GH Transcript Monday 1/18/21

General Hospital Transcript Monday 1/18/21


Episode #14624 ~ Carly has to make a heart-wrenching decision; Jax and Nina take a big step in their relationship; Ava inadvertently comes closer to exposing a secret; Cameron and Trina wonder what to tell Josslyn; Olivia seeks Robert's help.

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get empty the cash box. Why don't you leave us alone? We're hardworking people. You shut your mouth. Hey! Leave my wife alone. Or what? Huh? What are you gonna do about it? Sir, please, put the gun down. We don't want any trouble. Then empty the cash box, and there won't be any trouble. Leave them alone! I was surprised to see sasha here. Yeah, we're trying to

[Sighs] Figure out if our friendship can be repaired. Well, that's good. At least one of our relationships is being sorted out. What about... our relationship? Maybe it's finally time for us to figure out what we mean to one another. I was worried about you. Did you get my messages? Uh, about olivia wanting to have dinner? Mm-hmm, to celebrate my adopting leo. Well, obviously I got your messages because obviously I'm here. But you didn't return any of my calls. You told me that you were visiting Finn, but when I called him, he said you left a while ago. Where were you? Thank you so much for meeting me on such short notice. My pleasure. I've missed our little get-togethers. In fact, I've missed you interfering in my private life and telling me what I should be doing with jackie. Oh, then I can't wait to tell you to quit stalling and ask her out for real. Mm. But that's not why I asked you here. I need a favor. Like what? Teach me how to be a spy. So, cam, I noticed you caught up on your sleep. What's that supposed to mean? You slept through the entire senior assembly. No, I did not. Really? Name me one thing you learned about getting accepted to college. Well, you know, there's that, uh... never hold an assembly at night in the middle of winter when your stepfather has just officially been declared missing and presumed dead.

[ Sighs ] What? It's the truth. I would've fallen asleep like cam except for everyone coming up to me, offering their condolences. It was the first time you'd been back to school since your lock-down in november. Everyone just wanted to make sure you were okay. Well, honestly, it's just a lot. So many people are gone from my life.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] Hey. What do you have in there? Jax: Hey. Hey. What are you doing here? I thought -- thought you were gonna stay at home for a couple of days. Oh, believe me, jax, I would like nothing more than to lie in bed and scream and cry into my pillow. Well, then, why aren't you? Because Trina and cameron wanted josslyn to go to the senior assembly, and she wanted to stay home and take care of me. The only way I could get her out of the house was to tell her I was coming here. You could've stayed home with joss so you could grieve for Sonny together. I don't know how to grieve for Sonny. Give me the money! These people don't want any trouble. Now, get lo-- now's a good time to shut up. Give me the cash.

[ Grunting ] I believe... you owe these good people an apology!

you know, I put the journal away, but maybe it's time to take it out again. Wait a minute. I-I thought... thought what? Ah, you didn't throw your journal out? Of course not. I put it in the basement with a bunch of stuff my mom is keeping, like old baby blankets and my favorite toys, things like that. Why would you think I would throw my journal away? Uh, I don't know. You used to take it with you everywhere, and then one day you stopped. I guess I just jumped to the wrong conclusion. No, I saved my journal so that I could read it and look back. But I don't want to wait. I think it might be helpful to write about everything that's happened with Sonny. Hey, uh, no, it's just some personal things that I've been meaning to put away forever. I'm so sorry to hear about Sonny and julian. How are you and avery doing? Mm, we're okay. Avery didn't know my brother very well, but she sure loved her daddy. Yeah. And she's not crying. She's -- she's asking about this necklace that she found that Sonny admired. She keeps saying that she wants to wear it for her daddy. What happened with this necklace? I don't know. Carly told avery that she was having it repaired, but I called the jeweler myself, and he said that carly picked it up weeks ago. Well, you know, with everything that's going on, she probably forgot or misplaced the necklace. Yeah, maybe. I don't know. All I know is that I do not want to get into it with carly. We already butted heads about avery's custody agreement.

[ Gasps ] Of course. Because Sonny's gone. Yeah, I have full custody of my daughter. But to say that carly is resentful would be an understatement. I can tell that she wants to get into it with me, but she knows that she doesn't have grounds. I just don't want avery to get caught in the middle of something, you know? Yeah. So... I don't suppose that you could broach the topic with carly and maybe gently suggest that she back the hell off? So, what, you're just gonna drown yourself in work?

