GH Transcript Tuesday 4/23/19

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 4/23/19


Episode #14266 ~ Alexis is careless; Chase is onto something; Ava fails again.

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I miss you. I miss you, too. Okay, then let me be there for you. Why -- why don't you come home with me, huh? I mean, god knows there's plenty of room. You don't understand. What? What -- what don't I understand? I made a promise. I can never go back home. Hey, that's not true. You're stronger than you think you are, kristina. So simple, right? No, I just turn my back on dod and shiloh and everything will be okay. Why wouldn't it be? Mr. Corinthos, let her -- kristina? Why can't you break away from these people? Is shiloh holding something over you? I'm ready to take the next step in my commitment to dawn of day. I want to prove to you that my faith in you is as strong as your faith in me. It's almost time, sam. Soon you'll take your place with me amongst the trust. Wait, what -- what is the trust? Well, the trust is our -- our inner circle. It's the true heart of dod. Chase: Willow. Hi. Willow: Hi.

[ Clears throat ] You want me to order? Yeah, yeah, thanks. I'll have whatever. Can you sit? Uh, yeah, but only for a minute. Valerie and i are on the clock. So, I missed you last night. What'd you get up to? Molly: Kristina has a lot of people to help her. She's gonna be fine. Maybe once more with feeling? My sister is caught up in a cult. The only feeling I have right now is dread. I know.

[ Sighs ] Hey, molly. Hey, T.J., You got a second, man? Oh, um, I'll get out of your way. No, no, no, you don't have to leave. I just have a-a quick question for the doc-in-training. Um...can you tell me what vancomycin 3.0 is? Vancomycin is an old antibiotic. 3.0 is the latest version. Very cutting-edge, very powerful. Uh, what about, um... antifibrino... lytic? ...Lytic? A coagulant. Promotes blood clotting. W-what's with the quiz? Did someone lose a limb? Oh, thank you for coming. Can -- can i get you something? Coffee? Tea? No, no, no. Margarita? It's on me!

[ Laughing ] Oh, please. No, I'm good, really. I'm all set. I-I just thought we needed to clear the air. Really? I... I wasn't aware that the air needed clearing. I just felt like things were a little tense when we parted ways the other day. Ah, you mean when you and ava proposed that we use ava as bait to lure ryan back into port charles? Ava alone won't do it. She needs a new man to make ryan jealous.

[ Sighs ] You can officially put my brother behind you. Like hell I can. I'm -- I'm not sure I understand.

[ Sighs ] Well, try to understand this -- we are going to use your brother's own hand to bury him. Ava, in all likelihood, ryan is dead. No. He's out there somewhere, waiting for his moment to strike. But I'm gonna strike first. And you're gonna help me.

I get that you and ava want to be proactive, and that's fine. That's -- that's your right, but I'm just starting to put my life back together, you know, and I really need to leave ryan behind me. Well, can you really do either without knowing for certain that ryan is dead?

[ Sighs ] Well, what's my alternative? To live in fear or to be consumed by revenge? It's not -- it's not revenge. It's justice. Okay, uh, well, can we agree to disagree?

[ Bat thuds ] Do you want to know what living in fear is? Read this. It is supremely unwise to engage my brother in a duel. Well... I was thinking it would be more of an ambush. Let's let the police deal with ryan. The police aren't looking for him. The fbi has moved on, the D.A. Closed the case -- it's up to us to catch him -- ava -- please. Just hear me out, okay? We hold a funeral. We spread the word that we've buried him and that everybody is moving on. And then he will head back to town under a false sense of security. And come straight for you. And I'll be ready. No. No, he'll never fall for it. Of course he will. He'll be too focused on me and the man who's helping me get over him. You got a missing limb from a few meds? It's a med school game we play.

[ Chuckles ] I supply the treatment. I reverse-engineer it to the cause. T.J. Leans towards the most dramatic solutions. I think they're the most interesting. So did I guess right? That is privileged information, my man. It's, uh, related to a case, but I'll let you know when it wraps up. How's you mama? Is she out of dialysis? Not yet. How do you think she's doing? Well, you know jordan. Yeah, yeah. That's -- that's why we're asking. Mom is the queen of positive spin. Are you sure she's as great as she says? You know, she did experience some, uh, dizziness a few days ago. She was light-headed. H-how light-headed? You know, fatigue, dizziness -- it's all well-within the norm. Or I-it can be outside it, too. T.J., I-I really think if your mom has a serious medical issue, she would tell you. There's nothing you're not telling me?

