GH Transcript Wednesday 4/24/19

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 4/24/19


Episode #14267 ~ Sam is interrupted; Jason and Sonny debate their next moves; Willow tells a lie.

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Yo, man, I'm sorry i couldn't help you with ava.

[ Sighs ] Well, listen, you can't help anybody who doesn't want to be helped, so... no, you can'T. I only billed you for the actual time I put in, plus expenses. Speaking of which, here it is, and then some. Well, I hope that check includes a nice, fat severance bonus. It isn't your fault that my brother hired you to be my bodyguard without my consent. Well, if you change your mind, I can always put curtis back on the payroll.

[ Scoffs ] Thanks, julian, but it really won't be necessary. You were right, you know? I was chasing a bogeyman to avoid my grief. But it's no use. Ryan chamberlain is dead. Given the circumstances, maybe ava's idea is not so crazy after all. You can't be serious. You, of all people, should see how reckless this is. I'm not at all convinced that ryan is alive. But if there's even a chance, then I-I think felicia is right. We shouldn't sit idly by and wait for him to strike. We should do something to try to draw him out into the open. This whole plan is a giant gamble. It could really backfire. But we've exploited ryan's jealousy before, and it worked. It'll probably work again. Ryan was provoked, and it nearly got franco killed. Yeah, but that's because we didn't know it was ryan. We... we know it now, and so now, we'll be able to, uh... predict it better. We know how he operates. And you really want me to pretend that I'm enamored with ava? I think it's worth a shot. Unfortunately, to really sell it... I think we're gonna have to end our marriage. I'd like to have an honest conversation with you. Do you think we can do that? Yeah. What's up? I've seen your records, mom. I know you are in danger of losing the kidney you have left. T.J., It's -- it's not, um -- it's -- it's not what? What, serious? Mom, I'm a med student. I know better. You're right. My remaining kidney is near failure. I don't forgive shiloh --

or you. I did nothing wrong. You practically gave me to shiloh -- when it was your job to protect me. You're my mother! I take that back. You were kali miller's mother. I am willow tait -- and you are nothing to me now. Wrong. I'm more than your mother. I'm the only friend that you have. If it weren't for me, shiloh would know that you were pregnant when you left. What did your family do with your sister? Uh, kristina left town a couple days ago to clear her head. She's fine -- she's been in contact with her mother. Okay. Well, two days ago, you came to me wanting to discuss ways to take shiloh down. I don't think the timing is a coincidence. You figured it was safe to move on shiloh because kristina was in the clear. And you knew that, 'cause your family took her. You must shed that which remains between us. First the physical, and then the spiritual.

[ Sighs ] Are you sure you're ready? Hey. How's it going with kristina?

[ Sighs ] She bought into everything shiloh taught her. I don't know what it's gonna take to get through to her.

[ Sighs ] Well, brick might be able to help. He's got proof that shiloh drugged kristina. Exit therapy is very unforgiving. You need to go easy on yourself. I knew better. You told me not to criticize her. You told me not to make her feel cornered. Dawn of day's most clichéd teaching is also its most accurate -- every dawn is a new day. Well, it can only go up from here, right? I need to -- to call molly. I'm thinking maybe I should invite her here. She might be the one to talk some sense into her.

[ Ringing ] Hey, pick up, valerie. Come on. Come on. Come on.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hello? Valerie, it's me. Kristina? You'll like molly. She's the most level-headed in the family. I'm gonna call... what? My phone! Can you hear me? Hey. What's up? I need your help.

[ Sighs ] I'm so glad you picked up. Is everything all right? I-it will be, but I need you to listen. Hello? Kristina! Hello? What do you think you're doing? Trying to get the hell out of here! Not happening. Okay, this is the last chance, mom. You're holding me here against my will. That's illegal. I could have you arrested. And he could be arrested, too. Son of a bitch. I knew what the test was gonna show when i sent that cup to brick. But when I see it... that bastard gave kristina narcotics. She could've O.D.'D. I am done with this. Eliminate him. My turn. I trust you.

[ Knocking in distance ] Hello?

