GH Transcript Friday 4/19/19

General Hospital Transcript Friday 4/19/19


Episode #14264 ~ Jordan meets with Franco; Ava calls Scott for help; Laura focuses on what is important; Curtis gets a lead; Sasha and Michael grow closer.

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 I'm setting up a playdate between aiden and charlotte. Are you? Mm-hmm. Franco asked me for a favor, and charlotte happily agreed. Your daughter's very thoughtful. I'm glad ms. Tait has not diminished that part of her.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Playdate? No. My phone alerts me when my aunt liesl posts something on the invader. You know, I can't stop thinking about why peter and maxie thought that my aunt liesl was blackmailing you about sasha. What was that about?

[ Door closes ] Liesl, where have you been? Why did you vanish when nina found out about the dna test? Weren't you at all curious?

Ach. I couldn't bear to witness my dear niece getting her heart broken when she found out sasha isn't really her daughter.

[ Grunting ] Holy workout, kickbox-girl!

[ Chuckles ] That's ms. Kickbox-girl to you. No argument. You're obviously mad at somebody.

[ Sighs ] Myself.

[ Door opens, closes ] Hi. Sorry I'm late. Oh. Work was just crazy. I'm sure. I'm just so glad you could find some time to meet me. I know. Me, too.

[ Both chuckle ] So, how are the boys? How's aiden? Um, well --

[ Cellphone chimes ] Excuse me for a second. Oh, go ahead. Oh, nina wants to arrange a playdate between charlotte and aiden. Oh. Good morning, franco. Good morning, commissioner. How are you? I'm fine. Just, uh, my new routine -- early-morning dialysis. How are you doing? Fully recovered. Thank you for asking. I'm hoping that this news about ryan chamberlain's severed hand means that he's no longer on this earth. Well, the fbi and the canadian authorities are convinced he's dead. Still, it never hurts to be extra cautious. Right. And on the upside, at least now we can finally tell the difference between kevin and ryan.

[ Lock clicks ]

[ Beeping ] I know you're out there, ryan. Show yourself.

Curtis: Relax, ava. It's me -- curtis. You mind putting that gun down? How long have you been following me? Cool if I come in? Yeah. Okay. Come on in. As long as you explain yourself. So? What's going on? Protection. Your brother hired me because he's worried about you. Why? 'Cause he's afraid I'm gonna hurt myself, or 'cause he's afraid I'm gonna hurt ryan chamberlain? I wasn't aware that charlotte and aiden were playing together. Yeah, he hasn't mentioned anything, and I think he would have. Well, hopefully it's progress, right? I mean, maybe charlotte is finally trying to get along with her cousin. Mm, I have a sneaking suspicion that franco had something to do with this. Oh.

[ Chuckles ] He's very invested in aiden, isn't he? He is. And all my boys. And I understand his impulse and his good intentions, but I kinda wished he had talked to me about this first. I mean, is it too much to expect full disclosure from my husband? Apparently so. Oh. Uh, it's me -- kevin. Right. Look, ma, both hands. Congratulations, dr. Collins. You managed to get the charges dropped. My attorney, nora buchanan, deserves that credit. Uh, excuse me. I'm supposed to be clearing out my office. Sure. Hey, um...are you gonna practice someplace else? I don't know. I still have my license. I'm filing for reinstatement. But if patients still want to see me, I'll rent a space. Have a good day, both of you. If you'll excuse me, I should probably start my day. Yeah, sure thing. Oh, uh, you're not planning to leave town, are you? Why? Am I under investigation? You don't have to worry about nina. But you should. How will she ever forgive you? Running around with peter, of all people, plotting to take away the daughter she longed for. For your information, nina already has forgiven me. She has? Well, then, good. Finally, she has seen valentin for the liar he is. Actually, nina's more in love with valentin than ever. Even after you exposed him? There's nothing to expose. The test proved that sasha really is nina's biological daughter. I've, uh... I've hogged the bag long enough. You can have it back. Uh, it's okay. I already had a great workout. Whose face was on the bag for you? Uh...some, uh, creep who's trying to mess with my sister. That's kinda sweet. Well, go on. Take your turn. I'll hold the bag.

[ Sighs ] Thanks. It helps knowing someone else is as mad at life as I am. Here goes.

