GH Transcript Thursday 1/21/21

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 1/21/21


Episode #14626 ~ Britt gets another perspective on Peter; Liz confronts Franco; Dante and Maxie have an emotional conversation; Alexis is accusatory; Anna looks for answers.

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[ Sighs ] Chase: I love you. Okay? I-I do. I never stopped. And I know it in my heart, I know it -- I know it in my soul that you love me, too. Willow? Willow. Are you okay? Sorry, I was, um... just trying to remember if I turned on wiley's monitor before I left the nursery. Oh, I'm sure you did. You never forget a thing when it comes to that darling little boy. Yeah, I'm just gonna go check on that. Ned, what did you do?

[ Sobbing ] The secaucus P.D. Called off the search for Sonny. He's gonna be presumed dead. My condolences. I, uh -- I know that you and Sonny were... close. Can you at least pretend to feel bad? It's okay. It's okay, ned. We all know that tracy and Sonny didn't exactly get along.

[ Sniffles ] Why would you assume that -- that it was ned that was making me cry? What'd you think he did wrong? Hey. Any chance you're headed down to a meeting? Um, no. You're gonna have to go without me. So what brings you by the hospital? Uh, getting the bandage changed. Remember, you're the one that patched me up in the first place when I cut myself with a glass. Well, of course, you didn't just cut yourself with a glass, just like you didn't just drive your car off the road. Oh, yeah. Well, no. See, I don't want to hear a lecture right now, though. Mm-hmm. You save that for someone else. What's going on, hmm? What have you done here? Convinced yourself you're the only alcoholic in history doesn't need any help? Molly: Hey, jeannine. I'm so sorry I missed last night's study group. Things are still a little tense between tj and me, but I promise I will be at the library tonight, okay? I will see you there. You're late. Renault's got me on a short leash. Even after you saved his life? Sonny's favorite, huh? Yeah, it seemed fitting. Yes, I'm calling to check on the corinthos food order. 15 minutes. Okay, thanks. Bye.

[ Door closes ] Michael. I'm so sorry. I can hardly believe it. Yeah, you and me both. How's carly? Uh, she was just so busy worrying about everybody else, I just -- I sent her off to have some time alone. Ooh, these are pictures. Can I look at them? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[ Laughs ] Wow, would you look at that. What? It's you. How did this happen? How can you be gone?

 I assumed, knowing my son as I do, that he told you about Sonny in the most tactless way possible. Thanks. No, no, ned -- he -- ned was wonderful. He -- he knows how much Sonny means to me and how far we go back. I mean, we were -- we were like babies together in bensonhurst. Sorry. Am I interrupting? Not at all. Come, join us for olivia's walk down memory lane. Actually, I'd like to, um, join michael. He said the family is gathering. You know what? I'd like to go with you. Um, I got a little something I want to bring to carly. Lasagna. Close. You get the car. I'll get the...manicotti. I love you. I love you, too. Mother, um, next time, please be more careful. Don't just blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. You mean about your drunken tryst with alexis? Don't worry. You have no idea the lengths I will go to to protect your marriage. Does my steady-as-a-rock hand satisfy you, doctor? You're good at faking it. I should know. That's the thing about being in the program and going to meetings -- you can't "fake it," because everyone in the room knows all the tricks. But, yeah, you know, I'm not faking it. I drink because it makes me feel good at times, and I'm managing it. I can manage it. we have to make that a crime? Well, it's a crime when you get behind the wheel of a car. I-I wouldn't get behind the wheel of a car when I was drinking. Okay. Then how'd you drive your car off the road? That's an excellent question. And when I get to the bottom of it, you are gonna be the first person to know. So, in the meantime, excuse me, 'cause my rideshare is waiting.

