GH Transcript Wednesday 6/5/19

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 6/5/19


Episode #14300 ~ Julian goes to extreme lengths to help his family. Harmony confronts Willow. Lucas makes a confession.

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(This still needs extensive editing)

D.A. Dawson. Thanks for stopping by. For the record, this is the last time I respond to your summons. Jason. So, next time you want to "talk," make an appointment. What am I doing here? Well, I didn't think you'd want to hear this information in public. And why is that? Because it's going to send your friend shiloh straight to prison. And then, in a twist no one could've seen coming, ryan chamberlain agreed to donate his kidney to commissioner ashford! Blatant manipulation. He's trying to get a break on his sentencing. It doesn't seem likely, considering he's facing multiple murder charges, including two previously unsolved murders in both texas and canada. Well, donating a kidney doesn't redeem ryan -- on any level. But saving the life of the law-enforcement officer who had been hunting him down? Maybe he's in it for the headline. I hate to give him what he wants, but if anything's front-page news... speaking of front-page news... right. Lulu. How is your next story coming?

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ] Oh, my god! Shiloh! What happened?!

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ] It was jason morgan, wasn't it? Harmony, you're here. Of course I'm here. Hm. There's no place I would rather be, hm? Hm. You tell me what you want me to do. You tell me if there's anything you need. Anything I can do? There is only one thing you can do for me. Yes, shiloh, anything! Tell me you had no part in keeping my child from me.

[ Groans ] Hey, wiley! Do you have any idea how much I missed you?

[ Chuckles ] You know who else missed you? My friend willow. Well, it turns out that she, uh -- oh, shh, shh, shh. What if the dawnies are listening?

[ Exhales sharply ] Well...a lot of people love you, wiley. A lot of people love you. And we're gonna do everything we can to protect you, okay? So, uh, how are you and lucas holding up? Oh, well, I'm a wreck, but what else is new? But lucas... I've never seen him this afraid.

[ Knock on door ] Miss tait? Dr. Jones. What can I do for you? I think at this point, you can probably call me lucas. Okay. Then you can call me willow. Okay. Thanks. Willow. So, um... ever since the nurses' ball, when I found out who you were -- I'm sorry, can you shut the door, please? Uh, I just can't stop thinking about your relationship to my son... and -- and what that means for his future. Okay, so, there's two forms of ids, passport, driver's license, affidavit, court orders... it's all there. Mm. Good. These look good. Thank you. Yeah, well, once upon a time, I was a pretty decent criminal. Okay, then.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Door closes ] Hi. Excuse me? Um, the people at the courthouse... said that you could help. Id, please. Yes. Sorry.

[ Chuckles ] There you go. Okay. Let's see what I can do, ms. Tait. Oh, you can just call me willow.

 That is a court order. Clerk phillips: I see that.

[ Chuckles ] Of course you do. I'm so sorry. I just, um... I want -- I wanted to change...? Uh, no, alter...? That's not the right word either. Amend my -- my son's adoption. I mean, he's their son, now. And I want him to stay their son. But if, by chance, he ever came looking for his mother, I want him to know where to be able to find me. And that paper will lead him to me.

[ Voice breaking ] And I'm so sorry. I don't mean to be taking this out on you. It's just that... it's very emotional for me. I...I can't -- excuse me?!

[ Sighs ] I'll get that file now. Okay. Once our clerk comes back, it's go-time.

[ Sighs ] Jason: This contains audio recordings of shiloh drugging sam. He gave her tea laced with carfenadol, which is confirmed by the toxicology report, also inside. You are sounding awfully lawyerly today, mr. Morgan. And sam will testify that shiloh moved her to a second location without her consent, where he sexually assaulted her. Sam is alleging that shiloh raped her? That was his clear intent. Until he was interrupted. Which I'm sure has nothing to do with his sudden, unexplained injuries. Maybe he's clumsy.

[ Scoffs ] Right. Well, your daughter, kristina, she's a member of dawn of day? Not anymore. Listen, I get it. You are protective... mm. ...Of your children. But from where I'm standing, it looks like kristina found another man that she looked up to more than you. Respected and listened to more than you. And you didn't like that. So you forced a wedge between kristina and shiloh. The only thing I did to "get between" my daughter and shiloh is tell her the truth. She made up her own mind. Just like I'm hoping you make up yours. And what truth is that?

