GH Transcript Thursday 6/6/19

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 6/6/19


Episode #14301 ~ Jordan wonders about Ryan. Carly accepts a truce. Margaux can't be persuaded

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How's the kiddo? Hungry. Ah, I can help with that. What's the matter, carly? You give me my baby back. What baby? You have no baby. My baby.

[ Breathing heavily ] Hey, hey. It's okay. Oh, god. You had a nightmare. Sonny, I dreamed that ryan took the baby. The cops have ryan. He can't hurt anybody anymore. Hey. Hey. Hey. Any updates?

[ Sighs ] Not yet. Yeah, okay, so here's the update. Ryan has been in surgery for three hours, which is exactly one hour too long for him to be in surgery. I googled it. Right, okay, so, removing a kidney for transplant is a delicate procedure. It takes time. Time that she doesn't have. The longer that ryan is in that O.R., The worse things look for jordan. Hey, babe. How you feeling? I'd rather be in fiji. But she's in good shape. Labs are already complete, and I've gone over her post-op medication plan. I took copious notes. And when she's done with these fluids, you'll be good to go. So, what's next? The anesthesiologist will come explain their plan for the operation. That is very accurate and impressive. You'll figure out a lot of doctors don't practice their communication skills. T.J.'S got a leg up on a lot of the residents I work with.

[ Scoffs ] Thanks for making me look good in front of my mom. I can't wait to see you in your white lab coat.

[ Monitor beeping ] Didn't think you'd come. That makes two of us.

[ Sighs ] Sounded urgent. What's going on? So, lucas, uh, filled me in on the wiley situation. I understand you're preparing for a legal war against shiloh. Something like that. Well, there's no need to go it alone. harassment. Feel free to file a complaint. Are you kidding? Would you like the phone number? No, I think I'd like your badge instead. What's going on in here? Uh, a miscarriage of justice. That's what's going on. Detective chase here just arrested me. Really? Nice work, detective. Shiloh knows what happened. I got pregnant, and I left dod, and then I miscarried. It's a sad story. It's almost as sad as the truth. This is truth! I lost my baby! A mother knows, willow. Just open your heart, hmm? Unburden yourself. Tell me where your child is and let me take care of everything else.

It's getting a little crowded in here. You want to go grab some coffee? Sounds good. It's gonna be a long day. Don't go far, okay? We won'T. Just to the cafeteria and back. Do you, uh -- you want anything? I-I'm good. Thanks. Okay. Elizabeth: I'm gonna give you two a minute. Hey, am I scaring you all away or something? No, no, no. I'm gonna check with your surgical team before I send the anesthesiologist in. Okay. Okay. Well...won't be much longer now. You nervous? A little. Just trying to stay focused on other things... like what the hell made ryan consent to donating his kidney. The cross-match test could still yield antibodies. There is a significant chance that jordan's body will still reject his kidney. You got all that from google? Yeah. Wouldn't it be best if jordan was prepped and ready for surgery now? Yes, of course. The transplant should take place as soon as the organ is screened. Yeah, you bet! Sorry. I'm a little jumpy. Yeah, we got that. It's okay. We all are. It's just -- I just -- I just -- I just hate this waiting game. Try to stay positive. Jordan is far closer to getting a transplant now than she was 24 hours ago.

[ Cellphone beeps ] What is it? Hopefully the news we've been waiting for. You -- you -- you stay here. You were holding the baby, and then when you turned around, it wasn't you, it was ryan. But there was no baby. It was just a bundle of blankets. I... I'm being ridiculous. I know it was just a nightmare. It was just so scary. No, no, listen, listen. You got to take a -- t-take a minute to breathe. You've been under a lot of stress dealing with josslyn...

[ Exhales deeply ] ...And the tests for the baby and everything, right? Yeah. You're right. So just take a -- just... I guess I'm just, um... all jumbled up in my subconscious, you know, with the news that ryan had finally been caught.

[ Telephone ringing ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Yeah? No, it's not a good time. Who? Who is it? Ava.

