GH Transcript Wednesday 4/17/19

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 4/17/19


Episode #14262 ~ Jason learns of Brad's allegiance to Dawn of Day; Sonny disagrees with Margaux; Michael is sympathetic; Finn and Chase come together; Franco bursts in on Nina.

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[ Doorbell rings ] Hey. How'd it go? How'd what go? You and anna. Here's to the future dr. And mrs. Hamilton. Finn?

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone chimes ] Franco, it's me. I know you're upset. W-we all are, but we really need to work through this as a family. Where are you? Hey. Remember how it was so totally great to be selfish and self-centered and self-absorbed, like, all the time? Were those just not "the days"? Uh...hello to you, too, stranger. What brings you by? Oh, we need to talk about our stepkids. I'm glad you were able to break, you know, away from shiloh. You know, just -- just -- just -- just get away. But, I mean, you did all that to protect your baby. And then you lost it.

[ Sighs ] Michael, stop. What? What is it?

[ Sighs ] You have it wrong. And that's my fault. I've been lying to you. My baby didn't die. I, uh... I don't understand. We met -- we met in grief counseling. I-I know, and i was grieving, but just not in the same way you were. I w-- I wasn't there because my baby died. I was there because I gave him up for adoption. Sonny corinthos. Sipping coffee among the rest of us law-abiding citizens. Well, it is my coffee. And my wife's restaurant. And last time I checked, you and I had an understanding. You know what, sonny? You're right. We do have an understanding. My hands, while certainly cleaner than yours, are hardly pristine. But that won't stop me from prosecuting you if you commit another crime. Don't hold your breath waiting for me to slip up. So you admit you have something to hide? We all got something.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Keyboard keys clacking ]

[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Mouse clicks ]

[ Footsteps approaching ] I got a few more questions. About the cup.

[ Sighs ] I told you, there were no traces of anything toxic. Right, just tea and, uh, valerian root. Yeah, which you can get at any vitamin and nutrition store. You know, some people call it "nature's valium" because it helps reduce anxiety. Yeah. Was there something else? You're a member of dawn of day? Hey. Did you find kristina? No. Well, I checked general and mercy. She wasn't there. But I think I know what happened to her. What? I think kristina was kidnapped by jason. Jason? Yeah.

[ Scoffs ] What, you don't think he's capable? No, I -- I mean, of course jason is capable of kidpping kristina. But I-I don't think that's what happened. I think kristina most likely got cold feet... okay. ...And now she's embarrassed to come back here. Sam... ...I have proof that it was jason. Proof? Yeah. How? There's evidence that suggests that jason broke in and grabbed kristina while you and I were at the floating rib.

Um, didn't you and elizabeth get married? Uh, sure did. Yeah. Yeah, it was a jailhouse wedding while I was waiting to get arraigned. Well, romance is different for everyone, isn't it?

[ Chuckles ] Okay, you said you want to talk about your kids. I said I wanted to talk about "our stepkids," charlotte and aiden. I think we've said everything there is to say about charlotte and aiden. Except we haven't because the situation's gotten worse. The awfulness is now more widespread. That is not charlotte's fault. It became charlotte's fault the moment she decided that she was gonna bully aiden. You're still here. I am a detective. Are you? And I understand the subtleties of human behavior, and that door slam was a cry for help. So, here I am, armed with a non-alcoholic beverage, ready to listen. There's no getting rid of you, is there? There is not.

[ Chuckles ] All right. Come on in, but keep a cork in it. The celebration's on ice. Oh, anna turned you down? Ouch! No, I, uh... I didn't get a chance to ask her. The timing wasn't right. W-what was wrong with it?

[ Sighs ] Finn, if we're gonna be brothers, let's be brothers. Tell me stuff. Well, I don't know. I was -- I was going to.

[ Chuckles ] I was gonna be the guy who gets down on one knee in the crowded restaurant and makes a fool out of himself. But... but what?

[ Sighs ] Her attention was divided. What could grab her attention away from a doctor boyfriend? Her estranged son.

[ Sighs ] What did august do, now? Nothing. He was there, and anna was focused on him, and -- oh, yeah. Then her ex-husband showed up. Scorpio? Again?