[ Scoffs ] Shiloh is a sexual predator. You don't think you're a little biased? What, did he tell you that I was gonna "manufacture some evidence" to make him look bad? The recording's on the flash drive. Go ahead, test it any way you want -- it's shiloh's voice. You don't want to take my word for what happened -- take shiloh'S. Harmony: What are you talking about? Kali -- willow -- had a child?! Are you sure? Yeah. Yeah, this explains everything. This explains why she ran away so suddenly, this explains why she hid from us. It was because she was carrying my baby!

[ Chuckles ] Shiloh, maybe you're just seeing what you want to see. No, no! I am seeing the truth! Willow had my child, and she is keeping it from me! Did you help her?! No! Why would I... I'm your -- your most loyal follower, shiloh. I know what a child represents. If -- if this is true, if willow had your child, then -- whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute, no, this is true. She had my child, and now she is keeping it from me. And it is your mission to reunite us. Michael: I know things are difficult, and emotions are running high. But willow is not the enemy here, okay? Just the opposite. She's sacrificed more than anybody to keep wiley safe. Look, I-I-I don't mean to be insensitive, but... finding out we could lose wiley because she didn't notify shiloh that she was pregnant wasn't exactly great news. Yeah, you were blindsided at the nurses' ball. That's understandable. Look, now that you've had some time to, uh, you know, process things, there's some things you should be aware of. Such as? Well, when -- when willow and I first met, she had no idea that wiley was my -- my godson. We, uh, became friends because we were in a support group for grieving parents. And eventually, she -- she, uh, confided in me that, uh, she gave her -- her child up for adoption. She didn't notify shiloh because she couldn'T. Because he would have dragged her and wiley back to his compound in beechers corners. Look, willow isn't negligent or -- or deceptive. She's incredibly brave.

[ Sighs ] I'M...

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ] I'm sure that's true.

[ Door closes ] Hey, michael. I'm glad I caught you. Hey. Hey, little guy! How you doing? How did you, uh -- how'd you know I was here? I'm a detective. And your office told me where to find you. Oh, right. Well, then, somebody's getting fired. I'm kidding. Uh, so, wiley's grandmother is expecting us, and now we really shouldn't keep her waiting, so... oh.

[ Chuckles ] All right. It's good seeing you, buddy. I'll miss you.

[ Chuckles ] Geez, michael. That baby really likes you... ah, yeah.

[ Chuckling ] Yeah.

[ Both laugh ] Did your mom realize what was going on in shiloh's inner circle? Oh, yeah. She was one of the first to be "initiated." For her, it was a great honor! And when shiloh "chose" me to join his trust, my mother was all for it. What, so you just did what you were expected to do? Shiloh convinces you to trust his will over your own. He wants you to recruit people, you recruit them. He wants you to organize a food drive or take classes, you do it. And when he wants you to sleep with him, you just... you submit. And then I found out I was pregnant, and... maybe it was some maternal instinct, but I realized what shiloh was doing was wrong. And I didn't want that for my child. I had to escape. Wow. I'm -- look, I'm sorry, but, I-I mean, I-I still have so many questions. I-I don't really know where to begin. Well, you can ask me anything. I'm an open book. But I don't see how my past matters right now. I thought I had done everything I could to keep shiloh from finding out about the baby. But it wasn't enough. I should have gone farther and hid better. Or just kept going. No, no, no, no, no, no. But if you had kept going, wiley wouldn't be here with us. I'm grateful you made a home in port charles, that you created a life for yourself. And you made a plan to protect your child. That's amazing. Except it didn't work. Not if shiloh gets wiley... we're not gonna let that happen. I have no intention of letting wiley end up trapped in the life that you risked everything to get away from.

Sam: Oh! Baby boy tait. That's it... uh... that's my baby... you know what? If you don't mind, I'm a bit of a hurry here. So if we could take a look at this stuff? Just a moment, please. Well, you don't mind, do you, sweetheart? Uh, I'm on the clock, and as they say, right, time is money, huh? So, here you go.

[ Fire alarm beeping ] What is that? Great. Here we go again. Excuse me. Uh, excuse me. I'll take those. Thank you. Mm.

