GH Transcript Friday 05/03/19

General Hospital Transcript Friday 05/03/19


Episode #14274 ~ Sam tells Jason about Shiloh's visit. Kristina shares a laugh with an old friend. Alexis manages to slip past Valerie. Drew offers his help. Julian runs into Willow.

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[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ] Hey.

[ Door closes ] Thank you so much for coming over. Yeah. I just -- I-I couldn't stand there and talk about shiloh at your mom's house with everything else that's going on. No, it's better this way.

[ Sighs ] Do you think that danny actually understands that oscar's gone?

[ Sighs ] You know, I was reading this article about how to talk to your kids, you know, about death, and, uh...I don't know. It just said that little kids can'T... process everything. You know, something like this, it's just in small bits. They can only handle a certain amount at once, and I-I just think that danny... got as much as he can handle today.

[ Sighs ] And he's gonna circle back when he wants more information. I kind of feel like danny. I feel like I can only... absorb this in, like, little bits. Just, like, a little -- a little piece at a time. Wait. Wait, wait, wait. I-I'll get that for you. Thanks. Yeah. Yeah. Get any sleep?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, no. Me, neither. No. I don't suppose you're hungry for breakfast. Yeah, no. Can I get you a cup of coffee? No, not -- not today. I just... I think I'm just gonna head out.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, but hey, why are you leaving? Just stay with us. Julian? Are you looking for me? Hey. Uh -- is everything okay with -- no, no, no. I mean, yes! Everything's fine with wiley.

[ Exhales sharply ] Yeah, I'm actually here to, uh, enroll my son in, uh, t-k, yeah. Oh. I didn't realize you have a son that young. Yes, well, things happen. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] Anyway, his mom is busy, so I said I would, uh, pick up the paperwork. You know, I'm actually really glad I ran into you. Um, do you have a minute? Yeah, sure. Of course, yeah. So what's up?

[ Sighs ] It's about brad. I think he's making a terrible mistake. Michael. How are you? I'm sorry. I, uh -- I just heard of oscar's passing. I-I wasn't aware of it when I ran into you in willow's classroom. Apologies. Thank you. You know, we're planning on memorializing his entrance to the next plane. Okay. I know kristina would like to be there. Have you heard from her? No. No, I-I haven'T. Well, that's a shame. Well, uh, if you hear from her, can you please tell her that she always has a home at dawn of day, and, uh -- and I haven't forgotten how much of her life that she shared with me? Where did you park? Took the service road, then I cut across your backyard. You know what? We don't really have time for this. Neil said we have to be there for kristina today. Did you happen to see a nondescript car parked opposite your driveway? I can't see the end of my driveway from here. Exactly. There was a car parked there, and it was detective spencer. Well, I hope she goes to see kristina soon. I'm running out of coffee. No, it's -- it's fine. Just keep doing what you're doing. Okay, partner. Talk soon. Kristina: Yes!

[ Scoffs ] And that, my friend, is how it's done. Oh, my goodness. Three games in a row? Give 'em up. All the black jelly beans. Gosh, I still can't catch a break. You used to beat me at this all the time as a kid. Next time, we play rummy or pinochle. Bring it. You always like a chance to win. Some things never change. Well, some might dispute that opinion. I didn't know you back then, but I have seen a difference since you've come here. You were combative and defensive. You seem more relaxed now. Well, I'm used to max and milo. I've known them all my life. And I'm getting used to you, too, dr. Byrne. Well, you've had time to evaluate. So... how do you feel about seeing your parents?

 I just -- I don't understand why you don't just, uh... stay for a few days. Because I could really use your company. And the quartermaines, they look at you as family, so... um... I'm very grateful for that. And I appreciate everything that they have done for oscar and for me. But oscar felt such a connection to the quartermaine family. And I remember how he [Chuckles] How he -- he pored over that tell-all book, every single word -- the one that josslyn gave him. Oh, yeah.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Yeah. Oh, and he talked -- he talked all the time about the tour that monica took him on. Showing him all of the various parks and -- and the buildings [Chuckles] The quartermaines had donated or given to port charles. Yeah, he told me about that. He was very proud. He was.

