GH Transcript Friday 5/31/19

General Hospital Transcript Friday 5/31/19


Episode #14297 ~ Sam propositions Jason; Scott gives Ava the support she needs; Margaux is torn.

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I want to make sure that wiley is safe from shiloh, even if it means that I've -- I've got to work with you. Well, thank you. That's great. Danny. Hey, buddy. Hey. Good to see you. Is everything okay here? Finn. Hello, robert. What brings you by? Uh, well, I truly just wanted to offer my congratulations on your engagement. Well, thank you, but you, uh... you did that already at the ball. Yeah, but, uh, well... there was a lot going on there. I thought... maybe you thought that I was being polite, but...truth of the matter is, I want anna to have all the happiness she deserves, and, well, I hope that she gets it with you. Oh. Hi. Am I interrupting anything? Uh, say, officer, let me have a minute with my client, okay? So, I'm glad that julian talked some sense into you, and you're gonna stand up for yourself. Right. Well, I have to get -- I have to get free, and I have to stay free in case ryan survives. Okay, now... do not say that to the judge. What I want you to do is, I want you to go in there, I want you to sit down, sit up straight, and very nicely say "not guilty," and I'll handle the rest. I'm not sure whether we're gonna go for temporary insanity or self-defense.

[ Sighs ] "Self-defense"? "Self-defense."

[ Laughs ] I don't know how we would pull that off considering there were three cops there when I stabbed ryan in the back.

[ Sighs ] Jordan: I warned ava. I told her not to take matters into her own hands.

[ Monitor beeping ] I think we all understand what motivated her. And now she's charged with attempted murder. It seems unfair. Even hypocritical after all those people ryan killed. I'm sorry, kevin. Don't apologize. Happens to be the truth.

[ Scoffs ] And now... of all people, it's ryan who's my best chance for a kidney transplant. I saved your life. And now you're gonna do the same for jordan. Consent to donating your kidney. Ooh, well, that's major surgery. I'm gonna have to mull that one over. The answer is yes. And why should I do anything to save the life of the woman who stopped at nothing to hunt me down? I'll see her in hell.

I was just offering congratulations to finn.Oh. Which was most appreciated, but, uh, unfortunately, I have patients to see. Okay. Oh. I'll see you later. Mm. See you. You look happy. I am. Are you surprised? Well, I'm still trying to figure out how you can -- you convinced yourself that I wanted to re-marry you.

[ Sighs ] Well... I was mistaken. I mean, I-I saw you and mac, and you had an engagement ring, and I just jumped to the wrong conclusions. And it's not that far-fetched because you've been acting really strangely. How did you end up with finn's ring in the first place? Oh. Well... I was hazing him. But, truth be known, I wasn't happy that you were getting married. Um... robert.

[ Stammering ] It's okay. I'm not...carrying a torch for you or anything like that. But [Sighs] Anna... you are the love of my life. And regardless of the fact that way back when, we looked at each other and discovered that, as a couple, we just couldn't make it together.

[ Scoffs ] Damn you, scorpio. Seeing you with finn, I suddenly realized that you two were gonna go off and have adventures together, and that didn't sit well because I realized... I could no longer have a place in that part of your life.

[ Sighs ] Oh, robert. Snap out of it.

[ Laughs ]

[ Chuckles ] No. No. No. Ooh, he's hot. Swipe right. Oh, okay, wait. Maxie, we've been over this. This is purely research. I am not actually looking for a love connection. Well, most people on that site aren't, either. Are you really that cynical? Uh-oh, sorry, uh, yeah. I am, too. I mean, this article is about a con artist "catfishing" single women so that he can burglarize their homes. It's sad how many women are looking for love, find someone who's not who they claim to be, and then end up being taken down because of it. Just ask ava jerome. Everything's great. Danny, how's it going? Really good. Thanks for the present. Hey, you're welcome, buddy. Hope you enjoy. Happy birthday. Thanks. Okay. Uh, well... I'll let you all celebrate. Jason.

