GH Transcript Monday 6/3/19

General Hospital Transcript Monday 6/3/19


Episode #14298 ~ Curtis is willing to risk it all; Franco visits Kiki's grave; and Alexis issues a stern warning

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Oh, man. I thought you were jax for a second. Okay. What, did you two, uh, get into it or something? Oh, it's -- no, I mean, it's like I'm -- I'm checking myself, right? But everywhere I go, he's there. It's like I'm gonna trip over him.

[ Chuckles ] He just gets on my -- look, I know how you f-- but he gets on my nerves. Oh, you probably shouldn't look over there, then. Don't tell me.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you for seeing me. I'm always happy to see you. What's up? Contracts are done. Oh. Yes, you are now the proud half owner of aurora media. Well, almost. You know me -- I like to make sure my I's are dotted and my t's are crossed. You're nothing if not thorough. However, I would still like to retain your services. I would like you to go over the document and make sure everything's okay. Sure. Great! Great. So just send the contracts over and I will look it over.

[ Silverware clinks ] And it's on the house. As soon as you possibly can, okay? Thank you so much. I'm still waiting on the numbers from distribution. They're crunching them right now with the percentages you wanted. What are -- hopefully they'll be in any second. What are you doing? I'm calling michael. I'm gonna reschedule our date. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. You're not canceling your night out with michael. But the meeting -- okay, in all honesty, jax doesn't need those numbers ready. I'm just trying to impress him, that's all. He already told me he totally believes in me. I'm gonna love working with this guy. Hey, elizabeth. Hey. How you feeling? The same.

[ Chuckles ] I bet you wish you got assigned a different patient. Do you wish you were assigned a different nurse? No. Me neither. Golden and beautiful, just like you. Happy birthday, kiki. I understand that you're scared. I've been there. But time is running out for jordan -- ain't nobody scared, doc -- I'm pissed, okay? There's an able-bodied person that could end my wife's suffering. And he won'T. That means we forge a dude's signature. It also means that once he's under the knife... ...we make sure he never wakes up. Well, hello, brother. Didn't mean to leave you hanging.

[ Laughs ] Sorry I spoiled your attempt to steal the show at the nurses' ball. They cut you down in time. Lucky you. It wasn't luck. I have people who care if I live or die. Tell me something, ryan. Can you say the same?

Nina: Hey, baby! Hey, yourself. Hey! You walked in on some serious meeting prep. I see that.

[ Chuckles ] Alright, tell me you're not canceling your date with michael, please? Are you sure? Of course. I got this. Okay. Well, good luck. Let me know how it goes. I will. I will.

[ Chuckles ] Cancel your meeting. What? I got ballet tickets -- we leave now, we can have dinner beforehand. Valentin... are you trying to make this hard on me? Yes. Look, dad. Josslyn needs her father right now. I-I-I respect that. And I'm trying everything I can to avoid the guy. And I -- to his credit, he's doing everything to avoid me. But I got to tell you, just everything about the guy rubs me the wrong way. And now he's planning to stay. What? You think you can change his mind? Dad, how would I -- how would I do that? Like, a job opportunity to send him to siberia?

[ Laughs ] Look, some people just don't like each other -- period. And that's fine, you know? Right. But you two, you both have something major in common. You, your mom, and josslyn. Yeah, exactly. And I like to think that you two are strong enough to -- to love us -- even though you can't stand each other. Right? Right. Uh, 'cause for your family's sake, you can put up with anything. Can't you? Yeah. Yes. Right, so? Um, wait. Hold that thought. My date's here, okay? Well, I... so I'll talk -- I'll talk to you later. Okay. Have fun. Thanks.

[ Chuckles ] Ah... I think something got lost in translation. No, I don'T. Mm-hmm. I understand english. You speak english. No. You have an accent, although it's very charming. If you're gonna be my lawyer, I am going to pay you. It's simple as that. To do something that's already been done? No! It's silly. Okay. If you're not gonna help me, then I'll have to find someone who can. I'm sure I got diane -- don't you dare. You give me no choice. Look at that. Here's her number on speed dial. Alright, fine, fine, fine. Ha! You can pay me market rate -- none of your "jasper jacks" exorbitant fees. Agreed. So, I'll send the papers over to your office? On one condition. Name it. You hear me out about valentin. So, this jasper jacks is new, right? So? And he's great and he's fair. He seems fair. So why the big pitch on day one? Why don't you just play hard to get and make him do the dirty work? Come play with me. I'm not buying that. No? No. You just want to whisk me away and be fabulous. And on any other day, I would agree. But just not today. Well, it was worth a try. But you are incredible. I know. I like it when you say it like that. You are incredible. Of course you remembered. Happy birthday, kiki. I miss her so much. Yeah, I know you do. I do, too. Look at you, all out and about.

