GH Transcript Monday 1/25/21

General Hospital Transcript Monday 1/25/21


Episode #14628 ~ Nina is wise to Valentin's machinations. Carly enlists help. Ava is determined to make peace. Willow makes an important decision. Maxie attempts to diffuse a potentially bad situation.

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Morning, Mike. What are you doing to my table? Table was wobbly, so I thought I'd fix it. I hope I didn't overstep. I, uh, fixed the door that goes into the dishwasher, and I also fixed the cabinets in the kitchen. I tightened the hinges and the whole thing, you know. Um, you did all that this morning? What time do you get up? It's morning already? Mike, have you been working all night?

[ Doorbell rings ]

[ Sighs ] You have no idea how glad I am to see you and how much I need you today. Ava. Mm. Hey, we should hurry and get changed before it gets too cold to ride. Oh, uh, nikolas, I know I agreed to go for a ride with you this morning, but carly just called, and she wants to meet to discuss avery's schedule. So I invited her here to wyndemere so we can talk about it. Well, uh, everything looks in order. All we have to do is sign and our marriage... is officially annulled. As if it never happened. Okay, well, do you have any thoughts on where we can take your story now that nina nixed it for crimson? Sasha gilmore? Cory king from the sun. Is it true the face of deception almost died from a drug overdose? Thank you for finding time to meet. I thought you'd be too busy investigating that horrific bloodbath in the warehouse district. Any suspects? Oh, come on. Is that why you asked me for coffee?

[ Scoffs ] You want to pump me for information? I asked because I love you and never get to see you as much as I'd like. Although I can't help but wonder, um, is cyrus renault on your suspect list? I have done what you've asked, valentin. I'm working on a defense for alexis davis. Now it's your turn. What are you doing to find my mother? Martin, will you not talk for one second? I have a lead on the information you want, and I'm following up on it now. What lead? Valenti-- I got it. I'm expecting a delivery. Oh, hello, jax. Listen, I was just nowhere in the neighborhood, thought I might stop by. You got a minute? Valentin. Don't ever think that you can just drop by, okay? And no, I do not have a minute for you. Well, maybe you'll reconsider. Does nina know what you're doing for carly? Well, that's a good question, valentin. Do I?

Y-you get any sleep last night, Mike? Well, I mean, what do they say? I'll sleep when I'm dead? Well, uh, right now, you're lucky to be alive. And making the most of it.

[ Chuckles ] Phyllis, I know you're volunteering at the clinic, but I need you at the roadhouse. Yeah, it's about Mike. Hurry. I headed back to Port Charles as soon as I got your call. I'm so glad you're here. Oh, god. So, how did you leave your house guest? Oh, she's fine. She's -- she's resting comfortably at Sonny's safe house, getting plenty of tlc. Okay, are you sure you can trust the nurses who are taking care of her? Oh, completely. They're all former colleagues, they're dedicated nurses, and they are completely discreet. Okay. Thank you. You're a lifesaver. Thank you. It's an unorthodox solution, but I don't suppose that renault gave you any choice. He didn'T. Which is why I agreed to help. Now, I don't suppose you asked me back for a progress report, 'cause you could have done that on the phone. I have to tell you something, something that I need to tell you in person. Okay. What now? It's about nelle benson. Call carly and cancel. I am not standing by while she mothers yet another child that isn't her own. Avery is gonna grow up here with her mother and her stepfather. Of course she will. But this isn't just about carly. It's about avery, too. Like it or not, she has developed a strong emotional attachment to carly, especially to her sisters. Avery keeps asking me when she's going home, when is she gonna sleep in her own room again? And it breaks my heart. And so, for avery's sake, I really need to hammer out some kind of regular visitation. I commend your willingness to compromise, but does it have to be today? I'm sure there are...better uses for your time. You know, there's no rush. Diane's not expecting it till the end of the day, if you want to -- you want to take some time to, you know, think about it. Do you need more time? I-I mean, we talked about it, right? I mean, it's what we -- it's what we -- we both want, right? To figure out what we feel... me for chase, you for sasha. Yeah, and can't do that if we're, you know -- married. The good news is we're, um, making this decision together. Yeah. I mean, our -- our marriage served its purpose. You know, wiley's safe. And now we can move on with no regrets and no complications. So, ms. Gilmore, what do you have to say? Uh, n-no comment. You know what? Shame on you for trying to exploit my business partner's recent health crisis. And if you don't get that thing out of our faces, I'm gonna have olivia quartermaine throw you out.

