GH Transcript Thursday 05/02/19

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 05/02/19


Episode #14273 ~ Sam is distracted. Shiloh pays Willow a visit. Chase confronts Michael. Carly shares her appreciation with Elizabeth. Franco and Cameron make amends.

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(This still needs extensive editing)

Sam: Shiloh almost caught me coming out of the records room.

[ Sighs ] Well, are you sure -- are you sure that he didn't? Well, from what I could tell, he bought what I said, but I was in the records room looking for kristina's pledge, and I was going through all the files, and, jason... shiloh has a file on me, and it's really creepy.

[ Sighs ] Shiloh: You know, I always knew you'd make an excellent teacher. This school is going to be filled with parents any minute. That's fantastic. I'll probably know more than a few of them. Be good to see them. Be good to say "hello." Anyway, the, uh -- the reason why I'm here is that, uh... well, your mother and i spoke. We talked through everything. Is alexis going anywhere? I'm sure she knows we're watching her, so she's being careful. Yeah, michael's at kelly'S. I'll let you know what I find out. Bye.

[ Sighs ] Michael. Hey. Chase. Have you heard from kristina yet? Because if you don't have her stashed away somewhere, she could be in danger. Cameron. Hey, come on. Excuse me. Dude, it's been days. Please. Stand still long enough to at least hear me out.

[ Solemn music plays ] Josslyn: Oscar?

[ Softly ] Hey. Oscar. Oscar.

[ Gasps ] Oscar.

[ Exhales shakily ] If you can hear me... I love you.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Josslyn? No, no, no. Drew: Come here. Come here, honey. Come on, come on, come on. Oscar, honey. Oscar, sweetheart, can you hear me?

[ Sniffles ] Is he gone?

[ Cries ] No.

[ Kim sobbing ]

[ Sobbing continues ] God, I love you. No. No, no.

You know, it wouldn't hurt to improve the lighting on the grounds. Oh, jo-- oh, no.

[ Sighs ] Josslyn. Josslyn, I'm so sorry. Can I get you anything? Can I -- can I -- can I call your mom or something? No. No. Thank you.

[ Inhales deeply ] I'll call her... in a minute. We have plenty of time now. Oh, josslyn.

[ Cries ] Oh! Hey.

[ Cries ] What a beautiful young man. Okay, alan. You look after our grandson. Please. So, your mother and I --

don't call her my mother. Mothers don't do what she did to me. Well, I made harmony realize that the place she could be most productive in is in beechers corners. Well, good for her. At least she's an hour away from you. Don't you realize that I'm doing this all for you? I'm doing this all for you so you can rightfully take your place next to me, of your own free will, of course. You're in port charles where you belong. I went to the commissioner to open an investigation into the disappearance of kristina. She and the da both shut me down. She hasn't disappeared, okay? She's just considering her options. Kristina is not the only person whose life could get blown up if what you're doing backfires. Other people are going to suffer.

[ Voice breaking ] We were almost done with"the wind in the willows." My eyes were so heavy. I closed them just for a minute... ...and when I opened them... ...he was so still. He was so still. Oh, good, you're --

[ Sniffles ] Oh, josslyn. Oscar died.

[ Cries ] I'll make all the necessary calls. Thank you, monica. Yeah. I'm so sorry. Thanks, mom. Thank you.

[ Sighs ]

[ Exhales deeply ] I think he must have been ready to go. Yeah.

[ Sniffles ] Look at him.

[ Chuckles ] Look at his face. He's gone, and he'S... still trying to make things easier on us. Kim. He was strong enough to stay with us as long as he could.