[ Door closes ] Where's scout? Asleep. And aunt olivia said not to wake her up. Oh. Is that so? Yeah, olivia said scout had a -- had a pretty bad day, she was cranky, she wasn't gonna have fun at danny's party, it was just better to let her sleep.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Well...what do you think, birthday boy? Olivia's making me a cake that we can have tomorrow, so this way, I get two parties. Two parties? Well, you know what? I think you are special enough to have two birthday parties. Right, dad? Right. Thank you. Okay. So, ava... mm-hmm. ...You're gonna plead "not guilty." We'll strategize later. I think that, uh, self-defense -- out the window. We go with the temporary insanity. Well, if it gets me out of custody, fine. Okay. Sit down. Baldwin. I thought I recognized your aftershave permeating the hallway. Ohh! That's my hair gel. It's very pungent. Oh. I'm about to do you a favor. Oh, are you? Yes. My client got a serial killer off the streets, so what do you say we make a deal and call it a day? I sympathize with ms. Jerome's predicament, but I can't just look the other way. Oh, come on. For crying out loud, he's a demented serial killer! He cut off his own hand! Your client stabbed a man in the back. Your job is defender, mine is prosecutor.

[ Sighs ] That's all. I wish I could have been your donor. It would've made this whole thing much simpler. If you hadn't stepped up, we never would've known that ryan chamberlain is a match. Now, that's a very optimistic way of looking at this. I suppose I have to be. My life depends on ryan chamberlain. Um...would it be okay if I caught up with you later? Oh, sure. Yeah. Yeah, I need to check on a few things. You stay optimistic. Mm-hmm. Take care. See you.

[ Sighs ] Neat dismissal. Hmm. So, go on. Say what you have to say. I want to hear what

you have to say. What's going on with you? Rationally... I know that an organ is just an organ, and I'm not in a place to be picky... but it creeps me out to think that I might end up owing my life to ryan chamberlain. You tricky son of a bitch -- let go of me. If you're caught, all the glowing reviews about how you saved me will just disappear. Look here, man. I promise you don't know nothing about me. You don't know what I'm capable of. You don't know what I've done. But jordan's life is on the line. And if I could snatch your damn kidney out with my bare hands, I would. In a heartbeat. Murder won't get you what you want. But i might. Might? I'm ready to entertain offers. What's my kidney really worth to you?

You know that you're always going to be a very important part of my life. Yeah, not just because of robin. But because you're a friend and an ally, and, hands down, the best agent that I've ever worked with. And I'm just happier knowing that you're in the world with me. That's really all I've ever wanted for you, is for you to be happy. And [Sighs] My very best to both you and finn. Thanks.

[ Chuckles ] Well, maybe I can ask you for something. Hmm? I mean, look at it like a kind of engagement present. Okay. Um... peter and maxie are going to berkeley to visit robin and the children. Oh, bloody hell! And I spoke to her, and she said that it was her decision to invite him.

[ Sighs ] All right? And I want you to be a big boy about this. Why? So that she can get to know her big brother? When you and I both know that that's not who he is. I'm gonna put a pin in this for now. I have, actually, a pressing story to write. I am headed to the hospital to get a few comments on ryan chamberlain's arrest. Well, I look forward to reading it. But take it easy, okay? Enjoy your evening, you two. Bye.

[ Sighs ] What do you think about her dating story? Well, I think I'm happy I'm not out there in the dating world. Well, that makes two of us. Consider us both off the market. But I am still worried about lulu. I think we need to be proactive about getting dante and lulu back together. Hey.

[ Laughs ] So, danny's test-driving the present that julian gave him. Yeah? And guess what it is. What? A nascar video game.

[ Both laugh ] That's not a bad choice. No, it's perfect. It's perfect. I-I get a sense that he's starting to get to know danny a little bit visiting leo. How do you feel about that?

[ Sighs ] I don't know. I -- I guess if we keep it on a limited basis, I'm -- I'm okay. Of course, if -- if you're okay with it. Well, I mean, I don't -- you know, I don't love it. know, the situation is what it is, and making a big deal out of it would just, you know, confuse danny. Yeah. Speaking of julian, you walked in on a conversation we were having. Aren't you gonna ask me about it? Well, I-I mean, he's your father. It's your business. I am not keeping any secrets from you -- not for julian or anyone else. There's a "situation" that involves wiley. And guess who else it involves. Shiloh. Hey. Oh, hi. You came. Of course. Just in time, from the looks of it. Thanks. Yeah. All rise. The honorable judge henry otis presiding.

[ Door closes ] Be seated. The state of new york vs. Ms. Ava jerome. The count is attempted murder. Ms. Jerome, do you understand the charges?

[ Clears throat ] Yes. Yes, your honor, I do. How do you plead? I am not guilty. Noted. Uh, your honor, I would like to request that my client be released on bail, provided the D.A. Has no objections? I feel foolish for thinking this way. But the idea of ryan's kidney becoming a part of my body... it just -- it disturbs me. I understand. Nothing about this situation is easy. But you had no problem with the idea of accepting kevin's kidney, right? No, none at all. Okay. So...they have the same dna. And, really, all you're getting from ryan is a group of tissues. That's it. But it's a group of tissues that will save your life. And what you do with that life afterwards is entirely up to you.

