GH Transcript Tuesday 4/16/19

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 4/16/19


Episode #14261 ~ Sam manipulates Shiloh; Michael puts two and two together; Franco and Cam butt heads; Valentin looks to Nora for help; Spencer's plan backfires.

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[ Telephone ringing ] Michael: Mom? Hey! Hey. Michael! Oh, it's so good to see you. This is such a nice surprise. Is everything okay? Oh, yes, yes, yes. I was just supposed to meet your dad for genetic counseling, but we're gonna have to reschedule. Oh, dad couldn't make it? No. Um, I'm guessing he's with kristina. Hey. Hey. Well, you... look just about as good as I feel.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Exhales deeply ] Yeah, I didn't get much sleep last night. Did you see your sister? I was gonna ask you the same thing. No, nobody's seen kristina yet. Yeah, no one's heard from her here, either. Well, I talked to my mom. She hasn't seen her. And we kept trying to call her phone, and it just keeps going straight to voicemail. I told you my -- my -- my sister can be a bit of a flake. But I got to say now we're starting to get really worried. Hey. Hey, it's okay, all right? We're gonna find her. We'll find her together. We take care of our own here, all right? Brad: Uh, how about this one? "The past is nothing more than memory, the future mere imagination. All that matters is being present in the now."

[ Chuckles ] Doesn't that blow your mind? Mind blown. Would you not patronize me, please? I'm -- I'm sorry, babe. I just don't think that this is my thing. That's because you're hearing about this in bits and pieces, okay. You -- you need to go directly to the source. The classes that I've been taking have, like, really energized me. I see that.

[ Chuckles ] They've even got courses for kids. Come on, we can sign up for a family seminar, bring wiley along, make A... dawn-of-day of it.

[ Chuckles ] He's already met shiloh, loves him to pieces. Uh, miss buchanan, your assistant told me that I could find you here. How's, uh -- how's your visit to port charles been? Uh, brief. My case just wrapped, and I am on my way to the train station. Well, if you're willing to delay your departure, I'm happy to pay your retainer. Oh, my retainer's gone up, so... name your price, counselor. I need your services again. All right, and set up a meeting with lucy coe to finalize the sponsorship for the nurses' ball. And get me a hard out after an hour. Honestly, the more time spent with -- hello, nina. Wh-- I'll call you right back. What are you doing here? It's an unpleasant feeling, isn't it, to know the unwanted trespass upon one's sanctum sanctorum? That's from the latin. Get out of my chair. That's from nina. That's the feeling I have when I contemplate my exile. From western new york? Spoon island -- my rightful home.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Hm. You want to tell me what happened? No. Elizabeth, hi. Hey. What's up? I-I need -- I need a favor. Okay. Can you test the residue in this for -- for drugs... with no questions asked?

 Ow I wouldn't -- I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important. It's family. But, of course, the less you know, the better. A pen test isn't the most precise, but it's quick. Do you want to wait? Yeah. Yeah, thank you. I-I-I owe you one.

[ Telephone ringing ] Okay, so I-I know kristina left dawn of day last night, but do you -- do you know where she is now? Uh, I... hey. Hey. Hey. Uh, michael's asking about kristina. Yeah, is she okay? I got her out of there before anything happened.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Good. Yeah, no, I-I figured you would. Just good to get, you know, confirmation. We -- we have her in a safe place right now, but... ...she's pretty messed-up.

[ Sighs ] Hey. Here you go. Hey, thank you. I am -- I am so sorry. I'm -- I'm us-- usually not a mess like this. I'm -- I'm sorry. No, it's okay. I've never seen you this rattled.

[ Sighs ] When we spoke this morning, you said kristina's absence was nothing to worry about. Yeah, that was this morning, and then I talked to sonny. And he hasn't heard from her either. And it's one thing for kristina to not answer my call or our mom or one of her siblings, but sonny, I mean, she would never flake on him. And now I am -- I am worried. I think something's wrong. Hey, hey, no, it's okay. Look, we'll find her, okay? We'll find her together. It's okay. Brad: Dawn of day has got, uh, volunteer opportunities... lucas: [ Sighs ] ...Um, workshops, things more active than just sitting around and listening. Okay, yeah. I'll -- I'll think about it. You are less stressed than you used to be, I'll give you that. And you're not popping antacids like candy anymore.

