GH Transcript Wednesday 6/19/19

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 6/19/19


Episode #14310 ~ Michael drops by Sonny's for a visit. Jason has news. Willow makes a shocking confession.

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Just that it was important to meet him.

[ Elevator whirring ] Laura, if this is about ryan's kidney donation, you have to promise me that you'll leave right away. Kevin, that's so sweet of you, but no. The only reason I told you what we did is because keeping secrets about my brother nearly blew us up. And if you were blindsided by this, I don't think I could bear the look on your face. Well, I'm very glad that you told me the truth. You know, and if the press say that my husband was involved in a conspiracy to steal a kidney from his serial killer twin brother to save the police commissioner's life and that brings my political career down... what a way to go. This power is going to your head.

[ Chuckles ] I like it.

[ Laughs ] I hope you don't mind me stopping by unannounced. Are you kidding? You're my son, and I love you. And you brought food from kelly's, so I love you even more. Well, since I'm making her eat healthy now, this gives her an excuse to take a break from eating healthy. That's not true. I love, I love, I love when you cook for me, but sometimes I need variety, and you brought me a cheeseburger, didn't you? Well, actually, I brought you an avocado and turkey on sprouted wheat. What?

[ Laughs ] Well, you got to take good care of my baby brother or sister, right? I'm sorry I have to work. I really wanted to spend the night with you. You lucked out. I am terrible company. You are always wonderful company. And you are the most wonderful liar I have ever met.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Telephone ringing in distance ] I know, right? I'm just acing this boyfriend thing.

[ Sighs ] Well, you go fight crime. I'll be at home pacing a hole into the floor while I drive myself crazy over my court date with shiloh. Hey, stevie, you have to get back to my house as soon as you get this message. Hurry! The guy I was talking to? It wasn't the date I arranged online. My date never showed, so he might be our suspect, which means he could be robbing my house right now!

[ Gasps ] Oh, my god. What in the hell do you think you're doing?!

[ European accent ] I'm sorry. I was just looking for -- oh, I know exactly what you're doing. You're trying to rob the place.

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

I just don't want you to be hurt by my actions.

[ Sighs ] You told me the truth, and that's the right thing to do. By making you an accessory to a boatload of felonies? By giving me the chance to stand by your side. And I will, kevin. I will always stand by your side. Dr. Collins, mayor webber, uh, thank you for meeting me. Uh, well, your -- your text said it was important. Has something happened with ryan? You picked the wrong house. No, wait! You don't understand. No, you better pray that the cops get here before my stepfather does. Stepfather? Hey, stay back. You so much as touch me, he'll cut off your hands. Hey! Hey, wait! No, stop, stop!

[ Sighs ] Hi. Yeah, I need to report a break-in. There is garlic-pesto aioli in there. What is wrong with you? What has happened to you? I thought you were my kid. Just take a bite. Come on. Mm-hmm. You still love me? I love you, but I don't like you very much right now.

[ Chuckles ] Alright. Why do I smell bacon? Oh, I brought blts for everybody else. Can you disown him, please, right now?! I would, but he has his own money.

[ Chuckles ] Actually, I, uh -- I thought the blts might tempt josslyn. You know, she hasn't had much of an appetite lately. Hmm. So, where is she? She went to go pick up rocco's baseball glove. And rocco's spending the night, and he likes to sleep with his baseball glove under his pillow. He forgot it, so josslyn went to go pick it up. Right. By herself? Oh. We're trying.

[ Chuckles ] And we -- we think it's good that josslyn is regaining some of her independence.

[ Groans ]

[ Chuckles ] Hey. Hope I'm not interrupting. Oh, hey, not at all. There's, uh, plenty for everyone. Do you want a blt? You brought one for him, and you didn't even know he was gonna be here? Well, I kind of thought the odds were good.

[ Groans ] Sonny, I have some, uh, news from our former D.A., Something that could be helpful dealing with shiloh. You know, you're welcome to stay at my place. I'd feel weird without you there. Well, I'd feel better. Just in case shiloh tries anything. He won'T. Not with the hearing tomorrow. He wouldn't risk it. Regardless... anytime you need. Are you sure? Of course. But just so you know, this is not a romantic gesture. Definitely not. No, 'cause I'm not that kind of guy. Of course not. I'm far too cool. Even aloof. Bordering on indifferent. But if you are still there when I get home... then I'd be happy to pace in circles with you. For exercise? What other reason are you thinking? Fair enough.

