GH Transcript Thursday 6/13/19

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 6/13/19


Episode #14306 ~ Harmony is hopeful Shiloh will come to her rescue. Michael tries to support Willow. Julian reminds Brad to keep calm. Sonny stumbles upon Lulu out with another man. Carly is stunned.

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My assistant said you wanted to see me. Yeah, I hope I'm not keeping you from anything important. No, nothing that can't wait. What's up? I just wanted to, uh, run something by you. Is it about joss? Uh, no. Actually, it has nothing to do with joss. It's, uh, a business deal that I'm working on for crimson. It's basically a stunt to, uh, create buzz and raise ad revenue. Oh. Sounds like a great business move. Well, I'm glad you think so. Mm-hmm. Um... we're gonna put ava jerome on the cover. Are you crazy? Shiloh. I knew you'd come. Of course. Always. Has there been any progress on the plea deal? Okay, well, first things first. Mm-hmm. And I know the settings are less than ideal, but I've got some important news that I need to share with you -- I have a son.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Sighs ] You thinking about going back? Still seems dishonest. You and the rest of the parents are grieving children who -- who -- who died. I'M...

[ Sighs ] I don't even know what I'm doing, anymore. When I was a kid, I got knocked down in the surf. The waves rolled over me and -- and started pulling me out, and there was nothing to grab onto but sand. That's how I feel, now. Like there's nothing solid to hold onto. Like whatever I do, shiloh is stronger -- and he's going to find wiley.

[ Sighs ] Well, you didn't drown. When you were a kid in the ocean. I mean, somehow you survived. A lifeguard saw me and pulled me out. Okay. So, uh... speaking of which, I don't -- I don't think I ever mentioned to you that I'm a lifeguard. Yeah, everything's falling apart... it certainly will if you don't calm down. And shiloh's walking around free and he's convinced willow had his baby. What -- what if he figures out it's wiley? Alright, do you want to waste time dreaming up worst-case scenarios? Or do you actually want to find a real solution? I got a better idea, julian. Why don't you let me handle it and you stay out of it? Well, now. Don't I know you from somewhere? I don't think we've met. Your face looks familiar. So does yours. Ryan chamberlain, right? Just making sure, mr. Chamberlain. That's dr. Chamberlain. Oh, I thought that was just your brother. No, I'm a board-certified pediatrician. And you are...? Janelle benson. But you can call me nelle. Welcome to pentonville. It's not as bad as they say -- it's worse.

 Lulu...? Mark? That's right. Uh, nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Uh --

[ Both laugh ] Sorry. Kind of new to this. I have to say, you look exactly like your picture. So do you. Which doesn't always happen.

[ Chuckles ] I-I mean, not like I do this a lot. My sister basically twisted my arm. Said that if I didn't get out there, she'd set up a profile for me.

[ Chuckles ] And now I sound like a hopeless nerd. No, you don'T. Okay, if I had to guess... academic? You're good. I'm an associate professor of physics at pcu. And not tenured yet -- but, uh, that's the goal. What about you? Well, I was never a big one for school, which is kind of ironic when you consider... consider...what? Sorry. I-I make my living as a writer. Hey, listen. I've already been over this with carly. Clearly you didn't listen.

[ Inhales deeply ] Look. Lucas is desperate to protect wiley. I'm the last person he wanted to ask for help. But he did anyway... and I can guarantee you I'm not gonna fail him. Well, I'd feel the same way if it was my son and grandson. Then you understand why I'm telling you. If you're gonna eliminate shiloh... I want in. Are you sure that kali's -- um, willow's baby is alive? Yes, yes. With a little help from a compassionate soul at mercy hospital -- I confirmed that willow tait gave birth to a healthy baby boy last july. That's just seven and a half months after the prodigal vanished from the beechers corners compound.

