GH Transcript Tuesday 1/12/21

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 1/12/21


Episode #14622 ~ Jordan tries to make amends with Molly.  Curtis intervenes with TJ.  Ava blindsides Carly.  Jax and Joss come to an agreement.  Maxie asks Nina to do a cover story on Sasha.

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And thank you. Hey. Thank you so much for coming. Yeah, of course. It's so good to see you. How you holding up? Um, well, I... oh, um, come in, come in. Can -- can you go in the kitchen and, um, just say hi to josslyn? She really wants to see you. You sure? Yes. I'll be okay.

[ Door closes ] Okay. Okay. Ohh. Hi. Thank you so much for bringing avery home. Hey.

[ Sniffles ] Your sisters are gonna be so excited to see you. Carly, uh, please know you have our deepest condolences for your loss. Yes. It was important that avery come and see you. I missed you so much. Mommy says daddy had to go be with kiki and grandpa Mike. Yeah, yeah, um... he did. But I don't want him to go yet. I didn't want him to go, either. Come here.

[ Sighs ] I'm on my way, boss. I'll be at your office in two minutes. Hey, tj! Man, I've been meaning to call you, dude. Let's, uh -- let's grab a beer sometime and catch up. I've got a better idea. Okay. Pretty sure I know what this is about, but I'm not gonna fight you. Too bad. You don't have a choice. Knock, knock! Nina: Hey! There you are. Come in, come in. Finally. We promise you, this will be worth the wait. Okay. We'll see. So, what is this after-hours mystery business meeting that you requested all about? What are you two up to? Hey. How you doing? You doing okay? Um, better. Now that you're here. Hi, Trina. Hi, mr. Jacks. We've been hiding out. Well, I've been hiding out. Trina's been my backup. Yeah. Little overwhelmed, right?

[ Sighs ] It just feels like getting caught in a riptide. I mean, first, Mike and then dev and mr. Phillips. And now...Sonny. And everyone keeps saying they're sorry, and I know that everyone really means it... but I'm just getting to a point where I feel numb. And I don't want that to happen. You know, it's -- you have to just focus on the good things in your life, you know, and just keep yourself busy. Yeah, I'm -- I'm -- I'm trying. Uh, we -- we fed and changed donna and we got her to go to sleep.

[ Chuckles ] No. Joss fed and changed donna. I provided moral support. My experience with babies is basically zero, and joss is a pro. Well, I'm glad that donna has you as a big sister. And I know Sonny was, too.

[ Groans ]

[ Groans ]

[ Wind whistling ] It's freezing. What are you doing out here? I don't know. You must have been in some kind of accident. You look like you're in shock. Can you remember how you got here? I don't know. Some guy -- some old guy... was it somebody you knew? I don't know. Okay. You don't look good. I have to take you to the E.R. What'd you say your name was? I don't remember.

Portia. Uh, I haven't seen you since -- since we bumped into each other outside of kelly's christmas eve. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Yeah. Yeah. How you doing? Um, well, taggert is still in custody for his own safety, and Trina refuses to go to the pcpd to see him, so... mm. ...We're nowhere closer to bridging the gap between them. I'm sorry to hear that. Trina's got such a huge heart, but it also comes with a stubborn streak. It's just gonna take her some time to get past her father's betrayal. I can understand that.

[ Sighs ] I take it that means you haven't reconciled with jordan, either.

[ Punches landing in distance ] Brando: That's enough, tj! I mean it! Step back, man! You're gonna have to make me defend myself! Tj: You spent months lying to my face! Tj, tj, what the hell? Come on, man. Come on. Portia: Hey! Come on! Come on, come on, come on. Come on! Walk it off, walk it off. Get in there. Come on. Tj ashford, what is going on, man? I've never seen you lose your cool like that at work. What does it look like? I'm angry! Yeah, it looks just like that. Now, what has you so angry that you would risk getting fired from general hospital? Where do I start? It's not just brando. I'm also mad at my mom, and I know you're angry with her, too. Oh, avery! I'm so happy you're here. Uh, Trina and I went shopping today, and we got you something. Here. Come with me in the kitchen. Let's go get it. Come on. Oh, uh, carly, before I forget... avery's been asking about her necklace? I-I guess you're having it fixed? It's not ready. Right. Well, that's okay. It's not a big deal. I'll let her know.

