GH Transcript Monday 04/29/19

General Hospital Transcript Monday 04/29/19


Episode #14270 ~ Shiloh demands answers. Sonny is alarmed. Margaux makes a confession.

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Smells good. What are you making? Just a lasagna. Yeah? Can you believe carly's eating healthy now?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, but she hates it. So, I cook whenever I can. A-at least I know what the ingredients are.

[ Snorts ]

[ Chuckles ] Hey. Hey. Hi. Good to see you. Uh, I thought that you would be at dawn of day. Um, I, uh -- I'm on my way there. I just wanted to stop here first. My mom said that the session with kristina didn't go well. Well, you know what?

[ Sighs ] We -- we thought we were getting through, and then, uh, kristina shut down. This shiloh did a number on her. Yeah. Did jason tell you that I found out where shiloh keeps the pledges? Yeah, we're gonna get you some help so we can get kristina's pledge back and we can just finish this. Hey, there. You never have to knock. Door's open all the time. I'm shiloh. Oh, I know. It's an honor. I'm mark turner. Hey, mark turner, pleasure. Come on in, join us. So, tell me... what led you to us? Well... where do I begin? Hey, babe. You just finished dialysis, right? How you doing? I'm good. Dialysis is just a small part of my life. Yeah. Which happens to be vital to your very existence. So, you're calling to make sure I don't skip it? Oh.

[ Exhales sharply ] I know you wouldn't do that. I miss you. Can't a guy just call to check in on his gal? Curtis, I love you, I miss you, and I love that you are so caring. But I can survive a few days without you. Damn, don't shatter my illusions.

[ Chuckles ] Just tell me that you're getting somewhere with the investigation into ryan chamberlain. I got wind of the local gossip about the pharmacy break-in. Seems to be a hot topic, especially amongst the junkies. I got a lead on a user,

says he might have

something for me. Sounds promising. Yeah. Look, baby, I got to go, okay? Love you. I love you, too. Timmy. I got you some breakfast. Lucy: Hi! Yoo-hoo, ms. Commissioner?

[ Chuckles ] Oh, lucy. What can I do for you? Well, I don't know if you realized that lots of folks are still talking about how amazing that big proposal curtis did at last year's nurses' ball was, so I was just wondering, could maybe he perform that kind of magic again at this year's ball?

[ Chuckles ] Uh, well, he's actually out of town right now, but I-I'll check with him. Okay, good. Wait. Great idea. You, the wife, the husband -- a magic act together! Franco: Hey, uh, lucy coe? Hi. I-I have an idea for a number for the nurses' ball this year. It would be like a duet. Ohh! That's sweet. However, I think it might be a little dicey, don't you think? Not that you are not so...extremely talented. It's just that whole "murder confession" thing, you know? It's kind of hanging over your head. Franco provided invaluable help to the pcpd. If not for him, we might not have realized that the killer was ryan chamberlain. Lulu: I pitched peter the exclusive interview with ava jerome. He gave me the green light. Good. Good. Because if ryan's alive, he's definitely gonna be following the port charles news. Now, first, we have to put ava and kevin together. I have to post it on the internet for ryan to see. Mom, are you sure you're ready for this? Yeah. Let's get it done.

[ Clears throat ] Mac scorpio, you need to improve your attitude. This is a group effort, and we need you on the team. After everything you've been through with ryan, you're still committed to this? Absolutely. Ryan is not going to get the jump on us this time. When he comes back, we'll be ready for him. Today is the first step. Hi. Hi.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Footsteps approaching ] I see everything's in place here. Where's the guest of honor? Right here. Let's give my brother the memorial he deserves.

 I love milo. You know that. There's no one sweeter, but I really -- I think spinelli's right for this job. Yeah, you know, we thought about it, but spinelli already met harmony when we first started looking into this whole shiloh thing, and -- and we can't risk him being recognized. Milo's a good man, but if you find yourself in any kind of trouble, though, you get the hell out of there. Mm-hmm. Worse comes to worse, we'll just tell kristina that the pledge doesn't matter -- whatever she told shiloh can't hurt me. Okay. Well, as long as milo can provide a distraction, that's good. I just need to get into the dod records room. That's it. But I've -- I've got to go. I've got to go now. I love you. Yeah, me too. Be careful. Okay. Bye, sonny. Good luck.

