GH Transcript Wednesday 5/15/19

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 5/15/19


Episode #14282 ~ Sam has a proposal for Shiloh. Jason takes Carly to the hospital. Curtis grows suspicious. Finn checks in with Jordan. Anna misunderstands a conversation she overhears.

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That naughty dog had locked himself in the closet and couldn't get out. And so when I went to let him out, he was all curled up, as pretty as you please.

[ Laughs ] Hey, dad. Oh, there he is. Hey, thanks for coming. Yeah, the nurse insisted that, uh, you know, you needed to see me tonight, so what's going on? Hi, yvonne. Hello. Hi. You're looking well. Thanks. Uh, uh, yvonne, do you mind if I have a moment with my son? No, no, mike, no. I'll be in my room. Okay. Okay? Don't go to sleep.

[ Giggles ] Everything okay, dad? What? Everything -- oh, right. Yeah, you bet. Better than okay, you know? I-I-I wanted you to be here for the good news. What's that? Yvonne and i are getting married. I'm proposing to her tonight. Robert described the ring to the jeweler. Yeah, the stone I'm solid on. The setting may not be an exact replica. Don't you think finn will know the difference?

[ Clears throat ] I suppose you have a point. The question is, will anna find this a proposal worth accepting? Anna may guard her feelings, but I know her heart. She's a woman in love. Ring or no ring, she's ripe for proposing.

[ Clatter ] Oh, anna. I didn't see you there.

[ Groans ]

[ Laughing ] I haven't played this game since college. Why are we doing this again? Oh. I used to play with tracy quartermaine when she was a patient. It's a good way to pass time when you're waiting for test results. Hmm. She used to beat me, too. I mean, she cheated.

[ Chuckles ] But I don't know. I've always liked playing with my friends. Hmm. I appreciate that. Don't expect me to go easy on you, though. Duly noted.

[ Laughs ] Hi. I am so sorry. I was busy seeing patients all day back to back, and I just got curtis's message! Thank god dr. Collins is a match. Dr. Finn, when is her transplant scheduled? Well, um... stella...there's been a complication. I'm not getting a transplant. I'm sorry. That took longer than expected. Oh, that's okay. I put the time to good use. So, look, I think that our friend april's story about flying back from miami, uh, doesn't hold water. I checked the flights. All the flights from miami to the greater toronto area were rerouted because of the storm, right? So...okay, maybe she could have flown into buffalo and rented a car and driven up in time, but it doesn't seem likely, right? Yeah. Because that ain't what happened. I have proof that april lied to us about ryan. Okay. What can I get you? Some orange juice? You want some orange juice? No orange juice. No orange juice. No. Okay. Tea? You want some tea? Chamomile? Can we just sit for a second, please? Sure.

[ Sighs ] Are you okay? I'm sad. It's really sad. But I'm profoundly grateful. You know, I am. I-I'm grateful for my family and for this new baby and my best friend. Yeah, I'm thankful for you, too. I mean, I think that's what oscar wanted. He didn't -- he didn't want us to grieve. You know, he wanted us to all remember that we still have each other. Shiloh? Sam. Hey. Hey. What are you -- what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be resting from --

[ Chuckles ] I've -- I've survived worse than a bump to the head before. No, I'm fine. Uh, what are you -- what are you doing out here? Oh, me? I've -- I don't know. I've been walking around the park for a little while, just to get some fresh air. I went to... oscar's celebration. Oh. Yeah. It was beautiful. It really was. Yeah, I bet. I bet. He was a very special young man. I'm sorry I didn't get to know him better, but it just goes to show you, you can't take time for granted. Hmm. That actually goes for you, too. You know, you and i should reconnect and finish what we started. I mean, what better way to celebrate life than to finish your initiation?

Here you go. Thank you. You know what's funny? I always associate chamomile tea with being pregnant, you know? It's the only time I ever drink it, and it's crazy because I think it's really good. And maybe it's psychosomatic, but I do find it soothing. Well, maybe you should drink it more often. Hmm. Ha, ha. Okay. Fill me in. How close are you to busting shiloh? Well, we still have to get kristina's pledge. And we can only do that if shiloh trusts sam and she can get inside his inner circle. Okay, well, correct me if I'm wrong, but for a woman to join shiloh's "trust," she has to give him some damning secret. Then he drugs her, tattoos her, and has sex with her? Yeah. How far is sam willing to go with this? Of course I want to finish my initiation. But come on. It wasn't exactly orthodox.

