GH Transcript Thursday 4/25/19

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 4/25/19


Episode #14268 ~ Lulu is eager to help; Mac is livid; Joss tears into Cameron.

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Mm. I missed this. Mm. Me, too. This house... this coffee.

[ Chuckles ] "This breathtaking woman beside me --" you didn't let me finish. Oh. [ Laughs ] Okay.This breathtaking woman beside me. Okay.

[ Chuckles ] I love you, laura collins. I love you. Something else that I'm really missing. Hmm? Your last name. It's our last name. Yeah. I can't wait to use it again. Mm. Might be a while.

[ Inhales deeply ]

[ Sighing ] That's okay. You know, I should probably get going. Are you going to meet with ava and felicia today?

[ Sighs ] It's the last thing I want to do. Good morning. You ready to put our plan into action? We have a slight problem. What's that? Me.

[ Guitar strumming ]

Life is short

but the list is long

[ Exhales deeply ] How was that? I think that everyone at the nurses' ball is gonna be blown away. Ready? Mm-hmm.

[ Strumming resumes ] Finished with your community service? Yeah, I'm just gonna finish my paper in the library. Cameron. We're going through a tough time right now, you know? It -- it happens. But I want you to know that I'm in it. And I'm the only mom you got. And I love you more than anything. So eventually, we're gonna have to find our way through this. I'll see you around.

[ Sighs ] How did that go? Honestly I-I just don't know. Thank you so much for coming. No, look, look. Before you start in on me... uh-huh? ...There is nothing, and I mean nothing that you can tell me that's ever gonna make me believe that I was with alex. But I know why you're doing this. You want to torture yourself. Okay. Look, I will -- I will hold your hand through this entire miserable episode. But I want you to know, I know why I fell in love with you. And I know that you gave birth to my daughter. And I know that you are robin's mother -- yes. You're right. You're right.

[ Gasps ] Hi. Thank you so much for coming. Oh, of course, honey.

[ Chuckles ] You know, it's always good to have an extra set of ears... yes. ...When meeting with a doctor. Especially today. Yeah. Genetic testing is not my favorite part of this pregnancy. Yeah. But just remember -- this is standard for the cvs test process. I know, I know. And... nothing dr. Navarro says is a pronouncement on your baby. This is all theoretical. Okay. Still, you look anxious. Well, [Exhales sharply ] Sonny and I just want someone to tell us that this baby is healthy.

[ Sighs ] You know, since you brought him up, I'm a little surprised that sonny isn't here with you. I'm not.

um, sonny's dealing with a "situation." It's not dangerous, but it's just really important. More important than you and the new baby? No. But the situation he's dealing with is urgent, and this isn't urgent. So there's no chance that sonny's using this "situation" as an excuse to keep his distance? Maybe a little. I get it, though, mom. I get it, because he doesn't want me to die. And if everything turns out to be okay, this baby is going to be a full sibling to morgan, you know? A living reminder of the son we lost. Yeah. It is a gamble in more ways than one. And I'm trying really hard to accept that sonny has to deal with this his way -- just like I have to deal with it mine, you know? I mean, I wish those ways were the same, but they're not right now. So it's what it is. Just remember -- you're not alone. I'm here for you, whatever you need. Thank you. Oh, honey.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Sighs ] Ooh. Ready? Yes. Okay. Let's go. Drew: Hey. How's it going out there? Uh, good. Oscar fell asleep. Mm. Oh. What's better than a nap in the sunshine? Oh, not much.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Well, I have a quick errand to run. So if he wakes up, will you tell him I'll be right back? Mm, sure, sweetie. Thank you.

[ Door opens ] I am so grateful for that girl. I mean, what she's given oscar, it is -- it's such a gift. Listen, I think josslyn would say oscar's given her just as much. It is what it is, I guess. Okay, it's just that cameron hasn't bonded with franco the way that the other two have. He's still really resistant, and -- and I don't know. Maybe it's his age. Maybe it's who franco used to be. I-I-I'm sure it's a combination of a whole bunch of things. I just don't know how to fix it. Then don'T. You can't force people to bond, elizabeth. You love your son, and he loves you. And he really loves his brothers. See? Cameron is a good person. Franco is a good person. That's what matters.

[ Chuckles ] Maybe they'll bump along for a little bit. That's okay. When enough life has passed, they might surprise themselves and realize that they have more in common than they thought. I just want to find a way to -- to bridge the gap. I know you do. But they're gonna have to build that bridge on their own. It's "the brady bunch's" fault, you know. I'm serious.