[ Chuckles ] Exactly. We can do with more calm in our lives. Hey, uh... is that michael's friend? Willow, right? Willow: Yes. Hey. Hi. We -- we met here a few months ago. Michael introduced us. How are you? Good, thanks. How are you? Good. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm lucas. It's, uh, so crazy, running into you like this. I-I thought you were moving. Yeah, so did I. But my plans changed. Realized I liked my life here too much, didn't want to change anything. That's great. Port charles can use all the good teachers it can get. Are you liking that book? Oh, he lives and dies by everything this guy says. He's a true believer. Uh, we really need to get back to G.H. Ah, right. Yeah, we do. Well, uh, it was great to see you again. You, too. Bye. Hello, willow. Shiloh. So you do remember me... how did you find me? You can't dodge fate.

[ Willow gasps ] Even if you did change your name... "ms. Tait." I want you to leave. That's what you want. You see, that is not what I want. You see, you made a promise to me to never leave me, and you broke... that...promise. This is a matter of some urgency, and my calendar is full. So if you're facing some criminal prosecution, y-you know what, there is, um... an excellent attorney that I can refer you to in new york. This is not a criminal matter. This is a family one. You did a fantastic job securing my custody of my daughter, charlotte. Oh, well, thank you. Thank you. I-I understand that you and miss falconeri have revised the agreement. Yeah, we agreed to shared custody for charlotte's sake. Oh, well, mazel tov. I'm sure charlotte will benefit from her parents having an amicable relationship. Lulu has left the country -- indefinitely -- without giving me so much as a day's notice. I'm sorry that you and valentin are still at odds. I wish you could make peace with the situation.

[ Scoffs ] Who are you kidding? You're as responsible for my misery as anyone. It's on you to fix it. And how would you like me to do that? Put a leash on valentin. He's your fiancÚ. Uh, you're assuming I can control him. Well, what else is marriage good for? Listen, valentin knows how I feel. I would be fine living anywhere else. But it's valentin who feels entitled to spoon island, as you do. Stop trying to antagonize him. Stop trying to make him your enemy. I thought mom was coming to pick me up. Yeah, well, she's at work. So they called the house, and here I am. You want to tell me how the fight got started? Was it about a girl? Look, dude, this is your shot to tell me what happened before I hear all about it from the man. Just trying to help you out. Don'T. Principal paddock will see you and cameron now. All right. Come on. Let's get this over with.

Kristina may be physically away from shiloh, but she is still emotionally connected to this guy. Yeah, sonny hired a psychologist with experience in cults to try to break shiloh's hold on kristina. All right, yeah. But there's gonna be a moment where she's gonna need her family to show up for her. Well, I'll be there, of course. Yeah. So, how -- how is she? She's angry. Mm, I'll bet. But she's safe. For now. Look, we know how stubborn kristina is. She's gonna be pulling out all the stops to get back to shiloh, and, trust me, he'll be waiting. Yeah. Yeah, maybe not. I'm working one angle to take shiloh down, and sam's working another. Look, I'll admit that my concerns have grown since this morning. Krissy's phone and wallet are both missing. Okay, well, don't you think we should call the cops? Well, I would love to call the cops. But you need to wait 24 hours before you file a police report for an adult, and I intend on finding her way before then. I've got some members out looking for places that she frequents, and I think, in the meantime, you and I should go hit the hospitals to see-- no, no, no, no. Wait, wait a minute. Wait. I-I think I can do more good here. What, where krissy isn't? Yes. Where she isn'T. Please, let me search her room. Maybe I can find a clue. I'm -- I'm sor ry.I'm not comfortable with that. Why not? Don't you trust me? No, I... look, I-I trust you. I... krissy trusts us to keep her privacy. And I don't want to-- yeah, I don't care. If my sister is in trouble, then -- you know what? You're right. You're right. You're right. It's better to beg her forgiveness -- you're right -- and then find her. Hey, daisy, would you mind helping sam search krissy's room? Of course. Sam is gonna send shiloh off to search for kristina, and then she is gonna search the dawn of day house. There has to be something there we can use against shiloh. There has to be.

