GH Transcript Friday 6/14/19

General Hospital Transcript Friday 6/14/19


Episode #14307 ~ Shiloh runs into Margaux. Sam tries to look on the bright side. Nelle gets a surprise visit. Josslyn looks to Lucy for help. Curtis remains optimistic.

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what? [ Laughs ] I mean, can you believe it? We don't have to pretend to meet by chance anymore. Yeah. We can just walk in here like any other couple. What? What? What? You... tell me you didn't like sneaking around better. No. I'm happy that we don't have to pretend anymore, know, just with everything we've been through and all the nights we spent apart to nail shiloh, he's walking around... a free man. You've been subpoenaed to appear before judge walters in family court. The plaintiff is david henry archer. Shiloh. Stop what you're doing, benson. There's some supplies that need to be unpacked. Look, I've been on my feet all day. I just -- look, even in prison, I need a break. I could really use some help. Maybe I'll take that break later. All settled in your new room? Hmm. Goodbye, icu. Yeah. Well, another sign that you're on the mend and I'll be able to take you home soon. I can't wait. Mwah. Baby, wow. I know you're in a hurry to get back to work, but I'm gonna have to play "bad cop" here and impound these until the doctor says it's okay. Curtis... no. Whoa, whoa. Are these medical bills? Julian and I made sure that shiloh can't trace the adoption, but what if something goes wrong? What if willow slips? I don't want to see brad or lucas lose their son. Don't focus on the worst-case scenario. It will only stress you out. I'm not talking about the worst-case scenario. I'm -- I'm -- this is what you have to do so you can defend yourself. A-and there's no way I'm gonna let that...snake shiloh get his hands on wiley.

You just had transplant surgery, you're still recovering, and some hospital bean counter wants to dump bills in your lap? Curtis, stop. Nobody dropped these on my lap. I asked for them. Y-you a-- what's the rush, baby? Why don't you just submit your pcpd insurance and let them handle it? The department has good coverage, but just like almost everyone else in this country, there's a wide gap between what the insurance pays and what we owe. Yeah, okay, I get that, but you haven't even left the hospital yet. Now, once we get home -- no, no, no. I cannot just lie here and watch tv. I have to do something. Figuring out our financial obligation, it's good for me. Even if it's not so good for our bank account. Like it or not, we're going to have to deal with this reality... even if it means taking out a second mortgage.

[ Sighs ] I can't talk you out of it, can I? Mnh-mnh. Okay. Scoot-scoot.

[ Winces ] Ow. Oh. Okay.

[ Chuckles ] May I have that back? W-whoa, whoa. What are you gonna do? I'm going to find shiloh and I'm gonna tear this up, and I'm gonna throw it in his face! Okay, then you'll be playing right into shiloh's hands. Look, he wants you to ignore the subpoena. He wants you to make a public scene because he'll just claim it's proof that you have something to hide. I do have something to hide! Look, all the more reason to keep a cool head, okay? Just -- just think about it like a game of chess. Right, take your time before each move. I don't have time. This is a court order signed by a judge. I have to appear. He knows. Oh, god. He knows wiley is his. No, willow, if he knew that, he'd be on brad and lucas' doorstep right now. He knows the baby survived. No judge would've signed off on this if he didn't have some proof. Is that proof legal? Did he obtain it through legal means? Because if not, your lawyer will have it thrown out. How? Ask diane, okay? L-look, she understands the law and she knows how to make it work in her client's favor. Look, my mom and dad are walking around free, right? Yes. In large part, because of diane. She is just that good.

