GH Transcript Tuesday 6/18/19

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 6/18/19


Episode #14309 ~ Josslyn is unsettled. Robert is upset. Maxie gets a lead on Dante's whereabouts.

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[ Insects chirping ]

[ Door closes ] Oscar? Is that you? You mean that? You want to have a baby with me? Look, I know what I'm asking of you -- I mean, the both of us, but... I'm still asking. I want to have a baby. I want to feel that -- that flutter growing inside of me. I-I want to see life with fresh eyes again. I want to have that sense of hope. I want to feel that love again. I need to be a mother. You -- you could be a father -- from the beginning, and you could be there for all the milestones that you missed with all your other children and -- we could do this. We have so much love, so much to share. What do you say, charlie? Excuse me. Hi. Um, I'm here to see jordan ashford. Oh. She's in... 1001. But she's had a lot of visitors tonight. Okay. Um, I'll just go drop these off. Thanks. Drew. Drew: Hey. It's good to see you. Hello, margaux. I was just on my way to see jordan. Yeah? I just saw her. How's she doing? She's getting by. How about you? I-I'm so sorry about your son. Thanks. How am I doing? Um... you know, as they say, one foot in front of the other. Good to see you. I, uh... drew, wait.

[ Sighs ] Listen, I'm -- I'm leaving port charles in the morning and we'll probably never see each other again. So, before I go, there's something I need from you. It was a wonderful party. Well, you deserve to have your birthday celebrated. Come here. Mwah! Next time, I will bring a stepladder.

[ Both chuckle ] The party's winding down. I should get going. Uh, no, you don'T. Why leave now? Oh, that's right. You have another date. Who is it this time? You're dating? Did you and dante split up? Rocco: Josslyn! Josslyn: Hi! Rocco, what's up? Uh, you didn't get my text? Um, my phone was off. Oh? Well, lulu is busy, so rocco is gonna spend the night with us. We were all just at the fair at rice plaza. Avery's sound asleep in the car.

[ Chuckles ] I won this pinwheel. Kinda old-school, but it's cool. It's very cool. You know what else is cool? Hmm? The yankees game. You want to catch the end of the game? Yeah. I put, uh, avery to bed. Let's go.

[ Carly chuckles ] What's all this? Oh, um, trina and cam were over, and we were just messing around.

[ Sighs ] Did you make contact? Um...I'm not sure. If we did, it wasn't enough.

 I regret how I treated you 'cause you're a really good guy, drew. Hoo. Are you okay? I will be. Will you just please hear me out? Sure. I'm relearning what good guys really look like because I was lost there for a while. It's how I got wrapped up in dawn of day. Oh, wow. I didn't know. Yeah, well... shiloh seemed to have all the answers. But instead of straightening me out, he... really messed me up. Eventually, I compromised my position as D.A. So...I resigned. That's a lot. Hmm. I'm sure it was very decent of you. I'm not sure what happened, but... what are you gonna do next? I have friends from law school out west. Criminal defense attorneys. I'm joining their firm. Oh, ho. Mm-hmm, crossing over to the dark side. Mm. Maybe what I did in port charles was the dark side. I'm not proud of my record. Doing whatever I could to ensnare sonny, stealing the flash drive with your memories on it to use it for leverage... you gave it back to me. I used you. I don't like myself for that. I hope you can forgive me. You know I have a sketchy reputation as a father, right?

[ Clears throat ] Yeah, but you are a different man now.

[ Plates clink, thud ] And I want you to be involved. You know, it would be nice not to have to jump through hoops just to take my kid to the park, or be able to spend the holidays with them. Yeah. Because we'd all be together. And I would be there from the start. Well, it could be the best thing that's ever happened to me. Then what do you say? Let's create a family together. Finn: I know we're all well-meaning friends and family, but perhaps we don't need to bombard lulu with personal questions. Felicia: Nonsense. Besides, I have a vested interest. I want dante back at work when he comes home. That's why I'm processing a leave of absence when I go in tomorrow. Wait. You're police commissioner again? "Acting commissioner." It's only temporary until jordan is fully recovered, which I hope is soon. Mac! Congratulations. Wait. Was there a press release? No, I doubt it. It just happened. Your mom asked me to step in. Wait, mom, you're okay with this? Yeah! I-I said, "go for it."