[ Grunting ] Maxie and peter made the assumption that whatever tension there was between liesl and me had to do with sasha. But that was erroneous speculation. They couldn't have known what happened between you and cassandra pierce. You were right. That night that happened, you wanted to call the police and I said "no" because of my record and they would never believe it was self-defense. You were right. We should've called them. Because now my aunt liesl's holding this over my head like a sword. Listen, she's not gonna turn you in. I promise you. She was just using you as leverage to get to me, to get me to do what she wanted. Listen, it's sick and it's twisted, but she's not gonna ask for a favor if she can't blackmail me into doing what she wants. I can't even say I hate the woman, 'cause I understand that logic. You're generous. We have everything that we could want. We've got charlotte. We've got sasha. We've got a future that is so bright. Let's not look for the shadows. Let's look towards our wedding with our daughters by our sides.

I have a child I thought I'd lost, alive and in my life. I have you. I have charlotte. I have everything I want. And you say it's good fortune. I say it's a dream come true. But as we know, dreams aren't meant to last. I mean, how can I embrace it? How can I embrace any of this when some people seem to think that I'm seconds away from heartache? I'm sorry. I'm sorry to have saddled you with my past. But this is a dream for me, as well, and it's one that can come true. I mean, the bond we have, it's so unique. And the naysayers and the critics -- they may never get it, but what we have is stronger than they will ever know. Sasha is actually nina's daughter? My niece? truly miraculous news. Yeah. I'm both glad and relieved for nina's sake. But since it's not sasha, what is the secret you're holding over valentin's head? I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about. Now, since the two of you insist on pestering me, I think I'll find another location so that I might finish my new column in peace. You're interrupting my flow. But I'm, uh...grateful for the heart-lifting news. If only kevin had told me about ryan, then I would've known when they switched places, you know? We could have avoided all of that devastation and -- and loss. I-I'm -- I'm not gonna downplay how horrible everything was, but kevin wasn't malicious. He made a terrible mistake. Others have been forgiven for much worse. So you wouldn't be upset with me, then, if I told you that I was really relieved when I heard that they had dropped the case against kevin? No. Of course not. And so was I.

[ Chuckles ] It would be terrible if kevin went to prison for his brother's crimes. Yeah, I thought so, too.

[ Sighs ] But the thing is... I don't know how to go forward now. Our marriage is kind of in limbo, and alexis drew up divorce papers. I didn't sign them. I-I-I couldn't bring myself to do that. But the thing is, it's not just about me. Lulu had this massive panic attack... oh....When she just saw kevin with me at home. That's part of why I wanted her to go away to paris for a while. But she's strong. She's gonna get through this. I know it. And she's in a really good place to heal. But as far as I'm concerned... I have never been more confused. 'Cause despite all of kevin's mistakes... I still love him as much as I ever did. Am I a suspect? What did I do now? Sorry. I should have been clearer. No, you are not a suspect. Actually, just the opposite -- I was asking about your schedule because the pcpd wants to acknowledge your help with the investigation. Because of you, we were able to uncover the truth about ryan chamberlain and the full extent of his crimes. So? Are you gonna be in town next month? I got three boys in school. Vacations are pretty much limited to the summer. I thought so. We're circling in on a date, so I'll let you know when I can confirm. You did port charles a great service. Look, I appreciate the gesture, but that's just not necessary. You should be recognized for what you did. I would love to think of myself as having done something heroic, but we both know that you dragged me into this kicking and screaming, because you basically blackmailed me. Well, and you got the job done -- for which you have the thanks of a very grateful city. We'll be in touch.

[ Sighs ] Thanks. No problem. When you land somewhere, let me know. Do you want to make an appointment? Hmm.

[ Exhales sharply ] Look, doc... you got me. More than certainly any other shrink ever did. Elizabeth reminded me of that. Franco, I left you open to ryan's lies and manipulations. I doubt any other shrink failed you the way I did. When I made mistakes, you believed in me. You helped me with my garbage. You listened to me. You offered your insight. And you never judged me. So I'm just trying to follow your example. Well, I would welcome the opportunity to work with you again. Okay. I'll think about calling you.

[ Elevator bell dings ] So... my brother took it upon himself to hire me a bodyguard, huh? You're welcome.

[ Chuckles ] Well, thank you very much, but no thank you. Ava, we all know that you're on edge at the possibility that chamberlain could still be alive. If he is, you're his number-one target. I just thought it would give you some peace of mind knowing that I'm on the job. Well, curtis, I have no doubt that you are an excellent bodyguard. It's just I have no interest in being followed around 24/7. I have to be able to live my life... what's left of it, anyway.

