GH Transcript Wednesday 6/12/19

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 6/12/19


Episode #14305 ~ Jordan confronts Curtis. Ava cuts her losses. Drew tends to Kim. Joss struggles with her loss. Maxie has an idea.

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(This still needs extensive editing)

Hm? What do you think? Better than that energy array you built in the outback.

[ Chuckling ] Yeah. Which was also pretty cool, but this keeps you local. And I like that a lot. Me, too. Thank god for air conditioning. Oh, yeah.

[ Clears throat ] One of humanity's greatest inventions.

[ Both chuckle ] How you doing? Uh, I'm okay. I guess I'm just -- oof -- just coming back down to earth, I guess. Hey, you want to know something? What's that?

[ Chuckles ] What? We did it. We did.

[ Chuckles ] We went all the way to the summit. Yes, we did. All the way to the top. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] We gave oscar the send-off that he deserved. Yeah. Well, this is a very important day, ava. Um, on behalf of crimson, I would like to thank you for awarding crimson, uh, the exclusive rights to your harrowing story of survival. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, okay? Well, I mean, there's just a lot to get into. Yes, uh, let's brainstorm your look for the photo spread accompanying the feature. You know, I really do appreciate the enthusiasm, but I still have to sign on the dotted line. Hey. Look who's back on duty. What are you doing on the 10th floor? Uh, actually, I was hoping to get an update on jordan's condition. Why don't you ask her yourself? Well, I don't think that would be wise... or even appreciated. You don't know if you don't try. Come on. Let's go. You know you want to. Come on. Careful. There you go. Careful. Are you sure you're not overextending yourself? We've got this, curtis. I need to start moving. You don't have to start today. Look, ca-- can't this wait? She's hardly out of post-op. Nurse webber knows what she's doing. It's really important to get her out of bed the day after surgery. Okay. I'm just worried that you're gonna mess up the new kidney. It's only new to me. It's strong and fully functional. There's no need to worry. I wonder if ryan misses it.

[ Chuckles ] Too bad if he does. Right? Who really cares? It ain't like he's getting it back.

[ Groans ]

[ Exhales sharply ] What is this? Morning, sunshine. He's awake.

[ Flatly ] Yippee. Where am I?! Pentonville prison infirmary. Where you'll spend the rest of your days. What? No. Welcome home, ryan.

 You doing okay? We can take a break. No. We're almost there. Okay. Okay, I think we've done enough for today. You sure you -- um, curtis, you know what? You owe me a cup of coffee. Coffee. Coffee for what? For convincing ryan to donate his kidney. We'll be back. Come on. If I'm feeling this beat up after a new kidney, can't imagine what ryan's feeling. That's awfully empathetic of you. I'm still trying to make sense of why he agreed to help me, you know? Why would a merciless killer choose to save my life? How the hell did I get here? I remember being at G.H.! It's alright to feel a little foggy. It's perfectly normal. What the hell are you talking about? I don't remember being transferred! Why am i in so much pain?! Where are you experiencing discomfort? It's not discomfort. It's excruciating. It's my abdomen.

[ Exhales sharply ] Let's -- let's have a look. Let's see. Oh.

[ Groans ] Oh, this must be it -- the surgical site where they removed your kidney. Ava, you have already agreed to the feature. Agreed in principle. Okay, there are still a lot of decisions to be made. Look, nina, I know that you're very excited to possibly land my story, but words are not binding, and I have yet to sign the contract. Now, not to worry. I haven't received any competing offers. Not since this morning, anyway. Okay. Well, if you would like to bring your story to the silver screen, have at it. You retain full film and television rights per our contract. Per me. And no business will be done until I read all of the fine print. You never know what little tricks might be lurking in there. Okay, there are no little tricks in that contract. Better safe than sorry.

[ Knock on door ] Morning, ladies. Well, you weren'T... planning on starting without me, were you? Ava. You know what? What do you feel about a, uh... post-climb beverage?

[ Chuckles ] Maybe later. I'm just -- you know what? I'm feeling -- I'm feeling really -- I'm feeling wiped out. Yeah, well, I guess going up and down kilimanjaro will do that to you.

[ Chuckles ] Understood. So, you know, seeing our son's ashes just floating in the wind... you know, I... I have no words. Look, we don't have to drink, okay? Uh, what do you want to do? You want -- you want to, I don't know, sit on the balcony, watch the sun set? Yeah. You know what? That sounds like a nice plan. Let me just, um -- let me freshen up a little bit. 'Cause I don't know. I've just been feeling a little bit out of it since -- whoa! Oh, oh. Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

[ Groans ] You still hot? What happened? Well, honey, you fainted. I fainted?

