GH Transcript Thursday 4/11/19

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 4/11/19


Episode #14259 ~ Alexis feigns ignorance; Molly confronts Sam; Michael asks Chase for help.

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Sonny. It's me. How's kristina, and when can I come see her? Sonny: She's safe. From what I know, she's still knocked out from whatever drug they gave her. Yeah, so much for dawn of day being the "only people she can trust." I hope she sees it that way. I'm gonna touch base with jason, and then, uh... I'll let you know when you can come by. Keep me posted. Hey. Hi. You okay? I've had better days. Yeah? What do y-- big case? Mm. There's a lot at stake.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh. Ooh. You wouldn't be referring to kristina, would you? Why would I be referring to kristina? 'Cause she just bailed on work.

[ Inhales deeply ] Hey. Take it easy. Everything's okay. You're fine. Jason? Hey. What happened? You were in a bad place... and I took you out. It doesn't bother me anymore. It bothers me. It's like he branded you. He did. But... now it's just a tattoo. I'm free. Do you know what I wish? That you could kiss it and make it better?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Something like that. You're welcome to try.

[ Chuckles ] Have you heard from kristina? No. I haven'T. She hasn't called, and her phone goes right to voicemail. But I have daisy out looking for her. What do you think could have happened?

[ Sighs ] I mean... maybe she's just not as devoted to dawn of day as you thought. No, she is! She is! Alright? I made sure of that.

[ Exhales deeply ] Shiloh? Are you -- hey! [ Chuckles ] There you are. I'm s-- hey. What'd I tell you about knocking? I'M... yes, I'm sorry. I-I-I forgot. I just... I'm kind of really embarrassed about last night. Wh-- oh, no, no. No. You know what? It's n-- it's not a biggie. Y-you had a moment, you moved through it, and you -- you -- instead of running to jason, you -- you -- you reached out for help. You should be proud of yourself. I-I certainly am. Sam, have you spoken to kristina this morning? How's oscar? Uh, we're just... waiting for him to wake up. Yeah. Can you do me a favor? Can you go to the cafeteria and get something to eat for your mom? Sure. And, josslyn...can you get something for yourself? You need to eat. You gotta -- you gotta gain your strength. Okay.

[ Sighs ] Hey. What's the update on the prognosis? Um...well, they, uh, took him off the ventilator because he can breathe on his own. But, uh... they don't know if he's ever gonna wake up. All we can do is keep oscar comfortable and wait...

[ Monitor beeping loudly ] Kim. Hey, oscar. Oscar. Hey, buddy. Hey, oscar. Hey, honey. Can you hear me? Honey, your dad and i are right here.

Hey, honey. Can you hear me? Hmm? Can you open your eyes, son? Come on. Hey, hey, hey, hey, there! Hi.

[ Chuckling ] Hey.

[ Croaks ] Oh, don't try to talk just yet. It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. Easy, easy, easy, easy. We just took out your breathing tube, so it's gonna be a little while before your voice comes back. But don't worry. It hasn't gone anywhere.

[ Monitor beeping ] Oh. Okay, baby. It's okay. It's okay.

[ Exhales deeply ] It's okay. Hey, you know what? Uh, joss, she's -- she's outside. I'm gonna -- I'm gonna get her for you. A-actually, I-- I'd like a minute alone with oscar. I'd like to examine him and just run a few simple tests without any distractions. Yeah. Happy though they may be. Good. Good. Absolutely. Um...

[ Sniffles ] We'll be close by. Good to see you.

[ Sniffles ] I love you.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Um, here you go. Please drink this whole thing. It's full of folic acids -- good for the baby. -Okay. -[ Sniffles, exhales sharply ] -Hey. -Oh. -Hey. -Hey. Hey, any changes? Yeah, I'd say a pretty big one. Yeah. He's awake. Yes. He's awake, and he's breathing on his own. But because of the breathing tube, he can't speak. So... I guess the good news is he can't cut you off.

