GH Transcript Friday 5/24/19

General Hospital Transcript Friday 5/24/19


Episode #14289 ~ Brad looks to Julian for advice. Sam is helpless. Margaux confronts Sonny. Ava looks for answers. Laura calls Chase.

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Looks like shiloh lost a couple of his "true believers."

[ Scoffs ] If you're referring to the two men that I passed on the way in... yeah. ...They appear to have been knocked unconscious. Well, uh, they must not have been hurt too bad, 'cause they walked away under their own power. And I'm hoping they went to the bus station and got out of town.

[ Sighs ] Did you threaten them? What difference does it make? They're gone. So you're dodging my question: Where's shiloh? How would I know? Because he's your leader, right? Where would he go to try to hide? You've wanted this as much as I wanted this, right, haven't you? Yeah. Why -- why -- why did you bring me here? Because I told you the last time we were here that you and I would see a dawn together. That's why. I told you that we were going to experience that. Everything -- everything, sam, has been leading up to this moment. Our bodies...

[ Groans ] ...Our souls... no, no, no. No, no. ...The perfect union. Everything's been leading up to this night.

[ Groans ] Hey, lulu. I just want to let you know -- it's official. Ryan chamberlain is back in town. Yeah, where are the kids? Okay, that's good. And I need you to be very careful tonight, okay?

[ Elevator bell dings ] Yes, honey, I will be careful, too. I love you. Bye-bye. Where's detective chase? He's organizing the manhunt for ryan. How's jordan? Not good. She suffered a cardiac event. Oh, no. Laura, we need to locate chamberlain now. Don't worry. He's not gonna get away this time. The police have been given instructions to shoot on sight. No! No, no, no, no. He has to be brought in alive.

[ Sighs ] Jordan's life depends on it. Detective chase. Now that ryan chamberlain is -- h-hold on a second. Detective chase with the port charles police department. Is this julian jerome? Detective, it's the middle of the night. What do you want? I'm looking for your sister, ava. Have you seen her? Not since she had me arrested. Why? She isn't at her apartment. We're checking the art gallery. Any other place that you can think of that she might be? Try any bar in the city. Or you could try her new boyfriend's place, kevin collins. Alright. Let us know if she contacts you. Thanks. Thank you. Alright, keep me posted. You got it. Do you have something? What is it? Ava... what are you doing? What I've dreamt of doing since the moment I found out you killed my daughter. No, no. You don't want to shoot me. You love me. We belong to each other.

 The dialysis is putting a strain on jordan's heart.

[ Sighs ] Well, what about kevin? Isn't he a match? He was. As it turns out, he's prediabetic from his ordeal at ferncliff. Makes him ineligible to be a donor. Kevin's prediabetic? Yeah. Ryan's a match, which is why we got to catch him and bring him in alive, and you have to call off that shoot to kill order. I understand, and I will.

[ Sighing ] Okay. Now I got to try to locate ryan chamberlain.

[ Sighs ] You got any leads? Ava jerome is missing. The theory is that she set a trap for ryan. Yeah, that doesn't surprise me. Have we checked the gallery or julian's house? How about kiki's old apartment? I will call chase. I'll get a complete update. I'll tell him that he has to bring ryan in alive. Okay. Make sure he understands how important this is, okay? At this point, ryan is jordan's only chance. And... I can't lose her. Hey, it's gonna be alright. It's gonna be alright. I can'T.

