GH Transcript Wednesday 5/29/19

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 5/29/19


Episode #14295 ~ Shiloh plays both sides; Kristina pleads her case; and Nina and Sasha enjoy a mother-daughter lunch.

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you are so stubborn, I can't believe it. Ohh. Coming from the most stubborn person on the planet. Can't you just admit that the lunch that I made you is better than frozen pizza? Mm. I mean... the lunch was delicious. Yeah. I enjoyed every bite, but it wasn't better than frozen pizza! There's not many things better than frozen pizza. Oh, I thought you weren't gonna eat frozen pizza while you were pregnant. Uh...jax, uh... I didn't know you were coming by. I thought that we should, uh, talk while joss is at school. Figure out how to do this without killing each other.

[ Scoffs ] Oh, thank god. Someone order a super-food salad? Maxie: You are a lifesaver. I have been so swamped, I forgot breakfast. The august issue goes to press tonight. Oh, how's it coming together? It's pretty much down to the wire. We had to allocate the editorial budget to pay for this feature we're doing on tie-dye gowns. You heard me right. Tie-die is back. Groovy?

[ Laughs ] Thanks again for bringing lunch. I'm really sorry we couldn't go out. No, please. If I wasn't eating here with you, I would be eating at my office alone at the invader. Working on anything interesting? A return to the single lady lifestyle... oh, my god. Oh, my feet still hurt from my heels last night. Same. My -- my head, too. Someone has a hangover? I had coffee and ibuprofen for breakfast. Eating some actual food should help. Oh, good, yes, actual food. That'd be great. Um, excuse me. Uh, maxie -- thank you. Maxie is holding down the fort at crimson, so we can have a leisurely lunch and gorge and gossip. Ooh, hear anything juicy? Uh, no. You and michael have fun? We did. He's a lot of fun. Mm-hmm. Too bad he deserted you for that willow tait. Michael: Willow? Michael. What are you doing here? Hey, uh, I-I just spoke for career day at my cousin jake's class. You're really making the rounds, huh? Uh, well, you know, "career day speaker" is my fallback career, so...

[ Chuckles ] Well, um, actually, I wanted to stop by and...see how you were doing. Thanks. I'm, uh, kind of a mess. Yeah, uh, things got pretty intense last night. Lucas and brad know that wiley's my son. I'm scared, michael. I feel like it's only a matter of time before shiloh finds out, too. Did you find them? Yeah, the pledges were in the envelopes, exactly where you said they were. Then why the hell are you here? Does it please you to see me like this?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I mean, quite a bit, actually. And it's only the beginning. So, that secret that you gave shiloh... is about me? I'm so, so sorry.

The most difficult part of grief -- when things should be going "back to normal." The memorial's over, the big gestures have been made. Now it's time for joss to figure out what life looks like without oscar. Yeah. Well, I think it's great that she's back in school. She's emotionally raw, for sure, but I think it's good being out and around people. Josslyn made it clear that she doesn't want everybody walking on eggshells around her. Right, which is what we were talking about. And the more we check in, the more she feels obligated to reassure us instead of working through her own feelings. I offered to send her to grief counseling, and she turned me down flat. Okay, well, we'll have to see how she does first. And if she starts acting out, we'll revisit the idea of counseling. But what's, uh -- what's more important is that the three of us continue to, uh, to work together to help her. Why wouldn't we? Because you despise me.

[ Sighs deeply ] And the feeling is mutual, by the way. It was a lot easier to keep our, uh, "truce" when I was on the other side of the planet, but that's no longer the case. And besides joss, I have business in port charles that's gonna keep me here. Maxie: Since when are you a single lady? Since I got my latest assignment at the invader. I have to pose as a single woman on a bunch of dating apps. Way to bury the lede there. I thought something happened with you and dante. No. Nothing has happened on that front, actually. Okay, so why is your editor having you troll dating apps? Are you going to write a tell-all? No, it's actually a crime story. Crimes...of the heart? More like breaking and entering and grand larceny. I'm sure you've heard about the recent burglaries -- all those young women? They were robbed while they were out on a date with some guy they were matched up with online. The guy figures out where the girl lives and then robs her while she's out, waiting for her date to arrive. So I am gonna try the same apps and hopefully catch the culprit. Sounds a little fluffy for an investigative reporter. On the other hand, this story could have a major impact on your personal life. What's wrong with michael? Oh, he's a corinthos.

