GH Transcript Thursday 6/20/19

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 6/20/19


Episode #14311 ~ Carly questions Jason's plans. Someone from Sonny's past catches up with him. Alexis explains herself to Diane.

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Oh, well, uh, we have to stop meeting like this. Come here often? Uh, doesn't everyone? You know, living in jersey, I became a bit of a diner buff, so I run the risk of becoming a regular here. Well, you got good taste. Mm. Kristina said the sessions are going really well. Glad to hear, yeah. Yeah, that's -- didn't get much more out of her than that. Can't really disclose, yeah. I-I know, I know. A-and I know all about those boundaries, yeah.

[ Chuckles ] It's good to see you. Yeah. And, uh, look forward to seeing you at our regular session tomorrow. Mm. It's a date. Diane: My, my, my. Isn't that an inspiring view? Hello, diane.

[ Laughs ] Oh! May I just say how nice it is to see you flirting with anyone who isn't julian? I was not flirting. Mm. It would be highly inappropriate. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. He's my...therapist. Really? Really. Really? Doesn't look like a typical patient-therapist interaction to me. There's a little bit more to our relationship. Mm-hmm.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Welcome back, dr. Collins. It's so great that the board decided to reinstate you. Thank you. Is there anything I can help you with? No. No, not at the moment. Just getting settled back in.

[ Chuckles ] Well, it hasn't been the same without you. We're lucky to have you back. Thank you, heidi. But I think I'm the lucky one. Hey. Hey. How are you?

[ Sighs ] I'm all right. I didn't know you were back. Yeah, I'm -- [ Chuckles ] I'm back. Um... what are you doing here? You okay? You're not here to see a doctor, are you? No, I-I'm fine. I-I just, uh -- I'm trying to muster the energy to go home. The jet lag just hit like a -- like a hammer, you know? I'll bet. How was the trip? Oh, the trip was, uh... [ Sighs ] It was a beautiful experience in a lot of ways. And also very hard. But kim and I, we had to do it for ourselves and, clearly, for oscar. Made it to the summit, we scattered his ashes, and I got to tell you, it hurt like hell, but... I feel like I might have got a sense of closure. Maybe.

[ Chuckles ] How's kim doing? Kim's not doing so well. I don't think the trip affected her the same way that it did me. She's really taking oscar's death very hard. Elizabeth... elizabeth: Hey. Hey. I heard you were back. I wanted to drop this off before I head out to work. It's a vegetarian lasagna. Aww. That sounds great. Thank you. You're welcome. Aiden helped me make it. Our whole family is thinking about you and drew. Thanks. Are you pressed for time or anything? No. No, not at all. No? You -- you wa-- you want to come in? Yeah, I'd love to. Thanks. This is really, really thoughtful. I really appreciate it.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, I figured food should be one less thing you need to worry about. You can just pop it in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes, and there should be enough there for you and julian. Well, let me -- let me help you. No, it's okay. I need to keep busy. No, you know what I need? I need to know how the hell josslyn wound up at the police station. She's not in any trouble. She even texted that she's okay.

[ Sighs ] And yet she's at the police station! And whatever happened must have been serious enough because sonny had to go down there and handle it in person. I found this guy in lulu's house, and I know that mom's gonna freak out, but, really, I wasn't in any danger. How do you know you weren't in any danger? What makes you so sure? Come here. Look. He says he knows you. Detective? Um... I think you made a mistake. With -- with the kid. So, you're saying the kid actually is a friend of yours? Can you give me just a -- a second to clear this up? Be my guest. Mr. Corinthos. You came. Call me sonny. I told you that already. Okay, sonny. I could be in serious trouble. Okay, let's stop that! How? First of all, you're gonna tell me what you're doing here and why you were robbing my son's house.

 for kim to put all the pieces back together, right? She's lucky to have you around trying to help out. Yeah, well, I am trying. I think it's a beautiful thing that you did, drew. Taking oscar's ashes to kilimanjaro, that's, uh -- that's just beautiful, man. I-I admire that. Not a lot of people get a tribute like that. Well, I don't think oscar deserved anything less. He was a great kid. Yeah, he was. Look, man, I-if you need anything, just let me know. I want to do whatever I can to try and help out. Thank you. I appreciate that.

