GH Transcript Friday 5/10/19

General Hospital Transcript Friday 5/10/19


Episode #14279 ~ Kristina makes her intentions clear. Sonny braces for the worst. Peter is interrupted. Finn has bad news. Ava and Kevin make their presence known.

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 You look busy. Work. [ Sighs ] I think it might be time to take a leave-of-absence. I can handle it. I know you can. It's your one remaining kidney that I'm worried about.

[ Sighs ] Okay, you win. I will take a break. For how many weeks?

[ Chuckles ] 10 minutes. Okay, every hour. Okay? And then, once I get my kidney transplant, I will -- no, it's still a question of "if" at this point. But you and dr. Collins marched in here and told me that he's a match. You found a kidney? Yes! Th-that is great news. Not so fast, tj.

[ Children shout indistinctly ] Divorced mother of three, taking care of two elderly? Even if she wanted to help ryan -- when would she have the time?

[ Sighing ] Yeah.

[ Sighs ] At least our cover's holding up. Yeah. "Hi, I'm lucy johnson, revenue canada. I'm following up on a discrepancy in our records." I dig. Let's just hope nobody sees through it. Nah. We're good.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. So... 4 down, 19 to go. That's okay. We're gonna get this done. Who knows -- the woman who's helping ryan could be behind the very next door. True. So could ryan. Julian isn't here. Mm-hmm. You know, I thought he'd be a decent litmus test for our faux relationship. In some ways, julian knows me better than anybody. Then why not just let him in on what we're doing? 'Cause the fewer people that know about this, the better. You really think so little of your own brother? Well, at least my brother doesn't kill people for sport. Thanks! But I don't need a reminder of the damage I unleashed on the world. Well, in order to rectify that damage, we're gonna have to help get your brother out of hiding, and to do that, we need to convince people that you and I are actually in, like, a caring relationship. Fine. Forget I said anything. What? Hmm. I'm just -- if I didn't know better... I'd say we were having our first lovers' quarrel. Sorry that flight took so long. Who cares? [ Laughs ] It's not the journey -- it's the destination. I don't think that's the saying. It is today! I mean, look at this place. It's everything you said it would be. Including the respectful, unpresumptuous, pressure-free separate rooms. Take your pick. Thank you. So, should we unpack? Check out our surroundings... see what's next for us?

[ Sighs ] Hi, kristina. It's mom. I just wanted to hear if julian gave you your job back. Okay? So, call me back and let me know. Bye-bye.

[ Doorbell rings ] I take it you've come to check on your daughter. Well, I just wanted to see how you both were doing, 'cause I know you -- you and kristina under the same roof is not easy. Well, not a problem right now since she's not here. What do you mean she's not -- where is she? Kristina, when I woke up this morning, I had this feeling -- I had this feeling right here... that I-I knew that today was gonna be the day that I saw you again. Yeah, well... here I am. Oh, please. Come in. Welcome home, krissy.

 Tj, you are a-a med student, but you're also the commissioner's son, so perhaps she will listen to you better than she listens to me. Despite having a donor match, why would a transplant still be in question? Well, before the transplant can be approved, the potential donor has to undergo a battery of tests. We need to determine that it's not only safe for you to receive his kidney, but that it's safe for him to give it to you in the first place. That is exactly right. Now, speaking as the patient's son, are you anticipating any problems? No. I'm not. But this is medicine, and there are no guarantees. Yeah. On that note, I'm gonna go check with your labs. All right?

[ Sighing ] Yeah. Give you two some chance to talk, okay? Thank you.

[ Monitor beeping ] So... how are you feeling today? Well, dr. Ashford -- I'm not a doctor yet. Uh, I'm practicing. Yeah, you're gonna jinx it. Come on, I asked you a question.

[ Inhales deeply ] -How am I feeling? -Mm-hmm. Um... other than antsy and anxious, not bad. Good. Now, I hope you're playing games on that laptop and not fighting crime. It's mostly admin. Okay. I'm taking it away from you. No, no, no, no! You'll ruin the one good thing about this place. And what's that? Being stuck in the hospital means that I get to see more of you.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I'm glad you're keeping your spirits up.