[ Sighs ] I accept your very practical, non-romantic gesture. You're welcome. Well, I should get going. Diane agreed to check in with me tonight. Great! Did you know when she comes into the P.D., Everyone just gets depressed? Most of her clients just walk, and they are normally very bad people. I-I'm not sure what part of that is supposed to be comforting. Well, if she can go to bat for hardened criminals like that, imagine what she can accomplish representing an actual good person. I don't know how "good" a person I am. Oh, I do. And I also know that ms. Miller will do everything that she can to keep shiloh away from wiley. I know she'll try. But what if it's not enough? I've been getting regular updates from the pentonville infirmary, alright? No sign of infection, and there's been no complications with the kidney donation. Although ryan is a little upset that he's healing so fast. I mean, he's gonna be transferred to a cell in solitary by the end of the week. And as for his claim that his kidney was removed without his consent? Uh, well, he -- it's okay. It's alright. I know. Y-you know? Like...everything? Everything. I know.

Everything everything? Mm-hmm. Oh. In that case, ryan's claims that his kidney was stolen, well, they're not paying any attention to him. I mean, they figure it's ryan chamberlain, right? He just... that he agreed to donate his kidney in exchange for leniency, and when that failed, he claimed it was stolen, like an urban legend.

[ Scoffs ] I would have loved to have left him in a bathtub full of ice in some crummy hotel room, only I wouldn't have left him a phone to call 911. Yeah, you would. I guess it's a good thing we'll never know.

[ Chuckles ] I'm -- I'm sorry. We shouldn't be talking so cavalier about this. It's okay. Um, well, if you didn't want to tell us about ryan's health, what is it that you wanted to talk to kevin about? Oh, right. It... concerns your suspension. Oh.

Uh, why don't we talk about it in the living room, sonny? If this is about keeping that bastard shiloh away from wiley, I want in. Carly: I-I agree. We all need to know what's going on, unless there's a felony involved. Is there? No, no felonies, at least not yet. Margaux dawson is leaving town. Yeah, finally. After dropping the charges against shiloh? Yeah, she knows that she blew it, so she's trying to make amends. Michael: Amends how? Well, she gave me a lead about a suspicious death at the dawn of day compound in beechers corners.

[ Door closes ] What if the worst happens and ms. Miller loses somehow? We will figure out a way to protect wiley from shiloh. And by "we," I mean you and me, brad and lucas, michael, who runs a major corporation... I know, but if the judge decides tha-- okay. I don't like to think like this because, well, for obvious reasons. But wiley's aunts are sam mccall and carly who? Carly corinthos, who is married to sonny corinthos, "legitimate coffee importer," whose enforcer -- because what legit coffee importer is complete without one -- is jason morgan, who is with sam mccall. And who does sam hate more than anyone right now? I don't want to say his name. Shiloh, who co-opted sam's sister, kristina, who is the daughter of alexis davis and who? Sonny corinthos.

[ Chuckles ] And while I certainly do not condone it... I'll call it "vigilantism." Sure. Look, if shiloh were half as smart as he thinks he is, he would cut his losses and get out of dodge. All of those people I mentioned, and I include myself... we are wiley's army. We're not gonna lose. Well, when you put it that way... I should get going. Diane's waiting for me.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. You have a good night at work. Be safe. Always. I'll see you tomorrow. Um, medium height, slight build, dark hair. Josslyn! What are you doing here? What's going on? I'll call it in. Ms. Falconeri. Hey, um, I came to get rocco's mitt. When the door was open, I came in, and there was a guy in here trying to rob the place. He didn't hurt you, did he? No, no, no. He didn't even touch me. In fact, he seemed even more scared than I was. When I called 911, he ran.

[ Sighs ] Ms. Jacks did the right thing -- stayed out of the guy's way and scared him off. He couldn't have gotten far. You know, technically, you have the right to hear this from dr. Quartermaine, but she's dealing with matters. Um, please, come on in. Have a seat. So she, uh -- she asked me, knowing that we had developed something of A... professional rapport while we were dealing with commissioner ashford's kidney transplant.