[ Exhales deeply ] Where's my grandson now? I'm taking steps to find him. So, tell me. What are you in for? Attempted murder. But I was framed. What a coincidence -- so was I. You know, we have something else in common -- or, uh, more specifically someone. Carly corinthos. Now there's a difficult woman. Tell me about it. I can't believe you would think of publicizing ava! Well, it's -- it's not my idea. Uh, nina -- nina has editorial control, and she insisted. You own the magazine! You can override her! Yes, I thought about that. But she has this little clause in her contract that she can walk and I don't want her to walk. Oh, she's not gonna walk. Crimson's her baby. Well, it's not like she needs the money. She's an heiress. Okay, so what?! And I -- and I heard that she can be a little impulsive. Worst-case scenario, nina walks. It's not like she's irreplaceable. Well, I don't think you're giving her enough credit -- I mean, she's really creative -- she thinks outside the box -- and with the right guidance, I think that crimson can be a gold mine. Not with putting ava on the cover. And if that's the best nina can do, you're better off with maxie. Hell, she runs the damn magazine anyway. Uh, well, the "ava" feature actually was maxie's idea to start with, so... what? As much as I hated it, and I did -- I hated it. Maxie's right. Crime and scandal sell. And ava's story has both.

You're jumping to conclusions, julian. So, what -- what are you, planning a "peaceful resolution" to the shiloh problem? I don't discuss my plans. So what part of "wiley is my grandson" is unclear? I th ought julian wasn't supposedto have any contact with wiley. Uh, y-yeah, that was mentioned in the original agreement. But it was more of a recommendation than a condition. Oh, so you're just ignoring that, hanging out with him 'cause you think he can -- he can fix it? Let me tell you something. He can'T. Is that right? But you can? I'm gonna try. So I'm racing to the east ferry, I duck under the barrier, and I jump just as it's pulling away from the dock.

[ Laughs ] I landed safely on the deck, and I was feeling, like, super proud of myself. Yeah. It was like something out of a movie, right? I'm -- I'm impressed. Don't be. 'Cause I'm standing there, catching my breath, and I look back and I realize... I left my laptop on the bench. Oh! They wouldn't turn the ferry around. I had to ride it to greenfield and take an uber back. The laptop? Still there. Actually, no one touched it. What are the odds of that, right? Well, uh, off the top of my head, uh... about 750 to 1. Yeah, well, you know,factoring in the time of day and the estimated foot traffic around the ferry plaza. Sorry. Wait. Why are you apologizing? Okay, hold on. That was amazing.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, um, impromptu mathematics are a bit of a hobby of mine -- annoying tic depending on your point of view. Okay, are you compulsive about it? Like, do you blurt out the odds of the second lead dying twenty minutes into a movie? Oh, no, no. Never. Come to a movie with me, and I'll prove it. Can I, uh, offer you some advice? Please. Work the problem. Don't make things worse by guessing. How do I do that? Well, start with what you know. Not what you think might happen or what you're afraid of. Just...focus on the facts, right? Wiley is your son. Yes. Shiloh is his biological father. Yes. Does -- does shiloh's name appear in any of wiley's records? No, the birth certificate says "father unknown." Okay, then -- then you gave your son up for adoption. Yes. The adoption's finalized -- you signed away all your legal rights. Yes. Making brad and lucas wiley's legal parents. No. I never told shiloh about the baby. He didn't consent to the adoption, so he still has parental rights to wiley. No, only if he can prove a relationship, and there is no legal way for him to do that. I was pregnant with carly's grandchild when she pushed me down the stairs -- at my own baby shower. You know, they should've hauled her off to prison, but instead they took her to ferncliff. Of course! Nelle benson. Mm-hmm.

[ Chuckles ] I was in the room next to carly'S. I used to eavesdrop on her sessions with my brother. It was unbearably tedious, but, ultimately, very useful. I learned a lot about how to impersonate a psychiatrist.