[ Laughs ] You had some guy kick down the door and knock you out. Well, don't let the misguided actions of one lost soul keep you from enlightenment. But do the other trust members even know I'm joining? I mean, do they even want me there? You said normally they would be there to welcome me during my initiation. Well, they will accept you because I've accepted you. And the sooner we do it, the better, actually. As a matter of fact, we can complete the initiation at the house tonight. Tonight? Yeah. No, I-I-I can't tonight. You know, after oscar's celebration, I told you I've been thinking about my kids a lot. Sure. And I just want to -- I want to hold them. I'm gonna go to their grandmother's and pick them up. I understand, but I urge you to reflect and prioritize. Because the longer you put off the ceremony, the more likely you are to abandon it, just as your sister did. Dad. You -- you're proposing to yvonne tonight? Yeah. Feel free to congratulate me any time. Well, I mean, it's just a lot to take in. Can we just sit down and talk about it?

[ Chuckling ] Why -- why -- what's there to talk about, huh? Now, don't -- don't go telling me I haven't known yvonne long enough, you know, or -- or that it hasn't been long enough since your mother passed away. That's not what I'm saying, dad. Well, I mean, adela and I were -- we were divorced a long time, you know, befo-- before she died, son. You know, I -- I'm not trying to replace your mother. I'm not saying you are, dad. Why are you being so negative? Be-- you -- you asked me to come over here to talk. So let's -- let's sit down and talk.

[ Sighs ] Okay. About what? Well, I mean, it's just that

[Chuckles] It's a little confusing. You know what I mean? You're jumping into this really quick, and how do you know yvonne's the right one?

[ Laughs ] Of -- of course she's the right one. Why -- why can't you just be happy for me? Hmm? I thought you liked yvonne. I do. But there's someone else who may want to weigh in. Well, who in blazes would that be? Oh, uh, sorry about that. Everyone seems so solemn. You all okay? Uh...yeah. Yeah, we're just talking about that scuzzy rag that henrik publishes. Peter. Yeah, we're talking about the scuzzy rag that peter august publishes. Mm-hmm. Don't forget, robert -- peter and maxie are very close. Yeah.

[ Sighs ] Are we sure that this is a good idea? They like each other. And besides, they're on their first date together. After that, we'll see how it goes. I wouldn't be surprised if they wind up going to nina and valentin's wedding together. Oh. I don't understand why those two are getting remarried. They just seem to have so much baggage, you know? Well, maybe she believes in second chances. Oh, yeah. Maybe. Um, somehow I just feel like, you know, lovers from the past should kind of stay there, in the past. Well, if you love somebody and you want to spend the rest of your life with them, what else matters? Yeah. I-I can see how some people might feel that way, but, um, I, for one... I'm -- I am sworn off marriage. Did dr. Collins change his mind? Kevin has never wavered. If it were up to him, we'd be prepping for the transplant. Well, who's it up to? Dr. Collins gave me, um, permission to explain this to your family. He is prediabetic. It's probably due to the malnutrition he sustained while he was his brother's captive, alright? Either way, he is unable to donate. I've known folks who control prediabetes with diet and exercise. Couldn't his condition change? Yes. That's gonna take time. Three to six months, maybe more. And that's too long for me.

[ Sighs ] Okay, well, then we just regroup. Before dr. Collins stepped up, you and curtis created a genealogy profile online. Maybe we can find a family member who would be open to being your donor. Has curtis started the search? No. Because I haven't told him yet. While we were running our phony canadian revenue story... hmm. ...I was able to look right past april into her house. April tremblay, right? Yes. Curtis: And I saw a stack of papers, and on top was the "page five" section. The gossip column? Yeah. From the invader? Yeah. Now I wasn't sure if, uh, that column was syndicated in other papers. Yeah? So I did some research while I was in line. Yeah? And it's not. So why would some woman who was born and raised in madison, ontario, canada, be so concerned with port charles, new york, gossip? Because the paper wasn't for her. It was for ryan.