[ Chuckles ] That's what you were doing waving a gun around? Well, that ought to be ample proof that I'm prepared to protect myself. Ava... taking precaution -- that's a smart thing to do. But reverting back to your old bad ways and going vigilante on ryan? Not so much.

The truth is, my aunt liesl knows a secret that could ruin us. Yeah, it's leverage. She did it. She could do it again. Well, listen, liesl's a lot of things, but she's not stupid. She knows where her bread is buttered. She knows where her priorities are. She wants to be with baby james. To be with james, she's got to be on good terms with maxie. And to be on good terms with maxie, she can't be blackmailing us. It's logical. It makes sense. But if you've noticed, my aunt rarely makes sense. Yeah, she's smart. She's also unpredictable. She could rip us apart for any reason or no reason at all. That was a good workout. Yeah.

[ Exhales sharply ] Oh, here. Let me. Pull a little bit. There you go. You sore? Here. Yeah? A little. Uh, how about you?

[ Sighs ] A little. Was that another, uh, tactful retreat? What? Last time we saw each other, you couldn't get away fast enough. So, uh... was it something I said? Uh... yeah. W-- okay. Wow. I-I-I didn't -- I didn't -- did I say -- I said something offensive? I didn't -- I didn't think I... no. No. You didn'T.

[ Sighs ] You opened up about your ex who lied. I haven't always been up-front in my life. I felt like you were looking for someone honest, like you. Someone not like me. Is it just me, or did liesl seem unexpectedly surprised and relieved to find out sasha really is nina's daughter? She did. So, what's she holding over valentin's head? Not sasha, obviously, but there definitely is something. Or am i convincing myself? No. I-I've suspected it, too. I don't think so. Okay, so, let's say there's this deep, dark secret, something valentin wants to keep hidden that obrecht is holding over his head. Shouldn't we find out what the truth is so that valentin doesn't hurt nina again? I wouldn't be with franco today if it weren't for you. I would've lost out on a loyal man who adores me. And I would've -- I don't know, my sons -- they -- they would've lost out on a champion stepfather. And I know, of course he -- he slips up when he acts impulsively, but at least I know, at his core, his heart is always in the right place. And I think that's what it comes down to. Even when mistakes are made, who is the man at his core? You're right. It's who we are fundamentally that matters the most. Right. Hmm. I have to get to work. But just so you know, uh, earlier, I did see kevin, and he was cleaning out his office. I think he's moving today. It's gotta be tough on him. Thank you, elizabeth. Of course. Tell julian that I fired you, that I have no need for your services. Well, technically, you didn't hire me, so you can't fire me. Well, I can make it impossible for you to do your job. I can call you out, blow your cover, tell the cops that you're stalking me.

[ Chuckles ] Wow. You drive me crazy? Well, I don't doubt that you can do that. But understand something... ...I was there when you saw kiki in that body bag. I'll never forget it. You broke my heart. And I'm sorry for your loss. Ava, I'd like to help. You can help me by getting the hell out of here.

[ Door closes ] Come on, ryan. Come and get me.

Mmm, that's good. And here I thought I'd run you off this time. Nope. Just to the ice machine. Was I not clear? You're a guy who values honesty. There have been times in my life when I have been less than honest. You know, you don't have to beat yourself up on my account, okay? I just offered to buy you a drink. I wasn't contemplating marriage. I guess I thought it best to close any doors before they opened, to avoid any... whatever. Okay, let's just say, uh... hypothetically speaking, if you weren't concerned about the whole, uh... honesty deficit... "honesty deficit"? Okay, if you --

