GH Transcript Friday 1/15/21

General Hospital Transcript Friday 1/15/21


Episode #14624 ~ Sam and Olivia work together.  Tracy catches up with Finn.  Chase runs into Michael.  Willow remains conflicted.  Jason is convinced Cyrus is responsible.

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Welcome to the tan-O.

[ Chuckles ] Best place in town. Not that there's much competition. I like it. Mm-hmm. I thought you might. Now, I've arranged for you to see a doctor in the morning... alright. ...A neurologist specializing in memory loss, long-term and short. But for now, you need a warm place to stay and some friendly faces. I appreciate your kindness. I'm broke. I got no money.

[ Scoffs ] Don't you worry about a thing. I got you covered at the clinic. As for this place... the proprietor over there -- he has a soft spot for me. Mm-hmm. He's my husband.

[ Chuckles ] Lenny, meet Mike. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

[ Scoffs ] Hello, stranger. Excuse me, but I am not the stranger. I have been here this whole time. You're the one that skipped town on me. Well, I'm back, and I'm taking you to dinner. I would love that. Uh-oh. But... I feel a paltry excuse coming on. Yeah. I'm monitoring a critical patient. But I hear you've been busy since you've been back in town. Hm! Who's been telling tales about me? Alexis. Sam: If my mom doesn't remember disarming the alarm and coming inside with tracy the night that her car went off the road, maybe it's possible they did not come home at all. Okay. I realize that I basically dragged you here thinking that there might be something to alexis' story that she didn't get behind the wheel that night -- olivia! Are you having second thoughts? I-I don't want to believe that tracy deliberately lied. Okay, fine. Then quit. Without knowing the truth? It's up to you.

Are you willing to follow this wherever it leads? Even if it leads back to your family? Is this seat taken? Nope. Be my guest. I'll have whatever he's having. I wasn't sure you'd come. If I'm being honest, I thought about bailing, like, a thousand times. Well, since we're being honest, part of me was hoping you would. What convinced you to show up? I tallied all the reasons to stay away and avoid what my counselor calls "emotional complications." That took time. I'm sure it did. On the other side of the ledger, I could only think of one reason to come. And that was? I didn't have anything better to do.

[ Chuckles ] Now, how about that nightcap? We've got hemlock and arsenic. Name your poison.

[ Chuckles ] It is so good to see you again, brick. What do you want? I want to celebrate the life of our fallen comrade. My deepest condolences to you both about Sonny. At this moment, I want nothing more than to set aside our differences -- and they are many -- and raise a glass to our friend. As if Sonny corinthos was ever your friend. All friction is -- is in the past. I-I almost said "water under the bridge," but that would've been in poor taste. No. Brick, jason, now is the time for us to join together before the wrong people fill the void left behind by Sonny, may he rest in peace.




[Camera click]