[ Sighs ] I was just on my way to the law library to meet with my study group. I'm heading out myself. I have a shift at the hospital. So... tj. [ Sighs ] I know we're both trying not to hurt each other and to avoid saying the wrong thing. But all we're doing is creating distance. We have to talk, okay? So I'll go first. I was wrong for sleeping with brando and for not telling you about it. I mean, I th-- I thought I was protecting you, but honestly, I was just protecting myself. I mean, if I could just go back -- molly...enough. You asked for this meeting. Why? I wanted to explain what went down on the pier with cyrus. Yeah, I had a chance to eliminate cyrus, and you saved his life. I-I couldn't let you kill him. It's why I texted carly to show up with muscle to force a stalemate. Okay, you texted carly, and she put herself in the line of fire. That is the only reason that cyrus is alive. If I would have killed him in front of carly, she could have been charged as an accessory. I didn't have a choice. Okay? Cyrus knows the truth about dev. Yeah. My mother snitched to him about how Sonny lied to keep dev in the country. I'm sure gladys got a nice, fat pile of cash in return. Did cyrus tell you this? He left a-a document with his lawyer. If renault dies, it goes to the feds. Renault implicates all of us -- you, me, Sonny, carly, and even josslyn. That's why I couldn't let you kill him. Okay. I appreciate the warning. But no matter your intentions... you took an unacceptable risk. Regardless of the situation, you never involve carly again. Got it. Anything else? Yeah, just stay close to cyrus. Keep making yourself indispensable. Until? Till I tell you different. You know, if I'd known how little time I had left with my father, I-I would have come back sooner. Why is it that we never really appreciate our loved ones until they're gone? I mean, not that I ever wanted julian a part of my life or my kids' life, but I-I don't know. Maybe with time, things could have changed... mm. ...Things. I don't know. It's just, um -- it's such a waste. If you ever want to talk... thank you. I'll -- I'll let you know. If carly wanted to hole up in her room, I wouldn't blame her. Uh, no, that's not my mom's style. My dad, he, uh -- he left behind a lot of people who loved him, so she's, uh -- she's gonna be strong for the rest of us. But who's strong for carly? I'm really glad that you guys are here, and I know Sonny would be really happy that, uh, everyone was here for him. So we're gonna, um.. we're gonna hug, and we're gonna tell stories, and we're gonna drink his scotch. We're not going to, um -- we're not gonna ask why Sonny was taken from us so soon. We're not gonna do that. Okay? To Sonny, for living life on his terms and for giving so much to every single one of us. To Sonny. To Sonny.To Sonny.

Molly, you made one mistake, which never would have happened if my mom hadn't lied to you. Well, it's easy to blame your mom, but that's not entirely fair. I mean, yes, what she said was a big factor in me turning to brando, but she had nothing to do with me keeping what happened a secret for months. That is all on me. Well, there's plenty of blame to go around, starting with cyrus renault. He's the one that kidnapped me and started this whole thing. Well, I refuse to let cyrus renault be the reason I lose you. Can't we just figure out a way to move past all of the lies and find our way back to each other, the way it used to be? But that's just it. Molly, if the way things used to be was right, then -- then all the mistakes and all the lies, they wouldn't have come between us. No, I'm fine with maxie taking over all remaining wedding decisions, just as long as, you know, at the end of all the craziness, we actually end up, you know, married, which -- I'm sorry. Chase is here. He's playing some-- playing charades. He's making gestures. Oh, he wants to talk. Uh, okay. Yeah, I will. I love you, too. Bye-bye. Tell me again how I agreed to a double wedding. Oh, don't look at me for sympathy. You are marrying the woman you love. You have nothing to complain about, especially since anna isn'T... married to someone else. So, how's Willow? We got dinner last night. Nice. And? We kissed. Congratulations. I hope you're appropriately appreciative of my vague words of wisdom. Not if the kiss made everything worse. Thank you so much for coming. Yeah. Of course. So, um, is that lasagna? Um, manicotti. Yeah, Sonny was always after my recipe, but, um, I'd never give it to him... that way, he'd always have to come to me, you know? Olivia, here. I'll, um -- I'll put this with the rest of the food. Thank you, honey. Hi. Hey, mom. Thank you so much for coming home when you did.

