GH Transcript Monday 1/4/21

General Hospital Transcript Monday 1/4/21


Episode #14617 ~ Cyrus confronts Jason. Laura digs deeper into Martin's relationship with his brother. Jax is surprised by Nina's advice. Portia takes Jordan to task. Alexis crosses with Ava.

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right? No, yes? I had the shot. Then why didn't you take it?! Because you were there, carly. If there was a witness, if things went sideways, you could have been an accessory. And I-I just couldn't have that. So I had to let cyrus live. And now things are just gonna escalate because cyrus is smart.

[ Cellphone chimes ] He's gonna know that I didn't kill him because of you, and that's gonna make us more vulnerable. We're not gonna be vulnerable. What? We're not gonna be vulnerable 'cause I solved it. Solved what?

[ Telephone rings ]

[ Sighs ] Jason: Yeah. Alright, send him up. You got to go upstairs. Why? Because cyrus is here. It worked. What -- it worked! Carly, what worked? What'd you do? Nikolas: Ava. Julian was so proud of this place, you know. I was proud of him for having it. It's not easy getting out of the business he was in. This place gave him a foundation. A purpose. He poured his heart and soul into it, into making a legitimate living. It wasn't enough to save his life. Being a jerome is a hard habit to break. You've been warned. Noted. Ava, are you, uh, expecting trouble? Nothing I can't handle. Commissioner scorpio, can I have a word, please? Hi, portia. Jordan. I didn't realize you were back at work. Yeah, I thought it was about time. Uh, what did you need mac for? I need to speak to marcus before he's released. And you know what? I'm just gonna speak to the desk sergeant about it. Oh, portia, wait, wait. I owe you an apology. You're damn right you do. But I have other priorities right now. I-I need to speak to marcus before he's released. I'm hoping that we can try to fix the damage that was done to my daughter. So you'll excuse me if I don't have time to listen to your empty promises, because we both know that you would do the same exact thing again. Ah! Hi. I am so sorry I kept you waiting. Not at all. I'm just pleased to see you. Thank you, martin. Now...correct me if I'm wrong, but you seem to have something on your mind. So in the spirit of our newfound status as siblings, is there anything I can do to help? Actually, yes. Yeah, l-let me guess. This is about cyrus. I need you to give me leverage against our brother. I understand. I'm just saying, let me know if you change your mind. In case you do. Okay, fine. I'll talk to you later. I love you, too. Hey. What's up? Is everything okay with joss? Uh, no, n-not really. My daughter's refusing to come to australia with me. What? I thought it was all set, that carly said she agreed on you taking her back for her own safety. Yeah, that was the plan. Except my daughter comes from a long line of stubborn women on both sides, so... yes. Yeah. So, jax, how much danger is josslyn really in? Well, that's just it. I mean, as long as Sonny's missing, no one really knows what's gonna happen next. Is someone gonna make a move on his so-called "territory"? You know, I've seen a mob war in Port Charles, and it's not very pretty. And my daughter is -- she's refusing to stay out of the line of fire. Mr. Renault, how can I help you? You can'T. You bastard. Where's my mother?

Jeromes may attract their fair share of trouble, but we cassadines have been known to cause chaos from time to time. Mm-hmm. So I guess we really are a perfect fit.

[ Doorknob rattling ] Alexis. Uh... I saw the light on, and I thought... I don't know what I thought. It's okay to hope it was julian, no matter how you felt about him at the end. Is that what you were hoping for, alexis? After all the times you rebuffed julian, blamed him for all of your problems, now that it's too late, are you finally realizing that you wanted him back after all? You have a right to be angry. No. No, no, no. You don't get to do that. You don't get to validate my feelings to assuage your guilt. It was the only way, portia. I wish that wasn't the case. Even if you couldn't tell me at first, what about after I started helping you? I falsified medical records to give you cover from cyrus. I put my entire medical career on the line just to buy you some time. I appreciate the risks you took. Yeah, but not enough to tell me that my ex-husband was alive. Not enough so that I could comfort my daughter with the truth. We were trying to protect Trina, portia. And how did that work out? Because she's devastated. She doesn't know what to feel right now. Jordan, you took her father from her twice, once by pretending that he was dead and then by destroying her faith in him. My, but you -- you cut right to the point, don't you? I think we have the rest of our lives to get to know each other. Cyrus is dangerous right now, so I figured I would start there. Can you please help me? Laura, why would you assume that I could?