[ Chuckles ] But he's also a quartermaine, so you'd think he would exhibit manners and class. Okay, I'm gonna stop you right there. Michael and i did not plan on attending the nurses' ball together. He found me stalled outside the lobby, trying to psych myself up to walk the red carpet alone. He graciously offered to escort me -- exhibiting both manners and class -- and then he stayed by my side, and we had a great -- until he deserted you. Because his friend was going through a rough time, and her date -- who happens to be a cop -- was working an investigation. I wasn't offended. I was impressed. Michael's a great guy, and if things were different... what things? I just...

[ Exhales sharply ] I'm not in the right place for a serious relationship. Thank you. I want to... I want to figure out what to do with my career first. Who knows where that'll lead me? I might not even be in port charles three months from now. I love it here. Being around you. But if the right job comes up somewhere else... yeah, but you won't be close to michael somewhere else.

[ Exhales sharply ] Um... but I -- I know, I know, I know. Your feelings aren't serious, but they could get serious. You should just be open to the possibilities. I'm sorry for pulling you away from sasha last night. Oh, no. Yeah, she -- she completely understood. It's okay. Well, still, I feel bad about ruining your night. Well, you know what? Well, maybe you can... make it up to me by letting me help you. Look, willow, you don't -- you don't have to solve this on your own. The more allies you have, the better positioned you are to keep wiley safe from shiloh. I'm not sure that's possible. Shiloh's relentless. If he finds out he's wiley's father, he will take full advantage of the fact I kept my pregnancy from him. He'll stop at nothing until he gains custody. You know, I -- I am glad that I went back to the tower.

[ Breathes deeply ] Although it was tough seeing the table where... you almost raped me...

[ Sighs ] ...Because I was too drugged up to fight you off.

[ Breathes sharply ] And then I had this crystal-clear image of jason ripping you off of me and throwing you down the stairs like a sack of garbage. And it just feels really, really good knowing that you are the helpless one now. I gave you what you wanted. Yeah, it's too late. You messed with the wrong people. Your best option is to get a lawyer and cut a deal because you might be safer in prison. Or not. I can't believe I did this. I'm so, so sorry! Honey, whatever you said to shiloh, we'll deal with it. I never meant for it to get to this point. Of course you didn't mean it. You were manipulated. But I still chose to do it. And I -- I chose to just sell you out so I could impress shiloh and further myself in dod. And I don't know if you're ever gonna be able to forgive me for what I said. Nothing you do will ever be unforgivable -- at least not to me. You don't know what I told him. Okay. So then tell me. What was in your pledge?

But we're keeping it casual and just change the subject? Hear me out. Nina -- you're beautiful, you're strong, you're confident... and michael likes that. He likes you. And, oh, like so many men, he is a sucker for a victim. Excuse me?! Willow tait could give a master class on that.

[ Voice breaking ] She's like a little, fragile flower, and -- and she needs rescuing, and she needs to hang on some man's arm. I thought you didn't like willow because she overstepped her place as a teacher. Oh, definitely. She's unfair to charlotte. Absolutely. She blames charlotte for every conflict that's in the classroom, and she doesn't give charlotte the benefit of the doubt, and it drives me crazy. Definitely. I just want to make sure that charlotte knows that she's not alone and that she has someone by her side. And I... I just think... that I was triggered by this conversation that I overheard willow having on the phone. She gave up her baby for adoption. And there's nothing wrong with that. But she didn't even tell the father. And I think it just...

