GH Transcript Thursday 5/30/19

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 5/30/19


Episode #14296 ~ Willow has Lulu's support. Julian suggests Sam would be a better bet. Franco is confrontational.

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again, and kevin, so happy whatever kristina's pledge was, it's -- it's gone, mom. Hey, it doesn't -- it doesn't matter anymore. Yeah, I have a feeling shiloh isn't done with us yet. Call it a cassadine sixth sense. Or cassadine paranoia. With shiloh, that's not possible. It sounds like shiloh has no idea that you and brad adopted willow's baby. Yeah. Well, maybe, maybe not, but he's determined to find his child. What if he figures out that's wiley? That would be next to impossible. Those records are sealed. Yeah, but do you not get it? He didn't give his consent. He can challenge the adoption. Brad and I could lose our son.

[ Sighs ] I need you to make sure that doesn't happen. Well, I'm glad you came to me. Lucas, I'm gonna do everything in my power and make sure you hold on to wiley. I hope you mean that. Elizabeth: I vote "no ties." And that is why I married you. Well, I hope that's not the only reason. Well, that's the only reason. It's pretty much just, you know, the whole tie-picking thing.

[ Both laugh ] Hey. Am I late? No, we haven't even started yet. I'm actually surprised it's happening at all. Not because it isn't deserved. I just thought jordan would hold off until she was recovered. Right, if she recovers. Maybe we should postpone. No. Baby, you can barely sit up. I know, but it's not like I'm running around the squad room. I am still the commissioner.

[ Exhales sharply ] I can do this, curtis. As long as you've got my back. I got your back. And I'm gonna get you that kidney. I know you will.

[ Monitor beeping ] Let me guess -- you're a champagne salesman on the side. Ha ha! No, but I'm a big believer in celebrating important moments. Unless, of course, you don't like champagne. Oh, no, bite your tongue. I love champagne. It's, like, my favorite drink ever. This is good stuff. Yes, it is. Yeah. So, uh, something great must have happened to you. I -- why did you feel the need to raise a toast in my office? Well, uh, your office is now part of my company. Say hello to the new owner of crimson.

Okay. No more of this until you explain that. Ex-explain what, exactly? Uh...w-what y-you just said. What do you have to do with crimson? Oh. I, uh -- I made a deal with, uh...drew cain. I acquired 50% of aurora media. I own and I am in control of all of the print division, which, of course, as you know, includes your magazine. Oh...w-wow. That's amazing. Yes, it is. Yeah. Things are, uh -- things are gonna change around here. Oh -- oh. H-how so? Well, my goal is to expand our publishing. And not just online, but I want our magazine and book sales to explode, as well. Th-this is a good opportunity for crimson. Yeah, it sounds like it, but I-I don't -- I mean, you're jasper jax. You're an international financier. Why -- why here? In port charles? Oh, that's easy -- my daughter.

[ Keys jingle ] Sam. Uh, sorry to just show up like this, but it's about your brother. He needs your help.

[ Sighs ] Hey. Hey. No, don't get up. It's fine. I hope you didn't wait too long. No, thank you for coming. Mm-hmm. You said it was urgent. Will brad be joining us? No. He is at home with wiley, making sure nobody gets near the baby who's not supposed to. Are you talking about anyone in particular? Yeah, wiley's birth parents. Look, I'm -- I'm -- I'm sorry to call so strung out. I'm just -- I'm just worried, you know? Okay. Okay, thanks for -- thanks for talking me down, diane. I'll, uh -- I'll see you tonight. Arranging a meeting with my lawyer. Fun times. For wiley? Are those for me? I am so sorry for leaving you hanging last night. To catch a killer. That's -- that's your job. But still, I promise I will make it up to you. But in the meantime, uh, talk to me. What happened after I left the nurses' ball? Hey. Hey. -Are we ready? -Mm-hmm. Lulu: Last year, I delved into the story of one of our city's most notorious criminals on the anniversary of his reign of terror. I approached it as a lurid tale of true crime. But the focus of my story changed as I reported it. It transformed from the account of a killer to that of his survivors and those who brought him to justice. Heroes, likely and not. Franco baldwin, for your role in apprehending ryan chamberlain and for your bravery and sacrifice, the port charles police department hereby recognizes you. Please accept this award on behalf of a grateful city. But this story does not have a tidy ending or a happy one. Not for its heroes... ...or for its villain. There is still one chapter left to write.

