GH Transcript Monday 5/6/19

General Hospital Transcript Monday 5/6/19


Episode #14275 ~ Sonny is horrified. Laura sees Robert for the first time in years. Lucy has her sights set on Kevin.

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 So, it appears that I have a secret admirer. Oh. Do tell. A beautiful bouquet of tulips arrived. But the card wasn't signed. Hmm. Any idea who that could be? I think I'm talking to him. Guilty.

[ Laughs ] That was so thoughtful of you. Well, I just wanted you to know that I love you. Since we can't be together right now. I, uh... I need to go. It looks like it's showtime. Break a leg. I'll try. Love you. I love you, too. I can't wait to see you again. Bye. Laura?

[ Gasps ] Robert! My sweetheart! Mwah! Mm.

[ Laughs ] Be very honest with me. Do you think that this mock-up of the nurses' ball program is okay? Is it too, I don't know, glitzy? Uh, well, maybe just glitzy enough. Well, thank you. I'm just having trouble locking down all the graphics because apparently our designer is sensitive to criticism. Well, maybe you're just too picky. No, you can never be too picky when it comes to the nurses' ball. I really -- I want the whole thing to inspire confidence, you know? And romance and... lucy! What? Is there some sort of disturbance in the force? Oh, yeah, you could say that. Are you going to read me a story next? Well, I might read you the riot act. So, what is it that you always criticize me about? Going rogue. Uh-huh. And this might be the height of hypocrisy, no? I was planning to tell you. That you were in the hospital. What, did it slip your mind? Sorry, babe. I'm with anna on this one. I apologize for the secrecy, and I will make it up to you as soon as I'm released. And when will that be? Just as soon as they know the antibiotics are working. Okay. Alright, I'm not gonna monopolize any more of your time. Thank you for coming to see me. It meant a lot that you stopped by. Don't you go rogue again on me. Okay.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Door opens ]

[ Sighs ] What is it?

[ Door closes ] We need to talk. Look... I understand why you kept your situation from anna. But why'd you keep it from me? Hi. Hi. How's jordan doing? She's actually in really good spirits. Good. Put things in perspective for me. How so?

[ Inhales deeply ] Alex. You know. I can't keep dwelling on the past. I just have to focus on the life I have right now. Thank god you're back in town. I was going crazy without you. I wasn't gone that long. It sure felt like it to me. And you didn't even have the decency to make me hate you before you bolted. I'll remember that for next time. Um, there won't be a next time. Unless you're planning on whisking james and me off to paris, too. Oh, please. You would not take off for paris and leave peter. You're just getting started. Yeah. Uh, about that... I, uh, brought someone for you to talk to. Hello, kristina. Hi. Willow, right? Michael, what'S...going on? Why is she here? Well, she, um, knows some things that you're unaware -- I-it's okay, michael. I can speak for myself. Which is why I'm here. You know how shiloh preaches honesty above all else, kristina? Well, I'm gonna tell you the truth about shiloh... and what he does to young women like us. I was a member of dawn of day for more than five years. "Was"? So you...quit? I escaped. Just barely. And I hope you can, too, before it's too late.

Not sorry. It's still painful for me to talk about my time with dawn of day, but I want to help you. Help me how? Make an informed choice about your future. I think it's an excellent idea, provided you're willing to listen. Thanks, but I've heard more than my share of anti-dod propaganda. Kristina. Kristina. Hey, do you trust me? Of course I do. Yeah, okay, okay, t-then you believe me when I tell you that willow doesn't have an agenda. She doesn't, okay? She wants to tell you what happened to her a-and let you make up your own mind. That's it. Can you do that? Yeah, why not? Yeah.