[ Chuckles ] It's better when you break it down like that. You see? This is why you're mayor.

[ Chuckles ] I have my moments. You want me to make you an offer for your kidney? I'm a practical man, curtis. I have leverage. I also have something that your wife desperately needs. And I need something in return. Name your price, I'll pay it. It's not a financial transaction... per se. Well, then, if it's not about money, what the hell do you want?

We don't "know" anything. Not really. We just have a theory that alex is probably peter's biological mother. We can't really prove anything. Why don't we start with dimitri marick? Oh, god, what? Just digging through all these "old records" that he has scattered around his hungarian estate. What's the point? We both know alex. She wouldn't leave something as important as that lying around. Knowing alex, that's exactly the place that she'd leave it. And what if they're there? And what if peter

is alex's son? I mean, don't you want to know that? No. It doesn't matter to me -- it actually doesn't -- if he's alex's or mine. Because I care about peter. And he is part of this family. And he's important to me and robin, and it is not going to hurt her to get to know him. I'm not so sure. If dante doesn't want to come home on his own, then it's up to you and me to bring him back.

[ Sighs ] Assuming we can even find dante, what makes you think we can get him back to port charles? Just ask him to come home?

You might get somewhere. I'm pretty sure I'd have zero influence. Okay. [ Sighs ] Maybe we don't need to ask him anything. Maybe all we need to do is make dante aware of the toll his absence is taking on his wife. You seem shocked. But are you really? You really are crazy. That's a bad strategy to insult the one person who can save jordan's life. No hard feelings. Offer still stands. Tick tock, tick tock. Tick... didn't realize you were here. I was just leaving. Okay. Oh, don't mind him. He's got a lot on his mind. Well... I see you're recovering well. You don't like me much, do you? Nope. Your case is my least favorite kind. But I'm a doctor, and I'm required to treat everyone. I completely understand. What I don't understand is why you're wandering so far from your area of expertise. What is an infectious disease specialist doing spending so much time on a patient with a knife wound? Why are you here, dr. Finn? Does the state have any objections to the defendant being released on bail? No objections, your honor.

[ Sighs ] Ms. Jerome's only target was ryan chamberlain, who is currently in icu under police guard. We don't consider the defendant to be a danger to society or a flight risk. So noted. Bail will be set at $100,000.

[ Gavel bangs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Okay. So, shiloh knows willow had his baby. With -- look, with enough time and resources, he'll be able to find wiley. Yeah, but julian thinks that he has a way to make sure that that doesn't happen, and I agreed to help him. You -- uh, are you sure about that? I don't know. I-I'm sure that julian's motivated to help wiley, so I'm in. Okay. Well, if it goes sideways or you start to get a bad feeling... I... know. ...Know where to find you. Or I hope I do, anyway. What -- what does that mean? Don't you think it's time... for you to come home? stay?

I'm not asking you to like him. Good. Because I'd rather bite my arm off above the elbow. Just don't get in his way. I'm not the person you need to worry about. Who is? His real mummy. Your traitorous sister. Are you -- are you sure? No, really. Are you -- are you sure you want me to move back here? Come -- to be completely honest with you... this is something I have been thinking about ever since I was in my hospital bed and I opened my eyes and I saw you standing there. I mean, things were just really confusing for me, and you...gave me the time I needed. You allowed me to figure things out, and I -- and I did. And, jason, I have no question, I have no doubt that I want you here with us, together, as a family again. Yes. Do you remember...

[ Chuckles ] ...What I wanted for christmas?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. A day. You, me, and the kids. And I had to force myself to leave every time. You know, all those days -- christmas, thanksgiving -- even the times that we just, you know, put danny's toys together or watched movies or do a puzzle or... the time I made you chicken soup.