[ Both chuckle ] Oh, she had a lot to say about you. Mm. None of it complimentary, I'm afraid. All I ever did was love her son michael. And for a while, he loved me, too. But she poisoned him against me. To the point where he entrapped me and I was falsely accused of trying to kill him. You poor thing. You mentioned you were pregnant. What became of the baby? Come on. At le-- at least -- let me, uh -- let me pitch you. Come on. Come sit down. No, I don't want to be pitched! You want to talk about true crime? Connie falconeri was unarmed when ava shot her at point-blank range. And I know this because I heard the recording of ava confessing -- a recording that conveniently disappeared before ava could be tried. But it doesn't make it any less true. I agree. That's why originally I was opposed to it. Okay, and even -- even if you ignore the fact that ava killed connie... what about morgan? You know, um, last time I was here for the memorial, you didn't know that ava was involved. She wasn't involved. It was her fault. Well, joss told me a little bit about it, but I-I never actually heard the story from you. If I told you, I-if you heard it, would it change your mind about ava? Would you just tell me? Sit.

[ Exhales sharply ] Jax... morgan did everything to get his life back on track. He took his medication like clockwork, okay? And he started working at sonny's coffeehouse. And most important, he got back together with kiki. And ava couldn't stand it. She said that was morgan was "too unstable" for kiki -- and the truth is, ava was jealous and she was insecure. So ava made up an excuse to come visit avery, and she came into my house -- and she switched morgan's lithium with placebos. Weeks before morgan's death, he was -- he was unmedicated! He was in a full-blown manic episode when he stole julian's car and it exploded. And ava put all that in motion -- all of it. And all of her whining and saying how she "didn't mean to," it means nothing to me because that bitch is still walking around and my son is dead! And that is what happened!

[ Exhales sharply ] Jax -- I can't guarantee...

[ Exhales deeply ] ...That ava will be brought to justice, but I can hold her up for the world to judge. Is that something you're willing to help me with?

Y to shiloh when he confronted you about the pregnancy? I-I lied. I said I had a miscarriage. Is there a record of your baby's birth? Yes. I had wiley at mercy. What name did you use? Willow tait. Okay, under hipaa, those records are privileged. There's no way for him to access those without your permission, okay? So there's no way for him to prove that you actually had a baby and there's no way for him to prove that he's the biological father. He can get a dna test. Well, he'd need a court order first. And to get that, he'd have to provide evidence that you actually had wiley at mercy hospital. But the adoption records -- are sealed. They're sealed. They're -- look. The first thing that shiloh would have to do is prove that you had a baby, then trace that baby's identity, and finally secure a court order for a dna test establishing himself as a biological parent. Look, it's -- it's -- it's a long, convoluted legal trail, you know? And every single step of the way, you're gonna have the best lawyer in the state arguing for your rights. Are you saying I have nothing to worry about? No, you do have a reason to worry. I'm just saying so does shiloh. We need to find my grandson. Oh, believe me, I'm working on it. Well, I can help, but you have to get me out of here first. But you already confessed. T-to cover for you. I warned you sam mccall was playing you. You know what? You were right.

[ Exhales sharply ] You were right. I should have listened to you, harmony. I should have. But what's done is done. And I need you to see this thing through. I'm not going to prison for you, shiloh. You need to get me a lawyer! Okay, okay. Someone better than a public defender -- okay. I will. I will. In time. How much time? Look. We need to prioritize right now. Okay? The most important thing is that I find my son -- your grandson. And then once I have him... everything's gonna fall into place. I-it's not that I don't appreciate your offer, sonny -- this is not about you, brad. And -- and it's certainly not about him. No, this is about wiley. I held that little boy at his naming ceremony. And I-I'm not gonna let anything happen to that little boy. I would love to see a movie with you... but you're turning me down. I haven't been honest. About...? Okay, you have no reason to believe this, but under ordinary circumstances, I am not the type of person that would make a fake profile online. This was a one-time thing that I promise was for a very good reason. So you're...not a writer? Actually -- that part is true. Uh, the story about the ferry? Also true. The part that's not true... is me wanting a date. I'm so sorry. So am I. Uh, it was nice meeting you... lulu? Yes. Yeah, that is my real name. It was so nice to meet you, mark. Please don't let this discourage you. You are a great guy, and I know there's someone just perfect for you out there. Fingers crossed she's as perfect as you. Lulu? Sonny. Hi. Oh, um, I-I-I'm sure you were wondering about that, uh, guy. Does he work at the paper? No, um...

