GH Transcript Thursday 5/16/19

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 5/16/19


Episode #14283 ~ Carly receives important test results. Peter expresses his gratitude. Maxie checks on Lulu. Alexis comes to Julian's rescue. Molly gets an idea.

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Oh, my god. You're not scalping nurses' ball tickets, are you? I'm pretty sure that's illegal. Oh, well, way to blow my cover. Don't even think about bailing on the nurses' ball. I've already heard amazing rumors about who's gonna be performing this year. Mm. Like who? Uh, detective harrison chase, for one. Do you remember how good -- and how gorgeous -- he was last year? Let me think -- do I remember? Yes.

[ Laughs ] I'm just happy that peter and i made it back in time. Thank god there was no line at security. I gotta say, flying on a private jet has totally ruined flying commercial for me. Oh, you poor thing.

[ Chuckles ] I guess it was worth it for the first date. Toronto is beautiful, and I would go back any time. And how random that I ran into your mom and curtis ashford. What? She didn't tell you? I-I saw them in the hotel lobby. It was snowing, and the clerk told them that the hotel was booked, so I invited them to stay with us in our room for a few hours. And that didn't derail your date? No, it most certainly did not. It was like magic... as if everything was falling into place.

[ Chuckles ] Earl grey. Milk. One sugar. Well, thank you very much. That's great. You don't want anything? Thank you very much for the excellent advice you gave me. Oh, about what subject? Me. And maxie.

[ Foot tapping ]

[ Elevator bell dings ] You're late. Yeah. Sorry. Why did you insist we needed to meet in person? I want to take you up on your offer to go after robert scorpio. He still hasn't returned my ring. That guy's got some nerve. Mm-hmm. It gets worse. He tried to pawn off a substitute on me.

[ Chuckles ] Didn't your father pick out the most stunning ring? Yeah. Nice job, dad. Yeah. It's nothing compared to the woman who's wearing it.

[ Giggles ] Are you as gifted at flattery as your father, sonny? It's a family trait.

[ Both laugh ] Hey, thank you for coming to our engagement party. I-I know the nurses' ball is tonight, and we just could not wait.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, would you excuse us a second? Yeah, yeah. Mikey, would you come help? Are you sure this is okay? It's not like they're signing a marriage license. Yeah, but does yvonne's husband know that she's engaged? Yes. He graciously bowed out. Okay. Okay. We're all set. Okay, uh, here you go. Yeah, thanks. I'd like to make a toast. Can everybody put their glasses up high like that? Uh -- uh, w-w-wait. There's somebody missing. Somebody missing? Carly. Yeah.

[ Gasps ] Oh, is she alright? Yeah, yeah, yeah. She's on her way. She -- she had something important to take care of.

[ Sighs ] Dr. Navarro? Carly. Come in. Good to see you again. Uh, you, too. Please. Thank you. How are you feeling? I understand you were having some round ligament pain yesterday? Uh, yeah. Nothing too terrible. Epiphany examined me. I...rested for about 15 minutes, I went home, and the pain stopped. Yeah. I'm sure nurse johnson explained that round ligament pain is totally normal at this stage. She did, and she also said that you would have my cvs test results today. I've got them right here. Please tell me my baby's healthy. Needed some fresh air after that ordeal. It couldn't have been that bad. The pcpd only kept you overnight in the holding cell. Well, that was one night too many. Listen, thanks for picking me up when I called. I think you should probably thank your sister. I have a feeling she's the one that -- that got kevin to drop the assault charges. You think? Yeah, I do. I also think that you should keep your fists to yourself from now on. Listen, under different circumstances, I probably would have called kim. But it's just, right now... I think that she's got enough on her plate. You want to take a break? Uh, no, no, no. It's -- it's -- it's okay. It's fine. Honestly, we can just put this in oscar's room. We can get back to it when... you feel ready. But I just think that starting and stopping, it's just -- it's gonna make it so much worse. Okay. Yeah, whatever you want. Wow. [ Chuckles ] It's oscar's last english report. "Oscar's the type of student who reminds me why I became a teacher. He makes everyone in the class want to be better, including me." He made us better, too. Gracious greetings. How was the trip? Mm. Ah, well, easy flight, and accommodations are more than comfortable. And I, of course, appreciate you covering all my expenses, although it truly was not necessary. Uh, spinelli, you're doing us a huge favor.