[ Chuckles ] That's one way to put it. Yeah. Uh, so the, um... the board met today. I wasn't present, but I understand it got rather...heated. Many of them still hold you at least partly responsible for your brother's, um... what's the word they used? Uh, the words they used were "reign of terror." Oh, it's apt. The phrase and the allegation. Mm. Look, if I were still on the board, I would argue that kevin made a mistake. A mistake. And he's done everything in his power to make amends for it. The court did not find him culpable. They dropped all the charges against him. Many members of the board made that very point. Right, and the only thing they should really care about is his record as a doctor, which stands on its own. He's an exemplary psychiatrist. He's an asset to this hospital. Well, it was a very close vote, but in the end, the board agreed. So... dr. Collins... here's your paperwork. Here's the key to your office. Oh.

[ Chuckles ] Congratulations. You've been fully reinstated.

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[ Telephones ringing ] Kid looks pretty young. What did you get him for? He matched the description of the perp who broke into the falconeri place. You were very brave tonight. Thanks. I don't think he took anything. Really? That's great. Mm-hmm. I mean, of course, nothing in this house matters more than your safety. Which is why I have to ask... what the hell were you thinking?! Walking into a house when there might be -- when -- when there

was an intruder?! The officer said I did the right thing. The officer was being nice because you're dante's sister! I'm your family! I don't have to be nice! Okay, well, that doesn't mean you have to channel my mother. Ohh! Not only am I channeling your mom, I am channeling all mothers when I say if you come home to find a door unlocked that shouldn't be, do not go in! You call the police, you watch, you wait! And if someone comes out, you run like hell! Okay. Well, so much for being brave. You were brave! But everybody knows that brave and stupid go hand in hand! You could have been killed! Okay! I get it. Okay. I shouldn't be yelling at you, especially not with everything you're going through with oscar. Actually, I, um... I kind of like how you're not walking on eggshells around me. It'd be refreshing if you weren't so mad.

[ Sighs ] I'm sorry. I-I hate that I put you in this position. What do you mean? How could you have known that someone was gonna rob your house? We should call your mother. Why? To let her know you're okay. No, no. There's no way for her to know that I might not be okay, so why -- why would we stress her out like that, you know?

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, my god.

[ Sighs ] That can't be her. She's not psychic. It's not your mother.

[ Sighs ] Hello? Lulu, it's me. I heard about the break-in in your house this evening. We think we found the guy. Thank you for the good news. It was my privilege. For what it's worth, um... I know what it means to screw up and have to start all over again, to regain the re-- respect of your colleagues and earn the trust of your patients. I just want to say it isn't easy, but it can be done. Well, thank you, finn, and thank you for the encouragement. Yeah, and, you know, if you ever, uh... want to talk...

[Chuckles] I'm no therapist, but, um, I'm happy to listen, as a colleague... or a friend. Thank you. I might take you up on that. You and spinelli told me about that months ago. Is this -- is this about the drug overdose? Wait, what -- what -- what drug overdose? Yeah, this is new information to half the room. Yeah, okay, well, it happened near the dawn of day compound in beechers corners. The man who O.D.'D was a member who might have been trying to leave, and shiloh was a suspect at first. So, does the D.A. Have evidence that could condemn shiloh? There's no evidence. She did confirm that the circumstances were a little suspicious. I mean, the man's name was left out of all the papers, supposedly out of respect for the family, but it looks like it had more to do with the dawn of day's influence with local media and the police. Wow. The guy's name was douglas miller. "Miller." That's a common name. Any connection to diane miller? Not that we know of. However, the name's also shared by one lorraine miller, aka harmony. Thank you for meeting with me. I know you have much more important clients. No, I have more affluent clients. But right now, none of them are more important than you. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that. This hearing with shiloh tomorrow, it's -- it's got me -- I don't even know how to describe it. There's no need to. This man has put you through hell, and you needed to take extreme measures to get away from him and protect your child. Hopefully, the judge will -- will see that. "Hopefully"? I, uh -- I-I thought this was going to be a slam dunk. What? What is it? Well...

[ Clears throat ] I don't want to alarm you, but I do need to prepare you for what to expect tomorrow. Now I've just had a look at the court docket, and I've seen the name of shiloh's defense attorney. So either he just hired her, which I strongly doubt, or she advised him not to inform the court of her name so that she could pull a sneak attack. "A sneak attack"?

