GH Transcript Wednesday 5/8/19

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 5/8/19


Episode #14277 ~ Sam expresses her concerns. Valerie offers her advice. Lucas seeks help.

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 I am glad you're staying. It is the best thing for josslyn. But you're worried about friction between me and sonny. You and sonny can't stand each other. For valid reasons. And I know that you love josslyn enough to rise above...

[ Chuckles ] So no, I'm not worried. I'm just thanking you in advance because I know it won't be easy. Well, I don't care about easy. I just care about our daughter's happiness. Mom? Dad? Hey, sweetheart. Dad.

[ Quietly ] Hey.

[ Gasps ] Oscar.

[ Quietly ] No, it's -- it's just me.

[ Grunts ] What do you say we get dessert? Willow? Oh. I didn't take you for a sweets guy. Oh, I'm an anything guy if it stands a chance at cheering you up. I'm fine. No, you're amazing because you stepped up. You shared your story with michael's sister, and because of you, kristina's out from under shiloh's influence. That doesn't mean it's over for her... any more than it is for me. Welcome home. Now -- oh, yeah. If you -- if you change your mind, you could always -- you know, there's a lot of room at my place. Kristina's room is ready and waiting. No, I didn't -- I didn't mean anything by it. I just meant that if -- you know, you always have that option. Right, doctor? Her future's wide open. How about pizza? There's slim pickings around here. I wasn't banking on company. Didn't think I'd be ready to see the light, huh? Kristina. No, I mean, it's the truth, right? You know, I was blind, but now I see. What about sam? You think she's realized the truth about shiloh?

[ Tattoo gun buzzing ] Just like the tattoo, the next step is irrevocable. Nothing will shake my commitment.

Did you hear something? Lie still. The pain will soon pass.

[ Thud ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Quietly ] Jason. What the hell? It's over. Sam was never part of your intervention. But she would have sided with me, maybe even told shiloh where I was. Sam -- you know that. She's a wild card in all this. She -- she did get rather close with shiloh, but, you know -- it's more than that. I mean, he has a particular interest in her. I mean, even more than his particular interest in me. Don't try to get into shiloh's head, kristina. Right. I should just focus on getting my own head screwed back on. Wait, look. We're looking out for sam. I promise you. Let's just focus on you tonight. Hey, little guy. It's been too long. Yeah, well, my cousin's a big, bad detective now, wiley. Too busy solving crimes to spend time with the likes of us. Mm-hmm. I always have time for this little guy. He's the one with the non-stop schedule. I've been by a few times the last few weeks, and you've been running out the door to someplace or another. Mm-hmm. Someplace in particular. Ah. Uh, lucas doesn't approve of my efforts at self-improvement.

[ Chuckles ] No, I have no problem with self-improvement. I just think there might be more economical ways to go about it. Dawn of day courses are not cheap. You're in with dawn of day? I've taken some classes. Well, stop. You don't want anything to do with those people. Sorry that I... disturbed you. No, I'm glad you did. Really, I've -- um, I've been slacking, so... "slacking." Okay. Um, you want me to put you to work? Please, god, yes.

[ Laughing ] You want to help me sort through this -- this box of stuff? Oh, yeah? What have you got here? Decided to collect a few things of oscar's from my place, and I thought, well... figured maybe you'd want something and maybe we could also find something for scout. You like that? Please tell me this is a salsa bowl.

[ Laughing ] It's an ash tray. Oh, really? Yeah, and I never smoked. Sure. I didn'T. Oh, look at that. This got some use, huh? Yeah. Before it was oscar's, it was mine. That's nice. Before it was mine, it was yours. So good to see you. You, too. How are you? I miss oscar. I know. We were together constantly, and... now he's just gone. You want to tell me about it? What do you want to know? Everything.

[ Quietly ] That could take a while. I've got all the time in the world.

I know that you are still worried that shiloh will get onto the fact that you had his baby. But just try to remember that he has no reason to suspect any such thing. That's what I thought until my mother came here looking for me. Wait, she's still a part of dod? Forever shiloh's number-one fan. She knew I was pregnant when I left dod. Wait, then why hasn't shiloh -- because she never told him. She still thinks I'll return to the fold with a little coercion. So you, uh -- you go back or she tells shiloh about the baby? You refused, right? Of course. Then do you think she'll say anything to him? I doubt it. She was jealous when shiloh started paying attention to me. She couldn't stop him, so she pushed me toward him, trying to please him. How sick is that? I am so sorry. There's a silver lining. I'm pretty sure she would never want shiloh to know something that would bind him to me. Certainly not a baby. And just to be safe, I told her I had a miscarriage. Valerie: Chase and i looked into dawn of day, and what we uncovered is pretty disgusting. In addition to the steep fees for classes, sometimes they use sexual coercion to keep their members in line. Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you, lucas. Shiloh's been hitting on me. You know, maybe you're not his type.

