the program. Good for you. You know, maxie and lucy and I worked so hard to get deception off the ground, and I almost single-handedly tanked it. I'm determined to live up to my promises and not disappoint the people who gave me a second chance. What you're doing sounds incredibly brave and strong. I mean, just -- just to come to me and talk to me in person, I mea, that took guts.

[ Exhales sharply ] Look, I... I want you to know that the people who really know you, you know, people like me, are rooting for you. We believe you can make it through this and come out on the other side. Jackie: The subject is closed. Don't ask me again. Listen, listen, I'm asking you to do this 'cause it's the right thing to do. I just want to know the truth. On some level, I think I deserve that. I think you already got more than you deserved. You've got a brother who loves you. Harry is happy. Why can't you just leave it at that? 'Cause it's not enough. Not enough? Not enough for you, dr. Hamilton Finn, master of his own universe. I have other priorities. If you think I would sneak behind harry's back to get a dna test that could potentially unravel his world, you can go straight to hell. Are you sure you want to do this? I'm not doing it for carly's sake. Whether I like it or not, avery loves her. And she just lost her father, so I can't cut carly or josslyn or donna out of her life. It wouldn't be good for her. However, Sonny is gone, so he can no longer threaten to take avery away from me, and carly has to come to me for access to my little girl, which she would do well to remember. I no longer have to hold my tongue or let her throw my past mistakes in my face. Here you go, bobbie. Oh, thank you, nina. You're very gracious. Mm. And I know how it must look. Carly and I just show up here like a house on fire. Well, I'm not -- I'm not threatened by jax's bond with carly. You know, I'm impressed by his loyalty for her. And if he can be a source of comfort for her in her time of grief, then I am not gonna stand in the way. I had another half-heart necklace made, one that would definitely not match nina's, and I knew that avery would never know the difference, but nikolas walked in while I was trying to switch the necklaces, so I don't know if avery has the right one or the wrong one. Why would you come over here and tell me all this? Because it's one complication too many, jax. Sonny's missing, presumed dead. Cyrus is out there making threats. I mean, if nina finds out that nelle is her daughter, that is more than I can handle right now.

Well, uh, good luck in your interview tomorrow. And I'll make sure to let Willow know. But like I said, you don't have to worry about either of us. I hate the thought of holding up your private life for public scrutiny. You don't have to worry, sasha, I'm not -- I'm not ashamed of having loved you. I appreciate you saying that. Goodbye, michael. Goodbye. I walked in on quite the moment. Are you okay? I'm okay. I'm really sorry you had to -- you had to see that. Jackie should have got a dna test when chase was a baby. I just assumed she did. She seems concerned that you're gonna hurt chase. No, never. That's the last thing I'd ever want to do is hurt chase. What are you gonna do? I don't know. For almost 30 years, I've believed something that may not be true. You know, and now I just -- I need to know. I need to know for sure if chase's my brother or if... he's my son. I just need to know the truth, anna. Will you help me get it? Willow: Hey, michael. Hey, Willow. Um... I have -- I have some news to tell you. I have news for you, too, actually. I, um, ran into chase at the gym, and he told me that sasha is gonna do a tv interview tomorrow with chase's mom. Yeah, I heard from sasha. She stopped by to give us the heads up. She wanted to let us know that she will do everything she can to make sure our names are not in the story, that the interview will focus on her drug abuse and subsequent recovery. Well, even if sasha does mention us, I'm not afraid about the press. Are you? No, no. And I let sasha know that. I'm more worried about her. I mean, putting herself under that kind of scrutiny is... I agree. It's very gutsy of sasha to want to expose herself. Yeah. I mean, she said that maybe it'll help somebody who's struggling with the same issue, so... I sure hope so. I'd hate to think of it backfiring and blowing up in her face. All I'm asking for is one night, just you and me, no fighting, just being. We need to remind ourselves of what we have. I would like nothing more... than to be lost in you. Absolutely, completely lost in our love, because... loving you is like breathing. So you'll come home with me? No. I can't go with you because it's killing me not being able to trust you. You and jax respect and understand each other, and, well, that's the foundation of any lasting relationship. Yeah, I feel the same way. And I just want to assure you that carly respects your relationship, too, so you will never have to worry about her coming between you and jax. I shouldn't have switched the necklaces. I just -- I just shouldn't have switched the damn necklaces. No, probably -- probably not, because the more attention you give to the necklace, the more Ava is going to look into it. I was just so mad. I was so mad when josslyn told me that Ava came and took the necklace. And I thought this -- this is something I can fix. Because I can't bring Sonny back. I should've known better. I just should have known better, not because I couldn't switch a necklace -- damn, that's easy. I could do that -- but because of Ava. Every time I see her, I think about morgan and how he would still be alive if it wasn't for her. And now Sonny's gone. It's just so much loss, jax. It's so much loss. I'm worried about you. I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine. No, no. No, no, no. Okay? Don't give me that. I know. I know. You know, you're the most resilient person that I have ever known, but grief is like a fog. And I don't mean that in the poetic sense. I mean that grief can literally blind you and impair your judgment.

[ Quietly ] That's how I feel. I feel like I'm walking around in a fog and... okay, you know what? Perhaps the next time you feel like switching a necklace or tangling with Ava, just give me a call first, okay, so you can get a second opinion. Okay. It's okay. Carly always has an ulterior motive. You're not curious at all... nope. ...Why she wanted the necklace? Nope, I'm not. For once, I'm not concerned at all with carly's motives. And for once, I'm not on the outside looking in, hungering for just a few hours with my daughter. I've got everything I need right here. My beautiful little girl, my very handsome husband, and I don't have to care at all about carly or her antics.

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