[ Scoffs ] I guess things actually aren't bad unless... you're covering for him. For who? Uncle curtis. I haven't seen him around in a while. What's up with you two?

[ Door slams ]

[ Exhales sharply ] That was a bit aggressive.

[ Quietly ] Can you believe she and her fiancée work in canadian law enforcement? Yeah, there is no way that they arranged for a pharmacy break-in with a one-handed fugitive. No. But they would, however, turn two phony tax collectors in just as soon as they looked at us. Yeah. By the way, good save with the fake id. Yeah. Always be prepared.

[ Breathes sharply ] Okay. So, this next one, actually, I'm kind of looking forward to. Please tell me it's a nurse who specializes in medicine and/or amputations.

[ Laughs ] Close enough. Okay, here's what I found out about her on the internet. She volunteers at not one but two hospitals here in town. Hmm. Dating profile -- she likes tall white men over 40. And here's the kicker. She loves strays. We might have a winner. Well, I'm not sure if being glued to your phone is compromising our relationship or making it seem more realistic. I'm sorry. I, um, I'm expecting to hear some news. Huh. Everything all right with the missus? So far, so good. She's in canada searching for ryan. No doubt you'd rather be with her. No doubt. Well, you're doing more good here, you know. We have to be seen in public together if our plan is gonna work. Mm-hmm. So, if you're not w-waiting to hear from laura, do you mind me asking what it is you're -- you're waiting for?

[ Sighs ] Well, if you must know, I'm actually waiting to hear [Inhales sharply] From dr. Finn. You're not sick, are you? On the contrary. I'm hoping to donate a kidney to commissioner ashford. Wow. Are -- you're compatible? We're a match. But before you can donate, you have to go through a battery of tests, and I was hoping to hear by now. What? You are just so not your brother.

[ Scoffs ] I should hope not. And I don't want you to think that I don't support your decision, because I do. Thank you. But, you know, we are in the middle of a sting here. It would be hard to keep our relationship public if you were in the hospital donating an organ. We are talking about saving a woman's life. Well, I'm talking about getting your maniac brother out of hiding and finishing the bastard off once and for all. She went to charlie's to get her job back. That's all. How do you know that's where she was going? Because that's what she told me she was -- and you believed her? She could have gone back to shiloh first chance she got. Do you think this is helping?

[ Doorbell rings ] Well, I mean...

[ Door creaks ] Good. You're just in time. We need an expert -- kristina went to charlie's to get her job back. Sonny thinks that I should have locked her in her room. I opted to let her go. Which one of us is right? Would you care for some tea? No. Thank you. Sure.

[ Inhales deeply ] Uh... you seem a little anxious. Um, may I...?

[ Breathes sharply ] Your family said that, uh... that you were taking some time away to rethink your life. That's exactly what I was doing... ah. ...Rethinking my life and my choices. Well, great. Well, that means you'll be coming back to us stronger than ever. No, shiloh. I'm not coming back. Oh. Well, needless to say, I am, uh... I am very disappointed. I'm sorry you feel that way. Oh, yeah. I will miss you more than you know. And since I'm no longer a member of dod, I would appreciate it if, um, you would get me my pledge back.

