GH Transcript Friday 4/12/19

General Hospital Transcript Friday 4/12/19


Episode #14260 ~ Finn offers his expertise; Valentin crosses with Spencer; Laura softens.

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Meeting is finally over. Hmm. My sentiments exactly. You should have just let me stay home. I didn't want you booking any more travel arrangements without my knowledge or approval. Just think of all the frequent flyer miles. You're welcome.

[ Laughs ]

[ Chuckles ] Okay, you. I have one more stop to make before we head home, okay?

[ Sighing ] Fine. But I'm trying to find lucy or epiphany. The nurses' ball is coming up, and I've got ideas. Can we meet back here in 20? Deal. Okay. Finn: You know, I've been... trying to find the right words -- perfect thing to say -- and all I can come back to is... awake I feel when I'm with you, w-w-w-which I know doesn't sound entirely romantic, but I realize I was... sleepwalking there for a while. And then you came along, and you... blackmailed me into working with you, which, again, doesn't sound

entirely romantic. But the point is... I don't want to go back to sleep, and I don't want to wake up again another day without knowing that you are by my side. So what I'm trying to say is, um... will you... marry... me?

[ Sighs ]

[ Box snaps ] Uh...was that, uh, uh, better or worse than the -- the -- the last one? Yeah. That's what I thought. You know, you're -- you're no more help than roxy.

[ Sighs ] So, what's got you so domestic? Oh, I don't know. I thought now that things have calmed down a little bit, you know, maybe you and I could relax and catch up?

[ Chuckles ] You and I? Well... we're just not the "catch up" type. Okay. So... there's nothing else that would bring me here? Nothing. Sasha, hi. Um, thank you so much for coming. Thanks for asking, but honestly, you guys don't need to take me to lunch. Well, after running the dna test, I think taking you to lunch is the least we could do. Please give us a chance to make it right. How's jordan? Well, she's like jordan. You know, um, actually, that brings me to why I'm here. You had mentioned that you would use your crimson platform to reach out for a kidney donor. So how's that going? I've got a call in to the feds. If we put pressure on canadian authorities, we can coordinate a search of the area where chamberlain's hand was recovered. There is no reason to call in favors or allocate resources to support a search that is already over. Chamberlain is dead.

[ Sighs ] The case is closed. Move on, commissioner.

[ Exhales sharply ] So. Just like that, the search for the man who murdered my daughter is finished?

[ Table thuds ] Late night? Oh. [ Laughs ] My son got engaged! And let me tell you, his fiancée, destiny -- she knows how to throw a party.

[ Chuckles ] Wow. Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you. Mm. Do you have any idea why we've been summoned? Jury selection isn't supposed to start for another two weeks. Oh, yeah, I -- I, um -- I requested the appearance. And -- and if all goes well, there won't be a trial.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] Cheers.

[ Knock on door ] Uh -- dr. Finn? Uh, um, m-madam mayor, what do I owe the pleasure? I just wanted to consult your medical expertise. I-I'm very curious what you think about ryan chamberlain and whether or not he could've survived.

