GH Transcript Tuesday 4/9/19

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 4/9/19


Episode #14257 ~ Michael is shaken; Jason has to act quickly; Neil offers words of caution.

Provided By Suzanne

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I'm sonny corinthos. Dr. Neil byrne. This is my business associate, jason morgan. You want some coffee, an espresso? No, I'd just like to know, uh, what I'm doing here? Are you sure you're okay? You seemed a little quiet in the car ride over. Only shilohand other members of dod have seen my tattoo. I've never shown it to anyone else before. I'm glad you trusted me. I needed you to understand how insidious shiloh can be. Hey, is this, uh, seat taken? Uh, now it is. Join us. Michael, is your little sister still involved with dawn of day? Yeah, she's getting in deeper all the time. I, um -- I try to reconnect, but it's slow going. Your sister's in trouble -- more than you realize. Huh.

[ Sighs ] Someone's getting a tattoo. Harmony: Shiloh. There you are. Welcome back to port charles. Did you meet with kristina? She's in her room, preparing. Did you play nice? Of course. And you were right, she's lovely. She'll make a perfect candidate for the trust. I'm so glad you approve. Mm. I also met her sister. You did? Mm-hmm. Yeah, kristina said sam's a devoted student. Well, she's learning. Hmm. Did you get all of the supplies ready for the ceremony? Yeah, they're ready in the attic. I'll show you. Curtis: Hey, babe. How'd it go? Super-hot session. "Super-hot session"? Damn. Should I be jealous? I think you might have reason. They said, um...

[ Inhales sharply ] What's going on. Are you okay? Yeah, I think I just -- I need to sit down. Ooh. Ooh, ooh, ooh. Ava. Oh, hello, ladies. Thank you so much for meeting me. Of course. So, what did you want to see us about? To discuss the problem that we three have in common. Ryan chamberlain.

Here, baby, okay? You drink this... thank you. ...And I am gonna go get a doctor. No, no, no, don'T. Honey, you just fainted.

[ Sighs ] I was light-headed. It can happen after dialysis.

[ Sighs ] Well, maybe we just have a doctor check you out, just to make sure? Curtis, I'm fine now, okay?

[ Sighs ] I just need a minute to recover from that never-ending work call with margaux -- margaux? Wow. That woman knows no boundaries. I chose to answer the call. Just like I chose to keep arguing with her... arguing with her? About what? Well...margaux closed the case on ryan chamberlain. They only found his hand? What about the rest of his body? Still mia. Well, I agree with ava on this one: Ryan could still be alive. That's why I wanted to meet with you both. We need a plan of action. Let's wait for the lab report 'cause that can tell us whether or not ryan was alive or dead when the hand was severed. Well, of course he was alive. He probably chopped it off himself -- yeah, I wouldn't put it past him. Especially if it would make the cops think he was dead. Right. See, I think that ryan is just hiding out somewhere right now, biding his time. Yeah, and he'll wait. Give us all a chance to get back to our lives, and get complacent. And then he'll come back for what he wants. What do you think that is? You. Have a seat. I'm, uh... familiar with your reputation, mr. Corinthos. Call me sonny. This meeting has nothing to do w-with businesses. It involves a family member of mine. I have a contact who does, uh, security screening -- among other things. And he said you have the expertise that I'm looking for. What expertise? Rescuing, uh, people from cults. Right. Go ahead. What's happening with this family member? She's my daughter. Her name is kristina. I see. She's heavily involved in this group, uh, called dawn of day. I'm familiar. I need your help to get her out of there. Before we go upstairs, I have some good news. I found her. Oh, my god. Where is she? Here. Port charles. She's been here for months. I had no idea. Obviously. Have you seen her? I have, yes. How is she? She seems well. Beautiful as ever. The only thing that's different now is that she's changed her name. She goes by willow now. Willow tait. I wasn't entirely honest with you about my involvement with dawn of day. Involvement? I used to be a member. I wasn't even 20 when I joined. It was the biggest mistake of my life. What, um -- what made you leave? There just came a point where I knew I had to. Is there any specifics? Look, willow, my cousin molly thinks that kristina's been brainwashed, okay, so anything you can tell me will be very helpful. It's -- it's hard to say, really. I just -- I-I came to my senses. Shiloh has been trying to find willow since she left. Now he's trying to lure her back. You know, m-maybe you could talk to kristina. S-she -- you m-might be able to -- to get to her. Members are taught to be very distrustful of anybody who leaves. Okay, shiloh instills this intense loyalty in his followers. They don't realize he's after more than loyalty. Okay, any -- any -- any coercion? Any fraud? Anything criminal? There's nothing that we know of so far that we can prosecute shiloh with. How do I protect my sister? Okay, you need to figure out if shiloh's "chosen" her for the trust. The what? It's shiloh's inner circle. They pride themselves on being closest to him. It's an honor to be chosen -- an honor to be admitted. And the way it's set up -- once you're in -- it is almost impossible to get out.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Cellphone beeps ] What are you gonna do about the prodigal? One thing at a time. We need to focus on kristina, first.

