GH Transcript Tuesday 1/5/21

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 1/5/21


Episode #14618 ~ Laura is incredulous. Jax presses Carly for information. Jason pays Sam a visit. Anna is shocked to hear about Franco's treatments. Valentin makes a plea to Nina.

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Jason, I need to speak to carly right away. I'm sorry. She's out. That's okay. You'll do. Okay. What's this about? I trusted carly enough to share with her a confidence about my family, and you have turned it into a war. Thank you. Well, that couldn't have gone any better. Sarah and I are on exactly the same page. Isn't it the wedding coordinator's job to be on the same page with the client? Yeah, but you'd be surprised how often it doesn't happen. Don't you think anna and Finn should be consulted? It is their wedding, too, maxie. Finn couldn't care less as long as anna is happy, and anna left all the details up to me. All right. "You are cordially invited "to the wedding of maxie jones, peter August, anna devane and hamilton Finn." Will somebody told me this is a misprint? It's not. Maxie thought up the idea and anna agreed. It's true. Elizabeth: Dante? Hi. Hey. Can I help you? I got a text from kevin collins to meet him in the bio research room. You're on the right floor. Before you go, I never got a chance to say how sorry I am about lulu. And if it's any consolation, silver water long term care is one of the best facilities in the country. Thanks. Is everything okay? I heard you were outside of the floating rib when the explosion happened, and instead of running away, you ran into the building. Oh, I-I don't know. I just did what anyone would have done, right? Still, I am just really grateful. Cameron and franco might not have made it if you hadn't called emergency services so quickly. Thank you. Sam: Any time between 9:00 and 5:00? Oh, no. It's -- it's not for me, it's for my mother. Yeah, she was in recovery, but she relapsed recently when a close friend of hers died unexpectedly.

[ Knock on door ] Um, I'll call back to schedule a tour. Okay, thanks. What do you want? I would have called first, but you probably would have just hung up. If you don't mind, I'm here to see jason. Didn't elizabeth tell you jason doesn't live here anymore? No, no, these numbers are completely unacceptable. Somebody needs to call hoffman and remind him that elq is the only reason his company is still in business, and therefore we are entitled to half of the profits. Will you pay attention, please? You trying to make me regret rehiring you? Why are you so distracted? I am not distracted. I'M...distressed. Why? Wait. Do I want to know? No, probably not. I-it's a sensitive matter that could have a happy ending or a tragic one, depending on the efforts of a family member. Is this about your brother, cyrus? No, it's about my sister, the mayor, laura collins. I take it there's no word about Sonny? Uh, not yet, no. I'm so sorry, carly. I hope you hear something soon. Thanks, nina. We will. Well, in the meantime, I'd like to know if all hell is about to break loose, and is our daughter gonna be caught in the crossfire? Josslyn's fine. Well, you don't really know that, carly, because Sonny's missing and cyrus renault could take advantage of his absence. So I need to make sure that josslyn is safe. If I had any doubt, I would bring josslyn here so you could take her to australia. Believe me, cyrus will not be a problem. Why not? What did you do?

Don't worry, robert. You're allowed to bring a plus one. I plan to. Oh! Anyone we know? Jackie templeton. Jackie? Mm. Oh, that's -- that's wonderful. What's wrong, maxie? It's just that any mention of jackie makes me think of lulu. She was so excited to work with her. Jackie's her idol. She's missing out on so much, and it's not fair. Excuse me. Maxie'll be fine. It's, uh -- it's the hormones talking. Her best friend is in long term care. Her reaction is more than just hormones, robert. Hey, look, I'm not going to argue that it's not a tragedy, what's happened to lulu. But you got to think to yourself, you know, how can one destructive act resonate through so many lives? You know, I'm curious, if you had known you were attending my wedding, not just anna and Finn's, would you have sent your regrets, robert? Laura is your sister? Half-sister. We, uh, have a father in common. Gordon grey. Well, he was married to my mother, but that didn't stop them from having an affair with a student, a-a lesley williams. Miss williams got pregnant. The rest, as they say... wait a minute. That means that cyrus is laura's half-brother as well? And she wasn't too pleased to find out about it, either. No, I can't imagine that the honorable laura collins would be too impressed having an alleged drug trafficker join the family. So, you said she was trying to avoid a tragedy. What kind? Well -- anna: Excuse me. Valentin, hi. Sorry. Um, I wonder if I could talk to you. Uh, I didn't mean to interrupt, but it's kind of important. No need to thank me. I-I just reacted in the moment. Chalk it up to remembering my cop training. Well, it's good you came back to Port Charles when you did. With lulu gone, you'll be able to make life a little easier for rocco and charlotte. Uh, speaking of making things easier, m-maybe we can do a playdate sometime.