[ Sighs ] Hey, what -- what about your friend? She give you any more insight on shiloh or any kind of details about her time with dawn of day? Uh, you know what, I don't think, uh --

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Sighs ] Hold on. Hello? I have to see you immediately. It's about shiloh. Oh, I believe that lulu's departure was a little abrupt, but, you know, I believe that when someone's attacked by a serial killer, they deserve a little vacation. Well, I won't object to that. Okay. Lulu should have as much time as she needs to heal. However, I'm not willing to fly my daughter to paris to visit her mother every two weeks so that she can find herself. I'm the de facto custodial parent, and as such, I want the court made aware of the circumstances. I want to amend the custody order. Okay. I can appreciate you wanting to clarify the matter. I had a feeling you would. I'm not here to press my rightful claim to my inheritance. Glad to hear it. I wanted to express my concern for charlotte. Really? I was just at general hospital with grandmother and valentin. Aunt lulu's barely gone, and he's already moving to cut out grandmother. I think you misunderstood. We both know he's capable. Take the blinders off, lady. First, don't "lady" me. And -- and second, lulu and valentin have a binding custody agreement. It was lulu who changed the terms of that agreement when she went overseas. With that said, valentin has no problem with charlotte and laura seeing each other. He'll make that happen.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Hey. Oh, my god. What happened to you? Yeah, that's a good question. Cam's not talking. Not to me or to principal paddock. Look, I'm fine. Yeah, I don't think so. Why don't you go wait in the exam room for me? The principal? Yep. Cam got into a fight. Neither boy will say what happened, but the high school has a zero-tolerance policy for fighting, so they've both been suspended.

 Your angleto take down shiloh?

[ Inhales deeply ] So when I found kristina, she'd obviously been drugged. And she was lying on this floor in the attic. You know, it looked like it was ready for some type of ceremony. There were pillows and candles -- hold on. He drugs them, tattoos the girls, and he sleeps with them right there? Yeah, it looks like that. Okay, so you got kristina out of the room. Yeah, I got her out. So I found this cup. It was lying right next to her. And it was, uh -- it was metal with some engravings. But on the bottom, it's the same symbol that shiloh's followers have tattooed on their back. So I took it. Elizabeth is having it analyzed for me right now. Carly, I want to find proof that shiloh is drugging his followers. Hey, daisy, thanks for your help, but I've got this. I don't want to keep you. No, this is -- this is what shiloh wants. Nothing is as important as finding kristina right now. Okay.

[ Sighs ] All right, well, we know that she has her phone and her wallet. What's in her drawers? Okay, looks like most of her clothes are in there, so... I'm assuming she just left with a small bag. I just don't get why she left. Me, either. Krissy was so excited last night, and she went on and on about the "higher level" that she had achieved. That's what's so disappointing -- is that it's such an honor to receive an invitation to be so close to shiloh. I've never heard of anyone changing their minds. I mean, they know the consequences. What? What consequences? Thanks for coming so quickly. I was afraid I'd change my mind if you didn'T. About what? Helping your sister. I am willing to talk to kristina and share my experiences with dod and shiloh. Willow, thank you. That means so much to me that you're willing to help. Um...I know it wasn't an easy decision to make. I have one condition, and it's non-negotiable. Okay, go on. If I talk to kristina, it cannot be anywhere near the dod house or shiloh. I don't trust myself around him. Well, you -- you think he could get his hooks into you again? That... or I might kill him.

[ Telephone ringing ] Brad. Oh, shiloh, hi. Hey. How's it going? Great. Hey, how's everything going with wiley and lucas? Oh, good. Uh, real good.

