GH Transcript Tuesday 5/7/19

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 5/7/19


Episode #14276 ~ Alexis is overjoyed. Michael is grateful. Jason is surprised.

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carly: Jason, I'll be right down! Jason...? Hey, carly.

[ Laughs ]

[ Sighs ] Finn: Anna? Hmm? There's obviously something bothering you. Oh. Sorry. Don't be sorry. Yeah. Uh, I was talking with robert. You know, he can always drive me crazy. But he does have a way... of just giving me clarity. Okay. What clarity? Well, I realized... oh, the truth is just staring me right in the face. Peter. He isn't my son.

[ Gasps ] A private plane? Yeah, well, I wanted to make sure that our very overdue first date was just as special as possible. A five-star restaurant is special. This is... welcome aboard. Hi. Hi. Make yourselves comfortable, and please let me know if there's anything you need. We'll be taking off shortly. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] Do you know how hard it is to pack for a trip when you don't know where you're going? I thought you might be up for the challenge. Are you gonna tell me? Guess. Okay, we're going to new york to see something on broadway. No. But it is a city. Oh! At least you gave me a hint. Okay. L.A. Chicago? Nope. Are we going to portland to see georgie? No, but I'm filing that away for next time.

[ Chuckles ] No, you have to think bigger. Thank you. Thanks. Like, as in internationally bigger. Internationally? It's a good thing that I always carry my passport. Well, I did take that into consideration when I opted for a complete surprise. All right, there is a river. There are many romantic bridges. And there's a tower, erected by a man in 1889 named gustave eiffel. Oh, my god. We're going to paris?

Mais oui. Now, what you, um, did today was huge. For kristina, and for my entire family. I-I... I know how tough that was for you to go back and relive something so intensely painful and traum-- it was for a good cause. Still, it doesn't make it any easier, so... I'm sorry to keep repeating myself, but...thank you. You're welcome. You're free to go, kristina. The choice is yours. There you are. You're not an easy person to find, kristina corinthos-davis. Hey. Hi. I was beginning to think you changed your mind. No. No. In -- in fact, it's my pledge. To you and everything you stand for. Oh, please, by all means...

[Heartbeat] It is so quiet in here. Where did everyone go? Uh, everybody went to a, uh -- a rally in beechers corners. Normally, I would be with them, but... your pledge requires my special attention. I have no way of knowing how dr. Cabot's procedure worked. But my gut tells me that that is the memory that alex just wasn't strong enough to carry on her own. Peter. Yes. Mm. Giving birth to her son and then giving him up for adoption.

[ Sighs ] That's -- that's the memory that was implanted. I know it. I know it. I should really hate alex, but I don'T. I feel kind of sorry for her. Wow, I haven't been to paris in forever, and it was only for work. I can't wait to show you the city. You can start by telling me about it. Well, sainte-chapelle is a must. That's the one touristy thing I allow myself to do. Is that a church? Yes. Right near the conciergerie on the ile de la cité. Wow, that is a whole lot of words that I can't pronounce. The stained-glass windows, maxie. When the sun hits them, it's the most stunning thing you've ever seen. And then what? And then we cross over to the ile saint-louis for ice cream, and then to le marais for the best falafel you've ever had in your life. Uh, dessert before lunch? I am so down for that.

[ Chuckles ] Please tell me there's a baguette in there somewhere. Oh, of course. Thank god. Uh, we can get one at le métro. The metro? As -- as in the subway? Correct. You get your bread from a subway station? You'll see. We're cleared for takeoff. Oh! Merci.

Merci beaucoup. Next stop, paris.

[ Chuckles ] What? Is there something wrong? Well, I assumed your secret would be about you.

[ Scoffs ] No, I have -- I've already told you all of my secrets. This is all about jason. Which can only mean one thing -- that he still matters to you. Well...yes, I mean, of course he matters to me. He's danny's father. He's always gonna be a part of my life, whether I like it or not, but... doesn't it show you how -- how far I'm willing to go for you and dod? I'm putting my own son's father at risk. I'll transcribe a copy of the pledge for you to sign. Okay. And since you've already made your financial contribution... we can start right now. Start what? Your initiation. As you can see, detective, we're having a-a family gathering. And you are? I'm dr. Neil byrne. I'm a psychiatrist. So what brings you by, detective? We've been looking for you, kristina. Uh, "we"? Valerie spencer and I. She's been worried about you ever since she got your call -- when you said you needed help? Okay, so we got all that sorted out, so... if you don't mind, I'd like to hear that from kristina. Josslyn is gonna be so happy to see you. She's upstairs, asleep. I'll go get her. No, no, no. No, let her rest. We ll, yeah, she hasn't gottena lot of that lately. I can imagine.