Wow. This looks good. This is a perfect welcome for kristina. Yeah, I hope so. She's not having second thoughts, is she? Well, I don't know her very well, but I don't think so. But sam was asking questions. Well, sam is very protective of her sister. Yeah, I don't think sam's doubts registered with kristina. Hmm. She's so eager to start, she, uh [Chuckles] She even asked to skip her pre-ceremony reflection. Did you tell her it was a mandatory step? Mm-hmm, yes, of course. Of course. Okay. I suppose it's good that she's eager. Mm-hmm. So, what kind of pledge did kristina offer to join the trust? Oh, it was a good one. It was good. It was an inconvenient truth about her family. Mm. Sounds useful. Oh, it will be. You better finish your preparation. Midnight...will come sooner than you think. Do you know how things work in dawn of day? I've heard about the organization. This conversation's totally confidential.

[ Cellphone chimes ] I don't care about medical ethics, I don-- I'm -- I'm not trying to sue you, I-I just want answers -- sonny. Excuse me. I gotta run. Yeah, okay. All right, I'll call you later. Okay, so [Sighs] Let's get back to this. W-w-what have you heard about dawn of day? Organization meets the general criteria of a cult. Charismatic leader, followers are lured in by vague promises of spiritual enlightenment, but overall, the philosophy is paranoid and xenophobic -- they don't trust outsiders -- all legitimacy comes from the leader. So my daughter

[Sighs] Is in a cult. How do we help her? Well, keep an open line of communication and let her know that you and the rest of the family are on her side. We're way past that 'cause she's already cut ties with friends, family members. Only one she really has contact with is her older brother... I see. But we're taking steps to remove her from dawn of day. Not by force, I hope. You know, I was surprised when you offered someone from port charles a place in the trust. Well, kristina will be a valuable addition to our circle. She's bright. She's enthusiastic. And she has people who will be beneficial to dawn of day. Hmm. Now, only if we can just get kali -- hmm -- willow to come home. Well, like you said, tonight is about kristina. I should go prep the drink to help calm her down. Okay, what -- what happens when you join shiloh's trust? You're given more responsibilities. Shiloh makes you feel special and indispensable. But, really, he's just tightening the noose around your neck to ensure you stay loyal to him. Okay, what do you have to do to be, uh, chosen? What do you do? You have to complete a task? Pay a fee? What? That's up the shiloh. He chooses the members. And he decides when they're ready for initiation. Initia-- what's required for initiation? You're asked to give yourself over to dawn of day in every conceivable way. After you commit, there is no turning back. If ryan survived -- and I think he did -- he's coming back. He literally can't help himself. Ryan fixated on me years ago, back in texas. I saw him murder his wife, gloria. I took maxie and we fled back here. He was so infatuated with me, he followed me. He was relentless. The man showed up at my wedding to mac with a bomb! He was sent to an asylum, and he killed his therapist and he escaped. He could've disappeared. But he came back to port charles and he kidnapped my daughter georgie just to get my attention. Now it's ava who caught his eye. She's his new obsession. You need to be ready for his return. Well, that's exactly why I'm here. I need to know everything that I can know about ryan so that when he does come back for me -- I'll be ready. Margaux decided to go along with the canadian authorities on this one. She doesn't want the pcpd devoting any more time and money to the search for ryan chamberlain or his remains. So that's it, huh?

[ Sighs ] Ryan could still be alive and nobody's out there looking for him. Dude just got a free pass to start killing again... I spent my whole dialysis treatment arguing that very point with margaux -- and I got nowhere. Margaux's wrong on this one. But it's her call to make. Exactly. And the cops can't do anything. So you're gonna have to.