Charlotte told me you were in port charles. I was wondering if we were gonna run into each other. Why are you in the hospital? I'm waiting for my grandmother. Yeah. How is laura? She's been through a heck of an ordeal. She's just fine. And I'm here to help take care of her. Well, seeing you must bring comfort. Speaking of "comfort" -- how are things with you and nina? Has she finally realized that you and her precious sasha are up to something? I completely understand you trying to protect nina, but for what it's worth, valentin really seems to love her, and I don't think he'd do anything to hurt her. You're absolutely right -- to a point. Valentin does love nina, and he would never do anything to hurt her -- but he would manipulate circumstances to his advantage. And I'm sorry to say, that's what we thought he was doing with you. And by doubting valentin, we were also calling your integrity into question. And when I say "we," I mean me. Peter was only involved because I asked him to help. I'm the one that wanted to do the snooping, and... I'm sorry. Please. No more apologies. You barely know me, and it's clear how much nina means to you. I really appreciate you understanding. I can only hope that nina feels that way eventually. She is...barely speaking to me right now. Um... yeah, thanks. Listen, uh, crimson did appeal to our readers for a possible kidney donor, and we got a lot of responses, just, um... not the right candidate.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. Yeah. I suspected as much. Donating a kidney -- that's a big ask. Yeah, yeah. How's dialysis going? She's keeping up with it. She's doing her thing and working around the appointments, so... yeah. Hey, listen. I've heard that someone can be on dialysis for a really long time. That may be the case for most, but jordan's career... doesn't lend itself to regular dialysis. Nina, she's gonna need that new kidney sooner than later. I got it. Hey, listen. I'm gonna put something else out, all right? We don't need a lot of responses. We just need the right match, right? Right. Right. On another note, I'm looking to take on more work. Kinda helps with the, uh, stream of income and... yeah. Gotta tell ya, it would keep me from hovering over jordan and driving her crazy. any assignments? Um... no, not lately, actually. I have been dealing with an investigation that I do not want. Wait, what? Forget it. Forget I said anything. Yeah, well, you know that's not gonna happen. Well, peter and maxie spent the last month trying to prove that sasha is not my daughter. Isn't a trial inevitable at this point? Oh, no. Far from it. No, actually, uh, my paralegal, dani, and i found some very interesting precedents. And if our hunch is correct, there's no way they're gonna be able to find you guilty. But i am guilty. Oh, see, no. See, guilt and responsibility are two different concepts. One is gonna get you some therapy time, and the other one's gonna get you some prison time. So, please, let me do my job and make sure the latter doesn't happen to you. Dawson: Buchanan. The clerk just handed this to me. You want to tell me what's going on? D.A. Dawson. Glad you could make it on such short notice. Bailiff: All rise! This court is now in session. The honorable judge amber chua presiding. You may be seated. Ms. Buchanan, I understand you have a motion you'd like to file? Yes, your honor, I do. I would like to request that all the charges against my client be dropped. U.S. And canadian authorities are satisfied that ryan chamberlain is dead. They recovered his hand. So what? Now, if it were up to you, would you call off the search? Do you believe that ryan is dead? My personal opinion doesn't carry any weight. Well, it does with me. No, I would like to hear it from a semi-objective source before I -- before you what? You know what? Forget it. It d-- it doesn't even matter because the fact is, the D.A.'S office closed the case and you don't have any resources left at your disposal, right? But you do. Is that what you were going to say? So, the canadian authorities have determined that ryan was alive when the hand was severed, and it was a very clean separation, like, possibly from a propeller blade or... ah, yes, well, I -- I'm happy to help any way I can, but I-I don't understand why you came to me. It's not exactly my area of expertise. Because you're an excellent doctor and because I respect you. Oh. So anyway, if he was alive when the hand was severed, what is the likelihood that he could have survived that?

[ Sighs ]

[ Laughs ] I still can't believe that actually worked. Okay, well, now you admit it, right? You're the one that convinced me that the "gum finger" was gonna override the scanner lock. Wait, wait. Okay. "Gum thumb." Let's get it right. Oh, yeah. No, no, that's right. Gum thumb, gum thumb. I mean, it was... it was no gondola fight, but... I did impress myself.

[ Chuckles ] Yes. It was kind of like when sean put us together on that first mission.

[ Teacup clatters ] You know, you were kind of flying by the seat of your pants. I had no idea what I was doing. It worked out all right.

[ Teacup clinks ] Better than all right. It's kind of murky for me, you know, back then. I-I'd love to hear your memories of that time. Any detail you want. So. We get to the real reason for this trip down memory lane. What's going on, annie?

[ Chuckles ] Nothing. I'm just...

[ Teacup clatters ] I'm just feeling nostalgic. That's all. You know, back in the day, I could never really tell when you were lying. But now? I can read you like a book, and you're terrified. Why? What if it wasn't me on that first mission? What if it was alex? And she's really robin's mother?

