GH Transcript Tuesday 5/14/19

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 5/14/19


Episode #14281 ~ Julian is furious. Robert loses something important. Felicia has a theory. Sasha and Michael grow closer. Valentin is confrontational.

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willow? Michael, hi. Hey. I-I didn't know elementary school teachers kept such late hours. Uh, we don't usually. Tonight's an exception. I'm hosting some parents and the principal. Is there a problem? Nothing and no one I can't handle. One more question and we win. Okay, which category? Oh,

not geography. Mm, I've lived a lot of places, so... entertainment. Okay. Oh, you'll never get this one.

[ Groans ]

[ Clears throat ] "Which bygone staple of daytime tv featured quarrelsome identical twins roxanne and ruby bright and saw one character's miraculous return from death by..." corn thresher. "...Corn thresher." "Fraternity row." That was my story. Wow. What? We win.

[ Laughs ] We win. Impressive.

[ Laughs ] Alright, lulu. Uh, we will be here and waiting. So, lulu's colleague from "page 5" is on his way. Well, great. And we will provide more tawdry fodder to get ryan's attention.

[ Scoffs ]

[ Clears throat ] Is this okay?

[ Sighs ] Nothing about this is "okay." Well, look, I'm really sorry to violate your personal space. Listen, ava, I just want my brother captured so I can get back to my life and my wife. You want to get back to your life, don't you? I'm so sorry our paris trip went down the drain. You can't dictate the weather. And until the snow lets up, our fabulous first date is on hold. I wonder if they have clue. Or risk. Real talk -- that would guaranteed be some, uh, world domination right there.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I wonder when this weather's gonna turn. It was awfully sweet of her to invite us up to their suite, but I... but we have worn out our welcome. Yeah. We need to get back on the road and track down ryan. Yeah. Fashion emergency? Flat tire? Appendicitis? If only to oblige, I could whisk you away.

[ Sighs ] Probably not to a hospital. It would be irresponsible of us to miss the meeting, so we have to go. It's just, the less time I spend with that woman the better. What woman? Oh, hey! What are you up to? Just meeting michael. Oh, really? Did you hear that? She has a hot date. It's not like that. Well, it's not gonna be like that if we're here. Um, you're done with that, right? Apparently. Let's go. Come on. Come on. Finn. To what do I owe the pleasure? I want my ring. I'll bet you do.

[ Chuckles ] Can't propose to anna without it, can you? Just give it back. Okay, look. Don't have a water buffalo. The hand-off is gonna be later, okay? Good. 'Cause tonight's the night. Anna: That sounds ominous.

 Uh, well, I won't -- I won't keep you. I -- I thought I'd leave this on your desk so you could get it in the morning. Thank you, but what's this for? Uh, it's a thank-you for helping with my sister. Uh, I-I saw her this morning, by the way. How is she? Well, she's not her old self yet, but she'll get there. Eventually. Thanks to you. I-I think dr. Byrne had a lot to do with it. Well, no, he helped. He helped for sure, but the big difference was when you spoke about your own experience with shiloh. Um, but I'm -- I'm getting my sister back, slowly but surely, and that's thanks to you, and I keep saying it, but "thanks" -- "thanks" doesn't even do it justice. So thank you. Yeah. Oh, uh, I'm gonna go. Okay, yeah. Uh, good night... good night. ...And good luck. Thanks. Hey. Damn! Uh, what -- what -- what did -- what does that mean?

Why are you saying

"damn"? Um -- uh --

[ Stammering ] The -- the metro court -- t-they're out of foster'S. What are you talking about? Robert, what's wrong? Uh, someone s-stole this engagement ring out of my pocket. Why do you have an engagement ring? Oh, it's not mine -- it's finn'S. You had finn's engagement ring and you lost it? Look, let's not waste time. Help me find it, will you? W-what -- what is all that about? Uh, this? Oh, I was just, um... I was just, uh, clearing up a-a few loose ends with -- with robert. Um... something wrong? When were you going to tell me how serious jordan's condition is? Go fish. Yeah, I'm anxious to get this job done. I need to get back to my wife as soon as possible. Look, when the storm clears, maybe you should go straight back to port charles. What about you? I want to double-check that last place. The stack of mail just doesn't sit right with me. You wouldn't be trying to shake me, now, madam mayor, would you? No, I'm trying to get you back where you belong -- at your wife's side.