[ Scoffs ] I'm dodging calls from people that want to know when I'm gonna have a memorial service for Sonny. I mean, I can't handle that right now. Sonny hasn't even been officially declared dead. But didn't the police reclassify the search as a -- as a search and recovery? I mean, doesn't that indicate that Sonny is considered dead? No, no, I spoke to the attorney from secaucus, and, apparently, there is the law that someone has to be missing three years before they can be declared officially dead. Oh. I mean, there is an exception, you know, if someone lost their lives during a disaster or a catastrophe. I mean, those were the words she used. And wouldn't a bridge collapse be considered a disaster or catastrophe? Well, it's up to the person's next of kin to make that decision.

[ Voice breaking ] I can't do that right now. Can't do that right now. Hey, hey.

[ Crying ] So, tell me, what kind of trouble do you got yourself into now? "Now"? Oh, you're telling me you think I'm always getting myself into trouble? Don'T. Don't answer that. Actually, I'm fine. I'm asking for a friend. Anyone I know? Alexis davis. I know, I know that your office is pursuing her drunk-driving arrest. Yeah, we can't talk about that. Yes, yes. I get it. I get it. She already told me that she turned down your plea offer. Did she tell you why? She did, which is why I need your help. Alexis swears that something about that incident smells like a rat, and she swears that rat is named tracy quartermaine. Excuse me. I didn't realize I had a curfew. Avoiding my question makes me even more worried, or should I say suspicious? I was checking on alexis. Well, don't look surprised. Contrary to what you might believe, I do have a heart. I know you do, mother. But you were rather cAvalier earlier today when you heard that alexis was facing criminal charges. What changed? I-I know we agreed to try and sort out what we felt for chase and sasha before we figured out our own future. Right, well, haven't you done that already? Since you and chase kissed last night?

 I need to know you're sorry and that you won't come back. Otherwise, I'm gonna have to find a way to discourage you! You know what I mean?! Yeah, look, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You let me walk out of here, I'm gone. Get out! Might want to hold on to that, just in case he comes back.

[ Sighs ] Thank god you were here.

[ Sighs ] That man could've shot lenny. Most people would be, uh, let's call it intimidated by a man with a gun, but he sure didn't seem to be a problem for you. I don't know how to have Sonny declared officially dead. Be like I was giving up on him, you know?

[ Sighs ] You don't have to rush into it, you know? This is about you and your family. You don't have to do this on anybody's timetable but your own. 'Course, it won't matter if the police find Sonny's body, right? I mean, it might actually be -- be best if they do. At least, you know, that way -- that way you would have some closure. I can't shake this feeling that the bridge collapsing and Sonny drowning is karma for what happened with nelle. Carly and I, we're -- yeah, we're cordial, even friendly, but I don't have any special influence over her. Mm, but you do have influence over somebody who might have influence over her. Jax? Asking jax to be put in the middle would make things worse. Are you kidding? She would wonder why it's any of his business. And then she would be less inclined to cooperate with you. Yeah, you're probably right. So, what are you doing? You're putting your personal stuff away? It's time to close that chapter and start a new one. What, the chapter where you search for your daughter? Yeah, that kind of came to a dead end, but the information that I found about my child was more than worth the journey. Oh, tell me. Yeah, I haven't talked to you, have I? So, phyllis caulfield, who took care of me in the hospital -- she told me that my child was given to a couple in florida. Well, did she know their names? Unfortunately not. But I am choosing to believe, Ava, that my child grew up in a good home and is living a happy and purposeful life, and jax is encouraging me to believe that, too. Uh, jax wanted you to give up the search? Uh, he's only putting into words what I was already thinking, Ava -- you know, to stop chasing these shadows, that my daughter is living the life that she was meant to live, and everything worked out for the best. Hm. Well, that sounds very healthy and -- and well-adjusted. Yeah. But are -- are -- are you sure that giving up the search for your child is really what you want and not just what jax wants for you? Damn it. Forgot my bluetooth speaker. Could really use some music right now. I think we made a big mistake by talking joss into going to the assembly with us tonight. Wasn't just you. We both thought it would be a good idea to try to get things back to normal. But what's normal about anything that's happened to us this past year? You're right. Well, let's just hope that we'll get a fresh start now, hope for a better year now. My journal's gone. Alexis was drunk-driving. Do you think it wrong that tracy turned her in? Of course not, if that's actually what happened. You have doubts? There's just -- there are parts of tracy's story that just don't add up. What parts? If I told you, you would feel obligated to investigate, and I don't want to rip my family apart until I have some hard, actual evidence. Look, I'm not gonna teach you how to hack into tracy's e-mails. Besides, anything you come up with is inadmissible because you're getting it illegally. Is there anything that you can do to -- to -- to help me prove that tracy set alexis up? The only way to confirm your suspicion is to trip tracy up and have her admit to it. How? Well, I can teach you the fundamentals. It is fortuitous that alexis' legal problems have taken her out of circulation. Less likely she'll blab But I'm concerned about her drinking. Actually, I'm not the only one. Olivia and sam were both there tonight. Olivia is at alexis' house? Yes, ned. Your wife has a very kind heart, and she's worried about her. The good news is alexis had already gone up to bed, and I doubt she got to mention your one-night stand with her to olivia. Michael, I am -- I'm so sorry. No, Willow, you -- you have -- you have nothing to be sorry about, okay? Look, our marriage was always just an arrangement to make sure that nelle didn't get custody of wiley, right, and we succeeded. But we always acknowledged that we -- we still had feelings for -- for chase and sasha, so, no, it's not a surprise to me that you'd -- a part of you still wants to be with him. And a part of you must still want to be with sasha. She was the person you needed by your side when the search for your father ended. Yeah, yeah, no, she was. And, yeah, I -- I do. I still have -- have feelings for sasha. And what about our feelings for each other?