[ Chuckles ] Well, that's our news. How about yours, lulu? Are you dating? I-I am working on a story. It's about a burglar who catfishes women using a dating app and then robs their homes while they are sitting at a restaurant waiting to meet him. There have been a string of robberies. Have any of these robberies been reported? Because if there's no investigation under way -- there will be starting tomorrow. That would be great. Uh, but I still have an article to write. Let me get this straight. You're using yourself as bait to meet a possible criminal? And you signed off on this? Wow. Maybe I was too quick to give you my blessing with maxie. Your judgment doesn't seem to have improved at all.

[ Carly exhales deeply ] Hey. I mean, I'm doing what oscar told me to do. I'm thinking of him every 11:11, but it doesn't do any good. I don't feel his presence. All I feel is how much I miss him. So, I looked up how to have a sťance. Trina, cam, and i reached out. We thought we heard something outside. It sounded kind of like footsteps. I went to go check and nobody was there. Josslyn, I'll have the guards take a look. Josslyn: No. No, it's fine. It was probably the wind or... me just hearing what I want to hear. And I don't want you guys to worry about me, okay? I just -- I miss him a lot, and so many people, they believe know? So, I thought, "why not give it a try?" But it was silly and... I should have known that it wouldn't work.

What you did isn't silly. Honey, you're coping with a difficult loss. I don't -- I don't think it's weird or un-unusual to want to speak to oscar one more time. I think it would be weird if you didn't have that impulse. You know? And I think it's important for you to remember how much oscar knew that you loved him. You got to tell him that when he was present to hear it. You talked all the time. You guys left nothing unsaid. Well, oscar didn'T. But I did. I was asleep when he -- when he left us. I didn't even... actually say "goodbye." Joss, oscar felt your love, every time you held his hand, every time you showed up for him. Thanks. And, uh, you know, the sťance, it wasn't a complete waste of time. Got a little off-track and we started talking about oscar -- the good times -- and we were able to laugh and smile, and... felt almost good. Grandpa! Yeah? You missed it! The yanks won! The yankees scored? A double! Ah!

[ Laughs ] Yeah! I wish I could call my dad and tell him. You think he knows? Of course. He loves the game, just like he loves you, and he -- he misses you a lot and you miss him, right? Yeah. Yeah. You know what I'm gonna do for you? I'm gonna put you in your room, right? And then I'm gonna make those waffles that you love very much, with the -- with the whipped cream. You know what I'm talking about, right? Yes. Sweet.

[ Laughs ] Let's go. I feel so bad for rocco. And for dante. I mean, whatever reason he left -- I'm sure it was really important, and I'm sure he felt like he was doing the right thing. But all that time he's missing with rocco... he's never gonna get that back. And that's one thing you don't realize until it's too late. Time is not unlimited... yeah. ...And it runs out quicker than you think.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, life can throw you some curveballs, huh?

[ Laughs ] Yeah, I get that. I've been thinking about something, and I wanted to talk to you. I think counseling wouldn't be a bad idea. Rocco is with sonny. Charlotte is at wyndemere. I have an associate watching my house. He'll call the police immediately if he sees anything suspicious. Like a guy with a big bag sneaking in your window? Come on, lulu. I don't mean to pile on. That does sound a little risky. I'm not risking anything. I set up the dates, the guy shows up -- I know he's not the burglar. Now you know what I'm up against. Once lulu commits to a story, her determination only increases when you try and stop her. Lulu, you know dante wouldn't want this. Dante's not here, is he, felicia? Okay, I get it. Probably wasn't the best idea to use my actual address. After the date tonight, I will try to come up with another strategy. But I really do have to get going. Happy birthday. Okay, spill. What's up with lulu and dante's marriage? T-the whole dating thing is really part of a feature that she's working on. But in lulu's defense, the editor gave her the assignment. It wasn't actually her idea. Yeah, but the way she's throwing herself into it, it's a symptom of something more. That's why we really need to work hard to bring dante home as soon as possible. Mac: Look, from what I understand, dante is being treated for severe ptsd at a wsb facility. Anna was very clear about the fact that dante volunteered for treatment -- and that he needs to be there. No. He needs to be here. You kn ow, there's reallyno point in rehashing the past. E-except I'll say this -- in all honesty, I did enjoy your company. Mustard and all.

[ Chuckles ] Go woodchucks. Oh, well, there's that.