[ Chuckles ] I can'T... ...imagine... ...anything better than that. Okay. Because there is nothing better. You're gonna come home and never leave us again. Maxie, dante's being treated for ptsd. He's worried that he could be a danger to his family. I can't see how guilting him into coming home is gonna help. I get that dante is trying to protect lulu, but honestly, I think the wsb is taking advantage. Of course they want dante off at some super-secret hospital or whatever. They want to cure him just enough so he can keep working for them, not so he's well enough to come home. Well, that's a very cynical view. I speak from experience, remember? My dad's the director of the wsb. When I was a kid, he left on a mission and pretty much never came back. Because work was more important. And I don't want to see that happen to dante and lulu's family. Why are you so invested in this? Uh, lulu? Oh! H-- sorry, kevin. Um, I don't normally walk and text. It's no problem. Yeah, I-I-I should go. I-I want to get a few quotes from jordan about, um -- about your brother's arrest. Oh, um, actually, your mother and I were -- were just with jordan. Your mother's probably still there. I'll get out of your way. Oh, kevin, wait. Something wrong? My mom loves you. So you'll always be in her life. And spencer's and rocco's and charlotte's, which means you'll always be in my life. So, it's probably time we talk about the real issue between us. You mean how my actions led to ryan nearly killing you? Great. I'll touch base with you again next week, then. Thank you. What did they say?

[ Monitor beeping ] I thought you were sleeping. I was just resting my eyes. What did the canadian authorities say about ryan? It looks like we will get jurisdiction to prosecute ryan for the crimes he committed in canada, as well as the ones down here. Good. Hmm. Pile up on those life sentences. Hey, babe. How's it going? Mm. Livin' the dream. I'm gonna give you two some privacy. Oh, actually, madame mayor, could you stick around? Um, what I have to say concerns you, too. You spoke to ryan? Yeah. He's agreed to donate his kidney... as long as the charges against him are dropped.

 Seems to me that your sister has spent the greater part of her life trying to sabotage yours. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, she has... to a certain extent. I mean, I-I don't think it's because she's malicious. I think it's because she's really messed up. And that could be one of the reasons that I don't want peter to know who she is to him. So, you admit that alex is his mother? She might be. And peter is more than capable of taking care of himself. I know what peter's capable of. One of the reasons I'm glad that our daughter and her family are on the far side of the country. Oh, god. You're being so ridiculous about this. Why? Because I want her to know that he's her cousin and not her brother? Why can't you just leave it alone? Just, please, for me. The love of your life. Can you just do that? Okay, yeah. I won't, uh, mention peter's parentage. Alleged parentage. To robin. Thank you. Unless I have to. I can't -- I can't imagine any circumstance where you would "have to" divulge the fact that alex might be his biological mother. Well, I'm sure your sister can. What? No. Why would she? She doesn't care about peter. She gave him up. When he was a baby. Before you knew him. But now... now you care a great deal for him, right? Yeah. Of course. And if you think that your sister is above using that, then you're sadly mistaken. What are you implying? I'm not implying anything. I'll be straight-up about it. You want to continue this little pantomime about being peter's mother? You might want to pay a visit to alex, get her in on the gag. Oh. Is that for me? What do you think?

[ Chuckles ] Happy birthday, buddy. Thanks. Can I open it now? Or do I have to wait? Please? You are so adorable when you beg. Yes, go on. Do it.

[ Laughs ] Sweet! Thanks, dad! Can I -- can you help me set it up before you go? Danny. Your dad and i have -- have something to tell you. He's gonna be sticking around for good now. You are? Yeah. I am. And we're gonna all live here together as a family. How do you feel about that? I feel like it's the coolest birthday present ever. Can I get in here?

[ Chuckling ] Yeah. Of course I'm invested in dante coming home. Lulu's my best friend. And right now, dante's a-a little lost. He thinks being far away from home, he'll find himself again. Meanwhile, lulu is burying herself in work to distract herself from the pain. Lulu enjoys her work. She's good at it. It builds her confidence, and I think that's what she needs right now. Trust me, if we don't do something about this, your star reporter is gonna burn herself out. Please, peter? Help me do what we can to get lulu and dante back together again. I accept that my mother has chosen to forgive you, and her happiness means everything to me, so I am doing everything in my power to support you both, but... when I look at your face, I still see him. Trauma isn't rational. You can lay out the facts and tell yourself over and over and over again that I'm not ryan, but that -- that immediate reaction, the adrenaline, it's automatic.

[ Sighs ] Sometimes in some cases, time is all you really need to heal, but with others, it's just learning to maintain. I just realized that dante and i are going through the same thing. I mean, not on the same scale, obviously, but dante has no control over what he's feeling any more than I do. Like, I want to feel comfortable around you, kevin, I-I do, but I'm just not there yet. Dante is literally afraid of himself. So, I-I can't set a timeline or demand that he get better or that he come back to me, because as much as he wants to... it's out his control.