[ Sighs ] Also, um... I want you to know that -- that what I told avery about Sonny being with Mike and kiki, I... I just thought that maybe she'd find a little comfort in that, in believing that. Yeah. That he's with other people that she loves. It's okay. I would have said the same thing. And I believe it. You know, I, uh -- I believe Sonny's with morgan, too. I'm very sorry for your loss.

[ Sighs ] You know, whatever I could say about Sonny, avery sure loved him, and she misses him tremendously already. It's gonna be a rough couple days, uh, but it -- it, um... feels more alive now that avery's here and she's gonna be back in her own room, so...

[ Sniffles ] I know this is a terrible time... but I think it's best that we address the issue head-on. If you have something to say, Ava, say it. Avery's visitation agreement was between me and Sonny. He had primary custody, but Sonny is gone. So now I am avery's custodial parent. And as her mother, I believe it's best for her that she live with me.

[ Vehicle door closes ] Here. That should stop the bleeding. There's no sense in calling an ambulance. It'll be much faster if I take you there myself, to the hospital, okay? All right? Hypothermia can play tricks on your mind. I'm gonna jack the heat up. Maybe that'll jog your memory.

[ Sighs ] Actually, what am I thinking? J-just check your wallet. Your driver's license should be right inside. No wallet. No wallet. Okay. Well, maybe someone jumped you and stole it. You're definitely not dressed for the woods, so you either were coming or you were going somewhere. No, it's -- I'm trying. I can't think of anything before I woke up. It's like my life started... after I woke up off the ground.

 I cannot believe that you would use this situation to make a custody power play. Avery has lived here her whole life... with her sisters and me and Sonny. This is her home! I mean... this is not a power play, carly. I am her mother. Oh, yeah, I mean, biologically and legally, but we are her family -- me and Sonny. She belongs with us! She needs us! I know that she loves you. But make no mistake. She is my daughter. It is my job to protect her. Protect her from what?! Can we just be realistic here, please? Sonny is dead. So is my brother. Your brother blew up the floating rib! Your brother! The point is, neither one of us knows what's gonna happen next, but we both know that avery will be much less of a target at wyndemere. Did you know she was gonna do this, that she was gonna use this moment to launch a custody battle?! As far as I can tell, carly, there won't be a battle. I looked at the custody papers. I didn't see anything that would indicate that a stepparent would have any legal claim on avery. Carly. You and Sonny -- you gave avery a real nice home here. And no matter what's gone on between the two of us, I know that it would be harmful to her to cut you and her sisters out of her life. I want you to continue to have a relationship with her. I'm very open to a reasonable visitation schedule. Where you get to decide what's reasonable. We are here with a pitch we feel would be perfect for the pages of crimson. Wait. "We"? You're already back to work? It hasn't been that long since you got out of the hospital. I'm still getting outpatient treatment at G.H., But I wanted to go back to work, and that's why we're here. Rumors are already flying around the industry about sasha's hospitalization. We're starting to get inquiries not just from media sites, but from retailers. But isn't that another reason why sasha should take her return back to work slowly so there's not another big disaster because she's rushing into work too soon? We don't feel like she's rushing. We feel like we're being bold. Oh. How bold? Well, instead of letting a gossip website use sasha's experience against her, we are here asking you to consider a crimson cover story. Nothing trashy and tabloidy, but something honest and revealing. Yes, about sasha's turn to drugs at a very dark point in her life, but also about how she picked herself up a-and got on a road to recovery. Maxie, sasha almost died, and you want me to turn this into a P.R. Event? What are you thinking? We are thinking about the future of deception. No kidding, but you're not thinking about what's best for sasha. I get it. I understand what you're doing. Deception is a young company, and it's very susceptible to these dark rumors. I get that you're trying to protect your brand, but you're throwing sasha to the wolves. With all due respect, nina, you did not let me finish our pitch. Because I don't want to hear it, maxie. Sasha -- she needs to heal. And I want no part of the public scrutiny that would come with a story like this. Nina, i want you to be the one to tell my story. I am beyond mad at your mom. And just like you, I am sick of her lies and I'm sick of her telling me that she lied to me to protect us. It's not like she hasn't lied to me before. "Oops. Your biological father wasn't the man you thought, growing up. No, your biological father was your dad's army buddy." But I got past it. I thought we'd pushed through and that we came to a place of truth. But how wrong was I? My mom knew I wasn't off somewhere healing my broken heart. She knew I was kidnapped. She could have told molly the truth, explained to her that it was important to back off and not publicize my disappearance. Instead, she decimated molly's faith in me. Molly slept with another man because of my mom's lies. And the excuse is always that she was in a bad situation, she had to make a tough choice. But enough! They aren't choices I can live with. Really good, avery.