[ Inhales deeply ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Triggered what my mother did to me. She stole you away from me. But you're here with me now, so it doesn't matter, right? Look, none of our stories are as simple as that. I'm sure willow's isn't, either. Yes, it's possible. You say that you want her to give charlotte the benefit of the doubt? Maybe you should do the same for willow. Carly: I, uh, take it the opportunity you mentioned is coming to fruition? Yep, it's looking good. That's great. I mean, josslyn will love having you here. Yeah. Oh, you know, I was thinking that maybe she could come and stay with me sometimes, as well. Yeah. You still looking for a place there, jax? Yeah. Uh-huh. Yeah, lucy's a bit of a chatterbox, but she's a good realtor, and there's a couple places that I really like. Kate's place is still in the running. I'm sure you'd love nothing more than to have me as a neighbor. Oh, I would love nothing more.

[ Door slams open ] Hey, sorry to interrupt. Sonny, you got a second? Yeah. I was just leaving. Uh, I'll walk you out, okay? How'd it go? Shiloh was keeping the pledges...

[ Door closes ] ...In the tower at burke lake, and we got them all. Kristina's? Sam is handling that, but there's another pledge that you might be interested in. Yeah? Margaux dawson.

[ Groans ] Margaux: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. What are you -- what are you doing?

[ Straining ] I'm just getting the blood flowing a little bit. Uh, no. No, you're not. I just spoke with the nurse, and you're not supposed to be getting out of bed. Okay. Fine. I know better to go against the da.

[ Exhales sharply ] How'd you know I was here? Well, some of us at the center were concerned about you, so I made a few calls. Oh, you're good. And you're not, apparently. What happened? It's nothing.

[ Sighs heavily ] Doesn't look that way. Margaux, it was just a little accident. That's all. It's nothing. Did that accident happen wherever you took sam? And did it involve jason? Shiloh said that the secret -- well, he called it a "gift" [Scoffs] -- When all he really wanted was blackmail leverage.

[ Breathes deeply ] I can't believe I fell for it. All right, all right. It's okay. Okay, no, it's not! He was really specific about wanting something major, something that would do damage if it ever went public.

[ Sighs heavily ]

[ Door opens ] Sam? Hey.

[ Sighs ] Okay. It's over. What are you talking about? Wh-what are you doing here? And where's that envelope -- did -- did shiloh give that to you? He did, yes, but not willingly. I don't understand. Kristina, I was never actually a part of dawn of day. It was all an act.

[ Scoffs ] What? Oh, my god. This entire time I was blaming myself for setting you up to get hurt by shiloh, and you were lying to me. Did you know about this?

[ Stammers ] At the time, I went along with sam's plan because I thought it was best for you. Kristina, I "joined" dawn of day because I was worried about you, okay, and I wanted to find out as much about shiloh as I could. I wanted to keep you safe. But after jason rescued me, you stayed in dod. Why?

[ Envelope rustling ] To get this.

Going on dates while dante's away? I'm just swiping right and setting a trap. It's not a big deal. Okay, well, if it becomes one, talk to peter. And if you're not comfortable with that, I can do it. Mm, mnh-mnh. I can't keep going over my editor's head and asking for favors from the paper's owner. I will literally never be respected by my peers. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I like this assignment. You catch the creep who's preying on innocent women, and if dante gets wind of it, it gives him major incentive to get himself back home. That came out really wrong. No, it's okay. I don't want dante to come home out of jealousy. I want him to come home because he's ready and healed. If that ever happens. Look, shiloh doesn't know anything about wiley, and you're in a strong position to keep it that way. Look, diane is a hell of a lawyer, and she's a master at finding legal loopholes. And you know what? She's like family. And once she knows how important you are to me, she will not stop until she wins your case. Well, let's hope it doesn't get to that point. I don't think it will. I can't thank you enough for all of your support, michael. I don't know what I would've done without you last night. Thank you for coming by and being so inclusive with sonny. I know that wasn't easy. Well, it's not just talk, you know. I want us to be there for joss as a united front. She's gonna need a lot of support getting through her grief. I know, and she's gonna get it from all three of us. All right. Assuming sonny, you know, doesn't have me deported again...