[Inhales] Halls breathe it in okay, before I commit to anything, I want to know how you intend to prove that tracy lied. Well, the security company that installed the system also monitors it 24/7. So they'll be able to tell you if the thing was ever activated that night. Yeah, and if it was disarmed the night the car went off the road... then that supports the theory that the two of them never even came back to this house. Which means tracy's whole account is up for grabs. Okay, okay, okay. But if -- sam, if we're gonna go down this road, don't you think that we should get alexis involved? I mean, this is her future that is on the line here. Well, uh -- uh, normally, I would say yes. But my mom is walking an emotional tightrope right now, and if we got her hopes up... mom. Hey. Everything okay? Tracy: We were talking about alexis. Did she tell you I was with her the night she got hammered and drove her car off the road? Yeah. Um... alexis swears she wasn't behind the wheel. I guess she's in some pretty serious denial, huh? Oh. You and I both know from bitter experience that denial can be your worst enemy. Tell me about it. Maybe you should tell me about it. Mm? Finn. You're about to get married, and suddenly you have this grim look on your face. What's that about? So, are you just a guy having a beer, or is this cover for a sneak attack? Thanks. Don't worry. I think I made my point at the gym. Yeah. Vividly. Something tells me we're still not even. Look, I haven't seen you since authorities in new jersey called off the search for your father, and I want you to know how sorry I am. Thanks. I know the pcpd did everything they could to aid in the search. Well, what we could from outside our jurisdiction. I went there. Saw the bridge -- what was left of it. Saw where my father went into the river, and, uh... it was surprisingly still on the surface. But the water is cold and -- and deep, with a strong current, and... and the more I look for a way out for my father, the more I search for some sign of hope... ...just became clear that nothing short of a miracle could have saved him. Well, as your friend, or... at least as your former friend, you and your family have my condolences. But as a cop, I would be remiss not to caution you. Just please, michael, watch your back. You and everybody close to you could be in very real danger. I was, um, glad you were there for michael the night they found out about Sonny. I-I know it meant a lot to him. Yeah, well, it g-goes both ways, you know? Michael has been there for me, too. He, uh, visited me when I was in the hospital. Yeah, he told me. Yeah, and he encouraged me to go to counseling. Drug counseling. How is that going? So far, so good. Not doing drugs. Learning a lot about me. Well, good. Yeah, but, uh, before we go off on a tangent about all the wonders of counseling, I need to clarify something. That night when they called off the search for Sonny, I wasn't there at the house for michael. I was actually there for carly... sasha, it's -- thank her for lighting a fire under me when I needed help. It's fine. I just happened to be there when michael got the news. But I'm not the one who's supposed to be comforting him. But what if you're wrong, sasha? What if you are the one? Lenny caulfield, where are your manners? Mike here showed up at the clinic half frozen to death. Phyllis, I'm not in the mood for another one of your strays. The Tan-O has a reputation for hospitality. So what? So stop being a grouch and be hospitable. Don't worry. He talks tough, but my lenny is a pussycat. And you're always picking up strays. What line of work you in, mister? And how'd you end up in the woods? You're not gonna like the answer. Try me. I don't know. I've been trying to track down my mother. I don't suppose you might have any information as to her whereabouts. Have you tried looking at the last place you saw her? Oh, evidently, mr. Morgan hasn't kept you apprised. Allow me. My mother is an invalid. She was receiving the best care possible until someone removed her from the facility. Now, the vermont police are looking into this. But then, you know that already, don't you, jason? You mentioned this in a previous conversation, right? And I still haven't received any kind of reassurance. How am I to know my mother's all right? How do I know she hasn't already met some terrible fate? Just like the novaks? The -- the who? The novaks. One of the five families. They were bringing a new shipment of product through Port Charles. That's distressing. Sure was for them. Found them in a warehouse near the docks, everybody dead, place turned upside down. Ring a bell?

No, everything is not okay. Okay. Especially with this photo album. I mean, it's literally begging me to get hammered for its own amusement. You know, why don't you let me take that off your hands? I have a better idea. Mm? Into the fireplace it goes. Oh, no, no! A-alexis. Alexis. Wait, wait, wait, wait! What about sam? What if one of your grandkids wants to look at that? Well? Sam? Nah, go ahead. Throw it in. Burn it. You think that's a good idea? Yeah, s-sure. Think of it as purging. Do it! I think it's more like an exorcism. Mom, I think it's gonna make you feel a whole lot better. You know, julian bought me this house. Maybe when I'm done with the photo album, we can burn this down, too. Yeah, that's a-a nice idea, alexis, but it would be arson.

[ Chuckles ] That's a valid point.

[ Sighs ] Okay, let's do this. I've got to check on the kids. Olivia, you... yeah, I-I-I got you covered. Thanks. So... where you want to start off first? This one is as good as any. You look so happy together in this one. All lies.

[ Sighs ]

[ Thud ] Ow! If you're sure...?

Arrivederci. Oh, hello. Forester home security? Yeah, I have a question about one of your alarm systems. I was hoping you could help me out. Story short, we scaled back our wedding from this big-top, circus-sized event into this much more manageable event. Right up your alley. It is. So what's the problem? Well, just when things were getting good, they got very, very complicated. It's a wedding, Finn. Ah. Yes, it was a wedding. Now it's a double wedding with maxie and peter. Exactly. I mean, on top of all that, my father -- he's left california, and he's planning on staying for the wedding and, who knows, maybe indefinitely. Wow. Well, I know how complicated fathers can be. I know you do. It's not just him. His wife, my stepmom, is also planning on being at the wedding. And by the way, did I mention they're separated? Wait a minute. Am I invited to this wedding, or do I have to crash? Which do you prefer? I'd like to crash. Perfect. And I want the chicken. Good choice. So, what's the deal with the stepmother? Oh, where would I start? I -- you might know her -- jackie templeton. What?

[ Laughing ] J-jackie templeton is your stepmother? Yeah, and chase's mother. How did you never mention to me that your father was married to jackie templeton? And you don't like her. It's not that. What is it? Look, this i s not the corinthosfamily's first rodeo, okay? So jason will make sure that the family is protected. With all due respect to jason, there was an incident down in the warehouse district. What kind of incident? The serious kind. Was anyone killed? Can't talk about an ongoing investigation. It's okay. I get the picture. Was it one of my dad's warehouses?