[ Chuckles ] Robert's not the problem. He might even be able to help anna find the truth. About? There'S...something in her past. Can't imagine how complicated her past must be. Neither can I. I guess that's the problem. I mean, how do you convince someone that their past doesn't matter to you, at the same time, it doesn't have to define them? Unfortunately, I'm -- you're talking to the wrong man. I feel so terrible that I let you think that both of us had lost a child. Yeah, but -- but, you know what? Willow, we both did lose a child. Really, and like you said, we -- we had a reason to grieve. Both of us did. I'm the only person in our group who... whose child is still alive. He -- I -- I shouldn't have even been there. Well, you know, m-m-maybe this is -- it's -- it's selfish on my -- my part, but I'm -- I'm glad you chose the group, because if you didn't, we might not -- we might not know each other. You don't regret that by now? Mm...

[ Chuckles ] No, I -- no. Not now, not ever. Look, I-I-I-I am -- I'm -- I'm so glad that your -- that your child is alive. I-I am so, so happy about that. I, uh -- I just, uh... I can't imagine knowing your -- your child is out there and not knowing how he is, or -- or where he is. It'S... but that's just it, michael. He's still here. In port charles. Wait -- wait, you know the adoptive family? Do they let you see your son? I'm sorry, that's not -- that's not any of my business. No. No, no, no, it's fine. Seriously, in some ways, it's -- it's a relief to get it out in the open. Other than chase, you're the only person I can talk to about it. Okay, well -- well, please, continue. Well, my son is being raised by people who love him, and there's a measure of peace to that. But you regret giving him up. I regret having to. I could've had an open adoption, but I gave up all of my parental rights. I needed to -- t-to make sure that shiloh never found him. Exactly.

[ Inhales deeply ] And now that shiloh has found me... we need to make sure that he never knows that you had his son. While you're waiting for me to make a fatal mistake, maybe you should try correcting your own. And what mistake would that be? Accepting that ryan chamberlain is dead. He went off a bridge into niagara falls... uh-huh. ...In the dead of winter and he lost a hand in the process. And last time he was burned to death. So, why don't you reopen the case, find the killer, put him in front of judge and jury? Unless and until there's evidence he's back in port charles, the problem is out of my jurisdiction, unfortunately. Uh-huh. Have you looked his victims in the eye and told them that the man who nearly killed them is not your problem? They deserve justice. Are you seriously gonna talk to me about justice?

[ Scoffs ] You know what, sonny?

[ Chuckles ] "Revenge is sweet, but it is gone in a moment, and it leaves you hungry. Compassion is hard, and it's bitter at times, but it fills your life with purpose."

[ Sighs ] Words to live by. Yeah, I've taken a seminar or two at dawn of day to help de-stress from parenting. Yeah, how's that working? Well, my hands aren't shaking, my eye's not twitching, so there must be something to it.

[ Sighs ] Hi, jason. Hey, lucas. Hey, brad, uh, about the dod thing tonight, can we maybe play that by ear after all? I-I thought I was gonna be free, but now it looks like I -- I may have to fill in for a-a resident. Yeah, no problem. How about we touch base later? Yeah? Yeah, okay. Yeah, hold on, brad. The cup. Um... is there a problem? No, no, brad was just doing me a favor. Oh. Okay. So, are you guys -- are you guys really into this -- this dawn of day thing, or what? No, it's way too new age for me. But, uh, brad's taking classes, he's read shiloh's book twice. Have you read it? No, I don't need to. Brad quotes it all the time. But it seems to be helping him. I mean, maybe you should check it out. Yeah. Yeah, maybe I'll look into that.

[ Sighs ] This is all my fault. If I hadn't been such a mess last night, then you would've been able to be here to watch over kristina. Look. Look, the only person responsible for jason's actions is jason, okay? Ever since you've joined dawn of day, jason has been consumed with hatred for me and everything that I stand for. Yeah. You're -- yeah, you're right. And you know what? After what jason did, it just convinces me more that this is exactly where I'm supposed to be. Well, you see? Good can come from bad. But that doesn't help us find kristina.

Hey. Elizabeth? Oh, hi. Hey, you okay? Yeah. Yeah, I'm -- I'm fine. No, I-I've just got a -- I've got a lot on my mind right now. Okay. Do you want to talk about it? No. No, I'm fine.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, um, I'm not buying that, so how are you, really?

