GH Transcript Thursday 4/18/19

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 4/18/19


Episode #14263 ~ Sonny cautions Jason; Alexis learns that Kristina got help from Julian; Carly is moved to tears; Olivia gets the Quartermaine mansion ready for a guest; Anna considers her options.

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[ Sighs ] Hey. Hey! Any luck? Uh, no. I mean, most of the records were redacted. A-and the ones that remain, they -- they didn't really have anything much in them, other than the fact that, you know, I-I was with robert in italy. There were no fingerprints or anything. Nothing to prove that it was really me. Or that I'm robin's mom. Joss. Hey. What are you doing? Hey. Um, I just needed someplace quiet. I didn't think you'd mind if I came in here. Of course. So, what are you working on? It's nothing. It'S...just some lyrics. I'm writing a song with oscar. That's really sweet. How's it going? It's -- it's getting there. Um, we're trying to finish it on time to perform it at the nurses' ball. Olivia. Olivia. You all right? What's going on? F-far from it. I was just checking in on oscar's room. I mean, it looks like an intensive care unit, not a -- not a teenage boy's bedroom. Hey. Ned, it just really hit me. He's not coming here to stay. He's coming here to die. Mm-hmm. And he'll be surrounded by his family, the people who love him. And all we can do is just make sure that he's, uh, comfortable. Right? Yeah. I guess. Hospitality is my specialty. And as long as oscar and kim are under this roof, they will be treated like royalty. Yeah. They're in very good hands.

[ Sighs ] Yes. Olivia: Oh, angie. Oh, honey, no. Could you please put that in storage or something like that u-until we absolutely need it? I just -- I don't want oscar to walk in and be greeted by that.

[ Winces ] Too late. Guess I'm home. Hey, kim. Um, it's me. Listen, uh, kristina's a no-show here at work, so I'm stuck. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I'm -- I'm thinking about you. Bye. How is she? She's asleep. She finally tired herself out. If you want to talk... I don'T. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Neil: You know, if you have an issue with me, maybe we should address Because we have to show a united front for kristina tomorrow. Fine. You want to address it? I practically ambushed you at the floating rib because I'm so worried about my daughter and her involvement with this cult. Meanwhile, you're working with her and her father behind my back. Is there any particular reason that you didn't tell me that? So, if kristina were to "leave" dawn of day -- shiloh could make the s-- the secret public? Well, my friend willow says that, uh, shiloh has never taken a member's pledge public before -- but that is the threat. So shiloh doesn't have any leverage over kristina, but he may have leverage over me. Sam, you're a private investigator. You're the only one who has the skills to find kristina and bring her back home to us, where she belongs. Yeah, but so far, all we have is speculation. I think we should rule out some other variables before we accuse jason of anything. Um, I'll be in touch, okay? W-wait, wait, wait. You didn't think I was gonna let you do this alone, did you?

Well, I mean, yeah. I-I-I... I made some terrible choices when I was younger, and I regret them. As I should. But robin was always my consolation, you know? She's the reason that I-I got my life back together, little by little. And I wouldn't love her any less if she were alex's daughter. But I-I do think that this changes the narrative of her life. What would it mean to her... to know that she was raised by her aunt and not her mother? Is there any of this that robin needs to know? Hey, honey. Welcome home. Oh, thank you. Yeah. Thank you both so much for...letting us stay here. Of course. It's our pleasure, kim, truly. Ned: Yeah. -We're thrilled to have you. -I can vouch for these two. They're excellent housemates.

[ Chuckles ] And just so you know, the minute that you get your appetite back, you just say the word. 'Cause it took a little bit of finagling, but I got monica to give me full access to the kitchen. Believe it or not, that's a big deal. Yeah. Thank you. I-I'll let you know if my appetite comes back. Sounds good. Your rooms are ready down the hall. Uh... yeah, I-I-I put you guys both on the first floor, rooms right next to each other, a beautiful view over the -- the grounds out to the lake. Sounds great. Um, you know, I'm just gonna run to the car and grab the rest of our bags. I'll give you a hand. Need some help? I think we got it. Thank you, though. Okay.

