GH Transcript Friday 1/8/21

General Hospital Transcript Friday 1/8/21


Episode #14620 ~ Jordan asks Jason to come to the PCPD. Sasha comforts Michael. Portia encourages Taggert to fight. Cyrus hones in on the root of his problems. Peter snaps at Sam.

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 jordan: Okay, well, thanks for the update. I'll be in touch. Good evening, commissioner. I understand you're expecting us. I was expecting mr. Morgan, though I can't say I'm surprised to see you. Well, where else would I be when my client is being questioned by the authorities? Well, when I initially invited mr. Morgan to come down, your presence wasn't necessary. And, uh, what? Now it is? Well, that depends. Cyrus renault's mother's gone missing. Any thoughts? "If jason has your mother, I'm sure she's fine"? Does that seem acceptable to you? Because it's far from acceptable to me. I don't give a damn. You want to talk to me about your missing mother? Why don't you send your complaints through my daughter and when she's well enough to pass it on to me, then I'll listen. For the last time, I had nothing to do with -- I hope it's the last time, because I'm sick to death of you lying to my face. You had everything to do with that bombing, and you killed two people, and you left my daughter comatose. At least I am concerned about lulu's welfare. You don't seem to care at all about my mother's condition. Of course I care about florence. But if she's with the people who you think she's with, she's fine. So the status changed from search and rescue to search and recovery. Yeah, I know what that means. Uh...okay, thank you. I'll let my mother know.

[ Sighs ] There you are. Yeah, here I am. Oh, actually, I was... talking to this.

[ Chuckles ] Oh. It's nice. Wow, you look really, uh -- oh, thanks. I have dinner plans at the metro court. With chase. All hail, the conquering hero returns. Welcome home, partner.

[ Chuckles ] I need to speak to dr. Arthur cabot. Yes, I know he's in solitary, but this is an urgent medical consultation regarding a procedure he developed. Dr. Cabot is literally the only person who can answer my questions. Yes. No, I understand that. But there must be something we -- no, f-fine. Right. I get it. Thanks anyway. For absolutely nothing. Hey. Whoa. Where are you going in such a hurry?

[ Sighs ] Sonny. Sonny?

 I suppose it makes sense for you two to figure everything out. I can reschedule. No, with everything that's happening with your father, if you need me to stick around just in case -- no, no, no, it's -- it's okay. You should -- you should go. Are you sure? You seem... have you heard anything from the authorities in new jersey about the search? Yeah, there's, uh -- there's nothing any of us can do right now. Chase: It's good to see you, man. I'm glad you're back. Uh, yeah, yeah, you, too. I'm, uh -- I've been back for a few months now. Yeah, yeah. When I -- when I heard, I was -- I was gonna reach out, but then -- and this is not an excuse, but -- but I bet you're gonna tell me anyway.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I-I had some pretty heavy cases, and -- and there was a lot going on in life. Don't worry about it, man. Uh, besides the fact, I already hear that, uh, you were looking after my family while I was gone. Yeah, it was an honor and a pleasure. Well, that's what good cops do. Makes you maybe one of the best, yeah? Thanks. You know, I'm sorry to hear about lulu. Everyone at the station's pulling for her. Thanks. I appreciate that. She was a fixture there. And she will be again, and soon. Uh, I should probably get my table. But we should catch up if -- if you'd be into that. Yeah, I don't think so, man. I'm kidding, buddy. Yeah, of course. Love to. Great. Does that mean you're gonna stick around Port Charles for a while? Yep. Yeah. I got to, uh, be with my family, and I got to, uh, tie up some loose ends here. I would actually like to coordinate maxie's bachelorette party and your bachelor party on the same weekend. Great. We'll be in touch. Uh, I-I was thinking maybe we can pin down a date, since your wedding's only a few weeks away. I know when my wedding is. I also know that you'd be more than pleased if it didn't happen. Peter. You can drop the act, sam. I know you can't stand the thought of me marrying maxie. Sasha, hi. Uh, come in. Come in. Thanks. Is this a bad time? No. No, not at all. Michael's not here, though, if that's who you're looking for. Actually, I'm here to see you. Portia. You weren't expecting me? What amazes me is that you actually thought that it was gonna be Trina. It was more of a hope than an expectation. Well, that's a lot to hope for, seeing how furious she was to find out that you had been lying to her about your death. You broke Trina's heart. Losing you changed -- she hasn't lost me, portia. I'm right here. No, yes. Yes, she did. She lost you. And that loss changed her in ways that I don't think you fully comprehend yet. I am so sorry for the hurt that I caused her. And you. I know how Trina must have felt, but that lie kept her alive. And I can live with my daughter hating me so long as she is alive to do that. Commissioner, I-I know you didn't just ask my client to confess to a -- I have no interest in dragging mr. Morgan through a pointless interrogation unless it is absolutely necessary. But cyrus renault came to me claiming that his mother was kidnapped in vermont, leveling all kinds of accusations. Against who, mr. Morgan? With what proof? As the police commissioner, I need to do my due diligence regardless. Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but the pcpd has no jurisdiction over an incident that happened in vermont. Mm, harvard law paid off.