[ Beeping continues ] This is les phillips in records room seven. There's a fire alarm. I just need to know -- guess I'd better hope the place isn't actually on fire! That's the third time this month! When do you plan to do something?! Forget it -- I have people waiting!

[ Beeping continues ] Sorry, folks. False alarm. Between pranksters and an outdated system, this happens far too much. Now, where were we? Oh, yes, ms. Tait. Okay, you know what? Uh, uh, I-I'm out of time here, so, uh, thank you very much for wasting my morning, people. Oh, that's so rude. I'll file that document now, ms. Tait.

[ Door closes ] Okay. Thank you. You're making a big difference in a little boy's life. Maybe I'm going about this all wrong. Have all the victims been interviewed? Yes. And you're poring over all the police reports? Of course. Then you're doing your job. But it's the investigative part. Okay, trying to use these apps that the perpetrator used to flush him out? Okay, I feel terrible saying this, but it -- it -- it feels like a come-down after all the attention your ryan chamberlain pieces got? Well, kind of... you know, not every story you write, lulu, is gonna be national front-page news. That's the nature of the beast. All things considered, shouldn't that be a relief? Well, of course. I mean, I'm not hoping for another serial killer. But a piece on a man who uses dating apps to lure women away from their homes so that he can rob them? It feels cheesy. I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with you on that. This story is important to the women who were looking to fall in love but ended up getting robbed instead. You're absolutely right. You're right.

[ Sighs ] Look, I just want to make an impact. You don't actually have to be the person to catch this guy. You know, you can let the police do their job. Yeah, well, the police are not exactly prioritizing this. It's about stolen property, most of which was insured. Oh. So now I'm hearing that you -- you do think you should be the person to bust this guy. I believe that I am in a position to do so, yes. Of course you are, and you should do your job as you see fit. But as your boss and your friend, I'm asking you to consider that there are other ways you can prove yourself without actively looking for trouble. What you're asking me to do is impossible. I mean, you can't even prove that willow had your child. And even if she did, she's gone to all these lengths to hide it. There's no chance that she'll confide the truth in me. You know, you disappoint me, harmony. You really do, and it's not just because of your absence of common sense in matters like this. It's because you don't think that I can't see you for what you truly are. You're a sad, insecure, empty vessel... who's jealous of her own daughter when she should be elated that I chose her. Instead, you would prefer to think that my child doesn't even exist. Or can't be found. That's not true. No? A child of yours would be a blessing for us all! You really mean that? With everything that I have. Well, then, you should be grateful that I've given you another opportunity to redeem yourself. I apologize for how I treated you after the nurses' ball. You were blindsided. Afraid for wiley.

[ Exhales sharply ] It's -- it's totally understandable that you'd react the way you did. Yeah, but that's not the guy that I want to be. Angry and paranoid. I -- once I got home and -- and -- and I took some time to process, I realized that michael thinks really highly of you. And I think really highly of michael. Michael's a great guy. Yeah, he is. And even though my husband had his own concerns, brad is now convinced that you only want what's best for wiley. I'm glad he sees that. I hope you will, too.

[ Sighs ] Well, I-I was afraid to trust you. I mean, I don't know if it's because you changed your mind about the adoption -- or almost changed your mind about the adoption. Or because shiloh, you know, all this stuff with him happened so suddenly... I-I don't know, but I -- somehow I got it into my head that you were the enemy. And -- and now I realize that I was mistaken. We are on the same side. Team wiley, all the way. If you don't mind, I-I-I do -- I would like to ask... why did you let us keep him? You lived up to all the promises you had made in your application. You know, ultimately, I realized... wiley may have been my baby, but he's your son. Seeing how much you and brad love him... you know, as much as it hurts to let him go, I know beyond any doubt that wiley is where he belongs.

[ Chuckles ] Well, um, brad and I... I-I mean, w-w-we wanted an open adoption in the first place. And now that we know you, it -- it would be an honor for you to still be a part of wiley's life. Wow. Thank you, lucas. But I'm afraid that's not possible. In fact, I can never see wiley again.