[ Chuckles ] On bail. Better than behind bars. Julian and scott convinced me to plead not guilty. Yeah, I heard. The ol' temporary insanity defense. Strong move. Well, there's no guarantee that I'll walk or that I won't spend a lot of time in ferncliff. Well, it sounds like you have some options, so I'm glad. I saw ryan earlier. How was that? About how you'd imagine. He's gonna live, huh? That's the word on the street. Okay, well, you know, that's -- that's okay. Just means I have another chance to kill him. And the next time, I won't fail. Now, wait, wait, wait. Hold -- hold on. Hold on. Look, I don't give a damn about chamberlain, okay? My only concern is my wife. I don't care how many lines I cross, how many laws I break -- none of that even matters to me. As long as she lives. Okay. The world's a better place without chamberlain in it. No doubt. But would jordan want this? As long as she lives, doc. I'm still appreciated by the only person that matters. Ava despises you. Love, hate. Hate, love. Two sides of the same coin. The woman plunged a knife into your back. It's called passion. Or attempted murder. Ava still wants what we had. It just kills her to admit it. Wow! Even I have to wonder what is it like to be that narcissistic? Well...

you tell me. "Healer of all things evil." Oh, wait... oh, I messed up. I-I-I see that now. I do understand that there -- there is some evil that just can't be cured -- even by me. But if there is a shred of justice in this world, you will pay for what you've done. And if there is a hell, you will burn in it. Maybe. But it won't be you that sends me there. Don't be so sure.

Neither one of us has any interest in killing the other. Lord knows we've had ample opportunity. Fact is -- we need each other. Without me, you're just an ordinary psychiatrist living an ordinary life. But with me, you're -- you're actually kind of interesting. Someone to take note of. Without you, I'm just a fascinating chapter in the storied history of capital crime. But with you, I'm the terrible twin, the satan to your shrink. Well, you are right, ryan. I have no interest in seeing you dead. I want you to live so you'll know how little you matter. How little you'll be remembered. You're no chapter in anyone's book. You're a footnote. And that'll be forgotten soon, too.

[ Door closes ] Sorry I'm late. Yeah, no. It's okay. I, uh -- I ran into my father, so it's all good. I was helping nina. She's, uh, losing her mind prepping all this stuff for this bigwig who just bought up crimson. Really? I think you know him. Uh, I saw your family with him at the nurses' ball. Tall, blond, australian? Jax. Uh, yeah, no, he -- he was my -- my stepfather, and he's, uh, josslyn's father. And now the owner of crimson. I guess he bought up half of aurora media. Huh. Is that a good "huh" or a bad "huh"? Oh, uh, I-it's -- it's -- it's good for crimson. I mean, he's -- he's a great businessman. He is. Good. Besides that, uh [Chuckles] This is not -- this is not gonna end well. What do you mean? My dad and jax, um, don't really get along. They have opposite personalities. Opposite approaches to life and, uh -- a-and business. Yeah, pretty much only thing they have in common is they keep falling for the same woman and they -- they help raise each other's kids. Not as easy as beer and playing golf. No, no. And, uh, now jax is gonna be living in port charles, so, um, things are about to get really complicated. You've already warned me about how dangerous valentin is. But he's seriously dangerous. Oh. And you know why? Why? Because he's got the cassadine smarts but not the cassadine crazy. He knows how to maintain. He's intelligent, amoral, and he's filthy rich. He's like an evil billionaire. Not like you. You're a charming billionaire.

[ Sighs ] But he'll never see that about you. You know I love you. But? You have this tendency to see me as better than I actually am. Perhaps a little bit more naive than I am. Alexis, I've done business all over the world. I'm pretty good at seeing the competition coming. So thank you for your warning. I appreciate it. It's noted. But I'm not worried. You never are. Jasper jacks? Yes, that's me. Your delivery from tandoor café. Ooh, yes! Thank you very much. Have a great night. You, too. You ordered food from another restaurant to have delivered to the metro court? You're a bold man. I knew carly wasn't working tonight.