[ Sighs ] So, um, any fallout after kristina used alexis' phone? Max sent me a text. Everything seems to be fine. Um, kristina's calm, and she's with neil. Okay. I mean, it's been almost, what, 24 hours. If the person she called is looking for her, we -- we should have heard something. It's like you were talking directly to me. "If you can't find love outside yourself, search for it inside." "...For it inside." Page 107. Yeah. So, I'm here, ready to change my life. That's wonderful. So, uh, p-please, have a seat. So, uh... how did you, uh -- how did you find dawn of day? I saw you speak at rice plaza a while back. Ah. I was totally convinced by how much the organization reaches out to the poor and the homeless. So I bought the book. I read it cover to cover. Hm. I think if I'm a part of something that helps so many people, maybe I could learn to -- maybe I could learn to love myself. Well, that is a, uh -- that is an honorable goal. So, what, uh -- what convinced you to -- to find our introductory seminar? I told myself I wasn't gonna do this. I mean, I -- hey, man, it's okay. Yeah. Give your pain to me. My girlfriend left me flat. She said I was too clingy, too dependent. She was angry that I don't have a job or a life of my own. She'd be right.

[ Voice breaking ] I just want to make people happy, man, so... please, can you help me? Yeah, I believe we can.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Margaux. Hm. Perfect timing. I want to coordinate a joint statement thanking franco baldwin. Mm, we already did that. Well, we need to do it again. He's still getting blowback for the false confession. Ah! D.A. Dawson.

[ Gasps ] Well, here you go. Here's one of my cards. Listen, I think we kind of met, but we really didn't kind of meet. Lucy coe. Charmed. Mm-hmm. Listen, I need to ask you -- do you happen to have any special talents?

[ Smacks lips ] Uh... I'm pretty good at putting criminals behind bars. Uh, yeah, and other people who aren't criminals at all. Uh, what I'm asking is, can you sing? Or do you do sort of maybe a fire-juggling? Or, you know that aerial silk thing where you hang from it and you swing around and dance? Can you do that? Uh, I was on the synchronized swimming team in college. Wow. Special. Okay, you know what? I don't think we should move the big donor tables out to put in a pool for you, so you know what I'm gonna do? Get back to you on it. Ta. Um... sorry, what was that about?

[ Chuckles ] The annual nurses' ball. It happens every may. Oh. It's a beautiful event dedicated to raising money for hiv and aids. I must have missed it last year. I look forward to it. Hey, um, are you heading over to the station? Uh, we can talk about whether or not this joint statement is really necessary. Um, actually, I'm just -- I'm gonna hang around and grab coffee with my son. Something else? No offense -- you don't look too good. Wow. I forget to put on blush one time... no, are -- are you sure you're okay?

[ Footsteps approaching ] Oh, great, you're both here. Commissioner, we need to open an investigation. What? Into what? The disappearance of kristina corinthos-davis. Kevin loves you, and only you. I know. I don't like the situation, but I can do it. Ryan will lose what little is left of his mind when he sees me with his twin brother. Let's remember, people, that crazy doesn't equal stupid. Ryan's never more dangerous than when his ego is bruised. Kevin: That's true, but this time, we're controlling the action. When ryan learns that I've started proceedings to have him legally declared dead, he'll assume he's in the clear and return from wherever he is. And I'll be documenting everything that happens today. The story will appear in the invader and on its website, and I guarantee it will be trending in no time. Yeah.

Do the police think ryan is still alive? We do have some evidence that suggests that he might be alive. There was a pharmacy that was broken into in the niagara falls area, and the drugs that were taken were the ones you'd need if you'd lost a limb. Also the calls that I got a couple of weeks ago. Did the caller ever say anything? No, it was just breathing, but I know that it was ryan. The D.A. Has officially closed the case, but that doesn't mean that a P.I. Can't continue the investigation. So, actually, curtis is going up there to look into the break-in. Until then, we have our own work to do. Look, first, I ain't a cop, all right? I ain't gonna lie to you. All I want is information about the break-in in the glyndon pharmacy. You know anything about that? What's in it for me? Besides the breakfast? Sonny's daughter is missing? I haven't heard anything about kristina's disappearance. How long has she been gone? The details are unclear, but it's been more than 48 hours. Maybe she took off with her friends. Happens all the time. Not this time. Kristina called me from a blocked number asking for help. And that's all she could get out before the line went dead. She must have been in real trouble if she's calling me. We've been on the outs since I criticized her new group of friends. Is she hanging around a bad crowd?