[ Mockingly ] "Look at us. We're blending two families. It's such a breeze."

[ Chuckles ] That was fiction. Reality is a whole lot more complicated. Yeah, tell me about it.

[ Chuckles ] People say "give it time" for a reason. Sometimes it's the only way. I owe you an apology. You warned me about going down this rabbit hole, and I did it anyway. I almost convinced myself that the thing I love the most isn't mine. W-wait, let's -- let's slow down. I love the apology because they happen so rarely -- robert.

[ Stammers ] What? What has brought you to your senses? Oh. You remember this? Yeah. Um... do you? Yeah, we bought it at, uh... we got it at a small stall in castellammare. We were chasing this guy. He was, um... vincenzo, I think his name was? Yeah, vincenzo, right. As I recall, we were halfway through the mission and you saw this stupid little bracelet and you decided you had to have it. Mm-hmm. But of course, you had no money. So I bought it just to shut you up.

[ Laughs ] I mean -- I mean... you wore it pretty much through the whole mission. Yeah. And through our wedding. Mm-hmm. And through robin's conception. Oh. Ah, yeah. You forgot that, didn't you, huh? Yeah.

[ Laughs ] No, look. When I saw the picture of me wearing this, it was like a freight train just hit me. Alex never had this. I do. I was never with alex. I was always with you.

[ Sighs ]

[ Indistinct conversations, telephone ringing in distance ]

[ Box snaps shut ] Aren't you tired of living in fear? Of worrying that, at any moment, ryan could show up and finish his twisted game? I want ryan caught as much as anyone. Okay, then! But you want more than that. You want to bump the guy off. Look, I can't say that I blame you. But I am not getting felicia involved in a murder conspiracy. Our goal? Bringing ryan to justice. We are not gonna help you kill him. So whatever you're cooking up, keep it to yourself. Everything okay out here? Yeah. I think we all have the same mission -- to keep ryan from hurting anybody else, ever again, whatever that looks like to each of us. The guilt I feel over this is overwhelming sometimes. The part I played in this. The sin of... trying to treat ryan in secret. Kevin, you have got to try to stop beating yourself up about this. I-I know. I'm trying. And teaming up with felicia and ava is part of that. I-it's part of me trying to make amends. Okay. But it's also because they're right. The best way to lure ryan out is to make him believe that ava has taken up with me... his hated twin. Well, it's a necessary evil to bring ryan to justice. It's really hard for you to be around her, isn't it? Ava. Yes. What my brother did to that woman... the shambles he made of her life... and I could never say this to her, but I can say it to you. I know ryan. I know why he killed kiki. And it wasn't some random, spur-of-the-moment thing, and it wasn't because she was young and beautiful and blond. He did it because she was ava'S. Maybe he wanted to impress her. Maybe he thought it's what she wanted. I think he did it because it would make her more vulnerable and need him. It doesn't really matter. The reason that young woman is dead...

[Sighs] ...Is because her mother got involved with my brother. Yeah, and no fault of ava's, either. No. No. That was through ryan'S. But that circles right back to me, and that'S...

[ Sighs ] That's why it's physically painful to look at ava. The woman's life will never be the same, and I played a big part in that.

[ Sighs ] It's painful for me, too. Yeah. Oh, kevin.

[ Sighs ] I really don't want you to be anywhere near ava. But... if this is what has to be done, we'll get through this. As long as we're in it together. I shut you out once, and I can't tell you how much I regret that. Never again. And there's no way I could do this without you. And lucky for you, you don't have to.

[ Birds chirping ] Oh. Hey. How's our boy? He's sleeping.

[ Chuckles ] No surprise -- he had a bit of a rough night. Are the headaches worse? And now his left side is much weaker. Listen, I can call terry and get a consult on pain medication. No, I-I got it. But thank you. He and joss are working on their song for the nurses' ball. It's as if they're trying to turn back the hands of time. Oh, if that were possible, I'd certainly join them. What the hell do you think you're doing? Community service? You know what I mean, cameron. You promised to be there for oscar. I will. When?! After he's dead?! Joss! When's the last time you even saw him? Well, I texted him last night. Oh, that is crap. I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry that I'm healthy and strong and oscar's sick and dying and I don't know how to handle it. Well, too bad. It could be tomorrow, it could be next week, it could be four hours from now. But when he's gone, cameron, he is gone. There is no looking back on that. And he needs you. So you're going to be there for him. You got it? Freak out on your own time. Right now belongs to him. Is that what you do? What? Freak out on your own time. Yeah. Where have you been? I'm so sorry. First things first -- how are you feeling? Um, great. You know, taking my folic acid and my prenatal vitamins. Excellent. No nausea, fatigue? Uh, no. So everything's manageable? Yeah. So far, so good. Your chart certainly indicates that. How is her blood pressure? In perfect range, as are all her markers, actually. Well, so far. I know that could change. And if it does, I will not ignore medical advice, I promise.