[ Scoffs ] You can't possibly be taking this seriously. The police are. Oh, well, are they? There's not an official investigation into dod, but my partner heard a first-person account of shiloh's unwanted sexual advances. What? I knew there was something weird about this group. I told you. Right. All the good they put out into the world is super suspicious. The group does community outreach, but if you scratch beneath the surface -- come on, you can't have evidence of any crimes. You just said the pcpd isn't investigating. Well, they may not have all the evidence yet, but I'm assuming -- okay, are -- are charges pending? Based on what? The word of some disgruntled former member? Brad, hey. Well, no, no, no, hey. Hey, I'm just looking out for you. I wouldn't want you to tarnish your hard-earned detective cred right out of the gate. And I'm looking out for you. We're family. Just watch your backs, okay? Hi. Are you alright? Yeah. What are you doing here? Kristina had a breakthrough. She's done with dawn of day and shiloh. Let me see. How bad is it? You're bleeding. How bad? Come on. Let's go. Let's get someone to check you out. No, no, no. I have to cover for you. Go to the record room and get kristina's pledge, please.

[ Groans ] Sam, it's not worth the risk. Come with me right now. Please, go get her pledge. We'll figure this out later.

[ Groans ]

[ Glass shatters ] Get the hell out of here!

[ Groans ] Chase. Hey, willow. You got a second, partner? Yeah. What's up? Turns out I have family with dod, too. Who? Oh, you can -- you can trust willow. I promise, I can keep a secret. My cousin lucas' husband, brad. He won't hear a bad word about shiloh. We have to get the D.A.'S attention on this. Shut shiloh down. We may have a witness. Kristina just walked away from dod. This was mine? Yeah, you brought it with us when we hiked the pacific crest trail.

[ Chuckles ] Wow. Yeah, away from the city lights. Oh, we could practically see every star in the sky. And it must've gotten mixed up in my things when we got back because, by the time I found it, you'd already been deployed. Oscar inherited your fondness for stargazing. I thought you should have that. Did he know? No, I -- I didn't tell him. I'm sorry. I -- I -- actually I forgot that he even had it. Actually, uh, that reminds me.

[ Sighs ] Huh. Oh. [ Chuckles ] This is a good one. Of you two, yep.

[ Laughing ] No! It's good of you, too. He had it at the, uh, dawn of day house. When he was living there. I guess, uh, even though he was furious at us, he still wanted us nearby. You know, I wonder if there's anything else he left at that house.

[ Doorbell rings ]

[ Groans ] I need to get that.

[ Groans ] Hey, curtis. Hey. I meant to come sooner. It's alright. You've got a lot going on. I'm fine, really. It's okay. Yo, man. Don't be spreading lies about my friend. Come on in here. Come on. His parents were great. Letting me be there. They knew that you were a comfort to him. I tried to be. But it's not like we could have a real conversation much of the time. You know, oscar couldn'T... yeah, yeah. Pain medication will do that. Is that what happened to grandma? Yes. Yes. Yeah, I would, um -- I would sit there and... I would just, you know, go on as if the -- the nurses and the iv and the hospital bed were all just normal. And, uh, she would say, um, "now, jasper, don't you go off surfing and let my garden go to seed."

[ Chuckles ] Oh, lady jane was one of a kind. Yeah. She was herself until the end. Of course, she -- a couple of times she asked for -- for your grandfather, who was long gone by then. Then she would say, "john! John! Where's that jerry? Out with his friends again. If he comes home drunk, there'll be hell to pay."

[ Chuckles ] Ohh. And you knew she was really, really mad because lady jane would never utter a cross word unless she really was. Mm. What did you do? Oh, I would just say, "mom, don't worry. I got jerry." And, uh, she would just go right back to sleep. You knew exactly what to say.

 But he liked "the wind in the willows." After all of that time he had to spend in the hospital,

[Sniffles] That beautiful, green english countryside sounded really nice to him.