[ Groans ] Let her up. Just -- just get it over with, okay? Alright, send her up. You can go ahead and go upstairs. I'm gonna deal with this. I'm not going upstairs. I've never run from ava before. I'm not gonna start now. Oh, now you want to support me. Where were you when I actually needed you? Look, I didn't come here to dredge up our past. It's not in the past for me. Because you miss your baby.

[ Sighs ] I understand only too well the pain that you're carrying, being separated from your flesh and blood. I remember how it felt when you disappeared leaving only that pregnancy test behind. Best decision I ever made.

[ Scoffs ] Look where that decision's led: A lonely life away from your child. But...honey, it doesn't have to be like that. I can give you and my grandchild a family, a refuge. A refuge from shiloh? I-it doesn't need to be like that. Shiloh's no threat to you or his child. Just come with me, and I can prove it. I didn't know that you and lucas were on speaking terms. Well, I guess you make exceptions when your baby's custody is up for grabs. I'm guessing you know something about that. I know that you know this, but I can only say so much without my client's expressed permission. I actually might know more than you think. Oh? Willow tait is wiley's biological mother. She lied to diane when she said that she didn't know who the father was. She does. Turns out he's a cult-leading predator who actually has a legal claim on wiley. Does that about sum it up? Very nice. Thank you. Very succinct. If only we could reach a just outcome so quickly. Actually... we might be able to. Assuming that we, uh, you know, handicap things in brad and lucas' favor. So, you ordered detective chase to arrest me? The detective was acting on a warrant. But yes.

[ Chuckles ] I requested the warrant based on evidence of your criminal activity. Look, I am the victim! I was the one who was assaulted! I was the one who was almost killed when jason morgan threw me down a flight of stairs! Well, that is news to me considering you declined to cooperate when you were questioned about your injuries.

[ Sighs ]

[ Chuckles ] Does he know about the charges? He was fully informed, prior to being cuffed and read his rights. Okay. Well, I better state them again. We need this to be airtight -- no grounds for an appeal. This is a travesty. Mr. Archer, you're charged with extortion, attempted rape, assault, and lesser included offenses. All felonies. Even if you get concurrent sentences, you're going away for twenty to life.

Don't even think about interfering with lucas and brad's case. Just hear me out. I have a way to keep shiloh from proving he even has a child, much less that it's wiley. The thing is, I-I-I might need a little help dealing with diane. Here's my help. Mm-hmm? Stop talking. If I get even a whiff of impropriety, I will have an ethical obligation to report it. It wouldn't be the first time you bent the rules. You know, throwing that in my face right now is not really helping you. I mean it. Stay out of it, or you could end up tanking brad and lucas' case. Leave. Leave now. My class is going to be back from their assembly any minute. We'll meet after school, then. Shiloh could really use a visit. He was attacked. Yeah, I know all about his trip to G.H. Well, then you know how terribly he's been hurt. Shiloh is a cockroach. He'll be back on his feet and taking advantage of women in no time. Well, perhaps you could share something with me that could help me negotiate a truce between you and shiloh? Something about his child? I keep telling you -- there is no child! You don't need to lie anymore. Shiloh is yearning to forgive you. Forgive me?!

[ Scoffs ] I don't want or need his forgiveness -- don't say that! Shiloh is slow to anger, but a man can only be ignored and denied his rights for so long. Before what? You don't want to find out. Attempted rape? Really? That is absurd. I would never, ever -- you can save the whole indignation act. It'll play better for a jury -- if you're stupid enough to take the stand. Oh, if this ever goes to trial, i pledge to give the jury an earful. I'll take the room, detective. I'll be right outside in case you need anything.