Uh, I'm an idiot. Um... I find that very hard to believe. No, well, um... josslyn jax -- yes, of course, she's your daughter. She's your daught-- she's lovely, by the way. Yes. I don't know her. I see her around, but... no, she is. She's great. It's been hard being away from her for so long. Yeah. Uh, so you and carly... yes -- were married. Uh, uh, divorced -- a rather acrimonious one. Oh, not good exes. Oh, no, no. Carly and I are great. It's just, uh, sonny I can't stand -- for a lot of reasons, the latest being that he had me deported. What? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, sonny's the reason that I couldn't return to the U.S. That's a long story. But, uh, when my restrictions were lifted, I started looking for business opportunities here in port charles. And elq and aurora were on the top of the list. But elq is now run by michael, who was my stepson when I was married to carly, and he's doing a great job, so... aurora was the, uh, better fit. So that's why I'm here. Good.

[ Exhales sharply ] Okay.

[ Sighs deeply ] Can we agree that that's enough for one day? I'll handle the rest of my work lying down.

[ Scoffs ] You're impossible. That's why you love me. I do love you. But, baby, can we take it easy? You're gonna need your strength come transplant time. Fine. Thank you. Can you hand me my phone? Your phone? Yeah. For what? I just -- I have to make a quick call to the station. What did I just say about conserving your energy?

[ Sighs ] I'll let you dial. How's that? You're unbelievable. So, the port charles police department gave me something with my name on it, this time because I did something good.

[ Laughs ] And not just good -- something heroic. Lulu: You know, a mayoral commendation isn't out of the question. My mother is really grateful for all you did, and... am I. If you hadn't put your life on the line, if you hadn't taken those risks, ryan may never have been discovered, so...thank you. You ready to go? Yeah. Are you coming? I'm gonna catch up with you. Do you mind? Could you put this in the car for me? Okay. There's something I gotta take care of. Good luck. Thank you. I want to make sure I'm clear about what happened. Shiloh suspects that you had his baby. No, he's convinced. But he has no idea that that child is wiley cooper-jones. Not yet, but I'm afraid he'll be able to put it together. All because nina reeves couldn't mind her own damn business. No, forget nina. Let's focus on solutions. What did diane say? I'll find out tonight. But I swear, chase, if shiloh gets anywhere near that baby -- hey, hey, hey, hey. You've got some room to breathe, right? How can you say that? 'Cause there's not much shiloh can do from a hospital bed. So, is the birth mother pressing for some kind of relationship with wiley? No, she says she intends to follow through on the terms of the adoption. Well, that's good. She legally has to. Yeah. You don't believe that she will? No, I -- I-I actually do believe her. It's the birth father we're worried about. My understanding is, the birth father was out of the picture. He was a stranger, and she wasn't able to even contact him. Yeah, well, it turns out that's not the whole truth. She did know him, but she didn't tell him about the pregnancy. So he was never afforded the opportunity to assert his parental rights. Yeah. How bad is it? Does the birth father know now? He knows that his child might exist, not who he is or where. But apparently, he's determined to find out. Why didn't lucas just come to me himself? Um, he doesn't actually know I'm here.

[ Sighs ] Wiley's in danger of being taken away from brad and lucas? How? I thought they were his legal parents. Yeah, for now. Look, there's an issue that could throw the adoption into question, potentially undo the whole thing. What is it? Is it the birth mother? Did she change her mind? The problem is actually the birth father. Well, I thought he was a non-issue. Sam, I'm sorry. The less you know, the better, I think.

[ Scoffs ] That's not how I operate. You know that. I-I -- yes, I do know that, but I think you need to make an exception here. Look, because if something goes wrong, at least you have some degree of plausible deniability. What? From the police? Look, it's that serious, sam. Okay. What did you have in mind? Wow. So, here you are in a city with the man you despise. Um...he kept you from your daughter? Well, to be fair, josslyn was -- you know, she was allowed to visit me in australia. But, yes, I do hate sonny. Ah. He's caused me a lot of problems over the years, playing his game, until I realized there's really no point, that I should focus on myself and my daughter and... I respect the hell out of carly, and if I have to give a little bit of credit to sonny, then I have to say that he was a -- a decent, uh, stepfather to joss. Right. Uh, so you don't like him, but they love him. Yes, that is exactly right. Which is why I needed a -- a workaround. And, uh, aurora was it. I am interested in the company, though, as well. I-I think I can make money running it. And, of course, I get to be closer to joss, which is great. Right. Just hope that sonny doesn't drive me crazy in the process.