[ Chuckles ] I-I can't believe you remember. Oh, no. Of course I remember. I find our work together very significant. Oh, yeah, I-I do, too. I just meant that you -- you teach so many people. Well, "every drop of water is extraordinary, for together they can create a mighty ocean." "A mighty ocean." Very good. Right, of course. So, are you finding my instruction useful? Oh, for sure. I'm sleeping better. My stomach's not acting up as much. Oh, that's fantastic. So good to hear. Will we be seeing you again at dawn of day? Oh, absolutely. I-I definitely need more zen in my life. Actually, I'm hoping to bring, uh, wiley and lucas with me next time. Really? Yeah. Oh, that would be great. That would be great. You know, bradley, you have a real aptitude for the work that we're doing. I can really see you going far at dod. Oh, wow! Um... thank you. Yeah, of course. Where'd you get that? Charlotte loves laura, and valentin knows that. He wouldn't do anything to come between them. Open your eyes! If you want charlotte to have any relationship with her grandmother, who is one of the best women, you need to use your pull with valentin to get him to back off. Back off who? Me. Valentin doesn't want to quarrel with my grandmother, so he's already moving to cut her out. Your knight in shining armor is blackmailing me. Is it legal for lulu to, uh, reassign her share of the custody of charlotte? I mean, can she do that while she's out of the country? Can she dictate that laura gets half of the custody of my daughter? Uh, well, the short answer is "no." I mean, lulu can express her wishes, but there's no legal grounds to enforce them. So laura has no legal standing when it comes to charlotte? Again, the short answer is "no," because th-there are legal avenues that lulu and laura can pursue. But they'd have to go back to court and re-litigate the current custody agreement, so -- which at that point, you can voice your own position. I want you to inform the court that lulu has left the country without giving me a day's notice, and I want to file for full legal and physical custody of my daughter. The next words out of your mouth better be an explanation as to why you were fighting. Silence is not an option. Look, I handled it, okay? You guys don't need to know what happened. And why is that? 'Cause it'd only hurt you. I think your mother is a pretty strong person. Can you stay out of this? Cameron! Sorry. Can I go now? Go where, dude? You're suspended. Okay, well, I still have community service. That can wait. Okay, yeah, you're not moving until you come clean. Mom, please, you're better off not knowing. I'm gonna find out one way or another what happened, and it'd be better for you if you'd just tell me yourself. Fine. You want to know why I beat the crap out of tyler hanson? He insulted aiden. Insulted him how? He called aiden... a little fairy boy.

Okay, so what do you think of the psychiatrist that sonny found for kristina? Well, I don't -- I don't like psychiatrists. I know that, but still. Um, well, I mean, dr. Byrne seems to know what he's doing, but I -- I don't see any other way to get through to kristina, honestly. How was she?

[ Sighs ] She was pretty out of it. Which was okay, because she didn't really fight me, and she gave me the code to her phone. That's because she trusts you. You know that. Uh, until she woke up, and then she was furious.

[ Sighs ] And I can't really say that I blame her. I mean, I did -- I did kidnap her. You kidnapped her for a good cause. You know, her own good. Yeah. Yeah, I know. But it sure would help to get some hard evidence against shiloh so I could just -- I'd turn it over to the cops. Really? You want to work with the cops? No. I want to make shiloh disappear. But him getting convicted and sent to prison -- that would be the best thing for kristina, because if she could see that dawn of day is a con, that will break shiloh's hold on her once and for all. This? Yeah. Oh, just something I have to test. Why? Uh, well, because that's mine. Are you sure? Yeah, you see, the symbol on -- on the bottom has -- has special meaning to dawn of day. The cup went missing this morning. Uh... wow. Can I ask what it's being tested for? Drugs. Drugs? I-I-I don't know how it wound up here, though.

[ Sighs ] Well, obviously by somebody who wants to discredit dod. I mean, somebody obviously wants to see us fail. Fail at making the world a better place? Why would anyone want that?