[ Scoffs ] There's tons I'm not telling you, man. But there's nothing I'm not telling you about your mama's health. What do I have to do to become a part of the trust? More than you're ready for at this moment. But soon enough. Why would you even mention it to me if you didn't think I was ready?

[ Chuckles ] To give you a goal. An aspiration. We have this connection, and I feel like we're getting pretty close. Hm. Try me. I won't disappoint you. I promise.

[ Door opens ] Hello. Am I interrupting? No. We were just broaching the subject of the trust. You told her? What? Is -- is it a secret? Membership is by invitation only. Oh. Okay, well, how do i get an invitation? By proving your worthiness. Wow. I-I didn't know it had so many steps. Your journey has just begun to full insight. Your path is long and winding. Okay, I-I-I got it. I guess this is a "no"? Well...who's in charge here? You? Or is it you, shiloh? Chase: You said something about a friend? She's been studying for a while and has come to a crossroads, isn't sure she wants to keep going with it. Ah, that's -- that's tough. Once I realized I wanted to be a cop, I never questioned it. Lots of people aren't so fortunate. You know, they get lost in doubt and reach for the nearest answer. Sometimes committing to something, anything, is better than facing that uncertainty. Hey. You found something that's right for you. You are a great teacher. If only I'd figured that out sooner. So you'll use your experience to help your friend out. Did you make any progress? Turns out she wasn't ready to hear what I had to say. She will be. Just give her time. You don't have to be afraid. I'm -- I'm here to help you. W-we're all here to help you. What does dawn of day have on you? Why can't you walk away? I'm not scared, dad. I can't leave dawn of day because it's my home. The people there are my family! A better family than this one! Okay, kristina, hey, hey, hey, we love you. You guys are just trapped in your own prison of expectations. What does that even mean? What does that mean? I -- neil: I think everyone needs to take a breath here. Kristina. Tell us more about what you think your family's expectations are. They expect me to be a screw-up, so they don't trust my judgment. Dawn of day sees me for who I am now, and leaving would mean abandoning myself. You act like you -- you -- you didn't even exist before you met these people, like nothing meant anything before dawn of day. Before I found dawn of day, I-I had no direction. I-I had no purpose. I was lost. And they helped me find my place, and I will be damned if I let that go!

So, you want me to pose as, what? My boyfriend, confidante, lover. Call it whatever you want. All that matters is that ryan will see you've replaced him. No, ryan would never believe that. He would never believe that you swooped in to comfort your brother's obsession? Come on. You know it'll work. My brother's weakness aside, this whole plan is... crazy? ...Ill-conceived.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, well, worst-case scenario, ryan is really dead, and we've just wasted a little time. That's not a worst-case scenario. That's a failure of imagination.

[ Clears throat ] Let's just say, for the sake of argument, that ryan is alive and he falls for this charade. But let's also say that he slips out of the trap and he gets the drop on you. What do you think he's going to do? Well, you could ask linda walker, gloria wilson, helen parks. But you can't because ryan murdered them. And he'd murder you. This is your dream journal. Nightmares. I had them during my first go-around with ryan, then again for months after he went into that fire. Tom hardy suggested that I keep a record. He thought it might help me to confront my fear. Did it help? Not by itself, but, uh, it was a start. It provided a manageable way for me to start talking about what I was feeling. Thank you for sharing this with me. It's so personal, and I-I feel honored. There's more where that came from. The nightmares crept up yet again when all this press about the twenty-fifth anniversary started up.

[ Sighs ] I-I haven't had a night without one since learning that ryan was alive. Oh, my god. Think lulu keeps a journal, too? I'm sorry. We could've hung out last night after all, since my friend couldn't see me. That's okay. There will be other times. Tonight, maybe? That'd be great. Can I get back to you? After I check in with my friend. Oh, works for me. Fortification. Valerie, have you, uh -- have you met willow? Briefly. New year's eve. Yes, I remember. It's good to see you again, valerie. Good to see you. Of course, I do hear about you all the time. And I do mean

all the time.