[ Sighs ] So, tell me, how have you been? I get bits and pieces from anna and from mac. Well, I'm still above ground. You are. How is holly? Oh. Well, um... we're -- w-we're not together at the moment. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Thank you. Um... I'm sorry that it didn't work out between you and kevin collins. I can't say I blame you for calling it quits. My brother was livid with... kevin for lying about ryan. It's a complicated situation. Hmm. But you seem to have moved on. Sorry? Uh, your new suitor. I-I caught the last part of the conversation about the person you "can't wait to see again". Oh, oh, that. Yeah, that -- that was just lulu. Oh. Mm. Well, look, as it turns out, I'm gonna be in port charles for a while. How's about you and I go to the nurses' ball together?

[ Both sigh ] Did you know about this? About what? Whatever it is going on between them. Not a clue. I'm gonna get you one. No, hold up, lucy! You, uh -- you feel all those eyes on us? I guess your interview with lulu was pretty effective. Any attention is good attention if it gets ryan out of hiding. Maybe not all attention.

[ Sighs ] Hello, lucy. Hello, ava. Hello, doc. Funny running into the two of you here.

[ Chuckles ] Funny. Hilarious. Oh, what happened? Um, did you guys come together? Did you run into each other in the elevator? What -- what about that? Well, we arranged to meet here, lucy, as I'm sure you and scott did. Really? Actually, uh, scott and i were -- w-were working on the nurses' ball, reminiscing about your amazing performance last year, and then, poof! Here you are. Poof. I just wanted to say that I happen to have tickets that are now available to, uh, buy for the nurses' ball. Oh, that's wonderful. Really. I'll take care of that a little bit later. Now, if you'll excuse us. Actually, I-I just had the funniest thought. You know, it occurred to me how close the two of you -- you and scott, you've gotten very close, haven't you? Like liver and onions. Speak for yourself.

[ Laughs ] Wow! That banter. You know, you just can't make up that kind of chemistry, can you, doc? You c-- you can't manufacture that. So, I was just thinking maybe -- maybe, scott -- maybe you should ask ava to go to the nurses' ball with you together. Oh, well, that's a very nice idea, but I'm afraid it's impossible. Ava and I are... going together. Neil: Okay. Why don't we, uh, start at the beginning? How did you get involved in dawn of day? My mother. She was always a "seeker" -- looking for something spiritual, a cause or a movement to answer her questions and give her purpose. That's why most of my childhood was spent moving from place to place. Ashrams. Communes. W-we tried it all. And then a few weeks before I turned 18... she met shiloh. And our lives were never the same.

 I have all the proof I need that robin is my daughter. Obviously. I just want to focus on our future.

[ Exhales sharply ] I don't want to wake up again another day without knowing that you are by my side. So what I'm trying to say is, um... will you... marry... me?

[ Sighs ] I couldn't agree more. I didn't know about my kidney infection before you left for canada. Yeah, but you knew more than you were letting on. I didn't want you to worry, curtis.

[ Scoffs ] You're my wife, okay? If I can't worry about you, who can? Babe, you gotta let me in, no matter how bad your situation may get. Okay?

[ Knock on door ] I'm sorry to interrupt. I, um -- I have your lab test results.

[ Sighs ] Alright. Let's hear it. You want to go to the nurses' ball with me? Is that really so crazy?

[ Chuckling ] No. No. I -- I'm just surprised. Well, normally, I'm not here. But this year, I am -- barring any last-minute intelligence operation. I'm incredibly flattered. But y-you're not quite ready to move on from kevin, are you? Something like that. Well, I'll tell you what. I'm gonna be around for a bit, so the offer stays open.

[ Laughs ] You know what can happen in a week or three.

[ Laughs ] When kevin asked me to the ball, I simply couldn't resist.

[ Exhales sharply ] How...wonderful. Lucy, I think we can talk about -- I said... how...wonderful. I just hadn't realized that you two had grown quite so close. Well, he's been a great source of comfort to me in these last weeks. Well, it's only natural. We understand how the other is feeling and what they're going through. No one else can really grasp the trauma of surviving ryan chamberlain. So, yes, I'll need, um, two tickets. And as a perennial donor, I trust that I'll have a -- a very great table reserved for me? Yes, a very great table reserved for you. Wonderful. Oh! And I forgot. How could I? You are performing again this year -- wonderful. And so, you know what I'm just thinking that might be wonderful is why don't you have doc come up on stage with ya? Now, that is a great idea. Would you be interested in that? Anything for you.