[ Sighs ] You're right. You're right. Ms. Miller's the best. She'll know what to do. Yeah. Diane miller, please? Willow tait calling. Okay, can you -- can you please let her know that I called? Thank you. Diane, willow needs to talk to you. Ms. Miller? I've just been subpoenaed. Well, thank you for helping me put my place on the market. Oh, I'm just so glad you called me. Um, I'm surprised, though, that you're selling. It seems like you just kind of got there. It won't be a problem, will it? Uh, no, gosh, your place is great, it's a great size, perfect location, and I think I can get you top dollar and, um, surprise, I scheduled an open house for this weekend. I hope you approve. Great. The sooner, the better. Yay. Okay. Oh, but then what? I mean, seriously, do you want something maybe a little bit smaller? I have some lovely, lovely rentals. Uh, hey, do y-- do you maybe want to take this outside? Uh, I'm -- I'm okay. Uh, thank you. I look forward to hearing from you. Okay. Hey, we'll be in touch, alright? Okay. Ta. Bye. So, you're thinking of selling real estate now that you're off the public payroll? I heard you found someone to take the fall for you. I don't know what you mean. Harmony didn't drug sam mccall. One word from you and she went straight to prison. What did your role model P.T. Barnum say? Oh. "There's one born every minute." Well, margaux, every visionary's been called a huckster. But there's also a name for someone who turns her back on the man that tried to save her and sells him out for 30 pieces of silver. You are no messiah. And unlike judas, I did it for free.

[ Chuckles ] You did it for nothing. It doesn't matter, though. I am still here and I'm just getting warmed up.

[ Whispering ] It's great to see you. But why the excuse of delivering supplies?

[ Whispering ] Well, I knew you were working in the infirmary now, but I didn't want to sign in as a visitor in case someone's keeping tabs on me. Okay, look -- look busy. Why -- why are you so nervous? Why do you think someone's watching you? Brad, have you been bad again?

[ Sighs ] What's wrong? Is it the baby? As far as -- as far as we know, shiloh has no proof that willow's baby survived. He doesn't know that wiley is his biological child. Okay, well, I know you and julian did something behind the scenes to make sure shiloh can't connect the dots, right? We eliminated any paper trail that led willow to wiley. Okay. I mean, he was dead to rights. I don't know how -- how he got himself out of it. Because one of his followers covered for him again. Of course. Yes, you're right. And I-I know shiloh is leaning on the dod to back him up. But, I mean, that's the cult, that his -- his pride, that's his -- his purpose. And also his achilles' heel.

Now, shiloh may have skated on the charges, but his reputation took a big hit. I mean, it's all over the media right now. Instead of calling it dawn of day, they're calling it "dawn of dead." So, now, a lot of people are coming out a-about the trust and -- and the pledges and it's really gonna diminish him. So, dod's going under? Not yet. But it's starting to unravel. Okay, so, we just sit back and watch shiloh's world crumble around him? I love the sound of that. There's one problem. Shiloh's panicking. And it's gonna motivate him even more to make a grab for the one thing he has a legitimate claim to -- his child.

[ Sighs ] Be sure that the photographs make this apartment look irresistible. Uh-huh. And, of course, highlight the harbor views, 'cause they're amazing. And I'm gonna call you back. Uh, you know, you call me when you're done. Okay. Ta. Hi. Hi. Hey. Oh. So, how you doing? I'm okay. Good. Well, I'm very glad to see you, because you have been on my mind a lot lately. Thanks. I was speaking to maxie jones and she told me you may be able to help me. Uh, don't you think you're a little young for an apartment of your own?

[ Chuckles ] A different kind of help. Okay, sure. Whatever you need. How do you contact someone who's, um... "passed over"? From what I've been hearing, your flock has been deserting in droves. How many people have left the house now? 11? My future's never been brighter. Either [Chuckles] You're more delusional than I thought or you're setting yourself up for a colossal fall. I'm just sorry that I won't be here to see it. You know, margaux, one day, you're gonna realize that dod was your salvation. And when that day comes, I am gonna welcome you back to my family, a family that is only growing stronger and more purposeful.