[ Chuckles ] Well, I guess because I haven't known him very long. I mean, I never dreamed that I would have a half-brother who turned out to be an infamous drug lord.

Alleged infamous drug lord. And -- and may I remind you he was cleared of all wrongdoing. You're not gonna try to tell me that he's a poor, misunderstood philanthropist, are you? I mean, he sent a team of gunmen to Port Charles last winter. I was one of the victims. He planted a bomb in the floating rib, and that put my daughter, your niece, in a coma in long-term care. Laura. Laura. Laura, there's something you've got to understand about me. As an officer of the court, as a servant of the law, I have to make decisions based on the law, on evidence, not conjecture or hearsay. There was no credible evidence against cyrus, so the conviction was overturned. In the eyes of the law, he was cleared of all charges. That's all I know. That's all I can be sure of. And I can't tell if you're turning a blind eye or if I read you wrong and you're actually working for cyrus. My mother is a fragile elderly woman in need of constant medical care. What -- what does that have to do with me? Don't B.S. Me! You took her. You'll bring her back safe and sound or there will be hell to pay. Okay, I have no idea where your mother is, but I can make some inquiries. Oh, d-- do more than inquire. Bring her back. If she's been harmed in any way -- threats aren't helpful. I already told you on the pier. Do not escalate. As long as we keep the peace, nobody's gonna get hurt. Including my mother?

Damn it. You know, I was really counting on carly to talk some sense into josslyn. Maybe it slipped her mind. Really? Our child's safety? Jax, her husband is missing. W-- exactly. All the more reason to get josslyn and, frankly, the entire family out of town. What k-- what kind of life is this for her anyway, you know? I mean, when I -- when I piss somebody off in the businesses that I do, nobody has to go into hiding. Did josslyn tell you why she doesn't want to leave with you?

[ Sighs ] Yeah, s-she, uh -- she wants to stay with her mother. Mm, sounds like a good reason. She also mentioned avery and donna. She remembered when michael and morgan were there for her during a difficult period, and she wants to do the same for her sisters. That's what she said. She's got a great heart, your kid. I know. I know that, and I'm proud of her. But my agreement with carly has always been, at the first sign of danger, josslyn leaves with me. Listen, you made that agreement with carly when josslyn was a kid. Well, I hate to break it to you. She's not a kid anymore. So what are you saying? I should just let her stay? No, jax, I am saying that maybe you make a new agreement and not with carly this time. With josslyn. Is that how it is, martin? Does cyrus have you in his pocket? No. I do not work for cyrus, nor do I represent any of our brother's legal affairs. And I hope you'll be pleased to know that our brother and I have no business aspirations in common. That is a relief. Good to know that I'm only related to one drug lord. No matter how much I may disapprove of cyrus' a-alleged misconduct, I do owe him for his significant financial support of our mother. You know, I completely understand family loyalty. Regardless of what cyrus has become, he is the brother that you shared your childhood with. I don't have that loyalty. Even though we're related, he's not my family. I get it. Family is who you love, hmm... yeah. ...No matter how you came to love them. And this city, your city, is an extension of that family. Yes. You feel you need to do everything you can to protect it. And I would rather be going up against one brother, not two.