[ Laughs ] We do not, and that is exactly what I told cyrus. But if he is telling the truth and his mother was moved across state lines against her will, the feds will get involved. And none of us wants that. Tell me, is this the kind of caustic repartee we missed out on not growing up together? Why? Do you want more? What I want, dear sister, is for you to find my mother. Now, I know you are more than capable of crossing certain lines to get what you want when you are so motivated. For example, the night we met. Oh, when I threw you in solitary. I remember! Good times! Exactly! You know how to work the system. I also know exactly what you're capable of when backed against the wall. David hamilton, theresa carter, rick webber. If I hear anything, I'll let you know. Now, if you don't mind, I have a city to run. I do mind. I mind very much. Woman: Get your hands off of her!

So, how are you? Everything okay? It is. And at least part of that is due to you. I owe you a great, big thank-you... and an apology. An apology? Now, why do you owe me an apology? I, um, started going to outpatient therapy after my, um... after my overdose. That's very brave. I don't feel that brave. You're, um, seeking help for something that almost killed you? I would say that makes you very brave. I only started going because maxie threatened to kick me out of deception.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I would bet that you are not the only one in that meeting that was strong-armed to go. But once I started, I learned a few things -- that there were people I pushed away and, even worse, dismissed. People were trying to help me when I was in a bad way. And you were one of them. You're not my favorite person, and I'm sure I'm not yours, either, but I thought we could put our differences aside for maxie's sake. And nothing would make me happier than if that were true, but I know it's just not. I know spinelli was trying to railroad me, sam. I thought spinelli got over that. Yeah, sure. He seems to have changed his tune for the sake of maxie's friendship and for georgie. So have I. Well, I hope that's true. You know, I've accepted the fact that the two of you will never be thrilled that I'm maxie's husband. But if you truly care about her... yes, of course I do. ...Then all I ask is that you stay out of my way. Lesley: I don't know who you think you are, but grabbing roughly at women is illegal. My apologies. You're absolutely right. That was out of line. Mom, what are you doing here? I told you that I would meet you on the weekend in new york when I visit lulu. I know, sweetheart, but I've been thinking so much about how rocco and charlotte need to have their family around them. And so I figured that maybe a trip up north was what I needed. Okay. Alright. Well, we should go. I'll get you settled in at my house, okay? Sweetheart, you haven't even introduced me to your assailant. You must be cyrus renault. Mm. My reputation has preceded me. Oh, yes. Your reputation and your rap sheet. And you must be lesley webber. Dr. Lesley webber to you, mr. Renault. As I'm sure you know, I am an emeritus member of the hospital board. So you're gonna be seeing a whole lot of me. How delightful. I really can't wait to spend some time with the tramp who slept with my married father. I don't understand why you would turn yourself in for falsifying evidence against cyrus. My cover was blown. Jordan thought the best way to keep me safe was to take me off the board, keep my head down. Come my arraignment, I'll plead guilty. They'll cut me a lighter sentence. You could do that, yeah. Yeah, you could. But you could also fight to get your life back. So, cyrus was here? He tried pressuring me, but I shut it down. The only leverage he had over me was my secrets, and I'm fresh out. Well, congratulations. Thank you. I admit, it feels good. How are things with cyrus on your end? He's been handled. For now. Would this have anything to do with florence grey? Damn it, jason. I just wish you would at least say no. Look, I appreciate this...alliance we've formed. Yeah, so do I. Then please do not put me in a position to have to investigate renault's allegations against you.

[ Knock on door ] Commissioner, this just came for you. Thank you. Uh, is that all? For now. Jason, wait. I'm afraid this also concerns you.

Come on. No, wait. I'm curious. I slept with your married father. I'm sorry. You're gonna have to narrow it down a little bit. Mom. What? What? I'm a tramp. I probably conquered hundreds of married fathers. Oh, but this one was special. This conquest is what binds us together, dr. Webber. Okay, I don't know what the hell he's talking about. This is florence and gordon grey's son. Oh.