[ Gasps ] What -- what is it? Did something happen? Is -- is doc okay? Is he alright? No, he's fine, absolutely fine. He's being monitored. Um, did you just come from the metro court? Have you heard anything? Uh, yeah, just there. I just left. It's crazy still. The cops are very busy trying to sort things out, but I did overhear one of them say they're looking for ava. Do you know, I wouldn't be surprised if she fled the city, because that woman thinks of no one but herself. I sure hope not, for jordan's sake. What? Wh-what does jordan have to do with this? Kevin was going to donate a kidney to jordan because he's a match, but something complicated the issue, and he can't go through with the procedure, so ryan is also a match. Right, obviously, 'cause he's kevin's twin. And wherever ava goes, ryan ain't far behind. I-I-I'm so sorry. I sure wish there was something I could do. Wait a minute. Wait. Maybe there is something I can do. Thanks, detective. I'll be in touch. Was the lead good? No, false alarm. So, ryan could be anywhere. We'll find him. I've got every P.D. Searching between lower canada and new york city, plus the fbi. We'll get it done. Well, what about ava? Can't you track her using her phone or something? We're trying. She's off the grid. She turned her phone off. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Does that mean that ryan might've gotten to her? Or kidnapped her? That was my first thought, but mac, felicia, and your mother believe that ava is setting a trap, that maybe she lured him somewhere, planning to murder him herself. As revenge for kiki... that was a warning. I'm not ready for you to die just yet. You are gonna feel firsthand the same terror that your victims felt when they realized they were about to die. You are gonna face your killer the way my daughter faced hers! I explained to you why I had to kill kiki. I did it for you -- I heard what you said. That you did it out of love for me. But I already knew. It's what keeps me up at night. It haunts my every waking moment. You told me she betrayed you. That you were better off without her. I lied. What do you mean? Did you honestly think that I could love you? Did you really believe that I would run away with you? I have been planning this for months. Ever since that night on the bridge, I've been waiting to kill you. Waiting to get justice for my daughter. No. No, you won'T. You can'T. Our bond is too strong. Hmm. You are going to die for what you did to kiki. But it won't be quick. I'm gonna give you time... time to hurt as much as I do. Ava! Don't worry. I'm an excellent shot. You won't die until I'm good and ready. How do you feel, ryan? Is your heart pounding? Are you desperate for a way out? But there is no escape. Is that what it was like for kiki? Tell me, ryan. Tell me all about my daughter's last moments on this earth. I don't know where shiloh is, and even if I did, I wouldn't tell you. You are protecting a con man. He isn't a con man. Oh, no, he's worse. He's a predator. I thought you were smarter than to get involved in this dawn of day.

[ Scoffs ] Wow. And, well, what does that say about your daughter? My daughter is -- is young. She's -- she's lost. She didn't have a lot of direction. I can see her falling into this freak show. But the D.A.? Why -- how could you let yourself get wrapped up in this organization? Because of you.

[ Knock on door ] You have got to be kidding me.

[ Exhales sharply ] Man, I already told you I don't know where ava -- julian, please. I need you to let me in. Brad, what are you doing here? What is this -- about ava? What? No, please, I have to talk to you, okay? I had to sneak out just to see you. Lucas is already upset enough as it is. Just...keep it down, okay? Kim is sleeping. What is going on? Something happened at the nurses' ball tonight. Something that could mean I lose wiley...

[ Door closes ] ...And lucas. Oh, you're exactly what I needed. Mm. [ Smooches ] You're exactly what I needed. With you by my side, I can do anything. I know that now. I know that now. We were destined to be together. We were destined. We fulfill each other on every level. We fulfill each other, sam. We were destined together. It starts tonight. No. Yes. Yes. Yes.

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Clatter ] Hey.

[ Sobbing ] Sam... I'm here. It's jason. Jason... you're safe. You're safe. It's okay. You're safe. It's okay.

 Do you think that just because I've moved on with my life I've forgotten how you've turned it upside-down? How you not only took my father away from me, but you took my mother, too? Your mother and joe scully had your father killed. I gave you the evidence for that. I've accepted my mother's part in my father's death... okay. ...And that my entire life was based on a lie. Perhaps I could've just shrugged it off and thought, "oh, well," but I couldn't do that. Not until I met shiloh, and I read his story, and I found this organization that finally gave me the peace that I'd been looking for. Shiloh fed you a bunch of lies. I don't expect you to get it, okay? You surround yourself with thugs and criminals.

[ Chuckles ] I mean, you're not -- you're not used to dealing with decent men, and shiloh is selfless and caring. He's a welcoming man. Margaux, he's a liar and a predator! You gotta get that through your head! And the only reason he welcomed you is 'cause he wants the D.A. In his back pocket! Hey, it's okay. It's okay. I got you. Jason? I'm here. I'm right here. I tried -- I tried to stop him. No, you did. You did.

[ Sobbing ] I don't feel good. I don'T... okay. It's okay. I'm gonna get you some help. Come on. Okay, okay, okay, wait. Ava came to me recently, and she wanted to buy a vacation spot -- a cabin in the woods, which was really weird, but even weirder is why would she pick me of all the realtors in port charles? Especially since I was so mad at her for stealing kevin from... you, laura. Thank you. Right, well, a commission, however, is a commission. So, did she buy it? This cabin? Yeah, she did. And she didn't even blink at my inflated commission, and what's really weird is she didn't care that it was way, way out there.