[Exhales sharply] ...We were having a date. Looking back, I never stood a chance. Michael's whole family was against me. They would have taken my son the moment he was born. That's terrible. You know, and then when ava turned on me -- ava? Ava jerome? Mm-hmm. I worked for her in her gallery. Yeah, we were -- we were close for awhile. She's smart, beautiful, and -- and has amazing taste. You know, which of course made it all the more hurtful when she betrayed me. Hm. Sadly, she betrayed me, too. Ava.

[ Exhales deeply ] She's like a falcon living among pigeons. A hunter trying to deny her nature. You know, if she would embrace her gifts -- she could be free and fearless. I tried to show her, but in the end, she turned on me. You must hate her. Oh, I could never hate ava. Never. I loved morgan, too, carly. He was a great kid. In fact, he was the only one that ever drank those horrible superfood smoothies that I made for you guys -- that you and michael tipped into the planter, which I know about, by the way.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. Anyway...ava was rattling off some petty list of demands, and, uh, I just -- I blew the deal. You know, I called her out. And she was upset, and she walked away. Good riddance. Bye!

[ Chuckles ]Okay, but think about this -- what would hurt ava more? A few nasty words from me? Or her own words in print for the entire world to read and rip apart? Oh, come on. She's just gonna spin it around and make everyone think that she's the victim. How is -- how is ava going to explain that she and kiki were estranged in the first place? Or that two of her ex-boyfriends got involved with kiki? Ava is going to expose herself in all her vanity and jealousy -- and I'm gonna give her the international platform to do that. I like that. Yeah, there's just one problem -- she's not gonna trust a deal that I put together. So she's gonna need a little incentive. Like what? Uh, a chance to piss you off. What are you talking about? Well... here she comes. Look. Just play along and we'll both get what we want. Uh -- ava! Thank you so much for meeting me and giving me this opportunity to make amends. I don't think that's likely. Why would you want to make amends with her?

If you would excuse us, carly, ava and I have, uh, business to discuss. What kind?

Crimson business. Jax here wants to put me on the cover -- what? Have you lost your mind? I did. I lost my mind there for a little bit, but then I realized I shouldn't let history get in the way of opportunity. And, uh, nina actually made me see reason. Nina? Nina can't stand ava, either. No, nina is being nonjudgmental in this. She actually wants to profile ava as, um -- as a three-dimensional human being. "Ava jerome with no apologies." No scruples, no morals, no class. Well, what do you know about class, carly? Jax is one of how many husbands for you? You know what, jax? It's your magazine -- if you want to put that trash on the cover, don't say I didn't warn you. Well...I guess that didn't help my cause. Uh, can I at least buy you a drink before we part ways? Well, where you going? Well, surely you still don't want to be on the cover, do you? Oh, yes, I do. And thanks to carly, now more than ever. It's a terrible feeling, isn't it? Being trapped in here -- knowing the people on the outside who look down on you -- who treated you like you were defective -- they're out there telling themselves that they won. Humiliation is the least of it. The people who did this to me literally took a piece of me. Your hand? Worse. They drugged me, forged my consent, and stole one of my organs. Not your kidney. Yes. Why?

[ Sighs ] See for yourself. My kidney was stolen, too. In the very unlikely event this ever got to a custody fight, wiley is in a happy, stable home with loving parents. And it is not in wiley's best interest to remove him from that and give him to a total stranger. Right, let alone somebody who's facing allegations of -- of fraud and sexual assault. But shiloh beat the charges -- yes, yes, but look. He is a sexual predator and he will keep repeating his patterns until he's caught. You make it sound so straightforward. And reasonable. But shiloh is not reasonable. He twists things around. Gets people to do things they never thought they'd do. Like my mother. She knows what shiloh did to me and it doesn't matter. She's still close to him -- basically his right hand. Just -- just don't assume that everybody is like your mother. And don't assume that everyone is like you. Capable of stepping outside yourself. "Working the problem." A lot of people feel lost or inadequate. You know, they're looking for something or someone to validate them. And shiloh finds those people and he uses them and... and I have no right to judge because I let him do the exact same thing to me.