[ Laughs ] Right. Oh. Well, I mean, I think -- I think it's fantastic. Really, I think it's very mature. Um, sucking it up for the greater good. Mine included. Well, I mean, a lot of people wouldn't think it was worth the agita. Well, joss is worth it. Well, I feel the exact same way. You have a daughter? I have two, actually. I have two, and there's nothing I wouldn't do for them. Well, they're lucky to have you. As is crimson, by the way. I haven't mentioned that. Uh, thank you.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you very much. Um, speaking of which, know, it -- it just seems like you don't know the first thing about running a magazine, so I have a super-awesome idea. What's that? Well, why don't we just let me run crimson, autonomously, no muss, no fuss? No deal.

Okay. It's -- it's like this. I am a creative person. Yes, I can see that. Yeah. And, um, I need to trust my instincts and my vision, and, uh, sometimes -- it doesn't happen often, of course -- but sometimes, you know, we'll do a shoot, we'll spend a lot of money, and the shoot doesn't work out for some reason, and we just -- we don't publish it. And I learn from that. I-I like what I like, and I figure out what works and what doesn't work, and... you hear what I'm saying? Sure. Okay. What I don't want to be told is, "hey, you dropped so much cash on the shoot, you have to use it, because..." no. And -- and I -- I don't need someone telling me I can't spend money on, you know, fresh flowers, because these fresh flowers help my creative process. All right, the flowers can stay. Okay. I-I don't work on fridays. Mm. I don't do that. I mean -- e-except if we're on a deadline, then I will, and only in the afternoon. Because the friday usually starts my weekend with my stepdaughter -- yes, I-I hear you about all that. Fridays -- mandatory fridays will never be an issue. Good. Good, okay. Well, now you know my emotional reasons for buying into aurora. Now let me tell you about my financial ones. This is a company whose assets have not been maximized. Especially in the print department. Now, I might be new to this, but, uh... I've done my research. Print used to make 100% of the profits. Now it makes 40%. Now, that's still good... if you, uh, adjust your expectations. Right, right. I mean, this is an outlook I like. See, I'm looking for the best long-term bet, right? The best place to park my money under the umbrella of aurora. Well, great. And I think that's crimson. In a world where magazines are dropping like flies,

crimson has actually expanded, and that's thanks to you. Oh. Well, you know, thank you. But as good as you are, nina -- and you are good -- you're very good -- you can always be better. Shiloh's at G.H.? What happened? The admitting deemed his injuries suspicious. They called the P.D. As a matter of course. The responding officer told me that shiloh isn't talking. More secrets. Shocking. So...someone went after him. That's my guess, yeah. Too bad whoever it was didn't finish the job. What? Too dark? Your image of me is tarnished?

[ Chuckles ] No. But it is easier for me to help you bend the law if I'm not worried that you're gonna go out and break it. I will do anything, okay? Anything to keep my son from that monster. Well, we're not gonna let it come to that. Okay? Promise? I promise. Thank you for the flowers. You're welcome. Now I have to follow up on something, but I'll see you soon, okay? Yeah. Oh, willow... put those in some water, okay? I will.

[ Knock on door ] Oh. Look, it's the groom-to-be. I heard you and anna are making it official. Congratulations, man. Thank you. And I hear you asked her onstage at the nurses' ball. Please tell anna it's a very good omen. I know from experience there's nothing more romantic. I will tell her. But I'm guessing the engagement is not your only news. Please tell us that ryan's awake and my wife can have his kidney.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Listening. How could I be better? Jax: Okay. With the budget you're allocated, we got to be smarter about what we put on the page. Make our product more attractive, go to more exotic locations, throw some really big, a-list parties. See, what we want to do, basically, is we want to increase circulation while maintaining the prestige of the magazine. Okay. Well, I mean, that sounds good to me. And in a world where we are inundated with content, the most important thing is brand recognition. Now, my friend kate howard, she did that when she started the magazine, but you, when you took over, you made it your own. People know what they're getting when they get crimson. They get chic. They get cutting-edge. But not pretentious. Yeah. Well, I don't want that to change. It won'T. It won'T. I'm not going to, uh, sacrifice quality to save a few bucks. The goal here is... to make the brand more recognizable, basically. What do you think about that? Well, I think that sounds great. Good. So, what I need you to do, then, is to, uh... cut production costs of each of the issues by a third. Oh. And I will take that money and put it into promotion. Oh, yeah, I don't think that's possible. What if I helped you with it? I probably shouldn't be telling my boss this, but, um...I don't know how to read a balance sheet.

[ Laughs ] Did you go to business school? No. Then how would you know how to read a balance sheet? Would you like to learn? Uh...yeah. Okay. Let's get started right now. Go ahead and log in. It's a simple two-person job. We need to eliminate the paper trail that leads to wiley.