Ontrol this time. How do we accomplish that? We need to seize the momentum. Lure ryan back to port charles on our timetable, not his. That's a great idea, in theory -- how do we make it a reality? We use you as bait. You are one of the best investigators I have ever worked with. You're smart, intuitive. You could be better at documenting the individual elements... oh. [ Chuckles ] Here we go with the lecture again.

[ Laughs ] The good news is, is you're no longer a cop, so your lack of love for paperwork doesn't matter as much. Thanks, babe. Go to niagara falls. Pick up where everybody else left off. Try to find anyone who might have seen or spoken to ryan. So you think I can find something when the rcmp, the fbi, the coast guard, the U.S. Marshals all came up empty? Maybe something got overlooked. The kind of intel that you always seem to come across. The kind that cracks cases. I would do it myself if I could. I know you would. And you are in no position to do -- but you are, though. Please. I need this. For my peace of mind. I won't be party to a kidnapping. No one said anything about kidnapping. Yeah, not explicitly. But it was strongly implied. All right, listen to me. All you need to know is I'm getting my daughter out of dawn of day soon. And when she comes home, I need to get her life back together. She's a smart girl. She just got lost along the way. I understand you want to help your daughter... no, I -- you don'T. Couple years ago, my son was killed. And he was a lot like kristina. Impulsive and -- and volatile. In the end, I couldn't -- I couldn't save m-- I couldn't save my son. I'm not gonna have another child of mine dead. I'm asking you, please... can you help me get my daughter back? I wasn't sure what to wear. Does this work? Shiloh: You look lovely, but we provide a special garment for the initiation. I'll go get it for you. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] You nervous? Uh, eager. Uh, anticipating. Uh, harmony was, um, telling me a little bit about what to expect, and I-i can't wait to get started. She said that perhaps you'd want to forgo the reflection period... yeah, just because I'm sure that I-I know that I'm ready. Reflection is very important. It gives the honoree time to meditate on any qualms or uncertainties they have before they devote themselves entirely to dawn of day. It's the last point to turn back. And I want you to be absolutely certain of your choice. I am. Okay. Still, please take the time to meditate on the gravity of your commitment. Okay? I will. Thanks for explaining. Krissy, I'm always happy to enlighten you. So, harmony didn't really, uh, explain, you know, what your part in the ceremony will be. Um, you'll be there, right? So the whole thing is set up to appear consensual. Shiloh convinces you that this is something you should want -- that it's an honor... but the police can't intervene because, technically, no laws have been broken.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Uh...I got to go meet somebody. You know, sorry for crashing your date. No, no worries. And look, hey, thank you. Thank you for telling me all this. I-I know it must have been difficult, but you might've saved my sister. I hope so. Sharing all that with michael so he could help his sister... that was really brave. I hope it's not too late. It sounds like kristina is almost totally submerged. Ugh, oh, my gosh. I cannot stand this one more minute. I want to focus on something -- anything -- else. Astrology, mountain climbing, gilbert and sullivan musicals -- anything -- anything that has nothing to do with dawn of day.

[ Sighs ] I-I think I might have an idea... hey. Sam's gonna meet us. She's got an update on dawn of day. Yeah, so do I. Look, um, I did my best to convince my father to back off. To give me the time I need to gradually get kristina out of dawn of day, but... okay. ...I was wrong -- this -- this -- this whole thing is -- is a lot worse than we realized. Hey. Hey, hey. Michael, what's going on? Hey. Uh, he's got some, uh -- you got some new information on dawn of day. Yeah. Um, look, m-my friend willow was in the "inner circle" that's close to shiloh... the trust. Yeah. Is she -- is she -- is she in it? Well, I-I mean, I don't know. I don't think so, not yet. But I know that shiloh is planning on initiating kristina tonight. Here. I want you to see this. Check that out. This is exactly how willow described it. That looks like tattooing equipment. Yeah, willow said that the tattoo was a tangible symbol that you belong to dawn of day. That you're marked for life. And that's just the beginning.

[ Sighs ]

Anna, do you have those plans?Yes! I just wanted to show you something I've been wor... james R. And associates. Anna speaking... james R. And associates. Anna.

[Phone ringing] Baker architects. This is anna baker.