[ Chuckles ] Laura, come on. I'm no crime lord. I will neither be your enemy nor your adversary. But will you be my ally? I just saw the light on and -- and I was hoping that -- Ava: You hoped for what, exactly? Or should I ask who? Ava, stop. Alexis is clearly suffering. She's clearly something. And you're kicking her while she's down. Oh, should I wait for her to sober up? That might be a while. That's enough. You weren't here, nikolas. My brother did absolutely everything he could to win her back, but no matter what he did, it was never enough for her! She always thought he was unworthy. Isn't that right, alexis? No, Ava, it's not right. It's -- it's -- it's an absurd oversimplification. You want to know something simple? Julian loved you. You were the love of his life. And yeah, he made a million mistakes, and he could be a coward from time to time, but he could also be quite heroic. He had his moments. Well, thank you. That's -- that's very generous of you to admit that. I am not blind to julian's faults. He made bad choices, and then he scrambled to cover them up, which led to worse choices, which eventually led to his death. But he was still my brother. And if I want to be angry with people who hurt him while he was alive, I believe I have that right! You broke his heart. And so in that respect, you and julian were even. Hey, I-I understand, okay? Julian was complicated, just like your feelings about him are complicated, but taking it out on alexis, it's not gonna help you. Well, it can't hurt. Listen, being cruel, it may give you a momentary sensation of power, but it is not gonna ease the pain that you're feeling over julian's death. Well, power is definitely better than grief, but you're right. And considering that julian never stopped loving alexis, I don't think he'd want me lashing out at her. Probably not. Alexis: Are you kidding me?

[ Chuckles ] Am I seeing what I'm seeing? I mean, I couldn't possibly be that drunk. Have you two fallen in love? Now, when we talked on the pier, you said I deal with facts, not emotions. The fact is your mother's missing, and you showing up here making demands doesn't get you any closer to finding her. And what does get me closer? What do you want? I want you to leave. You're awfully quiet, mrs. Corinthos, and, I-I'm sorry, but you don't seem all that upset for a woman whose husband just vanished. Perhaps you arranged it between you and mr. Morgan. I can't speak to your mother's whereabouts, but I have a feeling she'll find her way back to you. And you're lucky to have jason make inquiries. He usually finds what he's looking for. I asked you to leave. Now, can you make it to your car, or am I gonna have to call the guards? I had my differences with Sonny, but the man understood honor. And he would never have kidnapped an elderly woman to use her as a hostage to guarantee my good behavior. I'm not Sonny. You took his mother? We needed leverage. Now we have it.

Exactly what happened! Wow, you're mad. Yeah, just tell me h-how you even figured out who cyrus' mother was in the first place. Um, laura. Laura? Okay. Laura's biological father was a man named gordon grey. Gordon was married to a woman named florence. They had two sons, martin and cyrus. Cy-cyrus is laura's half-brother? Yeah, yeah, and laura just found out, and she found out by tracking florence to a long-term care facility in vermont. Okay, h-how do you know any of this? Well, laura stopped by, and she was asking about Sonny. She's the one who brought up cyrus. She said with Sonny missing, we needed protection. And then she said cyrus had a weak spot. His mother. No. Laura was referring to herself. I guess cyrus has a weak spot for her, too. But when laura was explaining how cyrus was her brother, she told me about his mother and the facility in vermont. So as soon as laura left, I called spinelli. I had him hack into the computer -- yes, I had him hack into the computer and arrange a transfer. So I sent two guards and a nurse to pick them up and take them to a safe house. And let me tell you something. Cyrus is never going to find her. As absurd as it is to listen to a lecture from a woman who blackmailed my nephew into marriage, but to think you two actually have feelings for each other, it'S... I don't expect you to understand how our relationship has evolved. And yes, it's true our marriage may have started out on tenuous terms. I think the term you're looking for is "tortious." Oh. Oh, tortious. Well, that's a legal term, is it not? Are you still allowed to use those after being disbarred? I've some non-legal terms coming to mind. Would you like me to share them with you?