[ Sighs ]

[ Chuckles ] You're sure there's no choice? No. I understand. I know you will. Thank you, ms. Miller. Not want you wanted to hear? I have to appear in court, period. There's no way to get around it. But ms. Miller also said that we are going to walk into that courtroom prepared to fight and win. Is there anything I can do to help? You've already done so much. Now it's my turn. No matter what happens, shiloh is not getting his hands on wiley. Brad, tell me what's happening. Is my -- is my baby sick? What's -- what's the matter? My little boy is fine. I'm just here to make sure that never changes. Why should it? It won'T. As long as wiley remains with lucas and me. After all, the whole reason you gave me your baby that night was to keep him from growing up in a home raised by carly and sonny, right? Don't tell me carly's suspicious? No, no, no. She's clueless, but the birth mother of the child that lucas and i actually adopted... the baby who died. Yeah. She, uh -- s-she's been poking around in our lives. Well, this woman still thinks that wiley's the baby she gave up for adoption, right, so what's the problem? Look, the problem is wiley's biological dad. Michael. You're telling me michael knows? No, not -- not michael, the man who thinks he's wiley's birth father. Brad, just tell me what's happened. What's happened is, I'm about to lose everything, okay? Wiley, lucas, okay, m-my life if sonny corinthos ever realizes that I took michael's son away from him. So, you need me now more than ever.

[ Scoffs ] How can normal, everyday people afford to be sick? I know. It's even more expensive to be well.

[ Sighs ] You know what? We ain't gonna talk about this today. No, no, no. We're not gonna deal with this today. I need to face this, curtis. I'm the one who put us in this position. No, no, no. None of this is your fault. Yes, I'm the one in the hospital taking $30 aspirin. Yeah, because of an accident, and I'm not gonna sit up here and let you blame yourself any more than I'm gonna blame drew for losing control of his car because some funky virus got in his blood and made him blind. Yes. It was an accident. But it could still end up costing us everything that we've saved for, everything that we've planned for. Forget the honeymoon we never had. Forget the vacations we'll never take. What if we lose our home? What if I can't go back to work and we just keep sinking deeper into debt and it's all because of me?

[ Sighs ] Baby, I got this. Okay? Curtis, I just... well, luckily... ...I have an idea. If the question of wiley's paternity ever becomes public, I just need to make sure that we're still on the same page. Okay, I-I need to make sure that you still want this -- this little guy to grow up with lucas and me. Oh. He's so adorable. I see a lot of michael in him.

[ Sighs ] Has he moved on? Who? Wiley? No. Michael. Who was that trash he was with on the red carpet at the nurses' ball? What? I-I-I don't know. Nelle, w-we're talking about wiley here. Just -- just tell me the truth here, all right? Michael's not over me, is he?

[ Sighs ] Hello, willow.

[ Door closes ] I'll never get used to that name. How was your arraignment? Not much to it. I pled guilty. They're sending me to pentonville. No, mom. You're sending yourself. Well, lucas is frantic, and, I mean, I feel so bad for him, because there's nothing worse than when you're a parent and your kid needs you and you just -- you feel powerless. -[ Clears throat ] -Ms. Dawson. Sorry to interrupt. Uh, jason, can I speak with you? Okay.

[ Sighs ] I resigned as D.A. You probably already know that. Yeah, I was told your last act as D.A. Was to release shiloh and arrest a woman who lied to cover for him. I had no choice. Harmony confessed. We had no evidence to disprove her account. So what? It's not your problem anymore? Actually [Sighs] Shiloh is my problem. That's why I came to see you. She's not even the D.A. Anymore. Why does she need to talk to jason? Hey? Hmm? What? How is joss doing? Well, it's great that jax is back. It is. Having her father close by is really good for her. But, um, she's having a rough time. Yeah. Uh, I can imagine. Of course, she is. Yeah, but she needs to grieve.

[ Sighs ] Okay, I'm -- I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. I know what you said earlier about being a mother and feeling desperate for their child and I just -- I feel really bad. And the last thing you need is any more stress. And I know that -- that you and I, we have, uh, had our ups and downs. But if there's anything I can do for you as a -- if you need to talk to me about anything at all, I'm here. Oh, thank you. Thank you. There's nothing, um... what? I'm afraid there's something wrong with my baby.