[ Chuckles ] If you didn't regret any untruth you told at whatever time, is it possible that you might like me? Or is that what you were lying about? Oh, I definitely wasn't lying about liking you. I'd never lie about that. Valentin lobbied for you to retract your statement so that liesl wouldn't go to prison. Why would he do that if she didn't have leverage over him? Maxie, I know your intentions are good and that you want to protect nina, but that's how this whole secret dna test thing got started in the first place. And you know how that turned out. Nina got hurt, she felt betrayed, and your relationship with her suffered. You're only just now starting to rebuild it. I know. You're right, okay? If sasha hadn't intervened, I'd still be tiptoeing around work, begging for nina's forgiveness. So, maybe stop trying to dig up dirt on valentin? He makes nina happy. And I, for one, wouldn't mind us having a little down time. Even if I know in my gut that there is another painful shoe that is waiting to drop? So your answer, then, is to be the one to drop it on her first? Come on. Nina's a big girl. She knows who she's marrying -- remarrying. Let's let them be happy. How can you say that... when valentin's caused you so much pain? Can you deal with her, please? Is that what you want? You know, one day I'll be able to suck it up for james' sake, but I'm not there yet. Congratulations, dearest niece. I just saw maxie and peter. They told me of the good news -- that sasha is, indeed, your very own child. I'm very relieved and happy for you. Are you, really? 'Cause you care so much about my happiness? Would you care to explain my niece's hostility? I'm sure it's your doing. Nina rightly assumes you've been blackmailing me. How can there be blackmail without leverage? Sasha passed yet another dna test. Once again, she was proved to be nina's daughter. Tell me, valentin -- how did you arrange that? -Hey, babe. -Hey. Why aren't you watching ava? Oh, she fired me. She can'T. Her brother is paying your retainer. Oh, I'm sure she'll get her way with her brother. But he was onto something when he hired me. I'll bet anything she's up to something. Like what? Well, she said she didn't believe that ryan was alive, but she lying. Oh. Yeah. She doesn't only believe it -- she's hoping for it. Because? Well, put yourself in her shoes, okay? She gets deceived by a serial killer for months. She falls in love with him. He murders her daughter. So, what's she gonna do? Wait for said serial killer to be brought to justice? Or does she seek justice for herself? So, ava is gunning for ryan. Of course. But it's only a problem if he actually survived. Look, speaking of which, uh... when I was keeping an eye on ava's place... mm-hmm. ...I did some more investigating. I started with the most basic question -- if chamberlain is still alive, how could you survive without a hand? Mm-hmm. I mean, there had to be mad blood loss. He had to be at risk for, uh, infection. Um, he had to be severely weakened. And only one thing made sense. He had help. So, the new strategy is, find the person that helped him survive. Well...that person is probably dead already. Hiya. Heya. Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, why did you need to see me? Well, it's very simple, really. I need a boyfriend, and you're the perfect man for the job. Okay, I'm gonna stop you right there, okay, 'cause we did that. And -- and it didn't work then, and it's not gonna work now -- especially now that I'm entirely married. W-we wouldn't actually be a couple. You would just be posing as my boyfriend. Put on a show -- you know, like you did when y-you lured ryan out by taking credit for his crimes. Right. And I was stabbed for my efforts, thank you very much. Franco. What? Come on. We can do this. We just need to be convincing enough to drive ryan crazy with jealousy, and then we'll lure him out of hiding and he'll fall right into our trap. Oh, we're setting a trap, now, are we? For ryan -- a presumed-dead serial killer? We're gonna make him pay -- finally and forever. Franco, we can do this. We can do this for kiki. Elizabeth? I want to thank you for whatever you said to franco on my behalf. Whatever happened with your brother doesn't negate how you helped franco last year. You made him whole and for that, I will always be grateful. I really hope things work out for you. Thank you.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Laura. Hi. I heard that it was moving day. Ah, yeah. I'm supposed to clear out my office to make room for my replacement. I don't think anyone can replace you. Well, ryan did. I can't forget that. The hospital sure can'T. And I can imagine that you can't, either. No, but i can put it in perspective.

I don't want you to hold some grudge on my behalf. I don't want payback against valentin, and neither should you. Anna is my godmother. And I know you don't believe this, but she put you up for adoption because she was doing what she thought was best for you. She found you a loving home, peter. Valentin was the one who wrecked that and took you back to faison. And he regretted it almost instantly. Yeah, so he says.

[ Sighs ] You know, if it weren't for valentin, my father may very well have destroyed me, maxie. It's all tangled up -- the good with the bad, the selfish with the generous. There is no good guy, no bad -- well... my father was evil. But he's dead. I guess what I'm trying to say is I'd prefer to leave the past in the past -- where it can't hurt me. That dna test came back positive because sasha really is nina's daughter. Hmm. Then why were you perched over madeline's coffin? Have you taken up work as a mortician? Perhaps nina should hear of your moonlighting. You're a bright woman, but you are really slow to appreciate the gravity of your current situation. Your freedom, your life -- yours to enjoy, as long as nina and I are happy. As soon as nina and i are not happy... well, then, the agreement's void... and all bets are off the table. Me pretending to be your boyfriend is a fantastically terrible idea. No, it isn't! It's fantastically brilliant, is what it is. He's already so jealous of you. Imagine what he would do I-if he found out that you had taken his place in my bed. He'll fall right into our trap. No. None of that's gonna happen because none of that's gonna happen. The man murdered my daughter, and I will not rest until he is dead. Well, then, you're gonna have to find yourself another patsy. And god help him. God help you.