[ Cries ]

[ Voice breaking ] And then he left when he thought it was time. But we've got to be strong enough to let him go. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. Just got to --

[ Cries ]

 F me to saythat you're not a good brother. You are a great brother. In fact, you are an excellent brother. You know, I know what you think, franco. You think I'm ashamed of my brother. But you're wrong -- I-I love my brother. I wish the entire world can see him the way I do -- how funny, how smart and sweet he is. They don'T. Kids are mean. Kids are bullies. When someone calls someone gay, they don't mean it as a compliment. So when you and mom are going around, telling him to be himself, you're just setting him up to get hurt. You're making him a target for bullies. And maybe wanting him to act less gay was the wrong way to protect him, but that's all I was trying to do. I know... 'cause you have his back... no matter what. I'd like for you to know that I have your back no matter what, cameron, whether you hate me or not. Can I go do my work now? Yeah, sure, of course. Thank you. Thank you so much for hearing me out. Josslyn? Is everything okay? Can you please come? I need you. I'm on my way.

[ Sighs ] Elizabeth, I just got a call from josslyn. Oscar? I think it just happened. I'm on my way to go see her now.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Okay, thank you for telling me. I'll find cameron. Okay.

[ Button clicks ] Just tell me where kristina is. You know what? If I need your help, I will not hesitate to reach out, okay? So thanks. Yeah. See ya. See ya. Hey, partner, it's me. No, nothing yet. No, but I'm gonna stay on the trail, follow michael, see where it leads. I want nothing to do with dod. You know, willow, if I truly thought that you were leaving me, if i really thought...

[ Pounds desk ] ...That you were gonna go, well...

[ Bangs desk ] ...I would have to -- I'd have to release you from your pledge.

[ Ominous music plays ] But since I have a special place for you in my heart and in my life, I'm gonna give you a little more time to reconsider your options. Yeah. I should let you get back to work. Although, don't make me wait too long. Even a man with my discipline has limits to his patience. Hey. Hey. You know, uh... when oscar and kim moved in [Sniffles] This was the spot. This is where kim and i would sit and wait, close enough to oscar's room in case he needed help, but, you know... far enough away to give him some privacy. But now... now oscar's not gonna need my help ever again. Oscar's never gonna need help. But still...

[Voice breaking] Still I'm sitting here because... it just doesn't feel right to leave. Because this was the spot. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. You know, um, in the short time that I, uh... got to know oscar, I can tell that he was a remarkable person. Yeah, well, he didn't get that from me. He got it from his mom. No, he was incredibly brave and... loyal... and he looked out for the people that he loved. Now, I don't know kim very well, but i do know who that reminds me of. Oscar was very lucky to have you as a father. And we were all very lucky to have known him as long as we did. Here we are, kiddo. Just you and me... ...alone.

[ Inhales deeply ] Just like the day you were born.

Time that I held youand I felt your warmth... ...your tiny little heartbeat...

[ Sniffles ] It was so strong. It was so fast.

[ Inhales sharply ] You were just perfect. You were perfect to me. And when I held you in my arms, it was like [Sniffles] You were saying "not only am I yours, but you're mine, too."

[ Sniffles ] You know that you when you came into this world, it got a whole lot bigger. And today... just got a lot smaller.

[ Cries ] Oh, oscar. [ Laughs ] I'm not gonna be any good at this... ...because I don't know how to do this now... without you. I'm so sorry.

[ Exhales deeply ] Oscar was so good with his little sister. Scout and I are gonna miss him a lot. Yeah. Yeah, he was a good kid. You know what? I should -- I should get over -- I should get over there. Yeah, yeah. Hey, can you do me a favor, though, while you're over there? Can you... ...check in on danny and scout? I'm sure it's their bedtime. I don't -- I don't want them... to know what's really going on. Yeah. Maybe you and I could tell them together tomorrow? Sure. Okay. I love you. I love you, too.

[ Exhales deeply ] Hey. I have good news. I spoke with cameron. I think that kid might forgive me before he gets to college. Where is he? He's still servicing the community. Why? What's up? It's oscar. He's gone. Okay. I should call drew. Yeah. Yeah, and can you help me find, um, cameron? 'Cause I think he needs to hear it from me. Yeah. Shiloh? Oh, mr. Quartermaine. Or is it mr. Corinthos? I -- it depends on the day. Ah. So, do you, uh -- do you have children here at the school? No. Uh, no, um, elq is sponsoring an environmental project in ms. Tait's class, so, uh, just checking on the progress. Mm. What about you? You have children enrolled here? Oh, no. No, ms. Tait and i are just old friends. I just dropped in to say "hello." Oh. Yeah. Anyway, have a good one. All right. Hey, are you okay? I'm fine. I'm just a little... I'm fine. What did he want?