[ Sighs ] So, I take it that little song and dance was for the detective's benefit? I trust that you've found some clever way to vindicate me. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but no. Wait. What do you mean? I mean... I want to see you in prison, where you belong. You actually made bail? I did. 100 G. For attempted murder? Yep, although I think I would call it attempted justifiable homicide. Ryan is in custody. You're all very welcome for that, by the way. Are you here looking for a compliment? Oh, no, of course not. No, I'm here to see avery. I'm hoping to celebrate kiki's birthday with her. Um... we already celebrated. Yesterday, for kiki's

actual birthday. I guess you were busy. I-I would like to see my daughter now, okay? Uh, well, josslyn took her to the zoo. Great. Another wasted visit. Uh, you know, next time, can you just, uh, call ahead? Who cares why ryan changed his mind? Fact is, is that he did, and you get that transplant you need. I just -- I want to understand why it's happening. How an unrepentant sociopath does a complete about-face. It's just not tracking at all. I mean, you spoke to him. Did you catch on to anything? Ryan's too smart to think that helping me is gonna earn him any leniency. Maybe... maybe he gets some sick satisfaction in knowing that you owe your life to him.

[ Sighs ] Or maybe he thought about meeting his maker... and he figured this was his last chance at avoiding divine retribution. I mean, who really knows? I don't know. But all that matters is that you get that kidney.

[ Knock on door ] Ryan chamberlain is out of surgery. Okay. And...? And the kidney checked out, and it's ready for transplant. Are you?

 I actually read somewhere that you meant for ryan to find you in that cabin. That you lured him. Is that true? You lured him in? I did. Well, I couldn't wait for him to show himself, right? Right. I had to reel him in. So, all that stuff with kevin... dating, that gossip piece -- it was all an act? I figured that ryan would become jealous and follow me, and he did. Armed with a knife, I might add. So I played along for a while, and then I pulled my gun. I wanted to hear him beg for his life before I took it. If you had the chance, why didn't you? Well, curtis showed up, and he told me about jordan's life hanging in the balance, so I lowered the gun, the cops came, they arrested ryan, and, on his way out, he told me that I never could have gone through with it. I saw the knife, I grabbed it, and showed him that, yes, I could.

[ Monitor beeping ] Finn: There were some minor complications, but nothing that will affect jordan's surgery. The cross-match test yielded no antibodies. Okay, no antibodies. What does that mean? Chances of rejection are low. That's correct. So we have the all-clear to move ahead with the transplant. Oh, that's fantastic news. So when will the surgery begin? Immediately. They're prepping the O.R. As we speak. How long is this gonna take? Two to three hours. Seems a little fast, no? As far as surgeries go, this one's pretty fine-tuned. The surgeon will make a diagonal incision in your abdomen, just, uh, below the navel. The kidney will go in. The arteries, the vein, ureter will all be reattached. At that point, they'll stitch you up, and that'll be that. You wake up with some tubes, but those are removed at a later date. Any of this sound good?

[ Chuckles weakly ] It sounds doable. Alright, ready to get this show on the road? Come on, people. Let's give nurse webber some room. We'll see you on your way to the O.R. Actually, um, I need a minute. I need to speak to stella... alone. You seem surprised. Margaux, I fear that you have suffered a setback. You have reverted back to that sad, scared little girl you were when you first came to me. All in tatters over your mother's betrayal. Why would you do this? Why would you throw away everything we worked for, and why would you believe jason morgan over me? Because he has evidence. And witness testimony. All admissible in a court of law. Well, if you choose to participate in this vicious slandering of my reputation, I will have no choice but to retaliate.

[ Scoffs ] With what? Blackmail? No. The truth you pledged. Oh, yeah. You mean this? Nice try. Physical copy doesn't matter. I have it all up here. You see, one day, margaux, one day the truth is gonna come out, and some -- some prosecutor or some reporter is gonna start digging, and they are gonna find out the truth, and then your career in justice will be ruined. It'll be over. Sorry, but I'm already beating you to the punch on that one. I'm resigning as D.A. I get that you feel helpless right now, I do, but wanting to take action is understandable, but counterproductive. My son needs me. Your son needs you to stay out of it. You can trust me that I will fight like hell to keep wiley away from shiloh, if it ever comes to that. So what makes you think it won't? Can't get custody from prison. I've dealt with shiloh in other areas. Would you be referring to kristina? She's hung around a lot of dod people. Then she ups and disappears to, what, "think things through"? Do you know that she hasn't mentioned a peep about them since she returned? Maybe she got enlightened. All by herself? Or, uh, she have a little help? I am not afraid of shiloh. He has no power over me. Harmony: You need guidance. Look at the terrible decisions you've made since leaving. You gave up your child, and it's broken your spirit! No matter how hard you try to hide it, anyone who knew you before can see the difference -- where you once were contented, now you're lost and angry. But we can all heal, hmm? Babies bring people together. You're not listening to me! You can deny it all you want, but the truth will come out, and your baby will be back where it belongs, at home with both its parents. Do you really think if I had a baby I would let you or shiloh anywhere near it?