Your honor, it is a matter of record that dr. Collins admitted ryan chamberlain to ferncliff under an assumed name. We have the ferncliff records, as well as dr. Collins' own statement to that effect. Dr. Collins deliberately concealed his brother from the authorities. That defines aiding and abetting. Defense counsel is clearly wasting the court's time with this motion. This is nothing more than a stalling tactic. Okay, if the district attorney would allow me to continue, I-I can demonstrate to the court that my -- my request for dismissal is soundly reasoned and based on precedent. Ms. Buchanan, ms. Dawson -- there is no jury here for you to impress. Just me -- and what I find impressive is sound legal reasoning and respect for the court's valuable time. With that in mind, ms. Buchanan, please briefly outline your grounds for this motion. Thank you, your honor. The state has charged my client with aiding/abetting and obstruction of justice, both in connection with harboring a fugitive. But m-my client's actions are irrelevant because ryan chamberlain wasn't a fugitive at that time. He was, in fact... a dead man. Believe it or not, I'm sympathetic to your concerns. My son and kiki were friends. And I promise you, ava, if my department gets the slightest hint that ryan survived, I will resume the search and make it my top priority. Jordan, by then, it'll be too late. And I'm not gonna sit around and wait for ryan to choose his next victim. What do you mean by that, ava? What do you intend to do? The fact that the limb was severed cleanly improves chamberlain's chances of survival. But ultimately, it comes down to a very simple equation. Constant blood loss plus time equals death. Unless chamberlain received medical attention within a few hours of losing the limb, then he's, uh... dead. Okay, but what if he did get medical attention? Ah. Well, if he was able to apply a proper tourniquet to cut off the blood loss and was somehow able to... cauterize or seal the wound, then... there is a possibility he could survive. Okay. Thank you. Hey, I'm -- I'm sorry I couldn't give you a more... definitive answer. Um... I'm just...maybe curious. Um, I'd imagine you prefer him to be dead. Well, it would be a lot easier on a lot of people if he were. Ah. But, uh... it doesn't look like it's going to be that simple. Hmm. Well... thank you again. Mm-hmm. Uh, dr. Finn? Mm-hmm? I hope I'm not overstepping, but I -- well, I couldn't help but notice that maybe you were, uh, about to ask someone a very big, important question. saw -- just a little bit. I'm -- I'm sorry you had to witness that. I, uh...

[ Chuckling ] Oh, please! But perhaps now that you did, um... may I ask your opinion on something as a -- as a discerning woman? Of course. Okay. Um...

[ Gasps ] ...What's your take on this? Wow. She's going to love it.

[ Exhales sharply ] Yeah? Yes!

[ Laughs ] Okay. You got this.

[ Laughs ] Okay. Good luck, although I'm sure you don't need it. Yeah, no, I w-- thank you. Thank you. Huh. You're robin's mother. I'm her father. And we've always known that -- but what if we're wrong? What if that's the memory? It's not. But you said that it had to be a very significant memory for alex to go to all that trouble to cover it up. Anna, you've had a lot of significant memories. Yeah, but what if this is the one! Listen. I was on that mission.

We were on that mission. We got washed up on an island. We got roped into a wedding ceremony. Nine months later, robin turned up. She's your daughter. Prove it! Prove that it was me and not alex. You can'T. No one can. I'm not really sure what you're implying, but sasha is a welcome addition to the family. You may be able to fool nina, but you can't fool me. You and sasha are in cahoots about something. You know, I should tell charlotte. She'll finally have to admit that her "papa" is a liar and a thief. Well, charlotte was very concerned when you told her that you had rigged the election in laura's favor. I mean, she wanted her grandmother to win, but not like that, not through cheating. She didn't know what to do, who to talk to, so she told me. And I told her don't worry because the truth always comes out in the end. You're bluffing. I never admitted anything to charlotte. Yeah? How about we ask the fbi? One anonymous call from a concerned citizen to the electoral board? They'll be able to know the hack came from a -- a ballot machine that you had access to. Do you know what the penalty is for electoral fraud? 'Cause the fact that you're a minor's gonna have no bearing on that punishment. You think about that next time you want to throw threats around. Laura: Spencer? What's going on here?