[ Clears throat ] Actually, if you're serious, um, there is something you can do for me. So, how are you holding up? It's tough. Thanks. Mm-hmm. You know, the grief, it, um... it comes in waves. The mornings are still the most challenging because I -- I wake up, and I remember that he's gone. But the trip [Chuckling] Was beautiful. What else? I don't know. It's just... it's really painful. You know, there's something about being on another continent, being far away from everyone I know, and everything that happened here. Yeah, I can imagine. I don't know. It was like landing back in port charles. Like...

[ Sighs ] It's like another -- another level and depth of pain and... I don't know what to do next. Oh, kim. I'm so sorry. I don't know exactly what you're feeling, but I'm right here with you. You can always lean on me, and you can always lean on julian, too. I'm not so sure about that. Why? Did something happen? I asked julian to have a baby with me. I'm a mom, jason. I'm hard-wired to worry, and I can't turn it off just because it's inconvenient. Well, you seem more than just -- just worried, so what -- what's up? I mean, is -- is something else going on? What -- what's -- I'm just not excited about your trip to beechers corners. Come on, carly, stop. No, what if someone recognizes you, you know? Uh, like the police officer that arrested you when you went down there to interview harmony? What if that happens? Yeah, but somebody's g-- somebody's got to figure out if shiloh's connected to douglas miller's death. Okay. Why does that "someone" have to be you? I don't understand. Why can't it be spinelli or max or milo? Because spinelli was already there asking questions. They would recognize him, and max and milo are exactly what they look like -- two bodyguards sent by somebody else. Really? I don't mean to be rude, but you're not exactly inconspicuous. Maybe not. But I do know how to stay under the radar. And if there's evidence against shiloh in beechers corners, we need to get our hands on it. You killed your father? Not literally. Although it feels that way sometimes. Wait, what? What -- what happened?

[ Sighs ] Before dawn of day and shiloh, we were a family. My mom and dad and I. He wasn't a spiritual seeker like she was, but he supported her and respected her. My father would follow my mother from one commune or ashram to the next. So when my mother got involved with dawn of day and shiloh, my father joined, too. But it didn't last. I wasn't trying to rob dante's house. The cops disagree. They're lying. I'm no thief. First time I saw you was in that café in turkey. You tried to take my phone. Sure, but... that means you're a thief! I'm a professional. Yeah, I was -- I was very impressed when you took that guy's wallet. I relieve undeserving people of unneeded valuables. These people? What do you mean "people"? People like me? It was a rare mistake in your case, but I can assure you I don't break into people's homes. The cops say otherwise. It's a misunderstanding. I originally went looking for you. Nice estate, by the way. You were there? I snuck in while the guards were helping the housekeeper with the groceries. I went to the front, but I couldn't find a way in. So, then I went looking for dante, and when I got to his house, i saw someone trying to break in. I-I guess I scared them off, and I grabbed their bag, strictly from curiosity. I wasn't trying to take anything. Of course not. But that's when the girl came out and jumped to the wrong conclusions. Okay, you know what? We're -- we're getting way a-ahead of ourselves. Why are you here? When I say "here," I mean port charles. It's a long story.

[ Chair slides ]

[ Sighs ] We got time.

[ Knock on door ] Neil: I see they let just about anybody work here at G.H. these days. Neil byrne.

[ Chuckles ] It's been years. Seven, if you can believe it. Seven? Last time I saw you was boston, that symposium.

[ Chuckles ] Wow. How are you? I'm doing well. I'm -- I have a private practice here in port charles. Really? Well, if I knew that a week ago, I would've asked if you wanted to share office space. But, fortunately, the board saw to lift my suspension here. Ah, I'm sure your patients are relieved. Some are. Others were too disturbed by what happened with ryan to stay, so... I have a lot of openings in my schedule. Well, in that case, maybe you can pencil in an old colleague for tonight. Sure. Sure, I'm almost finished unpacking here. You want to grab a drink? No, I-I meant for a session. Neil is not just treating me. He is treating kristina, as well. Oh, well, that's disappointing. Why? Because when you said there was much more to your relationship, I took that to mean a more personal relationship. Ne-- dr. Byrne is treating me, and sonny coincidentally sought him out to treat kristina. He is an expert in -- in cult recovery. Oh. Well, for that, dr. Byrne has my gratitude. But it's got to be a little awkward sharing a therapist with your daughter. Hmm. There have been awkward moments. Right. So, dr. Byrne can't be the only therapist under the sun. So, find yourself a new one and take him for a spin on your couch. Put down the bow, cupid.