[ Scoffs ]

[ Scoffs ] I think that if you miscarried you wouldn't be so defensive. And everything I need to know is in your voice. All that fervor, all that rage. Only a mother feels so passionately. Thank you, daughter. Thank you for confirming everything I needed to know.

[ Inhales deeply ] My grandson is alive.

What do you think they're talking about in there? Whatever it ain't good for my blood pressure. When I signed the forms for the transplant surgery, I requested a dnr.

[ Sighs ] Do you really think that's necessary? It's a precaution. In the event that something goes wrong, I don't want heroic measures. If I'm in a vegetative state -- there's almost no chance of that happening, jordan. I know, but I believe in being prepared. The signed dnr is in my file, but I'll need you to advocate for my wishes because... I've got a feeling that curtis and T.J. Would fight them. How's our patient? Asleep. Still? Yeah. Let me see what's going on. D.A. Dawson is in the hospital. I'd like to check in with her and find out where we are with extraditing ryan. I'd appreciate anything you can tell me. Oh, it's not privileged information. You're free to join me if you'd like. No, I-I'd like to stay here. Okay. Are you sure you're gonna be alright? I'll be fine. Go ahead. Okay.

[ Sighs ]

[ Monitors beeping ] How's it going?

[ Sighs ] After a few minor complications, ryan's operation was a success. That good news or bad news? Ava: The point is, ryan survived. He's agreed to donate a kidney to jordan ashford. I'm sure he thinks it'll buy him some mercy. Wow. Well, I am really happy for jordan's family. I am. I mean, a transplant is a gift no matter who the donor. Won't make any difference in chamberlain's sentence. You don't think so? No. I don't know. I think it might. I think he might exploit it, get himself sent to a less-secure facility, escape, and this whole nightmare will start all over again. It's horrible, isn't it? Thinking that the person who's responsible for your child's death might go free? Well, I certainly hope that avery enjoys her trip to the zoo, and I will call to discuss a time to pick her up tomorrow. No, you -- you go ahead and keep that. 'Cause it -- it might do you some good. You're bluffing. There's no way you would ever resign. I just have to draft a press release, then it's done. The law is all you've ever known. W-what are you gonna do now? Maybe it's time I learn something else. But my final act as D.A. Will be to leave my successor the strongest case I can build against you. We already have strong evidence, and I can only imagine what we'll find once we dig deeper. What do you mean, dig deeper? Well, you've only been "shiloh" for so long. I'm sure your time as "david henry archer" merits investigation, too. You're being completely delusional. There is no baby -- I miscarried!

[ Sighs ] It's painful and pointless for you to lie. My grandson is out there somewhere. And it's only a matter of time before I find him. Shiloh will make sure of that. Please. If you have any love left for me, don't say anything else to shiloh. Of course I'm gonna tell shiloh. But it would be better if it came from you.