[ Sighs ] I-I-if the birth father can't I.D. His son, then he can't lay claim to him, right? So we get into the archive in albany, grab the paperwork, records, destroy them. Yeah, well, it's -- it's not gonna be that simple. Okay. One problem is, there are other documents that lead to wiley. The adoption was closed on brad and lucas' end but not the birth mother'S. Mm-hmm. Diane must have a copy of the records. Well...I'll handle diane. Okay. Well, maybe this is a job for one of your old associates. Sam, first of all, I'm not in contact with those people anymore. Second, you're wiley's aunt and his godmother. Look, sam, please.

[ Sighs ] You know what it's like to have a child ripped away from you. Don't let that happen to your brother. There is an avenue where the birth father can file for custody of wiley, but he would have to clear a score of legal hurdles before he could trace the child to you and brad. Where does he live? Here. In port charles? Yep. And it gets worse. He's the leader of that cult, dawn of day. Are you t-- are you talking about shiloh? Yeah, I am. What do we do? Wow. We -- we fight like hell to keep your adoption sealed, and then we'll come up with a contingency plan in case we lose.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Go home to your son and your husband. There's nothing you can do right now. I'll take care of it, okay? Yeah, okay. Okay. Don't worry. Thanks, alexis. I got this. Okay.

[ Exhales sharply ] Oh, thank you very much, but I-I didn't order that. Uh, I know, but there's a request for you to wait. A gentleman would like to see you. A gentleman? He wanted it to be a surprise.

[ Knock on door ] Hey, are you busy? No, come on in. Oh, wow. Those are beautiful flowers. Are they from chase? Oh. You just missed the kids. They went straight from recess to music. Oh, that's okay. We didn't come by to sit in on your class. We came by to make sure you have a class here next year. And for many years to come. I looked over ryan's labs, had a word with his surgeon. The operation was a success. Oh. Thank god. Ryan will live to see his day in court. More importantly for us, he will live with full kidney function. Neither organ sustained any damage. Not even an infection? Mnh. Nothing that would preclude him from donating an organ. Okay, so, ryan's a viable match, he can donate, we can get you the hell up out of here. When can we do the surgery? Curtis, we can't do anything without ryan's consent. Huh. Could've sworn I slid that blade between the fourth and fifth true ribs. You did. Got to give it up for the staff here at G.H. They really know what they're doing. If I'm not living proof... hmm. Hey, ryan... want to do a little art therapy? The medium could be blood.

[ Laughs ]

[ Coughs ] Please don't die. Please. Not before we get a chance to mark the occasion. My miraculous survival? Today would've been kiki's birthday.

[ Sighs ] You know, I really cannot understand the fascination with that girl. I thought she was boring, to be honest. Insipid and dull. Nothing like her mother. Huh? No. Her mother, yeah. Ava. We should talk about ava, right? Let's talk about ava. She really exposed you for the idiot that you are. How'd that feel? I mean, you walked right into her trap -- I mean, you literally walked right -- bam -- into her trap. That must've hurt. Not, like, physically, but, you know. How did that feel? To be exposed as predictable. The brilliant ryan chamberlain? Turns out, he's just predictable. 'Cause ava knew exactly how to make you come running, and that's exactly what you did. And now... what do you got? The rest of your life in prison? No ava, no girl, no nothing. Just you and your sad, pathetic self. That's your reality now, ryan. Gotta say, I'm lovin' that.

 Jax: Okay. Let's pull up the aurora balance sheet, shall we? Mm. Which would be...?

[ Chuckles ] This one. Oh. Yeah, these were the financials when I bought my half of the company. Now look at this column right here. Oh. Wow. That's how much we spend on crimson a month. Mm-hmm. Oof. And these are the profits. Oh. Oh, that's good. That's great. It's good. Yeah. Yeah, now imagine if we move this $250,000 over here, okay? Now, we can do that without you ever running a shoot that you don't believe in. And I think the way we can do that is to maybe think ahead a little bit, to, you know, know what we actually want to shoot before we invest a bunch of money into it. You think that's doable? Uh, yeah, I do. I think it's doable. Um, I have one little problem. Actually, it's not a problem. It's -- it's wonderful, but, uh... I am getting married, and this looks like it's gonna take a lot of work. Oh. Well, that is wonderful. Um, when are you getting married? It's supposed to be soon. Okay. Well, um... you do what you can, and I'll -- I'll try to pick up the slack. Yeah. Take a look at this column. Oh. Hope I'm not interrupting something. Oh, no. Were your ears burning? We were talking about you. Yeah. I hear you're getting married. Congratulations. Thank you very much. Hmm. I look forward to working with you. I look forward to working with you. It's gonna be fun. Jax: Yes, it is. All right, what did I miss? A lot. Jasper jax is my new boss. What is this? It's a petition demanding P.C. Elementary keep their best teacher. It's signed by every parent of every student in your class. Except nina and valentin. Oh, and the taylors. Why am I not surprised? Everyone else leapt at the chance to go on record showing their support. We think you're amazing, and you've made a huge impact on all of our kids' lives, especially aiden'S. And principal schultz needs to know that before he makes a big mistake by letting you go. We wanted to show it to you first, just to make sure you're okay with it before we give it to him. We didn't want to inadvertently make things worse for you. Is that even possible? It's hard to make an informed decision without all of the information. How do I know you're not jumping the gun?