[ Door opens ] Okay. Good. They're gone. I need to speak to you two in private. Duri ng our sessions, yourfavorite word is "boundaries" -- how imperative it is that we set them and respect them. I set the same parameters with all of my patients. So, d-do you have other mother-daughter patients? You know, maybe there's some discount I'm not aware of. Just something to offset the embarrassment and betrayal that I feel. Alexis, I didn't know that you and sonny shared a daughter until he contacted me about kristina -- and that was after you shared your concern about her joining dawn of day. Oh. Sonny summoned me to the office. He was...courteous, even polite. But it was clear he was making me an offer I couldn't refuse. The fa ct that I realized thatit was also your daughter only reinforced my decision to take kristina on. Okay. So, what do we do now? Isn't it a conflict of interest for you to treat a mother and daughter at the same time? No, but it's unethical to talk about one patient with another. That's convenient. If there's nothing else, uh... actually, there is. At our impromptu floating rib session, you shared some advice in a very general way. What you didn't tell me is that you have personal experience with cults. We're gonna find kristina together. Uh, listen, I-I get that you want to help. I want to find kristina as much as you do, but I work best alone. Well, see, that was before you were one of us. Now you don't ever have to do anything by yourself ever again. T-there's no way of knowing what information kristina gave shiloh in her pledge. I mean, it could just as easily be about kristina. Shiloh would want something bigger. What do you mean? The worse the secret, the better the leverage, the bigger the payoff... for shiloh. Wait, s-so, yeah. 'Cause a secret about kristina would, you know, embarrass her, but it wouldn't bring in the kind of money that shiloh's looking for. But a secret about me would. Yeah, but kristina doesn't know anything about the business. Well, that's not remotely true. Uh, all of us kids know what dad does. We just know the questions not to ask and the things we're not supposed to see. Okay, uh, michael. Kristina does know that your father may have been involved in some allegedly illegal activities. But she does not have the facts or the proof to back that up. I'm sorry. I just need a little time to...process this and see what I'm gonna do next. I appreciate, michael, you coming with the information. Thank your friend for me. I will. Okay, I got to go meet joss. Oscar's moving today, and I told her I'd give her a ride. Give him my best. I will. Uh, let me know when I can see kristina. Yeah. The truth is, I don't know what kristina has on me or what she gave shiloh, but I got to tell you, this is -- this pledge is starting to... it's starting to be a lot of trouble.

 I-if robin is alex's daughter, then she needs to know. I-if I had any actual proof, then that would be an easy decision. It would be incredibly painful -- but straightforward, you know? Because... I couldn't keep a secret like that. It would be a violation of -- of everything we mean to each other, our history, and all we shared.

[ Sighs ] I just have this paranoid theory, though. That's all I have. Well, that isn't entirely true. What do you mean? Well, there are more intensive dna paternity tests. They...break down the raw material of the dna strand and they can determine which identical twin is a given child's parent. Are they feasible, these tests? Well, that's where it gets a little tricky. You would need comparative dna material from all parties involved. Well, that's not gonna happen because robert would never agree to that. Well, yeah. I mean, even if I did get his dna without his knowledge, then I'd have to get alex to cooperate. Mm-hmm. And then I'd have to tell robin. Hmm. And [Sighs] If robert found out, he would just lose his mind, and I could be tearing apart my family for no reason. Mm.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Um, excuse me. I'm sorry. I have an emergency at the hospital. I don't want to leave you. You should go. I don't -- but your patients need you. I'm all right. I-I-I need to think about all of this. It's -- I'm okay. You sure? Mm-hmm. Okay. Go on. Finn. Huh? I love you. I love you.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens, closes ] We need to look at the worst-case scenario. Kristina could've recorded me, gotten into my business records or something. Okay, hold on. Hold on. Between -- listen, between brick and spinelli -- all the records, all the transactions -- those are online. And it's all encrypted.

[ Sighs ] Okay? A-and when was kristina even close enough to hear anything about your business? I know it's a long shot that she's gonna, you know, give shiloh any evidence against me, but we have to be prepared! Okay, then I see that we have two options. Number one is we just ask kristina what the pledge was abou-- nope.

[ Sighs ] She hasn't even started deprogramming. Okay, then we gotta find out where shiloh has those pledges, and we need to destroy them. And for that, we need sam. Sam. Hey. Hey.Um, do you have a sec?