Way. As in isolated? Uh-huh. Okay. Well, where is it, lucy? Okay, um, cedar mountain. Wait, shouldn't we be calling the cops and letting them know? Exactly where is it on the mountain?

[ Sighs ] I know where you're going with this. I need to notify the police. Okay, look. Let me just have a head start. That's all I ask, okay? I can find out if ava's okay and make sure that ryan doesn't get shot by the cops. 20 minutes, laura. After everything we've been through... let me have this. Where? Okay. Okay, wait, wait, wait. Oh, two miles directly east of the intersections of route 5 and route 7, and listen to me -- it is way off the road. I am working on it. I am, but there are no hits on the apb I put out on ava's car. No roadblocks have turned up anything, which leads me to believe that she is probably already at her destination. Now, I am waiting to hear from valerie... she's canvassing rental car places. Get the rcmp on the phone and turn up the heat on the stolen vehicle report that they promised me. You're doing a great job running this case. You are. But don't you think it's time you notified the public that ryan chamberlain is on the loose? Ryan: Ava, this masochism doesn't suit you. You don't need to hear about your daughter's final moments on earth. Unless you're trying to punish yourself. Tell me. Or I'll shoot off the hand you got left. Alright. Alright. As you wish. I tried to make it quick for her. To be merciful. To make sure she didn't feel any pain. You told me that you wanted her out of your life, and I set about doing that for you so that she and griffin wouldn't hurt you anymore. I tried to take him out, too. Maybe I should've been more meticulous. Maybe that one would've stuck, but by that time, it didn't matter. You were mine. Do you remember how happy I was... when you told me you loved me? How happy you were when I told you that I loved you? That's not what I asked. I want to know what kiki did when she realized that you were at her apartment to kill her. I wish you wouldn't do this. Now! She was scared. She tried to get away. When I cornered her, she started to cry. And then she cried out for you. "Mommy." She said, "mommy, mommy, mommy."

[ Sniffling ]

Okay, well, let's just figure this out. What exactly happened? You weren't there. The ball was a disaster. And this was before everything just started getting worse. What are you talking about, "worse"? What else happened? Lucas thinks wiley's birth father... is shiloh. Shiloh? The dawn of day guy? Yes. And I have taken wiley to workshops there before. Shiloh kept encouraging me t-to bring him back, but at the ball, shiloh found out willow had a child, and now he thinks willow's baby is his, and now he is determined to find his child.

[ Scoffs ]

[ Gasps ] Jason? Hey. I'm right here.

[ Sighs ] You should try to get some rest. Every time I close my eyes, I see him. I just -- I... I don't know... were -- were we at the tower? How did we get there?

[ Sighs ] Sonny and I... you know, we were monitoring everything that happened in the attic. We heard shiloh give you the tea and pressure you into -- into drinking it, and then when the tattoo... when the tattoo was -- was finished, he said something about, you know, it was only fitting that "only his hands had touched you" -- and that was it. I-I-I went in, and then there were guys guarding... he -- he said that we were alone. Well...he lied. There were two guys guarding the door. But by the time sonny and I got past them... you and shiloh were gone. How did you find us? Why do you hate shiloh?

[ Scoffs ] He only wants to help our community. He does not care that I am the district attorney. He's never asked for a favor. That's how you operate. Right, right, so if he was hauled in for sexual assault charges, you wouldn't give him special treatment? He is the most peaceful soul I have ever met. He would never assault anyone, sexually or otherwise. Jason morgan attacked him, and shiloh refused to press charges. He was manipulating you like he does everybody else. Let me tell you how this works. He asks you to join his inner circle, asks for "a pledge" -- some ugly secret you can't tell anyone. Once you accept it, you sign it... he sets up an "initiation," drugs you, tattoos you, and he has sex with you. Now, I'm not a lawyer, but does that sound like sexual assault to you? We let the public know to be on the lookout, we may get calls from people who have seen ryan.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Or we will start a panic and get a bunch of sightings that will lead us nowhere. Excuse me. I gotta take this. Detective chase. Chase, it's laura webber. Uh, listen -- I may have a location for ava jerome, and if ryan is there with her, I need you to tell your officers to stand down. Say again? No deadly force, no shots fired. I need ryan chamberlain brought in alive. Kiki died calling for me, and I wasn't there. I did it for you, ava. I'd do anything for you. I didn't mean those things I said. I was jealous. I was hurting. Because of you, my daughter died believing that I hated her. But you're mistaken. The last thing she said -- her last words were, "tell my mother I'm sorry. Tell my mother I love her." Your daughter loved you, ava. But she's gone. And I'm here. And I love you. Well, that's too bad. 'Cause I'm gonna kill you. No, you're not. You murdered my daughter. She was beautiful. She was perfect in every way, and you killed her. And it wasn't for me! It was for yourself! Because you are -- you are evil! I despise you! You know, I've given this a lot of thought. I want to make sure you die. But I don't want it to be quick and painless. A shot to the gut might be best. Something agonizing. Something to cause you pain as you lie there and bleed out. Ava, you don't want to do this. Yes, I do. More than anything I've ever wanted in my life.