[ Laughs ] Alexis. Hi. Hi. Uh, y-you remember, uh, neil byrne. Yes, absolutely. Good to see you again. You, too. Uh, I have to go. Thank you. Um, I will be in touch, okay? Talk to you soon. Okay. Bye. Count on it. I've never seen exes being on such great terms as you guys. How do you do it? Are you asking as my therapist, or are you just curious? Alright, you need to go. Or else my boss is gonna walk in on something very inappropriate. And that w ould be a bad thing, would it? Yeah, it would. Okay, well, I will go, but listen. Promise me we'll have a late-night supper by a fire. It's too hot outside for a fire. I'll bump up the air conditioning.

[ Laughs ] Alright, you're on.

[ Chuckles ] Sorry to interrupt -- oh! No, no. Don't be ridiculous. Um...uh, jasper jacks, valentin. You guys -- you've met. We have actually met. How are you? Yeah. Excellent. You? Never better. Thank you. Listen, I'll leave you to it. See you later. Okay. Definitely. Do I smell tikka masala? Hope you like indian food. I love it! Good. I hope you have naan in there. Come on. Are you really eating indian food if you don't have naan? Definitely not. No. Oh, the smell! This is really good. This is my favorite actually. Oh, my gosh. I don't know which one you want. I bought two different ones. Okay. Well, I'll take this one. This is great.

[ Sighs ] Love it.

So... well, that sounds serious. Yeah, I would like to talk money. Oh, it is serious. Yeah. Um, the whole crimson slashing the budget thing -- oh, no, no, no. No, no, no. We're not slashing the budget. We're just moving money around. Right, right, right. Right. And so, I would like to ask for

more of that money if I raise circulation. How much more? Well, less than I was gonna ask you in the beginning.

[ Laughs ] But more than I'm wiling to give, right? Yeah, but I'm gonna sell a lot of magazines, and you're gonna make it up in the back end. And what if circulation doesn't pick up? Oh. It will. And what if it doesn't? Well, then I'll accept your budget cuts. What time frame are we talking here? Three months. Really? You think you can turn the magazine around in three months? Yeah. Yeah. I think the september issue is gonna be a game changer. You're gonna need something pretty big for september, then. I'll find it. Okay. Hello, mr. Corinthos. You got a moment? Not really. I was hoping we could discuss jasper jacks. It's really interesting. What is? Well, you've obviously spent a lot of time with both jax and your dad 'cause you kind of come off as a combination of the two. You think? Okay, first of all, I'm not spying on you. Okay, that's good to know. Thanks. But at the nurses' ball, there was clearly something going on with willow and you were taking care of her. And you just had this look in your eyes, like ice. I'm assuming you learned that from sonny? Uh [Chuckles] You know, I guess I never really, uh, realized that about myself, but, uh, yeah. My mom and jacks were married for a long time when I was a kid. So I'd like to think he had a big influence on me. The way he -- he did business, the way he carried himself. But, you know, my dad -- my dad -- he's my dad, you know? So I'd like to think that he had a big impact on me, too.

[ Chuckles ] What? It just -- for someone who kind of conveys herself as very, you know, easygoing and just, you know, looking for a-a good time --

[ Chuckles ] What, you mean "shallow"? No, no, not -- not shallow. I'm saying, like, you're just -- you're very perceptive. You are. You're really perceptive. And -- and -- and it's not every day that someone would see that in me. Okay, well, I don't have time to look that closely at everyone, but I may or may not find you intriguing. May or may not, huh? A little bit. Sometimes. And the deeper I dig, the more I like you, michael. Well, good because, um, I like you, too. That was presumptuous of me. And not exactly professional -- I was just kidding. Clearly the lines of our professional relationship are somewhat blurred of late. In any case, lots of people are impressed with my relationship with jax. It is extraordinary. It is, yeah. It's also very ironic that the one man that I've had a good relationship with, I married him, I divorced him, and we never consummated it. Really? You two never...? No, no. He was involved with someone else, and I was involved with someone else. Interesting. Mm-hmm. Hmm. In any case, I'm glad that jax is still in my life. We think the world of each other. What? Nah, never mind. So does this count as a session? Are you gonna send me a bill? I brought up the question, so it kind of falls into a gray area, so -- but kristina is not, so let's talk about her.