[ Chuckles ] I will let you know my Available dates. Looking forward to it, and rocco will be looking forward to it, too. So, um, where's that kevin collins room? Oh, uh, it's right down there. Thanks. And, uh, elizabeth... thanks for the kind words. I had to take a trip out of town unexpectedly, so I didn't hear about you and jason. Yeah, well, in the future, if you want to contact him, just call him directly. Sure. Sorry to bother you. Yeah. Oh. It's, um, not for me. For my mom. Oh, right. Well, for what it's worth, i know what it's like to have life get in the way. Yeah. See you. Ooh.

[ Groans ] Hey, kevin? It's dante falconeri. You wanted to see me? Kevin? Hello? Dr. Obrecht? Forgive my little subterfuge. Kevin collins didn't text you, I did. Why? I needed to see you face-to-face. We have our work cut out for us. If there's a war, I didn't start it. But you mean to end it by using an innocent woman as ammunition. Look, I trusted carly, gave her personal information about my family. Then I find out that florence has gone missing. Don't tell me that's a coincidence. Well, cyrus was here a little while ago and he was making a lot of accusations, but he has no proof. Right, because you're a master at covering your tracks. Where is she? Where is she, jason? Where have you hidden florence? We've been through this before, carly. More times than I can count. Tensions escalate and people get hurt or worse. That's not gonna happen. How do you know? Because it's been handled. Your husband is missing. Julian jerome is dead. The floating rib is being bulldozed as we speak because a bomb went off inside. You call that handled? You know what? I don't have a time machine. I can't go back in time and change everything that happened. No, I-I know that. But you should be focused on what happens next. Your priority should be our daughter's safety. I don't need you to tell me about my priorities. I know about my priorities! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Maybe josslyn should just stay here until things cool off. And the last thing I need from you, nina, is telling me how to raise my daughter.

Uh, "we" don't work together, dr. Obrecht. And to be honest, I want nothing to do with you. But I've gone to all this trouble to thank you in person. Oh, you're thanking me? Yes. For your hard work and investigative skills. Because of you, I was exonerated from the murder attempts on dr. Maddox and franco baldwin. Does dr. Kirk know about this? He hasn't been returning my calls. I know. You do? Did he tell you why? Dr. Kirk shared everything with me as one colleague to another until... until what? It -- it was a great loss for medical science. What are you talking about? What happened to dr. Kirk? Dante, I'm so sorry, but our dear dr. Kirk is dead. Martin, can you give us a minute? Oh, uh, certainly. Yes, thank you. Here. Thanks. This about dante? Yes. So...I've been trying to follow up with the wsb, hoping to find someone that would tell me why the -- the bureau really released dante. But I keep getting the "oh, it's classified" runaround. Okay. Why would his release be classified? I mean, if the wsb feels he's safe enough to be sent home, why would his mental state be a matter of international security? That's how they're treating it. Okay, I'm gonna ask you one last time. Is my daughter safe around dante? I don't know. I-I don't have an answer for you, but I-I will. I promise I'm not gonna give up. I just have to find a person that's gonna be able to cut through this whole... I'm sorry about that. Sit. Um... what did I miss? Oh, well, um, peter and i just were discussing, uh, how much I'm looking forward to the wedding. I-I-I want nothing but happiness for the both of you. Look, I-I know in the past you and i have not always seen eye to eye, but I've always thought of you daughter. Robert. Then you'll have to start thinking of peter as the son you never had. I wish you both lots and lots of happiness, and that goes for you, too.