[ Scoffs ] ...Right when my daughter needs me the most. Okay, I -- I'm not gonna make excuses for sonny. That's good. The situation is what it is. Sonny was wrong. But you've been wrong, too, at times. Yeah. Oh -- I mean, okay, not as wrong as sonny, but maybe. Ha! Oh, that's a trap, isn't it? If we start rehashing who did what to whom, we'll get dragged into a war that no one ever wins. It's a losing game. And you know me -- I don't play to lose. You opened it? Yeah, we needed to make sure that the pledges were legit. And? So, margaux admits that she had proof that her mother conspired with joe scully to have her father murdered. And then margaux destroyed that evidence and covered up her mother's crime. You wanted leverage... right. ...Against the da? You got it. W-what makes you think I took sam anywhere?

[ Monitor beeping ] I ran into sonny corinthos, and...

[ Chuckles ] ...He had some pretty interesting things to say about you. Like what? Really damning stuff, shiloh. Well, m-margaux, come on, consider the source -- a violent, known criminal who's decided that you're his enemy. Well, whatever he said, though, it must've really got under your skin. He said you shouldn't be trusted. Well, do you believe him? How did you get this back? I-I don't even know where shiloh keeps the pledges. Well, normally, he kept the pledges at the dawn of day house in the records room, but he moved them to...

[Inhales deeply] The tower at burke lake for safekeeping. How did you find them, then? Jason can be pretty persuasive. Jason was in on this the whole time? And the breakup? It's fake. Yeah, that makes... total sense looking back now. I mean, after everything that you and jason have been through, why would you leave him for a creep like shiloh? But I bought it completely.

[ Scoffs ] I'm such an idiot. Will you stop saying that? You were subjected to emotional manipulation for months. Kristina, please just know that I did this for you. I wanted to keep you safe. So that's it? Shiloh just told you where the pledges were and it's over? Well, I, um... yeah, I-I-I torched most of the other pledges. Except mine. Yeah. It'S... it's up to you to choose what you want to do with it.

while dante was away. I appreciate it, but it's not your responsibility to make this better. Besides, you're doing plenty just being my friend. Well, thanks again for bringing lunch. I'm pretty much scared to leave my desk, but I will walk you to the elevator. I'm waiting for a budget authorization. Tie-dye ain't cheap, but it sure is on-trend. Whatever I can do to keep the magazine on the cutting edge.

[ Chuckles ] Bye. Bye.

[ Sighs ] Peter, it's maxie. Look, I'm tired of sitting here with my fingers crossed, waiting for dante to come back. We have to do something to make this right. What?! I don't belie-- oh, cause for alarm. Just some idiot in the aurora budget office. Uh, call me back. Tom? Hi, it's maxie at crimson. Look, I-I need you to contact it 'cause there's clearly some mistake. I tried transferring money from the september issue to cover an overage on august, and... what do you mean?

[ Chuckling ] That can't be right.

Crimson is autonomous. Since when?! I don't believe it! Okay, I'm coming up there right now, and you are gonna walk me through this line by line. All right, well, I'll let you get back to work. Just know that I am here for you -- whatever you need. Thank you, michael. Okay. How is it that every time I see you lately, you're with michael? Oh, my god. You are unbelievable. Are you stalking me now? Actually, no. Then what do you want? My daughter suggested that I clear the air about what happened last night. That's why you're here -- to apologize? Well, you can start by admitting that you were completely out of line. Um...uh, how it is that nothing is ever your fault, ms. Tait? You're the one who bumped into me. You were having a conversation on the phone about your personal life at the nurses' ball. Yes, I overheard, yes, I said something, but you escalated it into a personal attack. Okay, well, if it makes you feel any better, my entire life just got blown to hell. And it's all thanks to you. I'm glad you're staying, jax. And you don't have to worry about sonny. He wants us all to get along for josslyn. Okay, I'll believe that when I see it. You will. And I'll tell josslyn you stopped by. Thank you. I appreciate that. Okay. Take care of that baby, okay?