 I have no one else to talk to about this. No one else knows I got our baby from -- yeah, some random woman on the side of the road, yeah.

[ Sighs ] Right.

[ Sighs ] Look, the bottom line is, willow thinks wiley is her biological child. And now shiloh knows willow had his baby, and he's gonna come after her. She'll lead him to wiley, and then everything will be blown wide open!

[ Sighs ] Unless... I mean, shiloh's a reasonable man, right? Yeah, h-h-he's kind, caring, and a wonderful adviser. Maybe if I just tell him the truth, he'll back off a-and leave us alone. No. No, you're gonna shut your mouth and not say a word to anybody, especially that worm. Shiloh said that he would "show you a new dawn." And he said something similar when he took you up to burke lake, you remember? That stupid story about watching the sunrise from the tower, and I just... yeah. ...Just figured that he would take you there.

[ Exhales sharply ] I guess I -- I mean, I passed out on the car ride there, because I don't -- I don't remember... I mean...

[ Sighs ] ...The tower. And then he -- then he put me down on the table, and I-I tried to say -- I tried to say "no." I-I -- and I-I couldn't -- I couldn't, like, move, and he...

[ Sighs ] He picked me up, and he...started kissing me, jason, and I could b-- I couldn't -- I could barely breathe. It -- then he was... gone, r-right? And -- and then you were there. What -- what happened to shiloh? I threw him down the stairs. he dead? With any luck. You're lying. Shiloh would never do those things. What is wrong with you? I'm -- I'm trying to warn you that shiloh is a blackmailer and a sexual predator. And instead of calling the cops and launching some kind of investigation, you're defending him! D-does... does he have something on you? You took my father away from me, and now you want to take this away from me, too? Believe it or not, I'm -- I'm trying to look out for you. What the hell do you care? I... maybe I shouldn't, but I do. You mother and s-- and scully made you a victim. Now you're allowing shiloh to do the same thing. You want to save yourself? You're gonna have to face the truth.

[ Door opens ] Wait! Wait just a minute. You just promised curtis that you would give him at least a 20-minute head start. I didn't promise anything, and I waited as long as I -- but you made him believe that -- you thought -- mom! Chase said that you may have broken the case? How did you know where ava was? Uh, yoo-hoo! Thank you. Lucy provided the information about ava's cabin. Yeah, sometimes it pays to be a real-estate agent in more ways than one. I'll make sure you get a commendation for helping us. Gee, thank you. You know, I could've been a lot more help if you'd kind of let me in on the whole thing to lure ryan back here, the whole hoax -- I would've been a lot more h-help, and I also would've saved myself buckets of grief. Do you know... I was pretty heartbroken over the fact that maybe kevin had actually fallen for ava. Uh, lucy... you do realize that kevin is my husband, right? Hope springs eternal. One more thing, before I pull the trigger. There's something you need to know. Your brother is so much smarter than you are. Kevin knew exactly how to set you up. He knew exactly how you would react. And in the end -- this is the end -- you were pedestrian and predictable. Don't say that. I'm sure the truth hurts. But if it's any consolation, I guarantee you the bullets will hurt more. I think twice in the gut and once in the leg ought to do the trick. Ava, don't shoot. Don't shoot. Curtis, get out of here! Jordan nearly died of a heart attack, okay? She's been taken off of dialysis. Ryan could be a donor. We've got to keep him alive. He killed my daughter. He killed my girl. Ava, I understand that, okay, but think about what kiki would want. Would she want you to avenge her, or would she want you to honor her by helping jordan live?

