GH Transcript Monday 6/10/19

General Hospital Transcript Monday 6/10/19


Episode #14303 ~ Shiloh turns on the charm. Chase stays on the right side of the law. Carly meets with Lucas. Nina cajoles Ava. Bobbie gets good news.

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(This still needs extensive editing)

Jax: Thanks, liam. I'll be in touch tomorrow afternoon -- your time. Have a good day. Wheeling and dealing on all continents? Oh, my goodness, bobbie! How are you? Ohh. So good to see you. I'm so glad I ran into you before you have to jet back off. Well, no worries because, uh, I'm not going anywhere. So, you want me on the cover of crimson. Yes. Yes. The september issue, no less. The cover... and a full layout to support your interview. The interview. Of course. And -- and what would that be about? You. My career? My achievements? Yes, of course. Anything else, nina? Like my personal life? I mean, you know, we'd touch upon that. Why didn't you just admit it? That you want me to talk about ryan. Well, you're out of luck then, because I wish more than anything that I had never met that man. Hey. Hey, thank you for meeting me here. Oh, sure. You following up on that phone call?

[ Whispering ] Yeah. Alexis told us that shiloh is wiley's biological father?

[ Whispering ] Hey. Shh, shh, shh. Don't even whisper that, alright? There could be a dod person around here anywhere. Okay, you're right. You're right. I'm sorry. But you have every reason to be concerned. But listen to me. You have resources that other people don't -- starting with your brother-in-law. Why wouldn't you turn to me and sonny? Instead you turned to julian. Why? W-- because I'm his father.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, I'm still here, waiting on shiloh's paperwork. I'll move him as soon as it comes through.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Alright. Detective chase. Mr. Morgan. Any update on shiloh? He's under arrest. I figured you already knew. Just making sure. Look who's here. How you doing? Great. Yeah? Look at you -- hard at work. Well, you know, I -- it's like... got to make the salad for carly and make her eat healthy and the whole thing. You know what I mean? It's got to be perfect! Well, believe me, I wish I could stay and help, but I have to get to work. Yeah? I just, uh, came by to give you this. I know how much you love to cook with fresh herbs, so I tried to choose your favorites. Look at this. It's absolutely beautiful. Thank you, sweetheart. Yeah, and I have one more thing for you. Yeah? Yeah. What? Ohhh!

[ Chuckles ]

[ Laughs ] Thank you for coming. It's been a while since I've been inside

[Chuckling] A third-grade classroom. I thought it would be more private for us to talk here. I feel like someone's watching me at all times. Someone from dawn of day? Are you being harassed? No, not yet, but my mother is convinced that I had shiloh's baby, so there's no telling what they'll do. You know, you need to keep up your strength. "A sound mind is the instrument of a sound spirit." You've taken some classes, haven't you, judy? Well, I-I'm so sorry that you have to see me like this. I'm innocent, I swear. Of course you are. This is a travesty. Must be so uncomfortable in those handcuffs. Yeah, well... "great suffering brings great truth," judy, and the truth is that... these handcuffs are just a minor annoyance because... I have a child out there who needs me. That's the only thing I'm focused on right now.

 You haven't even heard me out. You're enjoying this, aren't you? Because you warned me not to push kiki away. Oh, I haven't forgotten that speech you gave to me about not doing anything that I couldn't take back, and I remember how I laid into you, telling you that you don't know the first thing about motherhood or being a mother, and now the joke is certainly on me, isn't it? Because your daughter is here, and mine isn'T. Stop it. I take no pleasure in what happened to you. Kiki didn't deserve to die. You didn't deserve to have what happened to you by ryan chamberlain. I just want to give you an opportunity to tell that to the world. I am having a private conversation with my brother, and no one asked you to join. Well, except that it's my place of business. So, tell me, carly, why are you trying to warn my son away from me? Because your reputation made it nearly impossible for brad and lucas to adopt wiley. My -- okay. Yeah! You had to agree to stay away from wiley! Except now it's all hands on deck, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to protect my grandson from shiloh forever.

[ Whispering ] Okay, listen to me, alright? Shiloh is about to be arrested. Hell, he may already be in custody. So even if shiloh finds out that he is wiley's biological father, he'll have a hard time suing for custody.