[ Smacks lips ] Yeah. Where was she last seen? As far as we know, the dawn of day house. Milo: I'm definitely signing up for more classes.

[ Laughs ] You haven't even taken your first one yet. Oh, I know I'm gonna love it. Besides, why shouldn't I take as many classes as I can? I have tons of time to devote to my healing. You mentioned that, uh, you don't have a job right now. You know, uh, our course fees are on a sliding scale if you're a little tight on money. No, the, uh -- the opposite, actually. My parents were killed in a car crash caused by defective brakes. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Thank you. Yeah. It was years ago. The manufacturer settled with me, and I'm an only child. Huh. But I would give up every penny if I could have my folks here still. And if my sweet gillian hadn't left me. Well, it seems like life has thrown you many burdens, mark. I'm truly sorry. It's like you say in the book. "For every comfort in life, there's untold sacrifice." "Those who seek with an open heart will find abundance." I think we can help you, mark. I sure hope so. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] Shiloh. Hey. Hey. Is this a good time? Yeah, sure. How are you? I'm good. I'm glad to be back here.

[ Chuckling ] Yeah. Oh, I'm sorry. Let me, uh -- let me introduce you to our newest seeker. This is mark turner. Hi. Sam mccall. Hi. Mark. Nice -- nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too. So, uh, mark is here for our introductory seminar. That's great. I hope you get as much out of it as I did. Will you be there? What am I saying? You're probably far too busy to deal with newbies. No, actually, quite the contrary. I, uh -- I rather enjoy watching new people find their true path on our seminars. I'll be there. Actually, the others are waiting for you right now. So, if you'd want...

[ Chuckles ] Great. It was nice meeting you. You, too. See you, mark. So, have you heard from krissy? No, but, um, my -- my mom spoke to her. Krissy said she's still working things out.

[ Sighs ] I hate that she has to shoulder these doubts on her own.

[ Sighs ] T-tell me about it. I wish she would come home to dod, where she belongs. Yeah. Yeah, me, too. Especially before you, uh -- you join the trust. Yeah, I was -- I was actually thinking the same thing. Really? Yeah. Is that why you're here? To finish our business in the attic? Sorry to do this in the -- in the kitchen, but I decided to make my wife a nice meal. You're a cook? Ah, you know, when I get the chance. Uh, it -- it relaxes me, helps me think. Cool. You know jason? Right? I-I do, yeah. You know, kristina told me at length she doesn't blame shiloh for her being kidnapped because you're impossible to catch. It's an interesting paradox. On the one hand, uh, she respects you. On the other hand, she blames you for taking away the thing she wants. You-- you're telling me kristina still doesn't know what really was gonna happen at the "trust ceremony"? It's too soon. It'd shut her down. Have you had any progress at all?

[ Sighs ] Some. Well, she's not isolating herself in her room. When I left, she was playing a board game with max. They seem to have good rapport. She's known max her whole life. Yeah, she said she also might be ready for a family meeting pretty soon. How'd you manage that after the blow-up yesterday? Some kind of miracle guy? Uh, I didn't change kristina's mind. Alexis did. After yesterday's session and the fiasco with kristina taking her phone, alexis broke down. Kristina witnessed her mother's distress. She's beginning to understand that your family's desire to separate her from dod is motivated by love. She's got that right. I'm beginning to see that unique, intelligent woman underneath shiloh's dogma. She's funny, vibrant.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, that's her. Listen, did she mention anything about the...pledge she gave to shiloh?