Dr. Byrne. I appreciate everything you've done for us. Your part in this is done. Well, in fact, it's not. You retained me to treat kristina, and there's still work to be done. As to the question of whether kristina should be able to leave the house, you have two options -- do you want to sit tight and see if she goes back to shiloh? Or do you want to chase her down, which practically guarantees that will happen? It's up to you. Fine. Thank you. Look... I know it was difficult. But once we got going, we made a good team. That young woman, ms. Tait, who survived and escaped that experience that kristina was about to be subjected to, made a pivotal difference. We got through. I'm just worried it's not gonna stick. Kristina knows shiloh's intentions are not good and pure. She knows he poses an emotional and a sexual threat. Alexis, you did the exact right thing. Mr. Corinthos... trust your daughter. Let her go. Krissy, you, uh... can't simply just take back your pledge. Why not? I-it's not like you need it for anything. Right? Well, needing it is not the point. That's -- that's just -- that's not how this works. How this works is entirely up to you. Dawn of day is your movement. Yes, but you gave me that pledge as a symbol of your good faith. All that crap about loving me for my goodness and my light and whatever else you said? I meant every word. Never mind the fact that you were planning on raping me?! What? I would never -- I would never do anything like that. You drugged me. No, I didn'T. Leading me up to that attic! Making me wear that sister-wife dress. Oh, and then there was the tea. Okay, okay, okay. That was just valerian root tea. That was it. You can get that anywhere. That was just to make you comfortable. Right, to loosen me up, so that, after the ceremony, I wouldn't protest you having sex with me! Kristina, I don't know who this is right now. I d-- I don't know who you are right now. I don't know who put these thoughts in your head. Oh, you want, like, a name? Yes. Yes, if you have a name, I would love a name. Sure. David henry "shiloh" archer. You. Sorry. We shouldn't be fighting. We're supposed to be lovebirds. You know, just imagine how annoyed ryan would be to find out that his brother, st. Kevin, is donating an organ to the law enforcement official that exposed him... and that his soulmate is by his side? That's good! It is. No, we -- we should milk that for all it's worth. Mm. And how do you suggest we do that? We're not exactly surrounded by paparazzi and gossip columnists. Ah.

[ Clattering ] Well, who needs 'em? Here we go. A selfie? Yeah. A convincing one. Pucker up.

[ Shutter clicks ] Curtis is out of town working on a case. What kind? A missing person. That's all I can say. W-would this missing person be ryan chamberlain? Why would you ask -- well, a few weeks ago, uncle curtis asked me about a list of medications. One of them was used to help with clotting after a limb's been severed. Ryan chamberlain lost a hand. I don't need to be sherlock holmes to make this leap. He's looking for chamberlain, isn't he?

[ Sighs ]

[ Laughing ] Oh, my god, this city is so gorgeous! What did I tell you? Right? And the shopping! The shopping! Who knew? James is absolutely going to rock this or what? Well, there's nothing james can't rock. This is true! This has been...

[ Sighs ] I'm having the best time. Me too. Well, except for the weather. Sorry. I know it's a little bit cold. I was hoping our first meal would be al fresco, watching all the passerbys, me showing you off to the world. Are you kidding? Everything has been so amazingly beautiful. Just like you.

I'm sure she'll walk through that door any minute. When did she leave? Not that long ago. So, what is that, about -- over an hour ago? I don't know. Maybe she went to get coffee at perks or -- or to see valerie. Maybe she went to visit sam.

[ Stammers ] As long as she didn't go to dawn of day, right? Okay. The point is that dr. Byrne has stressed on numerous occasions...

[ Sighs ] ...That we need to allow kristina to be an adult. Look, if it's any comfort,

i think kristina is healing. And I don't believe she's going to allow shiloh to influence her anymore. Unless he holds the pledge she made over her head. Krissy, let's just calm down. Let's sit down. Let's talk through this. Let's make peace. No, thanks. Um, I don't want to listen to you talk circles around me. I'm going just as soon as you give me my signed pledge and my recording. Kristina, that was a gift to me. That pledge you made was a gift to me. Now, you may have lost faith in dawn of day, but I have the utmost faith in you. If I tell you, this has to stay strictly between us. I have to be able to tell molly. We don't keep secrets. You don't? Well, you're still young.

[ Laughs ] Okay? Hey, will you swear to me that you and molly will keep this only between yourselves? Of course. You're right. Curtis is searching for ryan. Does he have any leads? A few. Well, I guess trying to bring a killer to justice is an okay reason not to be here.

[ Laughs ] So, you'll cut him some slack?

[ Chuckles ] Just this once.

[ Chuckles ] Ava? You all right? Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. I, um...