[ Gasps ] Someone's here. Don't let them distract you. Hello? Kristina? Kristina? I don't know what you're talking about. I -- you should've kept the pregnancy test with you and disposed of it once you left town. You dug through the garbage? Shiloh was worried -- he had us combing the countryside around the compound. You're fortunate that I'm the one that found it. Anyone else would've told shiloh. You didn't? Shiloh has no idea that you were pregnant with his child when you left. Thank you. You're welcome. Now... I want to meet my grandchild. Excuse me. I should take this.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hello? Ava, it's me. Kevin? Yes. Laura and I have reconsidered your plan. We're in.

Kristina, please, just try and work with us. Like I have an option. You do have an option. It will be so much easier if you just -- just cooperate. Now, tell me who you called. I-I don't recognize this number. Oh, are you scared? Afraid that someone might find out that you kidnapped your own daughter? Kidnapped?! We have rescued you from a cult! We are trying to help you! Stop saying that! You're just scared! You know this is wrong! All right, let's -- let's all try to calm down. Everything's gonna be okay, kristina. You should be scared, too. Do you really think that you're gonna get away with this? Tell me who you called. Now! I don't have to tell you a damn thing. I... hey, detective. What can we do for you? Sorry to barge in. I tried knocking, but the door was unlocked. Always is. It's open to anyone, anytime. Hmm. Sam. Hey, val. Long time no see. Yeah, for real. I had no idea you were involved in dawn of day. I started taking courses, uh, a little while ago. So, what can we do for you, detective? I'm not here on official police business. I came looking for kristina. Wow. That's a surprise to me. I-I didn't know you two were...speaking again. I haven't seen her around charlie's lately. So I figured I'd come by here and see if she's talked to any of you. She hasn't been around here for a few days, either. Molly seems to think that kristina turned her back on dawn of day. Struck me as odd since I know how much she loves this place. You know what? My mom actually did say that kristina was taking a trip. She needed to clear her head or something. Hmm. So, neither of you know where kristina actually is? All I can say is, uh, alexis says that kristina is fine. Would kristina agree? I can't speak for my sister, but, uh, I'd hope that, since she's free of shiloh and his influence, that she's turned a corner. You're not gonna tell me anything, are you? Chase, there's nothing to tell. Well, I hope that's the truth. I hope that kristina took herself off to a beach somewhere to meditate and get her head on straight. Because if your family took her away from dawn of day against her will? You just gave shiloh a weapon -- and you know he won't hesitate to use it. What did you have? A boy or a girl? A boy. What's his name? I can't wait to meet him. You don't understand. I-i was pregnant with a boy -- but I miscarried. I'm so sorry. Me, too. You should have come home. Dod is not my home. Shiloh is not my friend or my teacher. I promised when I left that I would never go back, and I never will. So, you had to suffer the loss of a child on your own? How sad. And yet... how convenient. This is not the end of the world, sweetie, okay? I can stay on dialysis -- please stop talking to me like I'm a child. I know dialysis only delays the inevitable. Mom, if your kidney goes into failure before you get a transplant, you will die. I know that, okay? I know. Does curtis? No. And you cannot say a word to him. Do you understand me? I certainly wish that ava would stop obsessing over ryan. But I'm telling you, I know her. She won't be happy until she sees his corpse herself. Hopefully, I'll be able to find proof one way or another. What do you mean? I am headed up to canada to follow a lead. Might point to ryan, if he survived. Oh, well, just, uh, maybe keep me in the loop, huh? Ha. You're not the client on this case. But it don't mean you can't be. You're hired. Well, I know that kevin was opposed to this. So I'm guessing, laura, you changed his mind. Perhaps felicia helped you realize the opportunity we have here? It doesn't really matter how we made the decision. The most important thing is that we made the decision together. We're going to hold off going public with our reconciliation. Mm-hmm. Just until ryan has been brought to justice. Well...that's what we all want, right? For ryan to finally face justice.

Okay, well, I'm gonna get a drink, then, to celebrate. Can I get you anything? Uh, no, thank you. Suit yourselves. I'll be right back. Change your mind about that drink? No. I just wanted to clarify my position so there's no room for misunderstanding. You heard what I said? Yeah, I heard what you said. And -- and I just think you should reconsider the timing.