[ Exhales deeply ] Is he gone? He's gone. Okay, I, uh -- I'm gonna call lucy today and make on offer, uh, on the -- connie's property. Ohh. We can tear down that -- no, we can tear down the wall and then make it into a guest house. Yeah, but that's a lot of extra ground for security to cover. It beats having jax as a neighbor. Okay. We're committed to getting along... no, I-I -- ...for josslyn's sake, right? I-I understand that, but out of every place in port charles, he's gonna be living next door? Okay, can we just take a break before we make a huge real estate purchase, please?

[ Scoffs ] What's going on with shiloh? Uh, he's still in the hospital. But we recovered all the pledges. All right, you know what? Mm. I'm gonna go see how kristina's doing. Oh. Tell her we love her, please? Y-yeah, I will. All right. Okay. -See you later. -Yeah.

[ Sighs ] So? You must be happy. Yeah, I mean, shiloh's got no power. Yeah, and there's no reason you and sam can't be together. Right? Okay, it'S... it's my pledge. Are you sure? I'm sure that the flash drive has my original recording, and shiloh transcribed it and had me sign it before...

[Inhales deeply] ...Before what was supposed to be my initiation. This is it. Okay, well, I mean, it's possible that another copy of the transcript exists somewhere, but it doesn't matter, right, mom? The original version is in your hands, so anything else would be hearsay. You're free from shiloh and dod. So, what should I do with it? Whatever you want to do with it. You can either tell us what was in there, or you can never say another word about it again, and we will respect your decision, right? Yeah. Right.

[ Match scratches ] I just -- I-I feel terrible ab

You are way too hard on yourself. It's not like we had plans after the ball. We decided to go together last minute. It's not a big deal, really. Then why do I feel so compelled to make it up to you?

[ Breathes sharply ] I know we agreed to be... friends with benefits. This does not sound good. Okay, just hear me out. Please.

[ Chuckling ] I, uh... I like to get to know my friends. Wouldn't they be strangers otherwise? You're not gonna make this easy for me, are you? No chance. Why not? [ Sighs ] You are way too cute when you're flustered.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, listen... I was wondering if, uh... tonight you'd like to grab dinner with me. I don't know, michael. Sounds like a date to me. No, it's not a date -- just -- just two adults sitting across from each other, eating some food. Could get romantic. Well, you know what, then I-I-I promise I'll order something with a lot of garlic. Okay. Good. We don't want to risk developing feelings. No. You know what, um... we'll cross that bridge if we ever get to it. Deal? Yeah. Deal. All right. Uh, ms. Tait, how have I destroyed your life? You know what? Forget it. It's none of your business. Have you thought of teaching theater? Because you really have a flair for the dramatic. Excuse me? Right there. Did you really come here just to insult me? No, actually, I came here to talk to you about your involvement with michael. What? Well, you literally can't help yourself, can you? You see him having a great time with sasha, but that won't do. It's like you need him in your back pocket for when your boyfriend leaves you feeling neglected or something. Or maybe it's simpler than that. Maybe you're just more attracted to michael's bank account than detective chase'S. I am not going to defend my relationship with michael or anyone else. You don't need to. I saw what I needed to see. Have a nice break, ms. Tait. I'm assuming it will be a long one.