[ Knock on door ] Oh, here's our missing co-conspirator now. Fair samantha.

[ Chuckles ] Oh! Hi, spinelli. Hi. D-dare I hope that this urgent summons signals the end of shiloh?

 I'm so glad that things are falling into place for you. Aw, thanks, lu. And by "things," I hope you mean you and peter, and by "place," you mean your hotel bed. Mm! Let's just say... it was worth the wait. So, you sure you don't have any complaints that we didn't land in paris? No complaints. Not a single one. Lulu: Finally! Cheers!

[ Laughs ] Yes! [ Laughs ] My only regret is that it took us so long to get to this point. I can't help but think of all the time that I wasted wondering if it was too soon or if we were taking too long. Well, don't think about it as time wasted. It sounds like the two of you found the perfect time to, um... to be together.

[ Breathes shakily ] Well, the plan was to whisk maxie away to paris. Oh. However, we got rerouted to toronto. Oh, I love toronto. It's a really nice city. Well, as of now, it's hands down one of my all-time favorites. There you go. So, thank you. For giving me the necessary push I needed to follow my heart. I'm really glad you did. Me too. Enjoy it. Oh. What about you? Hmm. What about me? Well, how have you been? Good. You know.

[ Sighs ] I think there's going to be a rather strange turn of events coming up. I believe I'm gonna receive a marriage proposal. Yeah. It's not finn proposing, you see. Finn: Will you look at this? I mean, really look at it. Scorpio tried to pass this one off as the one I bought for anna. It looks nothing like it. I mean, it's not that bad. Not much of a gemologist, are you? Did you mean it when you said you wanted to arrest him? Look, if I arrest scorpio over the theft of what is obviously an engagement ring, anna's gonna find out. And it won't be too big of a jump for her to figure out that you were planning to propose. It's a risk I'm willing to take. You do realize that there's an alternative -- one that cuts scorpio out completely.

[ Sighs ] I'm listening. Ask anna to marry you... without the ring. Okay, enough of showing off this ring. At least until carly gets here. Mikey, would you help me get some food from the kitchen? Um...sure. So, is that -- is that ring a family heirloom? I've never seen that ring in my life. Well, it looks real. It seems to be. I have no idea how my dad got ahold of that ring. Your baby's just fine. The cvs test revealed absolutely no sign of any potential birth defects.

[ Sighs ] Thank you. Thank you. You're the one taking such great care of yourself and the baby. Keep it up. Well, I have lots of help. I do. Like, my husband cooks every meal, my son walks with me. All good. Keep listening to your body. You know what you need. Okay. This is great. Thank you. And I'll be in touch, um, to set up my next appointment. You want it in two weeks, right? Actually, I'd like to see you sooner than that. Why? I thought you said everything was okay. Hey. Hey.

[ Chuckles ] It's good to see you. You too. Thanks for meeting me. I wasn't sure if you'd come. Well, here I am. You've never given up on me. I'm just glad you're finally taking your life back. I'm still a work in progress. Hey, we all are. But at least you opened your eyes to what was really happening to you at dod. Yeah. Now if only I could get sam to do the same. She's going down the same path that I was. She doesn't realize that shiloh is a predator. We have a way to put shiloh in prison, and it leaves our hands clean. A solution devoutly to be wished. Elaborate, please. So, when, um, shiloh initiates a new woman into the trust, he drugs her first to lower her resistance, he tattoos her, sleeps with her. It's assault, sexual battery -- all felonies. Okay, b-but to secure conviction, a prosecutor would need witness testimony and corroborating evidence. Yeah, and -- and that's where you come in. You and jason are -- are gonna bug the dawn of day house. Okay, uh, to what end? You're gonna record my "initiation."

 I remember when he got that. Yeah. It was right after he read that article about how he could see the meteor showers from the summit of kilimanjaro. Kid never gave up on his dream. Nope. Oh. What? Um, it's the, um -- it's oscar's page from his yearbook. He -- he ne-- he never turned it in. What'd he write? "Don't let your troubles hold you back. Let them propel you forward." That should be in the yearbook. Yeah, I'm -- I will -- I'll drop that off at the school tomorrow.