[ Sighs ] Now, this is what I like to see -- everyone getting along. Mind if I join you? Peter: No choice, sorry.

No choice.

Had no choice. Stop! Just stop!

Sorry. F-franco, what's going on? Are you okay?

I'm sorry, sorry. No choice. Shut up! Will you just stop it?!

Sorry, sorry.

Had no choice. Nina, I'm so, so sorry. I should not have said that. No, it's okay. It's all right, carly. You're dealing with a lot. Uh, and you're not wrong, are you? I'm not an expert at raising a daughter. I wish I was. It's obvious that you guys have a lot to talk about, and I'm meeting a crimson advertiser for a drink, so excuse me. I'll see you later. Okay. I'll walk you out. Sorry. Handled that well, didn't I? We have unconfirmed reports that julian jerome planted the bomb in the floating rib. If that's true, I am convinced that he was acting on cyrus renault's orders. It was a brutal crime, and cyrus deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But still, that doesn't give you permission to retaliate by kidnapping his mother. Staying silent protects you in a court of law. It's not gonna work with me, jason. I'm sorry, laura. I can't help you. Why? Because cyrus deserves everything he gets? Yeah, maybe he does, but florence doesn'T. And quite frankly, neither do I.

Oh, sarah. Yeah. Yeah, she wants to show us choices for the chair slipcovers at the reception. Do you guys mind? Oh, no, not at all. No, please. Oh. Let's go. Go ahead. Yay. Have fun. You didn't know about the wedding coordinator, did you? How could you possibly agree to a double wedding? I didn'T. Maxie had her heart set on it, and you know how she is. Talking to her is like getting hit by a cyclone. She just talks so fast and goes off on so many tangents. Before you know it, you're completely lost and you find yourself just nodding, you know, out of politeness. I mean, I don't know that I could even cut her off even on a good day, but at this particular instance, I had a lot of stuff on my mind. Such as? Dante. I'm worried about him. He's changed, and he's so guarded. Well, can't blame him for that, given what he went through. I mean, he's just being cautious about reintroducing himself into Port Charles civilian life. Did you get any insight into his treatment when you took olivia over to switzerland to see him? Well, he wouldn't see us, especially olivia. Oh. But I understand he's getting great treatment from dr. Kirk. I'm not familiar with dr. Kirk. Do you know him? Did you work with him at the bureau?

[ Chuckles ] Come on, babe. I'm a field rep, damage control. Sometimes I create the damage, but, um, dr. Kirk, he's a science dork. Your friend, kevin collins, he's familiar with his work. He is? Mm-hmm.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, um, I'm late for an appointment. I have to go. Could you just say goodbye to peter and maxie for me? Right. Dr. Kirk is dead? How? It was the random, senseless act of urban violence. In switzerland? Street crime is on the rise everywhere. Kirk's unexpected death was a terrible tragedy, but I swear to you, dante, I will continue the work dr. Kirk began with you until the criminal who stood by when my beloved nathan was cut down by his father, the same criminal who stole poor grieving maxie's heart and incriminated me for his evil deeds is handled. Okay, plain english, dr. Obrecht. You're talking about peter August, and I'm not working with you until I get confirmation from the wsb.

[ Door opens ]

[ Pen clicks ] Stay. We're not finished yet. Here. Sit down. I am gonna get you a glass of water and call 911. No. You don't need to call the paramedics. I just have a migraine. Franco. Migraines don't cause you to shout at imaginary people. I was shouting at the migraine. I was telling it to stop and leave me alone. Well, that's not what it sounded like to me. It sounded like someone was trying to hurt you. Who was it? Nina, care to join me? I can't, valentin. I have a meeting, which is delayed as she is running late. Come on. Sit down. I want to talk to you about charlotte. How is she? I mean, I would ask if -- thank you -- she is all right, but I know that she is missing her mother. She is, but she has also taken to writing daily in a journal. And that way, when lulu wakes up, they'll be able to read the journal together. Well, that's a great idea. Did you come up with that? I may have mentioned it in passing. Well, she's very lucky to have a father like you. I did have some help raising her. She adores you, you know? You're a natural born mother. Well, I think carly would disagree. Jax: All right, stop beating yourself up. Nina knows you're stressed. Doesn't give me the right to take it out on nina, does it? Yeah, well, maybe you're feeling a little bit guilty about not telling nina the truth about her daughter. I don't feel guilty.