[ Sighs ] These last few months must've been torture. I mean, all that time spent apart. It hasn't been fun. Well, look, don't get me wrong -- I'm happy for kristina. I am so happy that she's safe and she's away from dod and that you recovered whatever secrets she shared with shiloh, but now, jason, you need to prioritize. I thought you were doing that for me. Okay, I'm serious. You've been home for almost two years. There's nothing standing in your way. You and sam can be together now for the rest of your lives! Okay, I-I will keep that in mind. Where are you going? I got something to take care of. That's not true. You're just trying to avoid the conversation. Okay, that, too. I know I meddle, but I only do it because I love you and I want you to be happy. I know. I love you, too. Bye. Thank you.

[ Exhales heavily ]

[ Doorbell rings ] I'll get it. -Hey. -Hi. Come over here. What's going on in there? Well, sam brought over kristina's pledge and it's currently burning to ashes in the fireplace. Probably for the better, right? Yeah. Well, we're all in the clear 'cause that -- that pledge can't be used against me anymore. See, that's the thing. I don't know all the details, but apparently, the secret that she told shiloh was not about you. It's about me. Did you actually go through the initiation?

[ Sighing ] Um...well... only part of it, but it was nothing that I can't survive. I don't know how I can ever thank you for doing this for me. Hey. You don't have to. You're my sister. I'd do anything for you. I'm not sure what to think. And I want to believe in you, shiloh. But sonny said that he has proof that you committed criminal acts.

[ Scoffs ] And he showed me things in that attic room at the house. Wait, I'm s-- I'm sorry, w-- when you "crossed paths" with sonny, you were at dawn of day house? He called me last night and he insisted that I meet him there. He wanted to know where you were. And o-of course, I couldn't tell him... no. ...But he kept insisting that you were a con man and a criminal and that he had proof. Oh. Well, I...

[ Chuckles ] I mean, it's manufactured proof, no doubt. Look, sonny -- sonny is upset with me because I-I've been more of a father figure to -- to kristina than he's ever been his entire life. And you of all people should know how -- how sonny views fathers as threats. Okay. I mean, you -- you believe me, don't you? Yeah, I just... I just needed to hear it from you. Okay. I'll let the others know at the house that you're okay. And, um, I want you to get some rest. Okay. Oh, margaux, wait. Yeah? Before you go, there's, uh -- there's something else I need from you.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Look, you know I appreciate everything you've done for kristina, right? Yeah. You think I can see her? Yeah. Is she up to it? Yeah, yeah. No, I-I-I bet she would love to see you. Okay.

[ Door closes ] So? It's over. So I guess we'll never know what secret she shared with the monster. It doesn't matter. Not unless... she may want to tell us someday. Mom, I-I wouldn't push it. Whatever the pledge was, it -- it's gone. Okay? It can't -- it can't haunt us anymore. What do you need? Margaux, I would love to take it on faith that sonny's lies and deceptions can't hurt me, right? And if it was just my welfare at stake, then I-I-I-I wouldn't mind, but there are -- there are other people who stand so much to lose, and we cannot let sonny manipulate the authorities. We cannot let sonny destroy everything dawn of day has worked so hard to build here in port charles. Can we? So, uh, what do you want me to do? Well, if sonny ever turns over that evidence that he claims to have against me... can you make sure that it never sees the light of day? Excuse me. Can I help you? Yeah, uh, I'm jason morgan. I'm -- I'm michael's uncle. Can -- can I come in? Yeah, sure. You just missed him, if you're here to see him. No, I actually came to -- to give you something. My god! This is... yeah, it's yours. Again. How did you find it? Well, you don't really have to worry about that. All the pledges were destroyed. Shiloh's got nothing over you anymore. Wait, jason. Why did you give this to me? Because you put yourself on the line for kristina. And that makes you a hero in my book. Sasha: I've gotta run some errands, but, yeah, let's grab dinner later. Okay. Um... where do you want to go? I'll look up some places, and I'll text you the reservation. Sound good? Can't wait. See you soon. Counting on it. I am not gonna say a word. Oh. You sure? 'Cause you look like you really want to say something. I'm just glad you're getting back out there.

[ Chuckles ] W-- what are you doing in my office? Celebrating the beginning of a beautiful partnership.

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