[ Exhales sharply ] I'm sure my wife would rather me out of her hair than crying in it. But I promised I would see this through with you. So we're in this together. Good, partner? Good. How long do we have to wait for lulu's photographer friend, anyway? What's your hurry? There's no running home to laura right now. Not as long as we keep up this dog-and-pony show. The more convincing that we make this "dog-and-pony show," the sooner your reunion with your wife -- I mean, is my presence really that intolerable?

[ Sighs ] Nothing about your presence is objectionable. My reputation doesn't give you pause? I prefer to form an opinion based on direct observation. Okay. Observe, then. What do you see? I see a human being in pain. Your brother saw more than that. He saw enough to fall in love with. But, of course, a monster's love doesn't count, right, except to other monsters. You're not a monster. Is that a direct observation? I love my wife, ava. Of course you do. Don't worry. No more unrehearsed kisses. Maybe a-a rehearsed one. Someone's coming. Oh, the photographer? Get your damn hands off my sister!

Back the hell off! Julian, stop it! This isn't ryan. Yeah, I know who the hell it is.

Dr. Collins. You know what? You're no better than your brother. Okay, you unleashed that psycho on port charles, you got kiki killed, and now you put ava in ryan's sights. I understand, and I am ashamed for what I did. If that were true, you would've slunk out of town weeks ago. Trust me, I've thought about it, but I'm not going anywhere until I know my brother is dead and buried. Well, the cops seem satisfied that he's dead. Why aren't you? Because I want to be sure.

[ Laughs ] Is that what you told ava? My sister is vulnerable, and you're taking advantage of that. So what's -- what's the deal, huh? Laura's moved on, but ava's here? Is she ripe for the picking, doc? Is that it? Hey, what do you think? Operation or should we go old-school? Definitely old-school. Yeah, listen, peter, um, I'm really sorry about the imposition. Hey, can't control the weather, right? So, what's the story here? Mayor of port charles teaming up with the commissioner's husband? Quite the buddy comedy. Well, not nearly as entertaining as what you and maxie got going on here. Well, today has been just perfect without any plan at all. Well, then it's been just perfect for me, too. And it was kind of french. It was french-esque.

[ Chuckles ] That counts, right? Absolutely. Maxie, you have been such a lovely hostess. It was so sweet of you to invite us up

[Whispering] But it's pretty clear that you two would rather be alone. Oh, it's -- it's really new. It's kind of our... first date? Oh, okay. Well, you know, you deserve to move on with your life, and if you like peter, then I'm happy for you. Thank you... mm. ...Um, but I-I'm not sure I know what I'm doing. I think you'll figure it out.

[ Chuckles ] Anyways, when the snow stops, then "game night" will be over, and you two can get on to other activities. I'm beginning to think that peter and I could be the last two people on the planet and we'd still find a way to avoid those "activities." Of all people, you should know I can't discuss my cases. You know, even when they're friends. I understand doctor/patient confidentiality. Doctor/patient confidentiality, yes. But you could've given me a heads-up that she could've used a visit from a friend. That's true. Right? 'Cause left to her own devices, she's never gonna tell anyone. She's a proud woman. Yes, she is. So could you do me a favor an-- okay. If jordan happens to take a turn for the worse -- which I'm doing everything I can to make sure she doesn't -- I will let you know.[ Elevator bell dings ] Thank you. Finn. Hey. Hey, anna. Hello. How are you? I'm good. I'm here to see the commissioner. Oh, I just saw her. She's resting right now. Oh, another time, then. Yeah, okay. Did you get a manicure? Oh, no, no. It's just a little clear. I'm sorry. I thought I saw a sparkle out of the corner of my eye. Well, that's, uh, probably cataracts. I could check those for you. Matter of fact, let me do that. I -- didn't you say something about being late to meet felicia? Oh, uh, well, I'm not late, but I'm going to see her -- well, you certainly don't want to be late with her. Uh, no. She has a mean streak and everything... bye, chase. Bye, anna. Thanks. Have a good day. Alright, I'll see you. Bye. Love you. Oh, that was real smooth. Anna's ring finger's bare.