 Kristina didn't mention the pledge, and I don't expect her to. Yeah, I know. But --

[ Sighs ] If you're starting to get through to her... I made some inroads. Still a long way to go. A lot of work to do. And the closer kristina gets to reclaiming herself, the worse she's gonna feel about the pledge she made to shiloh, especially if it incriminates you, sonny. That's -- that's impossible. Yeah, kristina doesn't know anything, really, about the business. So...I mean, she could've exaggerated, could've lied, I don't know. But either way, she doesn't have any proof -- nothing that shiloh can take to the cops. Worst that can happen is the police can open up an investigation. It's not gonna go anywhere. And I'm gonna -- I'm gonna -- I'm gonna explain that to kristina. And what if you're wrong? Well, I mean, if you want to go up into the attic, I would be more than willing, but...

[ Chuckles ] ...You have new seekers to guide. Ah, indeed, I do. And I can't abandon the ones that have come to hear me speak at the seminar. They would be so disappointed. Yes, they would be disappointed. Well, then I will see you later. Okay. Okay. Looking forward to it. Me, too.

[ Sighs ] Dawn of day has been on our radar since you picked up jason morgan for assaulting the leader, shiloh. Michael corinthos approached me worried about his sister's well-being. Kristina was about to take a big step with dod. Apparently, she had been chosen by shiloh for some -- some honor. What does that mean? The group is pretty secretive. Michael just wanted to know if the police could do anything to help. Neither shiloh nor his organization has stepped outside the law. In fact, when jason morgan was arrested, shiloh insisted that we let him go. And why haven't sonny or alexis reported her missing? Are you sure kristina's family doesn't know where she is?

[ Lock rattling ]

[ Door unlocks ]

[ Sighs ] Great.

[ Wallet zips ] This is color-coded. Why make it easy?

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Man, that breakfast was good and everything, but if you want to talk about that pharmacy job, you got to make it worth my while.

[ Scoffs ] There's no chance you would do it just to save innocent lives? All right. But look... first the information, then the money. Did you have anything to do with that break-in? No. Someone wanted to hire me to do it, though. And you turned that someone down? What about the stuff that was stolen? What about it? I understand why someone would hire you to break in to steal pain meds and all that, but what about the rest of the stuff? The antibiotics, the anti-inflammatories, the clotting drugs? What, you just keep that for yourself?

[ Scoffs ] No. Hey, man, I told you I didn't do it. Okay, well, then, uh, maybe you can, uh, give me your theory on how the thief knew exactly what drugs to steal. Person who wanted to hire me gave me a list. Who was this person?

[ Sighs ] Who wants to go first? Well, I suppose that should be me. When ava said this was happening, I didn't believe you. Can I ask you guys something? Why would you give this evil bastard a ceremony? Um... closure is important. Yes. H-hopefully this will help us end this nightmare for good. All right. Well, at least you've given up on that ridiculous idea you had to lure ryan out of hiding. Shall we say good riddance?

[ Clears throat ] Well, ryan... I wish I could've healed you. I wish we could've grown old together like twins should be able to. I was given the greater gifts of intelligence and sanity, but I failed you. I couldn't help find you peace. Well, maybe in death, you'll finally be healed, conquer your demons... and finally find that peace. I hope you rot in hell, and from high above, kiki gets to watch.

That's from lulu and me, ryan. My daughter was stronger and smarter than you. Her life is just beginning, and yours is over, thank god. You lost, and we won. Laura's right. Lulu beat you, ryan. You know who else beat you? Mac and me. All those traps you set for us, all those times you said you were smarter. Well, who's smarter now? You did this to yourself, ryan. You gave yourself the punishment you deserve. Franco was right about you. You deserve to rot in hell for eternity. My beautiful girl will not be looking down on you. Heaven is full of only good things, and there is no room there for your memory. Kiki's forgotten you already, just as I'll forget you. Just as you deserve to be forgotten. Amen.

[ Crying ]

[ Ava sniffling ] Come on, timmy, who hired you to break into that pharmacy?