[ Sighs ] Margaux is backing shiloh

and dawn of day. Dr. Byrne is just getting started. We know if shiloh disappears, kristina will blame you. She came blame me, but she'll be away from that bastard. Okay, what about the next bastard, or the one after that? Come on, sonny. Kristina's gonna make mistakes. She's made mistakes. But she's always had a place to go. She could always count on you and look up to you. If we take shiloh out... I'm just telling you right now, you can risk losing kristina forever. And I know... that would hurt you. But it would hurt kristina worse. Neil: You find out who she called? Mm. Somebody with a port charles area code. Not anyone that I know, because it's not in my contacts.

[ Sighs ] Do you think it's somebody from dod? Possible. Well, it's not daisy, because I have her number. I asked for it in case of an emergency. But maybe kristina called the dod landline. I'm -- I can call back, in fact -- no, don't do that. Why not? You'd just create too much attention. Can I see your phone for a sec? Whoever it was, kristina knows that person because she memorized the number. Mind if I look up the number online, see if it's listed? By all means. Neil: Well, it's definitely a cellphone from new york. But... no other information. Well, they've got my number. What do I do if they call? Don't answer.

[ Sighs ] I can't believe that I left my phone in here. Yeah. Maybe you wanted kristina to find it. And why would I do that? To spare her from all the pain we're putting her through. There was nothing convenient about losing my child. That was the hardest thing that I have ever gone through. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Poor choice of words. In case it escaped you, this is emotional for me, too. Finding you again, finding out that my grandchild -- my grandson... didn't make it...

[ Sighs ] You want to talk about what happened? Why didn't you tell shiloh I was pregnant? I wanted to give you the opportunity to come to the right decision on your own. Thank you. That'S... exactly what I did. And now? I mean... shiloh doesn't realize that he almost had a son. You're not gonna say anything, are you? Wait a minute. I-I think you misunderstood. Kristina went out of town with some of her friends. People from dawn of day? I have -- I have no idea. Well, did she say where she went? No. Just that she needed to clear her head. Well, I hope that she does. Last time I saw kristina, she was a little confused. If she checks in, will you have her call me? You know, it's up to her if she chooses to do so. Yeah, I get how free will works. You know, I was under the impression that, uh... that kristina had moved past her relationship with you. So don't be offended if she doesn't call. Well, you never know. You'll make sure she gets my message? Yes. We will. Thanks. Good night. Good night, detective. You did great. What can I say? I just told the truth. I have no idea where krissy went. Oh, no. No, no. I'm not talking about the cop. Forget her. She's just an unenlightened person trying to bring your sister down. I was talking about you and your willingness to shed your barriers with me.

[ Scoffs ] It's -- it's because of you. You're a great motivator. I think we're ready to take this to the next level.

If we're gonna do this, I think we need to establish some boundaries. I'm listening. Okay, so your "relationship" with kevin is only for show. Nothing more. Are you joking? Do I look like I'm joking? Laura, this was my idea. I'm the one putting my neck on the line. And kevin'S. It's just pretend. It's a sting to catch ryan. Well, it's not just a sting, though, is it? It's a fake romance and a fake...affair. I want you to remember every minute that you are with kevin that he's married to me. And if, for some reason, you should forget that, or if the lines between the con and reality start to get a little blurry, remember, you're gonna have to answer to me. You don't want to be on my bad side. Listen, laura, rest assured, you have nothing to worry about. I have zero interest in kevin. As a matter of fact, when I look at him, I see the face of the man who murdered my daughter. This is not exactly easy for me, either. Okay. Well, let's hope it works.

[ Sighs ] Everything settled? I hope so. I can't believe that you and ava are going to be an item. Me, neither. Mm. Well, should we stage a public argument just to kick it off? You know... I have a much better idea about how to spend our last night together. Curtis is picking me up here, so I'd appreciate if you don't say anything.