[ Groans ] And I have so much mail, and I just -- I just don't have the energy. I'll tell you what, I've got an idea. I'll go through it with you piece by piece, and you can tell me whether I... trash it or ignore it or you open it. Cool? Okay. That work? Yeah. You ready? Yeah. Oh, first up, we have port charles water and power, and it's thick. Okay, then, trash. Alright. I'm on automatic payment. Uh... looks like a bunch of sympathy cards, I assume. Well, I'll just, um, deal with those later, so... makes sense. Ignore, I guess. Ignore.

[ Mail thuds ] Oh, here's one from anne marie. Apparently, she's "happy to offer assistance if you're looking to sell your apartment and relocate." You're not leaving town, are you?

[ Sighs ] Would you like to tell me what happened between you and kevin? Oh, well, I, uh -- I punched collins in the face for taking advantage of ava, and, of course, ava sided with him. But lesson learned. Ava's a big girl. She can make her own mistakes, I guess. Well, I'm having to learn the same thing with my daughter. Oh, well, kristina seemed pretty together at the, uh -- at charlie's pub the other night. Thank you, again, for hiring her back. Happy to help. Neil: Alexis. Neil. Hi. Hey. Oh... oh, uh, this is julian jerome. Dr. Neil byrne. Oh. Nice to finally meet you. You too. So, uh, I guess I probably should be going. Um...thanks again. Y-you're welcome. Go ahead. Say it. Can you be more specific? How I keep insisting that I put julian in my rear-view mirror, but you know what they say -- mm. "Objects may be closer than they appear." I haven't heard from sam for a while now. I mean, she hasn't responded to any of my texts. It's like she's cutting me out of her life. Yeah, that sounds familiar. I know I did the exact same thing. I just thought that sam would see through shiloh already. I mean, she usually has pretty good instincts. You know what? Sam is gonna realize that dawn of day is a cult just like I knew you would... eventually. I just wish that I could save other young women from making the same mistake that I did. Why don't you? I mean, there are plenty of ways to get your story out there. It's complicated. Maybe not as much as you think.

[ Sighs ] But, of course, this "initiation" will be a sham, right? Y-you won't actually be ingesting anything or doing anything else. Spinelli, I will do what I have to do. What? Why? The short answer is it'll give us the strongest evidence. And, look, I know it's scary and it's disgusting, but we have to put shiloh away once and for all, and we've got a chance to do it tonight. During the nurses' ball? I invited him as my guest to the nurses' ball. So while I'm there, the two of you go to the dawn of day house and you bug it. And then I'll tell him after the ball that I'm ready to finish my initiation. And you will be there, monitoring the whole thing. And if something goes wrong, you'll catch it just in time. I don't like it. Neither do I. But sam's not gonna change her mind. Hey. Hey, guys. Sorry I'm late. Hey. That's okay. Uh, grandpa wouldn't let dad make a toast until you got here. That's so sweet. Where are they? In the kitchen. I-I-I'll go get them. Okay. So, how'd it go at G.H.? Good. Yeah? Yeah. What'd the doctor say about our baby?

 oh, my god. What just happened?

[ Sobbing ] I don't know. I'm sorry. Okay, I think that I know. You miss dante, and that's okay.

[ Sniffles ] Please don't let the ugly crying fool you. I really am happy for you and peter. I know you are. Lulu, you can be happy for me and still miss dante. When dante came home, I was so excited, I rushed online to buy our nurses' ball tickets. I didn't want to wait till the last minute. And then when he left, I completely forgot about them. Okay. Um, maybe you could drop dante's ticket off at the hospital for one of the nurses. Yeah. That's a good idea. I-I think I'm gonna send both of them over. Yeah, I don't think so, 'cause you're gonna be using your ticket. Peter and I would love for you to join us. That's really sweet, maxie, but... no excuses. We always have a good time at the nurses' ball. Yes, we do. Going out, letting your hair down -- it'll do you some good. I honestly don't want to put a damper on anyone else's evening. Then make up your mind to enjoy yourself at the nurses' ball, because you're going. Period. Robert? Mm. Your ex-husband? Yep. The one and only. Did he completely miss the whole thing of you and finn being in love? Mm. I believe he thinks that finn is wrong for me and that by proposing to me is gonna snap me to my senses and, you know, make me realize that finn isn't my future. I mean, I-I-I hope I'm wrong, but robert, you know, he's just... what I had with robert is -- is in the past. You know, it was great. It's way in the past, though. But by dredging up this whole finn thing, I, uh -- I just wish -- what? I-I just wish that I could make this stubborn aussie realize that -- that I'm with finn. You know? That's it. Period. Full stop. I don't want to ask anna to marry me without a ring, and I want it to be