[ Exhales sharply ] What he always wants. Me. Oscar knew that you had your heart set on performing together at the nurses' ball, and, uh, he also knew that, uh, he may not be able to. So, um, since he didn't want to let you down... this is our song. Did you... no, he, uh -- he actually asked me to help him with it. I didn't really do much. I, uh, acted as his hands, played the chords that he wanted me to play, made a suggestion or two.

[ Voice breaking ] He finished it?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. For you.

[ Sniffles ] He finished it for you.

[ Inhales deeply ] I'm so sorry.

[ Cries ] I'm so sorry. Thank you.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ] Josslyn needs her mom.

[ Sighs ] Joss? Joss, baby. Mom... mom. It's okay. I don't understand. Please help me. I'm right here. I don't know what to do. I can't seem to stop thinking about, uh, the first few times we tried to meet. What a disaster those were. Every time was my fault. But you didn't let that stop us. You made sure we got through it. You wanted to know everything about me. Of course you did -- you spent your entire life as a kid wondering who your father was and then finally meet him, and then neither one of us knew anything about me. Not a damn thing. I got to tell you, son, I never stopped feeling guilty about not being able to give you the answers you were looking for. But I can assure you this... matter who I was... ...I'm certainly a better man now 'cause I know you.

[ Clears throat ] You probably already know this, but not, uh -- not as hard to climb as you might think. They've got, uh, some paths you can just hike right up -- some of them have these little huts you can stay in, some of them don'T. It doesn't get hard until, uh, you get close to the summit. That's where it gets steep and the air gets thin. Son, I'm sorry. If I, uh -- if I had figured all this out before, I promise you, I'd have carried you on my back up those trails, right up the face, all the way to the summit. We could stayed underneath the stars every night on the way up, on the way down.

[ Voice breaking ] I know you came looking for a strong father

[Sniffles] And, son, I wish I was strong enough. I would drag that entire mountain right here to you. I cannot thank you enough for coming into my life.

[ Sniffles ] You are gonna be in my heart for the rest of my life. And there, you're gonna be on top of a mountain...

[Voice breaking] Sleeping under a starry sky.

[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sobbing ] Willow, tell me what I can do to help. Let me talk to your sister, okay? If I can keep another woman from being taken in by that psychopath, then maybe I won't feel so powerless. You know, I-I actually came here to ask you if you're still willing to talk to kristina. Set it up. I am done being bullied by shiloh.

[ Door opens ] Shiloh. Hi. You don't seem too pleased to see me. No, uh, I'm so sorry. Of course I am. Um...come in. Come in. What brings you by? Well, you, uh -- you didn't answer when I called you. I was concerned. Really? Yeah.

[ Sighing ] Oh. There you are. Yeah, I'm -- I'm so sorry I-I-I missed it. I've just been really distracted today. Do you remember oscar? Yeah. Yeah, o-of course. Drew's boy. Yeah, he's a great kid. He, um... he passed away today, so I've just -- I've been a little preoccupied, I guess. Sam, I, uh... I am so sorry. Look, the dead, though, they don't need us to wallow in their absence. See, right now, this is about -- this is about you. This is about the path that you're going to follow. This is about what you're going to do. This is about the journey that you're about to embrace. And it's also time... ...that you join the trust.

[ Sighs ] Come here. Drew: Uh... ned wanted a moment alone with oscar, so, uh... apparently, jason, you're oscar's executor. Do you know about this kilimanjaro project? Yeah, um... he was very specific about what he wanted, and I helped him do it. Um, I'm sorry, what

[Clears throat] What -- what is this about? Well, apparently, oscar donated a portion of his inheritance to start a kilimanjaro foundation, which is, uh, to help teenagers, healthy or otherwise, uh... apply for grants, uh, to learn to mountain climb.