[ Groans ] What are you waiting for, bro? Felicia: You have to tell finn. Are you mental? Mac: He can't do that! Finn will understand. After all, it was an accident, right? Of course it was. It's not like you lost the ring on purpose. Of course. Why would he sabotage another man's proposal to his ex-wife? Look at that tramp putting the moves on michael corinthos. I mean, she has a boyfriend, and she knows that michael and sasha are together. Oh, I think sasha said herself it's not that serious. Yeah, I'm gonna give sasha a call and warn her. Do you have my phone? Do you have my phone? Why would I have your phone? Is it in the car? No, it's not here. I don't know. I don't know where it is.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, my gosh. My whole life is on that phone. Oh, that's sasha there. It's at the restaurant. Okay. Oh, baby, will you get it please? Yeah, sure. Okay. Just promise me no bloodshed. Oh, I'm not gonna do anything. I'll avoid it. What happens between you and tait -- keep it misdemeanor. Okay. Ah, good evening. If you could all, uh, take your seats. Thank you for coming out this evening. My hope is to have a civil discussion that will yield some understanding and, uh, circumvent the mechanism that the district has set up to deal with matters such as these. Yeah, I just don't see how this is all gonna get sorted out in one quick little "discussion." Because somebody here has a problem with the gays.

I'm beginning to think you're more invested in this proposal than I am. That doesn't sound good. Those are some real crackerjack detective skills you have there. I'm surprised they haven't made you head detective already. "Head detective"? Well, whatever promotion you get for sticking your nose where it doesn't belong. Are you sure you don't want to rephrase that? I'm sure you could be more offensive if you really tried. I'm sorry. I'm a little...on edge. I'm worried you've actually gone over it. No, no, it's the proposal I'd like to get over with. Hold up. Time out. Hmm. A marriage proposal is supposed to be a romantic moment. Uh-huh. If you get down on one knee in this state, anna's liable to run the other way. See, here's the thing. I can't exactly get down on one knee without a ring, and robert's got it. What? It's a long story. But he's got my ring, and he ain't giving it back. Whoa. Hello? Well, you should've told me sooner. Let's go. Where? To sort out scorpio and get the ring back. Yeah, I can' t believe thatwe're having this conversation. I gotta return this ring in a couple of hours, and I don't have a ring to return. Not the ring, but I could get a ring.

[ Gasps ] No, no, mac, don't be ridiculous. Uh, tell me more. Um, I know a guy who could get you a look-alike. No. No! Mac, no! It's okay. Let's go. Let's go. I don't want to leave my brother twist in the wind. Oh, anna. -Hi. -Come on. -Uh, bye. -Bye. Uh, what'd I miss? Scorpio brothers ride again. Oh, god help us.