[ Sighs ] Nina was trying to protect me from that. Nina meant well, but if we don't find a way to tell this story, another sleazy reporter is gonna tell it for us. Which is why we need to control the narrative. Maxie? I have an idea. Detective chase, where are your manners? Kindly introduce me to this legendary and, may I add, exceedingly lovely lady. Should I know you? Uh, uh, martin grey, ms. Templeton -- your next big story. I know that the search for carly's husband has been called off, and I also know that jax is doing his best to support her. That's nice, jax -- always willing to be a shoulder to cry on for carly, huh? You willing to be her partner in crime? And what do you call a crime, valentin? If that's someone standing by a friend in need, then I'm damn proud of jax. And just so you understand, I'm not threatened by their relationship. Jax and I are very clear where we stand with each other. Carly tells jax everything. And as you two are obviously closer than ever, maybe you know where my attorney's mother is. You lost me. I'm sorry. My attorney, martin grey, his mother was taken, kidnapped from a long-term care facility in vermont. Okay, okay. It's still not clear how this connects with jax. Well, it becomes clear when you know the cast of characters. Florence grey was kidnapped. Jason morgan is responsible. Carly knew about it and may have been a willing participant, which begs the question, just how much does jax know?

What is valentin talking about? I have no idea. I mean, the only contact that I'm aware of that carly had with -- with your attorney, martin grey, was when he represented nelle in the wiley custody hearing. Martin's not an only child, you know. Florence has another son, cyrus renault. Oh. Jasper, if you are withholding information that could lead to florence's safe return, that makes you an accomplice. Valentin, I don't involve myself in jason and Sonny'S... criminal activities, and neither does carly, by the way. Goodbye, valentin. Goodbye. What? You don't believe him, do you? That you're an accomplice to kidnapping? Of course not. But valentin, he's not the kind of guy that just makes up stories. This florence grey woman has disappeared. And if jason's involved, then it's likely that carly's involved somehow. So, without naming names,suffice it to say, one of Port Charles' most prominent and notorious families is responsible for abducting an innocent woman from a medical care facility and holding her hostage. He has no evidence to support that claim. Besides, it's not the pcpd's jurisdiction. Authorities in vermont are handling it.

[ Clears throat ] That looks urgent. Go see what maxie wants. Don't worry about me. I can handle mr. Grey. Yeah.

[ Clears throat ] Now, about my story. You said "big" with a capital B. I don't do "little," lowercase L.

[ Chuckles ] Well, with all due respect, the woman who was kidnapped is my mother, and my brother is just as concerned as I am. And your brother is? Cyrus renault. This better be important. Maxie: It is. You're on. Sit! Okay. What's going on? I need you to introduce me to your mom so I can ask her for a favor. What's the favor? I want jackie templeton to tell the world how I trashed my life. Do you know you are the most handsome man in this house? Sorry, michael. Oh, no, I thought you were talking about stripey. Sorry. Hey, what happened to stripey's ear, bud? Looks like he needs emergency surgery. Did you go to med school when I wasn't looking? Uh, I didn't, but I know someone who did. Grandma monica's actually -- she's famous for sewing up all the quartermaine stuffed animals, so... so how about it, bud? Should I -- should I bring it to grandma, see if she can sew him up? Yeah. Yeah? Take your time. It'll give me more time with my favorite guy. Alright. I'll be back. Hey. You don't have to worry about stripey, okay? I promise the surgery won't hurt. Nikolas: Call carly and tell her you're sorry, but you made other plans. I'm sorry, nikolas, but avery's visitation schedule really needs to be figured out today, or carly will keep calling me, and avery will keep asking about when she can see josslyn and donna. Would it help if I promised you there's a silver lining? Accommodating carly will put her in my debt. I mean, nina already identifies with nelle. I told you how nina insisted on having nelle buried at woodlawn. I mean, nina truly believes that nelle's life would be totally different had someone intervened. So if nina finds out that nelle is her daughter -- ugh, she will be devastated. Yeah, yeah, and she'll also be looking for someone to blame. And since I was the last person who saw her alive -- I mean, look, finding out the truth would, yes, be heartbreaking for nina, but it would also stir up a lot of trouble, and I just can't handle that right now, mom. Okay. Then nina can't learn that nelle was her daughter. Yes, but as long as avery has the necklace, there's a chance that nina could see it and realize it's the match for the one madeline gave her. This is where I need your help. Okay. What? I'm going to go over to wyndemere today to have a meeting with Ava so I can discuss visitation about avery, and I want my loyal mother to come with me. I see. And as a person who used to live there, who knows her way around, you want me to find out where avery's keeping the necklace. Bingo. Oh. But avery thinks that that necklace is her good luck charm. How can you steal that without breaking that little girl's heart? Okay, I'm not going to steal it, alright? I'm going to be replacing it. Oh. Yeah. It turns out a half heart, broken heart necklace isn't uncommon. So if nina ever sees this necklace -- the hearts won't fit. That's right. No path leading back to nelle. That's right.