You feel guilty. I do. But I also believe that she should stop looking for her child and that nina should believe that her child is out there somewhere living the kind of life that nina would have wanted for them. Yeah, instead of finding out that her daughter was a baby-snatching, throat-slashing psycho. Yeah. I came to visit carly out of concern for Sonny, for his wife, for his kids, and I also wanted to reassure carly because I think that I have a way to keep cyrus from taking advantage of Sonny's absence. So I told her martin grey and cyrus are my half-brothers. And in doing so, I mentioned their mother, florence. But I also told her that I believe that cyrus' weakness is me.

[ Sighs ] I guess I should have known she would share all of this with you, but, god, I never dreamed that you would kidnap florence. It was, uh, very kind of you to reach out to carly, laura. Yeah, but it left me culpable, you know? I gave her information, and then she handed it on to you and you exploited it by kidnapping a little old lady. Listen, that's an act of brutality. Sonny wouldn't condone that. Probably not. I mean, have you ever met your hostage face-to-face? She is so frail, jason, and she's so easily disoriented. I mean, she's just got to be terrified right now. She's surrounded by strangers. She doesn't know the place where she's being held. I know you to be pragmatic to a fault, but I have never known you to be cruel. Okay. I see that you've made a decision. You're going to fight him with whatever means necessary, but if you play this by cyrus' rules, nobody wins. Nobody.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ]

The wsb has designated me your handler in dr. Kirk's place.

[ Door closes ] This doesn't make any sense.

[ Pen clicks ] I know you'd prefer I not be your handler, but that's what the brass wants. Well, I guess I don't have any say in the matter then, do I? Don't worry. I intend to complete our mission soon. I know you must be anxious to return your full attention to your son. Yeah, rocco needs me just as much as I need him. Of course. I was very sorry to hear about lulu. It must be a terrible blow for maxie as well. Well, at least maxie has a wedding to plan. She's getting married to peter August. Set a date and everything. They want to make sure they get married before the baby arrives.

[ Sighs ] Maxie is pregnant... with henrik's child? Where's anna? Uh, she had an appointment. Where's maxie? She's still in the lobby with the wedding coordinator. They moved on to catering for the reception. Okay. Uh, look, I got to go. Uh, tell her I'm looking forward to the wedding. Could you wait just a moment? If I could just have a minute? I wanted to say thank you for being such a good sport about the double wedding. Of course, you may only be doing it for anna and maxie's sake, but whatever your motive, I want you to know I appreciate it. You're welcome. Look, what I said earlier about maxie being like a daughter to me... I meant that. I mean, we both know who your father is. I'm also anna's son. And that's the only reason I'm giving you a pass on this. Do not make me regret it. Ooh, elizabeth, do you have a minute? Oh, I was heading home. Are you okay? Do you need medical attention? No, no, no, I'm fine. I-I'm actually looking for dr. Collins. Is he in his office? He's unAvailable. Do you want to leave him a message? Uh, do you mind if I wait? You don't have to stay. No. No, that's fine, and thank you 'cause franco and i have a date night. Oh. Is franco feeling better? Well, the doctor he saw in geneva was helpful, so... he went all the way to switzerland for his treatment? There was no one to help him here? Kevin referred him to a specialist there, somebody who works with the wsb. Really? Mm-hmm. What did he say? He said he -- he was confident that he could help franco. Unfortunately, he -- if it's anything to do with the bureau, I can... no, no, no. He -- he died. The doctor died suddenly. I'm so sorry. What happened? He was a victim of a mugging gone wrong. A mugging in geneva? Mm-hmm. What was the doctor's name? Kirk. Um, dr. Warren kirk. Did you know him? All right, I'm gonna get out of here. I think I've outstayed my welcome, not that I was welcome. Sit. Drink your water. At least finish that.