Tried to hire you. We didn't exchange business cards. Can you tell me more about this guy? You know, was he in trouble, was he injured? Look, give me something, all right? His height, his age, hair color, something. It was a woman. Valerie, did you follow up on kristina's call? I went straight to dawn of day house. Shiloh claimed that he doesn't know where kristina is, and neither does her sister, sam mccall. So, sam knows kristina's missing. Did she seem concerned? Actually, sam said kristina went somewhere to clear her head and that alexis had heard from her. But if that's the case, why did she call me asking for help? So, alexis davis does know that her daughter is missing. That's the story, yeah. But something is off. People know more than they're saying. So what do you think is really going on? Kristina's greatest asset for recovery is also her greatest liability. She knows her family loves her. She also, even though she won't admit it, knows you're all acting in her best interest. But as kristina begins to confront her actions, that she let a charlatan trick her into betraying somebody she loves, it's gonna crater her self-worth. And the only thing that can make it worse is if the person she betrayed, and that is probably you, sonny, is tried or arrested or suffers some kind of lasting hurt. That's what I'm trying to tell you. The chances of that happening are next to nothing. Are you willing to bet kristina's future on next to nothing?

[ Sighs ] No. Never. Then I would not ask her about the pledge. "Despite commitment issues, likely worthy of dawn of day trust." That's right, shiloh. Tell me all of your secrets so I can take you down.

what about the phone call? Kristina say anything about it? She was concerned. I-I don't know why. She said she called a friend. Friend? Uh... shiloh? Somebody from dod? She said it was somebody she's known before dod. Parker forsayth? She's all the way across the country. She said it was someone she had to cut out because of dod. She confessed to being full of regrets. Hey, I bet -- I bet it was valerie. Valerie spencer. Makes sense. That's probably who kristina called. Alexis and i heard her ask for help, but she wasn't able to give any details or explain anything before we took the phone away. But if this valerie-person suspects that kristina's being held against her will... she'll probably call the police. That's the problem, valerie is the police. She's a detective with the pcpd. Everything seems so clear when you speak.

[ Chuckles ] Can you talk to me more about how exactly I can cut off the negative and just cut it out of my life? Mark, you know I would love to, but unfortunately, I -- you got work to do. I understand. I do. I got to get back. Thank you so much. Could you just, uh, help me plan a course of study? Where do I start? With the "harnessing your fear" series? Or "being your own best friend"? Well, you know what? They're -- they're not sequential, so you could pretty much start wherever you want. Okay. Great. Okay? All right. Oh! Also, I want to help to, uh, volunteer in the soup kitchen next weekend. Could you show me where to do that? Uh, I -- is that online? Do you have an app? Yeah, well, it's one of those things where, you know, we don't really post those things online. Right, right. You have to speak to somebody --

[ Objects clatter ] Oh! Hey! You okay? Hey. All right. Whoops! Yeah. Sorry about that. Here you go, man. Uh, hey -- hey, look, did you happen to see sam mccall, give her any new reading materials from the library? No, I haven't seen sam. You haven't? Just been me and the books. Okay. Hey, look, mark, I'm so sorry. I got to go, okay? Wait, could you give me a tour? I-I-I didn't realize there was a library.

[ Laughs ] This is so fascinating. You know what? How about this? Why don't you join us tonight for dinner? I'll give you the grand tour. I'll show you everything. Okay. Does that sound good? We'd love to have you. Okay. Okay. Good. I'll see you later. Take care. "It will be interesting to see what secrets she pledges"?

[ Scoffs ] You wish, shiloh.

[ Cellphone vibrates ] We're considering the possibility of kristina's family being involved. But the whole situation is still murky. We really can't tell what's going on. I am worried about kristina. She hasn't answered her phone in days, not even for her sister, molly. You said she called you. She could've gotten someone else's phone to call me, but the call got cut off. It sounds like wherever kristina is, she doesn't want to be there. If it's shiloh, she could be in danger. We need to investigate. Yes, I think it would be prudent to investigate. Right. Hold on! Hold -- hold on. I completely disagree. I -- why on earth would we waste time and resources? I mean, if alexis davis is claiming that her daughter is simply away taking a breather and timmy corinthos has not contacted us, then we have no reason to investigate. She called me for help. It could've been a prank. You said you weren't on good terms. Kristina wouldn't do that. I just don't see the point in wasting valuable resources on a non-event. Why not? I'm sorry, who are you protecting? Sonny corinthos or shiloh? I need a drink. Lulu: I have uploaded our makeshift funeral. Uh-huh. Definitely click bait. Some other outlets have already picked it up and posted it. I'll drink to that. You know --