[ Chuckles ] It wouldn't hurt you to have a little romance, my friend. You think? Mm-hmm. I'll take that under advisement. I would like to clarify something. Please do. Ne-- dr. Byrne... uh-huh. ...Is, uh, unusual. Mm-hmm. His style of therapy is different than what I m-- I may have been used to. But he challenges me, and I like that. Mm-hmm. He also doesn't let me get away with making excuses. And I don't like that. But I know it's good for me. So, all in all, the sessions are ex-- exhausting, but, um, rewarding. And isn't that the hallmark of all the best relationships?

[ Chuckles ] I shouldn't be barging in like this. I know you probably have plenty to do.

[ Sighs ] On the contrary. It'll feel good to do something constructive. Unless you've already reconsidered? Well, I am fishing for an out, but you haven't taken the bait, so... well, have a seat. So...

[ Sighs ] Is this personal or professional? It's a little bit of both. Uh... I'm having conflicting feelings for a patient of mine. Why did you come to the states? The bureau said they'd take care of you after you helped dante and me escape raj's compound. The wsb? Why should I trust them? It's a big organization. They have a long reach. Exactly. Too powerful to bother with me. Besides, how do I know raj's people haven't infiltrated them? So you decided to take safety into your own hands? I was lucky enough to get some financing. How? There was a lot of money lying around raj's compound. And some of it stuck to your fingers? Enough to buy a passport and a plane ticket. Fake passport? Greek. Giannis costas at your service. Is the passport gonna hold up? Doubtful. That's why I came to you. If you don't help me, I'll be deported. If they send me back to turkey, I'll be dead. Anything you need, man, just let me know. I'm here.

[ Sighs ] Maybe just grab a beer sometime. Okay, no problem, man. I can do that. That's it? Ah, you know, just, uh... I think I might need a friend, you know? Somebody that I can vent to every once in a while. Usually turn to curtis for this sort of thing. Whoa, hold on. I'm, like, your second go-to friend in this situation?

[ Laughs ] No, no. Not -- not exactly. I think what I'M...

[ Clears throat ] ...Trying to ask and failing miserably, is, um... do you think you want to try to be the brother you once were to me? Okay. No problem, man. All right. That's something I can completely manage. Yeah? Oh, yeah. What do you got there? Uh...

[ Chuckles ] Let me see that, come on. It's just A... it's a little something I'm working on. Oh. Looks like a wedding invitation to me. Julian was being so sweet and so supportive and [Sighs] Before I knew it, I... I was suggesting we have a child together. No, you know what? More than suggesting. I flat-out asked him. And -- [ Sighs ] Look, I know it was impulsive. I knew that the minute it came out of my mouth. But once it did, I -- [ Sighs ] I realized I really want it to happen. What did he say? He said, "maybe we could sometime in the future." Oh, okay. Well, so he's open to the possibility. He was just being kind. Yeah, he gave me a look. Yo u know, kind of like that oneyou're giving me right now. Oh, god, I'm sorry. I didn't -- no. God, no, no, no. Don't apologize. I know I probably sound completely insane. No. I do, I -- I know. No, you don'T. Not at all. But I want you to know I -- I -- I am not trying to replace oscar. I know that's impossible.

[ Sighs ] Kim, I don't think that. But have you considered why you would want a baby right now, in the thick of your grief? Yeah, oscar was the most important thing that ever happened to me. You know, ever since the moment he was born, every choice that I made, it was about him. You know, his quality of life, his future. I just wanted to show him how to be a kind and caring and generous person. You did that, kim. Oscar was all of those things. He was.

[ Voice breaking ] You know, being a mother, nurturing another life, it'S...