Friend. Same. Yeah, and then -- and everything that happened, you know, the custody battle for wiley and nelle kidnapping him, I -- I came to see you as somebody who loves wiley as much as I do. Look, Willow, I-I cared about you a lot more than just a friend. Uh, and I feel the same way about you. Yeah, but those, uh... deepened feelings? I mean, they were -- they were created in a vacuum while we were playing the role of husband and wife, and we thought that sasha and chase betrayed us, but they were actually protecting us and -- and wiley. And I think if any of those circumstances would've been different, would you and I... would you and I have ever been more than friends? Ah, good. I'm glad you're both here. We still on for leo's celebration tonight? Of course. All of his favorites are on the menu. Ah, good. You know, I was thinking I would -- I would just go check in with him and everything, make -- make sure that he's still good with you adopting him, you know, so soon after julian's death and everything. Actually, liv, if you don't mind, I would like to talk to leo first, as his about-to-be father. Oh. Okay, uh, great. Well, let me know when I can -- can join you both, okay? It would be my pleasure.

[ Sighs ] Got any last-minute words of advice for leo before he officially becomes a quartermaine?

[ Chuckles ] Number one -- refrain from calling me "granny." Number two -- if leo ever needs help, I am the one who will stop anyone who gets in the family's way. I have no doubt that you would. Do you think your mom might've accidentally thrown it out? No, no, she knew what the journal looked like and what it meant to me. She would never do something like that. Okay, why don't we just chill out a little bit, okay? It's probably lying around here somewhere. In the meantime, why don't we get some coffee before curfew? I'm buying. Joss?

[ Sighs ] No. No, you guys go without me. I -- I wouldn't be great company anyway. I'm just gonna be thinking about Sonny and wondering where my journal is. No, stopping the search for my daughter is my own decision, Ava, and no one else'S. Yeah, yes, jax and I -- we discussed it, and he helped me realize that my daughter's life is her own, and I have every reason to believe that it is a good life, just like I'm living a good life. I run this magazine. I have charlotte, who I love. I have my nephew, james, who I love. And I have jax, the most incredible, amazing man. Wow. Well, it sounds like the two of you are getting pretty serious. I think so. You know, he's making me a part of his family, which, of course, I love. Oh, you get along with josslyn?

[ Chuckles ] Yes. Why do you seem so skeptical?

[ Chuckles ] Well, it's just, the kid's a lot like her mom, isn't she? And I'm sure she's used to coming first with jax, so I can see that she might be threatened by you. No, no, she's not at all. She is terrific. She's accepted that I am part of her dad's life, like I've always been a part of his life. Alright, well, a drama-free relationship?