[ Voice breaking ] There's no one to blame. There's no one to be angry at. There -- there's -- there's no one to forgive. That went well, ava. Sign of good things to come. Yes, well, scott is right about that. You caught a lucky break. Yeah, I know. I just... I'm not feeling very lucky. You know what ryan told me? He said that kiki... called out for me with her dying breath... that she said that she loved me. Yeah. He is a sick son of a bitch. Sweetheart, he's just messing with your head. You have no idea if that's true or not. I know. I know that ryan could've been lying the whole time. Yeah. Kiki could have said anything. She could've said nothing at all as she was dying. But what if he was telling the truth?

[ Voice breaking ] What if my daughter died calling for me and I wasn't there? Don't do it. All this time, we thought ryan chamberlain was some kind of evil genius. But really, he's just delusional. And lucky. I mean, how many people has he killed? And he thinks he's going to trade his kidney for his freedom? What if we suggest a plea bargain? Um...four of those murders took place in texas. That's a death-penalty state. Maybe we could negotiate to take, uh, capital punishment off the table? No. Absolutely not. There will be no bargaining or negotiating on my behalf. I want chamberlain to pay for his crimes. No matter what. Should you choose to donate one of your kidneys, I'm here to make sure the organ is free of infection and ready for transplant. The intended recipient is jordan ashford, the commissioner who hounded me. Why would I want to help her? You should think of it as A... a worthwhile investment.

[ Chuckles ] An organ for a lesser prison sentence. And, as you know, you can live a full life with just one kidney. A fuller life? Hammering out license plates and reading every last book in the library? You know, if I'm gonna give up a vital organ, there should be a little more in it for me than a lesser sentence.

[ Scoffs ] Waiting for a better price. Damn, did I have you pegged wrong. How's that? Look -- look, you're supposed to be a smart guy, right? I mean, some people even call you a genius. If you think you're bargaining for your freedom... brother, you are delusional. Now, you see, a-a smart guy -- see, a smart guy, he would assess the situation and he would try to see where the advantage lies. But, clearly, that's beyond you.

[ Door opens, closes ]

 Mom, come over and see this!Oh, look at that, look at that! Oh, n-- oh! That was -- oh, that was so cool! He's a pro already. It's ridiculous. I thought you'd never ask me to join. This is fun. Since it means so much to you... I'll help you find dante and try to bring him back to port charles again. Mainly because I don't want you doing this alone, all right? You're the best. Thank you. Well, don't thank me yet. I don't even know where to start. Lulu said dante's being held at some undisclosed bureau facility for debriefing. He didn't even tell her what country. I'm not saying this is gonna be easy. But we got this. We're a good team. Hey. Hi. Oh, hi! I got your text. Is everything okay? Yeah. Uh, well... yes and no. Which one is it? Um -- uh, yeah. It's -- it's both. I-I-I have to go to zurich. Today? Yeah. Um, and my flight's in three hours. I-I've got to see alex. Why? Because, um...I didn't want robert to be right, but unfortunately, he is. See, if -- if alex is peter's biological mother, then she's going to exploit that, and so I need to see her face-to-face and figure out what she actually knows. Why now? Because peter and maxie are going to visit robin. It looks like they're starting to make a bond with each other, and -- and -- and I don't want them to build a relationship based on a lie. You know? A-and so I have to find out the truth. Wait, I'd like to go with you, but...a lot patients need me right now. I'm dealing with jordan's case. That's okay. It's my sister. Uh-huh. You know, it's my past. It's -- it's all the stuff that i need to deal with, you know? I love you very much. And I'll see you soon. I'll be waiting.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. I like my ring very much, by the way. It's very nice. I'm glad. Hey, doc finn. Hey. Curtis, listen, I'm, uh... I'm -- I'm really sorry that -- that -- that ryan refused to be jordan's donor, but I promise you, no one here is giving up, and we're gonna think of something. Well, thanks, but I already have. And I'll need your help. I'm glad we have a moment alone... to discuss some pcpd business.

[ Chuckles ] Is that what we're doing? I'm incapacitated. And the city needs a police commissioner. We don't have to talk about this now. Yes. We do. I can't perform my job. So, I'm tendering my resignation. No. No, you're not. Madame mayor... I-I don't -- no, I refuse. I can hire an interim police commissioner who will keep your desk warm for you for when you're ready to come back to us. Look, what that bastard said was designed to manipulate you. You can't let him do that. The best way to beat this guy is to get him out of your head. Sorry, julian. I just can't do that.

[ Door opens ]

[ Monitor beeping ] Come for an autograph, did you, finn? Well, hello, brother. Didn't mean to leave you hanging.

[ Laughs ]

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