[ Inhales sharply ] It's what I've become. It's -- it's who I've become, and I just... I can't see myself not being that. I don't know who I would be without it. My father was the first to realize that something was wrong with shiloh. He confronted shiloh about some of his concerns. Okay, and what happened? Shiloh made a show of "hearing him," but from that day on, my mother was against my father. She undermined him every chance she got. Of course, it was shiloh pulling her strings, but I couldn't see that at the time. My mom basically drove my dad out of dod. And what about you? He wanted to take me, but my mother wouldn't let him. Truth be told, I didn't want to go, either. Why not? Because I was so -- so brainwashed by shiloh, so completely in his thrall. Every few months, though, my father would reach out. A couple texts here, e-mail there. He even sent me a key to his new apartment in case I ever wanted to "visit," which I knew meant leaving dod.

[ Sighs ]

[ Voice breaking ] I ignored him for weeks. And then this one time, he called the dod house. He was staying at a hotel in town, and he begged me. And I could sense that something was off in his voice. There was this -- this -- this desperation. Like -- like he was in trouble. And shiloh was there when I took the call. He encouraged me to see my father. Now, was that genuine, or was he just trying to manipulate you? No, it was classic shiloh. Okay, he made it seem like it was my choice, but really, he just set me up to do what he wanted. Did you meet with your father? We planned to meet at his hotel for dinner one night. I was about to leave, and then... then my mom stopped me, and she told me that shiloh decided it was time for my initiation ceremony. In that moment, I had to choose dod or my father. And I chose dod.

[ Crying ] You know what? I'm not -- I'm not gonna go to beechers corners tonight. Why? It's late. It's late, and it's a -- you know, it's a long drive. Yeah, right. And you're afraid that if you leave before josslyn and sonny get back, I'm gonna race straight to the police station. Do you realize how incredibly condescending it is for you to "save me from myself"? Okay, that's not what I'm t-trying to do here. That's exactly what you're doing. Carly, if you want to go to the police station, I can't stop you. I-I-I can barely stop you from doing anything you ever want to do. Yes, but every time you tell me not to do something, you're always right. Which is so annoying, 'cause I only realize after the fact. Okay, do you want to go to the police station to check on josslyn? Yes! Are you gonna go? No. What if I left for beechers corners? I still wouldn't go. But it would be much harder to stop myself. Exactly. That's why I'm sticking around to keep you company. I love you. And I just -- I want to tell you that I really think you're doing the right thing by josslyn.

[ Police radio chatter ] I mean, it's pretty obvious that they know each other. I just don't know how. I mean, if he's telling the truth and he really is sonny's friend, then why would he rob your house? I don't know. It doesn't make any sense. I-I don't get it.

[ Door opens ] Hey! Hey, what's going on? I'm trying to figure that out. Okay, well, who is he? I'll explain to you in a -- in a minute, okay? Can -- can I speak to you in private? Of course, yeah.

[ Telephone ringing in distance ]

How is your father's death your fault? I let shiloh and my mother get in my head. No. They were manipulating you, willow. Holding your initiation the same night your father wanted to meet. The point is, I should have known how badly my father needed me. Instead, I-I called and postponed. Made plans to meet him for breakfast the next morning. We were gonna take a walk around the lake and talk, see where things went. But he didn't show up to the restaurant. So, I went to the hotel's front desk, and they took me to his room. The door wasn't shut all the way. The tv was on inside, so I went in. And I found him dead on the bathroom floor. He had overdosed. Oh, my god. And it wasn't an accident, either. Based on the amount of carfenadol in his system, it was clear he wanted to die. I'm so sorry. It is all my fault, michael. No, I chose dod over my dad, and now he's gone.

[ Crying ] One of the things that neil said to me -- neil, neil, neil. Stop it. You first. No, you first.

[ Chuckles ] You might as well admit it. I know all the signs. You have more than a professional interest in "neil"... I happen to respect the boundaries between a therapist and a patient. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. But I won't -- but... I am a little curious about him. Have you done any digging? Of course I have. I went online. He's published. I went over some of his books. Well, what'd you find? That he was married and he lived in montclair. I'm on the edge of my seat. What else? Nothing. I-I cut myself off because I thought it would get me in trouble. But the temptation remains? I am trying to respect the boundaries. What are you doing? Well, you, of course, should respect the boundaries. Doesn't mean I have to.