[ Sniffles, exhales sharply ] Oh. Can I see him? Of course.

[ Sniffles ] Hey, hey. Come here. Come here. Come here. Do you need me to go with you? No. No, I'm not scared of seeing him, mom. It'S... it's just the opposite. It'S... it's the thought of never seeing him again that'S... excuse me.

[ Sighs ]

There's no easy way to say this... and I am so sorry. Oscar passed away a little while ago.

[ Solemn music plays ] We all knew it was going to happen. Still, it's hard to lose a friend. Well, oscar was more joss' friend. We got along okay, but we were never best buds or anything. Anyways, I-I have to get back to work. It's okay to just be sad. You don't have to go to work. I'll call your supervisor... I-I'm okay, mom. ...And get the rest of the day off for you. Really, I am. I'll see you at home later. That is not how I expected it to go.

[ Crying ] Thank you for finishing the music. Remember -- remember when you said that you were scared of dying because you'd miss me? Well, I don't want you to miss me. I want you to go somewhere beautiful and wonderful... ...looking down through the stars at kilimanjaro. I want you to go somewhere that doesn't hurt. I can miss us enough for both of us. God, I can't believe you're gone. I want you to be okay. Oscar...

[ Sighs ] You're the only person I can say this to. Everyone else will think I was dreaming. But I felt it when you kissed me goodbye. Right there. On my cheek. And I heard you.

[ Sobbing ] I heard you say you loved me right before you left. I love you, too. I'm gonna love you forever.

[ Cries ] Hey, you.

[ Sighs ] Thank god. I am so happy to see you. Mm-hmm. I am happy to see you, too. Did I just see michael leaving? Yeah. He stopped by. Was this about his sister? I've agreed to see kristina and tell her about my own experience with shiloh. Oh. So he does know where she is. He's supposed to take me to her. Willow, I -- if I can prevent kristina from going back to shiloh, then that's exactly what I'm going to do. I can't believe what kim or drew are going through. It's just so unfair for josslyn, you know? It just is. She's a teenager. She shouldn't have to feel this. She's growing up way too fast, faster than I wanted her to grow up, and... and she's such an amazing kid, jason. You know, she doesn't regret one day of loving oscar. She doesn't regret one day of any of this. I don't want her to hurt like this. We just got to be there for her. Just come here.

[ Exhales deeply ] Shiloh: All trust members are asked to offer a piece of private information on their ceremony day, a piece of information that, if it ever got out, would be detrimental to the member -- or members of their family. Wait. So you want me... to give you a secret that might hurt someone I love?

 willow, I understand that you want to help kristina, but once you've seen her, can you tell me where she is? Chase, I -- there is a possibility that she is being held against her will. Now, if you see her and you don't report it, you could be considered an accessory to kidnapping. If kristina's family took her, that is not a crime. The only crime will be if kristina somehow gets sent back to shiloh. Why should trust require a gesture like this? I mean, shouldn't trust just mean trust?

[ Sighs ] Your pledge symbolizes your faith in dawn of day and the binding agreement between us. Sam, you are so close. As soon as you give your pledge, your initiation can begin.

[ Cellphone beeps, clicking ]

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Sniffles ]

I think about you now

settled at my side

in a tiny room

[ Cellphone clatters ]

A room we built for two hey. They're here to take oscar. You don't have to be there. No. I want to. Okay. Come on. Come on.

And get back home

get back home

get back home

and I seem to recognize

a distance in your eyes

and I'm drowning in those goodbyes

when all we do is lie

'cause I don't really want that much

maybe just more time

but somehow I know you must leave

so take the wheel and ride

and get back home

[ Sobbing ]

Get back home

get back home

get back home

'cause I don't really want that much

maybe just more time

but somehow I know you must leave

so take the wheel and ride

and get back home

get back home

get back home

my folks say

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