[ Sighs ] He murdered my daughter. And no one and nothing is gonna stop me until I know he pays. Okay. As much as it makes me tingle a little bit on the inside to hear you talk about offing ryan -- and I know that's a weird sentence -- not really. I-I'm so glad that you didn't, and I hope that you don'T. I don't understand that. Our girl is right here. She's in the ground. You don't want him to answer for that? Oh, no, no, no. I want him to pay a million times over for everything that he's done. Emotionally, physically, any way that you can imagine. But not -- not until he saves jordan's life. Oh, you don't really think he's gonna do that, do you? No, I-I don't know. I-I don't -- I don't think so. But if there's even just a chance, a chance, ava, that -- that all of this relentless death and bitterness and loss could turn into something good. I don't know about you, ava... but I'd like to see a life changed. I want that to happen. For kiki, I need that. Hey. Hey. You know, finn, I did everything that I could do to help my brother. I hid him from the authorities, tried to treat his psychosis. Convinced myself that I was the only person in the world who could bring out the humanity in ryan chamberlain. But the joke was on me. Because there isn't any. Never was. And now all I want is for my brother to be gone.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] Man... what kind of a doctor does that make me? Personally, I've always thought the hippocratic oath was somewhat open to interpretation.

[ Laughs ] I mean, "first do no harm"? To me, that also means doing everything you can to help. And the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced the two aren't mutually exclusive.

I'm really looking forward to working with you. Oh. [ Chuckles ] And, um, looking forward to you raising those circulation numbers. Oh, I look forward to you keeping my budget intact.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Alright, well, have a good night. Thank you for dinner. Any time. What do you know about jax? Not much. Suddenly I'm interested because he's the new owner of my wife nina's magazine. I don't know if you know this or not, but he's acquired a half stake of aurora media. No, I didn't know that. It's a little confusing since he has no history in publishing. Mm-hmm. You and he ever have any, uh, joint business ventures? With jax? Uh, we were involved with elq once. No, uh -- no real business. You? No. Listen, I can't help but think that you and I would be equally served if jasper's work were to take him back to the other side of the globe.

[ Laughs ] Well, I really couldn't say that. Well, something to think about. Yeah. So, sam was able to get those pledges from shiloh. Including kristina's? Mm-hmm. It turns out her secret was not about sonny, but about me. And that bothers you. Deeply. Sonny has a thousand more skeletons in his closet than I do. But to kristina, her father can do no wrong. Me? I'm her punching bag. I mean, it would never occur to her to betray sonny. But it would occur to her to betray you? Yes. I love my daughter. You -- I've said that over and over again, and it's true, and I know that my daughter, in spite of all of her issues, loves me, but there is this giant, toxic... problem with our communication and with our understanding of each other and we just can't seem to overcome it. And I assume resentment. On kristina's part? Absolutely. What about yours?

[ Clears throat ] Yeah. Yeah, I do. I-I resent it. I resent her, and -- and I honestly don't know what to do about it. When I was at one of the many low points of my life, I was about to destroy all of my artwork -- all of the pieces that -- that reminded me of the most miserable times in my life, kiki stopped me. And she challenged me to take the darkest parts of me and redirect them somehow. Somehow -- somehow point them in a different direction. And she pulled me out of a really self-destructive spiral. And I'd like to pay that forward now, ava. I'd like to do the same for you. Mm. You want me to let this vengeance thing go. Let the authorities deal with ryan... mm-hmm. ...And get on with my life. Well, I'm sorry, franco. I just cannot do that. I'm sorry. Jordan shouldn't have any more visitors today. Can you make an exception? I won't stay long. I promise. Okay. Come in. I'll be back to check on you.