[ Both chuckle ]Okay, well, I'll take full advantage for as long as I can. Can I go see him? Not just yet, honey. Um... dr. Randolph wants to perform some tests first, so... if y'all just excuse me. I need to, uh... yeah. ...Call julian and give him an update. I'm gonna go ahead and go. Um... he's in our prayers. Thank you. I'll keep you posted on everything here. Okay. It's not over yet. I get to see him again and talk to him again, and he gets to talk to me. It's not over.

[ Exhales sharply ] We still have time. Is it okay that I spent the night? I-I'm just -- I'm not sure about the etiquette. I've this is my first relationship. Is it too soon to call it that? Um, I-I don't want to sound clingy.

[ Chuckles ] No, I'd -- I would definitely, definitely consider us in a relationship. Me, too. Yeah. I mean...I agree. And I am -- I am happy that you spent the night. I hope there's many more. Me, too. I just said that, didn't I?

[ Both chuckle ]

[ Exhales deeply ] That was kim. Oscar's finally awake. Good. That's good. Yeah. Did she say anything otherwise? Just that they're doing more tests. Actually, I think I'm gonna head over there now.

[ Door opens ] Um... -hey! Mom. I'm glad you're here. Uh, why are you so glad to see me at this location? Well, uh, it's kristina's shift, so I thought I would try to negotiate a truce. Hopefully, we can agree to disagree on dawn of day. Yeah, I actually hate to disappoint you, but she, uh, just texted. Said she won't be coming in. Is she sick? She didn't say. Uh, but I do have to head out. I'll see you later. Well, give kim and oscar my best. Yeah, I will. Thank you. So, have you seen kristina?

[ Door opens ] Nope.

[ Door closes ] She ghosted me, too. That is how you use the word, right? Yeah. Pretty much. Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but I can't 'cause I have an important meeting. -Okay. -Don't worry, honey. Your sister will show up. No, I-I haven't heard from kristina this morning, not that I expected to. Why? Is something wrong? No, I just think we got our, uh... I just think we got our wires crossed, you know? And that happens from time to time, even in a -- an organization that prizes communication as much as we do. Yeah. Yeah. Sam, you were here yesterday. How did kristina seem to you? Honestly?

[ Chuckling ] I-I think she seemed really great. I mean, the best that I've seen her in a really long time. She's really happy and at peace, actually.

[ Chuckles ] W-w-why? Well, I-I have a -- I have a check-in that I do every morning -- just to keep myself from worrying, you know -- and, uh -- and she missed it.

[ Chuckles ] Which is a first for her. A -- a first? And, um... yeah. I'm sorry, but krissy is not known for rules usually. Huh. She's been completely reliable since she's been with us. -Mm-hmm. Well, you know, everyone does have an off-day. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] I wouldn't worry. Well, I'm sure she'll turn up. Here. Drink this. You'll feel better.

[ Sighs ] What is this place? It's a property. You mean a safe house. W-why am i here?

[ Sighs ] Oh, my god. I was at dawn of day -- it was my ceremony. Yeah, the ceremony never happened. Well, why not?! What did you do?! I let myself in the house. You were in -- in the attic, and I carried you out. Y-you had no right! It was my ceremony -- my choice -- shiloh honored me! D-did he know that you were there? No. So, shiloh just thinks that I ran away? After he chose me? How could you do that to me?!

Hi. Oscar's sleeping again. Which is perfectly normal. Well, can i go sit with him? Um, if it's alright with you... are you kidding me? You're -- you're the one he wants to see. Just...get in there. Kim: Go ahead. Uh, josslyn, um... you need to prepare yourself. This last seizure... took its toll. Thanks. But you don't have to worry about me. I can handle anything. I believe her.

[ Chuckles ] I'm gonna give you guys some privacy... thank you. Um, dr. Quartermaine asked to be included. I assume that's okay? Yeah, of course. She's family. Oh. Thank you. Thank you for calling, dr. Randolph. You said you had an update on my grandson? Why don't we go someplace a little more private? Okay. Hey, hey, hey. You can't -- you can't leave the house. You can't leave -- oh, so you're just keeping me prisoner? No, max and milo are here. They can't let you go. So if you're gonna be mad at somebody, just be mad at me, okay? I don't need your permission to be mad at you. You violated all my rights, my agency, my free will, and you're just gonna stand there and act all superior? You kidnapped me because you're jealous of shiloh! It's too late, jason. You can't get sam back. She's seen the truth, and so have I. Shiloh is enlightened. You're on a path to nowhere! You want some breakfast? The only thing that I want from you is my freedom! Ugh!