[ Sighs ] The warehouse was leased through a holding company. We're still trying to identify the exact tenants. Okay, so I'm gonna guess that the company is headquartered in panama or the grand keys and the owner is untraceable. Yeah, probably. But come on, michael. Would you please, please be careful? I mean, I-I would -- I would hate if anything happened to you or anyone close to you. Hey, don't worry. I'm -- we're gonna make sure Willow's protected, too. And if you'd like some safety protocols, I -- we're -- we're good. Thank you. So, did, uh, you and Willow talk "safety protocols" when you two had dinner? I know how much you mean to michael. And even though he's being strong for his mom and everyone else, he needs someone he can turn to. But he has you, right? You're his wife. Yes, of course he has me. We've always been friends, and, you know, I'm sure we always will be. Okay, hold on a second. You're talking like this is still a marriage of convenience. But it's not, right? You and michael got married to keep wiley safe from nelle, but now nelle is gone, wiley's safe, and you and michael are still together. Uh, yes, but it -- Willow, you don't have to pretend. I know that you and michael are...sleeping together. Brick: By the way, what happened at that warehouse tonight -- strictly amateur. Cyrus: Fascinating. I-in what way? It was sloppy, unprofessional. An open invitation to reprisal. Novaks are one of the five families. If you attack one, the others unite against you.

[ Chuckles ] Then I'm glad I'm not the one who's set to incur their collective wrath. Lenny: What don't you know? What you do for a living, or how you wound up in the woods? Neither. They're both mysteries. The doctor thinks Mike sustained a head injury. Combined with the hypothermia, it's messing with his memory. So you're saying he could be anybody -- a grifter, a criminal. Used to be a marine? How'd you know? I can see your tattoo. "Semper fi." You remember what my tattoo stands for but not your own name? That's how memory loss works. Fine. Yeah, I was a marine. Retired now. What of it? Nothing. I just thought that marines never leave men behind. We don'T. Why? Did you serve? Or don't you remember that, either? Why don't you shut up and give the man a cup of coffee? Why not give him a four-course meal? Because I already fed him the bolognese I made. It was delicious. I know. This man has just survived a trauma. Just give him a hot cup of coffee and some friendly conversation. Can you manage that? No! Listen, I'm -- I'm not here for a handout. I-I'm willing, if you give me some coffee -- I'm willing to work in the -- in the kitchen. I think that sounds like a good offer. Fine. Inform the kitchen we have a new dishwasher. Listen up, "Mike." If whatever it is you can't remember brings us any trouble, you'll have to answer to me.

do you feel better, mom? I actually do. You were right. It felt good to purge. Thank you for the encouragement. Good. Um, I was actually thinking, it's way later than I thought. Maybe you should head up to bed? Olivia and I can clean up down here, and then we can lock up after. I really appreciate that. Uh, and, sam, the security code is scout's birthday. Oh! Great. I can remember that. Thank you, both. I... good night. So, what'd you find out? Well, according to the security company, the alarm wasn't set until early in the evening, which would presumably be before she left for the metro court. Okay. And it wasn't disarmed until days later. And there's no other way that tracy and alexis could've gotten in and out of this house without setting it off? None. And it couldn't have been an -- an error or a malfunction or...? None. And you clearly saw the coffee canister. It's right there on the counter. Like, it should've been a neon sign pointing, "caffeine right here." Yes, exactly. So, basically, none of tracy's story holds up. We have her. Except for one thing -- motive. Jackie's not really the problem. I...I am. My mom had just died, and my dad remarried jackie a couple months later, and... you smelled something rotten in denmark. Thought it stunk. I had a hard time accepting the two of them, and I acted very immature, and I... I did some things that I wish I hadn't done. And here I am, tracy, right now, and I should be feeling like the luckiest guy on the face of the earth, and all I can think about are the things that I should've done differently. Wow. What a spectacular waste of time. Thanks. I knew you'd be sympathetic. What's the point of second-guessing yourself now, after all this time? I don't know. I just think maybe I should -- I should come clean and tell the truth and just -- and just put it out there. Finn, why now? All the people involved are grown-ups. And your brother wasn't even born then, right? No, he -- he came later. So, wait. Ask yourself -- would I be helping the people I love if I ease my burden by putting it on their shoulders instead? I know how I would answer that question. Do you? How much did, uh, Willow tell you about the dinner? Well, Willow and I agreed to be honest with each other, especially about people we care about, and it's no secret that Willow still cares about you. Yeah. Yeah, we talked about that, Willow and I. And, uh, we decided that it kind of felt... y-you don't really want to hear this, do you? No. But I probably should, so...