[ Inhales sharply ] And as wonderful and as supportive as all of you have been... I'm not a quartermaine. And I need to go back. I need to face my empty apartment. 'Cause, you know, putting it off, it'S... it's not gonna make it any easier. I got that.

[ Clears throat ] And I respect that. But I'm coming with you because you shouldn't be alone. So, uh, what's this about, uh, brad making a terrible mistake? He's taking some parenting classes at dawn of day. Oh, yeah. Well, okay, first of all, brad's a very nervous father. Poor guy's been popping antacid pills like they're candy. However, he does seem to have everything under control, thanks to these, uh, classes he's taking. Those classes are a lie! Just like everything else about dawn of day -- especially the leader. See, if, uh, kristina felt at home at dod, I think she'd still be there. Hmm. Well, you see, she came to us with a lot of baggage. See, the weight of her history with your family was weighing heavily on her shoulders. Surely, you must've known that. No, can't say I do. You know, I-I don't get it. She was thriving at dod. I-I'm not quite sure she would just -- she would just up and leave like that. You know, when you see her, would you please tell her that I only want the best for her? Well, clearly, she felt the need for a little distance. Or you know what? Maybe she realized that dod doesn't work for her after all.

[ Chuckles ] But you'd be completely okay with that, right, since you only want what's best for her? It's a good thing that we took the precautions that we took because neil said that I-it's essential that we're there today. I-it's essential that kristina stay where she is so she can see shiloh for the garbage that he is, and that you don't let the cops follow you to the safe house! You don't think I realize that? Which is why I've initiated plan B.

[ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ] Hey, chase. This just got interesting. Diane miller's here. I wonder if alexis needs legal advice? For potential charges and possible defenses and kidnapping her daughter? Shiloh came over last night after you left. Was he checking on you? I guess so. I told him that I was too upset about oscar when he called, which really wasn't a lie. And then he... gave me this to use... for my pledge. Did he tell you what he expects? What he wants? He said that I had to say something damaging that would have consequences about myself or someone I love. Guess it's to show trust or some sort of devotion. It's the final step before the initiation ceremony. So, what are you gonna do? I'm gonna give him what he wants. Be right back.

Are you sure you're gonna pull this off? Are you kidding?! Don'T. I've learned so much from max about shaking a tail. We'll be fine. Okay, valerie's parked across the street. Did y-- you probably drove right by her? Absolutely. Of course I did. Alright. It's imperative that valerie knows that I'm here. But she cannot know that you're here. You cannot be on the premises, so I ask that you leave by the back door. Uh, I got that covered. I'll -- I'm gonna have to meet you there. Um, we don't mention anything about oscar, 'cause I don't want to upset kristina. I can't even process what's happening to oscar. We were very close, you know. You know, I'm just glad that the lawsuit between him and his parents never made it to court. That they were able to reconcile before he passed. That's what we're doing with kristina, diane -- reconciling. I know. Yeah, yeah. So let's get to it. Mm! I have always wanted to try being a brunette. Yeah, well, I clearly don't look good as a redhead.

[ Laughs ]

[ Engine starts ] You know, I certainly won't assume that kristina's absence means that she won't be coming back to us. I mean, clearly, it would be in her advantage to come back to us. Well, I can see how it'd be to your advantage. I mean, she's already given you substantial amount of money, and there's plenty more where that came from. She has plenty of wealthy relatives, not to mention a trust fund that's coming her way when she's 30. But you know what? That is, uh -- that is a few years off. And she's already lost interest.

[ Chuckles ] Michael. I think kristina's commitment to dawn of day... runs a lot deeper than you think. What the hell did dawn of day do to you? They screw up your tax donation form? Willow, they do good work. I've seen it -- the food drives, the homeless shelters. They helped out my girlfriend's son. Uh, my bartender, kristina, she's a big part of, uh, dawn of day. That is, until she skipped town and left me high and dry. I can promise you my objections to dawn of day are valid and well-founded. Okay, based on what? Look, willow, they've helped brad become a better father, so what's the harm? The harm is shiloh. Okay, once he gets his claws into someone, he doesn't let go. I mean, surely, you've known men like that. Do they walk around, twirling their mustache, looking sinister? No. They're -- they're smooth and seemingly benign. Like shiloh. And not only will he start influencing brad, he'll try to influence your grandson. Is that what you want to happen? Okay, look, you know better than anybody that I have little to no contact with my family, and even less influence. Okay, okay, okay. Then I take it back. I would rather have you in his life than shiloh. Okay. Alright. Obviously, this is important to you, so I'll tell you what. I will look into this. See what I can do. But you need to know that wiley is safe and he's thriving. So just... try to relax about everything else. Okay? Take comfort in that. I have to do this alone. Says who? I think you need to give yourself a moment to readjust. It's gonna take me a lot more than a moment to learn to adjust to life without oscar. I wouldn't even... I would never even suggest it's possible. [ Clears throat ] I know. But we are gonna have to figure out a way through it.