Where to next? So, the results of my cvs test showed that everything was fine with the baby, and so I thought that I was home free. But then at my last prenatal screening, they detected high afp. Wait. A-afp? What is that? It can indicate chromosomal problems. "Can"? I spoke to my doctor and then I read on the internet that high afp levels can signal birth defects. And that cannot be detected in a cvs test, so I'm just kind of, you know, spinning. I-I know -- I know -- I know you are. And you got to stop that and you've got to just please stay calm. I know. I just want this baby to have the best life possible. And it will. And I'm sure there are plenty of reasons why your afp tests are elevated. I mean, just tell sonny. The two of you are gonna work it out. It's not gonna be a problem. Carly? You did tell sonny, right? I want to leave you with a warning -- about shiloh. Well, you're the one who cut him loose. Why not stay and fight and have him convicted for what he did to sam, kristina, and who knows how many other women? Oh, my involvement with dod would compromise any case I try to bring. And now that my eyes are open to who shiloh really is, I did some digging. I uncovered a file about a dod member who died of drug overdose. Yeah, I-I know the case. Douglas miller. Then you know that another dod member took the blame for supplying the drugs... right. ...Surprise, surprise -- even though the drug overdose occurred just after a dispute with shiloh. I really do know how much you miss oscar -- maxie told me that you have experience contacting the other side. Well, yeah, I do actually. I have been known to dip my toe into the spiritual ether, but I'm reluctant to encourage that right now because your loss is just way too fresh. Well, actually that's why I need your help. I felt oscar's presence at the nurses' ball. I actually saw him when I was singing the song we wrote. I have no doubt that oscar was there, and that must've been a great, big comfort for you. It was. But I never even got the chance to say goodbye.

[ Exhales deeply ] I mean, not really anyways. I don't even know what my last words to him were. Okay. Okay. Hey, josslyn. Lucy. Everything okay? Oh, yeah. It's dandy. We were, um, just discussing how beautiful your sister's performance was at the nurses' ball. Oh. Well, I had help. You were amazing that night. I was so proud of you. Were you looking for me? Oh, uh, no. I was actually looking for lucy. Hey, did you, um, get my text? I did, I saw it, and it's done, and it shouldn't be any problem at all. And, by the way, if you're looking for said person, that said person is in there. Okay.

[ Exhales deeply ] You sure you're okay? With the help of friends like lucy, I'm sure I will be.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Exhales deeply ] $10,000. So, you lost another follower, huh? Man, first my sister, then the D.A. -- This is starting to become a trend. Well, you know, I hate to disappoint all the haters, but I'm soon going to be adding a new member to my family. But I'm sure willow already told you all about that. I saw you two at the hospital together. That's the second time I've seen you guys together. What's the, uh -- what's the connection? I'm glad to see you again -- even under these circumstances. Mom, please. It doesn't have to be like this. Tell the truth! No, there's -- shiloh manipulated you into making a false confession! There's nothing more to say. Do you think shiloh will be grateful? Do you think that he will suddenly put you first? Adore you like you adore him? In your heart of hearts, don't you already know better? You never understood. Shiloh is the inspiration for dawn of day -- and my love is unconditional. Wake up, mother! Shiloh's only love is himself. Shiloh is a great man whose work must continue and any way that I can help is an honor. We are talking about prison, mother. You are going to be locked up with dangerous, violent women. How are you going to survive that? My faith will guide me through. You've always been a seeker, asking the big questions, looking for the larger truth. And now you're about to throw your life away on a lie! Do you really think shiloh is the answer? You have got to stop thinking about michael. I-it'd be best for everyone, e-especially wiley, if you just let go of the past. L-let go of everything that binds you to port charles a-and make the most of your time here. I'm doing laundry, brad, not solving climate change. But I get your point. From the look on my precious son's face, I know that he's loved and care for. S-so w-we're good? Even if someone should ever try to stake a claim on wiley, you won't interfere? Yeah, cross my heart.

[ Exhales deeply ] Thank you, nelle. Thank you. You know, I-I mean, I definitely wouldn't want someone else raising my son. But I have been on my best behavior here. The warden says I could be up for an early parole.