Really, anna? I had no idea you were so against the idea of marriage. Oh, well, yeah, I've been married several times, and they've all ended in disaster. No offense. None taken. Well, that doesn't mean it couldn't work if it's with the right person. Yes, but the right person would understand that marriage is not for me. You know, I mean, it's not a big tragedy or anything, you guys. I just know myself. I know I'm not built for marriage. The only person who gets a say in my -- my proposal is yvonne, you know?

[ Laughing ] I mean, it's not like her father is still around, you know, so I can ask for her hand. I'm not talking about her father, dad. I'm talking about her family. Well, I'm sure they'll be a lot more supportive than -- than -- than you're being. Okay. You know what, dad? You're right. You're my dad. I'm being extra-protective, so if you're so bound and determined to do this tonight, you need to talk to somebody who's objective. Somebody like, uh... stella. You trust her, right? Stella? Mm-hmm. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I trust her. Okay. And -- and I should be the one t-to give her the good news. Great idea, son. Your donor fell through, and you didn't tell curtis? Haven't you learned anything, jordan? You know he would want to know this, and he should! Okay, okay. May not be the best time to stress jordan out. Dr. Finn, may stella and i have a private moment, please? Of course. I'll -- I'll check back on you later. Thank you.

[ Door opens, closes ] Now, don't go jumping to conclusions. You know, this holding back of vital information about your health has to stop. Oh, my god. You have to be able to trust your family, jordan. This all just happened this morning. T.J. Knows, and now you do, too, and I'll tell curtis when he gets back. Well, all you've got to do is call him! He'll come right home! Which is precisely what I don't want him to do. What?! He needs to stay on this case. Why? What -- what makes you think this case, whatever it is, is more important to curtis than you are? I find it pretty hard to believe that april tremblay would care who's dating who in port charles. So do I.

[ Cellphone rings ] It's a canadian number. Hello? It's april tremblay. Uh, hi, april. We were just talking about you. I'm sorry I couldn't be up-front earlier, but I-I wasn't alone. Are you alone now? Just get here as soon as you can. I'll tell you everything. April? April? What? She's ready to talk. Let's go.

derstand your feelings,but I truly believe that it isn't marriage that causes relationships to end or fail. Mm-hmm. It's the relationship itself. I mean, with the best of intentions, people grow and they change or maybe they just don't see each other clearly. But for all the times that marriage doesn't work, there are plenty of times when it does. Mm-hmm. Mac: Yeah. I mean, you know, felicia and I -- we've had our heartbreaks. But our ups and downs were part of the journey. It's made us stronger. That's right. It did. All I know is that, uh, finn and I are perfect just the way we are right now. We challenge each other. We respect each other's boundaries. You know, his non-conformist personality is -- is a great match for mine. And we're not beholden to any traditions or expectations. And I think that we're very content with our relationship, just as it is right now, and I -- I wouldn't change a thing.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Scoffs ] No more stalling, robert. I want the ring. I expect you to be here tonight for the drop-off. I can't get into the specifics of curtis's case, just like you can't go into detail about your clients. Dear heart, you shouldn't be concerned about any case right now. You're in the hospital! Knock, knock. Am I interrupting?

[ Chuckles ] Marcus, what are you doing up here? I thought we were gonna meet downstairs. Jordan: No, come in. Stella and i were just wrapping up. I thought I'd stop in the gift shop. I know how flowers can brighten up a hospital room. I've spent a fair amount of time in them with my wife. Flowers always made yvonne smile. I hope they have the same effect on you. They're lovely. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Don't let me keep the two of you. Um, marcus, you mind if I meet you in the restaurant? Jordan and I still have A...bit to discuss. Not at all. Thank you.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh. A client? Yes. Uh, excuse me a moment. Hello? Stella, it's me -- mike. Uh, I've got some news for you. Well, judging by your voice, I'm guessing it's something good.