[ Sighs ] Shiloh's attorney has a reputation for being, shall we say, ruthless. S-so, is there a chance that shiloh could find out about wiley? Hey, guys. Thanks for coming. Are you okay? Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. I'm just a little shaken up. Wait, that's him. That's the guy who robbed your house. No, no, no, there's been a mistake! You don't understand! Oh, I understand alright. You used a dating app to lure me out! No, I -- what? Yeah, so you would know that no one was home, and you could burglarize me. No, no, please, please, listen. Hey, kid, remember those rights they read you when you were arrested? They're important. Do yourself a favor and exercise your right to remain silent. But you don't understand. I'm not the thief. I-I'm a friend of sonny corinthos.

Harmony? Isn't she the shiloh groupie who took the fall for drugging kristina and sam? Well, uh, yeah. Harmony's not a groupie. She's practically second-in-command in that organization. Willow: But shiloh is not reasonable. He twists things around, gets people to do things they never thought they'd do. Like my mother. She knows what shiloh did to me, and it doesn't matter. She's still close to him, basically his right hand. Any chance that this is a coincidence that the guy who O.D.'D and shiloh's top lieutenant have the same last name? No. Public record shows that harmony was married to douglas miller.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Well, do you think that harmony and shiloh killed this douglas guy and made it look like an O.D.? Well, that's what I'm gonna try to find out. I'm heading back to beechers corners tonight to do some digging. Keep me posted. Keep us posted. Actually, I, um -- I think we should hold off on that. What do you mean? You know something? -I might. -What? Okay, well, then why don't you share it? I-I need to confirm my suspicions first. Um, look, can you give me till morning? I-I mean, tonight would be better. You need to trust me on this, okay? You know we do, so... thanks. We always knew there was a slim chance things wouldn't go our way. And now? It's still slim, just a little slimmer. I-I-I was hoping that I was going to come here and you were just going to reassure me that everything was going to work out. Now I'm even more terrified than I was before. Well, stop it. Stop it? How can I -- yes, stop it. Because being terrified will get you nowhere, my dear. In fact, your fear will just chum the waters. They'll go after you with even greater gusto. You're right. I'll pull it together. That is the spirit. Thank you. We knew going into this that your situation would be, well, complicated. Because I lied. Because you lied. Your motives were exemplary. You wanted to protect your child from a man you knew to be a sexual predator. But the law is the law. And even horrible people like shiloh have rights just like the rest of us. And in shiloh's case, that includes parental rights. Our job is to thwart those rights, to stonewall them using all the legal means at our disposal. What does that actually mean? Your part is to look even more upstanding than you already do, more upstanding, certainly, than shiloh. You're a third-grade teacher. He's got an inner circle of women that he tattoos and coerces into sex. We will focus on that. But what about the so-called "good" dawn of day does? Those so-called good works are primarily a front. But how do you prove it? Just leave it to me. In fact, leave everything to me.

[ Inhales sharply ] Okay. Thank you. I-in the meantime, um, what should I -- what should I do? Go home and get a good night's sleep. You're gonna need it.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Rock ballad plays on stereo ]

I'd carry the world

for you... thank you again. Excuse me. Assuming you have a connection to sonny corinthos, which is doubtful, but not impossible because you were robbing his son's house... -I wasn't -- -...knowing sonny corinthos does not make you immune from prosecution. You don't understand. I'm innocent! In which case you should really practice that right to remain silent. I wasn't trying to steal from your house. Hey, then why did I catch you holding a bag of her stuff? Someone was trying to rob your house, and I grabbed the bag and scared them off. Why would you do that? Because I'm friends with sonny corinthos. Hate to break it to you, kid, but that's not exactly gonna get you off the hook in this town. Take him to interrogation. Interrogation. No, no. Please, no! Whoa, whoa, hey, calm down. I know what happens in interrogation. You're going to torture me. No, nobody's gonna hurt you, okay? We don't do that here. You'll be safe. Why should I trust you? Because we can't hurt you... 'cause you're a friend of sonny corinthos. Okay. Okay.

[ Telephones ringing, indistinct conversations ] Lulu, can I have a word?