[ Silverware clatters ] I sure do. Yeah, what's up? Well, we are trying to find kristina. And we haven't been able to track her down. Have you seen her? Um, well, I can tell you where she was, uh, supposed to be. She was supposed to be tending bar, and as you can see, she's a no-show. So if you, uh... do happen to find her, tell her she's about to lose her job, will ya?

It is not the time I think it's great that you and oscar are writing a song together. Mm. I'd love to hear it, if you feel like sharing. Oh, mom, it's -- it's kind of a hot mess. I'm sure it's not a hot mess. I bet you it's wonderful. But I understand if you want to wait till you're finished. You know. I just really hope that we get the chance to perform it at the nurses' ball. I keep thinking... the more he has to look forward to, the better. I agree. Giving oscar a goal, you know... something to anticipate, I think it's good. And I see how hard you're working to stay positive. I want you to know I'm here for you. Always. I know. Michael: Hey. Hey! There you are. I thought, uh -- I thought we were meeting in the lobby. We were. I'm so sorry. I lost track of time. Hey, what is this -- bring your kid to work day, or your kids? So can we get dinner? Um, actually, we're heading out. Where to? Well, oscar is moving in today, still -- you still want a ride, right? Yes, definitely, please. Um, let me grab some stuff that I left outside first. Um...this is gonna be really tough for her. You know? I know. I know. Look, I'm -- I'm gonna look out for her, okay? I promise. Thank you. Yeah. You're the best. I, uh, have a favor to ask you two. Anything, sweetie. What is it? I need you to plan my funeral.

I wasn't your mother. Maybe robert's right. I'm just being ridiculous. What if it's true, though? Oh, my god. Could it be that simple? You okay? Look, uh...I know this is

[Chuckles] A bit different. Most of his life, it's just been you and oscar, and now there's all this family -- my family -- and I-I know they're trying to help, but if they're ever...demanding in any sort of way or seem so or -- or if... you just don't feel right, you make a decision -- I will back it. Thank you. You know, I'm not -- I'm not gonna lie, this, um... does feel a little overwhelming. But you know what? Oscar -- it was his choice, and if being here with your family -- demanding or not -- is gonna help oscar in anyway, then, um...I'm all in. Well, first off... I don't want a funeral. I want a memorial. Nothing solemn, nothing sad. Right. I'm hoping I can trust you guys to see this through. Oscar, I think, uh, we might be getting ahead of ourselves here. We all know that's not true. I wouldn't be moving in here otherwise.

[ Sighs ] Honey, you know that -- that there's nothing that we wouldn't do for you, but don't you think that your parents should be involved in this? No. No, they're gonna be devastated happens. And I don't want to burden themor my grandmother or joss. They'll be going through enough as it is. "No tears"? Huh. Can you promise me that? Well, kiddo. You may be talking to the wrong person with this because I cry at weddings, I cry at baptisms. Graduations. Animal shelter commercials.

[ Laughs ] Those are the worst. Yeah, the ones with the -- the sarah mclachlan song are brutal.

[ Laughs ] So brutal. So brutal.

[ Laughing ] Oh, god. Um, so...I don't know that I can promise you no tears. But other than that, I can follow this to the letter. Okay? Thank you. Oscar, this is all very doable. We'll take care of it. Promise.

[ Door opens ] Hey! Joss, hey. Am I interrupting something? No. We were just talking about the future. Thanks for dropping joss off. Oh, yeah, of course. I, uh -- I'm just glad oscar and kim agreed to move in, you know? I-I know it means a lot to grandmother. Yeah, well, we're very thankful for all the support the family's been showing us. Yeah. Well, that's the whole point, right? We're family. And oscar is one of us. Did you have a friend or relative in a cult? I'm under no obligation to share details of my life with you. That's true. But you do have free will. You know what? I-I'm simply asking for some insight that you can offer about your personal experience. That's all. Doesn't work that way. I'm not your friend. I'm your doctor. Got it. So, doctor, help me. Because my daughter's a wreck, and I don't know how to. I will use my professional insight to guide kristina and the rest of us through this process. But in order to be effective, you have to respect -- yes -- the "boundaries" that I set. So you're not gonna tell me. I have an ethical obligation to keep my personal life personal. And you need to respect that. Provided you still want to see me as your psychiatrist. Have you at least tried calling kristina yet? Yes. In fact, nonstop. I called her, texted her, e-mailed. No response. My guess is she's on an impromptu spring break. Probably on a plane to florida as we speak. Well, that does sound like a kristina move. You know, it's, uh -- it's very important that we speak with kristina, so if she gets in touch with you, would you please contact us? I'm sorry. You are? I'm s-- sorry. I-I'm shiloh. I-I'm friends with kristina and sam. I'm from dawn of day. Yeah.