[ Sighs ] But not anymore. I have hired an excellent custody attorney. And she believes that she can compel willow to tell me the whereabouts of the baby. You're taking willow to court? Well, of course. I-I mean, I don't see any other way. But unfortunately, this lawyer is very expensive and I can't pull money from the day-to-day operations. So I need access to the off-shore accounts that you set up. Those funds are for future generations. My son is the future of dawn of day. Now, I've already signed the electronic transfer. But you need to countersign. Right there. You're the one that teaches one great gift deserves another. What do you want? My grandson. I want to raise him together. I hope and pray that willow comes back to us -- but even if she doesn't -- I want to know that I can trust you. That we're united in this. Of course we are. Oh, harmony, of course we are. Now, more than ever. My son -- my son -- your grandson, that is the thing that binds us together. Harmony, that's why I need to find him.

[ Exhales deeply ] Thank you. That's the greatest gift of your service ever. Thank you. You'll tell me when you find him? You'll be the first to know. It's for, um, a story that -- that I'm writing. I am trying to catch a burglar who is preying on women that are looking for love. How are you gonna do that? Well, the burglar sets up the date on an app and while the woman is waiting wherever they decide to meet -- like a restaurant or a bar -- he robs her home. So you're setting yourself up to be robbed? Uh...

[ Both laugh ] I-I'm setting myself up to be stood up. But I-I-I have no intention of dating any of these guys. This is just a ruse to draw the burglar out. So nobody at the paper can write this story? Maybe somebody... who's not married?

Vodka martini -- shaken not stirred. Now, how did I know that would be your drink? Yours, too, it appears.

[ Glasses clink ] Cheers. Apologies for the, uh, unpleasantness with carly. Hm. Carly is responsible for her own bad behavior. Honestly, that woman is like a dog with a bone. Yes, but we are here to, uh, talk about you. So I hope that you'll give me a chance to salvage the deal. If I were to reconsider -- I would want to make the parameters very, very clear. I refuse to be pigeonholed -- as "a woman scorned" or "a femme fatale." Try dealing with my family -- try suffering the way that I have suffered. And then being constantly judged by a pack of hypocrites. You know, I know some of them. I know what they say. They say i deserved to lose kiki. Karma -- that's what they call it. God, I loathe that word! Well, if you want people to know who you really are, here's your chance. ava jerome. I make my own mistakes, and I pay for them with interest -- take me as I am or to hell with you. Thanks for coming in. I have your test results. Oh, well, that was fast. We're trying to keep your stress down, so I had them expedited. Okay. And?

[ Chuckles ] Without getting too technical, the msafp came back positive, indicating that the alpha-fetoprotein in your blood is elevated. I don't understand. The cvs test said that everything was okay. This test addresses areas not covered by the cvs. The results may indicate a risk of possible birth defects. How serious? I changed more than my name when I left dawn of day. I stopped being passive -- stopped letting other people make my choices. I will fight to protect my baby with everything I've got. Right. Think about what you just said, right? You're -- you're going to protect wiley. So is chase. So am I. So is brad and lucas and their lawyer, alexis, and your lawyer, diane. And they're gonna use every single legal means at their disposal, okay? You know what? And if the law fails? There's always my father. I know all the stories. But come on. What can your father really do?

[ Exhales sharply ] You know, it's better not to ask. Let's just say my -- my father has had his fair share of enemies. Men and women a lot more powerful than shiloh. They're gone and my father is still here. And you know what? He -- he owes you a debt. I hope I don't sound ungrateful, but while I find that... comforting, it's also a little alarming. Can I, uh, offer you some more advice? Only focus on things that you can effect, okay? Leave the rest to god. And do you follow your own advice? I try. But that doesn't mean I always succeed. But you, uh -- you know what helps? Ice cream. Really? Yeah. Or a walk in the park. Or [Inhales deeply] Looking at the sunset. Ideally, all three. But you know what? Since we already missed the support group, I know an awesome stand on, uh, van ness.