that ring. Dude, anna loves you, okay? She's gonna say yes. And after she does, you can tell her what happened to the ring that you picked out. "By the way, your ex-husband stole it"? Exactly. Have a good laugh at robert's expense. Well, as appealing as that sounds... if robert never coughs up the ring, it could -- it could actually work to your advantage. You and anna could go shopping together for the ring. You don't understand. My a rare monaco blue sapphire. And not only is it unique, monaco is where anna and I, we -- it's where all this started. That ring tells our story, and I don't think it's right to propose to her without it. The cvs test didn't show any problem, so the baby and i are just fine. Well, thank god. You and the baby all clear? Yeah, almost. "Almost"? What do you mean, "almost"? Well, the cvs doesn't test for every possible condition, so the doctor wants to schedule a follow-up so she can eliminate other concerns. "Other concerns"? What -- what do you mean? Carly! Well, I -- let's talk about this later. No, but I'm --let's talk about this later. Hi! Yvonne: You finally made it. Yes, yes, yes. I'm so sorry I was late. Hello. Hi. You could make it up to us by giving us a toast. I can do that. A-absolutely. Okay. [ Laughs ] We're, uh -- we're all out of sparkling cider. Yeah, but it -- but it's okay because we -- we can toast with these. Yeah. Okay. We can toast with these. Alright, grab some. Got it? Yes. Okay. There you go.

[ Laughs ] Alright, everybody have a cupcake? Raise your cupcakes.

[ Laughs ] Alright, well, um, when sonny told me about the engagement, I-I have to admit, I was very surprised. I-I love mike, and he's like a father to me. And his happiness is very important to me and the rest of the family, and it's been wonderful getting to know you, yvonne. I hope mike makes you as happy as you make him. I second that.

[ Laughter ] Welcome to the family, yvonne. May it keep growing and growing.

[ Laughs ] Cheers. Cheers. Cheers. Mom. Alexis: Yeah? Hi. Thanks for meeting me here. Hi. Yeah, no problem. What's going on? Well, it's about kristina. She wants to meet up with me and ask about my involvement with dawn of day, but I don't want to do anything that's gonna jeopardize her recovery. Have you engaged with her yet? No. Not yet. No? Then I think that's best for now. Really? I mean, wouldn't ignoring her be worse? Well, then, you're gonna have to lie to her, so you can't tell her that you're stringing shiloh along trying to get that pledge that he tricked out of her. Wait, wait. If I may, w-what exactly does "stringing shiloh along" entail?

This woman must have read oscar's obituary. I know. Wha-- w-- she thinks she's just gonna swoop in here and -- and convince me to sell? I mean... w-w-what is wrong with people? Maybe not think about that, you know? Why don't you think about all the people you've talked to who loved oscar, whose lives he's made better? Yeah, you're right. You're right. Oh, do you know what? If I was going to move, I certainly wouldn't be giving my business to anne marie. So, you're not thinking about leaving? No, look, I mean, it's -- it's -- it's -- it's too soon to make any big decisions. I'm not going anywhere. Not -- not -- not now, at least. Good. Because I like having you back in my life.