[ Chuckles ] You know, Trina, I haven't seen you since your dad came out of hiding. How's he doing? In jail. Yeah, no, I-I realize that, but have you seen him? Nope. Yeah, Trina's a little pissed that he lied to her, so... oh. Yeah, my -- my dad let me believe for months that he was dead, and all that time, I kept attacking curtis for not going back to save him. I made him feel so guilty. I really owe him an apology. I bet you would never put joss in that kind of situation. Well, to be honest, I don't know what I would do if I was in the situation where I had to protect josslyn. Uh, but I do know this -- that as a parent, when a child is in danger, the rules kind of go out the window. So, lying to them, leaving them -- leaving me to grieve? Suddenly that's okay? Taggert is alive. Right? And unlike Sonny's children, you get a second chance to be a part of his life. You really want to waste that on anger?

[ Groans ] What's that? My saint christopher medal? My grandma got it for me. I don't know if I believe in all that stuff, but it makes her happy knowing it's in my car. What is it? Are you remembering something? It's like I'm -- I just got a feeling... that I'm missing something. Just hang on, buddy, all right? Don't pass out on me. I'm gonna get you to the hospital as fast as I can.

[ Engine revs ]

[ Siren wails ] Oh, crap. Now what?

These troopers can be trouble. So please keep your cool. Officer, I'm trying to take him to the hospital. Yeah. Save it. But, officer, I'm trying to -- I need to see your license and registration. I'm trying to explain to you -- are you looking for trouble, buddy? I said license and registration. Now. Well, that was nice of Trina to take avery to her room. Duh. You asked her to.

[ Scoffs ] Okay, 'cause I-I wanted to finish the conversation that we started the other night on the -- on the phone. Uh, I figured it was best if it was just the two of us. Are you still upset that I won't leave the country with you? Look, I don't want to argue, dad, but I'm not gonna change my mind. As much as I love going to australia with you, mom needs me, and so do my sisters. Okay, it doesn't matter that your, um -- that your reasons for staying were admirable. Living in this house still presents a risk. Now, that said, I may not agree with your decision, but I'm not gonna fight you on it...for now. Because nina had to remind me that you're 18, you're old enough to vote and old enough to make your own choices. Wow! Go, nina. Yes, but if the situation escalates, I may change my mind. Fine. As long as you understand that I may not change mine. You know, I-I meant what I said to Trina. I don't know how far I would go to protect you, but I would rather live with you angry at me than ever face living without you. So that's what's got you torn up. Molly slept with brando corbin, and now you want to whup his ass. Wouldn't you? Probably. Molly took full responsibility for everything. But I know her. She had to be in a horrible place for her to sleep with somebody else. Whoa, t, I was there when molly came asking for answers. She was frantic to find you, man. You got to remember, your mom hadn't slept much, and she was out of her mind with worry for you. So that gave mom the right to be cruel? I'm not giving her a pass on nothing. Good, because she doesn't deserve one. But you mom was terrified that if molly kept asking questions and she told her the truth that all hell would break loose and that could have gotten both of you killed. That is not the point. That is exactly the point, tj. Your mom picked saving your life over absolutely everything else. You can't just walk out on her. But you can? She's your wife. What are you gonna do? Here you go. This should help with the swelling. Oh, my god. Brando! Where is tj? Did you hurt him? Actually, tj went after him, and mr. Corbin refused to fight. I'm sorry. That was a stupid question. Do you know where tj is? Um, curtis took him to the exam room to cool off. If you'll excuse me. What the hell, molly? Did I hurt tj? Of course not. I'm sorry, brando. Okay? Deciding to tell tj the truth and all of the fallout has me a little overwhelmed. Yeah, well, still would've been nice to know that tj was gunning for me. I know. I should have called you. But, I mean, I never expected this. You have to understand. Tj is not a violent guy. He thinks I've been trying to play him for a fool for months! I'd want to hit me, too. I should have just went with my instinct and told him straight-up. Yeah, well, we both know why you didn'T.