[ Chuckles ] My favorite kind of patient.

[ Laughs ] So, history-wise, your first son was born prematurely due to a placental abruption. Correct. Also caused by hypertension, which we know is linked to the preeclampsia. All the more reason to keep an extra eye on you. Oh, trust me -- there are lots of extra eyes on this one.

[ Both laugh ] I bet. And your other pregnancies? Uh, well, my second pregnancy with my son, morgan, was normal -- his delivery not so much. Uh, and then you have the records for my pregnancy with my daughter, josslyn. Mm-hmm. And michael -- carly's oldest -- was born with a heart defect. His father had it, too. Yeah, and -- and, um, he had a hole in his heart. And they corrected it right away, and he's never had an issue since, so... that has possible genetic implications, but his father is different than this baby's, yes? Yeah. That bodes well.

[ Chuckles ] But you can still monitor it, right? Later in the pregnancy, we can perform a fetal echocardiogram to see if we pick up any abnormalities. What else? You have concerns -- I want to hear them. Yeah. Um, well, my daughter, josslyn, you know, she had kidney disease when she was young. Fortunately, most renal disorders are not hereditary. What about bipolar disorder? My husband has it, as did my middle child. How high are the chances that this baby will inherit it? Yeah, robert, I don't know. I can't believe that I nearly opened that horrible can of worms. I don't know what's wrong with me. It's easy. You're in love. What? Look. The old finn, he's not exactly my first choice, but the guy does something for you. He's got you spiraling. That is so -- accurate. No, it's so you. It's just so you to think that you know me better than I know myself. Only because I do. Look, you're dredging up all these mistakes from the past, convincing yourself that you just shouldn't be happy. Well, you know, for a smart woman... you're a basket case. Tell me I'm wrong. I'd like to. As correcting you really is one of my favorite pastimes. I've noticed. I don't think I can. I think you might be right. Wait a minute. All of this -- an apology

and this, too? My god, robert is nervously looking for his cellphone, wanting to take the -- oh, stop. You know, finn and my relationship is none of your business. But I think you might right. I think I'm really afraid to be happy.

You know, I-I-I'd say that, out of the two of us, uh, you've made the most progress turning your life around. I'd say that was true. And, uh...well, you've kind of got to the point now where you're attracting your own misery. I think that's true. Do you want my advice? No. No? Good. Here it comes. Let the past stay where it is -- in the past. And then you can't change it. You've got to, at this point, start to move forward a-and allow yourself to be happy. You know, how you do that -- that's your own business. Of all the stupid things I've done... yeah, well, there were a lot.

[ Chuckles ] ...One thing I don't regret is falling in love with you. That makes two of us.

[ Voice breaking ] And of all the disasters... and there were a lot. ...We have that amazing daughter to show for it all. Yeah.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Is it good news or bad?

[ Laughs ]

[ Clears throat ] Uh...

[ Laughs ]

[ Clears throat ] I'm on board -- up to a point. But you agree that ryan needs to be dealt with. Of course he does. And you agree that the cops aren't gonna do it -- it's up to us. I agree that luring him out makes sense. But if we're all in this together... and ryan ends up getting shot execution style? We are all on the hook for murder. Look, felicia's already been convicted for trying to kill ryan. Mm. I-it's true. It was self-defense. This time, it would be premeditated. Well, he deserves a lot worse than that. Not in the eyes of the law. Just because you call a guy an evil monster doesn't give you the right to murder him. That's assuming you can murder him. And that's quite an assumption.

[ Sighs ] So, how is he doing? He's tired. Weak. But he's still oscar. Playing music, writing poetry... still making those lame jokes? Oh, absolutely.

[ Both laugh ] This is it, cam. We're not gonna get any more time with him. How are you so chill with all this?