[ Both chuckle ] Ava. Word?

[ Clears throat ] You know, ava, you don't have to go -- I know. I need a refill, anyway. Try not to miss me. Okay.

[ Both chuckle ] Bartender, uh, two dirty,

rotten martinis. So [Scoffs] What is it you wanted to talk to me about, scott? What -- we are gonna enjoy the martinis, and then you... are gonna tell me what you're up to with kevin. My mother and I moved to a town called burke lake. Where the tower is. Yeah, so this is the place where shiloh had his epiphany and came up with his philosophy for dawn of day. How did your mother hear about the organization? She had heard rumors of what he was starting in burke lake. And some of her old friends had left other movements to see what was happening there. And she wanted to see for herself, so we started attending some of his seminars. And shiloh immediately saw potential in my mother. What sort of potential? She had outreach experience. She's a good organizer and knows how to network within the local community. It didn't take long for her to become shiloh's right hand, spreading shiloh's teachings to people in burke lake. And I-it -- it seemed like... we'd finally found our home in dawn of day. You know, we took a ton of pride in our outreach and service. We felt alive being out there in the world, volunteering, trying to make a difference. My mother was one of the first to join the trust. But after about a year... ...shiloh wanted me.

 Not that I'm saying it's your fault or anything.

[ Exhales sharply ] I was gonna say, don't make me the scapegoat! No, no, I'm not. It's just the vibe was kinda off. Well, what about all the other nights? What happened last night? We decided to reschedule. Just like we've been deciding to reschedule for weeks now. At first I thought it was fate playing tricks on us, but...

[ Sighs ] ...The closer we get, the more I feel like peter's pulling away. Aw, I'm sorry. I think he's having second thoughts. Not just about the date, but about us in general. Hey, peter. Anna. Hey. May I? Uh, please, by all means. Okay. How did the date go with maxie?

[ Chuckles ] Oh, it's -- I-it hasn't really gone at all. We've been stalling. We keep coming up with all these creative excuses and reasons why we've forgone our first date. At least I have. I --

[ Exhales deeply ] I don't know.

[ Sighs ] Why would you do that? I thought we established that you two liked each other quite a lot. You know, to tell you the truth, I-I-I've never invested significantly in any kind of a relationship before. I mean, emotionally. I-I've never been the other side of a -- of -- of a couple. Y-you know? So the closer I get to maxie... I don't know, the more I fear that I'm somehow gonna hurt her inevitably. Why would you think that? That's who I am. It's who I'll always be. Faison's son.

[ Sighs ] Unfortunately, the antibiotic we used to treat the infection was unsuccessful. You told me there was a chance that this could happen, given my allergy. So what now, doc? Where do we go from here?

[ Sighs ] Your kidney's failing, jordan, and you're gonna need a transplant. Now, you're at the top of the donor list, but... unfortunately, now it becomes a waiting game.

[ Sighs ] Shiloh was considering you for the trust? He said he was honoring me for my hard work, for my commitment, and for the progress I made. He made it sound like the next step. But that's shiloh's M.O. He gets you at your most vulnerable and when you're trying to figure out who you are and what you want, when you're grappling with the stress of making choices and living with the consequences. He -- he takes away that burden. He takes away all your choices -- makes you his puppet -- but the whole time, you're sure it's something -- that he's giving you an answer. My mother said that it was an honor to join the trust. And that's how it seemed. A chance to be... a part of the inner circle. To be even closer to shiloh. He had such a hold on me. I didn't even bat an eye when he asked me for my pledge. What -- what kind of pledge? It's a secret. Something personal and shameful. Something that shiloh can hold over your head if you ever try to leave. But he tells you that it's a symbol -- giving something significant to the group so they can trust you as you trust them. So... I made a recording of my pledge. And then shiloh wrote it up. And I signed it.