[ Knock on door ] Hey, I am so sorry I didn't call last night. Something came up. Do you have an idea for how to stop shiloh? Okay, now, this is a sign. What is? Excuse me, mr. August. Yes, is dr. Finn on call today? Great. Until when? Thank you very much. I'm sorry, do I know you? Not yet. I'm molly lansing-davis, sam mccall's little sister. Oh, nice to meet you. You too. Do you have a second? I actually have to run. Oh, please, it -- it won't take very long. Okay. I'm graduating from pcu shortly, and I majored in literature, and I'm a published author. I have a story that the world needs to hear, and I think it's tailor-made for your invader readers. It's about a cult called dawn of day. The leader calls himself shiloh, and it's operating right here in port charles. You know, I-I-I am in the middle of a few things right now and I do have to run, but I want to hear more about your story. Here's my card. You e-mail me your résumé and your story pitch, and we'll see what we can do. Nice meeting you. You too. Thank you. Um, what was that all about? We need evidence against shiloh, and if all goes well tonight, we will get it. What are you planning to do? But -- but whatever you're doing, if it's illegal, please don't tell us. I'd rather not be an accessory. Then you're gonna have to plug your ears. No, I can handle it. No, no, no, please. It -- it -- it's not like that. The only person that would be crossing any legal line is shiloh. Great. Just tell me what you're planning to do. You said bring my best surveillance equipment, and I am well-supplied. Yeah, well, concealing it should be easy. I've seen the room. It's just a bunch of candles and pillows and... ugh. How cliché. Shiloh is neither original nor subtle. Okay, spinelli. The audio has to be perfect, okay? We need to know exactly what's going on so we can get sam out in time. You know, dr. Byrne is right. The less the two of you know, the better. I just wanted to get your advice on how to deal with kristina. If this, uh, whatever it is, is over tonight, then it's best to avoid kristina. A few more hours won't harm her, but, uh, lying to her would. Okay, I got it. I appreciate your advice, but, mom, I'm gonna need your help on something.

[ Sighs ] Oh, god. What? Please, I'm -- please. I need you to go to the nurses' ball and act like nothing is wrong. You know, I-I suppose shiloh's motives no longer matter, but I'm -- I'm still curious. W-was kristina a means to an end? Was -- was sam always the target? Well, that makes sense, right? I mean, you think about how this whole thing started -- all those e-mails about sam's past with shiloh's father. Yeah, which shiloh claims to know nothing about. One of his followers took the blame. You know, similarly, another follower took the fall for an apostate's drug overdose. It's a pattern. It's intricate, but it always ends up with shiloh in the free and clear.

You know what? I'm sorry. I can go if, uh -- I should have called first. I can go if I'm intruding. No, no, no, no, no, no. Sweetie, come on in. Thanks. Drew. Hey. We were, um -- we were just going through oscar's stuff from his, uh, school locker. Oh, yeah. That, uh, can't be easy. Yeah, in some ways, it's, um -- it's been excruciating. And in other ways, it's been a nice reminder of, um, how many people cared for oscar. Kilimanjaro. I remember oscar talking about that. He said there was some sort of a meteor shower he wanted to see. Actually, he could still go. What? I could take oscar's ashes to africa and scatter them at the summit of mount kilimanjaro, probably beneath the stars. Oscar would love that. Yeah. But you won't be alone. I want to go with you. Oh. Uh, you know what? I think that's a -- that's a beautiful idea. Yeah, me too, actually. I think, uh, oscar would be disappointed if we didn't do it together. Thank you for the pep talk. Always. Besides, you know you'd have major fomo if you ditched the ball and stayed at home. Yeah. I'd probably end up following it on people's social media, which is way more depressing than just going without a date. Way more depressing. Ugh. Fine.

[ Chuckles ] Alright, I better get going. I will be texting you for outfit advice. Done. I will give you my nina garcia "project runway" critique. I would expect nothing less. Thank you. Okay, good. You're gonna have a blast tonight. I promise. No, honestly, it -- it's not going out that's hard. It's coming home and knowing that dante won't be there. Anna: Hey. Hey. Oh. Oh, I don't mean to ruin your run. No, no. It's fine. What's going on? Oh, nothing. Could I ask you something? Yeah. Do you have any idea what's going on with your brother? How do you mean? Um, he just seems a bit off. I mean, I'm sure he hasn't said anything to you, but, uh... uh, no, just -- just that he's over the moon about you. Did he say that? He didn't use those exact words, but it's obvious he'd do anything to make you happy. Okay. So, will I see you tonight at the nurses' ball? Yes, of course. I wouldn't miss it. Good.You're performing, right? Uh, yeah. Are you nervous? Not at all. Oh, I don't know. You look a little nervous. You'll be fine. Break a leg. Thank you. I'll -- I'll see you later. Okay. Hi. Robert, it's me. Call me back. We need to have a serious talk.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Excuse me. Finn, I need to talk to you in private. How fast can you talk? Uh, I got to go change for the nurses' ball. It's an important night. Anna won't be happy if I'm late. You know, it is an important night and a narrow window of opportunity. What you do or don't do may change everything. Who told you about the ring? What ring? Holy cow, yvonne. That is gorgeous. Yes, it is, isn't it? Yeah. That's a beautiful ring, dad. Wh-where'd you find it? Find it? It wasn't in the bottom of a cracker jack box. No, I s-- I saved up for it, and I bought it from the jeweler down on 18th and 72nd. That's brooklyn, dad. Yeah, of course it is. So, uh, should we start cleaning up? Uh, no. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Don't -- don't -- don't -- don't -- don't -- don't lift a finger. Just -- if you could all, uh... I would just like to -- I would just like to say, uh, uh, thank you, uh, for making the time to be here at our engagement party. Um, we're -- we're just -- we're just so happy to share this -- this moment with you. I love you, darling. Love you, too.