[ Sighs ] I hate to leave the party, but I do have some mayoral duties that I have to take care of, so... I'll see you in a while. Ava. Thank you. Hi. Hi. What's going on with you and kevin? Uh, kevin! You can't talk to me unless this guy's here? No, I --

[ Laughs ] It -- well, you... you may as well know. You see, I-I went to see kevin to -- to help me maybe find some closure about ryan. And at first, I was in complete denial, and I was -- I was blaming kevin for all of ryan's crimes. But then as we talked, we realized that -- that we felt this connection, you know? Ryan betrayed us both so badly, and we understand each other's anger and -- and shame and grief, right? And kevin is -- is everything that ryan pretended to be. Kevin: Ryan stole my life and tried to take ava'S. It's healing to be with someone who understands. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Not again. Okay, why aren't you all freaking out, because that absolutely has to be ryan, 'cause my doc would never, ever touch the likes of you. No, lucy, it's -- it's -- it's me. It's really me. Well, then what are you doing? I'm -- I'm comforting a kindred spirit. Really? Well, last time I saw you, you know, it was at gh, we were honoring gail, and I delivered you to laura. I know, but I-I'm afraid I-I-I just hurt laura too much. Wha-- okay, guys. He's talking and he's saying things, but he is not making any sense at all. Felicia: Come on, let's get some coffee. It's okay. No! No, it's not okay. It is so not okay. Lucy, please, there's nothing that can be done. The hell there isn'T.

 Involving the police could have severe ramifications for all of us. Dr. Byrne, you need to relax. Valerie and the pcpd could look for kristina until hell freezes over. They're not gonna find her. You don't understand. Dr. Byrne, we have a lot of experience in this area, and kristina will be tough to find. Exit therapy is not an exact science. If it doesn't work, it could be kristina that turns you over to the police. And although I'm sure you have the resources to fight the prosecution, you can't avoid the crisis that it's gonna generate, turning you in for your daughter. Shiloh: Sam! Hey.

[ Chuckles ] Hey. What are you doing here? You're out of line, detective. You should get to work instead of chasing some story that isn't a police matter. Okay, you are the only one who doesn't think so. Come on. Let's go. We gave it our best shot.

[ Scoffs ] All right. Well, are you ready to go, or are you gonna question my judgment, too? No. I'm not. As I said, I'm gonna stay here and see my son. Okay. You sure? Yeah, positive. Okay, I got to get going. Okay. See you later.

[ Sighs ] Curtis, I really hope you're getting somewhere.

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Cellphone clatters ] Forget D.A. Dawson. I'm gonna investigate kristina's disappearance without her approval. Are you in? Yeah. I'm in. Did the woman leave her name? Did she say why she wanted the drugs? Man, I got to go. Look, timmy, wait up, man, look. There's $100 here total if you can cough up the name of the woman that wanted you to boost those drugs. Doc, look at me. Turn around and listen to me. Please listen to me. Okay

[Exhales sharply] So, when the truth was revealed that you were responsible for unleashing ryan on port charles, I was the only one who stood by you. I stood up for you. I defended you. I even -- heck, I gave you a place to live in one of my real estate properties! I understand, and I appreciate everything that you've done, lucy. But please trust me. I know what I'm doing. No, you don't! Not from where I'm standing. Do you know I actually talked to some of your neighbors, and they said you haven't even spent the past couple nights in that apartment.

[ Scoffs ] Don't tell me...

[ Crying ] Consider yourself evicted. You go find a bed on the street. Oh, my god, doc, you're gonna be so tired of her by the time the nurses' ball rolls around. You know what's gonna happen? I promise you, you are gonna end heartbroken and friendless. Lucy, we need to talk about this. No. Apparently, there is nothing left to say.

[ Crying ] Hey. You all right? Yeah. Yeah, I'm -- I'm -- I'm fine. Okay. 'Cause from where I'm sitting, you don't seem all right.

[ Sighs ] Wow. Ava's really good at playing her role. Yeah. Our video is trending! Wow. This may actually work! It has to. We just need to hope against hope that we've gotten ryan's attention.

[ Cellphone rings ]

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