[ Sighs ] Okay, um... it felt good, talking about everything with her, you know, a-as if nothing -- nothing had changed, even though everything obviously has. Yeah, things are a lot more complicated than any one of us expected. Some things are even more clear, like the fact that you and Willow are married. And we both know she's not the kind of girl to, you know... chase, it's okay. I know what happened. Sasha: Willow? You're not wrong. Something did happen between michael and me. Um, something we definitely did not expect. Yeah, you consummated your marriage, which, hey, good for you. I knew it was a possibility. Chase and I pushed you and michael together for wiley's sake, but we figured that sooner or later your marriage would become real. And it has. Yeah, it'S...

[ Chuckles ] It's not that simple. It's not? Why? Because when I'm with chase, all of my feelings for him come right back, like they never left. Oh. Just like your feelings for michael come back when you're alone with him, because they never left, either, did they? Guess I'm not gonna get that drink. Look at the bright side, gentlemen. Regardless of who did the housekeeping, the problem was corrected. And I thought what happened tonight might be considered a goodwill gesture for the unfortunate misunderstanding that happened on the pier. I think we understood each other perfectly. Lenny: No I.D.? They checked my pockets at the clinic, um, to see if I had a -- a wallet or anything that might tell me who I am, but it got lost. Did you check your wedding ring? Uh, watch? Yeah. Maybe there's an inscription. Yeah. Check this out. "Mike. Never enough time. Love, A." That's how you came up with Mike, huh? That's how it is. You're one lucky S.O.B. If you survived on a winter night like this. Somebody up there was looking out for you. She's always thinking there's some guiding light looking out over us. That's because there always is. Listen to her. Some medical professional, hm?

[ Chuckles ] I've had patients who thought they lost everything. One even lost a precious child, had it taken away from her. And there was nothing any of us could do about it. Did they find the patient's child? Not yet. But as long as there's life, there's hope. See what I mean? You know what, lenny? I think -- I think, uh, there should be a lot more phyllises in the world.

[ Door opens ]

But why would tracy frame alexis with a dwi? I mean, what -- what would she be trying to get back at alexis for? I-I have no idea. I can't think of a reason. But I know how we can maybe figure it out. Great. How? Ask her. How else? No, I'm being serious. If we just go to tracy calmly but firmly, and we just ask her for her side of the story and see if she's honest with us. Sam. What? You're family. You are leo's half-sister, and I love you. But? That is a terrible idea.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Sighs ] Duty calls. Oh, too bad. I was just about to solve all your problems. Right? I'm really glad you stopped by. Of course you are.

[ Laughs ] Dinner and backgammon soon. I would love that. I really hope you can make it to the wedding. Oh, yeah. Don't you mean weddings, plural? Don't rub it in. I mean, I'll be really glad to have a friendly face on my side of the aisle. I wouldn't miss it, Finn. You know, tracy, this -- this whole family thing is, um, a work in progress. Violet -- she's the best thing that ever happened to me. If I ever let her down, I don't think I could live with myself. Michael, I want you to know that Willow and I, we never -- we never intended -- I mean, we were j-- we were talking, okay? And -- and it all felt so... I-it felt so familiar. And -- and then -- and then it happened. But I'm sure Willow explained that to you. Uh [Clears throat] That was the night they called off the search for my -- my father, so there wasn't really much time for explanations.

[ Sighs ] I thought you said you knew. What I meant was that, uh, I knew you and Willow would find a way past the -- the hurt and the lies. Hey, it sounds like you did, so... you're not mad? No, I'm not -- not surprised. What I am, actually, is late. Uh, I got to get home, so, yeah, beers are on me. I've never once denied being in love with michael. No, you haven'T. So, I don't get why you're telling me this. Wait. You have feelings for michael and chase. And you want me to be the reason you give up michael. No, no. That's -- that's not... isn't it? I-I don't know. Uh... I hope not. Willow.

[ Chuckles ] Nothing would please me more than if you got back with chase and I got back with michael. But I don't even know if that's what michael wants. What I do know is that I want michael to be happy, even if it's not with me. I want him to be happy, too. Then tell him! Tell him everything. The two of you need to figure out if you belong together. I am not gonna make that decision for you. I did that once, and [Sighs] Look how that worked out. Do you know that guy? No. Just his type. They come in every now and then, try to stir up trouble. What do you do about that? There was a time my lenny would've tossed his kind out on his ear. But lenny's got a bad heart, and he worries about me. So maybe it's best to try to get along. What can I get you? I'll give you one guess.