[ Chuckles ] Bradley, there are people who want to see us fail just simply because they don't understand, and then there's

[Inhales deeply] Others who want to see us fail for more personal reasons. I mean, jason morgan is a perfect example. I mean, he is so obsessed with his ex-wife that he attacked me. Did you hear about that? The nurse who asked me to run the tests is close with jason. Seriously? Oh, well, maybe jason stole the cup and -- and convinced his friend to -- to run a test. You know, it's amazing the lengths some people will go to for that guy. Yeah, to say nothing of the lengths that jason will go to. Well, what are the consequences for walking away from the trust? Where did you hear that term? Um, I-I... I don't know. Kristina maybe. Forget it, please. The only people who are supposed to know about the trust are the people who are a part of it. What would happen if I mentioned it to shiloh? Would -- would I be shunned? Is that what kristina's afraid that would happen to her? No, that's -- that's not how it is. Shiloh would never shun anyone. Especially kristina. I mean, she's so important to him. If shiloh is planning on bringing kristina into the trust, he'll be watching her closely. Actually, the, uh -- the ceremony was supposed to happen last night. Wait, no! Did your sister already go through with it? My -- my family got to her first. She is with them now, so...

[ Sighs ] Well, shiloh won't let her go so easily. He stays with you. He's still in my head now, no matter how many miles and months I put between us. Does it seem like, to you, that we're going out of our way to complicate things? Because there's an obvious solution to the shiloh problem.

[ Sighs ] Okay, kristina is sonny's daughter, sam's sister. They get to decide how to handle this. Okay. You're right. You're right. I mean, if it were me and someone were trying to tell me what to do with josslyn, I would be livid. I would. But they're too close to this, okay? Sam and sonny -- they're not seeing kristina clearly. Wait, what does that -- what do you mean? There's a blanket assumption that kristina can't handle what should happen to shiloh. Which is what? Shiloh needs to disappear. Okay, yeah, kristina will probably blame you and sonny, but there won't be any proof and you guys won't give her a straight answer and that's just the way it is. But I think, in trying to shield kristina, sam, sonny, and alexis, they're undermining her. Kristina knows they don't have any confidence in her, so kristina doesn't have any confidence in herself. So she pinfalls from one thing to another, trying to grab ahold of something that will make her feel whole. Okay. What if shiloh disappears and kristina breaks down completely? You see, that's what we don't know. That's why it's up to sonny and sam to decide. You're right. You're right, you know. I-I -- it's just my opinion. Okay, look, when I'm this tired, I don't have an edit button, so...

[ Sighs ] Thank you. Thank you for letting me vent. Sure.

[ Sighs ] You know what, stay here. Why? Well, just stay here.I'll be right back. Well, where are you going? Just stay here. Jason! How could valentin possibly be blackmailing you? Valentin wants me to tell my grandmother that I don't want charlotte to visit, when nothing -- nothing could be further from the truth. I didn't realize that youand charlotte were friends. Does she know about this? The point is valentin wants to cut grandmother out of charlotte's life, and I don't cooperate, he'll sic the feds on me.

[ Gasps ] The feds. The fbi? Believe it. He'll stop at nothing to get what he wants. Even come after me. Nina, please, I'm begging you, have a heart. Please, make valentin leave me alone. Spencer... give it up. Excuse me? Tell your woe-is-me story to someone else. I save my pity for the actual helpless. And you... are anything but. You're a worthy adversary. You're worthy of respect. Too bad valentin has no respect for you. And if he did, he wouldn't be keeping secrets with your precious sasha. So I was at lunch, and tyler was across the way with his idiot friends. And they kept looking back at me and laughing. So, I went over to ask them what's up. They were all like, "nothing." And so I was about to leave... and he said, "my sister told me all about aiden." And so I said, "what about my brother?" He said that... "he's a little fairy boy, and the entire grade calls him gayden." So, that's when I jumped him. It wasn't much of a fight -- he caved in after two punches -- but the supervisor already saw us and hauled us both to the principal's office. Anyway, tyler won't be running his mouth about aiden anymore. Lying piece of crap! Aiden's just a little kid. He's not like that.