[ Clears throat ] You know, because at... the end of the day, I have to live in that apartment... alone, without him. Okay. Well, um [Clears throat] Thank you for, uh, coming to port charles and sharing that remarkable boy that you raised. I wish I had found you sooner.

[ Chuckles ] Me, too.

[ Laughs ]

[ Sniffles ] He loved you so much, drew. And he was so proud to be your son. I was proud to be his father. You made the last year of his life a dream come true... and you helped him die happy. Thank you for saying that.

[ Sighs ] It's true. Okay.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Alright. Here, let m-- I'll get the door.

[ Chuckling ] Okay. Drive safely. Yeah. Okay.

 I have shiloh right where I need him. He trusts me enough to bring me into his inner circle. Yeah, where he's gonna drug you, tattoo you, and try to sleep with you. No, I will be long gone before that happens. How do you know that? Because while he's setting up my pledge, I will sneak into the records room and get kristina's pledge, and then I'll be out of there. But what if -- what if things go sideways? That's why I have you. You'll be there to help me.

[ Sighs ] Yes. Always. Okay. Okay, so... what will be your pledge? I -- jason, I don't know. I'm gonna have to invent something. Well, you -- you really want to hook shiloh? Yeah. Don't invent something about yourself. You make that pledge about me.

[ Sighs ] Yes. Hey. I'm so sorry. Thanks. Come in. Coffee? Yeah, sure.

[ Door closes ] You know, uh... things like this can, uh -- can really humble you. When, uh -- when you and I were in afghanistan, we, uh -- we shared a lot of grief. Thank you. We had a lot of mutual friends that didn't make it back. And it wasn't until I almost died that I realized that I had, uh -- I had no idea about what the afterlife meant. Death isn't really death. Look, I -- hey, man, I-I'm sorry. I know that's no consolation to you. But all you know is that your boy's not here anymore. Where the hell is the justice in that? I'm sorry. Boss. How's kristina? Still a shark. She beat me three games out of three. I'm lucky the doc showed up, or she was gonna beat me at pinochle and bring shame on the whole giambetti clan. Milo has a good effect on kristina. Good, good. Maybe this session is a tipping point. Is alexis gonna be able to join us? Uh, supposedly. Which means? Well, she's got a -- she's got a plan I don't think is gonna work.

[ Knock on door ] Alexis: Hey. I stand corrected.

[ Sighs ] Alright, so diane said that valerie's following her in my car. Where's kristina? Milo: Getting ready. Max and i will check outside, make sure no one followed you, ms. Davis. Good luck, everybody. Thank you. Thanks again. My pleasure, boss. Alright, so kristina knows we're here.

[ Door closes ] Is she okay? I was just telling sonny, she's better, but, um, don't push her, alright? Let her set the pace. And listen carefully. Do not engage in any inflammatory behavior. Can you do that? Yeah. Yes. Yes, we'll do that. Hey. Hi. Hi, sweetie. Wow. You look good, sweetheart. I owe you an apology. Kristina: No. First you need to hear me out.

[ Sighs ]

[ Chuckles ] "You caught me when I fell out of that tree." "You're the best."

[ Chuckles ] "Love, gigi."

[ Sighs ] "Thank you for throwing a party for us when the school wouldn'T." "We already miss you. Dakota."

[ Cries ]

[ Chuckles ] "Sorry I never paid back. Bad movie, good times." "I can't believe you're gone."