[ Exhales sharply ] Jason. It's me. I've known you my entire life. And I thought you were the only person that would be fair to me -- if -- if it was up to me, I would've taken you away from shiloh weeks ago. You can't do this! You have to let me go! You're right about one thing: I have known you... your entire life. And whenever it's possible, I have always done my best to keep you safe. Do you really think I'm gonna stop now?

[ Knock on door ] -Yeah? -Chase, it's michael. Hey. Are you good? Hey. Uh, yeah. Look, I-I-I've been -- I've been thinking about what willow told us about dawn of day and that there has to be a way to close shiloh down. The guy's very careful. I mean, there's no evidence of fraud or coercion. Yeah, I'm not -- I'm not talking about a straightforward, legal approach. I can't break the law to catch this guy. And even if I were willing, there's about a billion ways it could blow up in our faces. H-how about we do another sting operation? Like we did with nelle...ooh, is that bacon I smell? Michael? Hi. -Hey. Sorry. Good morning. You didn't tell me that you were, uh... no, we'll -- we'll, uh -- we'll discuss this later, okay? I mean, you're already here. We can have some breakfast, come up with an out-of-the-box way to trap shiloh. Any problems? No. Sam got shiloh away from the house, which [Inhales deeply] Allowed me time to go to kristina's room and get her phone. And, sonny, I found her in the attic, and I just -- I carried her out. How'd you unlock the phone? Kristina gave me the password. I mean, she was... she was pretty doped-up last night, and she didn't realize what was happening.

[ Sighs ] So, uh, this morning, I texted julian from kristina's phone -- said she wasn't coming in. So, as far as julian and shiloh are concerned, she took off on her own? How is she? Now that she understands what happened? She's furious.

[ Sighs ] Kristina?

[ Crying ] Dad! Thank god you're here! -It's okay. It's alright. It's alright. It's gonna be alright.

[ Door closes ]

[ Sniffles ] Okay, so I know that -- that you and jason think that you're trying to help me, but this is really just doing more harm than good. Do you think you're better off at -- at dawn of day? I know you don't think so, but yes, I do. Dad, you have to take me back, please!

[ Sniffling ] The tumor's growth has severely compromised oscar's mobility. His right side is considerably weakened -- between strength and balance issues, I worry he's gonna have trouble walking. I want to be very clear. Oscar will not regain the ground he's lost. In my experience, once a patient reaches this stage, things progress quickly. Hmm... took you long enough. I'm sorry. I'll forgive you this time. Terry: Other than keeping oscar comfortable, there's nothing further we can do for him... medically speaking. So, I guess it's time we figure out what we're going to do.

I have made arrangements at the house for you and oscar to move in and stay as long as you need to. You can -- you can come today if you want.

[ Chuckles ] Thanks, monica. That's, um... that's very generous of you. It's not generosity. It's family. We're gonna have to... ask oscar first, see what he wants to do. Oh. Oh, of course. Of course. And there is no pressure about this. Please understand. I mean, oscar may want to just stay in his own room or... go with you to mount kilimanjaro. He told you about that, did he? Mm-hmm. Oscar's wishes are paramount here. Okay. So, um... I guess the first thing we need to do is we need to talk to oscar... ...about the end of his life...

[Inhales shakily] And then we need to just ask him where he wants to live out the rest of his days.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. I hate to say this again.

[ Sighs ] What shiloh is doing is wrong, but it doesn't break any laws. Okay, so we need a new angle. What about the money? At dawn of day, giving money to shiloh is considered an honor. The more you give, the deeper you move into his "trust circle." Yeah, but there -- there is an im-- implied coercion. He's got kristina so dependent on this group, and if she -- she stops paying up, then he'll expel her. That -- that's -- that's extortion. Good luck proving that in court. Look, I want to shut shiloh down, too. We don't have a way in. We do have something. We have you. I really did want to apologize again for last night. I was kind of a mess

[Chuckling] You have to admit. But I think we made a tiny breakthrough? No. We made a significant breakthrough.