[ Both chuckle ] Hey. Hey. Thank you for coming. Yeah, of course. What's up? Well, you just missed kristina. We met up and had a good talk and started rebuilding the bridges we burned. Good. I'm glad to hear that. Yeah. We also talked about shiloh. Kristina is clear that dawn of day is a cult and that shiloh is a predator. You know what, molly? I can't talk to you about this. Sam, look, I-I want to give you fair warning. I pitched a story to peter august for the invader. About what? Dawn of day and shiloh.

 I still love dante with all of my heart. I am determined to fight for our marriage. I'm sure that he's working hard to come home to you. I hope you're right. I always am.

[ Both laugh ] I'll get my assistant started on travel arrangements, permits, whatever we might need. Do you care when we leave? Uh, no. Whenever it looks -- looks best for a climb to the summit. You let me know, I'll be ready. Okay. I'm glad we're doing this. Me too. Julian. See ya.

[ Sighs ] Did you know that there's a legend that says mount kilimanjaro is the gateway to heaven? Oscar told that to me. Then we are taking him exactly where he belongs. Look, do you want to marry anna or not? What, is it on the internet? I'm -- but, yes. Damn right I do. Alright, then you need to step up your game, doc. Propose to anna before her ex beats you to the punch. Um, aren't you worried about the ring mike gave yvonne? I mean, it looks awfully real. Yeah, I am worried, and, no, I don't know where he got it. But I asked the people at -- at, you know, turning woods. Nobody's missing a ring. But you know what? I don't -- I don't want to get into that. Can we talk about -- why don't you finish telling me about, uh, your appointment? Well, um, dr. Navarro gave us a present. The test showed, um, the sex of the baby, and it's in here. Mm.And I didn't want to open it until we were together. Well, thanks for waiting.

[ Laughs ] Do you want to open it, or do you want me to? Um, well, it's up to you. What do -- what do you want to do? Well, I'm just -- I'm just a little nervous. Come here. Why -- why don't you do it? Let's do it together. Alright. Okay.

[ Sighs ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Sighs ] Wow. Sonny! Well, you heard sam. I guess I have to go to the nurses' ball and try to act normal. Maybe I'll see you at the ball. You're going? First timer. Wow. Our paths continue to cross. Yeah, they really do. Molly, you are not a reporter. No, but I am a concerned citizen with a first-person account of shiloh's affect on my sisters. Did kristina say you can publicize this? Because I'm sure if we talked to her, she would -- I'm not telling kristina's story, and I'm not telling your story, either. I'm telling mine. People need to know what's really going on at dod. Molly, you've got to stay out of it. Sam, if peter okays my pitch, I am writing the story. And then everyone will know the truth. I speculate that shiloh fixated on sam because of her past with his father. So it might have started out as revenge, but at this point? I just think he wants her.

[ Sighs ] I think he wants to believe that she is in his thrall. And if he's disappointed... he could turn to violence. Aren't you worried? Sam knows what she's doing. Yeah, when she's in full possession of her faculties, of course she does, but in this plan, sam is allowing herself to be drugged. What if she blurts out the truth -- that -- that she finds shiloh disgusting and that she's been playing him all along? What if he turns on her? We're gonna be there to stop him. One way or another.

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