[ Inhales shakily ] That married father. Yes, my -- my father passed away a long time ago, but as I remember, you and my mother were friends, uh, but then you betrayed her. How is florence? Well, apparently, she's fine, but my sister here is doing her damnedest to keep her away from me. Sister? Oh. Well, that would make lulu your niece, and you just about killed her! I had nothing to do with what happened at the floating rib. Julian jerome was the culprit. Oh, yeah, sure. I'm sure he didn't have anything better to do than to set off a bomb in the middle of a bar full of people for no reason. And as I understand it, there is still a very good chance that lulu will recover, which is a lot more than I can say for my father, whose death was set in motion when you seduced him.

[ Gasps ] Marcus, you've already lost a year to the shadows, not to mention the two years that you lost -- no, that we lost -- working undercover to pin cyrus. Haven't you earned the right to get your life back? Except for one thing, portia. I'm guilty. I know Trina doesn't want to believe that, but I did plant that evidence to send renault to prison. Yeah, a man who is responsible for countless murders. And we're not about to let all that just go for nothing. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna work together, despite our differences, and we're gonna expose cyrus renault for the man that he truly is. Willow, hey. Hi. Hi. Uh... oh.

[ Chuckles awkwardly ] Thank you. Yeah. Yeah, I was in the neighborhood. Of your chair. Right. Um, you know, I convinced myself that -- that you were gonna cancel. Yeah, I almost did. Yeah, no, I would have understood. Well, everyone's still just waiting, so... right. Right, um... I'm glad you're here. Yeah, me, too. Look, I-I'm really happy they we're doing this. So am I. I want you to know that I've come around, and your attempts to give me a good, swift kick in the right direction are now appreciated. Well, first of all, you're welcome. Second of all, you don't owe me an apology. You were struggling because you made a huge sacrifice for my family, and for that, I will always be in debt to you. Sasha, hey. Michael, hi. I was just leaving. Okay. Well, it's, um -- it was good to see you, even briefly. Yeah. You, too. So is there any, uh, news on the search? Search? You haven't heard? Heard what? Sonny was in an accident. He's missing, but the police are looking for him, and they're gonna find him, right? Yeah, I-I, uh -- I heard from the new jersey state police, and the status has changed. Changed how? It's no longer a search and rescue. It's now a search and recovery. But they're still searching, right? Yes. Mom, I don't -- I don't think you understand. No, I know what it means. I understand, michael. And I don't know what they expect to find, but what they're going to find is Sonny, alive and well. Hey. Mind if I join you? Uh, please do. Thanks. So, I noticed you were keeping a close eye on peter August. Why? Just trying to get a read on the guy, especially now that he's marrying maxie. Yes, he is. I mean, he was nathan's brother, my partner, could say best friend, married to maxie. But apparently, marrying your half-brother's widow who was killed by your crazy father doesn't violate the bro code. I don't know. Yeah, uh, with that being said, if you find anything interesting about peter, can you pass it along my way? I think we might have some aligned interest here. Yeah, will do. Hey, can I get one of those? Thanks., about Sonny. How's the family holding up? Just waiting, you know, for the official word from search parties. Well, it is Sonny. And if anything, we have hope. Right? Yeah, we're supposed to, right? Least we convince ourselves to. Look, if I'm gonna be honest with you, sam, I feel like, uh, any hope I have for Sonny surviving this thing, with each passing day, it just -- it gets smaller and smaller.

your father has survived worse than a bridge collapse, michael.

[ Chuckling ] I mean, Sonny's coming home, okay? He is. Now, I'm gonna put this away and make some coffee. Can I get you guys anything? No, that's okay. Alright. I'll be in the kitchen if you need me. Oh, my god. I'm so sorry. Thank you. I know this is a ridiculous question, but... am I okay? Well, for someone whose father is missing and presumed dead, I-I don't know. I -- uh, can I get you anything, a-a drink or -- no, no. It's okay. Do you want me to go? Actually, no. Do you, um... if you wouldn't mind staying. Whatever you need.

[ Sighs ] So, they retired him? Just like that? Oh, yeah. But don't feel bad for him. Thor went from being on the k-9 unit to getting adopted by some well-to-do couple. Yeah, he's living his best life in niagara. Well, he deserves it. Yeah. Even though he did ruin the cake we baked him for his retirement party. Oh, my gosh. Do you remember how crazy the kids went when I brought him into your classroom? Do I ever. The kids wouldn't stop talking about him all year. My brother hated being upstaged. You know, he probably still -- chase. What are we doing? Why are we pretending like there isn't this giant elephant in the room? Uh, we're just talking, Willow. We didn't come here tonight to make small talk or to pretend like everything is back to the way things were before all this happened. I know. Then why are we? Because that's what I want for us. More than anything. I'm sorry about Sonny and lulu. You know what? Sonny could show up any day, and lulu could wake up and come back to us at any moment, so, uh, forget I said anything, okay? Okay. And I'm sorry. I should be offering you condolences, because you just lost your father.