out of the goodness of his heart or as a favor to his attorney. He's trying to drive a wedge in between us. Hmm. Yeah, what better way to do that than to make you believe that I'm protecting carly, right? Mm-hmm. Well, put valentin's motives aside. Do you really think that carly's involved in the abduction of florence grey? If by "involved," you mean is carly backing jason? Yeah, I would say so. I mean, carly would follow jason into a burning building. And jason would kidnap a little old lady? He would kidnap a little old lady if he thought he could use it as leverage against cyrus. Yeah, I don't think he'd hesitate. And carly would go along with it. You know what? I need to talk to carly. I-I need to, um -- I need to convince her that taking florence grey was a really, really bad idea. She will talk to jason, and hopefully jason will have the good sense to return the poor woman to her family. Wait, jax, wait. That's the last thing that you should do. Despite his recent turn to philanthropy, cyrus renault has long been suspected of drug trafficking. Aren't you concerned about the rumors and innuendos that will dog you once your relationship becomes known? The only thing that matters to me is that my mother is found and returned unharmed. That could make a compelling story. I'll look into it. Maxie and lucy gave me the chance of a lifetime by making me part of deception. And I repaid them by making the company vulnerable. But won't deception become even more vulnerable if you go public about your drug use and recovery? One reporter already confronted me just now. But if I can sit down with jackie templeton, I can tell my story in my own words. And jackie won't try to sleaze it up. Look, if my mom agrees to interview you, she'll be fair, but she's also gonna ask the tough questions. Are you prepared for that? Don't be jealous, wiley, but I think your daddy is pretty handsome, too. Clearly, you take after him, not only in looks, but in your sweet temperament, your loving nature

[Chuckles] The way you both make me feel like part of your family, a family I never had when I was growing up. I finally found the -- the family and home I always wanted. But it was more than just a home. I found someone I could count on, who needed me as much as I needed him. And then it became something more, something I didn't see coming. And it makes me wonder -- the surgery was successful. Grandma monica said that the patient will survive. Here you go, bud. What'd I miss? See what I mean? He's even worse than last night. Mike...

[ Grunts ] ...You need to stop. Take it easy for a while. I got too much work to do. And it will get done, but not right this minute. You were just in the hospital. You could be making your injuries worse. I feel good. You sure? Yeah. I feel real -- you know how good I feel? I could run a marathon and not even break a sweat. You're right. It must be something mental. Thank you for seeing me on such short notice. You know, I wouldn't describe this room as bright and cheery, but it is definitely an improvement over how it was in stefan's day. Is my wife so scary you needed to bring reinforcements? My mother insisted that I work things out with Ava. And here I thought no one could make carly corinthos do anything she didn't want to do. Well, thank you, bobbie, for convincing carly to compromise. My pleasure. This is about an innocent little girl, and her needs must come first. Yes, exactly. So let's put our differences aside, shall we, and do what's best for avery. I couldn't have said it better myself.