[ Chuckles ] What I would like is for you to understand that while nikolas and i started out as adversaries, we -- we have developed a connection that is deeper. More profound than either of us expected. Wow. An entire field can be fertilized with that amount of horse -- what I just said to Ava about how cruelty is no way to deal with grief, it applies to you, too. How many times does the same scenario have to play out for you, nikolas, before you realize that it always, always, always ends the same way? Two people fall passionately in love, only for it to end up where they're at each other's throats, fighting to the death. I am sorry that Trina is hurting. Truly, I am. But she was being watched. Because her grief was genuine, taggert could stay hidden. That's why we let it go on. Oh, oh, I see. So my daughter's pain provided a perfect cover for you. Portia, you make it sound like the choices we made were so easy. They weren't, especially for taggert. You know how much he loves Trina. He hated this. But he and I genuinely believed that she would be safer if we kept her in the dark.

[ Scoffs ] I'm grateful for Trina's safety, but I won't allow anyone to make decisions on my child in a vacuum. Jordan, I'm Trina's mom. I had the right to know what was going on. I mean, for god's sakes, you're a mother yourself. How would you feel in my place? Even if you don't take sides, can you promise me that you won't interfere with cyrus being brought to justice? I mean, can you do that? I -- I hear what you're saying. I do. Uh... but you're not gonna help me with that? I didn't say that. Uh, I-in fact -- she's gone. Who's gone? Our mother. She's missing. They kidnapped her. What do you mean, "they"? Who's "they"? I don't know. Ask our sister. It can't be a coincidence that our mother disappeared mere days after you discovered her. This is all you, isn't it, laura?

Wait, someone has taken our mother, and you knew about this? No, no, of course not. Cyrus, I swear to you, that's the first I'm hring of it, right here and right now. I would never put florence in harm's way. No, you'd get someone to do it for you. You -- what are you talking about? I'm supposed to believe that you didn't tell carly corinthos about your newfound brothers and their ailing mother? Carly. Oh, god. Are you telling me the corinthos crime family has our mother? Uh, hang on just a second. Before we all jump to conclusions, do you have proof that carly is behind your mother's disappearance? No, she's not. Jason morgan is. Whatever you told carly, she obviously passed it right on to morgan, and now he has my mother.

Our mother. Morgan has a reputation. He's lethal. And when I went to the corinthos house just now and tried to get him to guarantee my mother's safety, he refused. Oh, god. Did he say that he has your mother? Oh, of course not. He -- that self-righteous bastard would never incriminate himself. Okay, look -- he has her. I know he does. Alright. If jason has your mother -- that's a big "if" -- I can't believe that he would let anything happen to her. Oh, these are supposed to be words of comfort? Laura, you've seen our mother. She needs constant care. If we don't know where she is, how are we gonna know she's alright? I'm gonna get to the bottom of this right now. I promise you that I'm gonna do everything in my power to locate florence and bring her back to you safe and sound. Mm-hmm. You keep your promises, laura. Anything happens to my mother, the fact that you're my sister will not help you. Who's taking care of florence? The best nurse I know -- my mother. W-what? You brought bobbie into this? She was happy to help.

[ Sighs ] You know what? Cyrus had julian plant a bomb in the floating rib. He put lulu in a permanent care facility. My mother was willing to do anything to help. To aid and abet a kidnapping? Oh, come on. Florence is perfectly safe. She's getting excellent care from my mother. And as long as we have florence, cyrus won't hurt the people I love, jason. Okay, carly. Well, I got two options now. The first one is I can take florence back to the vermont facility tonight. No, no, that's not gonna happen. Or -- or I can play this out on one condition. What?

I play it out. You're not involved. No way. I'm the one that set the whole thing up! Yeah, and if -- if cyrus finds that out, he's gonna retaliate against you, and I'm not gonna let that happen. Oh, my god. He thinks that I did it, and let him keep thinking that, okay? And everybody else can think that, too. From now on, florence is my hostage, and you had nothing to do with it. That is ridiculous. Everyone who knows you knows you would never kidnap an old lady. Carly, that's the deal. Okay? You stay completely out of this, or I'm gonna take florence back tonight. Fine. But I'm not sorry! So don't expect me to say I am! Okay, I'm not gonna ask you to say that you're sorry. But this is a line I never thought I would cross. And you just crossed it for me.