[ Door closes ] Hey, chief. Detective. How are you holding up? God, valerie... I am trying so hard not to be bitter. To be strong and peaceful... to face the end with dignity. This is not the end -- but I also want to hang on until the very last second. Because I don't want to give up. There's too much good in my life. How do i say goodbye to it? You don'T. You are far too important to me, to everyone. You can't die. Especially when there's a person out there who can save your life, even though he's too much of an ass to consent. I agree. But there's no eminent domain for a kidney. And ryan doesn't have to give it to me if he doesn't want to. But I appreciate the sentiment. I appreciate you. There's still time. I guess I should get out of here before I get in trouble. Just get better, okay? I'm working on it.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Cries ]

Oh. How'd that go? It went okay. I convinced jax not to cut my budget, provided I increase circulation. Oh, well, that sounds fair. Yeah. I have three months to do it. Three months to increase circulation? That's not a lot of time. You don't think I can do it? No, I know you can do it, and I'll help you any way I can. I am so glad to hear you say that because I need a little favor from you. Anything. We have to postpone our wedding. Any idea what secret of yours kristina gave up? She burned it. Apparently it was cathartic for her. But you, not so much? Any ideas? Sadly, all of my sins are a matter of public record. Isn't the definition of insanity repeating the same mistake over and over again, expecting a different result? Okay. So how about I change my tactic? You know how I don't say anything for a long period of time and then I just blow up at her? What if I just calmly tell her how I feel and then ask her point-blank what the secret was? I think that's a mistake. Why? I mean, if I don't say something, this is always gonna be something that's between us. Yes, kristina is piecing her life back together, but she's not ready for this type of confrontation. You push her too hard too fast'll lose her. Kevin? Ava. I was hoping I'd run into you. How's the patient? Uh...ryan or jordan? Both. Ryan will live. I'm not sure about jordan. Listen, ava, I am very, very relieved that you weren't ryan's next victim. Back at you. Well, I guess this is where we officially "break up." Mm. It's not you, it's me.

[ Both laugh ] That's good. Mm. Ava, if you need anything, if, uh, you need someone to make a statement to the judge or -- no, no. You know, you've -- you've already gone above and beyond, kevin. I won't ever forget it. Neither will I. I want you to know -- if I lose this fight -- baby, don't -- I love you. And I have loved being your wife, and I don't regret a day of it.

[ Exhales sharply ] Not even how long it took us to get together -- because it made it so sweet when we finally did. Now, you listen to me. It ain't over. Okay? We're doing everything we can. Honey...

[ Sniffles ] And that's not just your husband blowing smoke.

[ Door opens ] No, curtis is right. We're not giving up. My body is shutting down. Curtis: Honey.

[ Sniffles ] I can feel it. Realistically, how much time do I have? There's still a chance you find a donor. Every possibility is being pursued.

[ Voice breaking ] You're a great doctor, finn. But you're a terrible liar.

You want to postpone the wedding? Well -- well, I don't want to. I mean, but crimson needs my undivided attention right now and... oh, come on! You -- you would do the same thing. You would do the same thing, valentin, if this was your baby and you worked so hard on it. Yeah, I supposed I would. Yes, you would. You would. And I'm saying we postpone it until september. And look at it this way -- september is a beautiful month here in port charles. And we'll be relaxed, and I'll just be able to focus on our wedding. And the september issue will be out at the same time. And then sasha will able to stay in town longer. What do you think? I think if it's what you want, then we'll make it happen. I love you. Thank you. Trust me, you won't regret this. Hey! Sonny. Heard some news about you. Oh? What's that? You're gonna take everybody on the yacht this weekend? Yes. Yes, we are. And you are more than welcome to join us, if you'd like. No, I think I'll pass. Uh, I'm sure, y-you know, michael, carly, and especially josslyn's gonna have a great time. Yeah, yeah. I'm sure they -- I'm sure they will. Well, perhaps another time. I mean, I have the yacht all summer long. Good talk. I'll see you later. Okay. I will follow your recommendation. Good. I see that you really care about kristina. Maybe someone isn't as objective as they claim to be. I think time is up. And, um, I think it's probably best I conduct our sessions in the office from now on. Hmm. So, uh... good night, alexis. Night. Thank you for dinner. Yeah, of course. I had fun. Me, too. I, uh... I don't want it to end. Same. Maybe we could, um, see a late movie? Or, uh, take a walk in the park? Get dessert? We already had dessert. Right. You know what I really want? An after-dinner drink. Okay. Uh, yeah. Sure, um... we can head to the bar. Actually, I was thinking more like room service. Okay. Jordan ashford, you are not going anywhere. You understand me?

[ Sighs ] Not on my watch. Are you okay? In what universe is it okay that someone like ryan chamberlain gets to live and someone like jordan has to die?

[ Cellphone rings ] Dr. Collins. Yes, I know. It's better this way.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

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