[ Sighs ] Schultz: The issue is a book in ms. Tait's class library -- yes, a children's book that celebrated the diversity of the modern family and happened to feature gay parents. Heaven forbid! The book is inappropriate. Uh, is the problem targeted specifically to the gay parents in the book? Well, I don't think anybody would gripe if the parents were interracial or single or "party of five" parents. You know, I'd like to explain why I included this book in the class library. You did it to push your social agenda. This classroom shouldn't be your soapbox. Okay. Which kid is your kid? Bianca taylor. The little girl who used to be friends with aiden. Right, until bianca shunned him. Do you have any idea how hurt aiden was to be the only kid that wasn't invited to her birthday party? A class library is no place to expose third graders to things that aren'T...normal. Well, you say "things," I say "children." You say "abnormal," I say "different." And I say ms. Tait created this completely unacceptable situation. Hey. Michael, hi. I'm glad to see you back on your feet. Last time I saw you, you were, uh, a little out of it. I wish nina hadn't made a federal case out of it. I really did not need to get hospitalized. Well, you -- y-you were pretty delirious when I saw you. Oh, gosh. Did I say anything embarrassing? Oh, you, uh -- you said that you wished nina was your real mother. Julian, you -- you really misunderstand what's happening -- julian: Really? Really? The hell I do! You know what? My sister is vulnerable. When she sees you, she not only sees the man who killed her daughter, she sees the man who put her on a pedestal, and you, dr. Collins, are manipulating that. So, what is it, huh? You think if she forgives you, you can get the whole town to forgive you, as well? Is that it? Huh? Julian! Would you stop it? This is none of your business, okay? Oh, the hell it isn'T. The hell it isn'T. And you know what, ava? You're coming home with me. Let's go. What? No, I'm -- stop it! Julian, don't manhandle your sister. It's better than being assaulted by you, you son of a bitch. He was not assaulting me. The hell he wasn'T. He had his hands all over you, kissing you. Julian, listen to me. I was kissing him back. Kevin and I are together.

[ Scoffs ] Maxie and i were on a date. Our first, really. Oh. And so you flew to toronto? Well, we were aiming for paris. But the storm had other plans for us. I just wanted it to be special for her, you know? I guess I'll settle for memorable. Well, looks like you're doing a good job. Look, peter, squeeze every moment for all that it's worth. God forbid something unexpected happens, and it's something beyond your control. Don't take the things that you have for granted, as if they'll always be there. Make the most of each and every moment. Peter and I have found one reason after another not to move forward with our relationship. Hmm. But you're here now. Yeah. We've ironed some things out. But I get the feeling peter thinks he's not good enough for me. Isn't that crazy? Uh, well, I have heard a thing or two about his childhood from lulu. It's pretty messed up, right? Yeah, it is, so maybe you just need to keep that in mind. He's a complicated man with complicated feelings, you know, and maybe you have to be the one to simplify it. You make the first move. With advil, you'll ask... what sore muscles? What pounding head? Advil is... relief that's fast. Strength that lasts. You'll ask... what pain? With advil. If only there was a place nearby you could get one of these. Or these. Good thing they're sold literally everywhere business is done. I'm pretty sure you could buy them at a bank. Not sorry. Reese'S. Meet the new sculpted brow.New tattoo studio brow pomade from maybelline new york.

For up to 24-hour sculpted brows. New, from the tattoo studio brow family. Only from maybelline new york. There are women who know when little leaks show up, you don't go home, you go viral. Poise® ultra thin pads are 5x drier than the leading always® period pad so you can stay you and stay amazing. Poise®. The number one brand for light bladder leaks. What the hell are you talking about? For pete's sake, julian, how is this news to you? I-it's been splashed all over

the invader. Ava, that's tabloid trash. I'm not gonna listen to that. Well, in this case, it's true. Shut up. Kevin and I have been seeing one another. Okay, you are sicker than I thought. Ava, you don't have to stand for that. Julian, I suggest you leave. You know what? I suggest you shut the hell up and stay away from my sister. How's that? You know, if you had been a better brother to your sister, she may not have been as vulnerable to ryan as she was. But you were too busy bartending and reconstructing your image. You're unreliable, julian. You're a last resort. And now ava knows it -- just like your children. Oh! Julian!

[ Gasps ]

[ Camera shutter clicking ] The hell, man? Make the first move? Oh, come on, now. I know you've got it in you.

[ Chuckles ] Yo, check it out. What? What is it? The snow stopped. Laura: Wow. We're back in business. Yes, and out of y'all'S. Yes. Here you go. Okay, thanks. Just want to grab my purse. I'll see you back in port charles. Peter: Of course. Thanks again for putting up with us. Thanks for everything. Glad we could help. Bye, honey. Bye. Safe travels.