[ Sighs ] Are you saying you're having romantic feelings for a patient? No, nothing like that. Okay. Yeah, I'm really good at keeping the boundaries clear. Yeah, I'm just struggling with this particular patient. Why is that? I -- I'm invested in seeing things working out for her. Don't you always feel that way about your patients? Yes, but I think this is a different scenario. Different how? Well, I share something in common with her, and, uh... I know exactly what she's going through. And if I could share my experience, maybe she won't feel so alone. So, what's preventing you? You know, I have to say, it's something you don't foresee yourself dealing with. Helping your kid grieve. I'm doing my best just to be present and give josslyn the space she needs to feel what she feels. Yeah. Really the last thing you want is josslyn to feel like she's got to make everything okay f-for you. I know. And that's her nature, to be strong and act like everything's fine even though she's dying on the inside. I really want her to see a professional. What? You mean like a therapist? Yeah, I do. And she is against it.

[ Sighs ] She's wants nothing to do with it. Well, maybe s-- maybe she's just not ready.

[ Sighs ] I know. Carly, what matters is -- is that joss knows that you're there for her, okay? And that doesn't mean running in and fixing everything, because I'm sure that's very tempting for you. What? Just when you're right, you're really right. It happens sometimes.

[ Laughs ] You know what josslyn and her friends were doing earlier? What? They had a séance. They were trying to contact oscar. Well, does she know that you know that? Yeah. And? And I -- I don't know. I didn't want to discourage her. But I know if she keeps doing things like that, she's not going to move on, and I just feel like she has to start living again. Did you say that? No.

[ Laughs ] Okay. That's -- that's good. You know, uh, assuming that this isn't traumatic, and that she is safe... mm-hmm. ...Maybe josslyn being at the police station tonight is a good thing. Maybe it gives her something else to focus on for a minute.

[ Police radio chatter ] That's the boy who helped you and dante in turkey? What's he doing here? I guess he was looking for dante and he scared off the guy who burglarized your home. I-I mean, why did he leave turkey? Because he -- he felt like raj's people were gunning for him, he didn't trust the wsb. Well, I can't disagree with him there. Lulu, if he goes back, he's not gonna make it. Then what are we gonna do? Is everything okay over here? Um... what's going on? There's been a mistake. It's exactly as the boy described before. He is the one who scared off the real burglar. And what led you to this realization? Turns out the young man is a friend of the family.

You don't need to have a baby with julian to be a mother. That title, that experience, it's part of you. And it always will be.

[ Sniffles ] Just like oscar will live on in his father and in you... thank you.

[ Chuckles ] I think I needed to hear that from another mother. Oh, god, I'm sorry. There is no road map for what you are going through, and there is no right or wrong way to process grief. But please, please, please be kind to yourself, okay? Just feel what you need to feel, and, most importantly, give yourself time. Thank you for everything. You know, for -- for not judging me. Oh. And for your really good advice. And your lasagna.

[ Both laugh ] You really came at the perfect moment. I don't have to leave. I can get someone to cover my shift if you want. I can stay. You know what?

[ Sighs ] That is so sweet of you. It is. I think maybe I should just...crash. Okay. You know, deal with my jet lag. Okay. Okay. Come here. Mm. You call me any time, okay? I will. Bye. Thank you.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ] Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you two already married? Because I remember officiating that wedding.

[ Chuckles ] Yes. Uh, technically, there was a ceremony, but there was no celebration, and we really want to have a big celebration with our friends and our family. We eat too much, we drink too much, maybe dance a little. And we've been talking about it for months, but...the time never felt right. Yeah, I get that. In fact, I feel hugely selfish even talking about a celebration right now with what you're going through. What are you doing? Stop. Life goes on, right? I guess, yeah. You guess. Look, people deserve to be happy, weddings deserve to be celebrated. And I think we'd mar my son's memory to, uh, let his death impede living. You know, where's the beauty in that? Tell elizabeth I'll be there. Okay. All right.

[ Elevator bell dings ] So, do you feel like you've gotten yourself into a tricky limbo with this patient? Well, hence my visit.