Thank you for staying with willow at the nurses' ball. Oh, yeah, I was happy to do it. And it's not like you didn't have your hands full. I, uh, heard you caught ryan chamberlain. Congratulations. Thanks. It was a very strange team effort. I'll tell you all about it sometime. Meanwhile, there are a few other people that I would like to see behind bars. Shiloh. For starters. You know, I don't know if willow told you, but when I found them in the anteroom, uh, shiloh was looming over her, physically intimidating her. No, no, she didn't -- she didn't say anything. But I'm happy that -- that you were there for her. I don't know what might have happened if you hadn't been. Or what I would have done if shiloh hurt her. Look, I-I would do anything to protect wiley and her. And speaking of, um... speaking of wiley, I need to ask you something. Yeah, fire away. How long have you known that my godson was willow's child? I put the pieces together a while back. And I-I would've said something, but it wasn't my truth to tell. I figured, the more people who knew, the more danger willow and her baby would be in. No, we are way past that now. Shiloh is convinced that willow had his child, and he will do anything to find it. Look, we need to be willing to do anything to stop him. I'm in. Why can't you be a part of wiley's life? Because of shiloh? Because when this is over, he's gonna -- as long as he is breathing, it will never be over. If the law won't work for shiloh, he will find some way around it. In fact, the only reason I am talking to you right now is because shiloh is in the hospital and he hasn't had time to send his little minions to spy on me. What? Wait, he would do that? Oh, his will is their will, right. Exactly. Once he's out of the hospital, he will gather his most trusted people. He'll tell them about the woman who was too selfish to allow him to raise his own child. He'll have eyes on me day and night, watching where I go, what I do, and especially who I talk to. What, so this is it? No last goodbye to wiley? I can't risk it, and neither can you. We cannot give shiloh any reason to wonder about my connection to wiley. But w-what about michael? He's your friend, and he's wiley's godfather. I'll stay away from him whenever he's with wiley. If shiloh or the dawnies see the way I look at that baby, they're gonna know that he's not just some random kid.

[ Sighs ] I'm so sorry. I really am. I-I-I really wish that wiley would get a chance to know his -- his brave, remarkable mother. Just keep him safe. Thank you. Thank you for everything. For having the courage to get away from shiloh. For choosing us as his parents. For -- for giving him up. One day, when -- when wiley's old enough, I promise, I'm gonna tell him about his remarkable mother and how much she loves him. Thanks.

[ Door closes ] You know I'd do anything to prove myself to you. Oh, I'm relying on that. How can I find a child we're not sure even exists? Harmony, do you remember the day that you came to me? You were so eager for guidance and meaning. Then I took you under my wing. I gave you a home, I gave you a purpose. I'd be lost without you. I believe that. I really do. And I would hate to see it happen, but...

[Sighs]...If you don't bring me my child, then there will be no place for you at dawn of day, there will be no place for you in the trust, and there will be no place for you with me. Shiloh: I figured it's only right, then.

Only my hands

are to touch you. Sam: Oh.

What's in that tea is a lot

stronger than I thought. It's time for me to show you

a new dawn. And at this point, shiloh carries sam out of the attic, puts her in his car, drives her up to burke lake -- across county lines, by the w-- and she knew that you were recording this? She gave her consent? Yeah, she did. It is admissible, by the way, in the state of new york. It only takes one -- I understand the laws of new york, thank you. Just think how many people shiloh has scammed. One thing led to another, convinced them to give money, secrets, free will, whatever. Okay, I get it, sonny. You don't need to rub it in my face. You heard shiloh tell sam that he was gonna bring her to his "trust." You think that's the first time? I mean, you can hear it in the recording. This is clearly a ritual. Shiloh drugs these women, tattoos them, has sex with them. There are multiple victims -- jason. Just... all right. Here's the thing. I'm gonna do everything in my power to make sure that shiloh is exposed as the sexual predator that he is. You have to figure out whether you want to bring him to justice or be his accomplice. Unfortunately, there are circumstances that impede me from taking action.

[ Laughs ] Jason found the pledges. Personal, incriminating letters and audio recordings by dawn of day members. And what do you propose to do with those? I've already destroyed them. Except this one.

[ Drawer closes ] I got to be somewhere. All right, go ahead. I'll take care of the rest of this. We'll see what goes on here. All right, margaux. What next?

Text me as soon as judge harlan signs off on that warrant. You're not gonna regret that.

[ Sighs ] Go to hell.