[ Slams wall ]

[ Sighs ] So, joss feels she is old enough to stay. She knows the truth about Sonny and who he is. She understands the precautions that need to be taken, especially after the long, extended lockdown that they were on last year. Well, it sounds like josslyn has made a very informed decision. And, jax, given everything that she has had to live through, she is wise beyond her years and very strong. Yeah, well, that's my point exactly. She shouldn't have to be strong and mature. She should just be a kid and enjoy her life, you know, not mourn someone -- one of her friends that was just killed in a bombing. I know. I know. I know. I agree. I do. It's just not her reality right now. No, you're right, which is why I'm gonna take her away, whether she likes it or not. Against her will? If I have to, yes. Jax, that would be a terrible mistake. Okay, how about we sober you up and call it a night, huh? Oh, no, let's not. A cautionary tirade like this deserves two fingers. Ava, Ava, you're not helping. Maybe I don't want to. There it is. The biting repartee, the caustic humor. Hmm. It's foreplay, isn't it? Thank you. I am not gonna discuss what goes on in my marriage bed... "marriage bed." ...With my aunt, especially when you are in this condition. You know, you're right. It is very inappropriate for me to discuss things like that with you. Thank you. So, Ava, let me ask you. When nikolas sees you, I mean really sees you, does he see all of you, not just the -- the shiny, smooth parts, but the shards, the broken pieces that get swept away in the dark corners of your soul? Yeah. Yeah. I believe he does. It's thrilling, isn't it? I mean, to expose yourself in that way to someone that you know you're not supposed to trust, but you do it anyway. I mean, it's so intoxicating and forbidden, and it just makes you want to devour each other, right? Wow. That is really something. Now that your law career is in the rearview mirror, perhaps you want to start a new career writing romance novels.

[ Glasses clink ] You know, you were wrong about julian and me. It had nothing to do with him being unworthy. That had nothing to do with anything. Could've fooled me. It's because he was bad for me. I loved him so much.

[ Voice breaking ] I know. I know. So then why? But it was crazy love, literal crazed love. And it was great. I never felt more. I never felt angrier. I never felt more passionate. I never felt more in love, and I loved every minute of it, even the parts that I hated, because he was poison. Just like you and nikolas will be to each other. That's enough!

This was a situation with no good options. I made the choice that I thought would save the most lives, and I stand behind it. Well, then there really is no reason for me to discuss this any further with you. I'm gonna go speak to the desk sergeant. Unfortunately, you're not going to be able to bail taggert out. He hasn't been arraigned yet. And when exactly is he gonna be arraigned? Tomorrow. We're charging him with fraud for faking his death. Which you helped arrange. I'm keeping taggert in custody because with cyrus free, this is the safest place for him.