[ Chuckles ] In all honesty, I enjoyed yours, too. But I let my ambition get in the way, and when I found that flash drive with your memories on it, I should have given it back to you right away. Gave it back to me in the end. Well, for all the good it did you. You know where that flash drive is? It's sitting in my office safe at aurora. And every once in a while, I'll take it out, and I'll hold it in my hand and I'll... I'll wonder what it would be like to connect to the past 30-odd years of my life, to access those memories. And then I just put it back in the safe and I forget about it. You know why? Because nothing I'd learn from that hard drive would be worth what I'd give up. I know it's a lot. I'm asking you to bring a life into this world and asking you to be responsible for him or her. You know, oscar didn't grow up with a father, but...our child would have you from day one. You know, to do all that with you... ...that really would be a dream come true. Then we're doing this. No. I can'T. I'm sorry. I can't give you want you want.

But you just said that it would be a dream come true to have a child with me. It really would. So, why are you saying "no"?

[ Sighs ] I-I mean, is it -- is it because of your relationship with -- with your other children? No. No, honestly, lucas and sam, you know, we're getting along better than ever, and olivia's granting me more and more access to leo, so... that's great. Yeah. So, why? Why? I mean -- I mean, a-are you -- are you afraid of your past? A-are you afraid you're gonna fall back into that life again? No, that's never gonna happen. Truthfully, kim, there's only one reason. And it's you. You're just not ready yet. Yes, I am. Kim, you don't want just any child. You want oscar back. And no baby will ever be oscar. You know something? Losing oscar has put a lot of things in perspective. Do I love what you did? No. But I understand it. You wanted to avenge your father, and it turns out you went about it the wrong way. It's done. It's gone. It's over. You gave me back the flash drive, so even though there's nothing to forgive, if it'll make you feel better, I forgive you. But I have to warn you, extortion is not a good way to get close to someone. Noted. And karma boomeranged it right back to me via shiloh. Mm. And I have been meaning to ask you. What is your connection with shiloh? I'm not sure how we're gonna find dante, but we will. Peter and i make a good team. Well, you know, in my limited experience -- the wsb is neither cooperative or transparent. Finn's right. There's almost zero chance that anyone, especially a civilian, will be allowed to know dante's whereabouts. Look, we need to get to one of the wsb higher-ups. Maybe we should just give dante some time. Lulu needs her husband. Want proof? She's using herself as bait to lure a burglar to her actual address. It's like she's setting herself up to get in trouble. What do you propose to do? I don't know, but there has to be someone who can tell us something. Robert: So... what's a guy got to do to get a drink around here? Or is this one more place that I'm now persona non grata? Hey. Hey. Uh, I'm lulu. How are you doing this evening, lulu? Can i get you something? Oh. No, as a matter of fact -- you know what? Hold that thought. I put in an order just before you got here. I need to pick it up. Be right back. Okay. Okay.

[ Quietly ] Hey, stevie, my date showed up, so obviously, he's not the burglar. Yeah. You should probably just head home. Thanks again. Got enough to share. You look like a sweet-potato-fries kind of woman. Thank you. I am exactly that kind of woman.

[ Both chuckle ] Josslyn: Mom. We already talked about grief counseling. I'm okay, and you said you wouldn't push it. I know. I just thought you might be a little more open to it now, to talk to someone. I am talking to people. I'm talking to trina and cam and even maxie -- who, by the way, has been through this, herself -- and lucy coe has been really nice. Oh, god. So, please -- please don't worry about me. Okay. Well, you know what? I'm trying, baby. I am. But y-you have no idea how hard it is to be a mom and -- and to walk that tightrope between giving you support and guidance and letting you figure it out on your own. Well, could you please lean into "giving me room"?

[ Sighs ] Baby, I just want you to be healthy and happy, and I want that for michael. And I want that for this baby right here. Mom, are you okay? I hate to say this... but we have a problem.