Alex and i are identical twins, right? Um...there's no dna test that could prove which one of us is robin's mother. You are robin's mother. That's what you want to believe. You don't think I know the difference between you and alex? Well, you know the difference now, but you didn't back then. We were strangers to each other. That was our first assignment together. You couldn't gauge my behavior. You didn't have anything to compare it to. It could have been that -- that you were with alex all that time. You know, if I wasn't standing here watching you slowly unravel, I might be insulted by that. I've worked it out. See, alex -- she could have been impersonating me, and then she got pregnant, and she had the baby in secret. And then she realized that, you know, a child was just not something that she could handle. And dr. Cabot, he proposed this mind study, and so she had that memory transferred to me, and I believed that robin was mine, and I raised her as my daughter.

[ Voice breaking ] But... what if she's not? Wait. Maxie ran a third dna test on sasha? Yeah, right, which proved yet again that sasha's my daughter. What made her believe otherwise? Maxie doesn't trust valentin. I-I don't have the cover layout for the may issue. Where -- I mean, maxie should be doing her job instead of trying to be detective. So, maxie believed valentin was up to something? Yes. It's convoluted and ridiculous. Maxie thinks there's some secret deal going on between valentin and my aunt liesl.

[ Cellphone rings ] It's nina's office line. Hello, nina? Where's the cover layout for the may issue? The may issue? I thought I had a few more days. I need to see whatever you've got. Okay, um, I'll be right there. I-it's a little rough. I don't want excuses. Just get it on my desk. Okay, um... I-I need to go. Uh, nina moved up a deadline, and I have to get back to work. I'm really sorry to cut this short. Um, rain check? Sure. No problem. Okay. I'll see you later. Yeah. Hello, madam mayor. Spencer and I were just talking about you. You are not to approach nikolas' son. Do I make myself clear? Crystal. Good. Still, fortunate that I ran into you. Uh...saves me a phone call.

[ Chuckles ] We need to create a visitation schedule for charlotte while lulu is out of town. Oh, I don't think so. I apologize, commissioner. I've taken up enough of your time. Grief doesn't entitle you to break the law. I don't even know what that means. What does -- what does that mean? Don't do anything that could jeopardize the integrity of this investigation. Oh, but there is no investigation. Remember? Ryan is dead, right? Case closed.

[ Sighs ] Julian, this is commissioner ashford. We need to have a conversation about your sister... before she does something that she'll regret. Objection, your honor. Ryan chamberlain was clearly not a "dead man" when dr. Collins was treating him. Ooh, correction, your honor. Initially, uh, ryan chamberlain was presumed dead for seven years, but after that, he was then "declared dead in absentia." Legally speaking, the state had recognized him as deceased. So therefore, he no longer was considered to be a fugitive. So my client broke no laws in harboring him. Southern farm vs. Burney, 1984. The courts determined that a defendant was found liable on fraud charges for a fake death. Okay, that is a civil case, your honor, not a criminal case. And the whole nature of that case is based on -- on debts and insurance payouts. Dr. Collins did not --

[Chuckles] Did not defraud anyone. If you need further precedent, there's the clyde tuggle case that is now pending in the pennsylvania supreme court.

[ Chuckles ] Your honor, this is all very creative, but dr. Collins knew that a man who murdered seven women was evading prosecution. He actively worked to conceal this man, his twin brother, from the authorities. Because of dr. Collins' actions, a violent psychotic was free to kill three more people and attack a fourth. Dr. Collins had a moral obligation to report his brother's existence to the proper authorities. Moral, perhaps, but the court is not in the business of legislating morality.

Robin is the one constant in my life. You know, the thought that I might not be her mother or -- or that I'm not emma and noah's grandmother, you know? Mm-hmm. I can't imagine a-a greater loss... than that. Yeah. I mean, probably greater than, um... steinmauer. 20 years at steinmauer, or maybe facing a firing squad. What can be greater than losing robin and the grandkids, right? What are you talking about? You! You're punishing yourself.

[ Laughs ] Let's face it. There's nothing else going on here. Okay, if -- if you don't want to help, you should just leave. Mm. Mnh-mnh. No, you should leave. No, you started this -- we're gonna finish it. So, you were a double agent, something you never forgave yourself for. Now, the wsb simply... redacted the records and closed the files. But they never did punish you, did they? So here we are. You've decided today to punish yourself. That's not true. It's not.