[ Scoffs ] Right. Yeah, just don't mention that his wife is at risk for kidney failure. Look, I would rather spend my time with curtis laughing and loving each other than having to watch him be afraid for me. Please, T.J. Let me handle this my way. If your family took kristina from dawn of day and they're keeping her somewhere, that is kidnapping and false imprisonment. Michael, they could be facing criminal charges. Excuse me. Hey. Hey. You got a second, partner? Yeah. Michael and i were just finishing up. Yeah, actually, uh, val, why don't you have my seat? I got to be taking off anyway. Bye. He couldn't have gotten out of here faster. No. No, he couldn'T. Did he know where kristina is? He says "no." Any luck at the dod house? Sort of. Right before I went in, I got a call from kristina. I'm not gonna tell shiloh about the baby. Thank you. I'd rather give you the opportunity to tell him yourself. That's the last thing you want. Kali... willow! You don't want shiloh to ever know that I was pregnant, just like you never really wanted him to find me. You'd be happier if he forgot all about me. That's not what -- you pressured me to join the trust -- knowing that I'd have to sleep with him -- that it was expected. You wanted to score points with shiloh. But it backfired. He liked me too much. And you were jealous. God. It is -- it's so twisted and so, so sad. Because I can't stand him, mom. The thought of shiloh makes my skin crawl. God, you're obsessed with him. You would do anything to get his approval -- even pimp out your own daughter. I'm ready to take things to the next level. Are you certain? This is a big step. Come on. Do you really have any doubts about me? No. No, not at all. Because I-I think I've proven to you that I'm ready... to take down my barriers with -- with you. For you.

[ Chuckles ] Wow. You're so willing. You're so willing to break down those barriers and bare yourself to me. Um, you make it easy. That's all i needed to hear. Oh, sam, you're gonna be such a wonderful addition to our family. Okay, well, good. Nothing could make me happier. What I want you to do is, I want you to go home, and I want you to wait and I'll let you know what the next step of the process is, okay? Okay. Okay. I can't wait.

[ Sighs ] Leave shiloh alone, at least until kristina is stronger? Is that what you're saying? I mean, maybe, you know -- maybe it would help to tell her what was gonna happen at the initiation. That shiloh was gonna sleep with her? I mean, we have proof from brick that she was drugged. Dr. Byrne says if we overwhelm kristina and we keep pushing this, she's gonna -- she's gonna shut down and she's gonna convince herself that we're lying. So, you -- so, you can't ask her what she told shiloh in her pledge? If kristina said anything to shiloh about, uh, you know -- incriminating me -- which, let's face it, she probably has, dr. Byrne says that she's gonna drown in her guilt. And if we keep pushing her, she's gonna shatter. In his word -- "shatter." I've got the future of my relationship with my daughter and my career on the line so that I can participate in this deprogramming/kidnapping. Do you really think that I would sabotage that? Not intentionally. Please, don't try to shrink me right now. We unconsciously sabotage our own interests. It's very human. So, I'm unconsciously trying to keep my daughter from the pain of deprogramming, knowing that she'll go back into a cult? It's not my job to tell you what you're thinking. Why do I even pay you for this? To guide you through the process. I respect your professionalism. I truly do. But this is not some abstract, ethical word game. This is about my daughter. So I would appreciate it if you would quit waxing philosophical and tell me what I need to do to save her. Trust the process. It's not working. It's gonna take time to break shiloh's hold on kristina. And if you push too hard, she's gonna shut down. You do know that you're implicated in this kidnapping, as well, right? I'm very well aware of the risks. I mean, I get why I'm doing it. I get why her family's doing it. I just don't get why you're doing it. Simple. I-I don't want to lose someone else to -- to this. What do you mean, "someone else"?

 Jason: Hey.

[ Sighs ] Oh, gosh.

[ Sobs ] Are you okay? I don't know how much longer I can do this.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ] How is she? Hostile. Defensive. Well, I'm sorry to hear that. You're her mother. I'd, uh -- I'd hoped you'd be able to reach her. Yeah, I tried. She's just... absolutely determined not to... not to...what? This isn't the first time that you've mentioned that a case like this has affected you personally. We've already touched on this topic several times, and it would be a breach of ethics for me to disclose any details of my personal life. Then you admit that this is personal. I told you that I have experience with families in similar situations like this. They don't always have positive outcomes. Okay, so, what about my daughter? Do you think she can recover from this? Kristina barely had any time to say anything before the line went dead. It's an unknown number, so there's no way to call her back. Do you think she hung up the phone or lost service? Or someone else ended the call. Shiloh? I doubt it. I saw him right afterward. He was with krissy's sister, sam. They both claim that she's off getting her head together. I don't see why sam would lie about her sister. Wait. Back up. Sam was with shiloh?