[ Sighs ] I was just telling sam that I just wish I was here sooner. Oh, stop. Stop it. It doesn't matter. You're here now. Thank god. You've, uh, gone above and beyond, you know, staying here late last night and showing up first thing in the morning. It's really helped having you here. I can stay longer if you want. Look, if you didn't have your counseling session, I'd say yes, but it's -- it's time for you to take care of yourself. Okay. But if you need me, let me know. Okay, thank you. There you are. I just wanted to let you know if you needed to go somewhere quiet to scream or break something, whatever you need, I can take care of everything here for you. Thank you. Thank you. I just, um --

[ Sniffles ] I just need to be here, right here with the people Sonny loved and who loved him.

[ Door closes ] Where am I? Halfway between where you left and where you're going. Here. Take my coat. That's better, huh? Maybe you're not ready to keep on traveling after all. Maybe you're still able to go back where you came from. Only time will tell. Nice watch. Looks like it stopped.

School. I mean, the class even voted us "made for each other" in the yearbook. Which is exactly my point. Everyone took for granted we'd be together forever, but forever -- it's a long time. You're entitled to get bored with me. What? No! Come on, molly. Think about it. Maybe -- maybe you're no longer finding the excitement that you're used to in our relationship. That is not why I turned to brando. I slept with him because I mistakenly believed that you had abandoned me, and I was angry, not because I was bored with you. Are you sure? Tj, I still think that you are as sexy and exciting as when I first set eyes on you. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you. And if words aren't enough, then let me show you. Let's go ahead with the commitment ceremony. What do you say? I say no.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Sighs ] Did I not already warn you about the consequences of violating the penal code on stalking? I-I thought I already made this clear that I wasn't stalking you. Then why are you creeping up behind me? I'm not creeping up behind you. I-I'm going to meet my boss. He has an office in this hospital. Oh. You mean the same boss that gave me drugs that caused me to go into cardiac arrest and almost killed me? That's the one. Explain something to me. Why is the nice guy that treated me to hot chocolate still working for a world-class bastard like cyrus renault? Need a little bracer before you talk to lois and brook lynn? They're going to be shattered to learn of Sonny's death. He and lois were close friends. Brook lynn adored him. I don't think anybody is shedding any tears for julian jerome, except perhaps leo, who is too young to realize how much better off he is without him here. Which reminds me, are you planning on adopting leo soon? It's already in the works. Are you happy about that? I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Alexis is in a free fall. Olivia keeps trying to help her. I'm afraid it's only a matter of time. Stop worrying about alexis. She's not gonna be doing any drunken confessing. How can you be so sure? How are you doing? I'm just trying to, you know, focus on business. So you don't have to think about the loss. How's that working for you? It's not too good. I keep expecting Sonny to walk through those doors. I know how much you loved him.

Love him. Just because Sonny's gone doesn't stop my feelings for him. I think you know what I mean. I do. Michael: Hey, Willow. I didn't know -- I didn't know you were here. Uh, how's wiley? Wiley misses his daddy. How are you? And please don't say fine. Well, I bounce back and forth between feeling numb and wanting to punch a wall. But then I see how, uh, my mom is holding it together, so I just -- I don't know. I just try and follow her lead. How does carly do it? I mean, the incredible strain she's under. I mean, I try and, uh, comfort her. She just... turns it back on me, you know? She pushes aside her own grief just to make sure everyone else is okay. Well, I hope you know you can stay here as long as you like. Right now, your mom should be your priority. Thank you. You know, if I had known about your dad last night, I -- I would have canceled my dinner with chase. Um, I'm glad you, um -- you didn'T. H-how was it? It -- it -- it was nice. So, I-I spoke to brando. And? I-I need to fill you in, but I-it doesn't have to be right now. I have to get something out of the kitchen. Come with me.

[ Groans ] Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, you ever heard of that expression, "time stood still"? Huh?