[ Chuckling ] Yeah. You did. I, uh, had the concierge bring a doctor. Do you not remember? Not really, no. You know where you are? No. Where am I? We're in tanzania. For oscar. Oscar's here? You know... doctor said you're gonna need some rest, so just... why don't you just go to sleep, you know? You'll feel better in the morning. No. No, I won'T. Because when I wake up, I'm gonna remember that oscar's gone.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Cellphone chimes ] What? How could... well, I was not aware that you were planning to attend. Nor was I.

[ Chuckles ] Well, you'll find out I'm very hands-on. Maxie, would you do me a favor? Joss is in the outer office. Would you, uh, show her around, please? Um... maybe later? Well, now is actually a really good time. Okay. Thank you. So, legal sent the contract? Uh, yes, yes. We are just waiting for ava to sign them. Well, it appears the ball is in your court. It appears so, doesn't it? Oh, dear. Is there a problem? Problems. Plural. I think perhaps we should take a seat. This might take a while. Let's start with page one, line one.

[ Sighs ] Whew. I sure will be glad to put this place in my rearview. I'm sure. Ooh, valerie. Thank god. Hello to you, too.

[ Exhales sharply ] So, what's the word from pentonville? I'll give you two a minute. Kevin: Thank you. Thanks.

[ Exhales sharply ] How you feeling?

[ Chuckles ] Ask me again when I'm not dragging around an iv.

[ Both chuckle ] Yeah. Not that I'm complaining. I'm just happy to be alive. Have you spoken to your brother? Yes, before the transplant surgery. Not since? I said everything I had to say when I asked him to help you. And he refused. Fortunately, stella had better luck. I've just been wondering what she was able to say to him that his own brother couldn'T. My going to him was doomed from the start, but I had to try. My brother will do anything to spite me. But turns out he was more receptive to stella. I wouldn't mind hearing it from him directly. I'd like to speak to him. Well, I understand the impulse, but that's impossible. Ryan went into a coma right after the surgery. He's been remanded to pentonville infirmary. Is it possible that he'll wake up? I really don't know. Do me a favor. Help me up.

What else does ryan remember? It's what he can't remember that concerns me. There she is! Hey. Babe, why -- wha-- what are you doing up? Why didn't you tell me that ryan was in a coma at pentonville? Okay. One of you want to tell me what's going on? We didn't want to tell you anything until we got more information. I just came from pentonville. Ryan's awake. Good. His victims and their families deserve their day in court. No question. Anything else? He's been saying some crazy stuff since he woke up. Oh, yeah? What kind of stuff? Listen, ava, I'm not gonna play this game with you. You could take your story elsewhere, but I don't think you're gonna like what you find. And what would that be, exactly? Well, exactly, it will be untrustworthy editors and ass-kissing stylists. Honestly, I'm not gonna fawn over you. I'm gonna be fair. And if, uh, we follow my plan, I think that we're actually gonna be able to put out something -- a story that we can all benefit from that will leave our viewers satisfied that they know the real ava jerome. All my life, I've been defined by my mistakes, always treated as less than. Okay, well, listen, listen, listen. Come on. Don't you want to reclaim your narrative? This is your chance. What I want is evenhandedness. I want the opportunity to tell my story my way in my words. You know, I just find it rather ironic how concerned you are with preserving your, uh, integrity and your voice considering that connie falconeri has neither thanks to you. Are you okay? Yeah. Sorry. I was just reading something. You know you can talk to me, right? Sure. Okay, so what's going on? This. Wow, this is, um... whoever's reading these messages can't be oscar. I mean, I-I know he's gone. I was actually gonna delete his contact. Then I sent him one last text just on impulse. Now somebody's reading them. Okay, this is, um, eerie.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Exhales sharply ] It's his dad. Of course. I'm sorry. "Joss, it's drew. Found oscar's phone in his mom's suitcase. I didn't know she still had this. We miss him, too.

[ Voice breaking ] He's at rest on the kilimanjaro summit now. His greatest wish for you was to be okay." I can't read any more. "That's the hard thing to be, isn't it? How can we ever be okay without oscar? But we have to try. We'll help you if you help us."

[ Clicks tongue ] I'm sorry. I -- I -- hey, it's okay.