[ Voice breaking ] And then it was time for my initiation. What happened?

[ Inhales shakily ] He put his mark on me.

My father, he raised me to be cruel...and calculating -- to use people and then discard them. Mm. To deny my own feelings unless they served me in some way. It's not just that he modeled his behavior, or led by example, he... it's hardwired, anna. I have his dna. You have mine, too. Maxie's my goddaughter. Do you honestly think that I would be pushing you into a relationship with her if I thought you were going to hurt her? You don't know what I'm capable of. Oh, please. Everybody is capable of cruelty. That's just human. I don't want maxie to see this side of me. I don't think you're giving her enough credit. She's a very strong young woman. She knows what she wants. And I've never let... anyone in...before. I'm afraid I'm gonna send maxie running for the hills if she sees what's really inside of me. What if that's what makes her want to stay, though? You know what? You are so lucky that you have both your hands. Otherwise, folks would mistake you for ryan! Well, I hope it's more than a severed hand that distinguishes me from my brother. I had to sit there and watch that dyed-blonde boa constrictor coil herself all around you after ryan's "memorial". And now what are you doing? You are -- you're gonna actually go to the nurses' ball -- the nurses' ball with her?! Do you know what that is like? That is -- it's like announcing to the whole entire world that, "hey, we are involved." Do you remember that conversation we had a few days ago? You'll have to be more specific. You summoned me to your place, and you wanted to use me as a piece of bait. You wanted me to pose as your boyfriend. Oh, that. Yes, that. And you had that whole cockamamie plan. You were gonna lure ryan out, make him jealous. Scott, I was traumatized. Irrational. Waking from nightmares where ryan was choking me. But with time and -- and kevin's help, I've come to accept that ryan is dead. So, one minute it's vengeance! To acceptance? Well, no, not acceptance. Never that. I hate that ryan died before I could find any closure. I hate that he died before he could face justice for what he did to my daughter. But all the hate in the world cannot change what happened. And kevin has helped me to see that not every story gets its proper ending. Kevin. He -- he's using your grief. He's the one that's responsible for letting his demented brother get loose. Don't you understand?

[ Sighs ] He's trying to cozy up to you, ava, because he wants to relieve his guilt. He wants, you know -- y-you -- you can't do it! Are we done here? Yeah. Good. Oh, lucy, I see you've made yourself comfortable. Eh. Wouldn't go that far. Well, thank you for keeping kevin company for me.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, uh, I'm sorry. I need to cut this short. you think we can meet later? Maybe for dinner? Yes, of course. Okay. I'll see you then. Yes. Yes, you certainly will.

[ Sighs ] Well, lucy, I'd say that it was nice to see you, but... uh, no. You know what you're gonna do? You're gonna sit right down there because I want some questions answered. Remove your hand right now. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as finding a donor with your blood type. We also need to find someone that matches your specific genetic markers. So what are our options? Well, jordan has priority placement on our transplant list. And there's always the possibility of a private donor. But T.J. Isn't a match, so isn't that unlikely? There's a lot of people in port charles that got tested, and I am very, very optimistic that one of them is gonna be a match.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Excuse me. Hey, this is the lab. Alright? And they want me to call them. And hopefully this is gonna be some good news. God knows someone out there deserves some today. Mm-hmm. Thank you. Okay. I'll be back soon. Thanks, doc.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens, closes ] Hey. Can you do me a favor? Anything. I could use a distraction. Got any news on tracking down a supposedly dead serial killer?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] Now, that's a cheerful new topic.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Knock on door ] Hi. Hope I'm not interrupting. No, not at all. I was just about to ask curtis about his trip to canada. He may have found a lead on ryan. H-h-hold on. What in the sam hill is going on here? I was just trying to leave, and your friend lucy here chose to lay her hands on me. Do it again. It'll be the biggest mistake of your life. Really, that's a threat? You know something? You're very lucky that I believe in the cause of the nurses' ball. 'Cause big, fat checks can very easily be canceled. Excuse me.