[ Scoffs ] Sam, do you really think I would come here, ask you to take this risk, if I had any other choice? Look, I'm not saying "no." I'm just -- I'm saying "not yet." I guess if I give my mom a call, she can see if brad and lucas have a chance in court. It -- I-it might not be as bad as you think. Sam -- you -- please, sam, you don't understand. This guy, he'S... okay, god forbid this guy gets custody and wiley becomes one of his cult followers. I know you want this to be a slam dunk. We all do. Curtis, where are you going? To make sure it is a slam dunk. Okay. Hey, finn, is the commissioner up for a visitor? Well, she's had a big afternoon. You may want to give her a minute to rest. Oh. Well, it gives me a chance to ask you. What? Okay, you're probably not gonna like it, but -- probably, but I won't know until you ask. I'd like to throw you a party. Get everyone together and raise a glass to you and anna. Define "everyone." Well, you know, s-some friends. Dad, obviously, know, mom would want to be there. You know, it's just that, uh -- see? You hate it. I don't hate it. Look, I don't -- I just don't want to put anything on my calendar just yet. I know anna's guest list would definitely include jordan. You know, you can fool them, but you can't fool me. Your happily-married act with your vapid wife and her vapid kids.

[ Scoffs ] Please. You envy me.

[ Laughs ] It's true. Most fun you've had in years is when you took credit for my crimes. You wouldn't have been so convincing if you didn't love it so much. Do you know what I love? Do tell. All right, I will. You lost at your own game, ryan. I love that. That's what's true. Enjoy prison. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. I knew it. Such a jax move. Yes, but in a good way, right? Mm, the best way. Sit. Thanks. Mm-hmm. What are we drinking to? Uh, my acquisition of half of aurora media. Ooh. Half. Yep. Which half? Uh, print division. Yeah, I know. It means a lot of work, but I am excited about crimson.

Crimson means nina. Yes. And nina means valentin. And valentin is trouble. With a capital T.

[ Glasses clink ]

so, is that a yes? Can we take the petition to principal schultz? Yes. Though I don't think it'll do any good. I will treasure it, though. This was so kind. We are not giving up. If schultz won't listen, another principal will. Yeah, and at the very least, you have a petition's worth of references to take to your next teaching job. I'll take any job, at this point. Lawyers are not cheap. Lawyers? Are you suing the school district? No. W-- nina? I'm not suing. I'm preparing to be sued. A cult? Julian: Yeah. Do you mean dawn of day? What, you've heard of them? Wiley's father is shiloh. So, clearly, you've heard of this guy. I'm in. You are? However bad you think shiloh is, he is worse, and I will do whatever it takes to keep wiley away from shiloh. I'm serious. You need to watch out for valentin. And that's all I'm gonna say. Really? That's all you're gonna say? Probably not. You know me, alexis. I never buy into anything without doing my homework. As soon as I started looking into nina, valentin popped up. He's, uh, got a good job running cassadine industries. So, he's good at business. He's not a good human being. Look what he did with nikolas. Nikolas is never a good subject between the two of us. Okay. Fine. Point taken. Yes, and so is yours about valentin. I'll watch my back. He's in an entirely different league. He's like your brother. He's as dangerous as your brother. Yeah, but not just for the hell of it, right? Only when it's required. And that's okay? It makes it something I can handle. So relax. Okay? Here, put some lemon into that water. Here. Is this your version -- sober version -- of cutting loose? Just give it a good squeeze. Come on. Put your back into it. There you go. That's it. I've missed you. You don't have to miss me anymore. Because I'm here to stay. Oh, my gosh. I am so energized. I have so many ideas going. I-I mean, I don't even know where to begin. And guess what. What? I know what a deficit column is. Jax showed me. A deficit co-- if you have business questions, you can come to me. Oh, yeah, I know. I know, I know, but jax, he is such a team player. He's so invested in the magazine. I mean... what's good for crimson is good for me, right?

[ Laughs ] And what's good for you is good for me, because I'm happy to see you happy. It's like a permanent condition ever since you've come back into my life. Mm.

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