[ Stammering ] Go ahead, punish. Punish away! Don't punish robin, don't punish our grandkids, and don't punish me, because you're not gonna rewrite history and trash the greatest thing that ever happened to me! Hi, nina! It's up on the system, so you can take notes. It's pretty much there, but I can incorporate whatever you want. I'll take a look at it. What do you want, a cookie? You're doing your job. That's all. Look, nina, I know how much I screwed up, okay? I know. But I was just trying to protect you. You set out to prove that my fiancé and my daughter were deceiving me. Two of the most important people in my life. You were trying to protect me? If that were the truth, it would destroy me. I know how much you're invested, and I just wanted to make sure. Maxie, I don't want to talk about this anymore. Please, go. Please. Maxie, wait. Nina...I really think you owe it to yourself to hear her out. You and my daughter share equal custody, and I'm charlotte's guardian when lulu is out of town. Your name is not on the custody order, and there is no provision for lulu to, uh, recommend a substitute. Lulu has made her wishes clear -- her wishes are meaningless because they're not in a court order. She left the country with not so much as a day's notice. She made no arrangements for charlotte. That leaves me with full custody.

[ Elevator bell dings ] And you're wasting no time taking advantage of that. Okay, I want to keep things amicable. So charlotte wants to see you, she can see you, as long as it doesn't conflict with her schedule or my schedule or your schedule. I gather you're a pretty busy woman these days. Trust me, I will make time.

[ Sighs ] And what about you? You're uncharacteristically quiet. Is he staying with you? I mean, uh, you know, you and charlotte have a little bit of a checkered history lately. That might get kinda awkward. So think about it. You may find that you and i agree on this matter.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Your honor, ryan chamberlain was declared dead. It is legally impossible to aid and abet a dead man. Kevin collins committed no crime. This case cannot stand. I'm ready to rule. Dr. Collins... your decision to shelter your brother, whom you knew to be a violent psychotic, from the proper authorities demonstrates a severe lapse in judgment. Your actions contributed to three murders and the near-fatal attack on lulu falconeri, carried out by your brother. However, ms. Buchanan is correct.

 I'll say this as many times as you need to hear it: I'm robin's father, and you are her mother. Anna: Saying it and wanting it doesn't make it true. It doesn'T. Damn it, anna. You're going down a rabbit hole here which is three parts guilt and one part paranoia, and it's gonna bury you if you're not careful.

[ Sighs ] Hi. Hi. I take it you told him what's going on. What do you know about what's going on? Not much. I-I told him. What does he know? Come on. He wasn't there. He didn't live it. And I'm telling you, you're chasing at shadows. Listen, I -- I agree with you. It's highly unlikely, but in anna's defense, it's not impossible, all right? As identical twins, anna or alex could be robin's mother. This has nothing to do with alex or cabot or memory transfer. It has to do with anna's past, and you weren't there, so stay out of it. Okay. Oh, stop, you two, please. Sasha, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but it really doesn't concern you. Yes, it does. Look, when you and i first met, we didn't hit it off right away. But eventually, I let you in, and we started this bond. And I admit, I felt a little jealous of your relationship with maxie at first. You guys were already a family, and I had been missing that since my mom -- my adoptive mom -- passed away. I-I understand. Because family is family, no matter how it's formed, right? And you and maxie and james are family. Now, families are messy, and sometimes people make mistakes or cross boundaries, but the trick is remembering that love and forgiveness are the things that keep us together. And I say "us" because if maxie is your family, then I guess she is my family, too. And I forgive her. Thank you, sasha. I really appreciate that. Okay. I guess I'll just go. Maxie, wait. Valentin! Hey. Yeah? You want something? You want a hair sample or something? I owe you an apology for doubting your intentions with nina. Yeah. Yeah, you do.

[ Sighs ] Because I'm not a saint. I admit it. But I'd never hurt nina, and you know that. Oh, you'd never

intentionally hurt her. But as you know, actions often have unintended consequences. Tell me something. When you said you'd be my best man, was that sincere, or was it just part of a strategy?