[ Sighs ] Not great. So, tell me, how's parenting going? 'Cause I'm totally making a mess of it. Ah, well, I mean, I've been at it for a whole nine months now, so I'm an expert. So, you're lucky.

[ Laughs ] So tell me, how's aiden doing? Excuse me. Excuse me, franco. But, um, my beautiful and brilliant stepdaughter, who speaks impeccable french and knows a manet from a monet and can sit through four acts of "marriage of figaro" without looking at her program... she's not a bully. Well, what -- what do you call it, then? She made aiden cry. Yeah, I know, I know, he's a sensitive kid, but she made him cry. She made a kid who already feels small about himself feel tiny. You call it what you will. Okay, listen, I know that she said unkind things to aiden. I know that. And she was reprimanded by the school, by the teachers, by her parents, including me.

[ Sighs ] She apologized. And the unkind behavior has stopped. Except that it hasn'T. I have a simple philosophy: I take care of my own. Even when the authorities drop the ball. Well, it's one thing to want to protect your loved ones from a perceived threat, real or imagined. But when you take action outside the law...

[ Chuckles ] You aren't a protector -- you're a criminal. Is there a problem here? No, sonny and i were just discussing... the perils of acting outside the law. For instance, when you attacked shiloh, you acted like a man who knew his lawyer was gonna get him off. Just like she has for a myriad of other crimes. Diane is an excellent attorney. But ms. Miller wasn't the one who gave you your freedom. It was shiloh. I hope that you have learned from his act of kindness. Though, somehow, I doubt it. Look, I bear at least part of the responsibility by forgiving jason and putting kristina in harm's way. He's a dangerous man. Okay. Well, if you have proof that jason kidnapped kristina, then we should call the cops. No, look, the proof is good enough for me, but it's never gonna stand up in a court of law. But luckily for kristina, we've got one thing that jason never counted on. What's that? You.

 I thought you and, uh, willow were, you know, dealing with the ex. Uh, we were, yeah. We are. In fact, things between us have never been better. Really? How so? Uh, maybe I shouldn't ask that. It's -- no. No, it's fine. Uh, we went skating. I fell down a bunch, and we had a good laugh about it.

[ Chuckles ] So, what's the problem with the ex? It's like you were saying with anna. Her past won't go away. Her ex -- he's just got -- he's got this hold on her. Ah. So she's having trouble getting over him? The other way around. He's the one that's not letting go. I don't see any way that shiloh could find out about the baby, let alone track him down. But right now, your sister is the one who needs help, and I'll be happy to talk to her about my experiences at dawn of day. Yeah. Well, you know, here's hoping that a-a dose of truth will at least get her to question things. Anything I can do to help. Well, you already have. I mean, you warned us about the trust ceremony, and we were able to get kristina out of the dawn of day house before it was finished, so... yes. But before the trust ceremony even happens, shiloh already has leverage in place. W-what, um -- what kind of leverage? He makes us -- convinces us, really, to offer him something he calls a pledge. Pledge. I've, uh -- I've heard about that, but what, um -- what does it mean? It means you willingly give shiloh a sword that he can hold over your head. Forever. Jason... I'd love to give you some friendly advice. You got lucky last time. But if you target shiloh again, that luck is gonna run out. I wouldn't worry too much, margaux, because we're too busy running a business to pay attention to self-help gurus.

[ Chuckles ] I hope so.

[ Chuckles ] So, uh, you think that -- that she knows about kristina? It's possible, um, shiloh told her something. What are -- are you reading this again? Dr. Byrne said it was important for the family to understand what drew kristina to dawn of day for this exit therapy. So, I'm -- I'm reading it carefully. Yeah, how's that coming? There's something interesting. Before you got here, margaux said something. "Revenge is sweet, but it's gone in a moment and leaves you hungry." So, she's quoting shiloh. Margaux's a true believer, and I got to tell you something -- that makes her dangerous. I don't understand. How can I prove that jason kidnapped my sister? No, this isn't about proving anything or accusing anyone. This is about krissy's well-being. This is about the people who claim that they love her but will never accept her choices. I mean, no wonder they sent jason to take her from us. Oh. You think that jason was taking orders? Well, you tell me, sam. Has jason done anything that sonny corinthos didn't know of or approve?