[ Chuckles ] And what about the feds? Eventually, taggert will have to answer for perjury and falsifying testimony. But one thing at a time. For now, I can arrange private visiting hours for Trina, if you would like.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, that's fine. She'll want to give him a piece of her mind anyway. I'm sure. And if she wants to tear into me, too, my door's open. Oh, I'll let her know that, too. You know what, jordan? I've always been up-front with you about my conversations with curtis. Given our history, I thought it was appropriate. Okay. I saw curtis on christmas eve. I told him that I understood that you lied because you thought you were protecting Trina. Oh, I was angry. But I told him that he should go home and that he should talk to you. Wow. I thought you'd be with me on this. I mean, if it was your daughter, wouldn't you want to swoop in and take her away from danger? Of course I'd want to, jax. But would I? I don't know. Maybe. Then why are you telling me that I shouldn't? It still would be wrong. It would be wrong. Besides, it doesn't matter what I think I would do for my daughter because... I've never met her. My child is a blank slate, a-an abstract. But josslyn, you have a great relationship with her. She's right in front of you. And she's strong, and she's brave, and she knows her own mind. That she does. And you and carly, you raised a great kid, who's also 18 now. So my suggestion is that you respect josslyn's wishes, okay, and preserve that wonderful bond that you have with her. So she'll be safer thinking that she has this wonderful father to go to when she needs you rather than you breaking your word and proving that you don't trust her judgment by taking her away. I'm so sorry that you're hurting. I can't imagine how julian's death must be hitting you. Well, you won't have to imagine if you keep going down this road. Okay, you need to stop. You can't take out your grief and your rage and your loss on Ava. I'm sorry, Ava. No harm done. We'll see. You were right about one thing. Your relationship with julian, it was toxic. Look at what it's done to you. And Ava and I, we -- we might not be perfect, you know? In fact, we're far from it. But whatever issues we have, we are nothing like you and julian. Well, I hope you're right, nikolas. I don't think that you are, but, hell, I-I've been wrong before. It's been a long night. Um, I'm gonna drive you home. Yeah. No, that won't be necessary. Well, I'm not letting you drive in this condition. Neither will the state of new york. My law license isn't the only license that I lost. Try saying that three times fast. Well -- I'll get a car. No, l-let me walk you out. No. But just in case I'm wrong... damn it, alexis. ...I just don't want you to make the same mistake that I made with julian. I know. I think -- I think you've said enough. Ava: No! No. If we can benefit from your -- your aunt's advice, then I'd like to hear everything she has to say. At some point, the seduction is gonna end and the fun is gonna end. And then it's just gonna be lies and deception and manipulation. And you're gonna be looking over that shoulder all the time to see what schemes your partner is scheming about. Who's he lying to? Is he lying to me? Is he lying to someone else? Am I lying for him? And then that constant "should I trust him?" Game just replays over and over and over again until it just becomes exhausting. Then one day, you're gonna wake up and you're gonna realize that this is not love. It's addiction. I'm an addict. I know. But you both are addicts, too, just like me.

 I've never seen curtis happier than he is when he's with you. And I sincerely hope that you can fix what you've broken with him. Portia, with all due respect, what curtis and I choose to do moving forward is our business, no one else'S. Oh, yes, your marriage is your own. But is it possible to be informed by someone else's experience? Maybe even learn from their mistakes. I'm gonna go ahead and tell you something, jordan, that might help you if you decide to listen. Alright. I loved marcus very much when we met, when we got married. But eventually, I realized that our marriage would always come second. It was lonely knowing that my husband's commitment to his partners was more important than his commitment to his wife. And of course, infidelity doesn't help anything, but he and I broke up because we couldn't share a life together. He shut me out of so much of it. And you think that could happen with curtis and me? I know that it can. It might be already. And as angry as I am with you right now, I-I don't wish that on you or curtis.

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Alexis get off alright? I put her in a car. Whether she goes home or to another bar, hell, she'll probably end up drinking either way. Well, far be it for me to judge her, at least on that count. Listen to me. Alexis was wrong. Her relationship with julian, hell, you know better than I do how twisted it was. Indeed I do. Hey, what they were, what they did to each other, that's not us. That'll never be us. No, of course it won'T. Our relationship, our... feelings for each other, the way we need each other... is totally different. No matter how alexis sees it through her vodka-colored glasses. Martin: I must say, cyrus, I don't think I've ever seen you so... well, I was gonna say concerned, but I don't think that covers it. You're actually afraid. Of course I'm afraid. Our mother is old and sick and frail, and just moving her could have -- yeah, I know. I know. But is that what frightens you the most? Mama dying? Or that she may never forgive you? I take it there's no word about Sonny? No, not yet. I'm so sorry, carly. I hope you hear something soon. Thanks, nina. We will. Well, in the meantime, I'd like to know if all hell is about to break loose. And is our daughter gonna be caught in the crossfire? Jason. I need to speak to carly right away. Uh, sorry, she's out. It's okay. You'll do. You love it. You look great in it. No, I, uh... I think you should take it. Thank you for listening.

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