[ Sighs ] A little of both. See, I have some idea of how far you're willing to go to make nina happy. Manufacturing a daughter is definitely in your wheelhouse. So when maxie wanted to run a dna test, I didn't see the harm in it. As it turns out, you were vindicated, and I'm glad for it. I do want to see you and nina happy. I do.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Sorry, peter. I got some business to attend to. Your honor,I intend to appeal this ruling. That's your prerogative, counselor. But I'd advise you to consider the potential drain on your office's resources to prosecute a defendant who poses no danger to society. Even if you secure a conviction, it won't bring back the victims. You'd be pursuing this case for the sake of a headline -- a slippery slope you've already gone down before. This court is dismissed.

[ Gavel bangs ] Bailiff: All rise! This isn't over. What just happened? Um, I saved your butt.

[ Stammering ] And the appeal? Oh, well, you heard the judge. Once D.A. Dawson realizes that she'll just be opening up her office to further embarrassment, she's gonna drop the whole thing. So that's it? Three people are dead, and I get a stern talking-to? I can't help you wrestle with your conscience. I'm just a defense attorney. My job was to make sure you got exonerated, which I did. Now, if you want to pay a debt to society, there are all manners of charities out there who would welcome the services of an expert psychiatrist such as yourself. And that's a lot to think about. Yeah. And I am eternally grateful. Aww. Hey! At least your wife got back the money she posted for your bail. Yes, there's that.

[ Both chuckle ]

 I don't think I can live with this uncertainty hanging over my head. I mean, I-I need to know if robin is my biological daughter. I-I-I have to retrace my steps or find some kind of documentation to uncover the truth... whatever it is. You'll have to do it without me. I -- [Chuckles] I happen to know the truth. Robert, you don'T.

[ Scoffs ] Look, I'm not gonna stand around here and watch you torture yourself. You got him for that. Hey, I have a little good news: I won my case, so I'm not gonna be commuting between llanview and port charles. All right, yeah. Um...about 8:00, I think. Yeah. Hey, I have an idea. How about we celebrate by ordering in some burgers from rodi's? Doesn't that sound like a good idea? Excellent. All right, sweetheart. I love you. Okay, bye. Hello, nora buchanan. Fancy seeing you here.

[ Sighs ] Nina, I'm so sorry for going behind your back... I understand. I understand. But in the future, please, let's just be up front with each other, okay? Deal? Absolutely. Deal. Okay.

[ Exhales sharply ] Sasha, you really just stuck your neck out for me right now, and a-after what I did to you, I'm not sure why. Sometimes, with the best of intentions, we start digging a hole, and before we know it, we're in too deep to climb out. I just know in your position, I would want nina to find it in her heart to forgive me, too. While charlotte and i share a mutual appreciation of our grandmother, we differ on many subjects. Starting with her loathsome "papa."[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Sighs ] I know -- laura? Kevin. Would you look who it is? Hello, spencer. Spencer. Uh...don't you have to go look for epiphany? But I thought we -- spencer, please. Okay. Sorry to interrupt. Oh, that's all right. That's okay. I'm here to file an appeal with the hospital board. Really? I would have thought you'd have other priorities right now. I just came from court. Oh. All the charges were dropped. Kevin, that's fantastic! Yeah. I-it seems I can't be guilty of aiding and abetting a fugitive if said fugitive had already been legally declared dead. Good for you. A-anyway, on the subject of ryan, uh, there -- I hear that his right hand was recovered. Yes. I just spoke to dr. Finn, and he thinks that there's a possibility... that ryan could be alive. I just wanted to know what you thought. I wish I could say with certainty that he's gone, but...I just can'T. I know a couple people who would agree with you on that. What about you? You know, the canadian authorities seem absolutely convinced that ryan died, so I guess -- I guess we just have to wait. Anyways, in the meantime, good luck with your appeal. Thank you. You're welcome. I can't participate in those proceedings 'cause I can't possibly be objective. So, um... if I did have a say, though, I would vote for you to stay here at G.H. Thank you. You're welcome. That really means a lot. Vodka martini, please -- very dirty, three olives.

[ Sighs ] Hey, you know something? Um, scratch that. I'm going to have a small coffee, black, to go, please. Julian has been telling me that I ought to cut back. In this case, he's absolutely right. I gotta keep my wits about me.

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