[ Laughing ] Lost my father? Uh, I'm sorry. I'm not gonna pretend to grieve for my father. The world is a better place without that man in it. Well, I'm not gonna disagree with you on that one. But... but? ...There is one person who will be hurt by julian being dead, and that is our brother, leo. Our -- okay, well, this is what I think. I think that leo is better off not knowing that that man ever existed. Mm. I'm just glad it's not up to me. Apparently, ned's putting the wheels in motion already to officially adopt him. But that's got to be crazy, right? I mean, this kid just lost his father. Which is all the more reason why you and I need to step up for our brother leo as brother and sister. I have no idea what lies gordon may have fed you over the years, but I never seduced anyone. Well, not him. Well, like you said, there were probably hundreds. I should have been so lucky. Anyway... gordon and i had an affair, but he was my professor. He should have been more conscious about the emotional difference between us in our relationship! How fortunate for you that viewing the past through a modern lens absolves you of all responsibility, dr. Webber. Does that also hold true for my father's decision to leave Port Charles? Because he convinced my mother that we should all start fresh down south. We hadn't yet realized that this sudden exodus was at your urging. I hate to admit it, but on that point, you are right. And here we are. Who knows how different our lives and our destinies might have been if we just stayed in Port Charles. You have no one to blame but yourself. Hmm. Mom, could you give us a moment together? And leave you alone with him? I'm fine. I'm not afraid. I want to talk to my brother. Brother. It's okay. It's okay.

[ Sighs ] You listen to me. I am not about to let you use my mother as a scapegoat for your lifetime of horrible decisions. Do we understand each other? Oh, yes, we do, but you understand this, as well. I am trusting you to resolve this situation with jason morgan promptly. After all, how would you feel if something happened to your mother? Spoken like an innocent man.

So, uh, yeah, just a silly mistake. I guess I look pretty... ridiculous.

[ Chuckles ] No one looks ridiculous, bob. Progressive is always here for you with round-the-clock service. Just so you know, next time, you can submit a claim with our mobile app. Good. Thanks again for -- for rushing over. Are you kidding? This is what 24/7 protection looks like. Okay. -You smell like fish. -Sorry. I was talking to jamie. You can't plan for your period'S...what the gush moments. But the right pad can. Only always ultra thins have rapiddry technology and, they absorb 40% faster. The gush happens fast. That's why always absorbs faster. Are you okay?

[ Sniffles ] Not really. Cyrus said some horrible, untrue things right now, but there's one thing that I can't shake. My recklessness when I was young is what led us down this path to this pain that we're all feeling right now.

[ Sobbing ] Mom. It's okay, mom. It's okay. I see the wisdom of your plan. I'm just so exhausted, portia. I just want this to be over with. Then get a damn good night's sleep, stop thinking about yourself, and start thinking about your daughter. Why don't you fight to be the man that Trina thinks you are? Fight so that she doesn't lose her father for a third time.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Portia, I didn't know you would still be here. It's dr. Robinson. And I am just leaving. You okay? For a man that just got his ass handed to him by his ex-wife, I'm not too bad. Yeah, she's good at that.

[ Chuckles ] She just dressed you down. Why do you look so... look so what? Wistful?

[ Chuckles ] Portia and i have always been really good at calling each other on our crap. It's why we got married. It's why we got divorced. It's why we're still friends. So, what's the good word? Well, cyrus no longer has a hold over this department. Well, that's a fantastic word. What about tj and Trina? What's keeping him from them? I'll explain that later. But for now, I'm afraid I do have some bad news.

[ Sighs ] Stop it.

[ Smacks table ] Stop it, carly. He's coming back. Sonny's coming back. Excuse me. I'm hoping you can help me. What do you need? It's very important that I contact a former staff member in this department -- dr. Andre maddox. You let me believe you slept with my friend. Doesn't it matter that we told you those lies to save wiley? Of course I appreciate why you and sasha did what you did. I just don't appreciate you keeping us out of the loop. Look, I know you seeing me and sasha like that hurt you, but I had to focus on wiley. And now janelle is dead, wiley is safe, and missing you hurts so much more than lying to you then. And I just -- I think -- i hope th-that you miss me, too. Of course I miss you. I missed you from the moment I walked out of your apartment. I missed you every moment of every day for months until...

[ Sighs ] Until? The pain you and sasha made me feel was still real, even if the betrayal wasn'T. I-I can't just wish that away overnight. Well, come on. Just -- just give me a chance. Okay, give me a chance to show you that I am still the guy you thought I was, that I am still the guy that you can trust with your heart, that our -- that our love is still worth fighting for, because, Willow, I-I love you. Okay? I-I do. I never stopped. And I know it in my heart, I know it -- I know it in my soul that you love me, too.

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