[ Sighs ] My heart is breaking for her, jax. But she has been so strong and so brave. I wonder who she gets that from. I wish I could do more for her, to help her get through this, but, you know, josslyn won't let me, and she had to experience it all, all of it. I'm sure you've done more than you know. Not like you. You spoke to her every night. Every night you made time for her. Of course. She's my daughter. Yeah. And I'm sure the time difference made it even more complicated... yeah. But you -- you were her constant. Come here, sit down.

[ Sighs ] You know what? I think the distance made you a safe place for josslyn to say all the things she needed to say. Probably. And she got to describe oscar to you, and she got to talk to somebody who wasn't here watching him die, you know? You know, I struggled with whether or not to get on a plane, but... I don't know, I just -- I sensed from josslyn that I could be more helpful by waiting, and I figured, you know, you would tell me if you thought I should come. Yeah, you did the right thing by waiting. You did the best thing by showing up now. Because o-our daughter... she needs her dad.

How do you feel? Well...that's a loaded question. I know. It has a complicated answer. I imagine. I'm relieved. I am relieved to know that -- that it wasn't me that put on a wig and slept with faison 'cause that man was a monster, and just... now I know I never... yeah, that is a huge plus.

[ Chuckles ] Huge. Yeah. That it was alex. Mm. She must have thought she was onto a great thing with faison, and then she got pregnant. Oh, god. I can't imagine how freaked out and panicked she was. Well, technically, you can imagine. Yeah, I can. But it wasn't me.

[ Sighs ] It was alex. And the irony is that valentin suspected it.

[ Finger snaps ] You know, he said -- he didn't know until we had that conversation whether it was alex or me, and... yeah. I never thought I'd be saying this, but... I should have listened to him. What is it? Uh, what do you mean? I don't know. I just -- I always feel so comfortable opening up to you. It was that way with the pain of missing my son, and it's the same way now. God, it's just still so mortifying that I could ever even think of being with shiloh. You were coerced, willow. You were forced to do something you would never do on your own, okay? So -- so to blame yourself or to -- or think that you somehow chose it, that's -- that's -- that's completely wrong. Maybe you should talk to somebody. 'Cause I...had a similar experience to what happened with you and -- and shiloh, and, uh, I-I didn't -- I didn't want to talk to anybody about it at first, you know, but... it actually helped. Okay, I'll look into it. Nina: Michael, I just... wow. Ms. Tait. Didn't expect to see you here. We can talk somewhere else if you'd be more comfortable. Oh, no, that's not necessary. I just needed to get away for a few days and sort some things out. And dr. Byrne was available to lead us through some much-needed counseling. Yeah, we're in a better place now. Well, I am glad to hear that. There were concerns that you'd taken off, so we just wanted to follow up. Right here.

[ Chuckles ] And I should tell valerie that -- nothing. I'll, um -- I'll tell her when I come home. Good. Sorry to bother you all. Um, no apology necessary. You're all very adept at, uh... lying? Well, I was gonna try to use a more delicate word, but yes. So, did you mean it? Are you coming home? What's the matter, mom? Did you rent out my room or something? Turn it into a home gym? You know I don't work out.

[ Laughs ]

[ Sighs ] So, it appears congratulations are in order. Ah. Thank you. So, when -- when are you due, exactly? Uh, late september, early october. Oh. Um, so, will there be the same complications that you had with josslyn or... not at this time, no, and they're monitoring me very carefully, so... I haven't developed zbt. Okay. And you'd be really proud 'cause I'm eating super healthy, and it's killing me. Oh, so no frozen pizzas, then? Ohh. No, and I miss it desperately.

[ Laughs ] But so far, so good. Well, I'm really happy for you. And it explains what was going on with joss. What do you mean? Well, a few weeks ago, during the, uh, niagara falls incident... yeah? ...I could sense that there was something she was trying to tell me, but she never really got it out, so... oh. Well, I don't really know how josslyn feels about the baby. I mean, she's been caught up in everything oscar, so if she has an opinion, she hasn't shared it with me. Mm. Well, I could lecture you on all the dangers involved with it. No, please don'T. Of course not.

[ Both laugh ] I'm really happy for you and our daughter. You know, especially after the loss she just suffered. Mm. Josslyn gets a new person to love, and I think that's great. Thank you for being so wonderful. It really is good to see you.