 Julian? What's going on? Well, you tell me. You're the one who's up to something. What gives you that impression? I know you, ava. You didn't just drop your vendetta against chamberlain. So, uh, do I need to be worried? No. Are you sure? Relax, julian. I've got everything under control. I've missed this. I've missed us. And tomorrow, our relationship becomes a secret. Let's just enjoy tonight. We have a lot of time before tomorrow morning.

[ Laughs ] Hey, you. Mm. All right. Lucky me.

[ Laughs ] I'm taking this gorgeous woman to dinner. But if you'd like to join us... you know, bring your credit card. Right.

[ Laughter ] 'Cause there's nothing that I like more than being a third wheel. You two enjoy. Bye, mom. Thanks, baby. Uh, T. Uh... while I got you here, man, uh, I need you to do me a favor. I'm heading up to canada for a case. I need you to look after your mama for me while I'm gone. I'm a big girl. I can handle myself. A little backup never hurt. Can I count on you? Yeah. Yeah, of course. So, shiloh, uh, he came to see me at volonino's while I was working out. Why there? There's plenty of witnesses. If he can get me to punch him for the second time, he can press charges. Okay, well, clearly, that didn't happen. No. He, uh, followed me around for a while. When he saw he wasn't getting anywhere, he left. What about you? I found the room where they kept the pledges, and I almost got in, but I-I got interrupted. Tell me where the room is, and I can -- I can get the pledge. No, no. I-I-it is too dangerous, jason. And I have a reason to be up there. Up where? Where the pledges

[Sighs] Are is -- is next to the attic. And shiloh showed that to me today. What...what happened?

[ Inhales deeply ] It was a lesson in "revealing myself." Shiloh took off his shirt... and he... he wanted me to do the same.

[ Sighs ] But luckily, valerie spencer, she shouted out for kristina, and it...stopped the whole thing. Did he -- did he ask you to drink anything? No. Why? Because brick tested the cup that kristina drank from, and there was a narcotic. Okay, well, there -- is there any way they can track that back to shiloh? I mean, nothing that's gonna hold up in court. Then I have to keep going. Sam, I -- I have to, jason. I've got to get enough evidence to take down this sleazy bastard. What did you two talk about? Just that she's made a new life here, and she wants nothing to do with me. I'm so sorry it didn't go well. Me, too. But the encounter gave me clarity about my purpose and the best way for me to serve. I think it's time to go back to beechers corners. When I say sam was "with" shiloh, I mean he came out shirtless and she was buttoning up. Well, I knew they were studying together, but I didn't realize it had gotten that far. Maybe that's why krissy took off. Her interest in shiloh was more than spiritual. I mean, she was crushing on him, big-time. Maybe when he got with sam, she bailed. Maybe the disappearance is legit after all. That's not the impression I got from michael. No, he was stonewalling. Standard procedure for the corinthos clan. Okay. We have two possibilities -- either kristina took off on her own, or her family took her against her will. Either way, we're -- we're dealing with a missing person. I think we need to investigate. Hey, dad. Thanks for meeting me. What's up? Well, I, uh... I met with detective chase, and he's asking a lot of questions about kristina. Did you tell him she's been in contact with alexis? Yeah, no, I did, I did. But...he didn't buy it. He knows how bad dod is, so it's not a jump for him to realize that we'd want to get kristina away. I don't care what detective chase thinks. He's got no proof, and he's not gonna get any. It helps if the patient has a strong support system, and kristina does, in this case. A highly dysfunctional support system -- and a crazy extended family of siblings, half-siblings, step-siblings, a criminal father, and a neurotic mother. Well, your family is not without its, uh, complexities. But love counts for a lot. And so does loyalty, commitment, and resilience. Those are all qualities that you exhibit, qualities you've modeled for kristina. And whether she can rediscover them within herself remains to be seen. So, basically, you're saying that there's nothing that I can do for her beyond what I've already been doing? I can't even see her anymore. I look into her eyes, and I don't even recognize the person looking back at me. I don't even recognize my own daughter. And I know. I get it. I know that I have to be patient, and I know that I... have to use the right words and the right phrases. I really just -- I want my daughter. I want my daughter back.

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