[ Crying ]

[ Footsteps approach ]

[ Crying ]

[ Chuckles ] I thought I told you I had to do this alone. [ Chuckles ] You did. You ready to go inside? Yeah. No. I want to read some more of these. Look at this. There's so many lives he touched. Did you know all these people?

[ Sighs ] Some.

[ Sighs ] From your super. Thanking oscar for helping him out when the building's electrical had a glitch.

[ Chuckles ] Helped him hold the flashlight. His friend trina. This is her term paper.

[ Chuckles ] She never would've passed the class if it wasn't for his help. "Oscar... thank you for helping me carry the laundry down the stairs." "I'll miss your smile every day." Can't make out the name.

[ Laughs ] That's sadie. Hmm. God, he didn't tell me about a lot of this. Yeah, looks like your boy was well-loved and respected. All these people that he -- he touched with his kindness and his spirit.

[ Crying ]

[ Sighs ] He's gonna stay alive in their memories. Yeah, I wish I knew oscar longer. Had more years with him. But most of all, I wish he had more years and we could make more memories. You know, I've, uh -- I've spoken to parents who've come to dawn of day after they've lost a child, and they say that the, uh -- that the pain is unimaginable. You know, I want you to know, drew, that...

[Chuckles] Oscar had so much grace. He was so full of grace when he was at the house. Everybody loved him. He was such a great kid. We always encouraged him to keep up communications with, uh -- with you and his mother, as well. Oh, well, we appreciate that. Even when you guys were estranged, he, uh -- he would always ask about you. He, uh -- he always wanted to know stories about your past, experiences that you had. I, uh... I think that he was trying to draw parallels between, uh, his life and yours. Yeah, well... oscar understood what happened to me. He made peace with not knowing my past. Have you? Shiloh wants a secret that he can weaponize. I mean, what's better than giving him something that could hurt me? Well, because he's threatened by you. So we give him something... that can send me to prison. I've had a lot of time to think since you were last here. And max and milo reminded me of all the good times that we've had together. And dr. Byrne told me that you both take responsibility for what happened during our last meeting. Absolutely. We do. But it wasn't just you. I gave mom such a hard time when her phone rang. Well, I should've turned it off. And you should know that I really pushed it so I could get my hands on your phone. I understand why you did that. We held you here against your will. Do you still feel that what your parents did was wrong? Well, it was wrong. But I'm starting to see

why they did it.

I've got an update on kristina. The therapist thinks she's in a place where she'S... willing to listen. Okay. So we're on. I'm ready if you are. Oh, you should know, I -- I had to be honest with chase. I couldn't lie to him about wanting to help you with kristina. Are you -- are you sure you really want to do this? I mean, even though it could possibly be considered... illegal and could cost your relationship. Kristina, I know you're angry... because of the way we handled -- well... the way

i handled things. I -- I didn't give your mother a choice. Well, that's not exactly true. He didn't consult me before he acted, but I chose to participate. But you just need to know that there's only one reason that you're here. And that's because we love you. Yeah, I... I get that. The other night, mom didn't know it, but I was watching. And I heard her say that... she couldn't see me when she looked into my eyes. And that she just wanted her little girl back. And up until then, all I could think about was how hurt i felt when you rejected dawn of day, and it felt like you were questioning my judgment. But now I realize that... you felt like I was choosing them over you. Over my family.

[ Sighs ] And I never wanted to do that. I don't know what's gonna happen between me and dod, but... if mom says that she can't even recognize me... then I don't blame you for... how scared you felt or what you did because of it. It isn't my mom's fault that she doesn't recognize me. It isn't yours, either. M-maybe not, but it isn't shiloh'S.