[ Exhales deeply ] So, she gave him a list of meds that she wanted -- antibiotics, coagulants. Stuff that might be used to treat someone with a severed hand. Was he able to give you a description of her? Not in detail. But he did remember that she drove a car with a bumper sticker that said, "north madison high school, class of 1994." Well, that could narrow it down. Yeah. Well, I found the myface page -- madison high school, class of '94. 240 graduates. Yeah. Did this guy give you any more details about her? White woman. So, if we remove the students of color, right, and the two ladies that passed away since graduation... that still leaves 113 women. Yeah. And I can't very well go knocking on 113 doors without alarming the police. Can you search these results, uh, by marital status? Yeah. Watch this. Okay, great, because if ryan convinced this woman to nurse him back to health, then she's got to be living by herself. Yeah, no witnesses. Yeah. Nobody around to ask questions. And the number of women listed as "unmarried" or "unspecified" is... 23. That's a manageable amount to question. Mm-hmm. Alexis: My god, he branded you as part of this "ceremony"? I don't see why you're all freaking out. It's just a tattoo. I mean, lots of people get them as a testament to their faith. If it was just a tattoo, that'd be one thing. The physical scars from my time with shiloh? I can live with those. Sometimes I forget they're even there. It's the emotional toll that he's taken on me that hurts so much. What do you mean "emotional toll"? Shiloh wasn't there when I was being tattooed. That part of the ceremony was for the other trust members. And at the time, that was just my mom and two other women. And they gave me this -- this -- this drink to "relax" me. I think it was some kind of drug because I felt... really floaty and out of it. And then they tattooed me. Welcomed me into the sisterhood. And then they left... ...and shiloh came in.

[ Sighs shakily ]

[ Voice breaking ] And had sex with me. I don't know if it counts as rape. I didn't try to stop him. But even though it was supposed to be an "honor" -- it's -- I knew it was wrong. 'Cause I -- he was disgusting to me. He still is. You are so lucky that your family came to rescue you -- before shiloh could use you for sex.

[ Sighs ] No. I mean... shiloh wouldn't do that. Yes, he would. He did. With me and all the other trust members, including my mother. Shiloh was going to sleep with you. That's what "initiation" means. N-- shiloh knows that I'm still exploring my sexuality. That my last partner was a woman. I mean -- I mean, he would never force me. I told you -- he didn't force me. Okay, I was drugged. But even if I hadn't been, I thought it was what I wanted, that it was an honor. Shiloh manipulates you to "choose" what he wants. No. N-no, no, no. No, no, no, that -- it's not like that a-at all. Like, he -- he would never...

[ Sighs ] Okay, shiloh is a good man. I am so sorry, kristina. I know how hard it is to hear this, but you deserve to know the truth. Thank you for sharing your story, willow. Thank you, willow. I appreciate it. Sonny: We're very grateful. If you ever need anybody to talk to... thank you. I'll, uh [Clears throat] I'll drive you home. Thanks. Take care, kristina. You're going to get through this.

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Mug shatters ] Son of a bitch! Can't help but feel like we're delaying the inevitable. That we're just not meant to be. Look, you have to trust me, okay? Peter wants this. He's just really inexperienced in the relationship department. It's not easy for him. Okay. Well, putting myself out there after nathan died? That wasn't easy for me. But I took that leap for peter. And I keep taking that leap. And he's not budging. Lulu, what if he never lets me in?

[ Cellphone chimes ] And now he's texting me. And? He wants me to meet him at the metro court. And? It's a bad time. I'm getting my nails done. Hello. So, how was your chat with...