[ Laughing ] Really? Yeah. I mean, say what you will about carly, and you do. You say a lot. She and jax have done an excellent job raising josslyn, and with all the drama that she has had to go through, she's more of a peacemaker than carly is -- or me, for that matter. Oh. Ava jerome... what are you thinking? It's just that you've given me a terrific idea. I keep going over the circumstances of Sonny's death, you know, how it must've felt -- him standing on the bridge... carly. ...And feeling it collapse underneath him... just, please -- ...and him falling into that ice-cold water... don'T. Don'T. ...And fighting so hard to breathe. Don't do this to yourself. Listen, it brings me back to the situation with nelle. I never believed in karma, but this must be some kind of crazy cosmic retribution... carly, carly, carly. ...For us keeping the truth from nina. Listen to me. Sonny's death was a tragedy, okay? It's not punishment for not telling nina that nelle was her daughter. Okay? What? Are -- are -- are you having second thoughts? Are you?

[ Sighs ] I can't explain how I know how to handle that guy. I just, uh... just did it. It seems you're proficient in firearms. Doesn't matter to me. What matters is that you put your own life at risk to defend me, lenny, and our business. Thank you. Just glad I could help. So, what's your plan, Mike? Where you gonna go now? I think it's too late to tell nina the truth about nelle. That must complicate things with nina. Yeah, well, I mean, I keep asking myself, am I just as bad as valentin, you know, keeping the truth from her just to keep nina in my life?

[ Sighs ] You're nothing like valentin.

[ Chuckles ] You're not. And as far as withholding goes, you know, people say that love is about honesty, but are these people really 100% honest with their partners? No. Sometimes when you're in love, there needs to be secrets. I never said we were in love. You didn't have to. Oh.

[ Sighs ] Okay, I should go get ready for dinner. Oh, uh, uh, before you go, uh, there's something I want to talk to you about. Now, the first thing that you've got to do when you're setting your mark up and to get them on your side is to flatter them. Even if they know they're being buttered up, everyone responds well to a compliment. Is that a new blouse? It is so good on you, trace. It's really very chic, very, very you. I swear, it -- it makes you look at least five years younger.

[ Both chuckle ] Well, thank you. Maybe you'd like to borrow it. It might make you look at least five years younger, too. If that doesn't work, have the mark do you a favor. You mean I should do them a favor. No, no, no. No, I know it's counterintuitive, but people are more likely to have warm feelings for people who they have done a favor for. Ugh, damn! Tracy, sorry. I-I totally forgot. I'm supposed to have a witness here to sign leo's adoption papers. Do you think monica's gonna be back soon? I'll be your witness. Really? You wouldn't mind? Don't give it a second thought. Besides you and ned, I don't think there's anybody who cares more about leo becoming a member of the quartermaine family than I do. Robert: Now that you've lowered your mark's defenses, you slowly turn the conversation around to the subject that you're investigating. Oh, thank you. Thank you. That is -- that is such a weight off my shoulders. It's really no big deal. Well, I'm glad you feel that way because I know this whole thing with alexis has really got you just distracted as hell.

[ Chuckles ] Because I went to see her? And, by the way, I'M...

[ Sighs ] I didn't realize you were so close. Well, not close enough to actually convince her to get any help. No, it's very sad. Yeah, I mean, it's bad enough that she got behind the wheel of a car. I mean, can you imagine what would've happened if you weren't there to drive her home? Just doing my part. Then you tee them up. I know it's crazy. Part of me actually wishes alexis had not been sober enough to even disable the home alarm. You know, that way the police might've shown up, stopped her before she even got behind the wheel. Then you catch them in a lie. I don't know what to tell you, olivia. I wish I hadn't let alexis disable that alarm.