[ Knock on door ] I'm sorry. Can I just talk to danny for one... what's he doing here? I came here to see you. Danny and scout are at monica's, and I have a few of your things upstairs. Just wanted to give you a heads-up. Um, the doctor said that my symptoms might not be the result of the tumor, and that it's possible that I may not turn back into who I used to be. And it's possible you could. Laura: Am I interrupting? Please tell me my mother is safe and sound and back in her room in vermont. I wish I could. Then it's just like cyrus said. You told carly, jason morgan's kidnapped her, and now he's got her someplace, an innocent, fragile old woman, never harmed anybody in her entire life. I have no proof that jason is responsible. Yeah, well, maybe not. You probably haven't got any doubts, though, either, do you? Well, that's when jack should have shown carly the door and told her to go learn some manners. Well, he's not gonna alienate carly. They share a daughter together. Well, all the more reason she should be understanding of you. You know, valentin, as painful as carly's words were to me, she wasn't wrong. Who am I to give advice to anyone about raising a daughter? Nina, charlotte is living proof that you have everything you need to be a wonderful mother. And when you discover your own daughter -- no. It's time to stop kidding myself. I am never gonna find my daughter. You know you're not responsible for nelle's death, right? Nina wouldn't see it that way. Nina's already making excuses for nelle. She's trying to redeem her. If nina found out that nelle was her daughter, she would flat-out rewrite history. She would turn her into a victim, and she was anything but. Nina would be devastated if she found out, and god knows she's been through enough. You are such a good guy. You feel it's your sacred duty to protect nina and josslyn. Well, then explain to me why neither one of them wants to be protected by me. Well, josslyn's not a little girl anymore. She doesn't want to be sheltered, and she won't run from a fight, especially when it involves her family. All right, so what are we doing? Are we just gonna sit around and wait for the next bomb to go off? I already told you, I'm not waiting for anything. I'm not. Yeah, I know you already told me it's been "handled," but you didn't tell me how. And if you want me to trust you with our daughter's life, then you need to trust me with whatever it is you did to keep our daughter safe.

You know, maybe cyrus has it right. The only thing men like jason morgan understand is an eye for an eye. Look, this is my fault. I'm so sorry I made the mistake of telling carly about florence and her relationship to you and cyrus, and I guess on some level I knew that she would share that with jason, but I never -- I never believed that he would go after florence. I'm still very surprised by it. It -- it's so out of character for jason. He doesn't take advantage of the weak at all, and he never acts impulsively. He didn'T. Men like jason morgan can't afford to. They don't live very long. He's never made an impulsive decision in his entire life. This was -- this was calculated. This was cold-blooded. Okay, look. If you want to search for your mother, I can help with that and I can support you. I just want you to understand that any action you take right now could put you right in the middle of the war between cyrus and jason. Well, what's my alternative, laura? To just sit back and do nothing? Leave my mother to the so-called mercy of a well-known hit man? Look, I really appreciate you not telling sam about my condition, and I appreciate your willingness to help me to the other side should I return to my past behavior. But it may not come to that. "May not" is very different than "won'T." Look, there's a doctor in switzerland who seems to think that what's going on with me is a result of when they messed with my memory, and with the right treatment, I could be fine without any dire consequences. Well, if that's true, what are you doing here? Why aren't you in switzerland working with the doctors? Well, it's a little complicated, but I'm gonna resume treatment here in Port Charles. Look, jason, I-I know that you have no reason to trust me, but please trust me, I-I'm gonna be okay. What if you're not? Well, then I have no doubt that you will stick to our bargain. No. No, I never met dr. Kirk. I just became aware of his work recently, his work at the wsb. Franco said his methods were unusual but got amazing results. Dante was one of his patients. Did you know that? No. Oh, I just saw him. You did? Yeah. Dr. Collins wanted to meet with him. What? Just now? Mm-hmm. They were meeting in the -- in the bio research room up on six. And -- and kevin referred franco to this doctor? Yeah. And now we have to find another neuropsychiatrist. Neuropsychiatrist. I really have to go. Oh, yes. No, I'm sorry. I'll see you later. Thank you. Thanks. Okay, so we have chicken, beef, and fish. And we have to have a vegetarian option, or should we go vegan? Oh, god. Peter, I'm so glad you'll eat anything. Robert, what about you? Whoa. Is everything okay here? Don't second guess yourself searching for your child. You know both jax and I agree that you should keep up the search, and we don't agree on anything, so it's got to be the right thing. What's that look? Has he changed his mind? Hmm, y-you know, this isn't about jax, valentin. He just supports my decisions. Okay, if he wants you to give up looking for your child, you know what he's doing, don't you? I-I-I know I said this before. What? The less I know the better? Yeah. No, I'm sorry, carly, but that's just not gonna cut it this time. Why can't you trust me? Because this isn't just about josslyn. It's about you as well. I mean, it's one thing for jason to get involved with cyrus, but he made you a part of this war. Okay, hold up. No one makes me do anything. All right? Jason is handling the business until Sonny comes back, because that's what jason's supposed to do. Look, you and jason may believe that Sonny's coming home, but you need to face the reality. The longer Sonny's gone, the more likely it is he'll stay gone.