 I knew my daughter could be at risk of certain cancers later in life. From an infection, human papillomavirus I knew that hpv could lead to certain cancers. I knew her risk for hpv increases as she gets older. I knew there was a vaccine available that could help protect her before she could be exposed to hpv. I knew. So I talked to my child's doctor. Now that you know that hpv can lead to certain cancers, don't wait. Talk to your child's doctor today. As long as ryan is obsessed with ava, we can use it to capture him. And I-I will do whatever it takes to lure him back to port charles. I don't think I'm gonna be able to help you with this. Uh, vigilante justice is never a good idea for the mayor. You know, laura, I totally understand. I-I understand your reluctance given your position in public office, but I think that maybe it would be best then if -- if you left before we discuss the plan any further. I never would have guessed you'd be into roller disco. I've never tried it before. But the ice-skating rink was such a success that the city decided to switch it to a roller rink for the spring and summer. Figured you -- you could use some fun after your day from hell. Well, promise you won't laugh at me if I faceplant?

[ Chuckles ] It's been a minute since I skated. No, no, I sympathize. My last time, it... didn't go so well. Uh-oh. What happened? I was at my friend's birthday party in high school. And I was trying to impress this girl cathy and -- and skate backwards. Hubba-hubba. Right? Yeah, it, uh -- well, I was going too fast and -- and I couldn't stop and I-I crashed right into the deejay booth.

[ Laughs ] Don't laugh. I can't help it. It's not funny. No, not at all. People called me "wipe out" for a good two years after that. They did not. Oh, they did. Oh, okay. Need a hand? Not from you. You're mean. Come on, wipe out.

[ Laughs ] Now's your chance to reclaim roller-skating. Okay. Exit therapy is a very challenging process. How does it work? The key is to get kristina to realize that her decision-making process has been compromised. That the group and its leaders have manipulated her. She will, of course, resist believing. How do you help her through it? Family participation is key. Okay, I'll do -- I'll do whatever it takes. I mean, her mother may -- may take some convincing. But alexis will come around in the end 'cause she wants to save kristina as much as I do. I know that if I push her, she's just gonna go deeper into dawn of day. But I-i got to do something. The key is to plant seeds of doubt in kristina -- find the right words to make her look at dawn of day more critically. Right, but you're talking about something that's a gradual process. I don't have that luxury of time because she has a father who is impatient, and he is inclined to get her out of there now and deal with the psychological ramifications afterward. Are you saying he's preparing to kidnap her? Kristina is -- is fortunate.

[ Sighs ] Not everyone in her position enjoys the same level of parental support. Will you help her? To be clear -- my prior experience in exit therapy doesn't guarantee success. Kristina's loyalty in dod, sh-- I-I-it could be permanent. Cult leaders use paranoia to control their members. Followers are taught to be resistant to what outsiders say about the group, particularly if it criticizes anything about their teachings and principles. So far, I'm hearing a lot of warnings -- but I'm not hearing the answer that I need to hear. Mr. Corinthos -- will you help my -- my daughter? My last exit therapy... ...ended badly. And I don't think I'm the right person to help your daughter. I overheard shiloh and harmony talking about a pledge that kristina has to give to shiloh. Something about the family. Who's harmony? Shiloh's number two. She's in beechers corners. She's here for kristina's initiation. Did willow say anything about the pledge? She said that, uh, he chooses the criteria and -- and who gets into the trust -- and what they have to do to be admitted. But nothing -- nothing about a-a pledge.

[ Sighs ] How was -- how was kristina when you saw her? She seemed really excited. Jason, she's really excited to be a part of shiloh's inner circle. She has no idea what's coming. I don't participate in the actual ceremony. Oh. I just thought since dawn of day is your vision... see, the trust is -- the trust is a community

within our community. It's a special sisterhood, if you will. And you need to bond with them. You will go through a ritual that they have already been part of, and they will welcome you into their company. So, y-you don't have any part in the, um -- in the initiation? I never said that.

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[ Sighs ] I don't like it. But I understand. Well, I'm gonna need more than some "understanding" from you. Excuse me? I'm gonna need you to take it easy for the foreseeable future. Yeah, I need to rest up.