[ Chuckles ] That's -- that's great. I'd imagine you'd want a fresh start, right? S-somewhere new and e-exciting? Eh, maybe. But maybe I want a part in my little boy's life. You'd be open to that, wouldn't you, brad?

 I love you. I love you, too. So... if just one kiss can change the whole conversation, shoot, then two kisses... three kisses...

[ Giggles ] Curtis, stop! ...Four kisses. We have some real issues that require some real solutions. In order to pay all these medical bills, we need to be prepared to sacrifice. See, baby.

[ Sighs ] You're looking at this all wrong. Yeah. Stop thinking about what we'd be giving up... mm-hmm. ...And consider what we'd be gaining. So we don't dine out. We get creative in the kitchen. I know what you mean by getting "creative" in the kitchen, but we still need to eat. Right, we eat. So instead of calling paisano's, we make our own pizza, no?

[ Chuckles ] No time for fiji? We'll get some tiki torches, we'll put them bad boys on the terrace, and we'll throw ourselves a luau. Yeah. And maybe we never get to new york for a broadway play. We'll watch the port charles players. And maybe, just maybe I sell my truck and get a bike. Yeah. But I'll avoid all traffic, I'll get my cardio in, and we'll have no gym fees. Mm, I'd like to see that. If we don't opt for a second mortgage, it's okay. We'll sell our place, buy a fixer-upper, flip that bad boy for a profit, get another one. Before we know it, we'll be all paid up, we'll be out of debt, and we... ...we'll be closer than ever. Want to know why? Hmm? Because we did it together. Now, how does that sound, mrs. Ashford? I'd say you're crazy, mr. Ashford. Is that a "yes"? It's always a "yes" with you.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] Well, let's, uh, not get ahead of ourselves. You still have to do your time here. And lucas and I have to do what's best for our son. Our son. It takes a village, brad. Wiley's gonna need a strong female role model. Uh, y-y-you know, if y-you really mean that, nelle, and want what's best for wiley, I -- oh, pop another antacid and relax, brad. I'm no threat -- I'm your greatest ally. And all that matters is that little angel's happiness. And making sure that bitch carly never gets her hands on him. You about done there? Yeah. [ Chuckles ] All set. Uh, thank you for your cooperation, ms... benson. Benson. You may have contributed to saving a life. Anything for a good cause.

[ Whispers ] God help me. You introduced me to shiloh, the myth. Now let me show you shiloh, the man. He is willing to let you rot in prison while he takes your grandchild.

[ Inhales sharply ] It is up to the two of us to stop him.

[ Voice breaking ] Don't you see? I've given shiloh everything. Without him, I have nothing. You have me. Trust me, there is life after shiloh. We have the chance to start over and be a real family again, like we were before dod. Okay, not just a word or -- or a slogan -- the real thing. Mother and daughter. It all depends on you. You have to take the first step. Tell the truth --

[ Door opens ]

[ Keys jingling ]It's time to go. The van is waiting. No, it's still not too late. You can change your plea. You can tell the truth. Okay, do it for us -- and do it for yourself.

[ Handcuffs clicking ] Your life has meaning, mom. Mom, it has worth beyond shiloh. P-please. Goodbye, willow. Okay, so why can't the police revisit the douglas miller case since he died under suspicious circumstances? Douglas miller O.D.'D in beechers corners. Now, I don't have any pull with the D.A. Office there. They consider the case closed. Yeah, I'm not surprised. When I went to meet with harmony, it was clear that the dawn of day had the cops in their pocket. Shiloh always finds a way to get the law on his side. But maybe -- maybe that works for us. How's that? Well, if shiloh is confident that the police accepted his version of events, then maybe he wasn't as careful as he should've been. And maybe, unlike here, there's evidence in beechers corners of what shiloh did. I just know for sure that if anyone is gonna crack this case, it won't be a cop. You want me to nail shiloh for a crime that he can't pin on somebody else? If anyone asks, I'll deny it. Of course. Good luck, ms. Dawson. Good hunting, mr. Morgan. No, I-I, um -- I have not told sonny about the test results. Why not? Well, first of all, I just found out. And we're both really busy. Really, carly? Because if you were to ask him, he would absolutely make room for you to talk about the baby. I know. I know he would. He has a lot going on right now, sam. He's really worried about kristina and josslyn. And then there's lulu and dante, and I don't think he needs one more thing on his plate. No, he needs you. Your worries are his worries. I'm not even around you a-a-a lot and I can tell that you're upset. I know. I just keep thinking that if I don't tell sonny, then there's really nothing to worry about. So, until I know for sure... um...