The worst thing that you could do would be to come at tracy too strong and too fast and let her know that you're on to her. She will come at you with both barrels -- w-wait, wait, wait a minute. If "I'm" on to her? Don't you mean if "we" are on to her? Olivia, you're the one who came to me with your suspicions. I know. Your intuition. I know! I know. I'm here doing this because of you. And it's great because you're right, so why the -- why would you want to back out now?

[ Knock on door ] Who could that be at this hour? Tracy. Thanks for stopping by. Look, I know you're confused and conflicted. An understatement.

[ Chuckles ] I'm sorry I didn't help matters. You did help. I'm -- I'm not quite sure how, but I know you did. Willow...I know you pretty well. And I know michael. And I don't think the two of you would've become as close as you have if there wasn't something real between you. Figure out if that's something you want to fight for.

[ Door opens ] It seems your difficulties with the novaks have been addressed, and yet my mother is still missing.

[ Sighs ] It's not my problem. My problems are your problems, jason! If I do something for you, I expect you to return the favor. With interest.

[ Door opens ] Alright, jason. I'm sorry, but I got to ask. Since when have you been in the business of snatching old ladies from nursing homes and using them as leverage? Sometimes bad things happen to bad people. Listen, mister, we don't want any trouble. Walter: Well, that makes two of us. So why don't you open up that cashbox and show me how generous you are? You got a problem, pal?

[ Sighs ] Sam, I'm -- I'm surprised to see you here... with olivia. Yeah, I was just, uh, helping sam out with her mom. How is alexis? She's not doing that well. I mean, she hasn't been really great since the car went off the road that night. Yeah. Well, actually, that's why I'm here. Mm. Oh? Yeah, I -- I was with her that night, and I'm -- I'm concerned. So I thought I would just stop by and check on her. Oh. Wow. I'm surprised. I didn't think you really cared. I do. Is she Available? No, she's in bed. Yeah, with everything that's happened -- you know, driving the car off the road, blacking out about it -- she's -- she's just not really up for visitors right now. I understand. Will you give your mom my best? Of course. And can I give you a ride home? Actually, we have a few things still to do here. Yeah, b-but it's not gonna take that long. Yeah, I'll -- I'll drop her off. And -- and, you know, we'll -- we'll lock up when we leave. Yeah, well [Chuckles] Why wouldn't you? Well, I just assumed that since you -- you cared enough to drive all the way out here, you were that concerned, you -- you obviously want alexis to be safe and sound. Mm. I didn't know if you knew, but my mom got a new state-of-the-art alarm system. Hm! Good to know. Yeah. Okay. Thanks. Of course. Tell your mom I send my best. Will do. I am absolutely certain that tracy has never laid eyes on that keypad in her life.

[ Exhales sharply ] Another indication that she never entered the house that night. It's just, more and more, her story doesn't add up. Give violet a kiss for me, and I'm gonna be home soon. I love you, too. Bye-bye.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Billing's on another floor, but I'll take it anyway. You don't recognize it? As currency? It's the money I won off you on poker night. Okay. And why are you returning it? It's symbolic. Of? That my luck is changing. Willow? Yeah. Yeah, there might be a chance that, uh, I'll be able to get her back. Well, you know, I, uh -- I like those odds. But keep your winnings anyway. No. No, I-I owe it all to you. Seriously, I couldn't have got better advice from dad. Hi. Hello. And goodbye. I was just leaving. Y-you know, y-you say that every single time I-I run into you. Well, maybe next time I'll say something else. Good night. Good night.

[ Door closes ] What was that? Can't a girl be in a good mood?

[ Chuckles ] Right. How'd your meeting go? Good. It, uh, ended early. Oh, and you're just getting back now? Yeah, I am. Um... uh, look, Willow, we...need to talk. Yeah. I think so, too. Renault made it sound like a quid pro quo. He gets his mama back safe and sound, and Port Charles gets peace in the valley. But if he doesn'T... I think his message was clear. So, what are you gonna do? Nothing. Because if cyrus gets what he wants... he's just gonna start taking more and more. And I'm not gonna let that happen. I said, you got a problem? No -- no problem here. That's what I thought. Hey, I'm not gonna say it again. Open the cashbox! Why don't you leave us alone? We're hardworking people. Why don't you shut your mouth? Hey! Leave my wife alone, or -- or what? Huh? What are you gonna do about it?

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