[ Handcuffs clack ] So, lured you out with a dating app? Care to elaborate? Okay. Someone is setting up fake profiles on a dating app to lure women out of their homes. While the women are gone, their homes are burglarized. I've been trying to catch him. Oh, 'cause you're an undercover cop? Because I am an investigative reporter. Fair enough. Bet you didn't think you'd smoke out a teenager, certainly not a friend of your father-in-law. Yeah. Excuse me. I have patients to see. And once you file that paperwork, you will, too. Kevin: [ Chuckles ] Here's hoping. It'll happen. Congratulations again. And good luck. Thank you. Thank you, dr. Finn.

[ Chuckles ] It was my pleasure.

[ Sighs ] You know, when you can get to know him, he's really a nice guy. What? You're kind of just staring. Yeah, well, that's your fault.

[ Laughing ] Why? What did I do? You're just being amazing. Oh, come on.

[ Laughs ] Really? Mm-hmm. You mean in general, or is there something specific? No, actually, both. You see, now I can't help but imagine you in that meeting defending me to the hospital board the way you just did with finn. Hmm. Hmm. Well, you're gonna have to imagine it because it didn't really happen. Even so. Even so, you have been reinstated. All you have to do is finish up your paperwork. Let's hold off on the red tape just for a minute because I really have to say to you...

[Voice breaking] And maybe they didn't hear you, but I did.

[ Exhales sharply ] I heard you. And it means everything to me that you somehow still love me. Of course I still love you. I will always love you, kevin, but I also believe in you.

you know something? You're right.

[ Sighs ] Alright, fine. I'll kiss you again. But don't make it a habit, alright? I mean about the red tape. I think that we should just forget about all that for tonight. Let's just go home and let's celebrate. Let's open up a bottle of champagne. Ooh. Order a pizza. Pizza? With champagne? Have you ever had pizza with champagne? Well, I guess I will tonight. That's the spirit. Yeah. Alright, well, let's get out of here. Right. Hey. Thanks for meeting me. Right now, I'm happy for any distraction that might keep my mind off tomorrow. Right. Um, a-a-any new developments on those lines? Just that, according to diane, shiloh's attorney is a shark.

[ Sighs ] Well, you know what? We, uh -- we knew that shiloh would put up a fight, right? But diane is the deadliest shark that I know, so I think you're in good hands. I know she's good. And I know that wiley has all these people, powerful people, willing to do what it takes to protect him. But still, it's like this -- this nightmare I can't wake up from. Right now, I would give anything to not have to think of shiloh or dawn of day ever again. Well, uh, sorry to break it to you, but the reason I asked you here was because I had questions about shiloh. More specifically, um, about a death that happened in beechers corners. So, michael? Yeah. Well, clearly, he went to meet someone, so where, who, and what do you think he knows? Probably his friend willow. She escaped from dawn of day in beechers corners.

[ Sighing ] Okay.

[ Cellphone rings ] It's joss. What's up? Hey, is my mom with you? Uh, yeah. Why? Okay. Don't react or say anything. I don't want her to freak out because I am absolutely fine. Okay. Good to know. I'm at the police station. Um, they've got a kid here in custody. He has some kind of accent. Middle eastern, maybe? He says he knows you. You know, this reinstatement couldn't have come at a better time. I was just about to sign the dotted line on my new office. Now I don't have to break the lease. Mm. But you were sort of dragging your feet about that, weren't you? Well, I have been busy. I was helping the commissioner. Yeah, but there was also some wishful thinking, wasn't there, that maybe the board would change their mind? Maybe a little. Yeah. And they did. And I wasn't even there to beat them into submission. I'm sure you would have made your argument eloquently, but firmly, like you just did. But the point is I didn't have to, you know? You're fully reinstated. It's amazing. And now maybe we can put all of this behind us and just go back to normal life. Oh. Wouldn't that be nice?

[ Laughing ] Yes, I know, I know.

[ Laughs ]

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, dear. That's my phone.

[ Clears throat ] Ah. It's my assistant, maureen. Go ahead. Hello?

Okay, thanks.