[ Scoffs ] I'm not. If I let myself stop and think... but I can'T. So I just try to make as many memories as I can. You're amazing. No. Yeah, you really are. Are you gonna come by the quartermaines? Today? Yeah, um, I just need to get something. Okay. Well, I should probably go. Hey, joss? Look, I-I know I've been a pretty crappy friend recently, but...I swear I'm here for you. I know. Bye.

[ Birds chirping ]

[ Inhales deeply ] Scout.

[ Exhales deeply ] Hey. Sorry to wake you. But, uh, she wanted to show her big brother some of her toys. That's very cool. How do you play with it? Oh, uh, josslyn wanted me to tell you she had to run an errand. She's gonna be back soon. Okay.

[ Sighs ] She's so little. She won't even remember me. Well, she may not have memories, but she's gonna know all about you, because we'll tell her stories. And, oh, the stories we'll tell. You know what'd be cool? What? If scout climbed mount kilimanjaro with dad. In my place. Oh. Oh, please.

[ Laughs ] Please do not mention that to your father. I'd like to live a little longer before I have a heart attack. She might not have memories, but you're a part of her, you know? You're connected through your father. And that is forever. I'm glad something is.

[ Sighs ]

Hey, hey. Monica: Hey. Scout is down for her nap. Good. And how was lunch? Oh, I'm never eating again.

[ Laughs ] What'd olivia make this time? A lasagna. I wasn't even hungry, but she kept piling it on my plate anyway. You know, I had no idea there were so many different kinds of pasta. Yeah, I-I don't know about that. I think she makes some of them up. Mm, probably. So, I was thinking. Okay. When she's old enough, I think you should take scout to climb mount kilimanjaro. What did I say about not mentioning this to your father?

[ Laughs ] Come on. How about -- how about something a little... more local, you know? Um...there's a-a great hill in the park, you know. What's the thrill in that? Well, that's what I mean. No "thrills" equals "safe." Boring.Boring. Jinx, you owe me a soda. Okay, okay. All right, listen, you two. Get together. Come on. You move over there. Yes, ma'am. All right. Smile. Great. Kim needs to be in this. I'm gonna go get her. Drew: Okay. How you doing?

[ Exhales deeply ] It's been a good day. Well, I'm really glad to hear that. So, guys, I'm just so sorry for all the crying and the hand-wringing and the sleepless nights. 'Cause as soon as I saw this in the picture, I knew that -- that the whole thing was just ridiculous. Well... not the first time, won't be the last. Oh, ha, ha. It's the bracelet you showed me the other night. Yeah. Hmm. I bought it when we were on assignment in italy. Hold the phone.

You bought it? Why is this such a sticking point for you? Okay, you bought it. Thank you. Ah. And I wore it when we were in europe and... and when we got married... mm-hmm. ...Had robin. Mm-hmm. So it's my bracelet, and I had it the entire time. Meaning alex never did. Right. Meaning -- as I've been trying to say here -- that robin is and always will be our daughter. Hmm? Having a bipolar parent does make a child more genetically vulnerable to the disorder, but it's by no means a given. Does your husband have other biological children? Uh...three.

[ Chuckles ] And have they shown any symptoms? Uh, well, I mean, kristina's emotionally volatile. But dante has shown no predisposition. No. And -- and avery's too young to tell yet, so... mm. Well, there's no in-vitro test for bipolar disorder. The fact is, it could skip this baby, or it could not. I know -- helpful, right?

[ Chuckles ] My advice -- focus on what you can control. Staying healthy and staying informed. Done. Do you have any more questions? I-I don't have any. Do you, mom? Nope. None for me. Then I'll tell the staff you're ready for your cvs test.

[ Elizabeth sighs ] Hey. Look who I found leaving the hospital. How'd that errand turn out? I got it done. Good. How's oscar? Uh, he's good. Uh, he just woke up from a nap. He'll be happy to see you. And how are you doing? Today's been a good day. Hey, uh, joss.

[ Clears throat ] Oscar asked for some alone time with monica and his mom, so hold up a minute. So, there's something I've been thinking about. And I need you to know this has nothing to do with how I feel about you. You're my mom and the most important person in my life. All right. Well, if it's okay with you, I'd like to add "quartermaine" to my name.

[ Chuckles ] Is it all right? By the way, you are already a quartermaine, just like the rest of us.

[ Exhales sharply ] I just -- I feel really lucky, you know? To have found this family who welcomed me, no questions asked. I want the name to be a part of my legacy. Oscar nero quartermaine. What do you think? Well, I think that finding your father and the family that came with him means a lot to you. As it should. You do it. Are you sure? It doesn't change -- anything between us. I know. Do it. I think it's an honor that you, my grandson, want to add the family name to yours.