[ Chuckles ] You love dangling that pledge in my face. Whoa, what? That -- that's not what I was doing. Oh, please. You loved every minute of it. Shiloh exploited my daughter! He was doing the same thing to you! Oh, I see. So now you're my knight in shining armor? Great. Just when I thought my day couldn't get any worse. This isn't about me "saving" you. This is about you saving a bunch of people from a con artist and a rapist! How? Listen to me. You're gonna end up being the hero. I'm just helping. Margaux, take the win! All I've done is gone from one blackmailer to another. Shiloh may not be able to hold that pledge over my head, but you sure as hell can. Lulu: Okay, the tricky part is figuring out which guy is "the guy." He used a different profile and a different picture each time. Hm. So he may be unscrupulous, but he's not an idiot. What about your profile? I made my profile based on the victims', but it's dull. I mean, I wouldn't even rob me. You are sucking all the fun out of this assignment. Why not go out and get a free meal, have a glass of wine. It might lift your spirits. A night out with a man who's not my husband will not lift my spirits. Hey. Michael: Hey. How's, uh... how's kristina? Well, trying to convince everybody she's not as fragile as she really is. Well, I have some news that might help... you bumped off shiloh? Nah. The thought crosses my mind often. But no. Uh, your dad and i talked to the D.A. There's a good chance shiloh could be arrested.

[ Door opens ] Uh, you know what? I'm gonna... yeah, you do that. Hey. Hey, sam. Hey, michael. I thought you would be at the office by now. Is this your way of trying to get rid of me? No. Never. Is everything good? It's taken care of. You? Yeah, I was just, uh, telling michael that sonny and i talked to margaux. And she's got everything she needs to arrest shiloh. Are -- are you sure about that? Because margaux seems to be a bigger fan of shiloh's than she is sonny'S. Not since she heard the recording of you and shiloh at dawn of day. Do I, uh... do I want to know? Let's just [Sighs] Say it was vile and disgusting. But it's over. Yeah, it's over. The good news is that shiloh's thoroughly incriminated. Well, good. Now once that bastard's behind bars, maybe the people he hurt can begin to heal. Lucas understands that I'm not a threat to him and his family. Then he won't panic and attract shiloh's attention. Right. Lucas really is a good man. I'm glad I picked him to be wiley's father. And brad, too, but... when I was looking at the application, it was lucas who stood out. He even offered to make room for me in wiley's life. And I wanted to say yes, but there's no way with shiloh lurking around...

[ Sighs deeply ] At least it's on the table. And hey, this isn't forever. Too many people have shiloh on their radar. He won't stay out of trouble for long. Shiloh has a way of getting out of trouble even more easily than he gets into it.

[ Cellphone rings ] Detective chase. Copy that. Right away. What? Uh, I'm psychic!

[ Chuckles ] What? What's going on? That was the precinct. A warrant has been issued for shiloh's arrest. I'm gonna take him into custody. What's he being arrested for? Sexual assault and lesser included offenses. Wait, someone is finally pressing charges?! Shiloh is gonna be too busy standing trial and going to prison than to be able to look for wiley. Oh, thank god... no. No, no, no. I'm not gonna jinx this. I'm -- I'm not gonna believe it's happening until he is truly behind bars once and for all. Well, the first step of this process is an arrest. And this one is going to be my pleasure! Hm?

[ Loudly ] Yes!

 So, uh, how was danny's birthday?

[ Chuckles ] He got an amazing present. And so did I. Jason is moving back home. Oh, congratulations. Only took you, what, like, two years.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, well, some things are worth the wait. Look, um, I'll be right back. Okay. What can I get you? Two coffees. Coming right up.

[ Glasses clink on bar ] You did good today. Yeah, well... I couldn't have done it without you, so thank you. It was actually, um, you know, nice being on the same team for once. At least it was for me.

[ Door closes ] Brad. Where's my grandson? Uh, with his grandmother. Listen, uh, lucas texted me, told me to meet him here. It sounded urgent. Uh, do -- do you know what's going on?

[ Inhales deeply ] Ah, probably. Mind filling me in? I think lucas should be the one to fill you in. I'm afraid I've said all I've had to say. Goodbye. No, don't do this -- no, no, I'm not doing anything. The problem is, neither are you. Well, then, tell me what to do! I already have. You have one simple task -- bring me my child. Okay, but I don't know where to start -- yes, you do. Shiloh... you do know where to start. You do.

[ Quietly ] Think about it.