 Aiden is the only one who didn't get invited to this party in his class. I know it sounds really silly, but it's -- no, no, no, no, it doesn'T. Not at all. I mean, it hurts to be excluded, especially at that age. Yeah, the thing is, the party was for his best friend, bianca. His best friend didn't want him at her party? Well, no, she did. It was her parents who excluded him. Yeah, for the same reason that you wanted aiden to know that it's okay to go skating with two guys who hold hands. Yeah. I just hate how people want to label my son. And now the bullying has spread to other kids. There's a boy in cameron's school who [Chuckles] He said that aiden was a "fairy boy."

[ Scoffs ] What? What did cameron do? Um, he got into a fight and got himself suspended. Good. Good for him. W-- I-I least he was sticking up for his younger brother. Yeah. Yeah, except -- well, he was angry because -- because they were calling aiden gay when it wasn't true. Cameron asked if aiden could be "less gay." Mm. And then franco freaked out, and he said that -- that cameron didn't want to take the flack just because his brother is different. Yeah. That wasn't very helpful, huh? No. No, and I wasn't easy on him, either. But now that I've had a moment to think about it, cameron's just a kid, too, you know? And I know that he loves aiden. I see it every day. And even though it was wrong, cameron was just saying that if we could ask aiden to be "less gay," then we'd be protecting him from his bullies. It wasn't malicious -- he was just trying to protect his brother. Yeah. And franco and I gave him zero credit for it. Look, what charlotte didwas awful, but now it's -- it's spiraled completely out of control. Kids are mean, kids are cruel, and they're making fun of him for who he is. They're making fun of him for being different. He's not different. I mean, he's awkward. They're calling him "fairy boy." They are? Yeah.

[ Sighs ] I didn't even realize that kids -- the school's not doing anything? No. Just -- didn't realize kids were still doing this. Aren't they supposed to be "woke"? Come on. If you watch the news at all, you know people hate people for being different, and all that hate has been trickling down to their kids. So, yeah, that kind of thing, it still very much can and does happen.

[ Sighs ] Listen, there is only a few more months left of school. Can he ride it out? Are you kidding me? You want this kid to "ride it out"?

[ Stammering ] No, no. I don't, I don'T.

[ Sighs ] I'm sorry. That's not what I meant to say. It was stupid. I'm stupid. Okay, you're not stupid. I think we can agree on this much -- bullying is not okay. Now that we've agreed on that, maybe you can help me out. Maybe you can help me out and aiden. Okay, good. How do you want me to help you? What do you want me to do? Convince charlotte to be aiden's friend. Before a woman is allowed to join the trust, shiloh asks her to give him something to prove her loyalty. So, this pledge isn't a -- isn't a financial transaction. No. No, the pledge is a different kind of gift. In order to prove that you have complete faith and trust in shiloh, you have to tell him a secret. Something that, should it ever come to light, would destroy you or someone important to you. Can't you just say anything a-a-and deny it later? No. No, he makes it official, like an affidavit. The -- the candidate for the truth writes it down or records it, and then he transcribes it and has her sign it. Kristina's made it as far as the ceremony, so that means that she -- she's already given shiloh her pledge. And if she follows through and leaves dawn of day, shiloh can make her secret public. Have you given shiloh a pledge? To my eternal regret, yes. Why hasn't he used it? He still thinks he can make me come back. When he knows once and for all that he can't and he's wrong... okay, look, look, look, look. Shiloh is guilty of fraud and extortion, okay? And, hopefully, he'll be arrested long before he even thinks about coming after you. But, in the meantime, I-I-I wouldn't risk antagonizing him, okay? I think it'd be best for you just to stay out of this. No, I can still talk to your sister. Okay, let's say, hypothetically, that my -- my family took kristina and are, um, holding her somewhere. That might be considered kidnapping. Okay, and I-I... there's no way I'm gonna let you get involved in that. Okay, so, I-I had the cup tested. What did they use to drug my daughter? Okay, well, according to brad cooper, there was nothing in it except for tea and valerian root. We know kristina was drugged. Why would brad lie? Dawn of day. Brad is a new convert. Son of a bitch! So, I'm -- I'm guessing that shiloh knows about the cup, and he also knows that we took kristina. You think brad got rid of the evidence? No, there's still some residue in the cup. Okay. I need it tested by somebody I trust. I'm gonna call brick. You're right. Um, sonny and jason are like brothers, and there isn't anything sonny could ask jason that jason wouldn't do. So, if sonny asked jason to take kristina and hold her someplace for a while... you would possibly know where that could be? Jason knows that I'm here exploring my spiritual and emotional side. And jason is very secretive and suspicious right now, which means sonny is secretive and suspicious. Okay, but what does that -- what does that mean? It means that if they knew anything, they're not gonna tell me. Which means that kristina could be anywhere. Yeah, I'm afraid so. Well, you see, that's not a problem. Not for you.