I don't know where I go from here. Well, I do. We have a room we rent above the bar from time to time. It's empty at the moment. You can stay there till you figure out something. I can't take any more charity from -- who said anything about charity? You need a job for the time being, don't you? You can pay your way by working here. Lenny's always complaining about needing help in the bar. And from the looks of it, you know how to handle yourself if trouble comes again. Well, that's awfully nice of you. It's the least we can do. Up the stairs, last room on the left. There's a change of clothes in the dresser you can borrow for the time being. Thank you. Hey. Ready for dinner? Hey! Uh, just about. Um, just a second. Hm? I was looking through some old stuff -- you know, memorabilia and stuff that my mother left me -- and I found this. A varsity letter. Wow. Yeah, it's from when I played high school volleyball, and I know that josslyn is on track to play division i in whatever school she attends, and I thought maybe she'd want it, I don't know, for good luck or something? I'm sure she would love it. Yeah. Um, are you sure you don't want to give it to charlotte? Oh, no, charlotte made it very clear that the only sport that she cares about is involving riding horses, and I don't think that they give varsity letters out for that. Yeah, no, probably not. Well, I'll make sure that joss gets this. Thanks. Unless, of course, you want to give it to her. Yeah, I would love to. Because she's gonna be part of my family for the long haul, right? My mom isn't here. She's at the metro court tonight if you want to drop in on her there. Actually, I came by to speak to you. Oh? I -- I just wanted you to know that I will always make time for you to maintain your relationship with avery. Anything else? Well, I-I know this is a very unfortunate time to bring this up, but avery is so upset about what happened to Sonny, and she keeps talking about this necklace that she found that she wants to wear for him. Apparently, carly sent it off to be repaired, but I just found out that she's already picked it up from the jeweler'S. It's a half-heart on a gold chain. Does that sound familiar? No. Oh. I really do not want to bother your mother with this right now, but I'm desperate to help avery through these next few days, and finding that necklace would be a godsend. You know, when joss was talking about her missing journal, you got quiet real fast. Any particular reason why? Um, maybe I know what happened to it. It was stolen. And you know this how? Because maybe the person who stole it showed it to me. Who? Dev. Why would he do that?! I don't know, okay? He said that he found it, that joss threw it out. Obviously, that was a lie. He stole it from joss' memory box. He betrayed joss' trust. If we tell her the truth, it's going to ruin her memory of dev. So what do we do? The way I see it, we have two choices -- we either let her keep those good memories of dev or we tell her the truth. So, alexis actually did turn her alarm off.

[ Chuckling ] I was a little confused about that. How so? Well, when we were at alexis' house earlier, you seemed surprised about the security system. I mean, that plus that the coffee was actually out right in the center of the counter with a big sign that said "coffee" right on it.

[ Laughs ] "Coffee." What can I say? Fridge blindness.

[ Laughs ] Well, I had my chat with leo, and, of course, he misses his dad, but he is absolutely delighted to officially join our family and have me as his new dad. Oh, honey, that is so wonderful.

[ Chuckles ] I, uh -- I-I see your point. What happened between us was the result of a false reality. Yeah. And we'd still be with chase and sasha if they hadn't made those sacrifices to save wiley. Exactly. After all the heartbreak they endured for us and for wiley, we owe it to them and to each other to try and get back that love we all had. Yeah. Okay. Unless that's not what you want.

 Okay, here's the deal. Chances are joss will forget all about her journal by tomorrow. By then, we can just forget the whole thing then, too. And if she asks again? Then we tell her everything we know. Deal? Deal.

[ Sighs ] I went through my mom's jewelry box, and I found a necklace I have never seen before. Oh, a -- a half-heart on a chain? Yes. Great. Thank you so much. I'm doing this for avery, not you. Because every time I see you, I think about morgan losing his mind because you switched his meds. And then I think about him stealing julian's car and driving away because he literally couldn't think straight. My brother is dead because of you, Ava.

[ Crying ] Nothing you do will ever change that. Thank you for the necklace. Jax, I am sorry. Ugh, I didn't mean to put you on the spot right there. Just feel free to forget about everything I just said. No, no, no, no. I'm not gonna forget what you just said, because my family

is your family. No, really, jax. Just -- it's -- it's okay. You bet it's okay.

[ Sighs ] Nina... I love you. I love you. And I appreciate you, and there's nobody I would rather walk this crazy road with. Lenny: You sure about this? Memory or not, a -- a guy doesn't know how to subdue an attacker and handle a gun like that without some kind of experience on one side of the law or the other. I don't care who Mike was in the past. I care about who he is now. He saved us when he could've just walked away. We owe it to him to give him a chance. And what happens when that thug comes back with a few of his friends?

[ Clears throat ] Thank you for the clothes and the, uh, job offer, but I-I don't -- I don't want to be any more trouble. Don't be silly. We need the help. So, can you start tonight? It's not just about what we want. It's what's best for everyone, and getting back to normal, making things right with sasha and chase, moving past the heartbreak -- I mean, that's -- that's what's best. You know, right? Of course. And, look, Willow, you, uh... you will always be wiley's mom, and I-I don't regret a single moment of what happened.

[ Voice breaking ] Me neither. Well, I, um -- I guess we shouldn't put this off any longer.

[ Crying ] We should, uh... we should sign those annulment papers. So, clearly, there is something you want to say to me. So why don't you just come right out and say it? Okay. What actually happened the night alexis drove her car off the road?

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