 jason believes Sonny is coming back, and so do I. Are you sure you believe that? Or are you just telling jason what he wants to hear? Look, I'm sorry, carly. I-I really am. But sooner or later, you're going to have to face the truth... difficult as that may be.

[ Sighs ] You know, valentin, I haven't shared everything with you because honestly, it's none of your business. But for a few weeks now, I have been contemplating whether or not I should continue the search for my daughter, and jax is just putting my thoughts into words. Don't try to absolve jax of responsibility. If you're giving up the search, it's because he's changed his mind. He wants you to believe it's in your best interest to give up the search, but it's in his best interest. You know what? My crimson advertiser is gonna be here any minute, so I should find us a table. Let me know when I can see charlotte. Nina, stop, stop, stop. I'm not trying to be hurtful. I just want you to open your eyes. I think jax wants you all to himself, and he's willing for you to sacrifice what's rightfully yours to do it. I have known jason morgan for a very long time, and I tell you he would never, ever hurt florence. Oh, I'm supposed to take that to the bank? What if it was your mother been kidnapped? Would you be comforted by assurances that jason would never, ever hurt her? Look, if I can just get carly alone, I can ask her to intervene with jason. She can get through to him. Fat chance. I've had occasion to talk to carly corinthos about other matters. That woman's made of steel. She decides that her first loyalty is to jason, she will be immovable. So, what happens next? Whatever it takes. Find my mother, keep her safe. With maxie drawn deeper into peter's web, it's more important than ever that my presence in Port Charles remains a secret. Understood. You leave first. Make sure no one sees you. When will I hear from you? When it's time to strike at peter's heart. Now go. Hey, sorry I took so long. I couldn't find that... gray sweater that you like so much. Everything okay? Yeah, hunky-dory. Thanks for all your help. I'll get out of your way.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ] What was that about? Just franco being franco. What was he doing in here? I don't know. He collapsed in the hall. He said he had a migraine. Y-you don't believe him? I don't know. Sam, please just do me a favor. If he shows up again, you call me. Peter: No choice, no choice.

No choice!

No choice.

No choice, choice.

No choice!

Had no choice. Robert and I were just fighting over the bill. Yeah, that's right. And, uh, well, I've decided that, uh... you win.

[ Maxie laughs ] Maxie. Hi, peter. Okay, you guys, you do not have to send franco and me a wedding invitation because we are definitely attending. Oh. I, uh... Finn and anna invited us, and now I just have to find the perfect gift for the man who saved franco's life. No gifts necessary. Peter, don't be so modest. If not for you, the assassin sent by dr. Obrecht would have killed my husband. We will forever be grateful. You made quite the impression on franco.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Oh, excuse me. Um, I'm looking for dante falconeri. Have you seen him, by any chance?

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