[ Sighs ] I -- I spoke to spencer earlier this morning. He's heartbroken. He loved his uncle Sonny. They got close while you were gone. I can't believe you're going along with this. Excuse me? This has been avery's home most of her life. But did you know that Ava used Mike's condition to blackmail herself into partial custody? Sonny only granted visitation for avery. And he never would have done it had he known that Ava was planning on raising avery alone! First off, Ava's not alone. She has me. Oh. And, hopefully, soon, spencer. You expect me to believe that your marriage to Ava is gonna last? You can believe whatever you want to believe, but as for me, I have no intention of leaving my wife. And there is no way that I am gonna stand back and watch you try to raise another child that is not your own. I haven't forgotten how you and jax tried to pass off spencer as jax's son. Don't get high and mighty with me. Spencer was just an infant, and that lasted all of two months. Meanwhile, you let spencer believe that he was an orphan. You sacrificed your son to get your hands on your inheritance! You don't deserve to raise avery! Oh, I have just as much right as you do...

[ Scoffs ] ...Because we are both married to avery's parents! Sonny is barely gone, and you and Ava are acting like his wishes for avery don't even matter! That's not true. No, we will absolutely take Sonny's wishes into consideration. We just won't be ruled by them. This all looks fine. I'm still giving you a ticket for doing 80 in a 40.

[ Sighs ] Hey. Do I know you?

What's the big hurry? What's going on? Look, I've been trying to tell you. I ran across this guy in the woods. He's hurt. I was taking him to the hospital. Everything's fine. The officer's just doing his job. Let's get out of the car, put -- hands up nice and easy.

[ Police radio chatter ] Happy new year, Trina. I was hoping I'd see you here. I missed you over the holidays. Yeah, I'm so sorry I had to cut back on my hours. There was just a lot of stuff going on. Yes. Yes, I hear that you received a very special gift. Are you talking about my father being alive? You must be over the moon. Well, I'm glad he's alive and all. Oh, no w, I [Chuckling] Recognizethat stubborn expression. What are you digging your heels in about? He could have told me he was alive. Ohh. Okay, well, let's think about that. What would that have looked like? The whole city thinks your father is dead. They expect to see you mourn him. Would you be able to keep up that lie? To josslyn, to the rest of your friends, to your mother? And if you did tell portia, well... she would have to start lying, as well. And the more people who knew, the more dangerous life would become for both you and your mom. I don't know, Trina. I think -- I think what your dad did is commendable. What?! But you saw me. Y-you saw what I went through. I was crushed. Trina. I know. You are understandably upset by what your father's lie cost you. But have you considered what it cost him? You wanted to come clean with tj about everything, and I talked you out of it. I knew it was on me to be honest about what happened, but I -- I just couldn't make myself. I am so sorry you got caught up in all of this. Uh, the circumstances were extreme. We all did what we did. Could we have acted better? No question. But no one was out to hurt anyone. Just the opposite. I mean, I actually like tj. I don't know anyone in this town. I could've used a friend.