[ Door opens ] I was told it was unnecessary to knock, so I just came in. Sam, what are you doing here? Did you come by to check on kristina? You must be molly. And you're shiloh. I am. The man who is "not" running a cult and "not" brainwashing my sister. I'm not doing either of those things. Great. Well, is kristina here? Because she called in sick at charlie'S. She did? Can you go get her for me, please? Or maybe send one of your minions? -Uh... -[ Laughs ] I'm sorry. Krissy's not here. She lives here, doesn't she? So if she's not at work and she's not at..."home," then where is she? She could be anywhere, molly. Just because she's not home...

[ Chuckles ] I mean, there are a lot of other options. I'm sorry. You're not worried? Not yet. Okay, so if you're not here checking on kristina...? Oh, no. Sam's here with me. She's one of my students. Have you completely lost your mind? You know I love you, right? I know, dad. It's because I love you so much, that's why I have to keep you here to keep you safe, and I -- hold on. Hold -- you can -- y-you're not going back there. You're -- you can't do this! You have no right! I have every right to protect my daughter from a predator. Shiloh is not a predator. Just because he understands me in a way you never could! He's using you, sweetheart! He's keeping you from everybody who loves you! Okay, if you refuse to listen, then I just need to talk to mom, because she cares about the law, which you are breaking by keeping me here! I've broken worse!

[ Knock on door ] You want to talk to your mother? Go ahead. Talk. "The mole had been working very hard all the morning, spring-cleaning his little home. First with brooms, then with dusters; then on ladders and steps and chairs, with a brush and a pail of whitewash; 'til he had dust in this throat and eyes, and splashes of whitewash all over his black fur, and an aching pain and weary arms." You are a very entertaining reader.

[ Chuckles ] Well, it helps when you have a captive audience.

[ Chuckles ] Hey, joss, um... can we have a little parent/son time here, please? -Mm-hmm. Yeah. Yeah. -Thank you. I appreciate it. Of course. Um... I'll be outside.

[ Monitor beeping ] Hey.

[ Sighs ] You must be tired, huh? -Yeah, I am. -Yeah. I don't know why. All I've been doing is sleeping.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Okay. So, we talked to dr. Randolph... ...and the tumor is growing... rapidly. Which is why... after this last seizure, you're...not as strong on the right side as you were before. Okay. And as time goes on...'re probably gonna have more of these seizures like this. Okay, then.

[ Sniffles ] I guess that means we're finally in the home stretch.

[ Sniffles ] Yeah. This is it. I'm really dying.

[ Exhales sharply ] Yes, my beautiful boy.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Voice breaking ] You are.

 wow. You went along with this? It wasn't my first choice. Yeah, I'm an adult. And I could press charges. I could get you disbarred. -Okay. -[ Sighs ] Alright, when you get out of here, you -- you go ahead and you do that, because it'll be worth it to me, knowing that you're out of dawn of day. Why are you two so afraid of people who are kind and generous and loving? Because they aren't kind and generous and loving. They are behaving that way falsely in order to lure impressionable young people in there. Why say "impressionable"? Why not just call me "stupid"? Because you aren't stupid.

[ Knock on door ] What? I-is everyone invited to this kidnapping? Jason's bringing somebody that could help you through this, sweetheart. Neil? You two know each other? You could say that. He's my therapist. You've actually fallen for this guy's act? Molly, it's not an act. I actually investigated shiloh. Was there questionable things in his past, yes, but everything turned out to be legitimate. Wow. You know what? You are good. To get sam to fall for this act. And that's exactly what this all is, by the way. You know, the whole... feeding the poor and helping the homeless. It's just a front. By the way, I read your book. It's derivative, some parts are actually plagiarized, and the author is a textbook narcissist. I flagged appropriate passages. Molly, stop!