[ Chuckles ] It sure is. I'm proposing to yvonne tonight. Hey, curtis. Wait a minute. Let's think for a second. Okay. If ryan was hiding out with april, why would he just leave her and give her the opportunity to call somebody? And then, why would she call us? Why wouldn't she just call the police? Maybe ryan doesn't know that she's on to him. Or...maybe april's in denial, and she needs more information from us to help her see the truth. Or maybe we're walking into a trap. The last I heard, kristina was taking some time to think things through. Don't -- don't assume that she's just gonna leave dod. Well, actually, I don't have to assume anything. She, uh -- she came by to see me earlier today. Okay, wait a minute. My mom said that she was in town, but they couldn't get into it because of oscar's memorial. Yeah. Well, it turns out that, uh, she wanted to tell me face to face that she wouldn't be returning to us. She's moving on. Wait. What? Yeah. Where? I have, um -- I have no idea. However, I really wish that she would reconsider. You know, I could talk to her. No. You know, actually, I just think that it's good that we just let kristina be for right now. But she, uh -- she may have already fulfilled her ultimate purpose... by bringing you to me. Wow. Will you look at that? Something you taught her actually stuck.

[ Laughs ] Kristina was able to come to you face to face and tell you she was leaving. That's amazing, because normally she would ghost out. The old kristina -- she wou-- she wouldn't do that. Yeah, well, actually, I, um -- I think that she also came to me to make sure that there wasn't going to be any trouble. But, um, unfortunately, I couldn't tell her what she wanted to hear. I mean, come on, it's one thing to pretend to break up, but now sam is putting herself at risk of being drugged and sexually assaulted. It's not gonna come to that. We're setting shiloh up. Okay, what does that mean? Is sam gonna let shiloh drug her and then tattoo her? What comes next, jason? Okay, carly, just calm down. No, I'm not gonna calm down until you listen to me. What if shiloh drugs sam and she doesn'T... what? What is it?

[ Breathes deeply ] It's nothing. Jason, you're gonna have to make sam listen to you because... ohh. Carly, what's -- what's wrong? What's wrong?

[ Breathes deeply ] I-it's probably nothing. It's just a pain. No, no, let's go. No, it's fine. We're gonna go make sure. I'm not gonna go. I'm not -- come on. Let's -- we're gonna make sure. Okay. Ow.

so, I -- what i use is parmesan, right? And bread crumbs just for --no. No. No? No? No. No. You have to use extra sharp cheddar.

[ Chuckles ] Or sometimes I use gouda, too.

[ Laughs ] Maybe -- maybe you should do -- should do a-a mac 'n' cheese bake-off.

[ Laughs ] Ooh, that's nice. I'm game if you are. Alright, alright. Can you, uh -- I'll be back in one minute. Thank you for coming by. Absolutely. Uh... mr. Godfrey. W-what's going on here? Mr. Corinthos. Stella and i were on our way to dinner when she got the call from mike. I explained the situation, and unfortunately, we all knew something like this might happen. What do we do now? Well...first of all, mike and yvonne cannot get married. No. Not in the legal sense of the world.

[ Both laugh ] But they won't understand why. Not -- not without confusing them both. Okay, my -- my dad -- he used to know that yvonne was married, but now obviously he doesn'T. Or he doesn't want to understand. Are we going down that road again?

[ Sighs ] Mike is not trying to take advantage of yvonne's illness. He's only proposing to her because the two of them have found some semblance of hope and happiness here. Mike and yvonne are less and less able to retain information, to remember their old lives, and it will only disturb them both if we try to explain that yvonne is still married. But she is married. Whether she remembers me or not, I am not letting that man propose to my wife. Okay. Once we're checked in, I'll call sonny, okay? No, absolutely not. Sonny texted me that he had to deal with something going on with mike. He already has his hands full. Yeah, but sonny would want to know, carly. Let's wait until there's something to know, okay? Hi, epiphany. Um, is dr. Navarro on duty? Not at the moment. Do you need an attending? Uh, no. Yes. Yes. No. Oh, god. Are you having pain? Yeah.