[ Clears throat ] I just need a minute to post this across my social media accounts. Your hands are shaking. No, they're not -- I'm -- they're... I'm totally fine. Okay, now, do you think that you're gonna want me to send this to you or just like it and share it and repost it? Uh, I'll share and repost. That seems to be the digital way of being a couple now.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. That'll drive ryan crazy. Okay. I'm done. Your turn. Okay.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh. [ Laughs ] I have a text from dr. Finn. My, uh... my test results are in. I need to go. Oh, well, I'm going with you. Oh, you don't have to do that. I'm your doting girlfriend. In for a penny...

[ Breathes sharply ] I don't think anyone's in there. Oh.

[ Doorknob rattles ] Yeah. The door's locked. Yeah, there's quite a pileup of mail over here. Let's just take a look. All this stuff goes way back for months. It's actually as far back as when ryan was in port charles. I think we should just... cross this off our list and go.

[ Sighs ]

[ Papers rustle ]

 So we can all sleep easier tonight. Thank you. My pleasure. So [Sighs] What do you say we bundle up, talk a walk, and find a perfect place to watch the sunset? Well, you sure know how to make the best of an unexpected situation.

[ Laughs ]

[ Glasses clink ] I just know that you had a whole plan for us. The palais-royal, the île saint-louis... fortunately, they're not going anywhere. I'm sorry this isn't the first date you intended. You know what they say. "Best laid plans..." is that shakespeare? Douglas adams. And before him, robert burns.

[ Laughs ] Well, today has been just perfect without any plan at all. Well, then, it's been just perfect for me, too. And it was kind of french. It was... french-esque.

[ Chuckles ] And that counts, right? Absolutely. -Thanks. -Yeah. Well, I got to say... you know, when you first insisted on joining me on this quest... yeah? ...I thought I was gonna have to be on my p's and q'S...

[ Laughs ] ...And walk the straight and narrow. Well, you should. I am the mayor, after all.

[ Laughs ] Ohh. Yeah. So, how is it that the mayor got personally involved with the search for ryan?

[ Sighs ] It's pretty simple. I want to see him brought to justice for all the people he's hurt. What about ava? Poor ava. We've had our differences in the past, but, uh, no one deserves what he did to her. Mm. She has been spending a lot of time with kevin. I mean, I know that's got to make you feel some kind of way.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. It -- it does. But, um... at this point, it's not my business. Mm. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Right. But I think they're making it everybody's business, you know? It's all over the news. "Mother of murder victim gets romantically involved with murderer's twin." It's all over social media. Mm. Yeah. Well, I don't have any control over what people say or do. Yeah, right. It's almost like they're making themselves targets to flush out ryan so they can take matters in their own hands. Which is why we need to find ryan before he finds them. Yeah. Especially since kevin's kidney is a match for jordan.

[ Inhales sharply ] I just want the question of ryan settled before the transplant.

[ Telephones ring in distance ] Dr. Finn? Dr. Collins.

[ Exhales sharply ] And ms. Jerome. You're here, too. Yeah. I hope that's not a problem. Is it a problem for you...? Whatever you say to me, I'll just turn around and tell ava, anyway. -Ah. -We're very close. So, am I a suitable kidney donor for jordan ashford? I'm sorry -- you're not. But I'm a match -- I'm afraid your glucose levels are too high. You're pre-diabetic. I never had that problem before. I imagine your condition was brought on by your ordeal that -- what your brother put you through -- months at ferncliff, malnourished. Okay, fine. So I eat right and exercise -- I-I'll be fine in no time. Yes, you'll be fine, but jordan needs a transplant sooner than you can provide one.

[ Scoffs ] The woman is at risk of kidney failure. There has to be something that I can to help. I understand that you're disappointed -- I do. But there's -- there's nothing more you can do. I'm sorry. Excuse me. Kiki really liked dr. Finn. I've gotta say... I agree. Mm, well, dr. Finn is proof that you can be wildly successful without any discernable bedside manner.

[ Both chuckle ] Watching him work... I've been thinking, I mean, maybe -- maybe I can specialize in infectious diseases, too. Well, whatever you choose to pursue, do it because you love it. Not because your teachers or colleagues think you should do it, or because you think it'll make me happy. I'm proud of you, no matter what.