This is terrible, mom. Yeah. I had no idea that jordan's condition was this serious. Yeah. I'm very, very worried for her. I h-hate to ask, but what makes you so sure that ryan would even cooperate? He could care less about helping a police commissioner. Unless... he used it to bargain for something in return. That's it. But we're getting ahead of ourselves right now. We don't even know if ava was able to lure ryan into a trap. We don't know if the police are gonna be able to capture him and bring him in alive. So... I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but I empathize with ava. After what ryan did to me, I would want them to shoot on sight. I know. And if ryan had taken you from me, I don't know what I would do. Ava wants closure. And if ryan survives whatever is happening tonight, will she get that? Will any of us? Ava, give me the gun.

[ Breathing heavily ] I don't know that I can do that, curtis. I know, but if he dies, jordan dies. You don't know that. Ryan will get everything that's coming to him. But death is too merciful. Send his ass to prison and let this animal spend the rest of his life inside a cage. Don't just put him out of his misery. You let him die slowly. You go on living your life, ava, while he rots in a jail cell. That's the best revenge of all. Come on, now.

[ Sobbing ] Come on. Give me the gun. Give me the gun. Give me the gun. I got it, I got it. It's okay. Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. No, no, no. Unh-unh. Yeah. Let's not get slick. Chamberlain, get on the ground! Look. Don't shoot. Don't shoot. Don't shoot. Hold your fire. Here. All right. You owe me. Chase: Secure him. Ryan chamberlain, you are under arrest for the murders of mary pat ingles, peyton mills, and kiki jerome. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. How's sam? She's, uh, still groggy, but recovering. She's improving. She's -- the doctors say she'll be fine by tomorrow. I pulled out all the surveillance equipment. Yeah, I checked with spinelli. He said he got clean audio on everything that happened. Well, that's good news. We got leverage on shiloh. I just don't know if it was worth it. Where are we?

[ Echoing ] In our special place. The place we get to see our first new dawn together. That's what you want, isn't it? N-no, no. Oh, shh, shh, shh, shh. This is what we've been planning for. It's that final moment when you become mine. Whoa. W-what did shiloh ever do to you? That guy's poison. The only thing that we actually have going for us right now is that shiloh doesn't actually suspect that wiley is his son, so you need to keep your mouth shut, because if shiloh goes for custody, this whole messy situation is gonna be exposed, and you will lose wiley. And lucas. Everything -- I-I'd lose everything.

[ Sighs ] Please, julian, t-tell me how to stop this. Tell -- tell me what to do.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Grunts ] Sonny: Good, you're awake. Remember my philosophy? "Family first, always -- at any cost."

 I'm not gonna tell you what to do because I've been dragged into this mess enough as it is. I know. I-I know, but lucas is freaking out, and I can't even trust myself to -- to even think straight. I was about to go to shiloh! There's no light at the end of this tunnel! Calm down. We're not gonna solve anything tonight, so let's just revisit this when we're both thinking clearly. We are running out of time. Go home. I'm gonna take care of this one way or the other. And I promise you, I'm not gonna let anybody take wiley away from you or lucas. Especially shiloh. You messed with my family. Now you're gonna pay the price. That trip down the stairs? That's just the start.

[ Breathes deeply ] Terrible things are gonna start happening to you unless you hand me over that pledge. You understand me? My daughter's pledge. Think it over. Somebody's gonna be by here in the morning to discuss the details.

[ Monitor beeping ] Shiloh: Everything -- everything, sam, has been leading up to this moment. Our bodies...

[ Groans ] ...Our souls... no, no, no. No, no, no.

[ Echoing ] ...The perfect union. We were destined to be together. No. Yes. Yes. Yes.

[ Clatter ]

[ Sighs ] Jason... hey. It's okay. It's okay. You're safe. Is it -- is it really over? Y-you're really here? I've got you, okay? I'm not going anywhere. It's okay.

[ Sighs ] They got him. Oh! Yes, I just got off the phone with dispatch, and chase is making the arrest as we speak. Oh, that's good news. Yeah. Especially for jordan. Yeah, I --

[ Sighs ] I feel the same way. I know... ryan's been in custody many times, and he's managed to escape. I want to believe that this time it will be different, but... it will be. Come on, now. It will be. I think that he has finally outwitted himself. There's no one left for him to deceive. There's no escape. He's going to prison, and he's gonna stay there.

[ Police radio chatter ] You okay? Okay. Excuse me. Uh, detective chase. Hmm? Can I borrow your phone? I'm gonna call T.J. And let him know we're on our way. Yeah.

[ Police radio chatter ] Someone will contact you to take your statement. Let's go.

[ Chuckles ] You couldn't pull the trigger. You love me. Move.

[ Grunts ]

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