[ Breathes deeply ] I don't think it's anything serious, though. I don'T. I -- but you are not a practicing medical professional, are you? Why don't you let me give you an exam, and I'll decide?

[ Sighs ] What kind of trouble should kristina be worried about? I mean, surely you --

[ Chuckling ] There's nothing you would do to harm her, right? No, no. Of course not. Look, dawn of day has opened kristina's mind. It's expanded her horizons. But since she walked out on us, she hasn't figured out how to apply our principles to the real world, alright? It's kind of like -- it's kind of like someone who stops taking their medication just because they start feeling better. Okay. Okay, so you don't think she was ready. I think krissy's flying a little too close to the sun. But when she crashes and burns, we will be there, arms open wide, ready to take her back. Yes. We've given her every reason to believe that her place is with us. No doubt. I think maybe it's time to call the authorities. What are we supposed to tell them? What, while we were lying about being census takers, we spotted a suspicious... okay. Door is open. Yeah. That's not right. Now would be a good time to call the police. Yeah, I don't have service here. No -- let me see if I can find a good spot. Yeah, I-I don't have a good feeling... curtis?

 Laura: Curtis? Huh. The lights are out. The power's probably been cut.

[ Sighs ] April tremblay. April? You called us a little while ago. Drive out to the main highway. See if you can get service out there. No, I'm not gonna leave you all alone out here. April?

[ Sighs ] Ohh. Damn. What is it?

[ Gasps ] Oh, no. Finn: Hi. Hi. I couldn't help but notice things were a little intense when I left. Oh, please. "Intense" is our baseline. Finish? Yeah. Okay. Stella wanted me to tell curtis that kevin is no longer a viable donor. But last time I called curtis with bad news, he dropped everything and he came back. I don't want him losing his lead. Okay. But isn't that really curtis's decision to make?

[ Sighs ] You guys are... you guys are married now. You need to account for one another, right? You know, um, no unilateral decisions on these big things like your -- your health and your well-being. I'll bet anna has put you up to watching after me. All these backgammon games -- it's an excuse to keep an eye on me while curtis is gone, isn't it? I have no idea what you're talking about. Hmm.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I see why anna loves you. And I'm very happy you two found each other. And maybe one day, I can return the favor and dispense marital advice to you. You never know. Hmm. Look, I-I didn't mean to kill the mood by expressing my opinion on marriage, you know? It's just, uh... look, if that's what you think, then you should say it. Yes. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we are delighted that you and finn are solid, and that you understand each other, and that --

[ Cellphone chimes ] I got to deal with this. Excuse me. Okay. I hope to god that that is a major crisis on the other side of the world. Ahh. What? We have been friends for ages, and you have never mentioned anything like this. When did you decide that you were against the idea of marriage? I have played along with this charade. I even let yvonne stay here at turning woods so she could be with mike, but I am not about to let another man propose to my wife. Maybe I should transfer yvonne to another facility after all. Really? You want to rehash that all again? Nothing's changed. Look at them. They're happy together. Isn't that what matters to you? Okay, listen. I-I happen to agree with you, but marcus has a right to his feelings. Now, he and yvonne had a-a lifetime together as husband and wife. And he had to let go of her by accepting her diagnosis and then again by bringing her here, and now we're asking him to let go of her as his wife. Now, [Sighs] That's a lot. Surely you can see that. I do. I do. And I know that you're frustrated, but don't blame my dad. My dad and yvonne managed to find each other, and as long as they're living under the same roof, they're gonna find a way to be with each other. It's frustrating. I get it. Everything's frustrating with this situation. I want what's best for yvonne, and I know the way things are now... she'll be happiest with mike. But I can't stand here and watch. I understand. Hello, yvonne. Hello. I just... I just want to tell you how lovely you look today. Oh. What a sweet man. Yes. Um, could I, um -- could I talk to you about something? Yeah. Yeah. Well... I got to get back to it. Yep. Got to spread the word. Hope to see you there. Ooh, for me. For you. Thank you. Oh, wait a minute. I -- this is -- this is for tomorrow night. It is indeed. I can't -- I can't go. I'm going to the nurses' ball. Oh, please, tell me you're not going to that sham of a charity. Are you kidding me? No. I have gone every year since they've revived it, and it's far from a sham. Look, sam, it is a bunch of rich people just paying money for a song and dance and a five-course meal. Look, if those people really cared about the cause, they would just simply write a check or, better yet, they would volunteer their time.