[ Sighs ] Finally! A flash of reason -- if ryan survived, he'll be headed to port charles, and I need to be ready. Yeah, look, baby, gearing up to do battle with a serial killer -- that's not exactly rest. It's actually the opposite. If you're not gonna give yourself a chance to recuperate, then I just might have to tie you to the bed. Mm. I might be persuaded -- assuming I get to tie you up, too... oh, shoot.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, I'm sorry. If that's margaux again, I'm gonna confiscate your phone. It's the canadian forensics lab. They have the results on chamberlain's hand. My associate is very thorough, and he says you're an expert at this "exit therapy."

[ Door closes ] There are others who are experts in the area...

[ Cellphone chimes ] ...And I am glad to give you a referral. I don't need a -- I don't need a referral, dr. Byrne. I can tell by -- by t-the conversation that we've had here that you're a smart man. You're perceptive. You don't waste time. You understand what my daughter's going through. And you have the skill to help her. Oh, I'm flattered by your assessment... I'm not trying to be flattering here. I want to help my daughter. And I'm gonna do everything I can to help her. Name a price. After you're welcomed into the trust, I'll complete the initiation. How does that work? You'll find out when you're ready.

[ Laughs ] Don't worry. You'll have plenty of time with me. You'll have hours to tell me all about exactly what happened in the ceremony, in your own special way. I can't wait.

[ Chuckles ] I look forward to welcoming you... harmony: Kristina? Your garment for the initiation. Thank you. Mm. Oh. I almost forgot. You know what? I don't have a picture with krissy. Would you mind? Of course. Okay. On three, say "dawn of day." One, two, three. Dawn of day. Dawn of day. The, uh, "honoree" is left alone for 15 minutes to reflect on the commitment they're about to take. And willow said that shiloh makes this big deal about offering the member a final chance to back out. Yeah, of course. So shiloh can't be accused of coercion. I mean, he's not even there for the tattooing ceremony. His part comes after. He "welcomes" the honoree into the trust by having sex with her. I landed. I saw my leg did not look right. I was just finishing a ride. I felt this awful pain in my chest. I had a pe blood clot in my lung. I was scared. I had a dvt blood clot. Having one really puts you in danger of having another. My doctor and i chose xareltoŽ. XareltoŽ. To help keep me protected.

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[ Chuckles ] That was so much fun. Thank you for bringing me here. Well, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Wipe out -- you really lived up to that nickname. I saw how fast you skated off, pretending you didn't know me. Mm. Was I that obvious? Yep. But, uh, the humiliation was worth it. Yeah? Yeah. 'Cause I got to hear you laugh. Once w e get kristina out ofdawn of day, you can step in. I haven't agreed. I'll pay you whatever you need. It's not about the money. No, it's not about the money. It's about my daughter's life. Her future. Her freedom. Now, my daughter's not perfect. But she's made a lot of bad mistakes, but this one can really take her down. I -- I got to get her head on straight. Can you help her? Okay. Once you have her away from dawn of day, I'll step in. Thank you. I'll let you know when we need you. I gotta find kristina. Gotta tell her that this -- this ritual ends with her in shiloh's bed. Okay, even -- even if kristina knew, would -- would that change her mind? No, I-I don't think it would change her mind at all. In fact, I think she would be willing to sleep with shiloh. She would be honored to. Okay, you know what? Forget what I-I told my father. If we cannot convince kristina to leave dawn of day -- then we gotta take her. Okay. I'm gonna handle it. Hey, I'll help. No, it's better if I go. All right? You let kristina be mad at me, so that means you have a little room to help her.

[ Sighs ] Okay, what do you want me to do? I want you to go back inside. I want you to talk to the bartender. I want to make -- I know how to establish an alibi. Just -- just tell me when she's safe. Okay. Sounds good. You did good. Okay. We have to hurry up.

[ Door closes ] Kristina's gonna be initiated tonight at midnight. Oh. This is amazing. I had no idea what was up here... only members of the trust are allowed. And soon I'll be one of them. I've transcribed your pledge for you to sign. You mean like a contract? More like a safeguard. In case something happens to the recording. What would happen to the recording? You put it away for safekeeping, right? Are you questioning the ritual? No. No, of course not. Signing is another manifestation of your commitment. I am committed. Very good. Shiloh. I just -- I want to make you proud. Um, to repay you for everything that you've given me. You're such a special person, krissy. Enjoy the ceremony.

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