[ Scoffs ] I am not going near him! You're only making it harder on yourself if you continue to withhold the truth. You gave shiloh your pledge. And someone else gave it back to me. What? That's right. A friend was able to find the pledges. He brought me mine, and he said he destroyed the others. That's impossible. Go look for yourself. Shiloh has no leverage. When his crimes are exposed, he's going down. The police are going to arrest him. If they haven't already. You're lying! Chase told me himself! You're mistaken! He's at G.H. Right now! Anything you tell shiloh about my baby will be wasted. He's going to prison. We'll see about that. No, seriously, which one was it? Did kristina choose to take off and get her head straight? Or did her, uh -- did her parents make that decision for her, huh? That is none of your business. Oh, no, like hell it isn'T. You know, I can't even believe how hypocritical you are right now. I'm sorry. What? Well, no, no, it's okay y-you tell me not to cross lines to protect my family, but somehow it's acceptable for you? That's right. And I don't have to justify that to you, nor do I have to justify or apologize why I tried to save my daughter. Okay, alexis, I'm not asking you to do that. I'm just saying, you know, maybe you should have a little understanding here. Look, lucas came to me despite our -- our differences and our history. Do you know how difficult it was for him to do that? Because he panicked and he wasn't thinking clearly, so don't take advantage of that. Do the right thing and stay out of it. You know, you're not even in a position to give advice right now. You know that if kristina knew that she could come to you for help, she never would've fallen down that dod rabbit hole in the first place.

Rise and shine, chamberlain. You can't play possum forever.

[ Monitor beeping ] Ryan? Ryan?

[ Sighs ] So, how 'bout them woodchucks? Think they got a shot at the pennant this year or what? I don't follow baseball. Yeah, uh, me, either. I was just trying to make light conversation to distract you from the repetition of hypotheticals, like -- like, uh -- like w-what if finn were to come out of that room, how easy would it be for you to just kind of sneak in there and put a pillow over your brother's face? Let me ask you something. Would you care if I killed my brother? Ryan dead... would be one in the plus column. But in the minus column, there's a lot of people that would feel the loss of you spending the rest of your life in pentonville. You got mac and felicia, lucy, all your friends. Not to mention your wife, and, most importantly, one or two of your special favorite patients. And then there's the whole, you know, moral question of it all... what would that be? Well, ryan is helpless. He can't fight back. He can't even open his eyes. Would you be able to live with yourself? Your brother's helpless. Would you be able to justify killing him, even if ryan does completely and totally deserve to die? I really appreciate your support, franco, but you don't need to be here. I know, but I want to. Well, I sure as hell don'T.

[ Monitor beeping ] You consulted your doctor and signed a dnr, which is your right and your prerogative. But kindly leave me out of this. If, god forbid, the dnr is needed, I am asking you to speak on my behalf. You are the only person I trust to make it alright for curtis and T.J. To let me go. You're asking me to do the impossible. Says the woman who just stared down ryan chamberlain.

[ Sighs ] Some situations are more impossible than others. Curtis and T.J. Will fight the dnr with everything they have. If they do... I'll need you to don that cape of yours... and pull off some of those heroics that you're famous for.

[ Sighs ] So... what do you say? You can count on me. So, what brings you by? Is kristina okay? Well, she's alright. Shiloh continues to be a problem. I thought I took care of that this morning. Margaux was gonna have him arrested. That's encouraging. However, carly, I-I'm gonna need your help with something. Uh, okay. Mind you, I don't need you to intervene, per se, but I do need you to keep an eye on your brother. You need to leave right now. Do you want to keep shiloh away from wiley? Of course I do. Well, then you'll want to hear me out.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Make it quick. Look, the only way to stop shiloh from getting to his son is if he never finds out who his son is. The adoption file in albany is no longer in play. How do you know about that? You don't need to worry about that. The problem is, is that your lawyer has her own copy of those records. You see where I'm going with this? Okay, look. If we can somehow eliminate those records, then there's nothing tying you to wiley. Diane would never destroy court documents. Of course she wouldn'T. You'll need to do that.

[ Elevator bell dings ] You are not allowed in the prisoner's room. This is absurd. Shiloh's done nothing wrong. He's officially in police custody. There's no unauthorized entry.