[ Footsteps approach ] Dr. Finn. What's the good news? I'm sorry, jordan. We won't be able to give you a kidney from dr. Collins. If shiloh is gonna use this pledge as leverage with kristina, then...good. That's easy for you to say, 'cause you're not the -- everything you say here is confidential... unless it's, um... about a crime you're planning to commit. Why would it be good for shiloh to threaten kristina? Because it's extortion, and extortion is a felony. But only if we can prove it. Kristina will testify. And I guarantee that willow will testify. So, it's just as important for shiloh to keep whatever this is secret. But, you know, s-shiloh seems to be bulletproof. When can we ask kristina about the information she gave shiloh? Kristina, I would be remiss if I wasn't honest with you. About my pledge? No, about you. You have changed drastically since you've left us. I know. It's opened my eyes. On the contrary, it's closed them. It's closed your mind. It has closed your heart. You were thriving here with us at dawn of day. You were thriving. You found your place. You found your passion, you found your grace, and to give that all up just like this, to walk out the door like this... you know, fortunately for you, though, our door will always be open to you, kristina, always. And I hope soon you will walk through it again.

[ Door slams ]

[ Sighs deeply ]

Hold that thought. I'm sorry...? Um, I just -- I need to run one teeny, tiny errand. What -- what kind of errand? There's a lingerie boutique next to the hotel, and I suddenly have an urgent need to shop there. Maxie -- no. This is not a night I will wear my flannel pajamas to bed. I'll be right back.

[ Door closes ] So, are you saying that kevin offered to give jordan his kidney?

[ Sighs ] I'm sorry. I thought you already knew. I didn't mean to break confidence. No [Chuckles] It's okay. I-it's really okay, and I can understand why kevin would want to do something like that. I just -- I mean, is this something that's already scheduled, something that's gonna happen soon? There's a few hurdles still to get over. But [Inhales deeply] We're optimistic it's a go. But, anyway, I know we would rather get out of here sooner than later, so why don't we just... enjoy this? Yeah, sure. Okay, well, we can do some work while we eat, right? Yeah. Okay. Um... oh, I'm sorry. I haven't even asked. How is jordan doing? She was fine when I spoke with her this morning. She's gonna hear later today from doc finn [Sighs] If kevin is the donor.

[ Telephone rings in distance ] I really wanted to do this. I needed to do it. It was a way to make amends for allowing... ryan back in the world. It was a noble gesture. It was a way to try and help save the commissioner's life. It was tangible -- by giving an actual part of myself.

[ Sighs ] And, yes, it was a way to try and make up for at least one of the lives that ryan took. Oh, but, kevin, that's not how this works. You can't make up for the lives that someone else took. My daughter is gone. Nothing can make up for that. Or for any of ryan's victims. So, there's nothing I can do. Well, you can -- you can forget about making amends, forget about trying to make things even. Just focus on the possible -- being a good person. Being a good man. Which you are. Am I? Yeah. You are. What the hell are you doing? The bottom line is, kevin's body needs his kidney right now. New donors become available all the time. I-I know the statistics. It's a crapshoot. And we don't -- we don't have time. Okay, then let's talk about some alternatives. Tj, I know you've been tested, and you weren't a match. But, jordan, do you have any other family members that -- that might be possible donors? Yeah. Yeah, you never talk about your relatives. There has to be somebody out there. Cousins, aunts, second cousins...

[ Sighs ] Yes, harmony. It's just as I predicted. Yeah, someone broke into the records room, and they stole all of the dummy pledge envelopes that I had planted. Mm. I don't know when. Well, luckily, I moved all of the pledges to a safe location. Yeah. Sam's still working her way to get kristina's pledge out of shiloh's hands. In the meantime, I-I don't know where my daughter is. Have you tried calling her? No. Have you? As a matter of fact, I have. And...? And I got voicemail. So now it's your turn. Why is it suddenly my turn? Because remember how five minutes ago she hadn't been gone long enough? Right. Well, now it's five minutes after that, and now she has, so if I call her, it's gonna sound like I'm badgering her. Well... and if you call her, she'll think it's adorable... until you judge her, and then she'll hate your guts. So why don't you call her, be adorable, and don't judge her?