[ Door opens ] Yeah. Good to see you, too.

[ Sighs ] Jax. Hey. Milo said you were here. Hey. Uh, if this is a bad time, I can come back. No, no, not at all. It actually gives me a chance to, uh... well, first of all, say hi, but, more importantly, to thank you.

[ Door closes ] At a typical initiation, you'd be wearing a special garment... and your fellow trust members would be here to welcome you. Uh, you know, I-I don't want to sound selfish, but I am really glad it's just the two of us. Me, too.

[ Sighs ] Something to calm your nerves.

[ Chuckles ] Oh. Do I seem nervous? Actually, no. No, you don'T. Okay, well, I-I don't -- I don't need that. I want to be fully aware of everything that you planned for us. I want to experience it all. Well, there will be some pain. Oh. I think I can handle that. Well...lie down, get comfortable. The discomfort will pass, but it will be followed by pleasure, I promise. Well, it's good to see you... alive?

[ Laughs ] Yes. That's the word I was looking for. Yeah, it's -- it's good to be home. Well, I know carly was thrilled. Eh, I played it cool. Um... I'm grateful that you've been here for her, but I'm especially grateful that you've been here for josslyn. You've been terrific, jason. Yeah, someone for her to rely on, to talk to. She told me that she melted down on you. So you've been a good friend. And I know what a -- what a good friend you are to have, so on behalf of my daughter, I just -- I just want to thank you. Um, uh...thank you. You don't -- you don't have to thank me because josslyn is amazing. I mean, she's confident, determined, and, hands down, one of the bravest people that I know. We were just talking about that. Yeah, she's like carly in a -- in a bunch of ways, but... I -- I do see, uh, a lot of you in her -- compassion, joy, and kindness. Excuse me. I'm joyful and kind. I'm about as joyful as you can get. What? I-I'm so sorry to hearabout your cousin. Oh, thank you. Yeah. Such a tragedy, so young. How's josslyn doing? Uh, she's hanging in there, but it's obviously very difficult for her. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Well, please give your family my condolences. I will. Thank you. On an up note, sasha's doing great. Oh! Okay, good. Yeah. Thank you for coming to see her, by the way. Yeah, no, no, of course. I just -- I feel bad 'cause I think -- I-I think I might have given her that cold. Oh, no, no, no. Well, I-I'm so glad you're both on the mend. Yeah. So, uh, can I get you some coffee? Yeah, that'd be great. Thank you. Yeah? Okay. Be right back. Michael does not need this situation right now. "This situation"? You know exactly what I'm talking about. Now that I know that it was peter, I-I can practically pinpoint the time that I was taken to dr. Cabot. It would have been right after peter was born, and alex arranged for his adoption in brussels. Well, you know, that actually makes sense. I mean, if it's even possible to say that about a memory-mapping scenario, but... but in a way, it does. Right? I mean, that would have been the thing that was resonating with alex at the time, you know. Right. When the -- when the memory transfer happened, peter would have literally been at the top of her mind, which may also explain why that particular memory was given over to you. A-a-a-and, you know, I have to hand it to dr. Cabot 'cause it worked. I mean, it really worked. Because even though I now know that it was alex and not me, doesn't change any of the visceral feelings surrounding it. None. Hmm. I mean, I can still -- I can remember the creaky stairs and the smell of the room and the midwife. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm -- I'm -- I'm glad it was my sister, but it -- it still feels like it was me. In your heart... you still feel like you're peter's mother. Yeah. I do. I don't want him to know I'm not. I did do one non-touristy thing when I was in paris. Oh, yeah? What's that? I went to dinner at this little restaurant, totally out of the way in the 16th. It was a tiny little place, had maybe like 8 tables? But when I tell you it had the best -- escargot! Escargot! Do you know the place? Maxie, it's my favorite restaurant in paris. No, it's not. Yes, it is! Stop. Maxie, I swear. It's called la petite grotte. That's it! It means "little cave." I cannot believe that you've been there. Wait a minute. When was this? Uh, 7 years ago, maybe? Yeah, 7 years. It was march 2012, fashion week. I was there in the spring of 2012. Can you imagine if we had met? That would have been crazy.

[ Laughs ] Do you think we would have liked each other? Oh, you can be sure I would have liked you, and I probably would have asked you out, too. I probably would have said yes, and we would have gone to dinner, maybe at le petite grotte. No, no, no, no. That's like a fifth date spot. Ooh! Okay, so we would have had a flirty, superficial meal, and then I would have gone back to the states. And perhaps maybe we never would have seen each other again. I'm glad it didn't work out that way. I'm glad that before the flirty stuff and the superficial stuff, we got to know each other's hearts first. I need to, uh, go use the restroom.