[ Laughs ] Okay! Um, maybe you should go check to see if the car wasn't towed or stolen or just -- just go. Sure, I'll do that. Good to see you. Good to see you. Okay, I have to run, but if you need anything -- you know, someone to talk to, a sandwich, moral support, anything -- just call me. Thanks. These so-called friends didn't help you "find" yourself, kristina. They took advantage of you. Sure, I was at a low point when I ended things with parker. But dawn of day showed me not to wallow in it. They offered me a way out. At what cost, sweetheart? There's no price that I wouldn't pay for happiness. Kristina, are you happy now? As your prisoner? No. Well, outside these walls, are you happy at dod? Very. Happier than I've ever been. And do you see yourself being happy in ten years with dod? I don't see why I wouldn't be. Well, can you describe a future with dod? Where are you gonna be living, kristina? What are you gonna be doing? I'll be doing good works, spreading shiloh's lessons wherever they're needed. Is that who you want to be? Teaching somebody else's lessons? For the rest of your life? Don't you have a task to accomplish? Yes, but -- well, then, perhaps you should be on your way. Wish me luck. Luck is lie. All you need is faith in yourself. But I can't help it, I'm nervous. Okay. Okay.

[ Exhales deeply ] Give me your unease, okay?

[ Exhales deeply ] Okay, what I want you to do is, I want you to take all of your nerves and all of that unease, and I want you to bundle it in the palms of your hands. Can you do that for me? Bundle it in the palms of your hands. Now give it to me. I can take it. Let me bear your burden.

[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Sighs ] Thank you... you're welcome. ...For helping me recover my strength. Now go do what needs to be done. You can do it. And I will. Okay. Goodbye. Goodbye. Hm. What was that about? My, you are awfully inquisitive. I think it's time we remedy that.

 Tina, I-I don'tever recall you saying that you wanted a job of service, but I do remember you wanting to be a dancer. You were so dedicated to your lessons. I went to every single recital. That was a hobby, not a calling.

[ Alexis sighs ]Do you still dance, kristina? Only in clubs. Okay, when was the last time you've been to one of those? I have other priorities. You were going into the coffee business. You came to me with an idea abou-- about perks, and you were learning the ins and outs o-of the warehouse. So? So you -- you liked it enough that you were interested in business school, right? I mean, you came to me asking about interning at elq. I was trying out other things until I found what works for me. Just -- l-look, you've had so many interests. I just -- I never thought you'd just limit yourself just to one thing. I'm not! Can you, um, pursue a hobby or a career or a relationship outside of dod? Uh...does dod have room for you if you pursue something other than dod? How's the car? Right where we left it. Same parking space. Hm. You got me plain? This was the last one. Come on, we gotta canvass. Do you mind if we take brook haven? I want to swing by the dawn of day house. Because? The lead guy, shiloh -- he's a real dirtbag. Really? I heard him speak once. And? I couldn't agree with you more. This should be interesting. Hi, molly. T.J. Hey. Hey. How's kristina? Things going well with her new "friends"? Oh, she's done with them. What? Yeah, uh, kristina finally came to her senses two days ago and left the dawn of day house. I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean to pry. I was just, uh...being curious. No, you're like me. You're -- you're searching and exploring. Look, I don't mean to suppress your investigative spirit. Actually, I mean to support it. Yes, the trust is made up of dod's members, but there -- there are other things. There are other responsibilities to it, as well. Well, I wouldn't wonder about it if the trust wasn't so...mysterious.

[ Chuckles ] Well, what you call "mysterious" I like to call "intimate." Yes, it's true that the trust is made up of dod's leaders. They help me... break new paths, forge new ideas. Okay, so what you're saying is to be a part of the trust, it -- it has to remain exclusive. You know, harmony would like to think so, but I think that you would make an excellent addition to the trust.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Indistinct conversations ] Back so soon? Hello. Been a long time. Hey, baby. You just missed -- mm. You just missed T.J. And molly. Mm. How did it go? No problems. It was fine. Um, oh, were you able to run down the meds that were stolen from that pharmacy in canada? Yeah, your, uh -- your brilliant son was able to explain that the, uh -- the stolen drugs were exactly what would be needed in treating a severed hand. Okay, well, we need something definitive. Have the rcmp tracked any witnesses? Is there surveillance footage? None of either. By the time the police arrived, the thief had already gone. But given the pharmacy's remote location, my bet is that it's a local. So, if ryan did survive... he's probably posted up somewhere nearby. You need to go find him. Ryan thinks he knows what I'm capable of, but he has no idea. I can take care of myself. Then you can do this on your own. I have too much to lose. Like what? You're a pariah in this town, kevin. General hospital has shut you out. I'm sure you'd have a very hard time finding new patients, and laura, she's certainly done with you. Oh, my god. Has she taken you back? If lulu is anything like me, she's gonna be looking over her shoulder until ryan's death is confirmed.

[ Sighs ] Ryan is probably dead right now and at the bottom of lake ontario and we're not able to retrieve the body. But we need to be sure. If ryan is alive, our plan will draw him out.