 To hell with waiting. We're gonna crack this baby open right now. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down, there, all right? Look, I'm -- I'm really happy things are going so well with you and willow, but I realize, chase, there's no way I'm gonna propose to anna as long as this thing from her past... yeah, whatever it is. ...Is hanging over her head. Uh, okay. Then instead of celebrating our happy, but complicated, relationships, we'll drink to something else. I'm almost afraid to ask. You and me. That's what I was afraid of. Oh, come on. Over the past one year, you've gone from wanting nothing to do with me, to us being able to talk to each other and actually enjoy each other's company. You're enjoying this. If you're not gonna say it, I will. We have gone from being strangers... to being brothers.

[ Bottle clatters ] All right. Let's not let this stuff go to waste, then.

[ Cork pops ] Ahh. Here you go. Thank you. To brotherhood. Brotherhood. And, hey, since this whole brotherhood thing worked out, maybe there's hope for you and dad? Look, honestly, it sounds to me like you guys are doing everything right.

[ Laughs ] When all my boys are so unhappy? Well, look, I mean, jake's an artist, and the deep thinking goes with the territory. And, besides, he's a few years away from puberty... oh. ...So good luck with that one, anyway. God help me, the first one was enough. And aiden knows that he's not alone. And if he doesn't, we'll make it our mission to let him know that it's not only okay, but preferable to be different. Right. And cameron? Ehh, I don't know, maybe -- maybe let him know that beating up every bigot that crosses his path is not gonna do anything to help aiden.

[ Chuckles ] And that the best way -- aww. That the best way to change minds is to teach with compassion and make it look cool. All right. Thank you. This helped. Really? Yeah, absolutely. Good. Well, you can make it up to me by having us over for dinner.

[ Laughs ] Finally. Maybe, uh -- maybe aiden can do dessert. What do you say? You're on. Listen, there's nothing that I would like more than for aiden and charlotte to be friends. Great. Okay, but [Sighs] I mean, I can't choose her friends for her. She has to be on board. Okay, you said that charlotte is a trend-setter, right? She knows her monet from her manet. Yeah, I said that. Okay, so don't you think that if she shows the kids in the class that she's friends with aiden, that the rest of the kids in the class will come around? They probably will. Listen, I w-- I'll definitely try to do this. Thank you. That's all we can do is try, right? I appreciate you not wanting to involve me in what is essentially a kidnapping. Look, I still haven't confirmed that's what's happening, okay? So you're still in the clear. I see you've done this before.

[ Chuckles ] If we're talking about kidnapping -- and I'm not saying that's what this is... mm. ...Uh, this would be, what, kristina'S...third? Good god! Yeah. Uh, a few years ago, kristina was, uh, held captive by a gangster named joe scully. And when we were kids, my biological father kidnapped me, my brother morgan, and kristina. So, abductions are, like, normal in your world. Well, except for this alleged abduction is for kristina's own good. Look, I'm not about to judge what you did -- or didn't do -- to get kristina away from shiloh. But the pledge... okay, whoever loves kristina and has the most to lose... it could be any of us.