[ Chuckles ] Do not talk to him like that. I'm so sorry she spoke to you that way. Do not apologize for me! Good luck with your enlightenment. Molly, wait! -I gotta -- -no, no, no. No, you go. Molly!

[ Door slams ] Come here! Listen to me!

[ Door slams ] I can't talk to you right now! Can I please -- just listen to me for a minute? This place is a cult, sam. A cult. He's getting people to open up about their lives, and then...what? What is he doing with that information?! And in the meantime, he is taking people's money, and he is getting in between his followers and their families.

[ Stammers ] Nobody will ever get between kristina and me. Yeah, that's because you've already been recruited, too. But I am not knocking back the punch like you and kristina, and I'm not losing both of my sisters to shiloh.

[ Chuckles ] You can meet shiloh in public. I mean, you know his tricks. And then what? Try to record him? Shiloh is too smart to say or do anything incriminating. I have been in the room when shiloh has come to visit willow. Is it okay to talk about this? Yeah. Go ahead. Okay. I've seen the games he plays to manipulate her. Alright, it -- it's creepy. I find it unsettling, and I carry a weapon. So, I'm all for helping you

if we come up with a decent plan. But I will not put willow anywhere near that guy. What if she didn't have to go near shiloh? I'm reading oscar "the wind in the willows". Can you believe he never read it when he was a kid?

[ Chuckles ] I never read that book when I was a kid. Jax got it for you. His mom used to read it to him when he was little. He was sure you would love it. Well, he was right. It's an awesome book. Can't believe you never read it. You missed out.

[ Footsteps approaching ] -Hello. -Hey. Uh, kim and drew asked me to give you an update on oscar. The tumor has progressed and we're going to try to keep him as comfortable as possible and hopefully he'll have a few more alert days. Days?

[ Inhales deeply ] His time is very short. Well, um... does he -- does he have to d-- die here? He probably won't say anything, but I know that's not what he wants. I don't think he would want it, either. Uh...we're talking about options right now. In fact, his parents are talking to him as we speak. Thank you. Yeah. Excuse me.

[ Voice breaking ] Well, um [Sniffles] "The -- the wind in the willows" isn't that long. Maybe we'll have time to finish it. Come here. Come here. Come here.

[ Crying ] Come here.

[ Sobbing ] Shh.

 Look, if I can get kristina alone with you, maybe -- maybe you can get through to her. I doubt it. Shiloh's followers are led to believe that doubters are weak and less-evolved. But you -- you weren't always a doubter, right? I mean, you -- you -- you believed in shiloh. I mean, you went along with the ceremony and you did... everything... look, willow, kristina needs to know the truth, and you might be the one person that she'll accept it from. It's priceless. My dad accidentally hired my mother's therapist to deprogram me from an imaginary cult. Kristina, it's nice to meet you. Really? Because just by being here makes you an accomplice to a federal crime. No, it doesn'T. Okay, well, you would know, wouldn't you? Because you know everything, don't you? So, dr. Byrne, is it? You can call me neil. I'm not going to do that. If you really want to help me, you can cure my parents. Because they need your services way more than I do. Well, they seem fine to me. Did you forget the part where they're keeping me here against my will? Well, that's because they think you're in danger. It's because they don't want me to find peace! That isn't true and you... know that's not true. Of course they want you to find peace. All good parents want that for their kids. I don't care what they want! Dawn of day is my new family! Okay. How so? Well... you know what? I'm not gonna do this. I'm not gonna waste my breath.

[ Scoffs ]

[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Door opens, slams ] Please tell me she didn't just run out the back door. Max and milo are guarding the place. There's no way she can get out. Great.'re here. Looks that way. Yeah, I thought you said that it was a bad idea to take kristina against her will? Yeah, it was. But mr. Corinthos ignored my advice. No kidding? What a surprise. Well, you know what? Now that kristina's here, what happens next? Well, having kristina here against her will makes our work a lot harder. Well, if she left on her own, then she wouldn't need this, what do you call it, "exit therapy"? Exit therapy is primarily for people...