[ Door closes ] So [Chuckles] So. What's the matter with you? We're not -- we're not going after robert. Well, how else are you gonna get the ring back? Well, he's -- he's supposed to give it to me tonight, alright? And, uh, look. I-I -- I appreciate it, but I don't need a rescue from my little brother. History says otherwise. Ha, ha. And I think I -- I think I got everything under control, alright? I'll, uh -- I'll let you know when the deed is done. Good. Then willow and i can take you and anna out to celebrate. Hey, you're still with the schoolmarm, huh? I wish you would not call her that. Well, that's why I do it. I'm teasing. She takes her job very serious. She goes to bat for those kids every single day of the week. Ms. Reeves -- uh, I'm sorry. Um, you wanted this discussion, right? So let's discuss. Um, I'm gonna say what, uh, ms. Tait here should've said at the get-go. School exists to help our children learn to form their own ideas, right? We don't want our daughter force-fed someone else's beliefs. No, no. Was that book, uh, assigned to anyone specifically? No. No! No, see, 'cause that would defeat the purpose. You don't want to do that. I mean, when you go to the library, you just pick out the books that you're interested in. You don't care about the other ones. You -- you want to read something that reflects your own experiences or gives you a window into the experience of others, right? That's what you want to do. Um, we're not interested in indoctrinating our children. We just want to help them be who they are. That's all we want to do. I mean, they're gonna do that anyway, whether we like it or not. So why don't we just help those kids who, you know, need different guidance or more guidance or extra guidance, or, I don't know, whatever. Why don't we just help them access that? It's no big deal, right? And, you know, if you really want to talk about what's hurting our kids, we should discuss those "chicken" fingers that they have in the cafeteria. I actually said that about nina? You okay? No. Yes. Um, I mean... I wouldn't want that to get back to nina. We've come so far so fast, and hearing what I said would really hurt her. Well, you didn't -- you didn't mean it, right? If you ask me about my mom, I immediately think of amanda gilmore. I don't think I'll ever be able to shake that feeling, and I could never share that with nina. Does that bother you? No, it sounds like you're protecting nina. By lying to her. Look, there are, uh -- there are lies, and there are truths that serve no purpose. I-I-I don't believe in truth just for truth's sake. The world's not so black and white. So, you're saying... I'm saying your secret is safe with me.

curtis: Looks like all that mail that was piled up this morning is gone. Yeah, somebody's home this time. Hello. Sorry for the late intrusion. We got delayed by the storm. My name is lucy johnson, and I'm with revenue canada. And we are following up on a discrepancy in our records. Do you mind if we speak with you for a moment? April tremblay, right? Yes. May we come in? No. Alright, well, that's fine. Whatever makes you feel more comfortable. Uh, have you been away for a while? Is that the discrepancy? Oh, no. No, no, no. It's just that we tried your door earlier, and I -- nobody answered, and then I noticed that there was quite a pileup of mail, so I just assumed that no one had been home for a very long time. I got back from a trip a few hours ago. Oh, okay. Oh, well, I, um, hope you went somewhere warm. Miami. Mm. Doesn't look like you got much sun. How many people live in the house with you? Just me. And I'm tired. Good night. Oh, could you just tell me how long you -- okay, can you please get this guy out of my face? Please? Okay, yes, I hit the guy, but he was provoking me all day, he's been harassing me, so... are you hurt? I'll manage. Julian: ...It's over now, okay? Nothing to worry about. You really pushed all of julian's buttons, didn't you? Well... I didn't know you had it in you. Well, it's like you said, the better the show, the sooner we draw ryan out, and the sooner it's over. Ava, can you please talk to these officers? Tell them that it was just a misunderstanding, that there's no crime here. Listen, anyone that can juggle third graders

and their parents has my admiration. Look, I-I don't know how willow does it, but it's clear why. Shaping those kids is hugely rewarding for her, even on the bad days. Well, it's a good thing she has you to lean on. I'm not going anywhere. But things are a little -- little complicated. She gave you homework?