[ Inhales sharply ] Some more than others. This is a ticking bomb, and we have to find a way to defuse it. No. Not we. Me. Michael, I need to do this, okay? I have been passive for too long -- you have hardly, hardly been passive, okay? You're just trying to protect yourself and your baby. And meanwhile, shiloh claims another victim. Okay, this has to stop, and if there's anything I can do to help you get through to kristina, I want to do it. I -- I don't think you understand. When sonny and jason hide someone, they stay hidden. Yes, but you have a unique skill set that can open doors that are closed to the rest of us. You have a skill set that can make jason reveal things to you that he would reveal to no one else. Wait a minute. Are you asking me to work a con so we can figure out where jason's hidden kristina?

[ Elevator bell dings ] Hey. Hey. Where's cameron? Um, he's at community service. So, um [Chuckles] You saw what I did, right? Earlier? I've come up with this new thing. It's called shame-shaming. It's when you shame somebody who's already ashamed. It's awesome, totally reinvented parenting. Uh, yeah, we both could've handled the situation a little better. So, recognizing my limitations as a parent, I've reached out to a friend and a fellow parent, someone who might be able to help. Oh, what a coincidence. I did the same. Oh. So, maybe with our friends' help, we can make it better for the boys. That would be good.

[ Sighs ] Hey, charlotte, sweetie. Um, I know you're super busy, you know, with ballet and the math lab and being a junior docent at the museum. But, um, hey, do you think you could clear a schedule for me? I'd like to set up a playdate for you and a friend.

[ Sighs ] Hey! You still have to cover for someone? No. Um... I'm actually free, but, you know, I-if it's all the same to you, I-I was wondering if maybe we could, uh, just skip out on the dod thing tonight? But it's a freebie. Yeah, I know. It...

[ Sighs ] I was just thinking that maybe, you know, we could go home and have a nice evening with our son and... just see what we can learn from that. All right. You talked me into it. Sam, I would never ask you to use the methods that you employed in the past, okay? I-I am -- I am not judging. No, I -- I know. You never do. Okay, look, what happened between you and my father, that's in the past. I am all about rediscovery and reinvention. And I don't care who you were then, all right? The woman that's in front of me now is all about truth.

[ Sighs ] You're a truth-seeker, and that's all I'm asking you to be. Okay. Okay? Okay. So, you -- you just want me to investigate my sister's disappearance? It is the only way that we will save kristina from the family and the people that want to cause her heartache, and bring her back to the family that loves her for what she is and everything that she can be. Sam, if anybody -- if anybody can find kristina, it's you, so please, please help us. Help bring her back to us. Hey, look, chase, I'm glad that, uh, you and I are like this, but, um... I have a very different relationship with dad, and I would -- I would hope that you would respect that. No. No, I-I get it. Hey, you -- you can't blame a guy for trying, though, right? Well, you know, if you're so hell-bent on lost causes, maybe you should be somewhere practicing so you don't embarrass yourself again at the, uh, roller rink.

[ Chuckles ] No need. Evidently, she digs guys with a shaky sense of balance with no idea where their center of gravity is, so I'm golden. Really? Yeah. So what are you doing here with me, golden boy? Oh. Okay. Uh, I can take a hint. some bubbles for anna for when she gets home. Yeah, I'll make sure the glasses are chilled. And, finn? About her past... keep it there. You're her present, she's your future. So just give her the damn ring.

[ Ringing ]

[ Cellphone rings ] Hey, you. I'm glad you called. Hey. Uh, dinner tonight? My place? Your place? Any place? Oh, I-I'd love to, but, um, I have to take a rain check. Oh, are you grading papers? My -- my friend has a problem, and I-I promised I'd help out. Oh. Uh, okay. Well, I'll -- I'll let you go. Good luck with your friend. I -- I hope it works out. Me too.

[ Chuckles ] And, chase, I'll hold you to that rain check. Deal. Hey. Good, you're still here. Yeah. How -- how's kristina? We're waiting to hear from dr. Byrne 'cause he wants us to sit down like a family and do some kind of intervention. Okay. Um, before that happens, uh... I found out that shiloh has an insurance policy for members who try to leave. What -- what do you -- what do you mean? What kind of insurance policy? H-he makes people share a secret, some very highly sensitive information. He says it'S... he says it's to prove their commitment and -- and -- and trust to him, but really, it's -- it's leverage to keep his followers from going anywhere. So, shiloh has something on kristina. Kristina or someone she loves. Someone like you, dad.

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