[ Sniffles ] Um... anyways, we almost finished it. Sorry, I -- I already said that. Um... I was reading to him. And then I fell asleep. Just for a minute. And when I opened my eyes, he was just lying there, smiling. But he was so still, and, um, I didn't want it to be true, but I knew. I knew. Hey, I promise you... oscar felt your love.

[ Sniffles ] And he feels it now. What do you say I take you home? Hearing about valerie's cousin, I just -- I feel like dod is everywhere. I don't want to be alone. Okay, then come home with me. Thank you for being so patient. I'm sorry I'm such a basket case. Hey, you survived dod. Okay? You protected your child, and then you reached out to help kristina. And that takes courage. That takes strength. So stop selling yourself short, okay? I don't care what valerie says. Okay, I have spent plenty of time at dawn of day, and I have never seen anything sketchy. Well, okay, hold on. What about the way you parrot everything shiloh says? The way you fork over money, hand over fist, for his dime store self-help? And defending the guy blindly when you have no idea what's actually -- I defend a guy who has helped me, okay? Am I not sleeping better? Isn't my anxiety under control since I started my work with dod? Haven't I stopped obsessing that we could lose wiley somehow? Yeah. Okay. Yeah, I -- I -- I -- I -- it seems like you've been more calm. Okay, then what is the problem? The problem is wiley. You cannot let him anywhere near shiloh. I am so proud of you, and I love you very much. I'll be back tomorrow. Okay. Okay? I'll try not to do anything crazy before then.

[ Chuckles ] -Good one. -I'll walk you out. Alright. Now would be a good time for a drink. You're not carrying, are you? So aldo's going to be here just to keep an eye on things. In case shiloh's watching? No, just in case kristina bolts. You know what? We're gonna have to trust dr. Byrne and trust kristina. She had a chance to go back to shiloh, and she didn't do it. It's gonna be a lot more temptation without a -- a locked door stopping her. Well, we're gonna have to deal with it 'cause I don't want her to feel like a prisoner. Alright. If you need anything, let me know. I'll see you tomorrow? Tomorrow. Alright.

[ Lock clicks ]

[ Groans ] Sam? Hey. There you are. My head. Just take it easy. Here, you got hit pretty good.

[ Grunting ] Yeah. What happened? Well... what do you remember?

 I -- I started the initiation, and the next thing I know, I was on the floor.

[ Groans ] I heard a smash. Yeah. Well, you're definitely hit pretty hard. I'M...glad you're awake now, though. This had to have been jason. This is the only person who'd go this far to stop your progress. Well, I mean, it's certainly -- he's capable of it. But I'll tell you something, if jason comes after you, he does not miss. Ow. There was this guy that came in here. He was ranting and raving about something you did to his kid.

[ Quietly ] What? And, um, I -- I got that vase that was there, and I threw it at him. I mean, he ran out of here. I -- I would have gone after him, but I didn't want to keep you here alone. We should probably call the police, yeah? No. No, no, no. No, no. No police. Why? What if the guy comes back? Because this house is a sanctuary to many. I don't want the police turning it upside down. It's okay. We'll just -- we'll just -- we'll just turn the other cheek. You know, we'll get on with our lives, and we will -- we'll finish what we started. Uh, no booze on me, but if I know your mom, she's probably got some coffee. How's that? You know, since you mentioned it, how well do you know my mother?

[ Door opens ] You have a visitor. Can I have a word with you, uh, outside? Yes, of course. So... you called me. I can explain. Um... you don't have to. I'm just -- I'm glad you're okay. Thanks. I was curious about one thing, though. Does your mom have my number in her phone? How did you reach me? I committed your number to memory a while ago.

[ Chuckles ] I didn't know people still did that. I -- I do. Yeah, with some people. The -- the people that I'm glad to have in my life. Good policy. I know we have a lot to talk about. That can wait. We have time. I'm sorry I came by so late, but I heard that you were back, and I wanted to see for myself that you were okay. Oh, that might be a stretch, but I -- I think I'll get there.

[ Chuckles ] Well, if there's anything I can do to help... I have your number. Great. Well... good night. Actually, there is one thing that you could do for me right now. I told you to stay away from dawn of day. If you don't believe me, believe detective chase! Or valerie! Letting shiloh near wiley borders on abuse. Now, that's ridiculous. Whoa, okay. You need to back off. How we parent our son is -- is our bu-- you are no parents at all if you trust wiley to shiloh. You know what? This is none of your business. Please excuse us. No, please. Please listen to me. Listen to me. Wiley deserves better than this! You don't know what's best for our son. Stay away from us. Look, uh, I'm sorry about oscar. He was a great kid. Thanks.