so, what am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to just look the other way while jason gets carly embroiled in a kidnapping? Well, carly's still grieving over Sonny. And if you go to carly and tell her that jason is wrong or, god forbid, tell her to distance herself from jason, won't she just do the opposite? What if cyrus decides to retaliate and he goes after josslyn? Well, am I happy that josslyn's mother is involved in a kidnapping? No, but what if jason believes that striking cyrus renault where he's most vulnerable is the only way to keep carly and, by extension, josslyn safe?Okay. That is exactly the kind of thinking that caused Sonny to go after julian jerome in the first place, which ultimately led to his death. But you're not Sonny, and you're not jason. And for that, I am so grateful. Valentin is relying on your determination to right a wrong. And how is that a bad thing? No, it's not a bad thing, but in this particular case, valentin is setting you up to prove to me that your first loyalty is and... will always be...carly. Yeah, this painting's been in my family for centuries. I-I know that avery's not gonna be a part of this meeting, but is she home? 'Cause I'd really like to say hello to her. She's not. Avery's on a play date. I thought it best that she not be here for this discussion. Of course. Well, I'm sure she was delighted to get the necklace back. Josslyn told me you came by and you got it. Yeah. You know, it's funny -- I was under the impression that you were having that necklace repaired, but josslyn found it in your jewelry box. There's been a lot going on, you know. I guess it just, um... slipped my mind. Right. Well, avery insists that that necklace is Sonny's favorite and that she needs to wear it everywhere. I told her she should probably just wear it on special occasions. Can you imagine the meltdown if she were to lose it? Um, excuse me, but, you know, the trip over in the launch was pretty windy. Would you excuse me while I go freshen up a little bit? Oh, yeah, of course. Help yourself. You know where the restrooms are. Don't be long.

[ Clears throat ] Oh, oh, you're too late. Jackie templeton's thinking of doing a story about my mother's abduction. Jason morgan will not be able to escape public scrutiny. Well, feel free to tell me that you're impressed. Martin, I'm afraid you've made a very serious miscalculation. Who was that you were talking to? Um, sasha gilmore. She's a friend. She has a story to tell, and she'd like you to tell it. Mm. Today must be my lucky day. Look, sasha -- she made some mistakes when she came to Port Charles. She overcame them and seemed to be doing really well, but, uh, she lost her way and nearly died... thanks to cyrus renault. There's that name again. We talking illegal drugs? Mm-hmm. Why are you involved? Because, um... well... I'm responsible. What did you miss? Just quality time with your son, which I'm going to give you right now. I'll, um, check on breakfast for wiley and stripey. I, uh... I hope you told your mom how much -- how much you love her, bud, 'cause, I mean, she'd do anything for you. You know that?

[ Sighs ] And she has a way of knowing exactly what you're thinking. Before we all became a family, mommy and i were good friends. Sometimes we acted like a couple of kids ourselves, but before we knew it, our, uh, relationship changed. Grandma did pretty good with this ear, didn't she, buddy? Ah, too bad everything in life can't be fixed that easily. I know how fond avery is of josslyn and donna and...of course you. Well, that makes sense, considering avery grew up in our house, and until a few days ago, she considered it her home. This is avery's home now. I'm sure you don't want to confuse her with a lot of back and forth between our place and yours. I just want avery to be happy, don't you? Darling, weren't you about to go riding? It's probably best if I let you handle the visitation schedule on your own. Excuse me. I'm very sorry for my husband's tone. He really does just want to be my advocate. But I'm sure that you and i can work out something more than reasonable. Seems like nikolas wants to stake his claim. I don't think he's interested in being reasonable. Well, nikolas is a part of avery's life, whether you like it or not.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Problem? Yeah, I have a problem. Your husband's the problem.

Why didn't valentin go to the police when he learned that jason might be responsible for the kidnapping of cyrus renault's mother or carly might be involved? Because valentin's endgame isn't florence grey. It's about making me doubt you. He's always predicted that one day, you would choose carly over me. I would never do that. You know, there was a time that I was threatened by your relationship with carly, but not anymore, not after everything that we have said to each other. That's because I meant every word. Mm-hmm. And so did I. So let's show valentin that nothing and no one can come between us. Jason morgan has a reputation for efficiency. If he's taken your mother as leverage against your brother, cyrus, then he's covered his bases. He doesn't respond to pressure. He doesn't care about public opinion. How do you think he's gonna respond when jackie templeton writes an article connecting him to this alleged crime? Then I should advise ms. Templeton I've changed my mind. That's just gonna make her more curious. Alright, so what do I do? Tell me. Give me something. What's the best way to save my mother? Wow. You are truly a good guy, harry. But I wish you and sasha had come up with a less painful way of helping your friend get custody of his child. Sasha and I couldn't find another solution. And I think Willow finally understands why we went to the extreme that we did. At least I hope she does. Is there any hope for sasha and your friend michael? I don't know. At the moment, I think she just wants to move forward with her life. She thinks going public with the story will give her some sort of, uh... ...redemption. Did you tell her how I work? No subject off-limits, no punches pulled. Yeah. And she still wants me to tell her story? Mm-hmm. I like her already. Okay, I'll hear what she has to say, see if there's a story in it. Jackie -- I mean ms. Templeton, thank you so much. Well, don't thank me yet. I-I'm interested but not committed. I understand. Where do I start? How about the beginning? Apple juice and pancakes are now being served in the kitchen. I hope stripey likes chocolate chips in his pancakes like wiley. Well, if he doesn't, I'm sure that wiley will happily eat them for him. Alright, ready for breakfast, bud?