Oh. [ Laughs ] What? I'm gonna turn into an orange, you know. Well, as long as you're taking care of yourself and that baby, I don't care if you're an orange. This baby is fine. It's my other baby I'm worried about. What do you mean? Oscar had another seizure last night.

[ Sighs ] I didn't know that. Yeah. And joss was with him, you know, and, uh... he's so sweet and romantic. He got josslyn this watch -- digital. Apparently, that's what's important.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, why? Well, um, I guess there's this superstition that when 11:11 comes up... ...someone you love who has died is reaching out to you. So, it's a way to just stay connected? Yeah. I mean, I don't know if I believe it, but what's important is that josslyn and oscar do. And, anyway, they started to play music and they were dancing and that'S... that's when oscar collapsed. You know better than to solve your problems by fighting, right? So I'm just to let some tool call my little brother fairy boy? Well, n-no, of course not, but fighting, cameron -- look, I was defending aiden. I mean, it's impossible to say that he's gay. He's a little kid. Hold on, it's impossible because you don't want kids picking on him? Or it's impossible because you don't want it to be true? Okay, all right, hold on. This is -- this is what we know about aiden -- he's -- he's different, right? I mean, he's not like the other kids his age. Just because he likes "kalinda of everwood" and baking? Well, there are some other things that -- and none of those things, alone or together, necessarily add up to one conclusion or another. Aiden's young. We're not gonna label him. It's not our job to impose one on him. Our job is to love him and support him -- no matter who he grows up to be. Yeah. But right now, he's in the third grade with a bunch of stupid little kids, and those kids have siblings. So unless you're gonna go door to door lecturing about tolerance and acceptance,

i have to do something. Wait, what do you mean? Every day, someone's gonna say something. And you just expect me to take it? You bet. So? So can't aiden be a little less gay? Nina: Okay, spencer, go on. Tell me what's going on between sasha and valentin. Did somebody say my name? I was just about to tell nina about the time sasha interrupted us at wyndemere. Yeah, what about it? I just had the feeling something shady was going on. You like talking about people, don't you? Would you like it if I started talking about you? I don't understand why jason isn't in jail for attacking you. Well, I declined to press charges because I didn't want to put sam through that. You know, I mean, he still is the father of her son, so... yeah, but if you don't do something, jason's just gonna keep coming after you.

[ Sighs ] Have him arrested for theft. You know, I-I can't do that. I don't want to involve the police, because if I do, they could possibly implicate you and jason's friend as accomplices. And I don't -- I don't want to do that. Oh. Right. Right. You know, man, all that held was tea and -- and valerian root. That was it. There's really no n-need to test it.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Why don't you just tell jason, and -- and that will be that? You know? Yeah. Hey. Oh. Hey, lucas. Hey, shiloh. How's it going, man? Good, how are you? Good, good. So, uh, it's good seeing you, man. We'll -- we'll talk later. Yeah. Okay, take care. Bye. See ya, fellas. Hey, guess what. A mix-up with the schedule. I'm gonna be off early tonight. Any chance, uh, you might be able to knock off early, too?

[ Elevator bell dings ] We've gone through all of kristina's belongings. There's nothing here that gives you a clue? Well, you saw kristina last night. What do you think she was feeling? She was really excited. I mean, she knew what a privilege it was to join the trust. Oh, gosh. And she hasn't even been studying with shiloh for that long. Okay, maybe that was it, though. Maybe the privilege was too much for kristina to bear. But kristina knew what it meant. If she wasn't fully committed, she wouldn't have made the pledge. The pledge? What is the pledge, exactly? If you're fully committed to dod, one day, you will be chosen... and then you'll find out. It doesn't sound like sleeping with shiloh is a choice -- it's expected. I mean, you went through the ceremony, and at the end of the ceremony, shiloh... shiloh has sex with you. Tha-that's coercion. Shiloh didn't force himself on me. He offered me a place in the trust. He said it was an honor. I mean, that's how everyone treated it, even my mom. My mom joined in, convincing me that being with shiloh meant that I was special. It wasn't until I went to school for my teaching credential that I realized dawn of day was just built on lies and shiloh is just a con man. He was my first -- the only man I'd ever been with. And he used me. Your baby, um... it was shiloh's, wasn't it? Yes.