[ Whispering ] Yeah, but not every arrest leads to a conviction, carly. There is a lot of persuasive evidence in this case.

[ Normal voice ] But you're right, okay? It's never a sure thing. All the more reason for you to stay the hell out of it!

[ Sighs ] Uh, I'm not complaining, but a -- but a hug and a -- and a gift? Wow. Why? Because you're my dad. Yeah? Yeah, you've always been there for me. You always had my back, even when I'm a royal pain. Can we keep the royalty out of it? Thank you for standing by me even when I pushed you away. I'm here for you. You know that, right? 'Cause we're both alike. We're both stubborn and hardheaded and great-looking.

[ Both laugh ] I'm so glad that you got me to see the truth about dawn of day and for finding dr. Byrne for me. Is he helping out? I mean, I still have a lot of work to do, but I'm getting there. Yeah. Having, um, shiloh behind bars definitely helps. Well, that's the least he deserves, sweetheart. Sam said that you got evidence that he drugged and, uh, assaulted women, but, um, without the pledges to prove blackmail, will the cops have enough evidence to keep him locked up? One step at a time. I think we got enough for the cops to, you know -- enough evidence for the cops to charge him. But you and sam are gonna have to testify. I just hope he goes away for a long time. You know what, sweetheart? He's gonna grow old in prison. He is charged with extortion, attempted rape, assault, and lesser included offenses. I haven't heard the recordings yet, but from what I understand, they're -- they're pretty damning. Yeah. Have you -- have you spoken to the D.A.? Yeah, she was here earlier. She's definitely had a change of heart. In -- in which way? Do you remember when you were arrested and she was sympathetic -- if not biased -- towards shiloh? Yeah. Yeah, well, not anymore. She hit him with every possible felony. How did shiloh react to that? Like any perp: Scared, pissed, no sign of zen or enlightenment. He does have one thing going for him, though -- dawson won't be prosecuting. She's resigning as D.A., Effective immediately. So, I-is the case gonna still go forward? Yeah, that's confirmed. Okay. Well, thank you for letting me know. And thank you for not... "disappearing" shiloh. Like I said earlier, I'd much rather send him to prison than send you there for -- for killing him. I just heard from one of my contacts inside the pcpd. Shiloh has been placed under arrest. That should be comforting, but I know shiloh. I know how he works. He will find a way to manipulate his way out of it. Willow, when I took this case, I did a lot of research into cult leaders. They all want to make all of their followers believe that they are omnipotent, but they're not, and the evidence in this case is particularly damning. But that's not our concern. What we need to focus on right now is the potential complication with your son's adoption. Now, how did your mother find out that your son was alive? Me. You told her? Not in so many words... she knew I was pregnant with shiloh's baby when I left dawn of day. I told her I miscarried, but she kept pressuring and pressuring me -- insisting that I was lying until I -- I lost it, and I blurted out that if I had a baby, I would never let it anywhere near shiloh. Yes, yes, yes, well, while I do applaud the sentiment -- I do wish you'd been a bit more discrete. My mother heard it in my voice, read it in my face... she said only a mother would be so passionate about her child, that my baby was alive. I'm sure she went straight to shiloh to tell him. It's pure speculation on her part. Your mother will never have any proof that your baby is alive, and neither will shiloh. How can you be sure? Your own records are proof that brad and lucas adopted wiley. Instead of focusing on false accusations of crimes that I can never commit, I prefer to focus on the task I have before me, which is finding my child's birth certificate. I didn't realize you were a father. Yeah. Yeah, I am. But my biggest fear is that my child's mother is going to sue me for permanent custody. See, I-I have no doubt that I'm gonna be exonerated of all of these baseless charges, but I fear that she is gonna strike now when I'M... at my most vulnerable. That is terrible. Something like that happened to my cousin. I know, it's amazing how -- how father's rights are overlooked. It's a crime, really. Judy... h-how would I go about tracking down a birth certificate? It's not that hard. Uh, just contact the hospital where your baby was born, uh, ask for the records department, give them the mother's name. They should be able to track it down for you in no time. Oh, thank you. That's very helpful information. Thank you so much, but, uh... the trouble is, I'm estranged from my, uh -- from my child's mother. Yeah, she, uh -- she took off with another man right before the baby was born, and they're, uh -- they're keeping the child from me. That's horrible. I mean, I don't even, sadly, know where my child was born.