[ Sighs softly ] You never have to apologize for showing your feelings, oscar.

When he woke up from the coma, ryan acted like the kidney donation was a surprise, said he'd never consented. Oh, he's lying! Ask T.J.! After my talk with ryan, he gave his clear consent! You're awfully quiet. Actually, I was afraid this might happen. I-I think ryan may have agreed to donate the kidney hoping to mitigate his crimes, but now he's realized that... claiming diminished capacity might be more effective. Oh, wait. Wait. Are you suggesting that ryan might use the kidney donation as part of an insanity defense? What better way to prove that he's losing time or suffering from a fugue state than by insisting that he doesn't remember donating the organ? Oh, there is no way in hell that ryan is going back through ferncliff's revolving doors. Baby, I'll, uh, I'll look into it, okay? You just concentrate on your recovery. Okay, just get the ball rolling, please. I want to get to the bottom of this. You know I will. Stella: Come on. I love you. I love you. Why don't we give jordan some -- some space to rest? Yeah. Let's do that. Good idea.

[ Door closes ] Detective chase. I need you to run down a couple things for me. It won't take long. Just be sure to keep it to yourself. General hospital removed my kidney without my consent. Well, you approved the transplant, ryan. Your signature is on all the paperwork. That's impossible! I never would have agreed! Well, now, don't be alarmed if there are some gaps in your memory, alright? A-apparently, your little chat with stella henry helped you see the light. Stella henry? I barely know the woman! Haven't talked to her in months. And I never would have agreed to donate a kidney, especially not to commissioner ashford. That kind of sappy selflessness is... kevin. It was him. You and my brother conspired to steal my kidney! Well, if this is some kind of negotiating tactic, it's failing miserably. I apologize on behalf of crimson -- I wouldn't do that just yet. Attacking ava is unprofessional. Nobody's attacking ava. We're simply defining the parameters, right? I mean, you want your crimson readers to have a-a clear picture. Correct? Does that include ava's body count?

[ Exhales sharply ] Oh, I've heard quite enough. Oh -- oh, I'm sorry. Did I offend you? You know, you should know that connie falconeri was a personal friend of mine. I helped her build crimson from the ground up. So, yeah, this magazine and connie -- connie's legacy means a lot to me. This used to be her office. Of course, you would know that because you killed her right here. I do n't need to be remindedof that horrible night. Well, maybe the crimson readers do. Uh, jax does not speak for me. Yeah? And who speaks for the dead? For a brilliant woman who was robbed of her life? Well, I guess at least she saw it coming, right? 'Cause you had a gun. Morgan wasn't so lucky. He didn't know that you tampered with his meds, that you undermined his sanity. But since we are publishing your story, I'm just wondering how you're planning to answer those questions. Do you know what friday is? Um, besides the day that can't come soon enough? Yeah, that and it's also the four-month anniversary of our jailhouse wedding, and it's been, like, well over a year since our earthquake not-wedding. Wow. Time flies. Yes, it does, which is why we should seize the friday, assuming that there's not gonna be another natural disaster or another false arrest. I'm listening. You remember? We talked about this. We talked about having a proper celebration for the proper wedding that we never had. Yes, I know, but we do not need a party, franco. Oh, come on. You and i love one another, and there's never gonna be a perfect time for this, and the world's not gonna stop spinning, not even for -- for us. I would like to publicly acknowledge and celebrate our marriage and our family and our future. Okay. I think you might be right. I'm right. I'm right a lot. Okay...sometimes.

[ Both chuckle ] You should brush off your dancing shoes. Mm. Hey, uh, listen. Listen. Listen. Yeah? Hey, uh... the drugs they gave you for the altitude sickness, the doctor said, uh, side effects could be confusion, so... do I look confused to you, sweetie?

[ Both chuckle ] Oh, I can see right through you.

[ Chuckles ] Just like I could with your father. Oh, god. Oh, you should have seen him in his navy uniform.

[ Chuckling ] Ohh. He had this rugged swagger. I should have asked him to stick around. Maybe that was all he ever needed was a reason to stay. If I'd written him that letter, told him about you... ...maybe we could have had a chance to be a family. The three of us. Or more.

[ Chuckles ] Could you imagine? A little brother or sister? Yeah. That would have been something. I'm sorry you didn't get a chance with your father.

[ Sniffles ] You deserved more than the family that I gave you. Can you ever forgive me? I never got to actually say goodbye to oscar. I never really said the words before he died. I mean, I was there in the room when it happened, but I was asleep. And when I woke up... he was gone. I keep thinking about what could have happened... ...if I would have just stayed awake and talked to him. But now I missed my chance. And he's gone. Then bring him back.