[ Sighs ] In case you weren't listening, michael's cousin just died. It's awful. Yeah. It is. And this, you know, wrist-on-the-forehead thing you're doing, you should just... save it for your super-hunky cop boyfriend, chase. Are you accusing me of hitting on michael? Ms. Tait... I know women like you. You play the victim. You need attention from men. And you really scored with chase. But I guess since he's not around, michael will fill the bill, right? That is ridiculous. Well, it's true. Men usually don't see things like this, but us women, we know what's going on. Content yourself with the one that you have, with chase, and leave michael alone. Okay? Is it cool if I come live with you for a while? Cool? I want you to live with me forever.

[ Chuckles ] Mom, I'm so embarrassed. Don't be because the only one that should be embarrassed is shiloh. Listen to me, sweetheart. Shiloh's never gonna be able to hurt you again.

[ Sighs ] So, have you heard anything about kristina? No, we're still, uh -- we're still waiting. Oh, what's going on with kristina?

[ Sighs ] She got herself involved in a cult. What? Yeah, it's a long story. Sonny and alexis are trying to snap her out of it. We're just praying it works. Well, yeah, if -- if this whole thing with kristina wasn't going on, everybody would be here for -- you know, for josslyn. Well, it's probably for the best, when you think about it. Josslyn can be with her parents and not deal with the extended family craziness. Your family? Crazy?

[ Laughs ]

[ Cellphone chimes ] Is that sonny? Yeah, he says, uh -- he says everything's -- everything's good. Oh! Well, thank god! Yeah. Well, I came by to see if you needed anything. No, I'm good. We're okay. You're sure? Yes, I'm -- I'm sure. We're in good hands.

[ Chuckles ] I can see that.

[ Sighs ] I'm sorry kristina's going through a rough time. I'll have to, uh, call alexis.

[ Door closes ] You should do that. She would be really happy to hear from you. But, for now, sonny and alexis are looking after their daughter, and we need to look after ours. If it were up to robert, he would have me run over to peter immediately and revel in the fact that I'm not his mother. Good thing it's not up to robert, then. Yes. It is. Because he hates peter. You know, he can't forgive him for the things that he's done and the fact that he's faison's son...

[ Sighs ] It was always the biggest challenge. With robert or faison? No, robert. Robert. He's so hardheaded, you know, and stubborn. But to tell him that...I'm not, you know, that w-- that we're not... I can't really do that to him. I actually don't want to. Then don'T. Because the reality is...

[ Sighs ] ...You don't know if any of this is true.

 but I do know what happened. In your heart. Yes. Yes. Can you show me the facts? Well, no, I can'T. 'Cause there are none. Are you saying you don't believe me? No. That's not what I'm saying. I believe everything you've told me. I mean, 'cause I've lived through it with you. But... peter, that memory is the one that was transferred to you. Mm-hmm. But there's no medical proof. And, at the end of the day, this is a story you're telling yourself. There's no proof. Thank you.

[ Laughs ] Okay. Everything all right? Yeah. Great. Just really excited to get there. So, where are we staying? Left bank, right bank? Not that it matters. Maxie... yeah. Maybe you're not quite ready for this yet. What? The plane, the trip, the "knowing each other's hearts"... peter, no. Maxie, it's okay, and i completely understand, and I am happy to know it. Here's why -- I don't want you to ever feel like you have to fake it or force yourself to have a good time. Okay, that's not what I'm having a -- maxie, it's okay. I get it. This is too much too soon. It's okay. You know, no wonder why joss is sleeping so hard. She is catching up on weeks at this point. Yeah, she must be exhausted.

[ Sighs ] God, jax, when josslyn wakes up... oscar's death is going to hit her all over again. I know. It's even gonna be worse this time because she's probably upstairs dreaming that he's still alive. You know... she was never in denial about his prognosis, though. No. No, she understood that oscar was going to die. But come on. Like with any other life-altering thing, you can prepare yourself for it and -- and tell yourself you accept it, but...

[ Sighs ] Yeah, until it actually happens. Yeah, you just don't know. Right. I mean, josslyn was so calm and proactive. I mean, she helped nurse oscar through three terrible seizures, and she never panicked. I mean, those two always had a plan. They were forward momentum till the very end. Yeah, she told me about the list. The list. You know, on his last day... josslyn had these, um, books that oscar never got to, and she was reading to him. That's beautiful. Yeah. She had a purpose, you know? And now she has to figure out what life looks like without oscar and what that means to her, you know? Well, maybe she'll do nothing at first.