[ Sighs ] It's our best shot at giving the victims and their families some measure of peace. Don't you want that for lulu? Well, of course I -- well, for this to work, ava and i need you by our side, helping to paint the right picture for ryan. Think about it. But don't wait too long. We can't afford to wait -- because ryan won'T.

Does a commitment to, uh, dawn of day mean you can't commit to anything else? It doesn't matter. I'm fulfilled. I don't need anything else. Well, kristina, that may change. The future is just imagination. What matters now is the present. And you refuse to live in the now because that would mean facing up to what you're doing to me. My future is wide open, and that's the way I like it. And if you want to be in my life, you're just going to have to accept it. Honey, what we're saying is you are not free. You've had your say. I've listened. I want out. You look well. Taking care of yourself, "willow"?

[ Sighs ] I can't see myself ever getting used to that name. It's not as though "harmony" is the name you were born with. We take the names that suit us. So we do. Names don't mean much anyway. You can call yourself whatever you please. Dod will take you back just the same. I'm so glad krissy's out of that place. Do you think it'd be okay if I gave her a call? You could try. I've called like a dozen times, but she won't pick up. Where is she? I don't know. Uh, my mom said she went off to think, get her head straight. Well, if she checks in, tell her I'm thinking about her. I will. Kristina left dawn of day two days ago? How great is that? As long as she left on her own. Thank you for thinking that I'm worthy of the trust.

[ Chuckles ] Now [Chuckles] When am i gonna be able to join? I don't know. It's too soon to tell. You must have patience. W-what? But I thought you just -- look, we -- I would love to welcome you into the trust. I would. But as the name implies, the trust is a group of people bonded together by their trust for one another. We must all agree to take you into our hearts and receive proof that you are ready to take us into yours.

[ Sighing ] Okay. Is -- is that what they mean when they talk about the pledge? It's a thin lead, we both know it. Tell that to ava, laura, lulu, felicia. I need to be here with you. Babe, listen. I love you. I love being near you. I love waking up with you. All of it. But I don't need you constantly at my side.

[ Stammers ]I can get through the day on my own, okay? I got my routine down -- the department's behind me, and T.J. Will help. Even stella. Yeah. I do love that you and aunt stella are finally on good terms. Mm-hmm. But you won't need her to lean on -- you got me. No one else is looking for ryan. Margaux forced my department to close the case, and we're not permitted to use any resources. You're the only one who can find him, curtis. You set your brother loose on port charles. He nearly killed laura's daughter, and she's taking you back? We love each other. We're picking up the pieces. Well, I suppose it helps that her daughter survived. Mine didn'T. So, there aren't any pieces for me to pick up. Just a grave to visit. I truly am sorry, ava. I can't help. I won't shut laura out again, not even to catch my brother. Well, she would be in on it. I mean, I'm just talking about an act. Find another way. I'll help any way I can. You worked with my daughter at the hospital, did you not? You saw for yourself how bright she was -- how full of promise. Your brother murdered her. Now we have a chance to catch him. You don't get to say no, kevin. You owe me! I'll owe you for the rest of my life. But, ava, yours is not the only debt I have to pay. And I won't settle our account at the expense of my wife.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Hi. Oh, hi. So, what happened with felicia? She is trying to get me on board with this [Sighs] Plan to flush ryan out into the open. Ava tried to recruit me into the same plan. She wants me to pose as her new partner in order to bait ryan to come after her. I told her I wouldn't do that to you.

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone ringing ] Excuse me. Hello? Hey, laura, I may have a lead on ryan. You may have? It's not much. But it's worth looking into. Unfortunately, it's in canada. Which is out of your jurisdiction. That's not an issue. I've got someone who can get ryan... if he's there to be got. Hey, what's wrong? You don't want to know. Well, I'm asking anyway. Did you steal your mom's medical file? No. No, her file is safe and sound at G.H. I copied it. T.J.! But not the whole thing, okay? Just analysis of mom's kidney functions since she started dialysis. She's definitely hiding something. I am not going back to dod. You caused quite a commotion when you left. We searched for you high and low. Imagine my surprise when shiloh told me you only went as far as port charles. Where I'm happy. Where I have friends and a job and a purpose. Dod needs a teacher.