[ Sighs ] Well, under the best circumstances, you could use your own experience as a template for your patient to help them get through. I don't see anything wrong with that. Well, what if the issue, uh, isn't in my past? What if I'm still grappling with it? Well, you already know the answer to that. You can't involve a patient in your personal life, and you can't unburden yourself about your own struggles. Now, you did say his last name was byrne, right? Yes. Byrne... and that is the last thing I'm going to say about him. "Byrne" as in what fire does, or byrne as in the lead singer for talking heads? What's a talking head? You, right now. Never mind. I have found him. Oh... what? Oh, um, nothing. Nothing. It's clearly something. What did you find? It's -- just forget I said anything. I'm not gonna -- never mind. I'll just look him up myself. Look. No, no, no. Look, look. All that's gonna come up is related to his books except for -- except for one thing. What thing? A death notice.

it's a text from josslyn. "Mom, sonny and I are on our way home with a surprise"? Hmm. "It's nothing bad." What does that mean? Hmm-hmm. What is she talking about? Maybe you should believe her. I'm gonna take off. No, you don't have to take off. Yeah, I'll just be one more person hovering around. Ohh. Okay, thank you for waiting with me. Okay. Yeah, no. -I had fun. -No problem. Any time. And joss is gonna be okay. She'll find her way a little bit at a time -- that's all anybody can do. Yeah. Thank you.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ] Hi. Hey. How are you? I'm okay. How are you?

[ Sighs ] Just had kind of a difficult conversation with drew. Oh, I just visited with kim earlier, so I-I have an idea. He's really struggling. Yeah, so is she. But I don't blame them. They've just experienced an unimaginable loss. All I could do is listen to her and offer my support. Right? Well, you're really good at that. You know that. She seemed a little better when I left. Maybe you said something that inspired her. Maybe.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hey, kim. Hey. [ Chuckles ] I'm surprised you picked up. I, uh -- I thought you would've, uh, turned your phone off and crashed out. Not yet. What's up? I was wondering. Um, are you free for dinner tomorrow night? There's something I'd like to discuss with you. Sorry for melting down on you. Again. Hey, no, it's -- you have every right to grieve your father's death, okay? But you just -- you can't blame yourself, though. I was supposed to be there. I was supposed to be with him. If I had just gone when he asked me to -- hey, hey. We can play hypotheticals all day long, it's not gonna change what happened, and there's no point in beating yourself up. Okay? Especially considering you were coerced emotionally, if not physically. You know, you got -- you got to give yourself a lot of credit for breaking free, because that took incredible courage. So what? Look where that courage led me. What if something goes wrong in court tomorrow? What if shiloh finds wiley? Bounda ries between therapist andpatient are there for a reason. Sharing in your patient's struggles is problematic. It -- it muddies the relationship dynamic to the point where -- where it's unclear which one of us is seeking help from the other. A death notice? For whom? See for yourself. "Joanna marie byrne died july 31, 2014. Beloved daughter of dr. Neil and deirdre byrne. Funeral august 7th, st. Ignatius church, montclair."

[ Sighs ] No wonder he didn't want to talk about his personal life. He lost his daughter.

[ Police radio chatter ]

[ Telephone rings in distance ] Hey. Hey. Did sonny leave? Yeah. Yeah. What are you thinking? About the description the kid dev gave me on the intruder. What was it? Surprisingly specific. If he only saw the guy for a minute -- 5'8", strong build, dark blond hair, blue eyes, mid-30s... it's interesting that the guy ran. He sounds like he could've taken the kid down, no problem. He must not have wanted any -- any violence. Well, I mean, that fits the pattern. The guy breaks in to the houses when he knows the women will be gone. Now that we're alone, can I just say something? Yeah, of course. It seems more than a little convenient that the kid turned out to be a "family friend" of sonny corinthos. You want to tell me what's going on? I'm sorry. I couldn't even if I wanted to.

[ Glasses clink ]

[ Sighs ] Josslyn. Uh -- I got your text. Okay. I'm glad you're okay. I -- you're freaking out, aren't you? Yes, I'm freaking out! You called sonny from the police station. You've been gone for hours. What the hell happened? Mom, I'm fine. Josslyn, this is not okay. Hi? Who is this? Uh, his name is dev, and he's gonna be staying with us for a little while.

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