[ Sighs ] There's a snag in the budget, and I have to deal with it tonight because, if I don't, then it may delay the budget passing, which is... what? I mean, this is like you're, I don't know, the mayor or something.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Mm. Thank you for understanding. Of course I understand. Go. Run the city with an iron fist. Is there any other way? Meanwhile, I'll go to my brand-new office, I'll get settled in, and maybe I'll get some of that red tape done. Then I meet you at home,

our home, and we celebrate. Sounds like a plan. Congratulations on being reinstated, dr. Collins. Well, thank you very much, mrs. Collins.

[ Elevator bell dings ] See ya. I'll see you later.

[ Breathes deeply ] So jason, uh, heard about a suspicious death that happened at the dod compound a few years back, one that was seemingly brushed aside by the authorities. The man's name was douglas miller -- harmony's ex-husband. You said that your -- your mother was shiloh's right hand. Now, if harmony is your mother, that means that the man who died... he was your father, wasn't he?

[ Inhales sharply ] Yes. He was. I'm sorry, michael. I can't talk about this. L-l-look, I'm -- I'm sorry to bring up something so painful, okay? But for -- for -- for wiley's sake, can you just please tell me -- michael, I can't! Why not? Because...

[ Exhales sharply ] Because I killed him. Sonny's being ridiculous. You say that about anybody who disagrees with you. Because disagreeing with me is ridiculous!

[ Sighs ] Carly, it's too late. You said that you would stay and let -- let sonny handle it. I changed my mind. Josslyn's at the police station. She's my daughter. I get first dibs. Okay, you need to just calm down. Stop trying to tell me to calm down! It's for the baby, okay? Josslyn is not arrested. Lulu's down there. Sonny's on his way down to the pcpd. You don't need to go down there and get all stressed out. It's not stressful! It's not. I mean, come on. You of all people should know, you go down there, loaded for bear, and what happens? They make you wait. I mean, if anything, being at the police station is very relaxing and calming. What's stressful is being here, waiting to hear what's going on there. That was an excellent try, but can't you just be proud that whatever the situation is, josslyn is handling it? I am proud. I am very proud. And I would be even prouder if I could see how she's handling it. Just what josslyn needs -- for her mother to swoop right in. What about jacks? Jacks is gonna find out that josslyn was at the police station and I didn't tell him, but I let sonny go down there and handle it? He is going to freak out! I mean, he's going to explode. That's not how jacks handles things. Well, he's at least gonna be mad. You know he's gonna be mad. Well, that's fine. You could explain it to him. He's not gonna like it, but he's gonna understand... maybe. Fine. Then I'm gonna call him. Go ahead. You can do that.

[ Smacks lips ] Ahh.

[ Bottle thuds lightly ] You're not gonna stop me? No. No, but I just -- I do want you to think it through, okay? Jacks and sonny at the pcpd with josslyn in the middle. What could possibly go wrong?

[ Cellphone thuds ] I hate when you're right. I know. Okay, fine. I can't go down there. I can't call jacks. Don't think you're off the hook. Okay. It is officially your job to keep me distracted. Um, alright. Well... mm. We can't play pool.

[ Sighs ] But... how about...some cards? Poker? I'm not playing poker with you. Why? Why not? Because you beat me every time. Alright, if you want to distract me, I need you to tell me why you think it's a good idea for you to go to beechers corners. Because that's the best way to get intel. It's not best to get arrested. I'm not gonna be arrested. Denial is not an effective strategy, jason. I'm not in denial, carly. You have a rap sheet in beechers corners. I don't care if they dropped the charges. You're on the radar in that town. If they see you at all -- they won'T. They won't see me. Josslyn? Oh, hey. How are you? What's going on? I'm, uh -- I'm fine. Did you come here by yourself? Yeah, yeah. Uh, jason's at home with carly. I don't -- I just need her to stay put.

[ Sighing ] Oh, okay. Thank god. I found a guy in lulu's house, and I know mom's gonna freak, but I really wasn't in any danger. Well, what makes you so sure? Come here. He, uh, says he knows you.

[ Telephone ringing ] Come on, boy. Don't leave me hanging.

[ Sighs ] You should be more careful, american. You took a while. That means you were discreet? Anybody see you checking out the place? I'm only seen when I wish it. I'm a shadow, a thief in the night. Detective. I think that, uh, you've made a mistake. So, you're saying this kid actually is a friend of yours? Something like -- can I -- can you give me -- just give me time to clear this up? Be my guest.

[ Sighs ] Mr. Corinthos. You came.

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