Oscar? Answer me. I am sorry that I failed you. Can you please forgive me? There's nothing to forgive. You were all the family I ever needed. And you reunited me with my dad.

[ Sniffles ] And we all came together, just like you wanted. Almost. Right? Yeah, almost. Hey, come on.

[ Sobs softly ] Get some sleep, okay? Okay. Okay.

[ Sniffles ] Okay. Mm.

[ Sniffles ] Will you be here when I wake up?

[ Echoing ] I'm always here with you. You promise? Y-yeah, I promise. Good. You promise. Bring oscar back? You mean, like... spiritually? Yeah. I know it sounds a little -- actually... sonny told me how sometimes he feels like the ones he's lost stay with him. Okay. Um, have you ever felt that way about oscar? When I was singing at the nurses' ball and I looked out into the audience, I swear he was right there. I just wish that there was some way to get that feeling back. Okay. I've got some ideas. Ava, I'm so sorry. I'm used to it. But not when the person hurling insults wants something from me. Mm. Ah, okay. Let's -- let's just all take a breather. Let's just settle down, get some fresh air. Okay? We can revisit this... together, just us women. Okay. Listen. Um, there's a lot of wiggle room in that contract. I'll be able to address all your concerns about the piece. "Piece." You mean hatchet job? I'm not giving you my story, but I will give you a little piece of business advice. Bait-and-switch jobs only work

after the mark has swallowed the bait. Uh, that was a legitimate offer. Hard pass. Cheers, mate.

[ Monitor beeping steadily ] I got a call in to the warden. And we'll arrange a visit to ryan just as soon as you're ready. Great. We need to talk. Who were you on the phone with just now? Chase. I thought you weren't supposed to be working. I wasn't working. All I did was sit here while chase made a few calls on my behalf. About what? Ryan's 180. It never added up. Ryan knew that he was going to be put away for life no matter what. He would never willingly part with his kidney. So what are you saying? What if someone forced him? Maybe it started with the seizure. The cause was never identified. Chase checked the records. It's probably just some adverse reaction to some medication. Maybe that adverse reaction was intentional. So... you're suggesting, what, that someone poisoned ryan? Maybe. Who would do that? Someone that wanted to see the transplant go through. Someone that could get into that room without arousing suspicion. Someone trained to know which meds could cause the desired seizure and which would calm it. Everyone that went in that room was logged. Right? Right. Which is why I doubt whoever poisoned ryan acted alone. They needed a lookout, someone to watch their back. Chase will get me a name. So, you got this conspiracy theory that someone poisoned ryan. But then what? How does that lead to ryan consenting to donating his kidney?

[ Monitor beeping rapidly ] Well, finn and elizabeth arrived to stabilize ryan...

help me get him

on his side. ...And remove him for tests. Chase checked it out.

Easy. Technicians and records confirm that the tests occurred. The seizure was ruled a one-off.

Here you go. But what if it wasn't ryan that went back to that icu? What if he was switched out? What if it was kevin? Kevin would know how to impersonate ryan. He's been doing it since childhood. And if anyone could forge ryan's signature, it's his twin brother. Chase is still tracking kevin's movements from that night. But ryan didn't have surgery until the next morning. He had plenty of time to speak up before then. Unless he wasn't switched back until the last possible second. Until right before he was wheeled into the O.R. After the seizure, they needed to find a place to stow and safely monitor ryan, somewhere they know that they wouldn't be disturbed while kevin was taking his place. So...

[ Exhales sharply ] ...You think franco is in on this, too? Why not? He hated ryan. Franco was working the night of ryan's seizure and the next morning before the transplant surgery. The strange thing is, records show that franco canceled all of his art therapy appointments. He claimed he spilled some hazardous paint materials. That'd put the art therapy room off-limits, too. And provide that somewhere to stash ryan until right before the surgery. Except the maintenance would have to come through. Right? Unless... unless they were working with someone, someone familiar with G.H.'S system, someone who could have redirected the maintenance crew elsewhere. That is one hell of a plot. But [Inhales deeply] Kind of improbable, though. I know. It is kind of a stretch. Because as smart as all these conspirators are, there's still one thing missing. What's that? Someone to dream it all up.

[ Door opens ] Curtis: You all in? Good. This is how I see this playing out. They'd need a ringleader.

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