[ Chuckles ] Today must be errand day. This lady has been everywhere -- the bank, the drugstore, the tailor. Now she went into kelly'S. I hope she's meeting someone, 'cause I need to get more coffee. If there was just some way that -- that you could remember your old life. You know what I mean? The person that you used to be. I mean, that would be -- that would be such a tribute to oscar -- I cannot risk retrieving my old memories and losing the past five years, especially memories of my children. And I just lost one, so I've already told you this. Why are you making me tell you again? Okay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm just -- I'm thinking out loud, okay? Okay. People make rat-- irrational decisions and it's okay.That's not gonna happen here. Okay? Drew... you know that oscar's not really dead. No. He's not really gone. He's just on a different plane, and we're all gonna grasp this at the time of our death. Okay, listen to me. I'm not in a place to hear whatever this is. Do you understand? I do. You good? I do. Alright. I'm sorry. Look, just -- just know I-I know that it's way too soon for you to process your own grief. Just know that my doors are open to you for whatever you need, just as they were open to oscar. Very gracious of you. We appreciate that. I've got some phone calls to make. Why don't you see yourself out? You know what? One more thing. Sorry. Yeah, a new member was cleaning out oscar's room. And, uh... she came across this, and I-I... I just thought you might was to have it. And I'm sorry for... barging in on you like this. I just...

[ Sighs ] I couldn't stand the thought of you going through this alone. I really... I really wanted to be here for you. But if you want me to go, I will. Look, you just... you let me know what you need, okay? Charlie. Please stay.

Excuse me. Did a woman wearing a green plaid shirt come in and use the ladies' room? She did. I just needed to freshen my hair. Hi. So, I have a message for you from my client. Now, we know that this so-called investigation of yours isn't actually sanctioned by the pcpd, so you sitting in your car and watching the house, following alexis all around, that constitutes harassment. Cease and desist, or I will go to your superior and sue that detective badge right out of your overeager little hands. But while you're here, get the salted caramel donuts. You will build me a shrine. I promise. They're so good. They're so good!

[ Laughs ] Sam: You want me to tell shiloh something incriminating? I couldn't do that because I don't even know anything bad about you. Well, first, I... I would never involved you with anything illegal, okay? And I sure as hell am not gonna hand anything over to shiloh. I'm gonna have spinelli set this whole thing up. It's gonna be a fake hit about a guy who never existed. You can say that you were an eyewitness. You give shiloh the details, and everything's gonna check out online. Okay, okay, wait a minute. What if... he turns it over to margaux? She's a big believer right now. Yeah, if shiloh... turns me in and margaux starts to investigate, she's gonna look incompetent because it's a -- it's a murder that never even happened. What if shiloh thinks I'm a liar, then? Well, he will. Eventually.

If... he turns me in... but he won'T. Because your pledge is leverage over you. I like it. Call spinelli. Hurry up. Oscar marked the, uh -- the pages of the passages that, uh -- that spoke to him. I figured you might want to read it. You know, just to get to know your son a little more. Be sure to check out the bookmark. You know, man, we were close once. I know that, um -- I know that we're not close now, but, uh... ...I hope that you can, uh -- you can lean on me like I leaned on you. Alright, take care.

[ Sighs ] You ready? Will I be ready... to walk into my empty apartment, knowing that I'm never gonna see my son... sitting on the couch, reading a book, listening to music? No. How am I gonna be ready? How am I gonna be ready to live in the stillness and the quiet of our home? It was once filled with all the beautiful sounds of oscar. I don't know how you get ready to go into his room and go through his stuff. No, I -- I'm not ready. And I don't know if I ever will be. But I have to start somewhere. And you will. Okay? We're gonna take this one step at a time, okay? And we're gonna unlock that door together.

[ Laughs ]

[ Keys jingling ]

[ Lock unlatches ] Okay? Okay. Sam. Sam: Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I recorded my pledge. So, tell me when and where I can meet you... and I'm there. I know you're coming from a place of love. I can't promise to leave dawn of day. Um, it has to be a choice I make -- if I make it -- for myself. Not because I feel guilty of your pain. And if I choose to stay, I hope you can accept that and still be the understanding parents you're trying to be now. Can you respect both decisions?

[ Knock on door ] Michael. I thought I made you so mad you'd refuse to speak to me. Oh, I wasn't mad at you, krissy.

[ Door closes ] What shiloh has done to you is what made me mad. Th-that's why, um, I-I brought somebody to talk to you. Hello, kristina. Hi. Willow, right? Michael, what'S...going on? Why is she here? Oh, well, she, uh, knows some things that you might not be aware -- it's okay, michael. I can speak for myself. Which is why I'm here. You know how shiloh preaches honesty above all else, kristina? Well, I'm gonna tell you the truth about shiloh... and what he does to young women like us.

Like the way you slid that in there.

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