[ Scoffs ] There are children there who could benefit from the direction that you could provide. I teach an actual curriculum. Not shiloh's dogma. You believed in him once. Not anymore. How can you say that? Don't you know how much shiloh misses you? Michael came by my apartment two days ago. He was worried about kristina. He wanted to brainstorm ways to shut down shiloh and dod. I'm all for that. Yeah, but kristina's been getting into dawn of day for months. Why does michael suddenly want to take action two days ago? Michael and krissy were close. Maybe she called him when she left. Yeah, but why call michael -- and not molly? He's older. He has resources. Michael: Look, I am the ceo of elq. I have more connections and resources than shiloh could ever dream of. I can protect you. And if I can't, my father can. Michael does have resources. So does his father. Mm. What if one of them used those resources to take kristina out of dod? You mean kidnap her?

[ Exhales sharply ] Knowing krissy, she wouldn't take that well. She'd dig in even harder -- fight to go running back to shiloh. This could all go sideways -- and give shiloh even more leverage. We can't let that happen -- we have to find kristina ourselves. Kristina: Okay, we're done here. You said that I could leave if I listened to you. That's not what we said. Okay, you're not -- you're not leaving, kristina, until we're done. You guys are trying to brainwash me! Michael: Whoa, whoa! That is shiloh's M.O., Not ours. We're trying to wake you up. Everything shiloh is doing is designed to -- to draw you closer to him and further away from us. He wants you dependent on him. He wants you to have no choice but him. Like you're giving me a choice now? You guys are such hypocrites. I can leave dawn of day anytime that I want. The only people that are holding me captive are my own family! I-I-I ca-- I can't do this anymore. You said that I could end this whenever I wanted. Yes, it's your choice. We love you, sweetheart. So does shiloh. Michael: Do you -- do you -- kristina. Do you have any idea what shiloh's planning for you after you become part of the trust? To celebrate my progress. How? How people celebrate! What? Say it. I think that's enough for now. Yeah, you're damn right it is. Sonny: Michael. Michael! Michael, hold on.

[ Door closes ] I-I can't stand seeing kristina like this. It's like she can't even hear us. Neil said that it's gonna take a while to get through to her.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Maybe there's another way. Kristina: You can't do this to me! I will not stand by and watch shiloh pull you under. You are committing a crime. If you let me go, I'll forget all about this. If you keep me here, when I finally get out, I will have you arrested! When the time is right to join the trust, the pledge will be explained, but you have a lot to learn. You haven't even finished your commitment training yet. You always leave me in the dark.

[ Chuckles ] Always keep me wanting more. You're very eager, aren't you? Well, I mean, I feel like I've only scratched the surface of your knowledge. You think you're ready for the next step? Yes, I am. Great. Let's do it now.

He turned me down flat. He can't! Kevin should be doing everything in his power to catch ryan. He made it very clear how awful he feels about what ryan did and -- and how he would like to make amends but that he won't do anything to jeopardize what he's got going now. What's that? Laura took him back.

[ Chuckles ] I don't think she's ever gonna let him go again, not even if it's just pretend -- not even if it helps to catch ryan. If ryan is alive and out there, then I want him caught. But ava's plan is -- I-it's too dangerous. Sometimes the best plans are, though. What are you saying? I guess I'm saying that maybe ava's plan is not so crazy after all. So...guess I'm going to canada. You won't be gone long. It's right over the border. I'll be away from you, so I might as well be across the universe.

[ Chuckles ] Mm. I love you. Love you, too. See you later. Hey, mom. Hi, T.J. Thought I missed you, baby. No. Hi. I'm right here. And I would like to have an honest conversation with you. You think we can do that? Yeah, what's going on? I've seen your records, mom. I know you're in danger of losing the kidney you have left. Just trust me. Believe in me. Just let me go. Honey, if you leave, you will go straight back to dawn of day. Which is my choice to make. Stop this now, and I can forget this all happened. I don't want to have to hurt you. You do what you have to do, and so will I. You're staying.

[ Door opens ] You okay? I had to get out of there. How do you think it went? As bad as humanly possible. We, uh, have some work to do. Yeah, I'm waiting on michael now. I just got to the house. All right, let me know what you turn up. Will do.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Sighs ] Come on, val. Pick up. What are you doing? I'm revealing myself. You see, most people see their body as something to conceal. And we have to get over that fear. We have to get over all of the fears that keep us from committing completely. Reveal yourself to me, sam. What have you got to hide? Your, uh, text couldn't have come at a better time. I've been thinking a lot about shiloh and dod. Yeah, so have I. I've been thinking a lot about kristina, too. What did your family do with your sister? Shiloh wants you back. He loves you. He forgives you. I don't forgive shiloh --

or you. I've done nothing wrong. You practically gave me to shiloh -- when it was your job to protect me. You're my mother! You must shed which remains between us. First your physical walls, then your spiritual ones.

[ Exhales quietly ]

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