[ Sighs ] I mean, this -- this is why sam's been getting close to shiloh, taking those classes at dawn of day, so he'll trust her and she can get some evidence against him. But so far, she's come up empty. Now she knows what she's looking for -- kristina's pledge. Well, maybe I should be the one doing the searching. I can get back in the house, sonny, and I can -- I can do the search -- yeah, you could. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. But you can get caught. Yeah, I'm not gonna get caught. You don't know that. Accidents happen. You know how many people are going in and out of dod every day? One of them is margaux. She dropped the charges because he asked her to. But if shiloh tells her, "hey, I want you to prosecute him," she will. Sam's in a better position... okay. Yes. ...To get what we need. I know. But the more time that she spends with shiloh, the bigger chance this will go wrong and sam is gonna get caught.

So, um, I saw -- I saw michael at the restaurant. And he said that oscar's moving in to the quartermaines' today. Yes. [ Sighs ] He just left with josslyn. They're on their way over there now. How's joss doing? Uh, I think she's doing everything she can to be supportive for oscar. She's so sweet, jason. I came in here, and she was writing lyrics to a song that she wants to perform with oscar at the nurses' ball.

[ Sighs ] I mean, she's not... in denial of what's coming. But I think she's just trying to stay positive, you know? How are you holding up? It's torture. I-it is. It's torture seeing your kid in so much pain. You know, it's a parent's worst nightmare. But I just want to stay present and supportive. I just...

[ Sighs ] I wish I could shield her from the pain that's coming. Sometimes you just can'T. Yeah. I got a lot of work done on the song today. I-I wanted your input on these lyrics because we've really got to get this down before the nurses' ball. Um, it's on the first page. You know, I-I think you should, uh, perform it with somebody else. No. Oscar, this is our song. Yeah, I know. And we can finish writing it together. But maybe you should find somebody else to rehearse it with. Someone to sing it with you. I'm not performing it with anyone else besides you. Joss, we both know I might not make it to that night. I don't want to let you down. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Um, we're here right now, so let's just -- let's just focus on this. Um [Sniffles] I, uh -- I think that the chorus needs a little bit of tweaking. Sam: Hey, mom. Hi. You remember shiloh, right? Indeed, I do. Alexis. So, what's going on? Well, we are concerned about kristina. No one's seen her since last night. Well, false alarm. I just spoke to her, which is why I'm here to give julian a message. Hmm. What's going on? Well, you know your sister. She's vague about details. But she said something about that she... left dawn of day suddenly because she got cold feet about a big decision of some kind. Hmm. I mean, I-I hope you're not offended. No, no, no. No, no, no. S-she didn't say where she was going, though? No. No, she didn'T. But she's safe. She's safe, and, uh, I think she just needs some time to clear her head. Hmm. Well [Chuckles] Look at that. We should get going. If kristina speaks with you, if she calls, would you have her call me? I'd like to hear from her directly. Absolutely. Okay. Thank you. Mm-hmm. So, where do you think she went? I don't know. With kristina, you just never know. Okay. I'm gonna, uh -- I'm gonna go back to the house and meditate on this. Would you care to join me? Oh, that -- that sounds nice, but I-I can'T. I've gotta go pick up the kids. All right. Well, thank you, sam. I appreciate this. I trust your commitment is deeper than your sister'S. Yeah. No question. See you. So, what are w-- what are we getting ourselves into? Is this like A...intervention? Sort of. I'll serve as moderator, try to keep the conversation on track so that she feels like she's being heard and not attacked. Did you read the book? Yeah. I don't connect to it. And I don't see how the book can convince my daughter to -- to stay away from her family or give up her family, I just... shiloh's prose is deliberately opaque so that the, uh, reader can project their own vulnerabilities, their own problems and inadequacies -- we all have them. Shiloh's musings appear to answer. You know, he, uh, becomes the source of positive reinforcement and wisdom. And pleasing him becomes synonymous with enlightenment. You understand this garbage? Well [Chuckles] It may be garbage to you, but it's not garbage to her. It's important that you hear what she sees in this book. That's the key to winning her back. We might have a problem. Kristina may have given shiloh... leverage for blackmail.