[ Laughs ] Or maybe she'll be over-reactive like her mother and try and do 83 things at once. I just want to help guide her, you know? I want to help get her through this somehow. Hey, I think -- I think the most important thing is that we just have to be there for her, you know? Really be present. Take our cues from joss. And if she goes too far off the rails, then, you know, we'll just -- we'll have to intervene. Hey. Hi. I just came from seeing kristina. Hey, willow, great news. Uh, I've got good news, too. I found your sister. Kristina: I can't believe I'm thanking you for sending your henchman to kidnap me and lock me in a safe house until I came to my senses, but...thank you. Without incriminating myself, one of the perks in doing what I do is having the power to intercede on my family's behalf. Whatever means necessary. I'll never regret that power, even if it means kidnapping... alexis: No, no. We're not gonna discuss crimes, are we? Anymore. Alleged crimes. Alleged crimes. Welcome to my world. Yeah, what a colorful world it is.

You're right. Of course I'm right. Telling peter, putting all of this on him -- you know, that's -- that's not fair. I-I have a very, very complicated relationship with my sister, and I'm the only mother he knows, and I think that I... could really love him like a son. And maybe, you know, if he hangs around long enough... ...we could have a real relationship. Maybe someday peter will realize how lucky he is to have you in his life. You know who I'm lucky to have in my life? Mm. You. Oh! Me? Yes. Thank you. You said that already. I can't say it enough. Where are you going? Uh, to tell the pilot to turn the plane around. No. Maxie. Sit.

[ Sighs ] If I turn around, if you take me to paris next week and not today, I'm gonna regret it for the rest of my life. Am I nervous? Yes. I think my rambling has kind of proven that. Rambling? W-what...

[ Scoffs ] Embarking with you on whatever this might be... means I'm letting go of nathan and the life that he and i shared together. The thing is, that life's already over, and I've learned something. Nothing good ever happens if you stay paralyzed. You have to be willing to take that leap, and I'm ready. That's why I'm here. Are you sure? I know this is right. I know how we feel about each other. At least I think I know. You know. And I don't want this plane to turn around.

[ Chuckles ] What? It's just that the girl who's afraid of a subway baguette likes to eat snails. Oh, they're covered in garlic butter, and I will eat anything smothered in garlic butter. That's a good point.

[ Laughs ] Thank you for taking me to paris. Thank you for taking the leap. I am just so relieved that kristina's out of that situation. Yeah, thanks to you. Michael. I-I wasn't looking for kristina because I wanted to get your family in trouble. I was doing it because shiloh is bad news. And if things had gone wrong, if shiloh had gotten his hooks back into kristina... it could have ended a lot worse. Not just for her, but for willow, too. So please know that I wasn't trying to be a jerk and that I'm -- I'm so happy that everything worked out. Look, we, um, had different methods, but we, uh -- we both wanted the same thing, so... I'm -- I'm grateful to the both of you. All right.

[ Sighs ] What a day, huh? Yeah. Can I just tell you what scared me the most? That when sonny and his family were about to get busted for kidnapping, you were gonna be there. God, I just -- I don't want anything bad to happen to you. Thank you for caring. And for looking out for me. But? But I gladly would have taken the risk a million times over if it meant getting kristina away from shiloh. That must be nice. Yeah, it's nice. It feels good. Like...I'm finally back in charge of my own life. Okay, then I am -- I'm happy you did it. I'm even happier that it's behind us. Me, too.

[ Sighs ] Grief is a journey, you know? It's like walking through the woods in the dark, you know? Y-- there is another side, but you have to go through it. Joss can do it. And if she can't, we will be there for her. So, can I, um, book you a room at the metro court? Friends and family discount? No, I already -- it's already booked. Of course it is. Mm-hmm. For how long? Not sure yet. Still, uh, working out the details. Jax. Carly. Are you staying in port charles for a while? Yeah, that is -- that is the plan. You ready to go? Alexis: I'll be right behind you. Thank you. I really don't know what -- actually, I do know. I know that we couldn't have gotten through to her without you, so thank you. I'm just glad kristina's safe. Makes two of us. You realize this is just the beginning. The work's just started. Whatever it takes. I have no doubt.

[ Needle buzzing ] You ready?

[ Sighs ] Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] I'm ready.

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