Shiloh reached out to me months ago. He said we spent time together in afghanistan and swore that I saved his life. Yeah, he spoke about that. He wrote about it in his book. Yeah. Of course, I have no recollection, and I've only seen him a handful of times, so... does he know about the flash drive? Yes. Has he ever asked if you planned to use it? Uh, as a matter of fact, a couple of times. Why? I don't have any hard evidence, but my sense... is that shiloh has a vested interest in your memories. How can you even say that to me? I would never try and "replace" oscar with another child. I mean, how irrational do you think I am?! I don'T. I think you're one of the most grounded, loving people I've ever met in my life. And logically, I know you know that you can't replace a child that you just lost. But grief, love, and loss, you know, they have nothing to do with logic, kim. Go to hell. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Come here. Just hear me out, okay? Lo ok, y-you just got backfrom saying your -- your final goodbyes to oscar. You're here in this emptiness, in the apartment that you used to share with him. Look, of course you want to get rid of that pain. You want to feel the joy of having another child. I get it, sweetheart. You're human. So, why won't you help me? Because it's not fair to the baby. He or she will never be oscar.

[ Sighs ] Kim, you just need some time to grieve, you know, to -- to truly let go. And I know it's not gonna be easy, but hey, listen to me. Look at me. I'm gonna be here with you every step of the way. And I'm not saying "no." I'm just saying we need to wait. And when you've had time to grieve and you're....'ve really let go, we can talk about it. We can make a plan. We could bring a baby into this world that, you know, will sometimes remind you of oscar, but he'll never have to live up to him. They'll have their own unique identity... and they'll be appreciated for it. Kim, it really breaks my heart to have to do it this way, but I-I don't want to cause you any more pain than you're already in.

[ Exhales shakily ] Please don't hate me for doing that. Rocco refuses to go to sleep without the baseball glove that dante gave him 'cause he puts it under the pillow and it softens the glove. So, what I'm gonna do is have the guard uh, go pick it up at his house. Okay. Well, I'll go. Uh, no, we weren't finished talking. Mom, I know you mean well, but just -- can you please let me do this? Okay, here's the compromise -- I'll have the guard take josslyn to go pick it up. Okay.

[ Scoffs ] No! Uh, what? No. I want to do it myself. I can take an uber. Josslyn. It's too late. Mom, please stop treating me like a baby. Or some fragile thing that needs monitoring. I'll go get a glove and I'll be right back. Okay. Uh, here you go. Now, it's probably in his room under the pillow. I'm on it.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] So, what -- wh-what did i walk in on? Oh, god, me. Me, um, you know, smothering her with concern and love. Is there something going on? Something's on your mind? It's about the baby. So, tell me you're a woodchucks fan. Uh, my son and I both, but he's the die-hard. He loves everything baseball. You have a kid? I do, too. A little girl. She's the love of my life. Listen, there's something you should know. I am only here because I'm a reporter for the invader.

The invader? Very cool. I like their sports coverage, but I have been known to check out page five. But -- no, what I'm trying to say is that I'm not actually looking for a date. Okay. We're just sharing a plate of fries. I mean, I-I'm working on a story. So, the profile you read online, that's not who I really am. What profile? Didn't you ask me to meet you here because you read my profile?

[ Chuckles ] No. Rumor has it there's a party here. Maxie: There was, but you're late. Well, I'm not too late for a drink, I hope. God knows I need one. Scotch. A big one. Mac: Robert? What's wrong? Eh. Can't put anything past you, can I, little brother? Here you go. Bless you, child. Here's to the bureau. They pushed me out the door. What do you mean? They're forcing me to retire. After all these years of service? How could they do that? Well, you see, I think it's the "all those years of service" part that did me in. They probably got someone younger and...cheaper. Aww, that's terrible. It is a shame. I mean, I know you're still useful. Thank you, sweetheart. In fact, um, you could help me out in a -- in a big way. Please? I would really appreciate it. For you? Anything. Do you know where dante is? As a matter of fact, I do.

Shiloh has pressed me about afghanistan and retrieving my memories. Why would he care so much? I don't know. But there's always an angle with shiloh, always a way to make things work for his own benefit. And I confided in him about how I betrayed you -- without using your name. And he kept fishing for details about your time in afghanistan. Maybe there's something he wants you to remember -- or something he's glad you forgot. You know what? Y-you could be onto something. Every time he asked me about our service together, my memories, seemed like he was fishing for something, and now that I hear that he's doing the same to you, that's, uh -- that's good information. Thanks for the heads-up. I'm just glad I could do something positive for you -- however small -- before I leave. No, I don't hate you, charlie. Not at all. So, what? Have I ruined it for us? No. I just realized you're very wise. Maybe I do want to replace oscar. Why wouldn't I? And yeah, my timing may be suspect. You're right about that. But I... I can't help the way I feel. I know that.