[ Gasps ] The one with soft-serve? I love that place. Yeah? Okay, well, let me put a message in with my grandmother real quick and then I'll be right with you. Okay. Willow tait? Yes? Whoa, whoa, hey, don't -- don't -- you've been served. Leave now or I'll have you escorted from the hospital. What just happened? So, you're absolutely sure that there's no chance shiloh can find out lucas and I adopted willow's baby? Well, there's no chance. Shiloh would have to prove that you're the adoptive parents. I'm telling you, that proof doesn't exist.

[ Exhales sharply ] Alright then. Then we're safe. To a -- to a point. What point? What -- what are you talking about?! Well, if shiloh discovers that willow isn't wiley's birth mother... all bets are off. I know how hard it is on you with dante away. No. No, no, no. Well... it's not like that. Uh, I mean, yes. I miss dante. And, yes, I get lonely, but I have no desire to date anyone else. I should have made that clear to mark as soon as I met him. Mark? Ah, the date? Oh. He was so sweet, and it was nice having someone -- having a guy pay attention to me.

[ Sighs ] Wow. I guess I didn't realize how much I missed it.

 Stylists and wardrobe? You have final approval. Content? Uh, crimson picks the questions. The answers are yours, okay? We want our readers to get the full picture of ava jerome -- your life before and after ryan. Of course, we want to address kiki's death -- and your quest to avenge her. None of this will be taken out of context. This is your chance to tell your story. Finally. The world is going to know the real ava jerome. Carly only cares about her daughter. Josslyn's healthy and strong. Never mind that it's my kidney keeping her that way. She has no gratitude, no loyalty. She's just -- she's the worst kind of user. That's how these people operate. Hiding behind the respectability that's been bought and paid for while they use the rest of us for spare parts. Still...something about this doesn't just feel like a coincidence. What do you mean? Both of us here. Robbed of our freedom. Robbed of a kidney. No. It's like fate brought us here. As if we're supposed to help each other.

[ Whispering ] Maybe you're right. Chuckles ] I have a sense for these things, and I sense that we're gonna be very important to one another. The msafp is only a screening tool. We need to confirm the results and find out what we're dealing with. What's the next step? One option would be a level ii ultrasound -- more detailed than the standard ultrasounds we've been performing. It might provide additional information. For example, it's possible you misjudged the date of conception. Okay, will a level ii ultrasound reveal birth defects? Sometimes. It can also rule them out. Okay, great. Well, then I'd like to, um, have a level ii ultrasound scheduled as soon as possible. Today, if I could. I'm sorry. I would if I could. Then the earliest available, please. I will set it up and I'll have my office give you a call. Okay, great. I will be waiting to hear from you. Carly. The very best thing you can do for yourself and your child -- is not panic. Go home and -- and focus on living your life. Remind yourself that there's a very good chance the baby will be healthy. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] I'll try, but I-I want to hear from you soon, okay?

[ Sighs ] You know dante would be here, if he could. I know. It's just... he didn't ask me to wait for him. And he didn't promise me that he would come back. So what am I supposed to do? How long can I live like this? Married to a man I may never see again? Only you can answer that. But I want you to know that whatever happens, whatever you decide, we'll always be family. You promise? I promise. Are you absolutely sure that wiley's real birth mother is out of the picture? I mean, there's no chance that she's gonna show up to stake a claim? No. Not a chance in the world. Brad, I'm telling you, you better be right. Because unlike shiloh or willow -- that birth mother actually has legal grounds for custody. And no legal maneuvering in the world can outweigh a dna test. I-I don't understand. It says I have to appear. May I? Please. Alright, you've been subpoenaed to appear before judge walters in family court. The plaintiff... is david henry archer. Shiloh.

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