[ Indistinct conversation ] Curtis. Hi. Molly. I-I-I hate to butt in, but I'd really like to talk to tj privately, if that's okay. I think we should. Yeah. Thanks, uncle. Well, look, you guys -- you guys can get through this. Just make sure you're honest with each other. I can't believe you went after brando. You know he's a former marine, right? Yes, I know that, but when I saw him, I lost it. The guy's been pretending to be my friend while lying to my face. He should've stepped up and told the truth. Okay, look, that's not on brando. Not at all. As soon as brando found out who you were, he wanted to be up-front with you about everything. But I asked him not to. Nina, I can see that you're still hesitant, and I get it. When maxie and lucy first told me about this idea, i hated it. All I wanted was to forget my drug detour ever happened. But that is not what they're teaching me in recovery classes. I can't sweep this under the rug. I owe it to myself to do this, and I owe it to lucy and maxie. They trusted me with their dream. They brought me into deception, and I put the company at risk. I-I think you're being a little bit too hard on yourself, sasha. Okay. The reality is that I won't be able to heal from this crisis if I don't step up and do it right. And that means going public with my mistakes. Like maxie said, they're already gossiping about me. Why not give them my side of the story? It might help someone. Yeah, so release a statement. You don't have to invite crimson into all the nooks and crannies of your life, sasha. These internet trolls -- they are vicious and they're real. You remember what happened with Ava -- all that horrible press she got because of her profile. But sasha is not Ava. This whole thing started with sasha over relationship heartache. And who can't relate to that? Who can't relate to wishing there was some magic potion that would make all the pain go away? I really think this would be relatable for your readers. Not only that, but you would get to oversee the whole piece, because sasha trusts you, nina, and so do I. Look, nina. Right now, I'm a cliché. "Oh, the poor model turned to drugs." That is not my story. Deception was created for strong women who are brave enough to say they messed up and say, "I'm sorry." Mm. You know, sasha, you're really good at putting up a brave front. And you're always ready to accept responsibility and hold yourself accountable. Yeah, you've made a lot of mistakes. But from where I'm sitting, you've suffered enough. More than enough. And how could I possibly have you suffer any more? Maxie, sasha, I'm sorry, but you're just gonna have to take your story elsewhere.

[ Sighs ] Nikolas. Am I interrupting something? Not at all. I was just about to go fetch my wife and avery. It's time for us to go home. Ava is sure rubbing off on him. They're such hypocrites. They conveniently forget all the damage they've done, and the kids are gonna be paying the price, especially avery. Uh, what's going on?

[ Glass thuds ] How is josslyn? Did you talk to her? I-I did, but she doesn't want to leave you or her sisters. Of course she doesn'T. I mean... they light up when she's here, and they love her so much, which is another reason why avery needs to stay here! Okay, you lost me, 'cause this is where avery lives. This is her home, right? Not anymore. With Sonny gone... Ava is avery's biological mother. She now has full custody, and she is going to take avery to live with her. Which is just great for avery, right? Because she's been to wyndemere all of four times. Four times, jax. And now she's gonna be living there. Oh. Avery has lost her father, and now, thanks to Ava, she's gonna lose her home.

[ Police radio chatter ]

[ Vehicle door closes ]

[ Sighs ] What's a city guy like you doing out here, freezing in the woods? Officer, I'm trying to tell you. It -- hey. Uhh. I'm talking to him. And what's with that bandana? Honestly...I'm lost. I don't know how I wound up here. He's right. I'm hurt. My head got... officer... can you tell me where I am?

You're telling me you have no idea how you got that injury? Or how you wound up in the woods? Officer... I know it's farfetched. I woke up in the woods, cold and wet. My -- my head was injured. I don't have my I.D. I don't have my wallet. I don't even know my name. I think he's in shock.