[ Exhales sharply ] Seems like that's happening for you. It means you still got a choice. What choice? Well, you can lay back down... ...close your eyes... never open them again. Or... you can do it the hard way. Keep that ticker going one tick at a time. Would get up on your feet. Start walking one step at a time.

[ Gasping ] I can'T. I can't do it. So, you're quitting? No. Hmm? You're throwing in the towel? Staying down for the count? Mm-hmm. They got a -- got a word for guys like that. Dead.

So, y-you've changed your mind? You don't want to commit to a future with me? Molly, I can't -- I can't stand in front of a bunch of family and friends and share well-meaning vows, not -- not when you and I, we still haven't figured out where we are or where we're going. But that doesn't mean I don't -- that doesn't mean my feelings for you have changed. You mean your feelings

haven't changed? I still want to spend the rest of my life with you. That is, if you still want that, too. Oh, my god! Of course I want that! Well, if I hadn't been working for cyrus, then I wouldn't have been present to rush you to the E.R. When you collapsed at his apartment. Not answering my question. So, how's your drug counseling going? Okay, okay. I'll stop snooping if you'll stop nagging. Okay, it's a deal. May I ask one non-nagging question, though? You still have your job at deception? Barely. But my job security increases with each drug counseling session I attend, so... and I've actually learned a lot. Mm. Care to share? Well, for one thing, there's a difference between an addict and a substance abuser. Uh-huh. And which category do you fall under? Substance abuser. I can say no to using again, but -- but you wouldn't know how to stop if you got started. One more thing we have in common. Finn: Willow and you had dinner together. You had a kiss. Why aren't you celebrating right now? Because for all I know, it was just one dinner and one kiss. I mean, what if Willow goes back to michael, her husband? Can you possibly relate? Possibly. What's going on with brando? Why did he protect cyrus on the pier? Cyrus has insurance. What kind of insurance? Cyrus left a document with his lawyer about dev being in the country illegally and how all of us, including josslyn, conspired to set him up with fake citizenship. How the hell did cyrus know about dev? Gladys. Brando thinks that cyrus paid her for the information. God! Of course he did. That selfish, greedy woman. If cyrus dies, his lawyer sends that document to the feds. No, see, brick set up dev's fake identity, and brick's flawless. I-I don't understand. Cyrus cannot have real proof. It doesn't matter, carly. The feds will open up an investigation as soon as they see the name "corinthos." And don't think they won't threaten josslyn to come after us. You're telling me that we can't touch cyrus? We can't kill cyrus. But there are other ways to stop him. Go away. Leave me in peace. Ah. That's how you think life is, huh? Always taking the easy way out? Didn't anyone tell you? You got to fight for every breath. Hmm? For every precious tick of the clock. For every sunrise, every sunset. As long as there's a -- an ounce of breath in your body, you got to live. Who... who says? You do.

Now. I have to get to the hospital. Gonna jump in the shower before I go. Okay.

[ Sighs ] So, fellow substance abuser, care to join me for counseling and learn how to kick the cyrus habit? Cyrus isn't an addiction. I can quit anytime. But you're not ready to. Oh, you'd better get going. You don't want to be late.

[ Chuckles ] In other words, I'm snooping again. It meant a lot when you opened up about your own battle with drugs. If you hadn't, I, uh, might not have gotten straight myself. Don't underestimate yourself. I got a feeling you're a fighter. Just like you. And this time, you fought for me. Thank you. I'm Available anytime you need another pep talk. Pass. For all your wisdom, you're still working for a drug trafficker. Ye-- life's full of contradictions. That's one contradiction I can't risk being around. What makes you so sure alexis isn't going to slip up next time she's around olivia? Hopefully, alexis is on her way to rehab or to jail. Either way, she won't be roaming the bars of Port Charles, meaning she won't have the opportunity to shoot her mouth off to olivia or anyone else. I just came to pay my respects. Oh. I th-- I-I thought you were assuming there was liquor here.