[ Door closes ] The canadian police report said they checked all hospitals and doctors. They came up empty. Well, maybe it was someone other than a doctor that helped him. Everyone within 100-mile radius of niagara falls would have known who he is. Babe, do you want to keep throwing up obstacles, or do you want to know what I just learned? You've been sitting on it all this time? Okay, what is it? I just got a text that might point me in the right direction. You know, when I found you at ferncliff that day... and the situation was desperate, and -- and it was terrifying. But I was also overcome with this sense of joy because I realized that the idea that you had stopped loving me was a lie, and that you hadn't stopped loving me. That sweet, sweet man who falls asleep with his reading glasses on [Laughs] And who is so incredibly patient with my very precocious grandson... and the man who took a bullet for me on cassadine island... that man was still around. That's the man I love -- the man I still love. I still love you. I never stopped. Maybe that's a place we can start over?

I think that it's great that you've made peace with what valentin did. I guess I underestimated you. I didn't know you could be so evolved.

[ Laughs ] Well, don't give me too much credit. Of course I've thought about revenge. But I've realized that valentin lives in a prison of his own making. If he's lying to nina about something, I'm sure it's eating away at him, and he's living in fear every day that liesl's gonna tell nina. Do you think it would be worth it to ask liesl? Please don't do it on my account. I don't care, maxie. That's the point. I came here consumed by rage over my father, and I paid a heavy price for it. You and nathan paid a heavy price for it. I can't ever go back to that life. And I'm just now learning what true happiness is. I don't want to ever look back. I want to move forward now... with you. Peter and maxie were behind that dna test -- which worked to your favor, no? So, why this power play, valentin? Unless you are still keeping a secret from nina. You're asking the wrong question. You should be asking yourself, "how do I keep valentin happy?" Because you have far more to lose, here. How are you feeling? Globally? Or my hand? You decide. I have a question for you first. Um, no, wait. Before that, I want to apologize for running away from you at the bar. That was rude. Apology accepted. What's your question? Do you think we can still be friends? Because I really don't need, um, whatever, but I could use a friend -- an uncomplicated, "have a beer and hit the heavy bag" friend. Hey, you said it. Yeah, I'm completely on board. An uncomplicated friendship. That's fine with me.

Midnight, no one around

with the fireflies and not hear the sound

of you breathing on you, dancing and watching you

'cause you


got what I want tonight

what I want tonight

oh, now, I got your hand

and what you see, you shouldn't believe

you're looking back when I'm right in front of you

oh, na, na

oh, na, na hey, there you are. Hi. I've been looking for you. Why? What's up? Do you know anything about the playdate with charlotte and aiden? Yeah, remember? I told you I went to see a friend. Oh. It was nina? Yeah. Oh. 'Cause I explained to her what was going on with charlotte and aiden and some of the other kids. 'Cause charlotte, being the little pint-sized influencer that she is, I thought that if she gave aiden her stamp of approval, that the rest of the kids in the classroom would fall in line. Which, now that I hear it out loud, kind of a dumb idea, right? I'm sorry. I'm a bonehead. I should've run it by you first. Yeah, maybe it's something that we should've discussed first, but I just love you for trying to make aiden's life better, and I love you for the boneheaded husband and father that you are. Oh. I'm just glad you're all mine.

[ Sighs ] Scott. It's ava. Could you come over here? I'd love to see you. If chamberlain is still alive, I figure he's gonna need meds, bandages, antibiotics, painkillers, things like that. Mm-hmm. So I put my feelers out for the pharmacies up north. And guess what? I got a hit. And? Shortly after he took a dive off the bridge, right, a pharmacy near niagara falls was burglarized, and they never caught the perp.

[ Both chuckle ] Excuse me, dr. Collins? Uh, I have a package for you. Who is it from? Someone named chamberlain?

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