[ Door opens ]

[ Scoffs ] Oh, great, margaux, I need your help. This officer won't let me see shiloh. Were you an accessory? I'm sorry. What? Were you aware that shiloh was using the pledges as blackmail? And did you know that he was drugging women and sexually assaulting them? Did you know? I have no idea what you're talking about. You better work on your denials. Because you will be subpoenaed, and you may well wind up being charged. In fact, I'd advise you to stay as far away from shiloh as possible.'s your call. So if you want to see him, I'll allow it.

[ Door opens ] Yeah, that's what I thought.

[ Scoffs ] With any luck, she'll follow shiloh straight to prison. Detective chase. Hey. Hi. Margaux, I'd like a word with you. Yes, of course. I don't know if you've heard, but ryan is out of surgery. I'd like an overview of the prosecution. I think we need to address something first. Shiloh, how did this happen? Well, a detective showed up spewing completely groundless accusations and arrested me. I -- I just saw margaux... uh, no. ...And she is convinced there's a case against you. No, no, forget about margaux. She has completely lost her way. She's totally turned against me and my teachings. If only we s-still had her pledge, still had any of them. Jason morgan almost killed me. What did you expect? I had to give him the pledges. I'm sure you did what you had to do. What about willow? Did you talk to her? Yes. And...? You were right. You have a child out there, shiloh.

[ Chuckles ]

Wiley's biological parents are willow tait and shiloh? Are you kidding me?!

[ Sighs ] Sadly, I'm not kidding. And, by the way, this has to stay in this room. Oh, no one's gonna hear about it from us. Does shiloh know? Not as far as I know. And we need to keep it that way, alright, because otherwise he could try and fight for custody, which brings me to lucas. He is obviously freaking out to the point where he has asked julian to intervene. Julian -- that's gonna make a bad situation worse. Exactly. So shiloh's arrest

may solve the problem, but until we know for sure, I-I need you to keep brad and lucas calm and keep them focused on wiley. Yeah, I'll do my best. I will. If they don't push julian, julian won't do anything rash, and that may be the one way we can keep wiley safe from shiloh.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Hey. Sampling your own wares? What's it look like? Looks to me like you could use a drinking buddy.

[ Glass thuds ] Circumstances definitely call for it. Yeah. Well, don't they always for the jeromes? Diane, my mother knows about the baby. She's going to tell shiloh. Can you please fit me in at the office today? I'm -- I'm -- I'm scared, and --

[ Cellphone vibrates ] I-I'm getting another call. Please call me back as soon as you can. Hello? Willow, hey. Hey, sorry. I was on the other line. What's -- what's going on? It's done. Shiloh's been arrested. I put the cuffs on him myself. Oh, thank god. Uh, the charges are serious. There's plenty of damning evidence against him.

[ Sighs ] Finally some good news. You can rest easy tonight, sweetie. The law is on your side.

[ Sighs ] It's true? I have a child? Yes, shiloh. You're a father. Huh. That's -- that's amazing. Well, what is it -- what is it? Is it a boy or a girl? Willow refused to say, but, um, we'll know everything soon. No, we won'T. Not if the police get their way. They're gonna use this against me to lock me away from my child. I'm sorry, shiloh. I wish I could help. You can. You're resigning? Effective immediately.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. My staff is up to date on our caseload. They are more than capable of carrying on until a special election installs a new D.A. I -- I thought that you would welcome this.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I know we've clashed in the past, but the truth is I have always respected your passion and your dedication. Well, I'm afraid my passion may have been misplaced. My office has been compromised by recent events, and I feel that I'm in no position to carry on as an effective D.A. Well, in that case, I really appreciate you stepping down. It helps knowing that the people of port charles have you looking after them. Don't let them down. He's still out, huh? He should've woken by now. I'm gonna get a neurologist to consult. I think chamberlain might have slipped into a coma.

[ Monitor beeping ] Hey. Kevin: Hey. Have you spoken to your brother? He's still unconscious. God help me, I hope he stays that way. Stay strong in there, mom. I'll try.

[ Sighs ] We'll be waiting for you here in recovery. Don't worry, boys. Jordan has got this. Doesn't she? I love you, baby. I love y'all. I'll see you on the other side. It's okay.

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