[ Chuckling ] He really was. Um, I'm gonna get to sorting through this, and, um, yeah. It's good to see you, curtis. You take care. Yeah. Drew: Drink? Yeah. Want to talk, buddy? You know, you're dealing with your own crisis because of me. We already went over this.

[ Sighs ] Wasn't your fault. Yeah, but I was behind the wheel. How is jordan? Whew, yeah. She had a setback, but, um, she got bumped up on the transplant list. Really? Yeah. So now all you need is a donor? And we may have one. Now maybe you should, you know, try and go back to bed. I can't really sleep, dad. I keep dreaming of oscar and waking up, thinking he's still here. Well, he is, in your heart. Yeah, but I want him here, too. Well, you're never really going to lose him. Lady jane is still with us, right? Every time I hear that song she used to sing me to sleep when I was kid. Same one you'd sing me.

Lavender's blue, dilly dilly

lavender's green both:

When I am king, dilly dilly

you shall be queen

 -Hey, hey. -Yeah? I'm worried about you. You took quite a hit. The ceremony can wait. No, the ceremony is sacrosanct. Once it has started, it cannot be stopped, okay? Hey, hey! See? No, no. See? We're gonna have to take a rain check. The ceremony is gonna have to wait. Okay. Come on. Let's get some ice on that head of yours. You okay? Yeah. Alright. What do you need? Um, advice. Like the legal kind. You can't ask your mom? Well, I'd prefer to ask a friend. Let's hear it. Say I gave something to an individual for safekeeping. Uh, proof of wrongdoing by someone close to me. And say that I want it back, but the individual won't hand it over. Is this individual threatening to release it if you don't comply with his or her wishes? Let's say it hasn't gone that far yet. Um, what would I do under those circumstances? Report it, because what you're describing sounds an awful lot like blackmail. Got a lot of stars out here. Yeah. I had a lot more in my other house. That was on the lake. Why did you give it up? It had orange carpeting. And it burned down, but we don't have to get into that right now. Mm. I'm really worried that my daughter is gonna bolt out of the house back to shiloh in the middle of the night because I may have said the wrong thing. Impressive. What is?

[ Chuckles ] Your ability to assume guilt for imagined events. You know, there are different theories about the evolutionary origins of guilt. Maybe it's to foster human relationships, so that they can live in close quarters without killing each other. Maybe. But I think that it's designed for us to learn from our mistakes. I mean, why would you want to do something to somebody you love twice and feel such a horrible feeling? And yet, it keeps happening. If kristina isn't being served by your guilt and you're not learning anything from it, what do you get out of it? Maybe I'm just used to it. You know, lots of feelings are inconvenient and confusing. I think I can live with this one. I think you can do without it. What do you say you give it a try? Here you go. Thanks. What were you saying about strength?

[ Chuckles ] I don't know. You looked pretty tough when you were giving lucas and brad a piece of your mind. Look, I -- I get it. You know, you were watching them do everything that you tried to avoid. It's personal for you. We're just waiting on confirmation that that donor is... suitable. Well, why wouldn't the donor be? Doctors, you know. Still, we're hopeful. Good. Me, too. And thanks for that. I -- I needed some good news.

[ Chuckles ] Especially today. Well, that's why I'm here, buddy. Spread a little love. That's how I know you.

[ Chuckles ] You know what? I'm, uh -- I'm gonna try to return the favor. Wait, wait. What? I want to take care of jordan's transplant. Oh, come on, drew. We don't -- we don't want your money, man. That's not -- that's not what I'm implying. I'm closing a big deal, and we're getting a big influx of capital. Jordan and I are fine. I know you are. Just... you're my brother, and I feel responsible, okay? And bear with me here. There's a little less good in the world today than there was yesterday, and I'm just trying to find a way to maybe start filling that hole. So do me the favor.

[ Glasses clink ] Jax. Sonny. When did you get in? Jax: I got in this afternoon. I came straight here. Scotch? Sure. Any problems on the trip? Yeah, you know, a few, uh, extra questions at, uh, customs, but nothing my new green card couldn't fix. I hear congratulations are in order. Another baby. Yeah. Josslyn tell you? Carly. Cheers. Yeah, she needs you here. Josslyn -- you know, she's gone through a lot. Incredibly brave. Yeah, she is. How's she doing? She's fast asleep. The lullaby worked. Oh, that's good. Are you guys getting along okay? Peachy.

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