[ Coughs ] If it wasn't for eddie here, I'd be frozen by now. You can't give him a ticket. He was just driving me to the hospital. Want to blame somebody, blame me. Look, officer, I'm just trying to get him to the hospital. Can I get the man some help? Yeah, there's only one place you two are going -- the emergency room. And I'm gonna make sure you get there myself.

[ Exhales sharply ] Thank you for staying with me all night. I remember what it was like when my dad died. Well -- correction -- when i thought my dad died. Company helped.

[ Scoffs ] See, that's the strange thing. Sonny's not my dad. And I -- I spent a lot of time over the years mad at him. You know, for a while, I wished my mom had stayed with my dad. What changed? My attitude. Because of Sonny. He never wavered. I mean, it didn't matter what I said or what I did. He was -- he was so determined to love me and take care of me, whether I wanted him to or not. Hey, hey, it's okay I-if you want to cry. You know, I guess... over time, he just wore me down. Because I love him. And I miss him already. I guess we should go. I-I just want to say something to nina first. Thank you for all the kind things you said about me. Personally, I think you're being too kind, but that was always your nature.

[ Door opens ] Sasha. Wait. I'm serious when I say you've got to stop picking at your life like it's an open wound. You know, probably some of that is my fault, because how many times did I just throw what happened between us in your face? And maybe it's time now that i acknowledge what you did for me. I gave you the heartbreak of losing a child. Yeah, you did give me that heartbreak. But that never would have happened if you didn't already give me this experience of believing that I was this lovely woman's mother. What a joy it was for me to take on that role for you. It was short-lived, but it was a gift, sasha -- to experience motherhood for what will probably be the only time in my life. And I got to do it with you. I'm blessed. Thank you. I'm gonna see you real soon. I know that you are gonna be spending more time with your mom and nikolas. But I want you to know that I'm gonna keep your room exactly the way it is... and you can come visit and stay with me anytime you want. You will always have a home here. Donna needs her big sister. That's right. Donna needs her big sister in her life.

[ Sniffles ] Mm! [ Sighs ] Okay. Come on, sweet pea. Hey.

[ Sobs ] I got you, I got you. It's like losing avery is... the final proof that Sonny's gone.

Brando wanted to come clean about the two of you hooking up, and you convinced him to stay quiet? Look, the night that I spent with brando, it never occurred to me that I was cheating on you because I thought we were done. And then when the truth came out that you were kidnapped, my whole world got turned upside down. I told brando that what happened that night could never happen again. And he was never comfortable keeping the secret. But I just couldn't stand the idea of him telling you. That's why you kept avoiding brando being with us.

[ Sighs ] Yes. And then [Sighs] You ended up liking brando, and that just made things so much harder. I kept promising myself that I would tell you. And I kept putting it off -- putting a lie of omission between us. But we've seen what lies have done to our parents, and... I don't want to repeat their mistakes. I don't want that to be us. I know. We have to do better. We'll get there. Wait. I don't understand. How was your time with sasha the only time you'll get to experience motherhood? What's happening with your biological daughter? I thought you could still find her. Is that why you stopped wearing your half-heart necklace? Have you given up the search? No, not given up. I've just made a decision, you know, to stop searching for something, chasing something that will never be... and find happiness in where I am right now. Avery, I spoke to carly about your necklace, and I'm afraid it's still at the jewelry store. Why don't you and I go shopping tomorrow and we'll pick you out a new one, okay? I want the special one that daddy liked. Okay, well, I'll tell you what, then. We'll just -- we'll give carly a little more time. I know she knows how important that necklace is to you. Sonny would have never let that happen. He would never let that hateful woman take avery from her home. But with Sonny gone, there's no way to stop her.

[ Sighs ] Hey, I'm sorry that you're left to go through this alone. I'm not alone. I have my kids. Yeah. I have jason. And I have you, don't I? Of course you do. Thank you.

[ Sighs ] Of course you do. Eddie: I'm impressed. You had that cop eating out of your hand. What can I say? Gut instinct.

[ Siren wailing ]

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