[ Grunts ] It's your favorite. Let's go. Mike's symptoms aren't the result of too much caffeine. And if they're related to his injuries, he wouldn't be working like this. The cause must be a preexisting psychological disorder. So what do we do? Mike? Yeah. Can you do me a favor? What's that? Come back with me to the clinic. Why? I'd like a doctor to check you out, make sure you're okay. You trying to get rid of me? Of course not. I'm trying to help you. You can have an illness you don't know about or something you don't remember you have. There is nothing wrong with me that a little hard work will not cure.

[ Sighs ] I thought you came here in good faith, not to take cheap shots at my husband. Your husband, the man who pretended to be dead so he could get his hands on his family fortune, who let his own son believe he was an orphan? That's the man you want raising Sonny's daughter? Sonny is dead. I'm here. I'm alive and well and perfectly capable of taking care of my daughter. Let's examine your life, shall we, carly, and see if you're capable of taking care of yours? Hey, hey, hey. What's going on? What -- what happened? I need a minute before I say something I might regret.

[ Scoffs ] Don't do that. Don't walk away. We're -- Ava, let her go. I don't know what you two said to one another, but try to remember, Sonny disappeared. He's presumed dead. Carly's hurting. Why don't you and i work out avery's schedule?

[ Sighs ]

[ Chuckles ] Wow. Ohh. I'm so sorry, my sweet girl. But you're never gonna know the difference. There's nothing to be worked out. I wanted to include carly in my daughter's life, but if this is how she thanks me, it'll be a cold day in hell before carly spends any time with avery again. You're absolutely right. I don't blame you for being angry. You don't? No. I mean, I love my daughter, but she can be her own worst enemy at times. However, Ava, I have no doubt you and I can be the adults in the room. So, what do you think's wrong with Mike exactly? His behavior reminds me of one of my patients who suffered from bipolar disorder. Mike needs to see a doctor as soon as possible. Hopefully, they can refer them to a psychiatrist to get an accurate diagnosis, possibly be put on medication. Mm. Mike won't like it. Most pre-diagnosed bipolar sufferers don'T. I'll find a way to convince him it's for his own good. Well, I, uh, think that wiley just broke the land speed record for getting to the kitchen.

[ Chuckles ] He beat olivia's record when she smelled her lasagna burning.

[ Both chuckle ] So, uh, mrs. Corinthos, what do we do about these? We said we'd always do what's best for wiley. Yeah, and not just wiley, but for ourselves, you know? I want you to be happy. I want the same thing for you. You know, you deserve the chance to...find out what you want, whether it's chase or someone else. And you deserve the same with sasha. Alright. Well, then... ...what are we waiting for?

[ Sighs ] Lenny, have you seen Mike? Thought he was in the back room. I checked. He's not there. I searched both floors.

[ Scoffs ] He's gone.

[ Sighs ] I already told harry I wish you'd found a less hurtful way for michael to get custody of his son. Sounds like you paid an even higher price than harry did. Does this mean that you'll do the interview? I can't let my competition beat me out of it, now, can I? Thank you. It won't be a puff piece to promote deception. All I want is a chance for people to know that if I can learn from my mistakes, they can, too. Very noble. But truth, like a lie, has a life of its own and unintended consequences. Forget jackie templeton. Despite what you may think, I am working on your behalf. I need more than work. I need results. Do you have a location? Soon, martin. Soon. Now, jason morgan may be unbreakable, but carly is not. I have lit a fuse under somebody very important to her. And if I'm right, that should lead to your mother's swift return. Well, so much for valentin coming in between us. Still, we can't continue to let carly make this terrible mistake. Mm, well, see, carly doesn't see it as a mistake. She trusts jason implicitly, doesn't she? No question. Yeah. So you need to trust her. She's backing jason because she believes that he can protect her and the family.

[ Chuckles ] When did you suddenly become carly's cheerleader? Well, I don't think we'll ever be best friends, but I respect any woman who fights for the people she cares about.

[ Door slams ]

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