[ Normal voice ] You bring my child... well, if you bring my child, you're gonna be the most important person in my inner circle again. And you'd love that, wouldn't you? Would you like that? More than anything. Great. Well, then, you know what you need to do. Now, the "how," that's not important. The only thing that matters... the only thing that matters is that you bring me my child. Of course.

[ Voice breaking ] I won't disappoint you, shiloh. I promise.

[ Door closes ] Hey, I was expecting brad, but, uh, I guess this is a bonus. Jason knows everything? Everything.

[ Sighs ] You know what? Go see julian. He's got some good news for you. Okay. You look calmer. Yeah, I'd like to think I've gained some perspective. Obviously, I didn't react very well to the news of wiley's parentage. My, uh, fear of losing our son made me understand desperation on a whole new level. I-I know it's terrifying, but we are all in this together. That's what I told willow. I just spoke to her, and... we cleared everything up. But I made sure that she knows that she's not alone in this fight. If you would have asked me, even a month ago, I would have sworn I would never cooperate with julian under any circumstances.

[ Chuckling ] Okay. You just -- you just got to be careful. I mean, julian is motivated to protect wiley. But you still can't trust him. Yeah. He's got his own agenda. Yeah, but even so, wiley is in a safer place than he was yesterday. I'll take that as a win. You had shiloh arrested because I have your pledge? No, I ordered that warrant for shiloh's arrest because it's my job. For as long as I have it, because, let's be honest. If that pledge goes public, my career is over. Which means that you've got me where you want me. You sure about that? My mother conspired to murder my father, and you have proof that I covered for her. Which means that you have all the leverage you need. So congratulations, sonny. You win.

I should get started on this. Ah, thank you for breakfast. Of course. I'll see you at the office? I'll be down in a few minutes. Okay. Bye. Finally! I thought she'd never leave! Maxie... if this is where you try to talk me down, please don'T. Because we need to get a move on our plan to find dante. Right, you know, the more I think about this, the more I believe it's a bad idea. Men in dante's condition, they're by definition unstable. They have no control over their actions. If there is even a chance that something could go wrong, god forbid lulu or the kids get hurt, do you really want to put dante in that kind of position? No, of course not, but you're overlooking the most important thing -- dante cannot completely heal without lulu. I'm sure the majority of wsb psychiatrists would strongly disagree. Lulu will not be happy without him. With all due respect, maxie, it's not up to you to decide what will or won't make lulu happy. Okay. Good point. At the very least, we need to know what we're dealing with. And to do that, we have to find dante. Okay, well... I think I will get going. Wait a minute. I can get the door myself. No, it's not about that. Uh, don't forget this. I take it that's my copy. It's the only copy.

[ Sighs ] Why should I believe you? 'Cause I don't want to have any part of your life in my hands. And as far as leverage... isn't blackmailing a crime? One of many. You did the right thing, D.A. Take care of yourself. So anyone looking for a paper trail from willow to my grandson won't find one. You're sure? You asked me to handle it. It's handled.

[ Quietly ] Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

[ Chuckles ] Here's one for the good guys. We scored a victory today. Cheers to that.

[ Chuckles ] Harmony: [ Sighs ] Hello, sweetheart. What do you want?

[ Door closes ] I've just come from seeing shiloh. Color me shocked.

[ Sighs ] He knows, willow. He knows his child is alive. I told him the same thing I told you. I lost the baby. I don't believe you. And if your lack of belief could magically bring my baby back, I'd be all for it. But that's just not how life works. Willow, stop! You of all people should know who we're dealing with. Shiloh is not some unstoppable, superhuman force of nature. He's a man. Exactly! And you know what kind of man he is.

[ Sighs ] Willow, I protected your secret. I kept it from shiloh all this time. And now you need my help again. Tell me where your baby is. David henry archer, A.K.A. Shiloh. You are under arrest. What's the charge? Extortion, attempted rape, assault, and lesser included offenses. Right hand? Give me your right hand.

[ Handcuffs rattle, click ] You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you free of charge. Do you understand these rights as they have been explained? [ Laughter ] I don't think -- I think -- I think you got that one wrong, alex. Possible. Possible. It's the moment of truth. Will the real professional mermaid please stand up? Yes, yes! Did I lose? Did I lose? I don't know. Damn it, damn it, damn it! <

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