[ Chuckles ] I mean, I-I think it's within 100-mile radius of here and beechers corners, but I can't be sure. Would you like me to put together a list of hospitals? You can do that for me? Ah, yes, that would be fantastic. That w-- but I-I-I don't have a lot of time. I-I'll get right on it.

[ Chuckling ] Oh, judy, you are truly an angel sent from heaven.

[ Chuckles ] And, judy, remember... "no matter how dark the despair, perseverance is born in the light of the dawn."

Well, I'm here because I thought I'd just peek in to see if maxie was working, see the latest pictures of james. Have you met her son? He's adorable. Uh, n-no, I have not met him yet. Oh, of course. You've been focused on josslyn. I'm so glad you're here for our girl. How's she doing? Well, she pretends to have it all together, but...she's still hurting inside.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. Well, she's tough, like her mom. Uh, like her grandmother. Hello.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, well, we all handle our grief in different ways, but...there can never be too much support for josslyn. So, how long are you staying? What are you gonna do while you're here? You always have some business deal or other going on.

[ Chuckles ] Is there anything that's gonna keep you here in port charles? Most definitely. I don't give a damn about anybody's voyeuristic fascination with my life. I don't need their ridicule. I sure don't need their pity. Yeah, I slept with the man who murdered my daughter. That is my pain, no one else'S. Listen, you're not the first woman to give your heart to a bad man. You're certainly not gonna be the last. Yeah, no, you know all about that, don't you? Since valentin murdered nikolas... but this is not about me, is it? It's about you being on the cover of crimson magazine! Ava! Wearing cutting-edge couture, being photographed by an award-winning photographer, being able to tell your story to the world. What do you say?

[ Whispering ] I'm not gonna stay out of it, carly, okay, because I'm gonna do whatever it takes to protect my son, his husband, and their child from shiloh, and you have my word on that. And julian's only gonna make things worse, if he hasn't already. What -- how do you get off being so high and mighty, huh? We all know it was your guy who threw shiloh down the stairs in the first place. I have no idea what you're talking about. I bet you don'T. Look, carly, I really appreciate you trying to help. I do. But julian's already taken steps -- nonviolent steps -- to ensure that shiloh never finds out about wiley. You're not thinking clearly, lucas. Okay, god forbid there's a custody battle. Family court will be made aware of julian's involvement after you and brad committed to keep wiley away from julian.

[ Sighs ] You've compromised your position! You know what, carly? You're late to the party. Everybody's already on board. Who's "everybody"? Willow. I talked to her this morning. Yeah. Willow's doing her part... just like everybody else.

[ Sighs ] I'm not the only one with a copy of wiley's adoption papers. The cooper-jones family has one, and so does the state. I'm no good at lying, so I'll just come right out and say it. The records in albany have been replaced. What? How? By whom? Don't tell me. Tampering with legal documents? I don't want to know. You have the last copy of the adoption records. You have to do whatever it takes to make sure shiloh never gets his hands on them. What are you suggesting I do? Destroy my files? Are you sure the doctor's okayed me to be moved? Yeah. And you're in luck. We were able to schedule the arraignment for tonight.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Have you hired an attorney, or would you like me to contact a public defender to represent you? I'm an innocent man, detective. I don't need a lawyer. He's right. Shiloh's innocent. I'm the one that drugged kristina corinthos-davis and samantha mccall.

Do you have any idea how many tabloids have begged me for my story? And, you know, I'm just not that interested in having people leafing through the pages of my life as they stand in line at a checkout or sit under some hair dryer. Okay, first of all,

crimson is hardly a tabloid.

[ Chuckles ] Yes, I'm sorry. It's a very high-end publication. And so you think that a woman with a $500 haircut will judge me any less harshly than a woman with a $20 haircut from a strip mall? They'll all be bonding over my stupidity, smug and certain that,

[Mockingly] "This could never happen to me." But it could! And it does. Time and time again. Ava, the details are different -- but the pattern is the same. Imagine all the women who have been duped and abused -- emotionally, psychologically, physically. You would be helping those women. You're like the phoenix -- the phoenix -- and you would be helping those women rise from the ashes, and you would be helping them take control of their own lives! Wow. You know, it always surprised me that you were able to make crimson succeed.

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