[ Sighs ] So, what'd I miss?

[ Clears throat ] You know that I am deeply sympathetic and I also realize how great it would be for you to have closure. But I also really believe that oscar wants you to live your life and not spend it just trying to contact him. Well, if that's true, then why did he come to me at the nurses' ball? Okay, think of it this way. H-he did come to you. I really believe that he came to you at the nurses' ball. But he did it at a time when you really, truly needed him. What if he can do that and he's just choosing not to contact you again? Why? Oh, well, I don't know. Maybe it takes too much energy or something -- I don't know how this works. That's why I need someone who does. No, you don't need a fraud who is gonna prey on your grief, and they'll do it. They'll say, "I can cross you over that bridge and get you to the other side," and all they're gonna do in essence is run away with your money, and you cannot let that happen. And oscar wouldn't want that to happen. 'Cause I know oscar just wants you to learn to live your life even without him. So, in other words, you won't help me?

[ Sighs ] Willow is a friend. Hmm. And willow has a lot of friends in port charles. She has friends in the pd, friends in the private sector. Well, friends who know a lot about you, david henry archer. My name is "shiloh." And if you'll excuse me... I'm eager to get back home.

[ Inhales deeply ] Right. Uh, about that. Uh, you're renting that -- that nice, big house on brook haven, right? Yeah. Yeah, you've been there. Oh, no, yeah. I-I-I think it's a really nice place. So I bought it.

[ Sighs ] Willow: I changed more than my name when I left dawn of day. I stopped being passive -- stopped letting other people make my choices. I will fight to protect my baby with everything I've got. Right. Think about what you just said, right? You're -- you're going to protect wiley. So is chase. So am I. So is brad and lucas and their lawyer, alexis, and your lawyer, diane. And they're gonna use every single legal means at their disposal. It's okay, wiley. We got this. You bought it? Yeah. I mean, I'm -- I'm a quartermaine. I could've bought the whole block if I wanted to, but that -- that seemed a bit excessive. Well, it doesn't matter if you bought that house. I have a lease. No, that was with the previous owner. See, now elq is partners with a domestic violence prevention group. I'm going to sign the house over to them...

[ Cellphone chimes ] ...A refuge for abused women.

[ Chuckles ] You know, michael, good luck trying to break that lease. Oh, and when you see your little friend willow -- tell her I'll see her in court. Oh, boy. Um, listen, I am -- I am -- I'm so sorry. I really do have to conclude this business with your brother.

[ Sighs ] I know that if you are meant to contact the great beyond, then you'll be able to do it. Oscar wants you to be strong, okay? And I know you can do that because you are carly and jax's daughter, and I have faith in you, so hang in there, okay? Alright. Um, we'll talk again soon. Ta. "Death is not an end -- it's only the beginning of the journey. All you have to do is take the first step..." sam and I just had a really great conversation. And we should do it more often. Yes, I would like that. Okay. Say hi to sonny for me, please? I will. Um, I can't tell you how great it is to see the two of you together like this in public. Enjoy. Something's going on with her. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Carly and sonny can handle their own problems. Okay. Well, what did margaux want? I may have to make a return trip to beechers corners. Jordan: You're right. I've been given a second chance at life, so I'm gonna make the most of it. All my bills can wait.

Our bills, okay? And whatever it takes to turn our real life into the good life, we'll do it together. Come here.

[ Chuckles ] Benson, your new roommate's here. Hmm. Yeah, at least I'll have someone to talk to.

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