my, uh -- my grandmother texted. She's a little caught up at work right now, but she just -- she wants to make sure that you are all happy with the guest rooms. Oh. [ Laughs ] More than happy. I mean, the guest rooms are -- they're twice the size of my apartment. Oh, yeah? Yeah. Well, I-it does take a little bit, you know, getting used to, but this is a great house. People living in it are a little crazy, but, uh, they're well-intentioned.

[ Chuckles ] Now, look, when the, um -- the chips are down, we all have each other's backs. And we, uh -- we have yours, too. Okay, what about... "life goes on, and this list is long..."? Yeah, that's good. No, it needs -- it needs work. Wait. What about, "life is short, and the list is long..."? Better? Much. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, so we have the first verse done and the chorus. Mm-hmm. This is coming together really well. Yeah, we make a good team. We do. You wanna hear how it sounds? My heart breaks for drew and kim. I know the pain that's coming their way. Nothing is worse -- nothing is worse than losing a child. You know? And I think about josslyn. She's so young -- too young to lose the boy that she loves. And then she has to sit there and watch him die? I...

[ Sighs ] There is no pain worse than grief. But josslyn, she's got support. She's got love. She's got you. I know. And -- and somehow, she's gonna get through it. I know. You're right. You know what she said the other night? She said it was worth the pain to lose oscar... because she loves him so much. And she wasn't just saying that, you know?

[ Sighs ] She meant it. I have to find a way to honor that. You know? You will. You will.

[ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ] Come in. -Hey. -Hey. Hi. Sorry to interrupt. Do you have a second? It's about kristina. Go. You need to take care of krissy. You go.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ] Okay. So, how'd it go with shiloh? Well, he insisted on tagging along for my search for kristina. Luckily, I ran into my mother at charlie's pub... mm-hmm. ...And she said that she had spoken to kristina and kristina needed some time to just figure some things out. Well, did shiloh buy it? Yeah. Thank god, jason. Because he was convinced that you were the one that kidnapped kristina. Sorry, alexis, but I've about had it with your daughter. It's complicated. How can it be that complicated? If she wants to quit, all she has to do is give me her two weeks' notice... she does not -- ...just like everybody else in the world! She doesn't want to quit, though! She -- she -- she's just -- think of it as a -- as a leave of absence. What, she needs a sabbatical from bartending? She needs her job back. This is the -- the one stable thing in her life. Okay. How did this become my problem all of a sudden? Are you gonna give her back her job or not? I can't make any promises. I've stuck my neck out for your daughter enough. In fact, I just...fronted her, uh, some salary the other day. What? She needed a substantial loan. It was for something important, apparently.

[ Sighs ] Like I said, kristina shared some -- could've shared some damaging information with shiloh. I guess his followers, uh, the -- the -- you have to have some kind of -- there's some kind of tribute or -- or...pledge before you -- you get into the trust. Does that sound familiar to you? It's par for the course for organizations like dawn of day. They manipulate in order to gain leverage -- emotional, financial, sometimes both. They will push their followers to a place where they will sacrifice anything to gain the approval of the leader. I need to know what I'm dealing with. What kind of leverage shiloh's holding. I want to ask kristina what she told him. No, no, no, no. W-- absolutely not. Oh, please be here. Please be here.


She will never be free. Neil: Kristina is nowhere near ready to talk about her pledge. How do you know? I've seen how fragile she is. And I see how terrified she is of disappointing you. She hates the sight of me right now. She is not ready to confront her guilt. You know, underneath all that programming is the same daughter you raised, with the same histories and loyalties. If she told a secret to shiloh about herself, she may be deeply ashamed. If she told something about you? If she thinks that she betrayed you? It will shatter her. Have you ever seen glass shatter, sonny? I mean, it's like a bomb -- pieces everywhere. A broken glass, you can repair. It may not be pretty, but it can still be used. A shattered glass is destroyed forever.

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