[Panting] Henrik? His name's peter. He's my son, alright? It was lovely. We had a really nice conversation. I think we're sort of... getting a little closer, you know? Are you? Hmm. Yeah. And I like it. And I don't want you to ruin it. That's not my intention. Really? I don't want to argue with you, robert. I think that it would be nice if we parted on good terms. Who says we're parting? Aren't you going on another mission? Well, I thought I might, uh, stick around. I don't like leaving unfinished business... any more than you do. I told you, I don't want to fight. You can talk till you're blue in the face, but I know you're not gonna rest until you find out what alex and cabot did to you. You should follow up on this. I've got a feeling there's something here. We don't even know if those ladies still live in the area. Well, you're gonna find out. Babe, I don't feel right leaving you again.

[ Sighs ] I'm gonna give you two a moment. I'll be waiting outside. Thank you. Thanks, laura.

[ Door opens ] You heard dr. Finn.

[ Door closes ] I'm stable. You are stable "for now." But what if your situation deteriorates and I'm not here for you? It won't happen today or tomorrow. Come on. This is a perfect window of opportunity.

[ Scoffs ] An opportunity for what, babe?

[ Sighs ] To chase down a dead end? I know it's just a hunch, but it's all we've got. Please, curtis. I need you to do this for me. Okay. I mean, I, uh -- I got some things I gotta do, but, um... I guess I'll head out to canada in the morning. Thank you. You're the best.

[ Scoffs ] You're just saying that 'cause you got your way. No, I'm saying that because it's the truth.

[ Sighs ] I do love you, jordan ashford. And I do love you, curtis ashford.

[ Door opens ] Hey. Hey. When are you leaving for canada?

[ Sighs ] First thing in the morning. I can make that work. I'm not sure I follow you. I'm going with you. We done here? No, we are not done. We are going to calmly and rationally agree that none of us are gonna take the law into our own hands. Dr. Byrne, you need me for anything? 'Cause I got somewhere I gotta go if you don't need me. Kristina needs you both to recognize that willow's information, no matter how upsetting it is to listen to, is intended for you to evaluate your experience at dawn of day.

[ Sighs ] Now, we've reached a crossroads in your treatment, kristina. And how you want to proceed is up to you.

Madison, ontario. Quiet little town... near the lake.

[ Knock on door ] Dr. Collins. What are you doing here? Uh, dr. Finn texted me to meet him here. Hey, good, you're here! Why is he here? Him? I just talked to the lab. Dr. Collins is a match for your blood type and genetic markers. Which means I can be your kidney donor. You know what? We have got to change our tactics. We've gotta stop reacting, a-and we've gotta make things happen. We have to do... what we do best. Oh, no, no, no -- oh, yes, yes, yes. Too late. We are gonna keep those two apart, because it's for their own good. With all due respect, I'm not sure you're aware of the danger that might be waiting for us up there. I mean, ryan could be behind any one of those 23 doors. Yeah, with all due respect, this is not my first rodeo. Okay? And I do have a score to settle with ryan chamberlain. You and a lot of other people.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Perfect, then. We agree. So, I'll, uh, see you tomorrow morning? We'll leave for canada? Partner? Bright and early.

[ Chuckles ] Partner. Alex is never going to tell me which of her memories were transferred to me. I got a pretty good idea. I think you do, too. In fact, I'm surprised that you haven't brought it up. No. I've accepted the fact that I probably will never know. Has it ever occurred to you that peter is, in fact, alex's son? Not yours? Hey. Hey! Thanks for meeting me. Yeah, of course. I was getting my nails done with lulu. We were supposed to grab a late lunch, but she insisted that I meet you. Well, I owe her one. Guess we better get going. Going...where? Where are we going? I think it's about damn time that we have our date. You ready? So ready.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Hey! Hold that elevator! Thanks. I wasn't ready to go home just yet. I know. It's the least I can do. I mean, really, willow, you did so much for kristina. I hope so. And, uh... you were so strong. And...I know it couldn't have been easy for you to relive all that again. No, it wasn'T. But kristina needed to hear it. What happens now is up to you, kristina. You got all the information you need to make an informed decision about your future with dod. What are you doing? The door is open. Do you go back to shiloh, or do you go back to your family?

[Upbeat music]

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