[ Exhales deeply ] I'm sorry. You know, for the both of us. You know, we can -- we can talk about oscar. I-I really don't mind. Y-you know, um... you said that, um, your relationship with sam and lucas was improving. So what did I miss while I was away? Uh, well, it's just that, uh... lucas and brad, they're in danger of losing wiley. Why? Is he sick? No. It's nothing like that. It's just that there's a, uh... ...custody fight looming. The real birth father's back in the picture, and let's just say he's, uh --

[Chuckles] He's a pretty dangerous man. Well, that's something coming from you. I'm sorry. I'm just considering, yo-- I didn't -- I didn't -- I didn't mean it. I -- you don't have to apologize. I understand the irony. So, anyway, now that I'm on the straight and narrow, you know, we all need to be careful. I need to be careful. So, I teamed up with sam to make sure lucas and brad keep wiley. You see that? What? You're a great dad. And we would have made the best family together. Hey. We still have time. You know where dante is? Tell us, please. Much as I'd love to, I... ...I can't reveal his whereabouts. What? But you owe the wsb nothing. They kicked you to the curb, with no notice, even. You see, orders are orders, and I'll take their secrets to the grave. That's the way it works, kiddo. But lulu needs him. Lulu needs dante whole and healed, and until that process is complete, I look upon him as a security risk. And don't forget, he went to the bureau seeking help with deprogramming. I can't undermine that -- that decision.

[ Cellphone rings ] Ah, 'tis my intrepid replacement seeking advice on how to empty the pencil sharpener.

[ Ringing stops ] Scorpio. Sorry, sweetheart. I think you need to let this go for now. I think you might be right. Excuse me. I'm gonna go check on lulu -- you know, make sure she's not getting in too deep with someone. Tell the director there's been some additional inquiries regarding dante falconeri. Yeah. Yeah, I know he's at the ithaca facility. Any idea when they plan on moving him? You're not timothy from the dating app? I tried those apps. They didn't work for me. But when I saw you, you came right over like you were expecting me. When you smiled at me, you made my night. So, I decided to go for it. I'm bryce, by the way. I didn't want to tell you until I had more information. You know, I-I didn't want to worry you for no reason. Well, what is it? Is it the baby?

[ Drawer opens ] I had another test done. It's called an msafp. It's a blood test that measures the levels of alpha-fetoprotein in the blood. And mine came back elevated.

[ Papers rustling ] Is there a problem? Well, uh, dr. Navarro said that, um, I have to have more testing so we can see what it means.

[ Paper rustles ]

[ Sighs ] What are they trying to rule out? It could mean some kind of birth defect.

 I'm sorry that I have to leave to close up charlie'S. That's okay. Um, hey, listen, you want to come with me? Shouldn't be too long. No. I, um... you're right. You know, I need to stay here and face the emptiness. It's the next step in my getting through this grief. Start small. Kim, I want you to know that, you know, I am so honored that you asked me to father a baby with you. I really am. And I do want to talk some more about this, you know, once you've gotten through the grief and you...truly let go of oscar. Yeah. My heart's gonna be with you. Always. Hm. Well, it's getting late. I should probably go drop these off. Yeah. [ Sighs ] I have no idea what time it is. I am beyond jet-lagged. Where you been? Uh, africa. Mount kilimanjaro, actually. Oscar's mom and i scattered his ashes. I am so sorry for your loss. I'm sorry for a lot of things. All we can do is move forward, right? Maybe one day look back and, uh, smile at what was good. Go woodchucks. Yeah. Go woodchucks. Goodbye, margaux. Rooting for you. Mm. Same here. I got it. I got it! I overheard robert on the phone, and I know where dante is. We're one step closer to bringing him home. So, dr. Navarro told me to go home and take it easy. How long did you spend on the internet?

[ Sighs ]

[ Paper rustles ] Way more time than I should have. And I have to admit that I scared myself to death. But the good news is -- I stopped. And then we took rocco and avery to the fair and I realized that... I don't need to drive myself crazy over something that might happen, you know -- that does no one any good -- least of all this baby.

[ Sighs ] No matter what happens, this baby's gonna be perfect in my eyes. I love you both. So... whatever happens, we'll face it together.

[ Dramatic music plays ]

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