[ Chuckles ] Her ex is still an issue. That guy you mentioned before? She can't shake him. Not for lack of trying. Why didn't you tell me sooner? Let's go. W-where? We're gonna go get that jerk, and we're gonna free your girl. -Thank you. -Bye. Thank you. Thank you for defending me -- I was not defending you. I was speaking out against censorship. You, ms. Tait, have very poor judgment in the classroom, and you are fundamentally dishonest. Excuse me? Yes, I saw you embracing michael corinthos. Oh, okay. Once again, you were sucking up to him when you have a boyfriend. That is not what's happening.

[ Whispers ] You be careful. You watch yourself. Because I am. Well, this trip has been full of surprises. Flight to france. Diverted to canada. Freak snowstorm, sudden guests. Are there any more surprises in store?

[ Sighs ] Could be. Yeah. Well, you must be beat. Oh, you, too. Do you want to go to sleep? Do you? There's not much else to do this late. No, not really. Right. Yeah. Good night. Good night.

[ Sighs ] So, did you know that robert and holly are taking a break from each other? Do you think you could fix him up with someone in town? Maybe he already has his eye on someone. Mm. Oh. Well, that would be good. He certainly needs a woman to occupy himself. It's strange robert's hung around port charles so much recently. Mm. I wonder if there's someone giving him reason to stay in port charles. Oh.

So, you want to get out of here? Definitely. Yeah? Is my family's place okay? I have a private entrance. Text me the address. I'll get my car and meet you there. See you soon. Oh. I didn't see you there. Here, nina's cell. You and michael seem to be hitting it off. We enjoy each other's company. Keep in mind your time in port charles is limited. Nina and I will be married shortly, and then you'll move away. Hopefully as far away as possible.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

I am the anchor "make the most of each and every moment."

Weighing you down "simplify. Make the first move."

Whirling around

'cause I'm paralyzing

'cause I'm paralyzing

I'm paralyzing ah. You just missed michael and sasha. Oh. Hmm. They're off for a, uh, fulfilling evening. How did yours go? Swimmingly. Oh, yeah? Does that mean, uh, you defended the book? Oh, the boo-- that, too. Thank you for arranging tonight's conversation. I'm very grateful for your support. Actually, do you have a few minutes? I wanted to run an idea by you about, um, next year's curriculum.

[ Sighs ] Is something wrong? I had intended to delay this conversation till the end of the school year, but... it can't be avoided. I'm very sorry, ms. Tait, but I will not be able to invite you back to teach at pc elementary next year. It's true. I hadn't realized that robert's been hanging around port charles so much lately. Hmm. Almost as if he's looking to resettle here. Well... I pity the poor woman.

[ Cellphone rings ] I do. [ Chuckles ] Sorry, I got to take this. Okay. Hi. Yeah. I see what you did there. I don't need a rescue from my big brother just like you don't need me butting in with anna. You're learning, grasshopper. What? You are so...young. N-never mind. But, uh, the day may come where I actually do need your help, and, uh, I'm glad to know it's on offer. Say hi to the schoolmarm. Alright, and say hi to my future sister-in-law. In the event that you can actually get the ring back.

[ Chuckles ] Well, keep your phone on, your badge handy. I'll let you know. Well? It's beautiful. And you'll never pull this off. Since when did you become mrs. Pessimist? Robert described the ring to the jeweler. Yeah, the -- the stone I'm solid on. The setting may not be an exact replica. Don't you think finn will know the difference?

[ Clears throat ] I suppose you have a point. The question is, will anna find this a proposal worth accepting? Anna may guard her feelings, but I know her heart. She's a woman in love. Ring or no ring, she's ripe for proposing. Ava, don't leave me hanging. Tell them what happened. Uh, this is...

[ Whispering ] He is your brother.

[ Police radio chatter ]

[ Whispering ] But if standing by your side while you press charges against my own brother doesn't get ryan's attention... not much else will. Listen, jules, I'm -- I'm so sorry. I -- there's really nothing I can do here. You know, you -- you did assault my lover. Officers... I'd like to press charges. What are you talking about?

[ Camera shutter clicking ] What do you think about that? She lyin'. Yeah. But why? Covering something up, maybe? Yep. I sent them away. That paper you wanted is on the table.

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