[ Sighs ] ...Who escape from cults on their own. This is what kristina described it -- deprogramming. Once it starts, there's no turning back. Okay, so what if this doesn't work? If kristina returns to dawn of day with this level of rage and sense of betrayal, it's unlikely you'll ever see her again. I wish there were something, anything I could do to make this easier for you. Thanks. But, um [Sniffles] It's not supposed to be easy, right?

[ Inhales shakily ] If it didn't hurt this much, that would mean I don't love oscar as much as I do. So if loving him... means it's gonna hurt, then bring it, because...

[Voice breaking] I don't want to love him any less, mom.

[ Sniffles ] I know, baby.

[ Cries ] I know.

 Oscar and kim are going to move into the q'S. So, we will all be living there together as a family for as long as we have. And, josslyn, I want you to know you're welcome there, anytime -- all the time. Thank you. Um... is it okay if I go in now? Yeah, please. Go in there.

[ Sobbing ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Crying ]

[ Sniffles ] Okay. You know. I'm just glad you're awake, you know? That we can still talk. I was afraid that we wouldn't even get that. No way... ...would I leave you without saying goodbye. I just have one more question. What do you want to do with the rest of your life?

[ Faintly ] Come here.

[ Sniffles ] I would like to help kristina. To tell her what I know. But when shiloh finds out, and he will... yeah, you're afraid he'll come after you. Look, I understand. I do. But there's -- there's -- there'S... two things I'd -- I'd like you to consider. Me and my father. Look, I am the ceo of elq. I have more connections and resources than shiloh could ever dream of. I can protect you. And if I can't, my father can. My -- my father is... allegedly the most powerful crime boss on the eastern seaboard, who controls the entire city of port charles and has a very long reach. And he will do anything to protect the person who's trying to help his daughter.

[ Sighs ] Anyway, I-I-I appreciate you considering it. Thanks, willow. Chase.

[ Door closes ] Okay, if you are worried that talking to kristina will provoke shiloh or somehow lead him to figure out that you had his child, don't do it. Michael and his family are very resourceful. They'll find another way. Harmony: Shiloh.

[ Book thuds ] What? The cup is gone. What? Kristina must've taken it. No, she wouldn't do that. I'm sure it's up there. Go find it. No, I've looked all over the attic. The other members of the trust have -- have checked all over the house. I'm telling you, if she shows this to the wrong people -- look, she -- she's loyal. Kristina's loyal. I hope you're right because if she didn't take it, then someone else did, and -- and... that would be very,

very bad for us. Okay, look. Stop, stop, stop. Just go find it. It's up there. Just find it, alright? I'm gonna -- I'm gonna go look for kristina. She's far too valuable for us to lose.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hey. Hey. How's kristina?

[ Sighs ] She is pissed. Sonny and your mom are with her now. What's happening? Molly stopped over to the dod house, and she kind of flew off the handle when I told her that I was there signing up for classes. Of course, she was looking for kristina. What about shiloh? He and harmony asked about kristina. They kept it pretty casual, but I'm pretty sure that they think that she left on her own. And I said that she gets like this sometimes and she's a flake, and they seemed to buy it. Yeah, well, unfortunately, the way kristina's acting, it's -- it's gonna be a while before she'll believe that shiloh

isn't a good guy. How the hell did I get into this? I'm actually helping you hold our daughter captive. Did you not hear what he said? That if we send our -- our daughter back to dod, we're not gonna see our daughter again? Then maybe you shouldn't have kidnapped her in the first place. She was already drugged! She was getting tattooed... oh... ...literally screwed! Do we have to go there? I could say worse! Neil: Excuse me. Uh...

[Chuckles] Sorry to interrupt you two, but you can't argue with each other. Wh-- [ Sighs ] Apparently you're unfamiliar with our dynamic. Alright, well, if you need to, go outside, get it out of your system, because the work we have to do is hard. You need to be ready. Ready? For what? Kristina's gonna try to triangulate, turn you against each other. She's gonna lie, manipulate, work on your sense of guilt. You need to show a united front, no matter what she throws at you.

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