Okay. So, what? Are you gonna fill us all in? Oscar?

[ Chuckles ] Well, I'm changing my name. From here on out, I'll be oscar nero quartermaine. Wow. Way to elevate your social status. You jealous? Are you kidding? The quartermaines are actually insane.

[ Chuckles ] Cameron. Uh, no offense. None taken. Oh. None taken.

[ Chuckles ] Um, where'd you go between here and the hospital? Well, I went home really quick to pick up these. Uh, what are those? Cards? Yeah. My mom always plays cards with us when we're sick, so, you know, I thought... okay, well, I can understand the cards, but what's with the peanuts? Oh, well, I didn't have any poker chips, so I thought these might work. Don't be ridiculous. We're gonna use these. Those look really fancy. They were your great-grandfather'S. He was a dedicated poker player. Mm. Yeah, maybe we should just stick with the peanuts. Oh, hey, now. No. You are a quartermaine now, right? So I think it sounds like a quartermaine tradition. Listen to your mother.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. We're gonna need a fourth. Grab a chair. Dad. You sure you want me to play? As long as you're not a sore loser. I wouldn't know. I've never lost. Or am I bluffing? I guess we'll find out.

[ Laughter ] Let me deal. You got it.

[ Poker chips clinking ] Did you all bring your lunch money? Ava, you need to understand that you've only ever seen the "good ryan," the ryan that was in love with you, the one that would do anything to make you happy. You haven't seen the "vengeance ryan." Yeah. Well, ryan hasn't seen me. The woman that he knew, she was a grieving mother, so devastated, just so numb that she let him lead her anywhere. The woman he is gonna meet now? Well, I'm still a grieving mother, but now I know it was ryan that killed my daughter, and I'm gonna make him pay like he has never paid before. And I'll do whatever you need to see that he does. I've never been so relieved about anything in my life. Well, maybe except when robin turned out to be alive. That was a miracle, plain and simple. You know... "miracle" kind of describes our kid perfectly. Yes, it does.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. I'm really happy for you. I'm happy, too. See? Happiness. Good? You want some more of that? Happiness? Eh? Yes. I've made a decision. Really? Do tell. Well, I'm not gonna look backwards anymore. False memories or -- or not, I'm just going to focus on the future. And I'm gonna make the most of every moment. That sounds like a plan

So, I-I want to thank you both for being really patient with me. And, uh, I'm sorry. No, no. Uh, look. Can we -- can we do away with the apologizing? I think enough's enough.

[ Laughing ] Okay, okay. Perfect. What? You know, why don't we facetime robin? Sure, yeah. Yeah? Mm-hmm. I'm gonna go and freshen up. Okay. Thanks. She feels like sh-- feels like she's covering a little, right? You know, like, um... she's not completely over this whole implanted-memory thing. You just watched a woman claw her way back from eternal purgatory. So give her a moment. She'll be fine. Yeah. You know, you really got to learn to read anna's signs a bit better, old fellow. Well, I'm sure you could teach a class. You know, if I could ensure her happiness... I would. Carly? We're ready for you. Ooh. Okay. I'll -- okay. I'll be here waiting for you. Yes. Thank you for doing this. It's so nice to see a friendly face. Well, "good luck" seems like kind of a strange thing to say. No, I'll take all the luck I can get. Thank you.

[ Exhales deeply ] Lulu, hi. It's mom. Um...give me a call back when you have a chance, okay? Uh, there's a lot I have to tell you about. So... we're all on board?

[ Sighs ] I just want to say one more time, for the record, we trap ryan and then turn him over to the authorities. I'm in. Me, too. All right, then. Let's get started. The sooner ryan believes we think he's dead, the sooner we'll be rid of him. I see your fifty. And raise you twenty. Okay. Okay, I fold. Yeah, me, too. Who dealt these cards anyways? I did.

[ Groans ] Now, the question is, young man, are you bluffing, or do you actually have a winning hand? Only one way to find out. That's true. Hmm. Gonna give it up? I'm out. Yes!

[ Laughs ] Okay, so, what'd you have? Oh, me? Nothing. You -- I...I could've won that hand. Eh, coulda, woulda, shoulda. Josslyn: Who knew you had such a poker face? Well, if there was ever any doubt that your boy was a quartermaine, it's gone now.

[ Laughs ] Drew: Yeah, you were cheating. But I get to deal.

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