So josslyn called the paramedics. And then she rode with him in the ambulance and they had to intubate him and she freaked out because she said she doesn't want him dying with a tube down his throat. How is oscar now? He's breathing on his own, and he's awake, and... I mean, he has... a few days at most, jason. And she's with him. She's upstairs on the third floor. She's sitting with him. She wants to be with him till the end. And it's taking everything in me not to park myself outside that hospital room, but I can't do that. It's not fair to drew or kim or even josslyn, you know? I just have to wait till she tells me she needs me... and keep myself busy.

[ Sighs ] Let's, uh -- let's go shoot some pool. Don't tempt me. What do you mean? Let's go. Let's do it. You need to bust shiloh. Nothing is more important than you... and joss. Okay, you just call me when you need me. I will. I promise. Thank you. Thank you so much, jason.

[ Sighs ] Elizabeth: No one is gonna ask aiden to be anything other than who he is. Certainly not just to make your life a little easier. That is

not what I said. Then why don't you say what you mean now? You're upset. It's because other kids were talking trash or because of who your brother is?

[ Backpack slams ] I don't want to have to deal with aiden getting hurt, bullied, teased, or called things. He's my little brother, and I love him. Well, then show it. Prove it. Support aiden. You could have saved your little brother a whole world of pain if you had just stepped up to the plate.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door slams shut ] He's wrong. He's wrong about everything. He's angry. And so am I. Angry that you're upset on your own behalf and not your brother'S.

[ Door opens ] Spencer: Uncle valentin! Let's not be hasty. You wanted a truce, and after further consideration...

[ Cellphone ringing ] ...I-I think that's -- that's what's best. You know what? Save it. This call is long overdue. No! Mr. Cassadine. Nora buchanan. I've got good news. I've been tracking down some case law that I think will prove useful. Well, thank you for, uh, the quick action, but it turns out it's not gonna be necessary. What now? Well, upon further consideration, I've decided not to, uh, pursue revision to charlotte's custody agreement. Sorry to have troubled you. Oh. No trouble. You'll get my bill. Ah, well, I look forward to that. Goodbye. That's the last of my patience. You're not gonna get another chance. Go! You weren't really blackmailing that kid, were you? What, that? That's just a little leverage to guarantee the truce he was talking about. Okay, well, I wouldn't count on that lasting. He'll do anything to make you look bad. Is there something going on between you and sasha? Do you remember last thanksgiving, you and charlotte were in new york? I offered sasha some money to go join you, and she said no. My daughter's a proud woman. Not as proud as her mother.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Telephone ringing ] So, I ran the drug test. What -- what are you talking about? Ah, save it. And, no, elizabeth didn't give you up. I put it together myself. The results are back, and... no drugs. Wait, there's nothing on here at all? Nope. Just traces of tea and valerian root, dude. Totally harmless. Hey. Did you find kristina? No, although I checked general and mercy. She wasn't there. But I think I know what happened to her. Really? Uh, what? I think jason kidnapped her.

[ Telephone ringing ] Hey. Lucas: Hey, babe. I just got a little paperwork to finish up, and, uh, then I can head out. Yeah. I'm finished, too. So -- oh, I was talking with shiloh, and he was saying that our next class would be free. So... how about it? As soon as I realized I was pregnant, I made my escape. I couldn't let shiloh find out I was carrying his baby. I mean, he'd mold his child into one of his blind followers. I-I'm so sorry, willow. I mean, I'm glad you -- you -- you broke away from shiloh. You know, you -- you got away, but it's -- I mean, you did all that to protect your -- your baby, and then you -- you lost it. Michael, stop. Hm, what is it? You have it wrong, and that's my fault. I've been lying to you. My baby didn't die.

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