[ Chuckling ] Wait a minute. What's wrong with people feeling good about themselves while doing good? I mean, what's -- what's wrong about doing the right thing? I'm -- I-I have to tell you that this charity has brought in so much money for hiv and aids, and you -- you are being judgmental right now. You think I'm being judgmental? Have you ever gone? No. Okay, well, there's an obvious solution. Cancel your event. And come to the nurses' ball as my date. You can come in now. Is everything okay? The baby is fine. What we have here is a case of round ligament pain. It's uncomfortable, but harmless. Oh, it is very common in the second trimester. So, there's nothing to worry about? Just a little discomfort. I would say try some stretching, warm compresses. Dr. Navarro will go into it with more detail tomorrow. I don't have an appointment with dr. Navarro tomorrow. Her office has been trying to contact you. The results of your cvs test are back.

 I want you to rest for 15 minutes. But if everything's okay, why do I have to r-- 15 minutes! You'll make sure? Yes. Count on it. Thank you. Yes, thank you, epiphany, for everything. Mm-hmm. I appreciate it. Why don't you show your appreciation by following instructions?

[ Door closes ] Okay, don't -- don't stress. I'm not stressed. I'm not stressed. There's nothing to stress about. I mean, a cvs test is totally routine. I just wish I didn't have to wait till tomorrow to get the results back. Well, is there any way to get the results faster? No. I wish, but no. Okay, so there's no reason to worry then. You're fine. The baby's fine. Sonny's with mike. Josslyn's with her dad. Avery's with -- with the nanny. Look, tomorrow -- whatever happens tonight, everybody that you love is safe. I know. I know you're right, okay, but -- okay, so rest. And I really don't want to get in trouble with epiphany.

[ Laughs ] So, you want me to be your date to the ball? Well, you're the one who keeps telling me that I should put honesty above all else, right? Mm-hmm. So I'm honestly telling you the nurses' ball is so much fun. I challenge you to see for yourself. And I want you -- I want you to go. And I want you to let me show you a good time.

[ Chuckles ] What? Alright, samantha mccall. You got yourself a date. Really? Yeah, and now I've got to go cancel an event. Sorry.

[ Laughs ] I'll see you tomorrow night. I-I have felt this way about marriage for a long time, and I -- you know, I just don't have the occasion to talk about it, honestly, and it's not a big deal, is it? No, of course not. Okay. Oh, look at the time. I got to go. Okay. Have a good day.

[ Sighs ] We've got a problem.

[ Sighs ] Hi. Where's the ring? The ring is the least of your problems. I'll be the judge of that. The ring. Look, I just heard anna launch into this tirade against the institution of marriage, and -- is this a joke? This is not mine. Where's the ring I bought for anna? Um...

[ Exhales deeply ] Yvonne... these, uh, last few months have been -- have been the happiest of my life, at least the happiest I can remember.

[ Chuckles ] And, uh... me, too, mike. Um... I'm -- I'm wondering if you would -- if you'd do me the honor of becoming my wife. Stella: Your donor fell through,

and you didn't tell curtis?

Haven't you learned anything,

jordan? Marcus: I know how flowers can

brighten up a hospital room.

I've spent a fair amount of

time in them with my wife. Finn: But isn't that really

curtis's decision to make?

I mean, you guys are...

you guys are married now.

You need to account

for one another, right?

You know, um, no unilateral

decisions on these big things

like your -- your health

and your well-being.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] She's gone. Oh, my god. She's probably been dead less than an hour. Oh, my god, no.

[ Sighs ] If we've ever needed the cops, we need them now. I can't get cell service.

[ Sighs ] I'll try outside one more time. Looks like she put up a fight. That's definitely dna evidence. Hey, laura, laura, I think I got something here -- ugh. Curtis.

[ Gasps ]

[ Screams ] No! No!

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