[ Door creaks open ] Dad? Dr. Byrne? What's going on? Oh! Well, your -- your dad just came by to check on -- on you, and dr. Byrne -- same. Yeah, pretty much. Just wanted to see if there's anything you want to talk about. Your mother told me that you went to charlie's to get your job back. Yeah, I did. How'd that go? It went fine. Where'd you go after that? How was it, um, you know, the first day out after everything? Um, well, julian was still a little mad that I blew him off, so, uh, that was a lot harder than I was expecting. Um, but still not as... not as hard going to dawn of day. And, um... how did that go? Not great. But I made it clear to shiloh that I won't be going back. And how did shiloh take that news? He was hurt. You okay? Clearly you're upset. What did he say to you? Nothing you probably couldn't predict, and, um... nothing, um, that I really wanted to hear. So, anyway, I, uh... said goodbye. And I left.

[ Inhales sharply ] And I'm wiped. And I just -- I really just want to be alone.

[ Footsteps departing ]

[ Sighs ] Oh, god. I'M... I'm so embarrassed. I'm -- I'm -- I'm so sorry. But please try to understand that I -- I was so in love with... with ryan. No. I was in love with a man that I thought was you. And that kevin collins understood me, and he accepted me. And he loved me just as I am. Now, I kn-- I know that he -- he was a lie, and h-he was a monster who murdered my daughter and then climbed into my bed so he could have an alibi. But just for that one second, I-I forgot. And I'm sorry. Can you forgive me? Look... what ryan did to you was horrific. And I'll do whatever it takes to put things right, including pretending to be in this relationship. But you have to understand I love my wife. I know. I do understand. I know it. I'm sorry. It was just... momentary confusion. Understood. But if you get confused again... I'll shut this whole thing down. My, um... family is... scattered. I'm not really in touch with anyone. Okay. Maybe you can give a dna sample to one of those organizations that help you find family members. It might be a way to find a donor. Thanks. I'll think about it. I am sorry. I really wish I had better news. I'll check on -- on you later. Okay.

[ Monitor beeping ] Oh, god, mom -- hey. Mo-- [ Scoffs ] Hey, hey. We are gonna get through this, okay? I promise you. Everything is going to be fine. Okay. How?

[ Cork pops, clatters ]

[ Knock on door ] So, are you gonna show me what you bought? Uh, shopping was a success -- and a bonus. Look who I found. Come in. Hi, peter. Madam mayor, what a surprise.

[ Laughs ] I know. Heck of small world, huh. -Hey, peter. -Curtis. I barely made it back from the store when it started to snow, and as I was crossing through the lobby, I overheard the clerk telling laura that they were all booked up. Yes, we're here, uh... working on an investigation. We thought we would rest and recharge while the worst of the storm passes. Obviously, I couldn't leave them stranded. Obviously... I mean, we have plenty of room here, so I invited them to hang out with us. Welcome. I think we all know what went on between kristina and shiloh. Yeah, he threatened to use the pledge against her.

[ Sighs ] So, do you think he's just licking his wounds, or -- or is he pissed off enough to blackmail her? Look, I-I know the pledge is important, but that's a later problem. I want you to focus, both of you, on something great that just happened. You tell me what's great about shiloh, um... blackmailing my daughter. She went back to dawn of day and faced shiloh on her first day of freedom -- a man who has tried to control and brainwash her, a man who has made all of his efforts to separate kristina from her family. And what did she do? She came home. She walked out of there, didn't go back, and -- and she came home. And not just "home" -- home of a mother she has a contentious and turbulent relationship with. She chose family. Take the win. You're right, doctor. No matter what happens... ...we've got our daughter back. I had a feeling that someone was gonna try to get ahold of kristina's pledge. No, no. No worries, though. It's safe and sound. Exactly. For whenever we need it. Home.

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