[ Sighs, clears throat ] Carly will be very glad you stopped by. Unlike my daughter. On top of everything else, she's mad at me because I didn't accept the D.A.'S deal. There was a deal? It was a generous deal -- uh, complete rehab and a suspended five-year sentence. So why did you turn it down? Because something seems very strange about that night. It just seems wrong. Carly: Diane called. She has all the paperwork Sonny left behind. Yeah, spinelli's got a list of all of Sonny's offshore holdings. Will you go over it with me? Yeah, sure. know, how the financials are set up, the coffee company and the real estate holdings, they stay in the U.S. Everything else goes offshore. We never move money between the U.S. And offshore holdings. They got to stay separate. The U.S. Holdings have to be -- they have to be clean. Okay, that makes sense. Yeah, and then, um... you know, Sonny and i split the profit, uh, 50/50.

[ Sighs ] Except for puerto rico and, uh, the south american casinos. Those are all Sonny's, and now, uh, you retain -- you retain Sonny's interest in those. What about the waterfront? With Sonny gone, won't cyrus and the other families see an opening, a way to start moving their "merchandise" through Port Charles? You don't -- you don't need to worry about that, carly. I'm worried. I'm really worried. Mike: Come on. Never give up. Never give up. Never give in. They're waiting for you. Who? Who's waiting for me? Where are they? Where -- home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. I did it.

We did it. Thank you.

On my way, boss. I'll, uh, be at your office in two minutes. Hey, tj, I've been meaning to call you. Uh, let's, uh -- let's grab a beer sometime and catch up. I've got a better idea. You know, whatever happens between Willow and me or -- or doesn't happen, um, I'm glad I was honest with her about my feelings. Good. I guess we get that honesty gene from dad, huh? Yeah, I guess. You're A... a good human, um, chase. Yeah, and I don't want to rush you off, but I-I got a patient I got to see. Sure. Oh, but before I forget, uh, dad wants a chance to win his money back. Ooh, poker night, part two? Mm-hmm, your place. And maybe this time, anna and mom can get in on the action. I mean, dad taught mom everything he knows at texas hold 'em. She'll make him sorry.

[ Grunts ] See you later, bro. You know, mother, if I didn't know better, I'd think that you were almost happy that alexis had too much to drink and drove her car off the road. Ned, please, I wouldn't wish that on anybody. You're only too glad to take advantage. If alexis' misfortune happens to be in the best interest of my son and his family, who am I to question? Well, I can understand why your memories of that night might be a little bit hazy. I mean, you were pretty well lubricated when you got behind the wheel of that car and drove it off the road. To be clear, I didn't drive home from the metro court. Tracy did. In fact, she insisted. And can -- can you imagine what would have happened if she hadn't been there? You would have driven into another car or -- or some innocent bystander. You should be thanking your lucky stars that tracy was there for you. Tracy has not so much as uttered a kind word to me in her life unless there's something in it for her. Well, I guess there's always a first time for everything.

[ Clears throat ] Excuse me, will you? Lulu was crazy about Sonny. And Sonny was crazy about her, too. Well, Sonny was crazy about you, too. And, you know, he was really proud of you for battling your demons. Well, I guess I got lucky. Sometimes... you beat your demons, and sometimes your demons beat you. Cyrus can't do anything to us as long as we have florence. But we can't do anything to him because he has that document about dev. Okay, stop saying "we," okay? You cannot be involved in any of this. You can't risk being charged as an accessory. I know you're gonna tell me that the only way I can help is by staying out of it. Right. You can, carly. And I'll do that, okay? I'll do that, on one condition. I have to know everything. That's not possible. I'm not gonna make you an accessory. I know I can't be involved in the actual business, okay? But the not knowing is torture. This cannot be like it was with Sonny, where you just disappear, because Sonny just disappeared and he didn't come back. Hey, come back! Eddie: What are you doing out here? It's freezing.

[ Coughs ] I don't know.

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